Staff Memorandum from Superintendent Bob Kudwa ALOHA The Band by eminems


                                                 Superintendent Bob

“ALOHA” The Band Trip to Hawaii:

The St. Johns High School Marching Band, under the direction of Roy Davis began
their trip to Hawaii on Friday, March 30th, with approximately 93 students and 30
chaperones. During the six days on the island of Oahu the students participated in
five different performing events. The first competitive event took place at Brigham
Young University in Lanai. The last performance was on Thursday, April 5th, at the
battleship Missouri in Pearl Harbor. The planning was impeccable and the scenery
was breathtaking. It was an outstanding tour. We can certainly be proud of our
students who participated in this worthwhile cultural experience. Roy Davis has an
eight minute video with highlights of the trip if you are interested in viewing it.
Kudos to all those involved in making this trip a success.

Post Surgery Recovery:

This was by first experience with any type of surgery. I have certainly found a new
empathy for individuals who are involved with any type of surgical procedure! I
would like to thank everyone who sent cards expressing their get well wishes and
prayers. I appreciated the many thoughtful gifts to help me occupy my time. I have
also learned that pain medication is wonderful and aids in a speedy recovery!

Highlights from April 23rd Board of Education Meeting:

   •   Math Curriculum: The Board of Education approved the purchase of the KC4
       elementary K-5 math curriculum at the cost of $4,440. The Elementary Math
       Committee comprised of the following staff: Scot Henry, Carole Johnson,
       Shannon Kiel, Angela Kirsch, Ellen Marr, Debbie LaGuire, Christina Leasher,
       DJ Logan, Brenda Munger, Jean Pingel, Marcia Schauer, Kerri Wilcox, Carol
       Wyskowski and Peg Zink have spent many hours assessing and evaluating this
       new curriculum. Everyone is anxious to receive this purchase and establish
       some continuity in distributing our K-5 Math curriculum. Thanks to all who
       were involved in this process!
   •   Rigby ESL Materials: Last year the Board adopted the KC4 English Language
       Arts curriculum. After much study the committee was unable to find adequate
       support materials. Since the adoption of the KC4 curriculum Rigby has
       revised and designed a new set of materials that better supports the
       purchased curriculum. This committee, comprised of the following staff:
       Jackie Brown, Sharon Chalker, Diane Harte, Jennifer Hallead, Chris Leasher,
       Krista Lehner, Karen Pioszak, Deb Raffler, Elissa Rowland, Jamie Smith,
       Lindsay Thompson, Tammy VanNorman and Lori Womboldt, has been
       waiting more than a year to purchase these materials. The total purchase is
       approximately $110,000. We are utilizing $45,000, from this year’s textbook
       budget, in this initial purchase process to allow staff members to begin
       reviewing the new materials this summer. The remainder of the purchase will
       take place after July, 2007.

Contracting for Third Party Vendor for Administrative Services:

In an effort to reduce administrative costs within the district, St. Johns Public Schools
will be entering into a contract with a third party vendor for the purpose of
contracting for some administrative services for the 2007/08 school year.

Assistant Superintendent Search:

A committee of approximately fourteen people, representing all facets of the
organization have met and reviewed all the applications for the Assistant
Superintendent position. From approximately twenty-five applications we have
narrowed the interview list to six candidates. The interview process will begin on
Monday, April 30th, through Tuesday, May 1st. After review, the candidate list will be
narrowed again. We will keep staff apprised as we move through this search

Early Severance Plan:

With approximately fourteen calendar days left, fifteen staff members have
completed and submitted their paperwork stating that they will take the Early
Severance Plan offered to teachers and counselors. This number leaves us seven
short of the minimal number of twenty-two that was agreed upon for implementation
of the ESP. The last day to enroll in the plan is Friday, May 11th. Also, any of the
participants may rescind their participation in the ESP until May 18th. Therefore, we
truly will not know until the May 19th date how many staff has indicated that they will
participate in the ESP.

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