Small and Medium Sized Cities in their Region

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					                                                    Network of Small and Medium
The Idea                                            Sized Cities in the CADSES-area
Main Objectives
Development and testing of strategies for urban
development in structurally weak and sparsely
settled regions of the CASES area which are                                           Interreg III B /CADSES
C sustainable,
C regional oriented and
C which strengthen the urban-rural partnership.
                                                                                      Small and
Structure of the partner cities
                                                                                      Medium Sized
Small and Medium-Sized Cities (up to 100,000
inhabitants) in structurally weak regions, with                                       Cities in their
sparsely density of settlement, which are willing
to devide labor and to cooperate.                                                     Region
Beneficiaries for the partners                                                        Driver and spearheads
Preparation of projects for urban development                                         in transformation
with regional benefits, particulary
C   new models and new approaches of
    health care,
C   improvemen t of regional traffic and
C   urban-rural partnership in tourism and
C   organisation and qualifying of interlocal co-
    operation and devision of labor,
C   regional and international exchange of          Co-ordination:
                                                    FH Neubrandenburg,
                                                    University of Apllied Sciences
                                                    Prof. Dr. Peter Dehne
Municpicalities of Waren and Neustrelitz in co-     Brodaer Str. 2
operation with the Urban Network “Mecklen-          G-17033 Neubrandenburg
burgische Seenplatte” (Germany),                    Fon: +49/395/5693 226
Municipality of Suwalki in (Poland),                Fax: +49/395/5693 299
Municipality of Magione (Italy) (still open),

Municipality of Gorna Oriahovitsa in co-            Planungsgruppe Stadt + Dorf
operation with the Urban Region “Veliko Turnovo”    Ralf Hollang
(Bulgaria),                                         Lützowstr. 102-104
FH Neubrandenburg, University of Applied            G-10785 Berlin
Sciences (Germany)                                  Fon: +49/030/264 923 15
                                                    Fax: +49/030/264 923 23
Problems and backround                                     Priority and Measures                                            Expected Products and Results
CIR shall implement new policies of sustainable ,                                                                            CIR will produce the following outputs
                                                           Priority I:
regionally oriented urban development in Small
and Medium Sized Cities, SMCs, and new                     Promoting spatial development approaches                          1.Models and approaches of interlocal co-
approaches of urban-rural partnerships within              and actions for social and economic                               operation
economically weaker and sparsley polulated                 cohesion                                                          2. Feasibility studies and pilot projects for co-
regions in the CADSES-area.                                                                                                  operative regional health services
Rural regions have to contend with problematic                                                                               3. Feasibility studies and pilot actions for
                                                           1.2 Shaping urban development, promoting
pattern of settlements which will worsen as                                                                                  marketing of regional products in cities
                                                           urban networks and urban co-operation and
demographic developments and migration
take their toll. If it is at all possible, this vicious    1.3 Shaping rural development.                                    4. Development concepts for urban/rural
circle can be broken only with the help of the                                                                               partnership in tourism
cities and towns. The Small and Medium Sized                                                                                 5. Guide "Small and Medium Sized Cities in their
Cities are to undertake the task of centralising                                                                             Regions 2030, driver and spearheads in
private and public services and extend                                                                                       transformation” with best-pratice examples and
economical, social and cultural impacts into                                                                                 policy paper
the surrounding rural area. This process cannot
proceed along the lines of antiquated
centralized models or with a sharp distinction            Work-packages
between urban and rural areas. Rather, new and
more flexible methods of supply are called for,
which, proceeding outward from the regional
centers, reach the less mobile population in the                   WP 1:                       WP 2:                          WP 3:                          WP 4:
surrounding rural areas. This model also implies a              Qualifying of           Co-operative regional         Marketing of regional               Urban-rural
much stronger orientation of the cities and               interlocal co-operation          health services             products in cities            partnership in tourism
towns toward the rural areas.
The main objectives of CIR must be to                             Actions:                     Actions:                        Actions:                      Actions:
implement sustainable, regionally oriented                  Shaping of regional         Health centres in cities           Green markets                Urban-rural tourism
urban development, models of regional urban                   urban networks                     ...                   Distribution centre for              marketing
cooperation and new forms of urban-rural                     Coordinated city                                           regional products                       ...
partnerships within weaker, sparsely populated                    profiles                                                        ...
regions in the CADES area. Apart from
economic development the main issues of
SMCs are maintenance of supply standards,
particulary in health care and education,
enhancement of mobility and communication
and urban-rural partnership in agriculture and
It is to be proven under which kind of conditions                                                               WP 5
and in which measures small towns can take                                                                 General policy
their role as a driver for regional development                                                         “Small and Mediums
and spearhead in transformation and how                                                                  Sized Cities in their
sustainable development can be carried out by                                                               Regions 2030”
sustainable and co-oparative urban develop-
                                                          The work packages are still open for completion
                                                          and change.