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									The Virtual ESE Program Announces

            Exceptional Student Education
                 Graduate Courses
                                        Spring 2005
Advanced Theories and Strategies in Mental Retardation

This graduate level special education is designed to provide advanced knowledge of mental
retardation and programs. Various conceptual and/or theoretical models are reviewed; current
trends and issues related to education of children in MR programs.

Instructor: Dr. Michael Churton, University of South Florida

Foundations/Introduction to Special Education

This graduate level special education course is designed to provide the student with an overview
of special education and the students who are served in special education programs. The course
is appropriate for graduate students who are entering a program to prepare them for careers in
working with exceptional children, adolescents, or adults or for professionals from other
disciplines who desire to become familiar with terminology, concepts, and issues that are
important for an understanding of the needs of people with disabilities and the types of services
that are available to them. Persons who are already certified in special education and who desire
to review current issues and practices may also find this course to be valuable.

Instructor: TBA, University of Florida

Transitions for Exceptional Students

This course is designed to provide teachers of individuals with disabilities and related
professional with skills to enhance opportunities for successful adult/society transitions.
Specific skill areas addressed include learning strategies, social skills and career/vocational
instruction applicable to diverse and at risk populations.

Instructor: Dr. Jeanne Repetto, University of Florida
Management and Motivation

This course focuses on approaches to classroom management and motivational strategies when
working with exceptional students. Content includes applied behavior analysis techniques,
Psychoeducational approaches to problem solving, crisis management, and social skills training.

Instructor: Dr. Lori Garcia, Florida Gulf Coast University

***Please Note - Online courses are equivalent to traditional graduate courses; they are as
rigorous and demanding as face-to-face courses. Course syllabi will be posted on the Virtual
ESE website ( or keyword
Virtual ESE USF) prior to the spring semester. Please review the syllabus prior to beginning a
Virtual ESE course.

*** Since these courses will be provided via distance education, students who enroll should be
comfortable with using the Internet, listservs, and email, and should recognize that almost all
course activities will be handled electronically. There will be no class meetings and students will
not attend any group or class sessions. Participation in online chat sessions, which will be
offered at various times via the Internet, may be required. Classroom observations may also be

For more information, contact Kati Fowler at 813-974-7107 or via email

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