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					TV Energy Company Profile

TV Energy (TVE) is a classic ‘one stop shop’ for all matters relating to the understanding, promotion
and delivery of renewable energy projects. By definition it is a ‘not for profit’, independent regional
renewable energy agency and is a part of the ‘SAVE Energy Agency’ grouping established across
the EU by the European Commission. TVE works locally, regionally and internationally.

LOCALLY: TVE was established in 2001 and has a core ‘community project’ operational territory
extending across the Thames Valley counties of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire,
along with Surrey and parts of north Hampshire. This work is focused through its Local Support
Team under the Community Renewables Initiative sponsored by the Countryside Agency.

REGIONALLY: TVE advises SE England Regional Governance (the RDA, Government Office and
Regional Assembly) on renewable energy and sustainable energy initiatives. We provide input to
policy, planning, technical and local public consultations through a range of committees and
through bespoke advice and support (a rolling programme of activities). We are currently assisting
with capacity building across the region.

NATIONALLY: TVE inputs to a range of Government sponsored initiatives through DTi, DEFRA
and the Forestry Commission. Examples are the short rotation coppice producer group (TVE has
established the 3rd such grower group in the UK) and the rollout of regional statistics collection,
collation and analysis as commenced in the SE England (through ‘SEE-STATS).

INTERNATIONALLY: TVE works through the International Energy Agency (IEA) Bioenergy tasks
29 and 30 representing the UK on socio-economic and short rotation coppice (energy crop)
activities. We are also very active in a range of European projects covering technical, training and
socio-economic initiatives. The CEO is a recognised international and European Commission
external expert of longstanding on Bioenergy and related technical matters.

TV Energy is funded by a range of core sponsors including: 15 local authorities, the European
Commission (SAVE II), Greenham Common Trust, Shanks Waste Services, The Environment
Agency, Slough Heat and Power, RWE npower-renewables and Waitrose. Many other
organisations participate and they include the University of Reading, Oxford Brookes University,
Montgomery Watson Harza, The Forestry Commission, Friends of the Earth, RSPB and Regional
Government (GOSE, SEEDA and SEERA). See the website for more details: .

Company Structure

TV Energy has a management board comprising of 14 Directors. See

TVE has established TV Bioenergy Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary to trade in wood fuel. TV
Bioenergy (coppice) Ltd was established soon after as a separate trading company and part funded
by DEFRA, as the UK’s 3rd coppice producer group. Partners here include RMC Aggregates, a
local farmer and Coppice Resources Ltd.

TV Energy capability statement           1 of 7                         25th February 2005
Through TV Bioenergy (TVB), we currently supply several
hundred tonnes of wood chip to fuel local bioenergy projects.
The leading consumer is currently Slough Heat & Power, the
UK’s largest single site green energy producer. TVB acts as
one of two aggregators for SH&P drawing together the local
supply from a myriad of sources.

We have a business plan which will allow the establishment of a series of ‘Tree Stations’ able to
aggregate local supplies in our participating County areas making local Bioenergy projects viable.
The first Tree Station is being developed through a joint venture with local farmers in South
Buckinghamshire. This operation will then be replicated across the area with a variety of other
partners. The first Tree Station will supply Slough Heat and Power initially but will later also partly
supply the proposed Bracknell project when this comes on stream in 2006/7. A second Tree
Station will be developed close to Bracknell as the primary supply point for this venture.

TV Bioenergy Coppice Ltd (TVBC) has already
enabled some 100 hectares of coppice to be
planted through TVB and through local farmers,
growers and Corporate entities. Once contracts
have been agreed with local power stations, the
business plan calls for some 2,800 hectares to be planted by 2008. This supply will help to satisfy
TVB’s local market for wood fuel contributing perhaps 10% by volume by that time.

TVE is also in the process of establishing TV Energy Trust Ltd to manage community projects and
grant awards (any surplus funds are to be channelled through this Trust). The Trust will also
oversee educational initiatives that are ongoing with local schools and with Universities (we provide
external lecturers to the University of Reading MSc course on renewables and to other Universities
on an ad hoc basis).

Size of operation

TVE has grown rapidly from its beginnings in 2001, as can be seen by the turnover chart below:

               Financial Year         Turnover (£k)            Actual or Projected
                   2001/2                 216                         Actual
                   2002/3                 300                         Actual
                   2003/4                 479                         Actual
                   2004/5                 582                      Projected
                   2005/6                 675                      Projected

Core sponsorship accounted for some 75% of funding in 2001/2 but will account for approximately
20% in the current year reflecting the move towards project based activities whilst retaining the
sponsor base (indeed expanding it). Trading in wood fuel through TV Bioenergy (and coppice and
fuels) is expected to reach £100k in the current finncial year but will jump to an estimated £500k in
2005/6 with the first Tree Station coming on-line.

TV Energy Team

The TVE team is multidisciplinary and crafted to provide expert assistance to partners and
sponsors whilst also able to initiate, draw down grant funding/ finance, project manage and deliver
renewable projects. In essence, TVE is a classic ‘one stop shop’ for local and regional renewable
energy matters with a proven track record.

TV Energy capability statement            2 of 7                         25th February 2005
Individual team members have extensive experience of renewables (and energy efficiency/ rational
use of energy) making it one of the UK’s leading renewables agencies. The team are as follows:

Dr Keith Richards, Managing Director: BSc (Hons), PhD, CChem. MRSC
Keith has 25 years experience of renewable energy and energy efficiency project management and
consultancy through ETSU (the Energy Technology Support Unit, Harwell), managing various
£multimillion portfolios of projects. He has been central to the take up of energy from waste and
biomass projects in the UK developing strategies for Government and then implementing them. He
has championed the development of resource assessment tools (particularly GIS) to aid in regional
and community initiatives in the UK, Europe and OECD counties (through the International Energy
Agency). Keith established TVE and over the last four years, has been focusing on working with
community groups in close collaboration with Local Authorities and Regional Government to
introduce hybrid renewables solutions. Of particular interest has been the development of local
policies including SPG (supplementary Planning Guidance) to aid with the introduction of green
energy solutions. Keith spearheads major renewables development initiatives at Bracknell, High
Wycombe, Thames Gateway (Medway Council), Dundalk & Newry in Ireland. Keith is an expert
evaluator for the European Commission and Task Manager for the International Energy Agency
(IEA), a role extending for more than 20 years.

Mary Miller, Director, Director: BSc (Econ)
Mary has worked in the UK and overseas as an economic development advisor for the United
Nations, UK Government and various agencies. She has also assisted with formulating UK strategy
on energy and climate change-related actions whilst working at ETSU in the early 1990s. More
recently, Mary worked for Ilex Energy and has been involved with advising Government on the one
hand, and individual companies on the other, concerning carbon and renewables policy, trading
strategies and specifically issues relating to small-scale generation. Mary leads on commercial
energy matters for TVE. Mary is also the project manager for the £12 million Bracknell sustainable
energy project.

Patrick Cogswell: Company Secretary
Patrick became a fully qualified Chartered Management Accountant by self study in the early
eighties. His present role is as the company secretary to TV Energy and Subsidiaries with special
responsibility for Finance. Three years of previous experience in the finance management of New
and Renewable Energy programmes, has proved an invaluable background and he is especially
pleased that his work with TV Energy has enabled him to use his languages, (esp. French and
Spanish) in a real business situation.

Charlotte Bruton: Bio-Energy Advisor: BEng (Hons). MSc. AMIMechE
Charlotte is keenly interested in environmental issues and completed an MSc in Renewable Energy
and the Environment at the University of Reading with whom she keeps close links by coordinating
several MSc theses. She is a qualified engineer and spent two years as a Graduate Trainee
Engineer before studying for the MSc. Charlotte’s responsibilities within TV Energy are related to
Bioenergy and she is a Director of TV Bioenergy. Charlotte is currently leading on building the
wood fuel trading and infrastructure activities including the Tree Station initiative.

Ian Bacon, Solar and Built Environment Advisor BA (Hons). MSc.
Ian leads on the Community Projects work that TVE carry out for the Countryside Agency and
others liaising with other local agencies (e.g. EEACs on energy efficiency). Ian was the Energy
Conservation Officer for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and joined TV Energy
after a part time secondment. Ian is also an experienced businessman after holding several
managerial and consultancy positions in the Far East. Ian’s recent MSc in Environmental Policy
and Management has provided a foundation for Ian’s present position in TV Energy as lead on
Community Projects and the built environment. Ian is also an EcoHomes assessor and an expert

TV Energy capability statement         3 of 7                        25th February 2005
on solar, ground source heat pumps and low head hydro technologies. Ian is the Project Manager
for the Medway Towns activites.

Michael Beech: Technical Advisor BEng (Hons), MSc, CEng, MIMechE
Michael is a mechanical engineer with project engineering and project management experience in
the UK and the US. He has completed an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology at
Loughborough University, which included three months working with the Mayo Energy Agency in
Ireland on an EC ALTENER contract quantifying embedded generation limits for an island
electricity network. Michael has the role of Technical Advisor with TV Energy supporting the team
on a range of matters. His current responsibilities include the concept design for the renewables
based part of the Bracknell town centre re-development (using advanced modelling techniques),
the Dundalk regeneration initiative (cross border to be linked to Newry) and the CRESSEX
redevelopment at High Wycombe. All these major projects are looking to switch to a renewables
based energy system based on high energy efficiency standards.

Deborah Støer, Environmental Sociology Advisor BA (Hons).
Deborah Støer, a sociology graduate, joined TV Energy after carrying out a two year project in
conjunction with the TCS (Teaching Company Scheme) to understand the perceptions and
behaviour of community groups in the Thames Valley with regard to renewable energy. She uses a
multi-methodological social scientific approach to initiate and monitor a wide range of communities’
attitudes before and after the development of renewable energy projects.

Dr Gillian Alker BSc (Hons) MSc. PhD
Gillian joined TVE in 2004 after a period on secondment from the Water Research Centre (WRc).
Gillian has particular expertise and interest in energy crops and leads on the Coppice activities,
supporting Charlotte Bruton. Gillian has an international track record on matters such as land
remediation using phytoremediation techniques, energy crop production, ecological modelling and
water management methods. After completing her PhD at Imperial College, Gillian spent three
years as a post-doc at the University of Florida. Gillian is a Director of TV Bioenergy Coppice Ltd.

Gabriel Berry: Technical Advisor BSc (Hons), MSc, AMInstP
Gabriel joined TVE in 2003, having completed his Renewable Energy MSc project in conjunction
with TV Energy and the University of Reading. His physics and philosophy background, passion for
the environment and summer internship working on renewables policy in the European Parliament
culminated in his current position. Amongst his duties are developing the regional renewables
statistics system (SEE-Stats), organising events and maintaining the company website. Gabriel
has developed his understanding of wind based technologies and works closely with the industry to
provide technical support.

Jennifer Webster: Technical Support
Jennifer is spending a year with TVE as part of her 4 year BSc – Environmental Science of the
Earth and Atmosphere course (University of Reading). Jennifer provides support to the team.
Jennifer’s degree course focuses on all aspects of environmental science, allowing her to develop a
wider knowledge in the environmental field. Her meteorology modules include an introduction to
atmospheric science and weather systems analysis where she learnt basic analysis of
meteorological data – an expertise that will be applied during her stay with TVE.

Andrew Lamb: Technical Advisor BSc (Hons), MSc
Andrew will be joining the team in the Summer of 2005. Andy has over 10 years experience of
renewable energy. He has a first degree with first class honours from the University of Edinburgh
in ecological science, an MSc in Forestry from Oxford University and is part way through his MBA
(through distance learning with the University of Warwick). Andy is currently managing various
projects for the European Commission (based in Athens) including: biomass cogeneration in EU

TV Energy capability statement           4 of 7                        25th February 2005
and Eastern Europe; solar thermal energy in Mediterranean region; biomass fuel supply and
conversion ‘chains’ in Greece; pre-feasibility of a biomass fuelled combined heat and power plant in
central Greece. Andy will be assisting with the Bracknell project and will give expert forestry
support to the Bioenergy team.

Projects currently underway include:

RENAISSANCE: 6th Framework Concerto, large integrated action with Bracknell Forest BC.
Currently at contract negotiation. TVE will project manage the 27 organisations in the UK, France
and Spain to deliver hybrid renewables solutions. The project will run from 2005 to 2009. As a part
of this multi-million £ project, TVE will manage a range of Universities and research organisations
to deliver a package of work on policy & planning, social studies, business models, wood fuel
supply and environmental impact. The Regione of Lombardia (Italy) will also be a partner to this
DUNDALK REGENERATION: Working in partnership with SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) and
Louth County, to deliver a flagship sustainable energy park as a part of the major redevelopment of
this ‘border town’ in southern Ireland. The expectation is of a cross-border initiative to involve
Newry in northern Ireland. A range of renewables will be deployed including a cross border
bioenergy (wood fuel) initiative drawing the various communities together. The work will cover
technical, commercial and local policy/ planning matters.
SAVE II Agency- 320/2000: TV Energy is the coordinating Agency in a cluster of three approved in
2000 by SAVE, including the Region of Murcia (Spain) and Obstina Rousse (Bulgaria).
BIOCOGEN: funded under the EC 5th Framework, this project involves targeting of viable
cogeneration projects for the Thames Valley and UK generally. It was completed in December 2004
under CRES/ Greece coordination.
Task 29 IEA – Socio-economics of Bioenergy: TV Energy is associate Task Leader for this six
year project involving Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Japan, UK, Norway, Ireland and Canada. The
project is investigating how to maximise the local benefits to communities of the introduction of
bioenergy (and hybrid renewables solutions).
Task 30 IEA – Short Rotation Coppice: TV Energy represents the UK on this task activity
alongside New Zealand, USA, Canada, Sweden and others.
RETRAIN – TV Energy is partnering the Marches Energy Agency and Powys Energy Agency in a
project under the European Commission’s ALTENER programme, which aims to raise the technical
understanding and ability amongst UK installers and specifiers of building integrated renewable
energy technology, using experience gained in other parts of Europe.

CRESSEX (High Wycombe): Working with the local Council and developers, to assess the
feasibility of a large scale renewable energy project to meet the energy demands of a large, mixed
redevelopment of an area of the town (area close to the motorway).
MEDWAY TOWNS: Examining the feasibility of introducing renewable energy to satisfy the energy
needs of the Riverside Development in Chatham initially. In addition, reviewing and advising on the
policy and energy efficiency activities.
Surrey Wood Fuel Resource & Markets Study: An investigation of the likely wood resource and
linkage to local and regional markets for wood fuel. This work is being carried out for partner
Surrey County Council.

TV Energy capability statement          5 of 7                        25th February 2005
Greenham Business Park: TV Energy is working with the Greenham Community Trust to develop
the Greenham Renewable Energy Business Community. A test mast has been installed at the park
to measure wind speed in advance of installing a hoped for 1.5MW wind turbine. This to be linked
to the Greenham Eco-centre. A feasibility study has also been carried out to with a high profile
developer to assess the options for sustainable design and renewable energy within a major
warehouse development. TV Energy is also supporting an MSc student from Reading University’s
course; Renewable Energy and the Environment, in researching hybrid renewable energy solutions
for the business park.
OWSEP – shanks first fund: this project completed in December 2004 and investigated the
prospects for combining green waste streams (from MSW) with agricultural and forestry/ energy
crops to produce energy. Again, within the Thames Valley, the work was carried out with both
public sector and private sector partners.
Energy Saving Through the Planning Process – Didcot West Development: TV Energy is
working with South Oxfordshire District Council and AEA Technology to establish how to build
sustainability into a major new housing development of 3,500 houses.
Teaching Company Scheme – TV Energy managed a sociologist on a 2 year postgraduate
placement from Reading University to investigate the perception and behaviour of individuals,
communities and corporate business in the Thames Valley to the expected rapid introduction of
sustainable green energy and related environmental technology solutions (for agriculture, transport
and waste). Now recruited to staff.
Knowledge Transfer Programme – TV Energy with the University of Reading Business School
has just agreed a new placement to be funded by the DTI. The chosen associate will work with
TVE on business models and ESCo structures for hybrid renewables projects (e.g. Bracknell in the
first instance).

Community Renewables Initiative (CRI) – For the past 3 years, TV Energy has worked with and
on behalf of, the Countryside Agency to encourage and support the involvement of local
communities in developing renewable energy schemes. Projects have resulted involving the
introduction of renewables within schools, hospitals, public buildings, farms etc. A Community
Renewable Energy Grant was launched under the CRI to support community projects 2 years ago
with great success. Some 30 projects have resulted including small wind (up to 6kW), low head
hydro/ mills, bioenergy, solar and ground source heat pumps. A further programme is to run from
2005 with regional governance (SEEDA) and the Countryside Agency.

REGIONAL RENEWABLES PROGRAMME - TV Energy has been managing a programme of 20
plus projects through GOSE on behalf of the SE Renewable Energy Partnership. This work
    • Planning support actions including SPG preparation
    • GIS wood inventory
    • Eco centre projects cluster feasibility
    • Site assessment for the National Trust
    • Two regional conferences
    • Site visit programme (UK and Europe)
    • SE Assembly consultation/ strategy support
    • Regional funding guide preparation
    • Establishment of a University forum ‘TVSCIFORS’
    • Production of a promotional regional renewable energy calendar
    • Schools programme
    • Reading area sustainability consultation (1500 households)
    • Local media targeting

TV Energy capability statement          6 of 7                       25th February 2005
    •   SEE-STATS pilot project (see
    •   Greenham eco-centre assessment
    •   PV/ Motorways assessment
    •   Brussels promotion/ Green week event
    •   SRC event in Oxfordshire
    •   Regional renewables awards
    •   Observer community programme

An extension of this work is currently under negotiation with SEEDA and will carry on the planning,
SEE-STATS, site visits, schools based and feasibility study work.

In addition to this list there are many small studies carried out for partners.

Contact details:

TV Energy, Liberty House, New Greenham Park, Newbury, RG19 6HS
Tel: 01635 817420
Fax: 01635 552779

TV Energy capability statement            7 of 7                          25th February 2005