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									Fiscal Affairs’
   User Group Meeting

        April 16, 2010
        Welcome by Agnes Wong Nickerson
Gloria Tseung  ....          Year-End
Bon Bitonio &
Tammie Ridgell . . . . .     CFS Chartfield Implementation
Stephen Smith        ....    Prior Year Purchase Order Close Out
                             E-Waste Disposal
Wayne Kuhaupt . . . .        Project/Grant Cash Advance Policy
& David Chelliah
Franz Lozano       ....      Budget Related Year-End Procedures
Tammie Ridgell . . .         Year End Calendar
(University Corporation)     Fixed Assets
Corazon Wong . . . .         Available Balance Calculation Review
                             BI Reporting Enhancements & Training
Year End Process … Gloria Tseung
 Year end Closing Reminders
 Preparation and Planning
 Recharge Schedule
YE Closing Reminders
 No legal closing accrual journal entry
 General Fund (NG001) open purchase orders
 balance as of June 30th will be rolled forward
 and funded in the new fiscal year
    The budget for NG001 rolled forward encumbrance
    will post to Reserve-Encumbrance Account 660888
 Be familiar with the year end deadlines
Preparation and Planning
 Monthly reconciliation – keep it current and
 resolve open issues
 Review available balance – For NG001, use the
 General Fund Dashboard to get the correct
 available balance.
 Do not include Account 305XXX for General
 Fund (NG001) and Capital Outlay Bond Funds
 when using OBIEE AD HOC dashboard.
 Review open commitment report for valid
 encumbrance balance. Submit request to close
 any open POs that are completed or no longer
Preparation and Planning
 Goods delivered and services rendered are
 chargeable to FY09/10 if invoice payment
 requests are submitted on time, ie. June 24th
 Payment requests submitted to Accounts
 Payable (AP) after June 24th on goods or
 services received in FY09/10 will be charged to
 FY10/11 budget unless a reserve is established
 with the Budget Office
 Financial Management System (FMS) is not
 available until late July due to year end process
 and application of CFS common code
Recharge Schedule
 Telephone & Reprographics
    Recharge period (June to May )

 All other recharges and transfer payment
 requests submitted by June 18th will be
 processed to FY 09/10
Fiscal Year 09/10 Deadlines
 DATE                                       ACTION

May 4    Final date to submit requisitions for any orders exceeding $20,000
May 26 Final date to submit requisitions for the procurement of any item
End of   REPROGRAPHICS (campus copies) charges based on your end-of-May meter
May      reading will represent the end of FY 2009-10
June 11 Last day to submit budget transfer requests
June 18 Final date to submit requests to Accounting Office for journal entry
        adjustment, recharges, invoice billing, and payment transfer request
June 20 Cut-off for Procurement Card/Office Max/Ligature Purchase Charges
June 24 Last date to submit requests for travel, hospitality, and payment requests to
        Accounts Payable for payment
June 25 Last day to submit PETTY CASH vouchers & large departmental deposits to
        Bursars Office
         Close outstanding/inactive purchase orders (SFCMP, SFRSP & UCorp); inactive
         contract POs will be reviewed for closure on a case by case basis
June 30 Blanket purchase orders for the support appropriation (NG001) will be closed.
        The support appropriation’s (NG001) uncommitted balances will be pooled
        and allocated centrally
CFS Chartfield . . . Bon Bitonio
Account ChartField-CFS naming convention
 The account chartfield value must equal the FIRMS
 Object Code (CSU corporate account value) value at a
 minimum. Additional campus specific accounts may be
 added as needed to meet campus reporting
 requirements but must adhere to the following
 specific value structure:
    first three digits equal the first three digits of the
    associated FIRMS Object Code fourth digit is an
    8 or 9 (for auxiliary organizations)
Account Changes Effective 7/01/10
 Old Code   New Code   Description
 507800     580812     Non-Op Interest-Perkins
 660803     603815     Housing Allowance
 660809     602803     Student Payroll
 660815     662001     Sponsored Program F&A Indirect Cost
 660816     601827     Honorarium-Staff
 660831     603817     Arbitration
 660832     601812     Salary Prepaid Expense W/O
 660833     680812     Third party In-Kind CS expense
 660834     680813     Third party In-Kind CS revenue
 660835     680814     IDC-Forgone
 660836     680815     IDC-Forgone offset
 660838     613802     Sub-recipient
 660839     613803     Sub-recipient-waived
New FMS Account
   (for data storage equipment /
 660843        Cmptg Equip/ Data Storage
               Device < $1000

 Account must be used if the equipment or
 device, regardless of value, is capable of storing
 data (e.g. Laptop, flash drive, tapes)
Contact List:
 General Fund Reporting
    Gloria Tseung ext 8-2220 /

 Chart of Account
    Bon Bitonio ext 8-2589 /

 Trust Fund/Grants & Contract Reporting
    Richard Chen ext 8-1055 /

    Cecilia Hermogeno ext 8-2390 /
Purchasing …. Stephen Smith
 Closing Long Outstanding Purchase Orders

 E-Waste Disposal
Property Survey Request Form
Accounts Payable …
   Wayne Kuhaupt and David Chelliah
 Project/Grant Cash Advance Policy
Budget Administration &
Operations …        Franz Lozano

         Year End
 Budget Related Procedures
  Budget Related Procedures …
Reminders: General Fund NG001
Uncommitted year-end balances may not be
carried forward, except by request through your
Vice President to the Vice President for
Administration & Finance, with appropriate

Open purchase orders at year-end will be rolled
forward to the new fiscal year as encumbrances,
except for blanket orders.
  Budget Related Procedures …
Reminders: General Fund NG001
Encumbered funds will be transferred to your
department, to Account Code 660888, to cover
the encumbrances that rolled forward.

Encumbrance funding carried-forward must be
used for the purpose for which it was intended. If
not, the funds are subject to de-allocation.
  Budget Related Procedures …
Reminders: General Fund NG001
For non-Purchase Order expenses, such as Direct Pay,
between $2,500 to $10,000, you will need to notify
your Vice President and the Budget Administration
Office about them no later than June 15, so that
arrangements can be made to carry forward the
funds to cover the expense.

June payroll for Student Assistants, Work-Study and
all other hourly payrolls, will be charged to the
2010/11 Fiscal Year. No accruals will be done for
these payrolls.
     Budget Related Procedures …
         Reminders: General
   No budget transfers should be done across Dept. IDs
    that affect Account Codes beginning with 5xxxxx,
    67xxxx, or 68xxxx. Budget transfers across Dept. IDs
    using these codes will not be processed and will be
    returned to the department.

   No budget transfers or expenditures using Account
    Code 699997.
Budget Related Procedures ……
   June 11 - Deadline for submitting budget transfers
    for the 2009/10 Fiscal Year.

   June 15 - Deadline for:
      Submitting requests for carry-forward to the

       following fiscal year. The request must be made
       to your Vice President, with the appropriate
SF State UCorp…         Tammie Ridgell

 Year End Calendar
 Fixed Assets Disposition Form
Ucorp Fiscal Year 09/10 Deadlines
 DATE                                        ACTION

June 1   Please review all open requisitions and close those requisitions which are no
         longer valid
June 7   Last day to enter Ucorp online requisitions in FMS for FY 09-10
June 14 Last day to submit Travel Advance/Requests
June 18 Last date to submit requests for Project Account adjustments (ie. Transfers,
         Last date to submit payment request (ie. Check requests, honoraria,
         Last date to submit Petty Cash Request. No Petty Cash will be distributed
         after this date for FY 09-10.
June 25 Last Check Run of FY 09-10
         Please submit a list of all goods or services received by this date where an
         invoice has not been received.
         Close outstanding/inactive purchase orders (UCorp); inactive contract POs will
         be reviewed for closure on a case by case basis
Finance Reporting… Corazon Wong
 Available Balance Report Review for NG001

 Finance Reporting Enhancements

Available Balance Report Review
 Use the delivered Dashboard reports to validate
 the department’s available balance
 Review the Open Commitment Reports and take
 appropriate action to either keep or close POs
 Verify that all requisitions are approved,
 budget-checked, and sourced to purchase
Available Balance Report Review

 Available Balance Calculation for NG001
    Dashboard -> General Fund
    Default “Account Type” Use -> Expense
    Calculation =
      Revised Budget – sum(YTD Actuals + Open Commitment)
Available Balance Report -> NG001
 Default Calculation = Revised Budget - (YTD Actual+Open Commitment)

   1. Using EXPENSE Account type only
 Expense Account Type                                  Open Commitment (REQs
                        Revised Budget    YTD Actual                               Available Balance
         only                                                 and POs)
      6#####                $100             0                  0                      $100
      6#####                 $0             $80                $15                     ($95)
       Total                $100            $80                $15                      $5

     2. Using REVENUE (570###) and EXPENSE Accounts
 Revenue and Expense                                    Open (REQs and POs)
                        Revised Budget   YTD Actual                           Available Balance
    Account Type                                           Commitment
     570###              $      -        $(20.00)         $          -             $ 20.00
     6#####              $ 100.00         $    -          $          -             $ 100.00
     6#####              $      -        $ 80.00          $          -             $ (80.00)
     6#####              $      -         $    -          $      15.00             $ (15.00)
      Total              $ 100.00        $ 60.00          $      15.00             $ 25.00

                 It works and the Available Balance is correct for
                 REVENUE lines that are not budgeted
Available Balance Calculation –
   General Fund
 3. Using REVENUE (507###) and EXPENSE Accounts
 with budget entries
                                                  Open (REQs and POs)
                   Revised Budget   YTD Actual                          Available Balance
  570###           -$    20.00      $(20.00)        $             -               0.00
  6#####            $ 100.00         $       -      $             -          $ 100.00
  6#####            $          -    $ 80.00         $             -          $ (80.00)
  6#####            $          -     $       -      $      15.00             $ (15.00)
   Total            $ 100.00        $ 60.00         $      15.00              $      5.00

           The Available Balance is incorrect for REVENUE lines
           with budget entries
Available Balance Report Review
 SFCMP Trust –
    Use Account 305002, REVENUE and EXPENSE
    Accounts only
    Few exceptions apply to specific Trust Fund code;
    contact the Trust and Revenue Fund accountants
 Auxiliary Business Units –
    Only use REVENUE and EXPENSE accounts
Recent Enhancements
 Finance Reporting web site – contains
 dashboard and report information; links for SF
 State ID and password / login problems
   Current                    Modified
Enhancements . . .
 Financial Summary Report Prompts (2nd criteria
 level) expanded to include other Chartfield

Enhancements . . .
 Monthly Analysis Report added to AD HOC
 Dashboard; sorted by desired CF
Enhancements . . .
 Added the vendor search prompt and vendor
 column into the “Encumbrance Transaction by
 PO ID” Report in the AD HOC dashboard;
Enhancements . . .
 MTD/YTD and PTD Detail Activity Report shows
 all transactions for selected period, including
 those that will result to zero balance
 Combined Historical Data as of the Accounting
 Period tab and Historical Data for the
 Accounting Period tab into a new tab called
 Historical Data Analysis in the AD HOC
 MTD and YTD Report for all requisitions and
 purchase orders are now available in AD HOc
Training : Power Users Workshop &
Hands-On Lab
 dex.jspClass Name Date and Time
 Location : Admin 0356
  Day            Date/s               Time
  Monday       April 19               2:00 pm
  Tuesday      April 20 and 27        10:30 am
  Thursday     April 29               2:00 pm

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