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					                                                                                          VOL 2. Issue 2 • October 2000

   NIS Board Awards
16 Scholarships for 2000
                                                       The National Insurance contin-       economic needs of students.
                                                       ues to make its contribution to      The scholarships are for a period
                                                       educational and national devel-      of five (5) years at a Secondary
                                                       opment by awarding sixteen           school, premised on the satisfac-
                                                       (16) scholarships to primary         tory behaviour and academic
                                                       school students who succeeded        performance of each student.
                                                       in the May 2000 Common               Coverage is comprehensive and
                                                       Entrance Examination.                includes the payment of books,
                                                       The awards, which have been          uniforms, facility fees, trans-
                                                       made annually since its incep-       portation and meal allowances,
                                                       tion in 1988, are determined         and CXC examination fees.
                                                       principally by the financial and

                                                       Since 1988, the Board has granted one hundred and seventy
                                                       eight (178, including this year’s) scholarships – eight of these
                                                       being funded at the Tertiary level .

                                                       With the inclusion of the new academic year starting in
           Ms Hippolyte, NIS Director presents         September, the cumulative cost of the scholarship programme
             scholarship award to student              stands at approximately EC$1.44 million.

The list below represents this year’s recipients:
Name                        School of origin       Sec. School assigned

      Duran Leonce
      Petrus Gustave
                            SDA (Castries)
                            Grande Riviere (Gst)
                                                   Corinth Secondary
                                                   Corinth Secondary
                                                                             WHAT’S INSIDE
3.    Kervory Charlery      Plain View Comb.       VCSS                     • Meet the new editor
4.    Nina Griffith         Pierrot Comb.          VCSS
5.    Kaygiana Toussaint    V/F Primary            VCSS
                                                                            • NIS Director elected to OAS Board
6.    Sadia Charles         Mongouge Comb.         Choiseul Secondary       • Report on “Pension Scheme in
7.    Eden Eugene           Laborie Girls’         Choiseul Secondary         Crisis” Workshop
8.    Levingston Norville   Methodist              SMC                      • Why budget
9.    Sachia St Clair       Laguerre Comb.         CCSS                     • Getting to know us better
10.   Natalie Etienne       Odsan Comb.            CCSS
11.   Luwanna Anthony       Balata Comb.           CCSS
                                                                            • Research and training
12.   Vandy Williams        Riviere Doree Comb.    Piaye Secondary          • Interview with Paula Bleasdille
13.   Dwight Edwardson      Etangs Comb.           Soufriere Compre.        • NIS and Castries Carpark
14.   Vernesta Flermius     Morne Du Don Comb.     SISSS                    • Amusement Corner
15.   Samita Gabriel        Anse-la-Raye Primary   SISSS
16.   Mindirra Elva         Belle Vue Comb.        Anse Ger Secondary

                                                                                                Accounts Department Supervisor at

Meet The New Editor                                                                             the NIS.

                                                                                                While serving in the Computer
Readers will recall that, as                         A look at our new editor’s                 Department, Mr Dujon-Henry has
we shared with you in our                            resume reveals that he                     completed an MBA, and has made pre-
bumper anniversary issue                             graduated from the St                      sentations at Social Security seminars
of The Contributor (June                             Lucia “A” level College in                 in St Lucia, St Vincent and Aruba on
2000), there has been a                              July 1983. He immediately                  topics such as ‘Selection of Software
changing of the guard in                             commenced work as an                       Systems’, ‘Development of Information
the Public Relations depart-                         Accountant/Auditor at Peat                 Technology:             Infrastructural
ment of our organization,                            Marwick Mitchell & Co.,                    Constraints’ and ‘Management of
the NIS, and hence in the                            and also pursued part-time                 Change’.
Editorship       of     The                          employment as a teacher
Contributor,     with    Mr                          of    Mathematics      and                 As PR Manager, Mr Dujon intends to
Augustin Louis moving on      Desmond Dujon-Henry    popular P.C. Software
                                 MIS/PR Manager                                                 continue the publication of this
to his new position as                               Applications.                              newsletter and expand on the content
Operations/Human                                     In September 1985, he                      of the NIS website -
Resource Manager and Mr Desmond          embarked on studies in Computer              
Dujon-Henry coming in as the new PR      Science and Accounting at UWI in
Head and Editor of The Contributor.      Barbados, while there winning, in
                                         1988, the P and R Chaderton Prize for
                                                                                                The Contributor would welcome
Mr Dujon-Henry has been heading the      the student with the highest grades in
                                                                                                comments and suggestions from
Computer Department of NIS since its     Computer Science and Accounting
                                                                                                its readers, and also feedback
inception in 1990, first as Systems      courses. That same year, immediately
                                                                                                on the NIS website from all web-
Analyst/Programmer and subsequently      after graduating with a Bachelor of
as Systems Manager.                      Science Degree, he started work as the

       Staff Profiles                                              John Victor            Inspector

                                                                   John Victor has been an Inspector of the
 Bernard Jankie                                                    National Insurance Scheme for the past
                                                                   eighteen (18) years.
                                                                   He is assigned to the zone which
 I commenced employment with
 the National Insurance Scheme
 in July 1984, immediately after I
                                                                   Chisel Street, High Street, Jeremie Street, The Morne to Cul De
 graduated from the Vieux Fort
                                                                   Sac junction turning left to the East Coast road to Mon Repos,
 Senior Secondary School.
 I was first assigned to the Vieux Fort Sub Office. Later, I was
                                                                   A well-rounded individual, Mr. Victor lists among his interests, trav-
 given the opportunity to work at the Castries Head Office and
                                                                   elling, singing, reading and meeting other people.
 the Soufriere Sub Office for short periods.
                                                                   Mr. Victor believes his goals for the NIS are surely attainable.
                                                                   He would like to see that employers:
 Currently, I serve as an Inspector at the Vieux Fort Sub Branch
 and I am assigned to a zone, which extends from Vieux Fort
                                                                   1. Ensure proper wages records are maintained
 Town to Praslin (including La Tourney Housing Development,
                                                                   2. Submit their contribution payments and C3 forms promptly.
 La Resource, Grace, Belle-Vue, Desruisseaux).
                                                                   3. Fully comply with the National Insurance regulations.
 My vision is that all employers comply with the National
                                                                   Mr. Victor has three mottos which help to guide him through life:-
 Insurance Act, that every St Lucian enjoys social and financial
                                                                   1. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
 protection, and that the National Insurance remains a friendly
                                                                   2. Never confuse knowledge with truth
 sound institution and plays a leading role in National
                                                                   3. Anyone can pray about anything, at anytime, anywhere.

            Director elected to membership of
             The Board of External Auditors
         of The Organisation of American States (OAS)
Ms Emma Hippolyte, Director of the         The Board consists of three members
National Insurance Scheme has been         designated by the General Assembly.
appointed to serve as member of the        Members meet once a year for a period
Board of External Auditors of the          of one week in Washington, D.C., to
Organisation of American States (OAS).     undertake the audit of the accounts of
                                           the General Secretariat.
In accordance with Article 117 of the
General Standards of the Organisation      The new board comprises the United
of American States (OAS), the Board of     States, Peru and St Lucia.
External Auditors shall examine the
accounts of the General Secretariat in     Congratulations are in order
accordance with existing resolutions       to Ms Hippolyte on her new
adopted by the General Assembly and        and prestigious appointment.
the Permanent Council, and with the
Rules of Procedure of the Board.

REPORT ON WORKSHOP ON                                                               Industry
                                                                                                and      Intergeneration

HELD AT THE HARVARD INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL                                     • In addition, the various pension
DEVELOPMENT, BOSTON, USA. JUNE 19 - 30, 2000                                        reform systems that have been intro-
                                                                                    duced in the various parts of the
The workshop, organized jointly by                                                  world were analyzed e.g. Chile,
the Harvard Institute For International                                             Bolivia, Argentina, USA, UK and
Development (HIID) and the                                                              Eastern Europe.
World Bank, attracted partici-
pants from the USA, Europe,                                                                 As a result of this exposure,
Asia Africa and St Lucia.                                                                    participants were able to
                                                                                              prepare a proposal paper
The lecturers represented                                                                      on pension reform for St
a cross-section of the fore-                                                                   Lucia that focussed not
most thinkers on the sub-                                                                      only on the NIS pension
ject of pension system                                                                        but also on the entire pen-
design, administration and                                                                   sion system in the country.
reform in the world. They
included University lecturers,                                                             One should note that the cur-
two Nobel Prize winners in                                                              rent focus should be on the struc-
Economics, the past President of                                                    ture of the reform and not on specific
Bolivia who spearheaded pension                                                     figures or percentages therein as
reform in Bolivia, and World Bank                                                   there are numerous sensitivity analy-
consultants and staff who had advised     Contribution system and the Defined       ses that have to be performed before
and led pension reform in Eastern         Benefit system which we have in St        definitive figures can be arrived at.
Europe, Africa and Latin America.         Lucia.
The major areas of focus were
                                          • The impact of the various systems       (photo above)
the following:
                                          on National Economics, Government         Mr Louis and Ms Hippolyte
• Pension Reform in the PAY AS YOU        Fiscal Policies, Capital Markets,         with other participants
GO system, versus the Defined             Financial Markets, the Insurance          of the workshop.

WHY                                                                                     enabling all involved parties to “run”
                                                                                        the system.

BUDGET?                                                                                 • Take advantage of opportunities
                                                                                        Knowing the exact state of your per-
(continued from last issue)
                                                                                        sonal monetary affairs, and being in
So, what benefits specifically can          exactly what is going to happen to your     control of them, allows you to take
you expect if you set up a                  hard-earned money - and when. You           advantage of opportunities that you
budget? Naturally, the answer to            can be in control of your money,            might otherwise miss. Have you ever
this question will be different for         instead of having your money limit          wondered if you could afford some-
everyone. But here are some of              what you do. This bears repeating:          thing? With a budget, you will never
the most common benefits that               you can be in control of your money,        have to wonder again - you will know.
people see when they start a                instead of letting it control you!
budget:                                                                                 • Extra time
                                            • Organization                              All your financial transactions are auto-
• Know what is going on                     Even in its simplest form, a budget sys-    matically organized for tax time, for
Personal budgeting allows you to know       tematizes or divides funds into cate-       creditor questions, in fact, for any
exactly how much money you have -           gories of expenditures and savings.         query which may come up regarding
even down to the last penny, if you so      Beyond that, however, budgets can           how and when you spent money.
desire. Furthermore, a budget is a self-    mean further organization by automat-       Being armed with such information
education tool that shows you how           ically providing records of all your        sure saves time digging through old
your funds are allocated, how they are      monetary transactions. They can also        records.
working for you, what your plans are        provide the foundation for a simple fil-
for them, and how far along you are         ing system to organize bills, receipts      • Extra money
toward      reaching     your    goals.     and financial statements.                   This might well be everyone’s favourite
“Knowledge is power,” as the oft-                                                       benefit. A budget will almost certainly
quoted saying of George Eliot goes,         • Communication                             produce extra money for you to do
and knowing about your money is the         If you are married, have a family, or       with as you wish. Hidden fees and lost
first step toward controlling it. That      share money with anyone, having a           interest paid to outsiders can be elimi-
leads to our next benefit.                  budget that you both (or all) create        nated forever. Unnecessary expendi-
                                            together, is a key to resolving personal    tures, once identified, can be stripped
• Control                                   differences about money handling.           out. Savings, even small ones, can be
A budget is the key to enabling you to      The budget is a communication tool to       accumulated and made to work for
take charge of your finances. With a        discuss the priorities for where your       you.
budget, you have the tools to decide        money should be spent, as well as

                          GETTING TO KNOW US BETTER!
   In this series which begins in this issue of ‘The              The NIS is a system which makes it compulsory for per-
   Contributor’, we will be providing the public with a vari-     sons to contribute 5% of their wages into a fund while they
   ety of brief messages regarding the nature of the NIS and      are employed. This is matched by an equal amount from
   its role and operations in our St Lucian society. The infor-   the employer. When persons are unable to work because
   mation is concise and accurate and will educate YOU on         of illness, maternity or employment injury, they receive
   how to make proper use of the NIS. Be sure to follow this      benefits. They can also receive pensions in cases of dis-
   feature, so that you can have your questions and con-          ability, retirement or even if they are survivors of a
   cerns answered. We will discuss such important topics as       deceased member. The NIS can do a number of things
   Registration, Contributions, Returns and Benefits.             for you – but before you learn about those benefits, you
                                                                  must know something about the operations of the organ-
   Today we answer the questions:                                 ization. In the next issue of this Newsletter, this column
                                                                  will bring you specific information on how you can make
   What is the NIS? What can it do for me?
                                                                  proper use of the NIS. We will start with the very first step
   While many of you out there – contributors and benefici-
                                                                  you must take, i.e. Registration.
   aries – already know the answer to those questions, this is
   what most persons want to know when they are first intro-
   duced to the NIS. So here goes.

      and Training
The research and training units of the      and seldom accept the
National Insurance are both critical to     view that the organisa-
the organisation in an environment          tion has its own
that seeks to promote sound decision-       agenda and time-table
making       based      on     scientific   which may or may not
findings.The environment also sup-          coincide with their
                                                                                       streamline our data base with the
ports innovative thinking and more          individual ambitions.
                                                                                       national population. Additionally,
efficient ways of solving organisational
                                                                                       there will be the establishment (for-
problems at reasonable cost to the          Since assuming the management of
                                                                                       mal, that is) of linkages with some
business place. Simultaneously, the         these two units, a first measure has
                                                                                       Government Departments, for exam-
expectations of employees, in terms         been to try to set up a training plan to
                                                                                       ple: The Registry, Education Ministry
of research and training opportuni-         reflect the training needs of the
                                                                                       and Inland Revenue , since their core
ties, keep increasing both quantita-        National Insurance at present and for
                                                                                       data bases are similar to ours at the
tively and qualitatively, as the typical    the next ten years or so. This docu-
                                                                                       National Insurance . The two units –
donor and funding agencies have all         ment is now in draft form and finaliza-
                                                                                       Research and Training – will therefore
embarked on a retrenchment policy           tion will take place very shortly, after
                                                                                       not allow themselves to be seen by
so that the training pool that was once     discussion with the Director.
                                                                                       the employees and management as
available at the national level has visi-
                                                                                       place holders within the organisation
bly contracted.This then places cer-        On the research side, a plan is also
                                                                                       but rather as dynamic structures ready
tain organisations in a precarious situ-    being drawn up. Some of the areas to
                                                                                       to be pro-active – not simply reactive –
ation as employees have become              be reflected in the plan will be island-
aggressive and tenacious in their           wide surveys on the informal sector,
demands for training by their               and seasonal workers. This is of
                                                                                       Albert Cenac,
employer.Some employees see this as         tremendous importance as it has actu-      Head, Statistics, R&D, Training.
an exclusive function of the employer       arial implications. We also hope to

NIS Scholarship Holder excels at ‘A’ Levels
                                            In August, 2000 we received the A’         agreed and the fruits of that decision
                                            Level Cambridge results of our only        are surely overwhelming.
                                            Upper Sixth student, Mingee Lucien, at
                                            the division of Arts, Science and          Congratulations to you, Mingee, and
                                            General Studies of the Sir Arthur Lewis    we hope that your unflinching deter-
                                            Community College. She obtained the        mination will inspire not only other
                                            following: Accounting (A grade)            scholarship holders of the National
                                            Management of Business (A grade)           Insurance, but students in general. You
                                            and Economics (B grade).                   have started well. Remain as steadfast
                                                                                       as you have been. We at the NIS are
                                            Mingee attended St.Joseph’s Convent        extremely happy.
                                            where she was funded for five years by
                                            the National Insurance Board. Having       Albert Cenac
                                            performed satisfactorily at the CXC        Co-ordinator,
                                            Examinations in 1998 she was recom-        National Insurance
                                            mended for further funding at the ter-     Scholarship Programme
            Mingee Lucien                   tiary level. The Board unhesitatingly

Interview with Mrs Paula Bleasdille                                                           6. Are there any important con-
                                                                                              cerns or challenges for the
                                                                                              Accounts Department in the near
Accountant, who recently joined the NIS.                                                      and not-so-near future?

                                                As far as my work experience is con-          The challenges facing the Department are
                                                cerned, I was a primary school teacher        varied, but basically involve developing
                                                for two years. I served as an Accountant      the capacity to maintain procedures,
                                                at the St. Lucia Air and Seaports Authority   which would enhance the efficiency and
                                                and as an Audit Supervisor at                 effectiveness in monitoring the arrears of
                                                PriceWaterhouseCoopers where I worked         contributions and ensuring that timely
                                                over the last five years.                     and accurate statements are issued to
                                                3. What does your job at
                                                NIS entail?                                   7. On a personal note, are you
                                                                                              married? Do you have a family?
                                                My job entails managing the staff and
                                                operations of the collections unit, main-     I am married with two wonderful daugh-
                                                taining and controlling the contribution      ters, Destinie and Gheminee. As a wife
                                                arrears portfolio, the preparation of peri-   and mother, effective time management
                                                odic arrears reports, monthly financial       has always been a critical component in
                                                statements and other management               developing my career. It is not always
                                                reports.                                      easy, but I am blessed with a supportive
1. How recently have you joined                                                               husband, Wilton, who is very good at
the NIS staff?                                  4. How do you find the atmos-                 assisting with the girls, and a most reli-
                                                phere in the organization gener-              able extended family.
I joined the NIS staff on June 19, 2000.        ally and in your department in
                                                particular?                                   8. To what do you attribute
2. Tell us a bit about the route                                                              success in life?
which has taken you from high                   I find that there exists a sense of togeth-
school to this point?                           erness among the staff, who appear to be      I believe in putting Jesus Christ first and
                                                very knowledgeable and committed to           being fully committed whatever the
I attended the St. Joseph’s Convent and         getting the job done well.                    undertaking.
the A’ level College (now Sir Arthur Lewis
Community College). I later obtained a          5. With whom are you required to
B.Sc (Hons) in Management Studies from          work most closely?
the Cave Hill Campus of the University of
the West Indies and completed my pro-           Because a significant part of my time is
fessional qualification with the Chartered      spent managing the contribution arrears
Association of Certified Accountants            portfolio, the work of the Accounts
(ACCA) at the Emile Woolfe College of           Department is heavily dependent on the
Accountancy in England.                         cooperation of the Compliance and
                                                Records Department.

                                             MAY                            JULY                          SEPTEMBER
    Birthdays                                EMELDA ELIVIQUE
                                             CLAUDETTE GILBERT
                                             JOAN LEON
                                                                            ALBERT CENAC
                                                                            LEONA JEAN
                                                                            MARCELLA MONROSE
                                                                                                          NATHAN CHARLES
                                                                                                          WARREN COMPTON
                                                                                                          DAVID GEORGE
                                             ANNETTE LUCIEN                                               CHARLES ST HELEN
                                             JUNE                           CLAUDIA ELIAS
                                             SHARON ALEXANDER               KENELM FELIX
                                             MORELLA REECE                  BERNARD JANKIE
                                             JULIETTA ST. LOUIS             CLIVE JN BAPTISTE
                                             VITALIS JULIUS                 AUGUSTIN LOUIS
                                             WILLIAM THOMAS                 YOLANDE TRIM
                                                                            KEITH WALCOTT

              New multi-storey car park
                 to ease congestion
Castries Car Park
Facility Limited
The Castries multi-storey, multi-
purpose facility project was ini-
tiated by the Government of
Saint Lucia and has since
become a project of the
National Insurance Scheme
(NIS) and the National
Insurance Property Develop-
ment       Company       Limited
(NIPDEC). A feasibility study
was      submitted     to    the
Government of Saint Lucia in
October 1996 and a revised fea-
sibility study was submitted in
October/November 1997. Since
then, negotiations have been
held among NIPDEC,the NIS
and the Government of Saint

As a result, a Special Purpose              operation of a paid on-street parking     The project was constructed under a
Company, Castries Carpark Facility          voucher system within the city of         turn-key arrangement by NIPDEC.
Limited, was formed with NIS and            Castries.                                 The technical team on the project fol-
NIPDEC as the shareholders.                                                           lows:
                                            The Carpark building is a six (6)-floor
Justification for the Car                   multi-purpose facility comprising         1. Architects – NLBA/IAP
                                            156,300 sq ft and located at the          2. Civil Engineer – Thomas Walcott
Park Facility
                                            southern end of the Graham Louisy         3. Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
The City of Castries is the main
                                            Administrative Building in Castries. It   – Francis & Francis
anchor and focus of an urban region
                                            offers an integrated mix of accommo-      4. Quality Surveyors – Skinner
that stretches to Gros Islet. All the
                                            dation for car parking, commercial        Harper & Dolcy
main Government offices, most of
                                            activity and offices as follows:
the shopping centres, the majority of
                                                                                      The cost of the project is estimated at
professional, banking and other com-
                                            1. Three hundred and twenty-one           EC$23.8 million dollars. The pro-
mercial services offered on-island are
                                            (321) car parking spaces.                 posed financing mechanism of the
located in Castries. Consequently,
                                                                                      project was a mix of debt to equity in
like all other capital cities in the
                                            2. Rental area of nineteen thousand,      a ratio of 60:40. The debt financing
region, it accommodates more than
                                            eight hundred (19,800) sq ft for          was provided by a commercial Bank
twice its resident population during
                                            offices.                                  and the National Insurance Board at a
the daytime.         This multi-storey
                                                                                      fixed rate and repayable over a fif-
carpark facility is one of the strategies
                                            3. Rental area of fifteen thousand,       teen-year period. The equity will be
for easing the traffic congestion by
                                            eight hundred (15,800) sq. ft. for        raised through the Company which
providing safe parking spaces in the
                                            commercial activities including a         owns and manages the facility with
overcrowded capital city.
                                            food court area, supermarket, post        shareholdings as follows: NIS 85%,
                                            office and an open-air terrace on the     NIPDEC 15%.
It is also proposed that the Company
                                            roof of the building.
be given the responsibility for the

Is Sea Water Blue?
Sea Water is actually colourless. If you
held ocean water in your hands, you
would see that readily enough. But the
                                                                                                  (see bottom of page
                                                                                                  for answers)
surface of the sea absorbs all except the blue rays of
the sun. These rays are reflected by the water, and
make the ocean appear blue. Minerals and tiny                Why Do You Yawn?
organisms in water make the seas take on different           Sometimes when your body is very tired, your lungs and the
colours in some places. Some seas appear deep blue           rest of your respiratory system may slow down until there’s
while others are blue-green. So really the Black,            too little air in your lungs. As soon as this happens, your body
Yellow, Red and White Seas are all as blue or blue-          sets off a quick movement, or spasm, in the muscles of your
green as any other sea!                                      mouth, throat and chest. This spasm forces you to take in a
                                                             deep breath of air - a reaction that we call a yawn. You yawn,
                                                             then, not to stretch your jaw muscles or to relax or anything
A Question of Age                                            like that, but to take in more air. Yawns can be contagious.
Asked his own age and that of his sister a boy replied,      Sometimes if you see a person yawning, you may yawn too!
“Three years ago I was seven times as old as my sister;      Yawning can be so contagious that simply by reading about
two years ago I was four times as old; last year I was       yawning, a person will yawn!
three times as old; and this year I am two-and-a-half        Did you yawn while reading this article?
times as old.” What are their ages?
Find the Numbers:
                                                             What is never out of sight?
                                                             Which burn longer: the candles on a boy’s birthday cake or
     16        3       2         ?
                                                             those on a girl’s?
      5       10       ?        8
                                                             What do we always leave behind because they are dirty?
      ?        6       7        12
                                                             There is one type of nail that a carpenter always tries to
      4       15      14         ?
                                                             miss; which is it?
                                                             What is bought by the yard and worn by the foot?
                                                             What can run but can’t walk?

    MORE things you didn’t know                             Brain Teasers
                                                            There are eight apples in a bag and eight children who each

         you didn’t know                                    want an apple. Is it possible to give an apple to each child and
                                                            still end up with one in the bag?

• Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland                 If tomorrow’s today is Saturday, what is the day after tomor-
    because he doesn’t wear any pants
                                                            row’s yesterday?
•   In the last 4000 years, no new animals have been
                                                            What is the next number in this series:
•   Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intra-
                                                            1 2 3 2 5 4 9 8 17 16 ...?
•   Some lions mate over 50 times a day. (YES!!!)
                                                           • 33.
•   The cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth 2, moves only
                                                           • Saturday also.
    six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.
                                                              eighth child.
•   The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, has twice as
                                                              children. Then give the bag containing the eighth apple to the
    many bathrooms as necessary. When it was built
                                                           • Take 7 apples from the bag and give one each to seven of the
    in the 1940s, the state of Virginia still had segre-
                                                           Brain Teasers:
    gation laws requiring separate toilet facilities for
                                                           all burn shorter; footprints; his fingernail; carpet; water.
    blacks and whites.
                                                           Riddles: The letter ‘s’; neither - no candles burn longer. They
•   TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made
                                                           13 11 9 1
    using the letters on only one row of the keyboard.
                                                           Magic Square: missing numbers horizontally starting with line 1:
•   You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath.
                                                           A question of Age: The boy is 10; his sister is 4

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