ALPHA XI DELTA FRATERNITY
                                                                                           331 / 0611
TO:           College Chapter Presidents
              Alumnae Association Presidents
FROM:         Cynthia Treadwell, National Membership Status Chair
RE:           Alumna Initiate Program
Alpha Xi Delta, as well as the other National Panhellenic Conference groups, has a policy of
encouraging alumnae initiations. The Alumna Initiate program exists to:

♦     develop an alumnae resource pool;
♦     provide college chapter support;
♦     establish a nucleus of alumnae in areas where there is no organized alumnae association and
      where collegiate extension is forecast;
♦     increase members and resources for alumnae associations;
♦     bestow privilege and honor to a woman who has served Alpha Xi Delta without ever being a
      sorority member;
♦     recognize community and professional leaders;
♦     increase Alpha Xi Delta’s visibility in and benefits to the community;
♦     enable women to join Alpha Xi Delta who were unable to join during their college years because
      Alpha Xi Delta was not on their campus;
♦     encourage university faculty support of Greek organizations when college administrators are
♦     enhance female relative relationships through Fraternity membership.

To Collegiate Members: Be aware of women with whom you want to share sisterhood in Alpha Xi
      Delta. Please consider for membership an outstanding faculty member, community leader or a
      collegian's mother.
To Alumnae Members: Be aware of friends, associates and community leaders with whom you want to
      share sisterhood in Alpha Xi Delta.

We hope you will encourage members to pursue this opportunity. To recommend someone, please use
the alumna membership petition form (#331b).

                  A candidate for alumna membership need not have attended college.
                             She may not be nor have ever been a member
                           of any National Panhellenic Conference sorority.

                                                          Alumna Initiate Petition 331.doc/Shared/alumnae
                                  ALUMNA INITIATE
                                                                                                              331a / 0611
The National Constitution and Bylaws of Alpha Xi Delta provides that a qualified woman who is not a
member of any other National Panhellenic Conference sorority may be invited into alumna membership
in Alpha Xi Delta.
Membership in Alpha Xi Delta is a privilege and a responsibility for both collegiate and alumnae
members. Permission to extend an invitation for membership in Alpha Xi Delta as an alumna initiate
must be obtained from National Council BEFORE the invitation is given.
An Alpha Xi Delta alumnae association, college chapter or member may recommend for initiation a
woman whose membership would be of value to the Fraternity and who would bring credit to Alpha Xi
Delta in the community. The women selected for membership in the Fraternity through initiation as
alumnae will have the same rights and privileges as any collegiate initiate of Alpha Xi Delta and will be
accepted as sisters by all other initiated members. Only college chapters may initiate candidates for
membership.1 A candidate usually chooses the chapter on the campus closest to her home; however,
she may choose her alma mater, if it has a college chapter.
The petition for alumna membership is to be completed and signed by a college chapter, an alumnae
association or an Alpha Xi Delta member. The completed petition is to be sent to the National
Membership Status Chair BEFORE membership is offered to the prospective candidate. If the petition
is approved, the National Membership Status Chair, on behalf of National Council, issues the
membership invitation.
Each alumna initiate is to have a sponsor-mentor. This person may be a special friend or relative of the
alumna initiate who is willing to see that the new member is educated about Alpha Xi Delta. The
sponsor-mentor oversees the proceedings of the initiation ceremony, acquaints the new member with
aspects of the Fraternity, encourages alumna involvement on the collegiate and alumnae levels, assists
with the educational packet from Fraternity Headquarters, and relates with her as a true sister.
Each candidate for alumna membership is required to pay the national initiation fee and to purchase a
badge of her choice. These transactions are to be handled through the initiating college chapter.
More information about alumna membership may be obtained from the National Membership Status
Send the completed application to:
       Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity Headquarters
       Attn: Assistant Director of Alumnae Development
       8702 Founders Road
       Indianapolis, IN 46268
       Phone: (317) 872-3500; Fax: (317) 872-2947; E-mail:

 National Council may extend invitations to women each biennium to join the Fraternity at the biennial National
Convention. They are initiated by the National Chapter and are members of the Alpha Deuteron Chapter.

                                                                    Alumna Initiate Petition 331.doc/Shared/alumnae
                       (Must be completed by the person petitioning for membership)

                                                                                                                  331b / 0611
                   (Last)                              (First)                               (Middle or Maiden)
                   (Street)                                      (City)                 (State) (Zip Code)
PHONE (        )                      (     )                                     BIRTH DATE
                (Home)                (Business)
        E-mail____ _________________________                                      SOC SEC #___________________
        Reason for interest in Alpha Xi Delta membership
        Projected contributions to Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity and Foundation

SCHOOLS ATTENDED: Name                                           City & State                         Year Graduated
        High School
        Degree(s)                               Occupation



        Spouse (name
        Children (names and ages
        College chapter responsible for initiation                                 School
        Alumnae association(s) to be notified of initiation

Petition presented by (check one): (      ) College Chapter (    ) Alumnae Association   (    ) ΑΞΔ
Name of Presenter:                                                 E-mail:
                              (Full Name)
Sponsor-Mentor:                                                    E-mail:
                              (Full Name)

Signature of member, chapter president or association president                                       Date
Approved by:
                              National Membership Status Chair                                        Date

                                                                          Alumna Initiate Petition 331.doc/Shared/alumnae
                        ALUMNA INITIATE
                                                                                                 331c / 0611

As a sponsor-mentor for an alumna initiate, you have the responsibility to educate the new initiate about
Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity. This includes the following:

  Contact the initiating chapter within one month to make arrangements for the initiation.

  Let the alumna initiate know the requirements for initiation:

   1.   Pay the national initiation fee of $130 with the check made payable to Alpha Xi Delta
   2.   Purchase a badge (badge prices start at $35 plus shipping; make check payable to Alpha Xi
        Delta). You may combine the initiation fee and badge order on the same check.
   3.   Send checks and jewelry order to the initiating chapter.

  Give the alumna initiate details about initiation: date, time, location, white dress and shoes needed.
  Let her know what to expect during the ceremony.

  Take the alumna initiate to the initiation, if possible.

  Have the alumna initiate fill out and return the Record of Alumnae Membership form to Fraternity
  Headquarters. This form will be sent to the alumna initiate once she has been approved for initiation.

  Following initiation, review the ceremony. Discuss the meaning of Alpha Xi Delta's Ritual in our
  daily lives.

  Go over the information sent from Fraternity Headquarters and help the alumna initiate understand
  Alpha Xi Delta's traditions and principles. Information includes The Bonds of Sisterhood (will be
  sent before initiation; jewelry order form; and other useful information.

  Contact the local alumnae association president (if there is one nearby) and notify her of the new
  alumna initiate.

  Determine the time and location of the next alumnae event; attend with the alumna initiate.

                                                             Alumna Initiate Petition 331.doc/Shared/alumnae

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