Referral Reward Programs

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					                    Referral Reward Programs
  Care To Share?                                               Dinner for Two?
         Here is how it works                                        Here is how it works

  When you refer someone to our practice                       Each time a referral of yours starts treatment
   you will receive a $25 Visa gift Card                       you will receive a $50 gift card from one of

                                                               HYDE PARK
                                                                the many restaurants we have in our area.
     the new patient to our practice will
         receive a $25 Visa gift Card                            PRIME STEAKHOUSE

     (upon completion of their consultation appointment)

  Thank you for your loyalty and for referring your
friends, family and colleagues to Braces by DiMassa.
If you have any questions about either program don’t
                 hesitate to contact us.