This pamphlet has been developed to             behavior management, psychology of pain,         RN and LPN license, and one expires in
explain the requirements and the license        pharmacology,     behavior     modification,     one year and the other expires in the
renewal process for every nurse licensed to     stress management, clinical applications,        following year, the contact hours may
practice in Michigan.                           and drug interventions. Every nurse who          overlap as long as they are earned within 2
                                                is renewing his/her license should retain        years of the expiration of the license being
The Michigan Public Health Code and             records documenting the completion of            renewed.
board administrative rules requires every       continuing education. Those documents
nurse to complete, during the 2-year            should be retained for a period of 4 years.      Accredited sponsors are required to
period prior to the renewal of the license,                                                      provide attendance certificates that
not less than 25 hours of continuing            DO NOT SEND THE CONTINUING                       indicate name of licensee, program
education, with at least one hour in pain       EDUCATION DOCUMENTS along with                   dates and number of designated
and symptom management, in courses or           the license renewal application.       The       hours.   Further information about
programs approved by the Board.                 Department of Community Health, Bureau           programs        with       accredited
Pursuant to this requirement, the Board of      of Health Professions will conduct an audit,     sponsorship may be obtained by
Nursing has promulgated rules to establish      at the conclusion of the renewal period.         contacting the accredited sponsor.
specific criteria for the Board’s approval of   Nurses chosen for audit through an               “Contact hour” is the same as one 50-
continuing      education     courses    and    automated random selection process will          60 minute or (1) credit hour.
programs.                                       be contacted by letter to submit
                                                documented evidence of the completion of          REQUIREMENT FOR RELICENSURE
   REQUIREMENTS FOR RENEWAL                     25 hours of continuing education contact
                                                hours with one (1) hour in pain & pain           “Relicensure” means the granting of
The continuing education requirements           symptom management.                              a license to a person whose license
apply to every nurse renewing a Michigan                                                         has lapsed for failure to renew the
license who held the license for the 2-year     DO NOT RENEW YOUR LICENSE IF                     license within 60 days after the
period immediately preceding the date of        YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED                     expiration date.
the license renewal. The requirements           25   HOURS   OF    CONTINUING
apply whether or not the nurse is actively      EDUCATION CONTACT HOURS.                         Nurses applying for relicensure pursuant to
engaged in the practice of nursing. No                                                           R338.10601 – ALL RELICENSURE
one is exempt from this requirement.            A nurse who is unable to provide evidence        APPLICANTS MUST HAVE EARNED 25
                                                of completion of the continuing education        HOURS      APPROVED         CONTINUING
Each nurse is required to complete not less     requirements, when requested, is in              EDUCATION CONTACT HOURS WITH
than 25 hours of continuing education           violation of the Michigan Public Health          AT LEAST ONE (1) CONTACT HOUR IN
contact hours that are approved by the          Code and subject to one or more of the           PAIN & PAIN SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT
Board during the 2 years preceding an           following possible license sanctions:            DURING THE 2-YEAR PERIOD PRIOR
application for renewal or relicensure. An      reprimand, probation, denial, suspension,        TO      THE      APPLICATION          FOR
applicant for license renewal shall complete    revocation, limitation, restitution, and fine.   RELICENSURE.
at least one (1) continuing education
contact hour in pain and pain symptom           If a licensee holds both an RN and LPN
management in each renewal period.              license and both licenses expire in the
Continuing education contact hours in pain      same year, continuing education contact
and pain symptom management may                 hours earned may be applied to both
include, but are not limited to, courses in     licenses. However if a licensee holds an
R 338.10602                                      Rule 2(b)                                         If audited, the licensee must submit a
ACCEPTABLE CONTINUING                            A licensee may earn 3 continuing education        copy of the transcript showing credit
EDUCATION                                        contact hours for each hour of presentation       hours of the academic courses related
                                                 of continuing education that is not part of the   to nursing.
Rule 2 (a)                                       licensee’s job with a MAXIMUM OF 6
The following accrediting organizations are      HOURS for the two-year licensing period.          Rule 2(e) – Twenty-five hours of continuing
permitted by the Michigan Board of Nursing       The licensee may use the same program only        education contact hours may be earned by
to approve nursing continuing education          once in each renewal period. The program          specialty certification or re-certification.
providers for Michigan. The Board will           must be accredited through providers listed in
consider any of the following organizations as   2(a).                                             The specialty certifications or recertifications
providing acceptable continuing education for                                                      recognized by the board are:
license renewal or relicensure without           If audited, the licensee must submit a            (i)     Nurse Midwife
limitation.                                      copy of the presentation notice or                (ii)    Nurse Anesthetist
                                                 advertisement showing the date and                (iii)   Nurse Practitioner
   AMERICAN NURSES CREDENTIALING                 his/her name listed as a presenter.
      CENTER’S COMMISSION ON                                                                       If audited, the licensee must submit
          ACCREDITATION                          Rule 2(c) – Academic Credit                       proof     of     the certification or
                                                 Five (5) continuing education contact hours       recertification.
 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR PRACTICAL              for each semester credit earned for academic
    NURSE EDUCATION AND SERVICE                  courses related to nursing practice offered in    Rule 2(f)
                                                 an accredited education program approved          One continuing education contact hour may
     NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR NURSING                 by the board. A licensee may earn all 25          be granted for each hour of program
                                                 continuing education contact hours through        attendance, at a continuing education
 AMERICAN OSTEOPATHIC ASSOCIATION                this process. For example, a 4-credit class       program that has been granted approval by
                                                 would be worth 20 CE credits.                     another state board of nursing. A licensee
      ACCREDITATION COUNCIL FOR                                                                    may earn all 25 continuing education contact
    CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION                 If audited, the licensee must submit a            hours through this process.
                                                 copy of the transcript showing credit
CERTIFICATION IN BASIC AND ADVANCED              hours of the academic courses related             If audited, the licensee must submit a
   LIFE SUPPORT SET FORTH BY THE                 to nursing.                                       certificate and proof that it is
    AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION                                                                     approved in that state.
                                                 Rule 2(d)
     AMERICAN COLLEGE OF NURSING                 Three (3) continuing education contact hours      Rule 2(g)
              MIDWIVES                           for each quarter credit earned for academic       One contact hour for each hour in
                                                 courses related to the nursing practice           attendance at a program related to nursing
                                                 offered in an accredited education program        practice offered by an educational
                                                 approved by the board. A licensee may earn        program. A licensee may earn all 25
                                                 all 25 continuing education contact hours         contact hours at a continuing education
                                                 through this process. For example, a 3-           program related to nursing practice offered
                                                 credit class would be worth 9 CE credits.         by an accredited educational program
                                                                                                   approved by the board.
If audited, the licensee must submit a        successful completion of the national          If audited, the licensee must submit
copy of a letter or certificate showing       nursing specialty examination.                 documentation of completing and
his/her name, hours earned and the                                                           passing the test for proper credit for
date on which the program was held.                                                          licensing renewal.

Rule 2(h)                                     Rule 2(k)                                      Except for Rule 2(i), completion of the
Ten continuing education contact hours        One continuing education contact hour for      required continuing education activities
may be earned for publication of an article   each hour of documented participation in a     must be independently verified by an
or chapter related to the practice of         health care organization committee dealing     official source other than the licensee.
nursing or allied health in a nursing or      with patient care related issues. A licensee
health care journal or textbook. All 25       may earn a maximum of 4 hours per              Renewal Procedures
continuing education contact hours may be     licensing period through this process.         Nursing licenses are renewed every 2 years
earned by publishing different articles.                                                     by March 31. Submission of the renewal
                                              If audited, the licensee must submit           application     form    certifies   that    the
If audited, the licensee must submit a        documentation         of     his/her           requirements are met.          If the renewal
copy of the publication showing               participation in the health care               requirements have not been completed, the
his/her name on the publication.              organization committee.                        renewal application should not be submitted.
                                                                                             If a waiver is necessary, an application should
Rule 2(i)                                     Rule 2(l)                                      be made after the licensee receives the
A maximum of 4 continuing education           A maximum of 10 continuing education           renewal application in early January, but
contact hours may be earned by reading        hours may be earned for participation in a     before the license expires on March 31.
articles, viewing, or listening to media      workshop dealing with patient care issues      Licensees who have not been granted
devoted to nursing practice.                  offered by a health care organization or       waivers should allow their licenses to expire.
                                              professional organization that falls outside   Application for relicensure may be made
If audited, the licensee must submit a        the accepted methods of approval that          upon completion of the 25-hour requirement
letter listing complete references for        have been adopted by the board.                within the 2-year period immediately
the articles read and/or the title and                                                       preceding the date of the application for
specific focus of the nursing practice        If audited, the licensee must submit           relicensure.
media program viewed.                         documentation         of      his/her
                                              participation in the workshop offered          Information, forms and instructions for
Rule 2(j)                                     by a health care organization or               obtaining board approval can be obtained
A licensee may earn 10 continuing             professional organization.                     from the Continuing Education Section of the
education contact hours for passing a                                                        Department of Community Health, Bureau of
specialty examination. The 10 hours may       Rule 2(m)                                      Health Professions.
only be granted in the year in which an       One continuing education hour may be
applicant is advised that he or she           granted for each hour of reading a journal
successfully completed a national nursing     article developed for continuing nursing
specialty examination.                        practice education and completing a test
                                              evaluating knowledge of content. The
 If audited, the licensee must submit         licensee may earn all 25 continuing
the letter advising him/her of the            education contact hours through this
                                              method of continuing education.
CONTINUING EDUCATION WAIVERS                   distance from which the licensee was            To summarize:
                                               located and the licensee shall provide
The Michigan Public Health Code                evidence of attendance at educational           *   All Michigan licensed nurses must
authorizes the Board of Nursing to waive       programs that substantially meet the                complete 25 hours of board approved
the continuing education requirements for      requirements for approval by the board.             continuing education, with at least
a license renewal applicant if, upon written                                                       one hour in pain and pain symptom
application, the board finds the failure of    OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND                          management, within the 2 years
the licensee to attend the required board-     LICENSEE’S         CONTROL:              For        immediately preceding the expiration
approved courses or programs was due to        circumstances, other than disability,               date of their license.
the licensee’s disability, military service,   military service, or absence from the
absence from the continental United            continental United States, the licensee shall   *   Submission of the renewal application
States, or a circumstance beyond the           submit compelling evidence that the                 and fee is considered a statement that
control of the licensee which the board        circumstances were good and sufficient for          the CE requirement has been met.
considers good and sufficient. Pursuant to     a waiver of the requirements.
this authority, the board has promulgated                                                      *   Failure   to    complete   the     CE
guidelines that set forth the policy the       If the board finds that any of the                  requirement is considered a violation
board will follow in granting a waiver. The    conditions for waiving the requirements             of the Public Health Code.
guidelines provide for the following:          have been met, the number of hours
                                               waived shall be proportional to the length      The Department of Community Health will
DISABILITY: The licensee’s disability          of time the licensee was temporarily            not discriminate against any individual or
shall have been temporary in nature and        disabled, in active military service, outside   group because of race, sex, religion, age,
the licensee’s physician shall attest on the   the continental United States, or involved      national origin, color, marital status,
application that the disability no longer      in circumstances beyond the licensee’s          disability or political beliefs. If you need
prevents the licensee from attending           control. The board will not waive the           assistance with reading, writing, hearing,
educational programs and engaging in the       requirements prospectively, nor will the        etc., under the American’s with Disabilities
practice of nursing without limitation.        requirements be waived for a licensee           Act, you may make your needs known to
                                               whose circumstances changed in time to          this agency.
MILITARY SERVICE: The licensee shall           reasonably allow the licensee to complete
have been practicing nursing while in          all or part of the requirements before
active service of the United States, shall     license renewal.
have been licensed at the time of induction
or entering into service, and shall have
requested that his or her license be placed
in military status to continue in effect
without payment of the license renewal fee
pursuant to Section 16196 of the Public
Health Code.

STATES: The licensee shall establish that
board-approved educational programs
were not available within a reasonable

       for Michigan
 Authority: Public Act 368 of 1978, as amended
        This form is for information only

                State of Michigan

      Department of Community Health
        Bureau of Health Professions
              P.O. Box 30670
       611 W. Ottawa St., First Floor
          Lansing, Michigan 48909
             *(517) 335-0918

*NOTE: If it is necessary that you call regarding your
continuing education, the following instructions will
assist you with the automated telephone system:

     1.         At the first prompt, press 1.
     2.         At the second prompt, press 2.
     3.         At the third prompt, press 4.

You will then reach the continuing education
automated system and can make your final selection.

                  October 2007

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