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					Mom and Dad, you nice! Nice to Mom and Dad

 nice mom and dad mom and dad

 father and mother, you nice!

 father and mother, you nice!
 center of town Pinghu Zhapu Primary 3 (1) Ban Wang Xinyuan
 I have a happy family with his father and mother and me. Mom and Dad
yourself went, gave me to buy this buy that, wear their old clothes, to
buy me new clothes.

 I remember one time, I have a fever, and my parents sent me to the
hospital, the doctor said: "She got a bad cold, to stay in hospital."
Knew one day later, when I woke up the next day, my father sat next to
me, Mom I love carrying a large basket of apples, into the ward, and
after a few days, my illness was completely well, Dad holding me out of
the hospital. At that time, I saw my mother, my father's eyes are
bloodshot, I told the father, mother, said: "Dad, Mom I will listen to
your words, be a good boy." Mom and dad said in unison: "This is the best
gift you gave us." Another time, I am wrestling, and blood flow from me
could not help out, father, mother horrified, rushed me to hospital, the
doctor said: "come late, there will be life-threatening." Dad, Mom That
sigh of relief.

 I have such a father, mother feel very happy.

 Instructor: Chunhua

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