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                      Lead your organization
                              into the future
Rutgers                               Program Overview
Leadership                            The Leadership Development Series is composed of one day hands-on
                                      workshops designed to help supervisors, group leaders, and organizations
Development                           meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business and industrial workplace.
                                      Each of these timely and application-oriented workshops concentrates on a
Series                                critical performance requirement of today’s leaders, providing and developing
                                      the wide range of knowledge, insights, and skills they need. Taken in its
Format:                               entirety, the series will help participants make the exhilarating transition to
Certificate option: 12 workshops      the management team through knowledge, skill development, workplace
within a 3-year period
                                      application, and opportunities for self and organizational assessment.
Non-Certificate option: any
number of workshops
Each 1-day workshop is offered        Who Should Attend?                          Skills You Will Acquire
in Piscataway from 9:00am to
4:00pm, 3-6 times per year.           This Leadership Development Series          Those attending the complete
We strongly recommend                 is designed for professionals with          Leadership Development Series
attending the entire series,          supervisory management and/or team          will: increase communication
starting with workshop #1,            leader responsibilities or those who        effectiveness; make greater use of
“The Challenge of Leadership”         will take on these responsibilities in      planning and goal-setting; improve
Participant Profile:                  the near future. The workshops in           group problem prevention and
Supervisor/Manager, team/project      the series are also highly relevant for     problem solving; enhance teamwork
leader, individual contributor        seasoned supervisors/team leaders who       approaches; sharpen coaching and
(employee, team member)               have extensive on-the-job experience,       performance management; heighten
                                      but little formal management education      awareness of economic, legal, and
Credit Available:                     or training. If you are in a leadership     social developments; acquire a better
For those interested in
                                      role, seeking or anticipating a             understanding of and self confidence
academic graduate credit,
a 3 credit course waiver is           leadership role, or are an individual       with people; and increase cooperation
available for an MHRM degree.         contributor looking to develop your         and collaboration with other managers
Please contact RutgersCMD             leadership competencies – this              and organizational units.
for further information               program is for you!
                                                                                  Certificate of completion is awarded
0.6 CEUs / 1-day workshop                                                         to participants at the conclusion
6 CPEs / 1-day workshop
                                                                                  of their twelfth workshop.
6 HRCI recertification
credits / 1-day workshop

$475 per workshop includes all
program materials, continental
breakfast, and lunch

Instructors include Rutgers
faculty and industry experts in the
field of supervisory management

                                            Center For Management Development | 94 Rockafeller Road, Suite 215
                                        Piscataway, NJ 08854-8098 | Tel: 732/445-5526 | Email:
                                  1   The Challenge of
                                                                                a pivotal requirement of employees
                                                                                at any level of an organization. This
                                                                                workshop explores the gateways and
Offer This Program                Master skills to deliver results.             barriers to effective communication and
                                                                                interpersonal skills. It also teaches the
At Your Location!                 The role of the leader has become
                                  increasingly complex and difficult. The       relationship between information and
                                  challenges posed by fierce competition,       power and helps participants assess their
Bring the expertise of Rutgers’   changing government regulations, and          own style of communication and listening.
                                  increasing customer expectations are          Discussion will include the influence of
nationally recognized faculty
                                  compounded by the difficulties of dealing     personality types on relating to others.
directly to your workforce.       with a workforce that is more diverse, less   Dates: 2009 – 1/27, 4/23, 9/29
                                  loyal, and harder to motivate than at any

Benefits include:                 time in the past. Consequently, traditional         Building and Leading High
                                  approaches to management have given
•	 Sessions tailored                                                                  Performance Teams
                                  way to coaching and communications-
   to your business               oriented methods. Successful leaders          Transform employees into owners of the
                                  must be able to engage their staff to build   organization’s success.
•	 Delivered at times
                                  an effective, highly motivated, innovative
   convenient for your staff                                                    Empowerment and collaboration can
                                  team that delivers results – even
                                                                                play powerful roles in improving an
•	 Group learning                 during uncertain and changing times.
                                                                                organization’s performance and in
                                  Supervisors and team leaders must
   and networking                                                               building and sustaining competitive
                                  master critical leadership techniques
                                                                                advantage. Supervisors and team
•	 Ideal forum for                to make a successful transition to the
                                                                                leaders can create a culture and working
   management                     roles of coach, teacher, and motivator.
                                                                                environment where employees effectively
                                  This workshop provides insights and
   participation in               tools needed to optimize both individual
                                                                                become owners of an organization’s
   program delivery                                                             success. Leaders need to be equipped
                                  and unit performance. Participants will
                                                                                with the tools and training to move from
•	 Co-branded certificates        also assess their strengths and growth
                                                                                commander to coach, from evaluator to
                                  opportunities to create an action plan
                                                                                educator, and finally, from manager to
                                  to improve their competencies.
Partner with RutgersCMD                                                         collaborator/enabler. This workshop will
                                  Dates: 2009 – 1/15, 3/30, 5/19                cover the essential elements of team
at your location to develop                     9/16, 11/2                      development and the team-building
your employees and leverage                                                     process, the many roles team members
the competitive advantage
of your workforce. Our            2     Aligning Planning,
                                        Goal Setting, and
                                        Performance Priorities
                                                                                play, factors which contribute to winning
                                                                                teams, group decision-making, putting
                                                                                teambuilding theory into practice, and the
flexible approach centers                                                       detrimental effects of internal competition
on your needs, delivering
                                        with Strategic Goals                    on achieving organizational goals.
on-site programs that have        Use your time and resources strategically.    Dates: 2009 – 2/3, 5/1, 10/5
produced results for many         The ability to establish performance
organizations in the New
York metropolitan area.
                                  priorities, set goals, and write well-
                                  considered, results-focused plans is
                                  critical in today’s world of organizational
                                                                                5     Motivation and Leadership:
                                                                                      Understanding and
                                                                                      Influencing People at Work
                                  downsizing, restructuring, and culture
Contact Rutgers Center for        change. This workshop will build              Enhance job ownership and performance.
                                  participants’ skills for making fuller        This workshop is intended to increase
Management Development            and more effective use of time and            the supervisor’s or group leader’s ability
at 732/445-5526 or email          unit and organizational resources             to enhance employee satisfaction, job for          by concentrating on performance               ownership and performance. Participants
                                  priorities and gaining buy-in.                will develop a greater understanding
information on bringing this
                                  Dates: 2009 – 1/23, 4/17, 9/24                of how human needs, supervision, job
program to your location.
                                                                                characteristics, work environment, and

                                  3     Communication Strategies                external constraints influence workplace
                                                                                behaviors. Participants will develop a sound
                                        for the Effective Leader
                                                                                understanding of their own leadership
                                  Gather and share information effectively.     preferences, increased awareness of
                                                                                alternative leadership styles and behaviors, and
                                  Effective communication builds and
                                                                                the ability to determine and implement
                                  maintains relationships, processes,
                                                                                appropriate leadership interventions.
                                  and systems. The need to gather and
                                  disseminate information effectively is        Dates: 2009 – 2/11, 5/6, 10/15
6     Coaching and Managing
      Employee Performance                       9     Strategic Problem Solving
                                                       and Decision Making
                                                                                                organizations frequently find change
                                                                                                to be problematic and disruptive. We
                                                                                                see resistance to change as a leading
Help your workforce meet performance             Promote and implement creative                 contributor to the failure of change
expectations.                                    problem-solving strategies.                    initiatives. Anticipating and planning for
Helping a diversified workforce meet             Workplace problems must be resolved            these reactions often makes the difference
increasingly demanding performance               logically, quickly, and successfully           between success and failure. This
expectations is a formidable challenge           to avoid negative impact on the                workshop will focus on the critical success
for today’s team leader/supervisor.              business, such as stress, time wasted          factors for implementing organizational
The ability to communicate, motivate,            on non value-added tasks and other             change such as establishing the vision
coach, and discipline employees is the           counterproductive consequences. In             of a change effort, exploring different
foundation of effective supervision. This        this workshop, participants will learn         strategies for dealing with resistance
workshop covers the skills needed to             proven techniques for solving problems         to change, and discussing how to
enhance the ability to communicate               efficiently and creatively, as well as how     develop an effective communication
performance expectations, provide                to present and promote the acceptance          strategy to plan and implement a change
feedback and training, and determine             of problem-solving strategies by               initiative in an organization in the most
the source of performance problems. It           employees and management peers.                positive and constructive manner.
will also cover methods for dealing with         Dates: 2009 – 3/10, 6/2, 11/12                 Dates: 2009 – 3/26, 6/16, 12/1
difficult employees and the legal pitfalls

associated with termination. Note: prior                                                                The Strategic Context
completion of workshops 2, 3, 5, 7, 8,
and 9 or their equivalent is required.           10      Legal Issues for
                                                         Today’s Leader
                                                                                                        of Leadership
                                                                                                Develop process-improving strategies
Dates: 2009 – 2/19, 5/13, 10/22                  Avoid costly litigation and legal judgments.
                                                                                                that satisfy multiple stakeholders.
                                                 Each year, costly litigation and legal

7    Elevating Employee                                                                         Leaders at all levels of today’s
                                                 judgments take their toll on the workplace.
                                                                                                organizations need to inspire their
     Performance Through                         Often, supervisors/team leaders have little
                                                                                                workforce to meet and exceed the
     Training and Development                    or no training in the proper way to deal
                                                                                                demands of multiple stakeholders,
                                                 with sexual harassment, drug and alcohol
Train employees to assume new                                                                   including: customers, shareholders,
                                                 usage, downsizing, and performance
responsibilities.                                                                               special interest groups, employees, and
                                                 appraisal. This workshop offers a common
                                                                                                governmental institutions. The vision
Two of the most important aspects of             sense approach with a current events
                                                                                                and direction set by leaders takes shape
the team leader/supervisor’s job are             theme that leaders can use to create a
                                                                                                as strategies are cascaded through
orienting and integrating new employees          positive employee relations environment,
                                                                                                various levels of the organization. This
into the work unit and building current          reduce workplace tensions, and decrease
                                                                                                workshop will demonstrate how effective
staff capabilities to keep pace with             both company and personal legal liability.
                                                                                                leaders need to develop and deploy
change. This workshop provides both              Dates: 2009 – 3/18, 6/8, 11/20                 objectives and strategies at all levels.
the understanding and tools necessary                                                           Participants will gain an understanding

to successfully help employees improve                                                          of the importance of processes within
their performance and equip them to
                                                                                                the organization and how to effectively
take on new tasks and responsibilities.                   Organizational Change
                                                                                                diagnose and continuously improve critical
Dates: 2009 – 3/5, 5/21, 10/27                   Develop strategies to deal with                business processes. The financial impact
                                                 resistance to change.                          of strategies and process improvement

                                                                                                initiatives will also be explored.
      Managing and Resolving                     In today’s workplace change has
      Conflict in the Workplace                  become the norm, yet individuals and           Dates: 2009 – 4/3, 6/18, 12/9

Identify and resolve conflicts constructively.
Conflict, when not handled constructively,
can erode morale and interfere with
effective performance and both internal
and external customer service. This
workshop will teach participants to
diagnose workplace conflicts, avoid
destructive communication, identify
situational causes of conflict, and
assess personal strengths and
developmental needs in determining the
best approach to managing conflict.
Dates: 2009 – 2/25, 5/28, 11/4
                                                 REGISTRATION FORM
                             Leadership Development Series (please duplicate as needed)

Mail or Fax to:

Center for Management Development                 Phone: 732/445-5526                                    Please register me in the following
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey       Fax: 732/445-5665                                      Leadership Development workshops:
Janice H. Levin Building                          Email:
94 Rockafeller Road, Suite 215                                                                           1. The Challenge of Leadership
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8098                                                                                   1/15/09    3/30/09    5/19/09
Attn: Tara Kelley                                                                                           9/16/09    11/2/09

                                                                                                         2. Aligning Planning, Goal Setting,
First Name
                                                                                                            and Performance Priorities with
Last Name                                                                                                   Strategic Goals
                                                                                                            1/23/09    4/17/09    9/24/09

Organization                                                                                             3. Communication Strategies
                                                                                                            for the Effective Leader
                                                                                                            1/27/09    4/23/09    9/29/09

                                                                                                         4. Building and Leading High
City                                                          State         Zip Code                        Performance Teams
                                                                                                            2/3/09     5/1/09     10/5/09
Day Telephone

Fax                                                                                                      5. Motivation and Leadership:
                                                                                                            Understanding and Influencing
Email                                                                                                       People at Work

Authorizing Manager Signature                                                                               2/11/09    5/6/09     10/15/09

Authorizing Manager Telephone                                                                            6. Coaching and Managing
                                                                                                            Employee Performance
                                                                                                            2/19/09    5/13/09    10/22/09
Registration Fee: $475 per workshop
                                                                                                         7. Elevating Employee Performance
      Check enclosed payable to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.                                Through Training and Development
      Purchase order enclosed: No.                                                                          3/5/09     5/21/09    10/27/09

      Bill my credit card:           American Express            MasterCard                   Visa       8. Managing and Resolving
                                                                                                            Conflict in the Workplace
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                                                                                                         9. Strategic Problem Solving
                                                                                                            and Decision Making
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                                                                                                            3/10/09    6/2/09     11/12/09
Signature (required)
                                                                                                         10. Legal Issues for Today’s Leader

Cancellations and rescheduling requests must be made in writing at least five working days in               3/18/09    6/8/09     11/20/09
advance of the program for a full refund. We require confirmation in writing before the request can be
                                                                                                         11. Implementing Organizational
processed. Any later cancellations or reschedulings are subject to a $100 nonrefundable processing
fee. If you do not attend the workshop and do not inform us of your cancellation prior to the date of
the program, you will be subject to the full fee. Substitution of registrants may be made at any time.      3/26/09    6/16/09    12/1/09

Download additional forms at:                                                     12. The Strategic Context
                                                                                                             of Leadership
                                                                                                            4/3/09     6/18/09    12/09/09
                    …the quality of the workshops in both content
                    and instructors is consistently outstanding…

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