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                            T h e Un i ve r sa l New s
Special points of           August 19, 2058                                                      Editor: Brick Paskiewicz 8d
    Solar Car that

                            Solar So-        car
    runs on Photo-
    voltaic cells, also
    called solar cells.      This car is the                                                   of your local Honda
    M230 chain gun–         lar car. The manufac-                                              dealer Anywhere. This
    apache attack
    weapon, also a          ture is Honda. This car                                            car also has 400 house
    paintball gun.          comes in any color you                                             power. It can hold up to
    Items for sale          want it to be it has four                                          two people in it. This car
    Toyota 1/x, future
    flame thrower,          wheels and it can go up                                            is an automatic or you
    powerful rocket,
    future laser, time
                            to two Hundred and                The solar car a high             can get in manual also.
    travel, and flying      fifty miles per our it            performing car the               The cool thing about this
    saucer.                                                   most popular today.
                            drives very smooth you Call 1-800-future                           car you the driver are in
    Robot Maid it
    does all your
                            think you are gliding in 100,000Zenos                              the middle of the car
    household chouse.       the air. This car is                                               when you are driving. So
                            powered by photo-                 You have to get this car it      when you turn ether way
                            voltaic cells, also called        the most popular car out         you do not have a strong
                            solar cells. This car is          there today. If you do not side to your turn you are
                            the future it just runs           have one you are lame so         the same both ways. This
Inside this issue:          on cells no gas but cells         you have to get one today. car can go 0 to 60 in2.3
                            no more paying for ex-            It is only 100,000Zenos.         seconds and can stop on a
Solar Car               1
                            pensive gas and oils.             You can get them at any          dime.
M230 chain gun Apache
Attack weapon
                            M230 chain Gun Apache attack weapon
Robot maid              2   M230 chain gun-apache at-           and can do just about any-      paintball gun. paintball gun
                            tack weapon. This gun can           thing. This gun also does
Items for sale          2   shoot at a rate of fire 625         not have a very big kick at
                            rounds/minute. This                 all so that means a kid can
                            weapon has FLIR vision              shoot this weapon without
                            films. This gun is light weight     getting hurt imagine that.
                            it only weights 57 pounds.          The gun is only                The M2230 Chain gun-
                                                                                               Apache attack weapon
                            All armies are using this           18,000zenos. But the real
                            weapon it is very powerful          cool thing is that this is a   Call1-800-future 999Zenos
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E d it or : Br i c k P a sk ie wi c z 8 d

Most households will have a                 money back or a new robot.         house. Only 50,000Zenos so
robot that the family will own              You do not have to do any-         buy one today so call 1-800-
so consider buying one. This                thing with your robot it           future.
robot is a robot maid it does               charges all by its self and it
everyday household chouse. So               only takes forty-five minutes
you will no have to spend your              and it does all the chouse with-
precious weekends cleaning                  out you telling it what to do it
your house you have a robot                 knows what is clean and what
maid to do all you house work               is dirty. Also when it washes
for you. Your house will be                 your clothes it knows whose
clean and stay clean for as long            cloths they belong to and
                                                                                                                  Robot maid does all
as you live or have the robot               where to put them also what                                           your house chouse.
maid. :This robot is guaranteed             drawer to put them in around                                          50,000Zenos
                                                                                                                  Call 1-800-future
to last all you life time or your           your house cleaning your

Items For sale

Flame thrower 15,000Zenos                                NASA Rocket 100,000Zenos                             Laser Beam 16,000Zenos

Call 1-800-future. The flame                             Call 1-800-future. Sold to any-                      Call 1-800—future. Can
goes up     to 600 feet.                                 one and can fly 5,000,000 MPH.                       beam up to 8,000 feet.

Time travel 1,500,000Zenos                               Flying saucer 250,000Zenos                           Toyota 1/x 34,000Zenos

Call 1-8000-future. Can take                             Call 1-800-future. Can fly any-                      Call 1-800-future. Run on
you to anytime period.                                   where at 13,000MPH.                                  electricity 24 hours in one