Math 599 Readings in Underwater Acoustics by iua11789


									                     Math 599: Readings in Underwater Acoustics
                              Course Information and Syllabus – Spring 2010
                Prof. Jon M. Collis
                Office: Stratton Hall 218, 303.384.2311
Office hours:
                Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:                  04:00pm – 05:00pm
                Also by appointment! – contacting me via email is the best way to contact me.

Course Objectives and Goals
Bring graduate student researchers in the fields of underwater acoustics, seismic acoustics, elastic
wave modeling, and atmospheric acoustics to a level of understanding in which they are aware of the
current state of the art in the various fields of study. The class will be assigned a weekly reading
assignment that is a paper in the current issue of either the Journal of the Acoustical Society of
America or the IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering. Students will be expected to read the paper
prior to class and then discuss what they have read. Detailed, in-class discussions are expected by the
students, to be aided by the instructor.

Suggested Prerequisites
Math 514 or equivalent graduate level course in solving underwater boundary value problems using
integral transformation techniques.

Student Evaluation
Weekly evaluation of readings assignment discussions                                            (80%)
Final presentation to full department                                                           (20%)

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