My grandmother and my grandmother sell vegetables to buy food by fdjerue7eeu


									My grandmother and my grandmother to buy vegetables vegetables

 grandmother sell vegetables to buy food that

 I and grandmother to buy food and I
% D% grandmother to buy food Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province A
primary plant materials three (3) Ban Zhao Jialing

 Sunday morning, my grandmother told me to go with her vegetables. At
first, I do not know how to get to selling vegetables. Grandma taught me
and said: "this is the case, and others come to buy vegetables, he would
sell him to the number of how many, if he would close his small amount of
groceries to buy a dollar." I said: "Grandma, I understand." Grandma and
said: "You learn so fast?" I am proud to say: "Of course get it, now I'll
help you to sell vegetables it!" Grandma says happily: "Yes!"
 to to the market, to lay down their food basket, I cried out loud: "I am
delicious vegetables, we Come to buy ah! a dollar a pound!" A lot of
people were attracted to my cry, have stirred up a dish. Grandma busy to
mention balance. I was busy collecting money. A similar age, my children
come to buy food. He did not know what food good pick. I offered to help
him pick up trees at the tender vegetables to him. He smiled and paid the
money away.
 moment later, our food on all sold out. I said: "Grandma, we go back."
Grandma said: "Yes." Riding a tricycle, and my grandmother to go home.

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