Final Exam Study Guide English 9 by aus20718


									Final Exam Study Guide: English 9
I. Multiple Choice: Romeo and Juliet: Acts III-V
   Know events of the play—study your notes and the answers to the various questions asked for
   each act. (1 pt. ea.)
II. Quotes: Romeo and Juliet: Acts III-V
    Significant quotes will be selected. (1 pt. ea.)
III. Literary Terms for Drama
     Be able to define and recognize the following dramatic terms (1 pt. ea.):
             Monologue             Soliloquy                  Verbal Irony                Dramatic irony
             Drama                 Comedy                     Tragedy                     Dialogue
             Chorus                Blank verse                Pun                         Aside
IV. Literary Terms for poetry/Poetry analysis
    You will read three selections that you have never seen before. The first requires you to
    analyze a poem and a short piece of prose that are similar and different. The second
    requires you to analyze a poem separately from the other two selections. (1 pt. ea.)
    You should know and be able to apply the following terms:
    First person narrator          omniscient narrator                  limited third person narration
    imagery                        apostrophe                           simile
    iamb                           meter                                personification
    metaphor                       alliteration                         rhyme
    rhythm                         extended metaphor                    scan
    foot                           stanza                               approximate/slant
    anapest                        onomatopoeia                         rhyme scheme
    iambic pentameter              tone                                 speaker
V. Short Essay: Poetry.
   You will read a poem you have never seen before. If you understand the terms above, you
   should be able to analyze the poem. (12 pts.)
VI. Long Essay: Romeo and Juliet (Choose 1 of 3)
    Regular English students will write a 3 paragraph essay; Honors students will write a five
    paragraph essay. (20 pts.)
    Know the main events of the work.
    A. Understand the role that fate plays. Consider how the Romeo and Juliet react to fate.
        Consider theme.
    B. Consider what Shakespeare is trying to say about the power of love and the power of
    C. Making decisions based on emotions—three examples and the outcome. What is the
        author trying to say?

   Keep in mind the following:
   Introductory Paragraph          Attention Grabber
                                            Appropriate/necessary background
   Body paragraph(s)                        Topic sentence
                                            Main points
                                            Support for each point
                                            Closing statement
   Concluding Paragraph            Restate thesis
                                            Draw an interesting conclusion
                                            “Clincher” last sentence (make it memorable; tie it back into
                                            your attention grabber)
    In general                              Watch tense (present); punctuation and grammar; work
                                            towards a smooth flow of ideas

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