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23 December 2008

                       MANAGEMENT BOARD MEETING (MBM) 12 – 23/12/08
DATE           :   Tuesday 23 December 2008                              TIME                 :   09.30am

PRESENT        :                                                         LOCATION             :   F12
                   Richard Sanders (RS), Director Regulation
                   Adrian Rudd (AR), Director, Services
                   Sarah Glasspool (SMG), Director, Finance

GUESTS         :   Paul Dixon (PD), BTM, Certification
                   Gary Mapp (GM) Trainee Approvals Engineer (part until 11.00am)

Please note actions appear in BLUE

1.   Apologies for Absence/Substitutions
     Peter Mason and Tania Raynor

2.   Minutes of MBM of 25.11.08
     Proposed amendments to the minutes from RS and SMG were considered and approved

3.   Matters/Actions Arising from Minutes of Last Meeting
        Progress on Classifications Training:
        Send the link to existing short and more detailed guidance on the use of TRIM to all staff via e-mail
        (SMG/OL, January)
        Further to this, if individuals felt that they required further one-to-one training, then they were to approach
        OL to arrange this
        Amend MB TOR and Agenda and send new version to JD to put on the QS Intranet (TR, January )
        Change the BS description Financial Position to Financial Performance to reflect the changes to accounting
        wording (TR, January 09)
        Consider Risk Management Guidance to reflect the role of the Audit Committee (SMG, January)
        Add phone numbers to the Disaster Recovery Documentation (SMG, January)
        Remove JS from the list of Managers with Disaster Recovery responsibilities in view of part-time
        availability(SMG, January)
        Put Strategic Vision on the MB Agenda (TR, January)
        Consider whether the impact and probability of Impact of Economic Crisis (CE9) was registered correctly
        (MB, December) - This was considered under agenda item 7 - Risk
        Add impact of missing go-live date for HR On-Line risk to the register with a “Risk Prioritisation” of medium
        (SMG, December) - This was discussed under agenda item 7 - Risk
        Convert leave cards into XL spreadsheet in liaison with Finance (PEM/ZA, January)
        Decide what and how to disclose BTM accounts/team assets prior to 1.4.09 (MB, January)
        It was suggested that SMG run a generic meeting for all BTMs regarding the arrangement of training for non
        Finance staff, i.e. MB & BTMs (especially with regard to operating segments), to ensure the impact of the
        new IFRS is fully understood by all (SMG, January)

4.   Matters arising out of Balanced Scorecard Review
     The forecasted surplus of £344k was discussed regarding the possibility of giving some money back to DIUS to
     use for the Measurement for Innovators programme. AR noted that in an earlier conversation before the
     meeting, PEM was supportive of releasing some of the surplus back. It was agreed that £100k could be offered
     immediately, with more being offered later on when the forecasts were certain. AR and SMG discussed and
     agreed the handling of payment as it had to be explicit that the surplus was due to increased sales plus cost and
     efficiency savings (i.e. not questionable budgeting). RS indicated that the Leg/Pol team may be contracting a
     large piece of economic research for which they had just received the tenders, and which had not yet been
     included in the forecast. RS asked if video conferencing facilities had been arranged and forecasted for, as this
     could save a considerable amount of time travelling to London, for meetings that often turned out to be short!
          Contact R Gunn to offer £100 k immediately with the prospect of more later (SMG January)
          Ask BTMs to update their forecasts for 2008/09 (SMG January)
          Follow up video conferencing facilities for NWML (SMG January)

5.   Corporate Plan Update
     SMG thanked ALJ and JS for their help on this project so far. SMG went through the document to identify
     developments and key changes to last year‟s plan. The outputs and outcomes had been updated to reflect the
     Business Team contributions. SMG suggested however, that it would be prudent to check what had been
     included in order to see whether BTMs were happy with the content. PD asked SMG why the salary figures for

      Continued from Item 5 above…….

      2012/13 seemed to increase unusually. SMG said that she would check these. PD stated that there should
      have been more income for Measurement for Innovators, and that expenditure on depreciation should also be
      higher as more capital items would be purchased. The income for Certification seemed to take a drop, but this
      only reflected baseline income, and didn‟t take into account one-off large contracts. SMG suggested waiting
      until October 09 to change the fees, rather than April 09, to allow for more time to prepare for any change in fee
      structure, and by which time, costs would be more certain
      Liaise with SMG regarding desired changes to the fee structure (PRD, January)
      RS asked why SIs were required, and SMG explained that it was because of the Finance Act 1973, which made
      no provision for charging in the EC. RS/AR suggested that this requirement may be removable if reform of the
      W&M Act was agreed.
      The timetable of the plan was discussed
           Send any changes to SMG for discussion at the pre Steering Board meeting on 28 January (BTMs, by 9
           Send round the current draft of the plan and financial figures for comment by the BTMs (SMG January)
           Advise SMG on any changes in fee structure required (AR/PD January)

6.    Procurement – single tender action
      SMG had received some information from DCSF on single tender action and SMG quoted that „If you wish to
      use a single tender, it is up to you to construct a Business Case strong enough to convince your Deputy
      Director…the business case must also be capable of passing external scrutiny‟. For low value items it may not
      be cost effective, and a sensible approach was to be adopted. It was decided that this guidance, with a
      minimum cut-off point, should be placed on the intranet along with contact details
      Put guidance on the intranet (SMG January)

7.    Agency Risk Register
      AR suggested that SER1 was not solely a Services Directorate risk, but covered the whole Agency and
      recommended that it was added as a CE risk. Additionally, as CE9 mainly covered the Services Directorate, it
      would be changed to an SER risk, with the probability reduced to „2‟ and a risk assessment of „medium‟
      It was agreed that LEG/POL 10 could now be removed from the high level Agency Risk Register as it had been
      reduced to a low level risk on the team register (as had been reported at the December BTM meeting following
      action from Peter M and the new legal team in DIUS).
      It had been agreed following November MB meeting, that the risk that delays to HR Online may cause problems
      to Payroll/HR should be included on the register - Add this new CE risk (SMG, January)
      The following changes were agreed to the detailed summary:
      SER1 remove paragraph regarding the difficulties in recruiting a Quality Manager, and review in January (SMG
      SER 4 remove the note „review in November 08‟ (SMG January 09)
      SMG mentioned that at a recent meeting with John Coubrough from BERR he had suggested it would be good
      practice to include „information risk‟ on the Agency high level Risk Register. It was decided that this would be
      discussed at the next MB in January 09.
      Amend the Agency Risk Register according to the above (SMG, January)

8.    Investment Appraisal for Vehicle Power Supply Test Equipment
      PD went through the investment appraisal for the benefit of the MB. He explained that the equipment was for
      specific EMC tests to cover new OIML recommendations. The MB agreed that this was the correct approach.
      RS enquired whether the equipment was RoHS compliant and PD confirmed that it was.
      Update investment appraisal to include a procurement section indicating the choice of supplier (PD January)

9.    Q3 Performance Review
      It was agreed that NWML did not want to flag up any risks at the DIUS group level in line with the recent BTM

10.   Health & Safety Outline Proposal
      AR put forward a suggested proposal for an approach to Health & Safety which suggested using BS18001 and
      a project team as outlined. RS said that he agreed with the proposal. SMG suggested including the IT Manager
      (DS) on the project team as he performed the workstation and home assessments, and fielded any IT H&S
      issues. AR enquired if he had any formal training, but SMG was not aware that he had. SMG asked when it
      was proposed that the all staff training would take place, and it was suggested that this would happen in
      2009/10. AR said he would feed back to the MB and any key issues would be addressed in the Risk Register.
      Approve the proposed way forward (MB, January)


      Ask DS if he would like to be included in the project team (SMG January)

11.   Gifts & Hospitality Update
      AR noted that PEM was to revise the draft guidance to include the „giving of hospitality‟

12    AOB
      AR mentioned that DW had been presented with piecemeal requests for accommodation changes and that he
      would deal with them in a co-ordinated manner and produce a plan to go forward

      RS questioned the testing of telephone calls that were made routinely to check response times. He wondered
      whether this was still necessary, and he had not received any performance data or reasons for continuing
      Produce performance data on calls and justification for the MB (SMG February 09)

      RS said that he had seen data on NWML website hits which he found very useful in terms of finding out the
      items of most interest to Stakeholders. AR suggested that he raise this with JS. It was agreed that MB and
      BTMs may also find it useful to have sight of such information
      Approach JS and request access to relevant data for MB and BTMs (AR January)

13.   Date of Next Meeting       :       Thursday 29th January