Users of the University of Rochester wireless data network

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					Summer 2007

Users of the University of Rochester wireless data network now have two new wireless
network access choices.

When you connect to the University wireless network, a box similar to the one below
shows the available connections.

Note: The URNET network access choice is being replaced by the two UR_RC network
access choices.

Two (2) new network identifiers have been added to support wireless service. The two
choices are UR_RC_Internal and UR_RC_InternalSecure. We encourage you to use
the UR_RC_InternalSecure connection if your computer is able to connect with WPA
(WiFi Protected Access) This provides additional security for users by encrypting traffic
between your personal computer and the wireless network.

When you first connect to the UR_RC_InternalSecure network you will be prompted to
enter a wireless security encryption key. The prompt will request that you enter a
network key, passphrase or password depending on your wireless card. When you are
prompted enter URWireless.
You will be asked to enter this key twice in order to confirm spelling.

You will see a screen indicating that a network address is being acquired.
After successfully acquiring a network address you will see confirmation in the network
access window that the connection is established.
Note: The UR_RC_Internal network is available to users that are not able to take
advantage of the encryption capabilities (some PDAs, older wireless cards).

Using VPN with UR_RC_Internal is encouraged and will provide a more secure wireless
connection. Note: You will need to connect the wireless network prior to connecting
with your VPN client.

** Please note ** Some Firefox users will see an Unknown Authority warning. Please
select to Accept this certificate permanently. This will only see this warning once.

When you open up a web browser you will be redirected to the URWireless Acceptable
Use Policy.

A NetID and password are used to gain access. Once you have connected to the
University wireless network you will be able to access University resources and the

If you have questions regarding the wireless service, use the contact information below.

Thank you,
University Information Technology