Armyworms Take Their Toll FSA Puts Preliminary Crop Loss by chenboying


									                                                                                                                   August 1, 2001                   Vol. 65, Number 15

Armyworms Take Their Toll: FSA Puts Preliminary
Crop Loss Estimates At Just Under $8.3 Million
by Jason Aldous, Editor                 age in terms of acreage (565).
                                            Kerr said that hay crops ac-                        Preliminary Army Worm Hay Crop Damage Estimates
    Preliminary data from officials     counted for the vast majority of the                  As Of July 30, 2001 (Source: Stephen Kerr, Vermont FSA)
with Farm Service Agency (FSA)          losses. Kerr said that according to
have put preliminary armyworm re-                                                     County            #Farms      #                  # Acres      $ Value             Normal      Expected
                                        reports received by FSA, corn and
lated crop damage at just under $8.3                                                                    Affected    Producers*         Affected     Of Losses           Yield/A     Yield/A
                                        oat damage statewide were minimal
million statewide. The numbers fur-     with 452 acres of corn affected and
ther show that over 1,600 farms and                                                   Addison            53           20                 2,000         $264,000         2.9         1.8
                                        10 acres of oats.
68,623 acres were affected—just             Kerr noted that production losses         Bennington         58           14                   850         $142,800         2.9         1.5
over 5% of all the farmland in the      were determined using dry hay
state.                                  equivalent (10% moisture), and that           Caledonia         150           75               10,000          $500,000         3.0         2.5
    “The numbers show that dam-         the numbers were derived from pro-
age was worse in some parts of the                                                    Chittenden         25               6                590          $63,720         3.5         2.6
                                        ducer reports and best estimates.
state than others, but there wasn’t a   Furthermore Kerr said that prices             Essex              25           10                 2,000         $100,000         3.0         2.5
county in the state that wasn’t in      per unit (in tons) were obtained from
some way affected by armyworm,”         reliable sources including county             Franklin          408         205                12,450       $2,241,000          4.0         3.0
according to Stephen Kerr, FSA Ex-      committees and informal market                Grand Isle        105           32                 3,150         $567,000         4.0         3.0
ecutive Director for Vermont.           surveys.
                                                                                      Lamoille           75           35                 3,000         $150,000         3.0         2.5
By The Numbers                          Some Good News                                Orange            238           80                 4,400         $532,800         4.0         3.0
    While Kerr noted the damage              Concerns over a possible misap-          Orleans           200         100                26,000       $3,120,000          3.0         1.9
estimates were still preliminary, he    plication of insecticide affecting the
said that the numbers should not                                                      Rutland           120           40                 2,000         $336,000         3.0         1.5
                                        hay crops on a number of Vermont
change much since the majority of       farms have been resolved and farm-            Washington         51           11                   825          $89,100         3.5         2.6
crop loss reports had been received     ers will be able to use the hay after
and that any still left to come in      all.                                          Windham            60           50                   565         $101,700         4.0         2.5
would likely not change the figures          Field inspectors for the Vermont
dramatically.                                                                         Windsor            50           25                   753          $90,360         4.0         3.0
                                        Department of Agriculture discov-
    The reports show that while         ered that the pesticides Warrior® and
Franklin County had the most farms                                                    Totals:           1,618       703                68,623       $8,298,480          3.4         2.4
                                        Lorsban® had been applied to grass
affected (408) Orleans County by        forages and mixed forages in a num-         * Note: # of producers is less than # of farms because producers own/operate more than one farm.
far had the most acres affected         ber of cases.
(26,000), more than twice that of            Staff members with the Agricul-     alfalfa they are not labeled for use         many of these second cuts would          providing data and laboratory
Franklin County.                        ture Department’s Plant Industry Di-     on grass or mixed stands of forages.         have to be condemned.                    analysis of the treated crops which
    On the lower end of the scale,      vision, in discussions with the prod-        The crops affected were techni-              In order to determine if the crops   showed that any residues were well
Chittenden and Essex Counties           uct manufacturers and the Environ-       cally considered to be adulterated           could be used, the Department of         within established standards for
fared best in terms of the total num-   mental Protection Agency (EPA)           feeds due to the presence of the             Agriculture, worked closely with         corn and alfalfa which meant that
ber of farms affected (25) while        determined that while both prod-         chemicals that were not specifically         officials from the Environmental
Windsor County had the least dam-       ucts are labeled for use on corn and     approved for use on those mixed for-         Protection Agency (EPA) and the           (See ‘Armyworm,’ page 10)
                                                                                 ages. This raised the possibility that       Food & Drug Administration (FDA),

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                                                                                    DAIRY PAGE
Milk Prices: Utilization Value vs. Component Value
by Neil Pelsue                            Which Means More:
UVM Extension Economist                   Producer Price                               Table 1 Northeast Federal Order Class and Component Prices
                                          Differential (PPD) or                        January–June 2001
     Prior to January 2000, farm milk     Component Prices?
prices were calculated based prima-                                                       Month                  Class I       Class II Class III Class IV Protein               Butterfat Other Solids
rily on the proportion of milk used           An interesting question arises in                                   ($/cwt)       ($/cwt)     ($/cwt)     ($/cwt)      ($/lb)        ($/lb)         ($/lb)
in each use classification and but-       determining whether milk prices
terfat. It was essentially a volume and   tend to be higher when the com-
butterfat price determination.            ponent prices are relatively high or            January                 17.24        12.82       9.99        12.13       1.6181       1.2896          0.1120
     Beginning January 2000, farm         when the Producer Price Differen-               February                15.19        13.43       10.27       12.70       1.4951       1.4626          0.1199
milk prices were determined based         tial is relatively high. The first six
on the volumes of protein, butter-                                                        March                   15.90        14.17       11.42       13.46       1.6498       1.6820          0.1039
                                          months of this year give us a nice
fat, other solids, and a value reflect-   opportunity to answer this question.            April                   16.69        15.10       12.06       14.41       1.5443       1.9483          0.1081
ing the manner in which the milk              Table 1 shows the class and com-            May                     17.46        15.72       13.83       15.04       1.9108       2.1191          0.1229
was used among the various milk           ponent prices for the first six months
products. This price mechanism is                                                         June                    18.24        16.05       15.02       15.33       2.1670       2.2089          0.1409
                                          of this year. Both sets of prices show
commonly referred to as Multiple          considerable variation.
Component Pricing [MCP]. It is                Table 2 shows how the relation-                                Source: Northeast Federal Order Statistics, Boston, MA
the components of the milk that           ship between the classified value of
determines the major portion of the       milk and the value of the compo-
milk price. Accordingly, as the com-      nents in that same milk influences
ponent prices fluctuate, so too do        the resulting monthly milk prices.           Table 2 Northeast Federal Order Classified and Component Values
the resulting farm prices.                    Both component prices and class          January – June 2001
     The value of the milk in its vari-   prices were on a general upward
ous product uses is also incorporated     trend in this six-month period.              Month                  Classified          Component           %                       Producer             Statistical
in the farm milk price through the        However, as the proportion of the                                    Value                Value          Component                   Price                Uniform
respective class prices. Class I milk     Classified value represented by the
reflects the value of fluid milk and                                                                            ($1,000)            ($1,000)       of Classified            Differential              Price
                                          Component value rose, the corre-
cream, Class II—cottage cheese,           sponding Producer Price Differen-
yogurt, ice cream, and other soft         tial declined. At the same time, the
                                                                                       January               281,353               213,734              76                     3.77                  13.76
products, Class III—hard cheeses,         Statistical Uniform Price increased          February              256,819               202,859              79                     3.35                  13.62
and Class IV—butter and powdered          in response to the general rise in
milk. This utilization value of milk      the prices of the milk components.
                                                                                       March                 312,058               256,441              82                     3.08                  14.50
is accounted for in the farm milk             Simply stated, the greater the           April                 309,189               255,110              83                     3.18                  15.24
price by the Producer Price Differ-       percentage that the component
ential.                                   value is of the classified (use) value,
                                                                                       May                   351,083               308,243              88                     2.49                  16.32
     The farm milk price, expressed       the higher will be the farm milk             June                  342,739               311,721              91                     2.06                  17.08
in dollars per hundredweight ($/          price. It is better, then, to have
cwt), is the sum of the component         higher component prices and get
value of the farm milk and the Pro-       the farm milk price out of the com-                                 Source: Northeast Federal Order Statistics, Boston, MA
ducer Price Differential, plus adjust-    ponent values (protein, butterfat,                                          * Statistical Uniform Price = Farm Price
ments for the location of the plant       other solids), than it is to rely on
to which the milk is shipped. The         the Producer Price Differential to
market average value is referred to
as the Statistical Uniform Price and
it is comparable to the former Blend
                                          make up the difference when com-
                                          ponent prices are at relatively lower
                                                                                    Dairy Options Market May
                                                                                    Offer Alternatives For Farmers
                                                                                    by Dennis Kauppila                           bellies, natural gas, coffee, orange         farmers for DOPP. A dairy farmer
                                                                                    UVM Extension                                juice, and more.                             opens an account with a broker,
                                                                                                                                     A ‘put option’ is available for next     usually by sending a check for sev-
                                                                                        About 50 farmers attended the            month and for 11 months after that,          eral hundred dollars. You discuss
                                                                                    third round of Dairy Options Pilot           for a total of 12 months into the            your situation with your broker. You
                                                                                    Program (DOPP) training meetings             future. For each of those months,            need to know your cost of produc-
                          Agriview is Vermont’s                                                                                  there is an expected price, the ‘fu-         tion, and your ‘basis.’ Your ‘basis’ is
                                                                                    in late June and are thus eligible to
                  Agricultural Publication of Record.                               buy ‘put options’ in the next 4              tures’ price. You can buy a ‘put op-         the difference between your ‘mail-
                  It is published semimonthly by the                                                                             tion’ for that price, or for a number        box price’ for the past year or more,
                                                                                    months. The incentive to farmers is
          Vermont Department of Agriculture Food & Markets                          that USDA’s Risk Management                  of prices higher and lower in 25-            and the announced Class III price
                       116 State Street, Drawer 20                                  Agency will pick up 80% of the pre-          cent increments. A higher price              for the same month. Knowing this
                                                                                    mimcost of these ‘put options’ and           costs more.                                  ‘basis’ is absolutely critical in order
                  Montpelier, Vermont 05620-2901
                                                                                    up to $30 of the broker commission               Nobody will ever expect you to           to buy an option. This determines
                       Telephone: (802) 828-2500                                                                                 be delivering milk under this ‘put           what price you are buying insur-
                          Fax: (802) 828-3831                                       to encourage farmer participation.
                                                                                    The thought is that there will be            option.’ If the futures price of milk        ance for. You must do this calcula-
                                                                                    another ‘round’ of this DOPP in the          goes lower than your price, you may          tion.
                          Leon Graves, Commissioner                                                                              be able to sell your ‘option’ and               There is more information on
                                                                                        Dairy Options are essentially            make some money. Or you could                DOPP and milk futures and options
                   Editor: Jason Aldous, (802) 828-3829                             price insurance to protect your farm         hold your option, and your broker            on the web. Try these sites.
                        E-mail:                               from a low milk price. Just like we          would ‘exercise’ that option and you            Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
                         Web:                                 buy farm, fire, car, house, and life in-     make some money. If the price of    Select ‘prices’ (on
                                                                                    surance hoping that we never call the        milk is higher than your ‘option,’ it        the top), then select ‘daily settlement
                                                                                    insurance agent for a claim, a dairy         expires and is worthless. Just like          prices,’ then select milk futures.
                      Advertising and subscriptions:                                                                             my house insurance policy when I                USDA’s Risk Management
                      Sally Worthington, (802) 828-2416                             farmer would buy a ‘put option’ on
                                                                                    a milk price for a certain month,            make it through a year with no               Agency.
                        E-mail:                               hoping the price does not actually           claim.                                       another site.
                                                                                    get that low. These ‘put options’ are            A broker is necessary for any op-           For information on the program
                           Yearly subscription: $10                                                                              tions trading. At the DOPP train-            here in Vermont, you can contact
                   Printed by B.D. Press of Fairfax, Vermont                        traded at the Chicago Mercantile
                                                                                    Exchange along with futures and              ing, they had a list of brokers who          Dennis Kauppila, Phone: (802) 748-
                                                                                    options for corn, soybean meal, pork         will deal with USDA and dairy                8177, ext. 24 or e-mail
   August 1, 2001                                                                                                                                                                                   3

                                                                                  M ARKETPLACE
                                                                                   Five (5) excellent quality registered
                 Agricultural Exchange List                                           holstein heifers for sale. All A.I
                                                                                      sired and A.I bred. Three due late
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  Classified Ads: Free to subscribers, limited to 2 ads per issue, ads will           early winter. Mike Dolloff,
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                                                               M ARKETPLACE
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  135 tractor. $250 or any            Cavendish at 226-7324 or               recovery system. All three for        David Brown 880 Selectomatic
  reasonable offer. Hartland (8/15)                $3500. Serial and model                 tractor, runs good, working         1995 International 4700LPX CDL
  436-2768 or 436-2366. (8/15)                                               numbers available on all.               daily. Diesel, 2 WD, $3250.           Beater. 4-speed Auto, AC, flat
                                    Wood hot air furnace, $50.00             Salisbury 247-0095 or email             Jed Gilpatric, Norton                 bed. $19,500 OBO. Bristol
1 ½ inch De Laval pipeline,          OBO. Rutland 459-0013 or                  822-9923. (8/15)                      453-6412. (8/15)
   services 100 cows. Complete       775-4923. (8/15)                        (8/15)
   including jar. Best Offer. Two                                                                                  1989 Notill JD corn planter,          Farm Property /
   (2) Surge belly pails, one       Poultry Equipment: Stainless steel     JD 490D excavator on wide                  excellent condition. $6,000.       Farmland
   rebuilt. Best offer. Orleans       processing table 3' X 5' central        tracks, rebuilt bucket, no oil          7200 model, 4-row. West
   754-6042. (8/15)                   giblet cones and three (3)              leaks, runs great, ready to work,       Pawlet 394-2976. (8/15)            Orleans— 80-100 acres hay land
                                      water nozzles. $200. Also               $32,500. Hough H50C loader,                                                  available for lease. Orleans
Knight Reel Auggie Mixer model        coal/wood-fired poultry                 nearly new rubber, excellent         1978 Ford 1-ton cab and chassis,        754-6342. (8/1)
  3300, 270 cu ft. Very good          brooders, $50. St Albans                bucket, good running condi-             dual wheels, 351 modified 400
  condition. $6,500 OBO.              868-2738. (8/15)                        tion, $7,500. JD 216 forage             engine, new rings and bearings,    Land for sale — 87+/- acres: 30-
  Highgate 868-7631 or                                                        wagon with no running gear,             4 chrome wheels, little rust.         35 open, balance in mixed hard
  868-3154. (8/15)                  Kingston 2-Horse Trailer,                 make offer. Rutland                     $600 or trade for good quality        and softwoods. Open land
                                       thoroughbred size. Gaylord             775-2624. (8/15)                        hay. S Royalton 763-2326, fax:        currently in hay. Soils are sandy
Ferguson 3 pt hitch sickle bar         Farm, Waitsfield 496-5054.                                                     802-763-2749 or email:                loam with southwest exposure.
   mower, $200. Antique                (8/15)                              Six (6) stall flat parlor, one (1) (8/15)               Suitable for vegetable and/or
   ground-driven corn harvester,                                              side-Surge 2" receiver, dual                                                  mixed livestock operation.
   International. Working           36 inch portable barn fans, good          pulsation, automatic detachers,      Hay elevators for sale: 24 – 40 ft.      Beautiful west views to Mt.
   condition. $100. Randolph           condition, $125-$150 each.             Surge plate cooler. Excellent          $450. Agri-Valley Farm, White          Mansfield. Power on property.
   Center 728-5241. (8/15)             Highgate Center 285-6383.              condition, $13,000. Shoreham           River Jct 295-2185. (8/15)             Lots of road frontage, but quiet
                                       (8/15)                                 897-5913. (8/15)                                                              and secluded. Easy access to
                                                                                                                   Ferguson Tractor: one owner,             thriving local food coop and
                                                                           International 1086 tractor: full cab,      new motor, transmission, all          area farmers’ markets. Land is in
                                                                              axle duals, new T.A. Great              new tires and rims, front.            current use program and is
                                                                              condition, $14,000. Gehl 7210           Collectible, usable and as good       located in East Hardwick.
                                                                              mixer wagon with scales.                as a new one! Call anytime to         $75,000. Terms negotiable.
                                                                              Good condition, $4,500.                 see, price is reasonable, $5500       (802) 472-3378. (8/15)
                                                                              Shoreham 897-5913. (8/15)               OBO. Sudbury MA (978)
                                                                                                                      443-2240. (8/15)                   Feed
                                                                           Fairbanks Morse gasoline engine,
                                                                              3 HP. For information call           Farmall Tractor Model 100 with        Standing hay, free for the taking.
                                                                              Hardwick 472-5973 after 6               single-point fast hitch, single-      Call for details. Calais
                                                                              PM. (8/15)                              bottom plow, disc harrow ,            223-3653. (8/15)
                                                                                                                      side-mount sickle mower,
                                                                           1970 International tandem truck            carrier platform, and chains.      1st cut grass/clover mix, square
                                                                             20,000 front, 54,000 rear.               Clean and well-maintained:             bales, $1.75 per bale. Charlotte
                                                                             Hendrickson suspension, 250              $3500. Westminster NH                  425-2817. (8/15)
                                                                             Cummings engine with 1995                (603) 756-9056. (8/15)
                                                                             3,600 gallon Houle tank with                                                Mixed hay: square bales, 2500
                                                                             live hydraulics, 385 X 22 front       Groban 17.5 KW whole house              bales. Delivery available.
                                                                             rubber with many spare parts.           generator, runs on propane or         Brownington 754-2028. (8/15)
                                                                             $10,000. Also, 1995 Houle 32            natural gas. 8 yrs old, used
                                                                             ft manure pump, very good               very little. $3,500 OBO.            450 bales of hay, 1st cut horse hay.
                                                                             condition, $5,500. Middlebury           Bristol 453-6412. (8/15)               Waterville 644-2667. (8/15)
                                                                             453-7751. (8/15)
   August 1, 2001                                                                                                                                                                      5

                                                                         M ARKETPLACE
                                      Goats                                 12-yr-old Belgian gelding,
    Rubber Mats                                                                chestnut, good woods horse.
                                                                               1600 lbs, bad knee forces sale,
                                      Select Angora goats for sale: one
  Farms, Stables, Etc.                   (1) buckling, one (1) yearling        $1,100. Harness available.
                                         doe. Grow your own beautiful          Jed Gilpatric, Norton
        Affordable/                      silky mohair. Inquisitive and         822-9923. (8/15)
        All Rubber                       gentle, excellent brush cutters.
                                                                            Black Morgan-Percheron 3 yr
                                         $75 and up, call for details.
                                                                               old filly: great disposition,
  Warranty — Delivery                    Stonesthrow Farm, Wallingford
                                         446-3325. (8/1)                       likes people, and she is ready
         L.W. Austin                                                           and willing to learn; has been
                                      Alpine, Nubian, Saanen doelings          ridden and driven some.
       (802) 744-6513                                                          Price $3,000 or best reason-
                                         for fall breeding. $75.00 and
                                         up. Lilliput Acres, Windsor           able offer. Call Jan in White
Hay: grass & mixed legume, 40#           674-9207. (8/1)                       River Jct, 296-7718 and let it
  bales @ $1.50/bale, stored in                                                ring. (8/15)
  Isle LaMotte. 828-5435 days,        Dairy Goats for sale: Great for
  928-3471 evenings. (8/15)             home milk supply, soap or           Llamas
                                        cheese. Will give you a half-
Corn: 225 tons of corn silage           gallon good-tasting milk per        Two (2) males, two (2) females;
  stored in two agbags @ $15/           day. Very friendly and easy to        8-yr old off-white female
  ton. Isle LaMotte 828-5435            care for. $30 each, must take         with red guard hairs and her 5
  days, 928-3471 evenings.              two. We can deliver within a          week old female cria, $2000.
  (8/15)                                reasonable range. We want to          One (1) 14-year old senior
                                        find them a good home!                breeding male, dark brown
Haylage: 100 tons of grass, 50 tons     Salisbury 247-0095. (8/15)            with gray under neck and
  of 95% alfalfa, stored in agbags.                                           stomach, excellent breeding,        Purebred Romneys: both black and     Montadale ram: registered, 4 yrs
  Isle LaMotte 828-5435 days,         Horses                                  male offspring on farm, $600.          white breeding stock as well as     old, excellent standard and
  928-3471 evenings. (8/15)                                                   One (1) 2-yr old male,                 several pet quality ewes. First     disposition. Reasonable price.
                                      Wanted: gentle child’s pony. Good       reddish brown, black face and          Settler Farm, Randolph              Also, Montadale ewe, 1 yr old,
General                                 home. Cynthia Larson, Wells           ears, spotted legs, would make         485-3184. (8/1)                     for pet only (not for breeding)
                                        645-1957. (8/1)                       good guard animal or                                                       Hal Karabots or Rae Newell,
Cedar boards, 2X6, 8' and 10'                                                 potential for stud. South           Border Leicester X white ewe           Bridgewater 672-6188 or email
  boards, 864 board foot total, $1    Several ½ thoroughbred weanlings,       Royalton 763-2326, fax (802)           lambs and two (2) white ram (8/15)
  per board foot for a few boards        yearlings and two-yr-olds by         763-2749 or email                      lambs, beautiful fleece, $80
  or $800 for the whole pile.            Belgian, QH and Connemara   (8/1)                 each. One (1) adult black         Two (2) Jacob lamb ewes, excellent
  Dry and ready to go. Silo              mares. $2,500-$6,000. Barnet                                                Border Leicester X ewe, $80.        markings. Rae Newell,
  hoops, $10 each. Large turn            633-4149. (8/15)                   Rabbits                                  Peacham 592-3320. (8/1)             Bridgewater 672-6188 or email
  buckles, $30 each. Steel cable,                                                                                                               (8/15)
  5/8", 30 cents per foot, lots of    Six passenger horse-drawn             English Lop and Angora Rabbit         Rams for sale: two (2) Columbia-
  uses, great for barn renovations,      wagonette with shaft and pole,       Bunnies Now Available!                cross 2-yr-old rams. Both are      Sugar
  straightening, etc. Hay                $2,900. Also a two wheel road        Bunnies are out of Grand              white open-faced triplets.
  wagon/feeder, approximately            or show cart, $1,350. East           Champion ARBA Registered              Proven breeders. $100 each.        Five (5) cords 4' dry sugaring
  100 years old, wood with iron          Charleston 723-4831 after 6          Lines... Show Quality French          Black Sheep Farm, Barnet              wood- spruce, fir $ 60/cord.
  hardware, no wheels or axle, 6'        PM. (8/15)                           and German Angora, and                633-4149. (8/15)                      Can help load. Weston
  X 16' stored indoors until now,                                             English Lop Rabbits, Males                                                  PrioryWeston 824-5409. (8/1)
  asking $100; stainless steel sink   Pair of registered Belgian mares, 5     and Females , Great Tempera-        Horned Dorset Ram, registered,
  with backsplash. One piece             and 6 yrs old, well-broke by the     ments and Densely-wooled              $250. Polled Dorset Ram,           5' X 14' Grimm pans, ss soldered,
  4.5' long, 2' deep, 20X16X8            Amish. Asking $4,000 for the         angora, Long Eared Exquisite          unregistered but proven, $150.        $1,950. 3' X 13' Intens-o-fire
  bowl centered with drain               pair. South Hero 372-8783.           Lops. For more information            Pinnacle Farm, Woodstock              with Waterloo pans, $6,500; 5'
  boards on both sides. Great for        (8/15)                               please visit us on the Web at         457-1186. (8/15)                      X 14' with welded flue pan,
  barn or farmhouse, $100 firm.                                                                                $4,500. Used R.O. machines:
  Call Cabot 563-3063. (8/1)          Registered 3/4 European Belgian         E-mail :                            Ewe lamb starter flocks and/or          Airblo Lynx 375 gph, $3,950;
                                        mare. 10 yrs. old. Bay with           LoveYourBunsAngora@                   individual lambs available.           Lapierre Turbo 600 gph, $6,500;
Phone poles: twenty (20) poles,         black mane and tail. 17 hands, If no Email then             Primarily Dorset with some            Full Flow 500 gph, $4,850.
  20' to 24' long, $20 each OBO.        1800 lbs. Good brood mare.            please phone us 9am-8pm               Finn cross. These ewe lambs           Leader pre-heater w/alum
  Walpole NH (603) 756-4566.            Works well in a team. $1,800.         only Jacksonville 368-9386.           could produce top quality meat        hood, 3' X 6', $500. Tanks: 325
  (8/15)                                East Hardwick 472-3378.               (8/1)                                 lambs. $100.00/$150.00 each.          gal pick-up tank, $150; 600 gal
                                        (8/15)                                                                      Bulrush Farm, South Randolph          galv tank, $200. Call Charlotte
Two (2) Harnois Ovaltech                                                    Sheep                                   728-5814. (8/15)                      425-7900 weekdays, 425-3369
  greenhouses for sale: one is        Morgan Gelding 5 yr. old, rides &                                                                                   evenings & week-ends. (8/15)
  30' X 95'; one is 30' X 125'.         drives, green, prime and ready      Prizewinning fleeces from
  Both houses include the               to go! From stock of: Easter           handspinner’s flock available
  following: motorized roll-up          Twilight; Bald Mt. Cattlemaster;       on the hoof. Healthy rams,
  sides and peaks; two (2)              Emerald’s Cochise; Sealect;            ewes, and lambs. Beautiful
  furnaces; HAF fans; roll-up           Archie O.; and he’s the son of         colors, and lustrous whites.
  shade; crop support cable;            Jason Liberty. Call Bill Morse         Icelandic, Shetland, and
  instruction book. Well-               in Newfane 365-4000 for                Romney purebred stock.
  engineered houses. All                “Sony”. (8/15)                         Wonderful crosses, including
  components bundled/boxed,                                                    Border Leicester, Blueface
  labeled. Ready to go. $11,000       Kingston Horse Trailer, tall and         Leicester,and Cormo. Prices
  and $14,000. South Pomfret             wide Thoroughbred model,              from $75. Call for details.
  457-4965. (8/15)                       1975, one escape door, trailer        Stonesthrow Farm,
                                         mats, padded center divider.          Wallingford. 446-3325. (8/1)
Log-length hardwood logs for             Bronze color. Good overall
  wood. Dry. Waterville                  condition, but could use new       Jacob lambs: rare breed, horned
  644-2667. (8/15)                       tires soon, needs some welding        sheep. Dual purpose and very
                                         around ramp hinges. $1000 as          hardy. $75-$100. Norwich
Apple cord wood, $80 per cord.           is, or $1250 with welding             649-8807. (8/1)
  Dummerston 254-6868.                   repairs done. Call Bill in
  (8/15)                                 North Chittenden
                                         493-9321. (8/15)
   6                                                                                                                                                                                 August 1, 2001

                                                         F ARKETPLACE
                                                   HAY & MORAGE DIRECTORY
Sap or water tanks: 2000               Motor wanted for John Deere “L”             Wanted: round bale feeder made
   gallon, stainless - $1,200.           – running or rebuildable.                   specifically for horses. Please
   1500 gallon vacuum -                  Chester 875-2858 or                         call North Chittenden
   $1,200. Wood stoker for 4'            875-2031. (8/1)                             483-9321 or e-mail
   and 6' arch - $250 each. 50'                                             (8/15)
   lengths of 1 ½” fabric hose         Wanted: Jersey bull in Central
   - $20 each. So                        Vermont to service Jersey cow.            Wanted: Winch sheep trimming
   Londonderry 824-5295 or               Norwich 649-8807. (8/1)                     stand and 6 or 8 foot, steel
   384-1858. (8/1)                     Wanted: Shetland pony – small                 interlocking sheep panels.
                                         pony or horse. Must be sound,               Bulrush Farm, South Randolph
4' X 14' oil-fired Arch, new in          gentle and safe for child to                728-5814. (8/15)
   2000. Flue pan, front pan,            ride. Reasonably priced.
   smoke stack, all stainless            Williamstown 433-6232. (8/1)              Wanted: Calves or yearlings for
   steel, complete arch with                                                         replacement heifer operation,
   pans and two (2) 275 gallon         Kuhn GRS21 rake and tedder                    will consider any breed.
   oil tanks for $8,000. One             wanted, any condition.                      Contact Bruce at (802)
   (1) 6-barrel galvanized               Barnard 763-7454. (8/15)                    755-6713 evenings or                      ALLBEE & ALLBEE, AFA
   gathering tank, $250. Fifty                                              (8/15)                    “Experienced Professionals In Agriculture”
   (50) 5-gallon epoxy-lined           Wanted to buy: old one-horse
   syrup pails, most used only           buggy, prefer with fenders.
   once, $2 each. Will sell all          Must be in good condition.                                                            • BUSINESS ASSISTANCE                 • GRANT WRITING
   together or by the piece.             Claremont NH (603)
   Pittsfield 746-8901. (8/15)           542-9315. (8/15)                                                                      • GOVERNMENT RELATIONS • TRADE SHOW
Wanted                                 Wanted: Good used chicken                                                               • FINANCIAL SOURCING
                                         plucker. Needed ASAP.                                                                                        • INTERNATIONAL
Used calf hutches and manure             Gaylord Farm, Waitsfield                                                              • VALUE ADDED            TRADE ASSISTANCE
  forks for John Deere 820               496-5054. (8/15)
                                                                                                                                 PRODUCT ASSISTANCE
  loader wanted. Lilliput                                                                                                                             • COOPERATIVE
  Acres, Windsor 674-9207.                                                                                                     • ECONOMIC ANALYSIS      DEVELOPMENT

                                                                                                                                        Tel: (802) 734-1253
                                                                                                                                       Fax: (802) 365-5082
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                                                                                    AG NEWS
VT 4-H’ers Prepare For State Dairy & Beef Shows
                                       Rte. 17 (off Rte. 7) in New Haven.          also will compete for the senior and    4-H Beef Show August                    noncompetitive workshops but will
                                       It is free and open to the public.          junior showmanship awards and           10 At Addison County                    not be allowed to show cattle in
                                            On Monday, all participants will       breed championships. Thirty-five of     Fair & Field Days                       4-H classes.
                                       take a written test, designed to            the top exhibitors will be invited to                                               Entry forms are available at all
                                       evaluate their knowledge of dairy           compete with their dairy animals at                                             University of Vermont (UVM) re-
                                       cows and the dairy industry. Jun-           Eastern States Exposition in West           The Vermont State 4-H Beef          gional Extension offices or by call-
                                                                                                                           Show, scheduled for August 10 at
                                       iors (11-14 years old) and the ten          Springfield, Mass., in September.                                               ing Wendy Sorrell, Extension 4-H
                                                                                                                           Addison County Field Days in New
                                       finalists from the state dairy judg-        The four seniors who score the                                                  livestock educator, at (802) 656-
                                       ing tour held in mid-July also will         highest in the dairy judging contest    Haven, features many events for         5418.
                                                                                                                           4-H youth from throughoutVer-
                                       be tested on their ability to judge         will represent Vermont at the na-                                                   The 4-H Beef Show will begin
                                                                                                                           mont including a cattle show.
                                       cattle and give good oral reasons as        tional dairy judging competition in                                             at 2 p.m. Four-H’ers will compete
                                                                                                                               All events will be conducted at
           4-H News                    to why they ranked the animals as           Madison, Wisconsin, next year.
                                                                                                                           the field days site on Rte. 17 (off
                                                                                                                                                                   in fitting and showing classes, which
                                       they did.                                       Judges for this year’s dairy show                                           are arranged according to age and
                                                                                                                           Rte. 7) as part of the annual Addison
                                            Tuesday’s dairy show gets under-       include a husband and wife team,                                                experience of the competitor, and
                                                                                                                           County Field Days fair. The public
by Lisa Halvorsen                      way at 9 a.m. with the showman-             both former Vermont 4-H’ers, from                                               conformation classes, based on the
                                       ship classes, which are based on the        Fairfield. Tim Abbott will judge the    is invited to attend.                   animal’s breed and age. Herds, clubs,
                                                                                                                               Participation in the cattle show
   State 4-H Dairy Day, August 13      age of the exhibitor and allow the          Holsteins. Sharyn Abbott will judge                                             and individuals also will be evalu-
                                                                                                                           is open to 4-H’ers between the ages
and 14 this year, offers 4-H’ers a     youth to demonstrate how well they          the colored breeds.                                                             ated on general appearance, good
                                       can handle their animals in the show            For more information, contact       of eight and 18 (as of Jan. 1). En-     livestock husbandry, and sportsman-
chance to exhibit their prize-win-                                                                                         rollment in the 4-H beef project is
ning cows and calves and compete       ring.                                       your local UVM Extension office                                                 ship as part of the herdsman con-
                                                                                                                           not a requirement. Four-H’ers plan-
for ribbons and trophies and a              Fitting or conformation classes        or Wendy Sorrell, UVM Extension                                                 test. Awards for these will be pre-
                                                                                                                           ning to show cattle were required
chance to show again in regional       focus on the animal, its grooming,          4-H livestock specialist, at (802)                                              sented during the show.
                                       and how well it behaves in the ring.        656-5418.                               to submit their entry form by July          A potluck supper will be held
competition.                                                                                                               22 although no preregistration is re-
   The annual event attracts over      Separate competitions are held for                                                                                          beginning at 6 p.m. for 4-H’ers, par-
                                                                                                                           quired for the other activities in-
100 competitors each year, each a      Holsteins and the colored breeds.                                                                                           ents, family, and leaders. Everyone
                                       Spectators are welcome.                                                             cluding the quiz bowl, judging con-     is asked to bring a dish to share.
blue ribbon winner at the county                                                                                           test, and skill-a-thon.
level. The event will be held at the        In addition to vying for first place
                                                                                                                               Four-H Cloverbuds (ages five to
Addison County Field Days site on      honors in individual classes, 4-H’ers
                                                                                                                           seven) are invited to take part in
   August 1, 2001                                                                                                                                                                                         7

                                                                     M ARKET REPORT
  Wholesale Prices
          July 31, 2001
                                                     Northampton Co-Operative Auction Association, Inc. — July 31, 2001
                                                              Total Animals: 312 Consignors: 105 Buyers: 74
Prices paid per dozen for VT Grade A                 Calves         Low        High                Cows                 Low       High              Shoats                Low      High
brown eggs delivered to retail stores.
                                                     45-60 lbs.     23.00      30.00               Canners              28.50     40.00                                   90.00    128.00
Burlington: Jumbo, $1.60; X-Large,                   61-75 lbs.     30.00      39.00               Cutters              40.50     45.00
$1.20; Large, $1.05; Medium, $0.79                   76-90 lbs.     35.00      65.00               Utility              45.75     49.25             Feeder Pigs           Low      High
                                                     91-105 lbs.    40.00      76.00                                                                (each)                33.00    64.00
Rutland: Jumbo, $1.61; X-Large,                                                                    Hogs                 Low       High
                                                     106 lbs & up   75.00      80.00                                                                Lambs                 Low      High
$1.20; Large, $1.08; Medium, $0.77
                                                                                                   Under 200 lbs.       None
Egg market is good, supply and                       Farm           85.00      225.00              200-260 lbs.         38.00     50.00                                   80.00    115.00
demand are very good.                                Calves                                        Over 260 lbs.        23.00     41.00             Sheep                 Low      High
                                                     Starter      100.00                           Sows                 Low       High                                    34.00    54.00
                                                     Calves (ea.)                                  Under 350 lbs.       36.50                       Goats                 Low      High
                                                     Feeder         63.00      75.00               350-500 lbs.         35.50
    You can find hundreds of price                                                                 Over 500 lbs.        38.00                                             32.00    172.00
reports online at                                                                      Boars                Low       High              Rabbits: $1.50-$7.25 each
                                                     Heifers        none This is the web source                                                                                                                    Hay:          $1.70-$2.00 per bale
                                                     Veal           none                           Under 350 lbs.       26.50
for USDA Market News.                                                                              Over 350 lbs.        None
                                                     Bulls          61.50
                                                     Steers         none
                                                                                        Note: All prices are per hundreweight unless otherwise indicated.

                                          CALENDAR                                                                                     Cambridge, NY — July 31, 2001
                                                                                                                                          211 Cattle — 315 Calves
August                                      exhibits, midway, harness               Will small dairy cooperatives               Slaughter Cows
                                            racing, stage shows, demo               have any place in marketing                                     Low      High
August 7-11 Addison County                  derby, coin & pig scrambles,            producers’ milk? How will
                                            petting zoo, antique tractor            independent producers’ milk                 Canners             10.00    34.50
  Fair And Field Days Rt #17,                                                                                                   Cutters             32.00    41.50
  New Haven. Vermont’s largest              pull, ATV & garden tractor              be targeted? Please RSVP no
                                            pulls, 4x4 pull, horse show,            later than August 13. Grafton               Utility             40.00    50.00
  agricultural fair! Tractor pulls,
  demo derby, midway, horse &               antique exhibits, goat show.            County Extension (603) 787-                 Slaughter Bulls
  cattle shows, ox & horse                                                          6944 or Al-lens Farm (802)                                      Low      High
  pulling, children’s barnyard, live     August 17-20 DeerfieldValley               584-4077
                                           Farmers’ Days Wilmington                                                             Cutters             42.00    49.50
  entertainment, parade, youth
                                           High School Field. In its 84th        August 23-26 Caledonia                         Utility             50.00    58.50
  activities, Vermont Products
  Dinner.                                  year with horse pulling, farm           County Fair Mountain View
                                           exhibits, horse shows, children’s       Park, Lyndonville. Celebrating                                   Bobs over 100 lbs.             30.00-55.00
August 13 Vermont State                    activities, exhibit halls, live         156 years of tradition with                                      Bobs 80-100 lbs.               29.00-55.00
  Junior Holstein Show                     bands, arm wrestling, sawing            agricultural, floral, maple and                                  Bobs 60-80 lbs.                 5.00-55.00
  Addison County Fairgrounds.              competition, livestock compe-           4-H exhibits; horse, pony and
                                           tition, antique tractor pull.           ox pulling; cattle, sheep and                                    Low      High
  Contact New England States
  Holstein Assn. in Orwell, (802)          Sunday only: demo derby and             horse shows and parade. Youth
                                                                                                                                Heifer Calves    .80           5.15
  948-2683 or e-mail                       midway.                                 activities include pig scramble,
                                                                                                                                Return To Feed 75.00         152.50                                                                 ice cream eating contests,
                                         August 19 Vermont Bird                    peanut tractor pedal pull and                Heifer calves remain strong, kill market weak, heavy cows $.02-.03
August 14 Woodland Walk At                 Fanciers Club Sale/Swap/                more. Major shows include                    stronger, canner and cutter cows steady. Heifer Consignment Sale,
  Meat Goat Agroforestry                   Club Meeting 12:00-3:00                 country music, 4x4 pull, demo                August 10 at 7:30 p.m.
  Enterprise 1-3 p.m., Capri-              p.m., St. Albans at Dunkin’             derby, big rig truck pull and
  corn Farms, Newfane, VT.                 Donuts store. From I-89                 mud bog.
  Owner Jeffrey Kane and farm              North, take Exit 20. At the end                                                      Source: Ed Jackson, Vermont Dept. of Agriculture; USDA Market News
  manager Mark Beaudoin                    of the ramp, go left. Go left         August 24-26 Bondville Fair
  welcome you into their new               again at the light, go straight         Route 30, Bondville. Agricul-
                                           through 2 sets of lights.               tural displays and contests; quilt           occur. Dan Scruton, Milk                Betsy Greene, Extension Equine
  enterprise of raising meat goats                                                                                              Quality Specialist at the               Specialist or Bonnie Tucker at
  in a woodland setting. Feeding           Dunkin’ Donuts is on the                show and exhibit, crafts, rides
                                           right-hand side of Rt. 7                & games. Live free entertain-                Vermont Department of                   (802) 656-2070.
  management, fencing and                                                                                                       Agriculture will be the
  marketing are topics to be                                                       ment, bingo, horse, ox, antique
                                         August 20 Mergers and Milk                tractor and truck pulling, clog              instructor. A milking system         Sept. 29-30 Vermont Sheep and
  discussed. Directions: Capri-                                                                                                 dealer/installation representa-        Wool Festival Snow Shed Base
  corn Farms is located between            Checks, Part 2 presented by             dancing, petting zoo, school-
                                           the VT/NH Milk Marketing                house and sugarhouse muse-                   tive will be present to answer         Lodge, Killington VT 10 a.m.-
  Newfane and South Newfane.                                                                                                    equipment questions. No fee,           5 p.m. Sat; 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. Sun.
  For directions and other                 Study Group 7:30 p.m. at                ums.
                                           Warner’s Gallery Restaurant                                                          but pre-registration required.         For information, contact: Kat
  information contact: Carol                                                                                                    Call (802) 656-5459 to                 Smith (802) 446-3325.
  Delaney, (802) 656-0915,                 Exit 17 I-91 Wells River, VT.         September
                                           Evening includes supper and a                                                        register.
                                           lively and informative discus-        • September 19, Albany (VT)                                                         October
                                           sion with The Milkweed editor         • September 27, Cavendish                 Sept. 29 “Lawsuit Avoidance:
August 15-19 Orleans County                                                                                                  Equine and Equestrian
                                           Pete Hardin and others. Topics        • October 11, Addison                                                               October 3 Lamb Truck Sale
  Fair Roaring Brook Park,                                                                                                   Liability Workshop” 9:30
  Barton. In its 134th year.               include; What will the consoli-                                                                                             Champlain Valley Fairgrounds
                                           dation of Dean and Suiza mean         Small Ruminant Milking                      a.m. to 3:00 p.m. UVM                     Bring sheep/lambs 1:00-4:00 for
  Horse, pony & ox pulling, 4-H                                                                                              Campus (a.m.) and Ellen A.
                                           to producers? What is “Na-              Machine Schools Hands-on                                                            shipment to New Holland, PA.
  exhibits and contests, cattle,                                                                                             Hardacre Barn (p.m.). More
                                           tional Dairy Holdings?” Who is          explanation of how machines                                                         auction. Questions? E-mail:
  sheep, rabbit and poultry                                                                                                  details will follow in future
  displays, arts & crafts. Grange          “Dairy Marketing Services?”             work, the proper settings and                                             
                                                                                   where sanitation problems can             editions of Agriview. Interested
                                                                                                                             parties should contact Dr.
   8                                                                                                                                                                          August 1, 2001

                                               HAY & FORAGE DIRECTORY
ADDISON COUNTY                        Orwell – Hay for sale: 4 X 4           South Ryegate – 4' X 4"                Westford – hay, round bales, never      Hyde Park - John Clark,
                                        round bales, 350 available, 1st        wrapped round bales (170)              wet. 879-4710.                          Applecheek Farm - Good
Addison – 1 cut 4X5 round               and 2nd cut. Located on Fisher         excellent quality hay. $25 each.                                               quality first cut hay, $1.95/bale.
  bales, cut late but baled dry, no     Road. J & J Bump 948-2946.             429-2440.                            FRANKLIN COUNTY                           Mulch $1.45/bale. 888-4482.
  rain. Forage analysis available.    Monkton – Certified organic hay:       Walden – Certified organic 1st cut                                             Jeffersonville - Mountain Road
  200 to sell. $15 each.                1st cut, never wet. Square bales.      square bales excellent quality,      Fairfield – Hay – excellent                Farm - Hay, organic or
  759-2764.                             Call Sam Burr 453-2847.                $2.00/ bale. Mulch, $1/ bale.           quality wrapped round bales,            conventional, 4X4 round bales
                                                                               563-2755.                               June cut. Moving, must sell.            triple wrapped. $25. Delivery
Addison – 50 acres standing corn.     Shoreham – 200 square bales of                                                   $12 each or $10 for quantities          available. 644-5138 or
  Call, leave message at                1st cut hay, certified organic.      West Barnet - Square bales, 1st           of 100 bales or more. Take all          644-6602.
  759-2533. miketorrey@                 $2.00 per bale. 897-2121.              cut mixed hay, never wet, no            700 for $5,000. 527-7425. for price.                                                       chemicals. Top quality. Peter                                                Johnson – Wrapped round bales,
                                      Vergennes – Year 2000 – standing                                              Georgia Center - Corn silage,
Bridport – 250 Ton of excellent                                                Everts 592-3088.                                                                $25 each. Ten (10) or more,
                                        corn, 45 acres, fertilized,                                                   $25 a ton. Will load in trucks.          $20 each. Also square bales,
  processed corn silage; .7 NEL.        sprayed, no weed, must see.                                                   Gary Gilmond 524-4017.
  Will trade for heifers. Call Jon.     Also, corn silage, 1999, in          CHITTENDEN COUNTY                                                                 $2.00 each. Call Denis
  758-2615.                                                                                                         Highgate Center - 2000 tons                635-2172.
                                        cement bunker still available.
                                        475-2272.                            Charlotte – 1,000 wrapped round          excellent quality corn silage.        Morrisville - Keith Farm - Corn
Bristol - Corn silage, delivery                                                bales: 1st, 2nd & 3rd cut hay, $10     Will load in trucks. Call for
   available. Call for information.                                                                                                                           silage, haylage, $25/ton loaded.
                                      Whiting – Hay: 1st and 2nd cut           -$25 each. Also 150 dry bales.         information. 868-7535.                  Also standing corn for sale
   453-2012 or 453-3988 after           grass/legume mix. 2000 bales           Will take heifers in trade.                                                    chopped and delivered. Call
   7:00 pm.                             construction mulch. Certified          425-4721.                            Montgomery Center - Hay, 1st
                                                                                                                      cut square bales, 1999 cutting          for information. 888-1180.
Cornwall - 2 cut clover hay.            organic hay, 2001 crop, limited
                                        supply available – please call       Charlotte – 900 tons 2000                at $1.00 per bale. Corn silage,       Morrisville - Approx. 1100 bales
  Excellent quality, average 40                                                haylage in pile, $18/T; 300            $25.00 at farm. 326-4642 or
  pounds. $2.50 per bale.               ahead. Delivery available.                                                                                            for mulch stacked outside. Call
                                        Popoma Farm 623-6220.                  wrapped round bales, $16 each.         326-4351 after 6PM.                     for information. Morrisville
                                                                               2000 1st cut, 15% protein.                                                     888-3255.
                                                                               Need to sell – make an offer.        Montgomery Center – Haylage
Cornwall – Hay for sale, excel-       BENNINGTON                                                                      for sale: in ag bag, 1st and 3rd      Stowe – Baled hay, cut in July,
  lent quality for horses, etc.,                                               425-5724.
  $1.25 per bale. Also mulch hay
                                      COUNTY                                                                          cut haylage @ $25 a ton. Plus            horse and heifer. $2.00 a bale
                                                                             Charlotte – Dry 1st cut round            1st cut hay @ $2.00 a bale; 2nd          at barn. Kaiser Farm
  available, $.50-$1.00 per bale.
                                      Bennington – Hay for sale: 1st cut       bales, 5 X 5, 500-600 lbs, $20         cut hay @ $2.50 a bale; and 3rd          253-8222.
  Delivery possible. 462-2732.
                                        square bales, $2.00 each; 2nd cut      each. Dry 1st cut square bales,        cut hay @ $2.75 a bale.
Ferrisburg – Hay for sale, $17.50       square bales, $2.50 each; round        $2.00 per bale. 1,300 tons 1st         Average weight of bales 30-40         Wolcott – Hay: excellent, dry,
  each round bales grass/treefoil       bales, 4 X 4, $18.00 each at the       cut haylage, alfalfa/grass mix,        lbs. Call Arnold Mercy                 square bales, $2.00 per bale.
  mix, approximately 30 tons.           farm. 442-2646.                        $25.00 per ton loaded at               326-4200.                              586-7702.
  Also some 2nd cut for a higher                                               bunker. Will consider a
                                                                                                                    Swanton – Haylage for sale. Call
  price. 425-5773 or email            CALEDONIA COUNTY                         reasonable offer for all 1,300
                                                                                                                                                            ORANGE COUNTY                                                        tons until 3/15/01. All feed
                                      Barnet - 2000 hay from fertilized        sold is C.O.D. only. Hinsdale                                                Chelsea - Second cut hay, $2/
Ferrisburg – High quality round                                                Farms 425-5561.                      GRAND ISLE COUNTY                         bale. 685-4698.
  bales of 1st cut hay, $15 each.       fields. Wrapped round bales, 1st
  877-3797.                             cut by June 15, 2nd cut in July.     Charlotte – 1st cut grass/clover       Alburg - 1500 square bales, 1st         Fairlee – Approx. 400-500 tons
                                        $15 at farm. 633-2341.                 mix, square bales, $1.75 per            cut. 250 round bales under              corn silage w/ preservative.
Hancock - Square bales of hay,                                                 bale. 425-2817.
                                      Danville – Certified organic                                                     cover, never got wet. 400               Trucking available. 333-4840.
  $1.50 per bale. Call 767-3362
                                        wrapped round bales. June            Essex Jct - free hay, 10 acres, cut       round bales, 5’x6', 1st and 2nd
  after 6:00 pm.                                                                                                                                            Randolph - Hay for sale: 1st cut,
                                        2000 1st cut, $20 each. July            and bale it. 878-5423.                 cut, never got rain. Call for
                                                                                                                                                              good for horses, $2.00 a bale.
Middlebury - Square bales 1 cut         2000 1st cut, $15 each.                                                        information. 796-3389.                 2nd cut, good cow hay, $2.50 a
  hay, $2.25 per bale. Good             748-8461, evenings.                  Hinesburg - corn silage, pro-
                                                                               cessed & preserved, excellent        Alburg – 1st cut 4X4 round bales          bale. 2nd cut Pro. 17.1; Rel.
  mulch, $1.50 per bale. Quan-
                                      Danville – Hay, wrapped 4 X 4                                                    for sale, never wet. $10 per bale.     Feed Value 133.3. 728-9102.
  tity discounts and delivery                                                  quality. 600-700 tons. Norris
                                        round bales, 2nd cut. $25.00           Berry Farm, Monkton.                    Will load. 796-3509.
  available. 388-4815 or                                                                                                                                    Randolph - approx. 700 square
  388-3009.                             per bale. Corn silage, $20.00          Delivery available. 453-3793.        Grand Isle – Haylage and round            bales, never wet, $1.25 per bale.
                                        per ton at bunker. Call for                                                   bales. Also corn silage. 372-           Contact Brad 728-3335.
Middlebury – Hay: square bale,          details and analysis. 684-3391.      Hinesburg – 3000 bales good 1st
  1st cut, $1.50 per bale; round                                               cut horse hay, $2.00/bale. 1000        4513 and leave a message.             Randolph - Wrapped round
  bale, 1st cut, $15.00 per bale;     East Hardwick – Hay, horse and           bales 2nd cut, $2.50/bale.           Grand Isle – Corn silage, about           bales, $25/bale. Delivery
  square bale mulch, $1.00 per           mulch, $1.00 per bale. Also           482-2376.                              900 tons @ $25. Also haylage,           available. 728-9057.
  bale; square bale, 2nd cut, $2.50      free round bales, mulch quality,                                             about 900 tons @ $30 and 1st
                                         will load your truck or trailer,    Hinesburg - Hay: timothy, clover                                               Randolph – Hay, 1st cut square
  per bale. All clean, not rained-                                                                                    cut square bales @ $2.00/bale
                                         call first. 533-7095 or               and trefoil mix, 4X4 round                                                     bales, $2 per bale. 2nd cut
  on, hay. Accessible with tractor                                             bales, $15 each. Baled without         or will trade for heifers. Phone
                                         533-2304.                                                                                                            round bales, $25 per bale.
  trailers. 388-7828.                                                                                                 372-5462, fax 372-6512.
                                                                               getting wet, loaded from field.                                                728-5135.
Monkton - Hay: square bales, 1st      Hardwick - 500 bales of last             482-2699.                            Isle LaMotte - Hay: grass &
                                        year’s hay, $1 per bale. Approxi-                                                                                   Randolph Center – Hay, July
  cut, $2/bale; 2nd cut, $2.50/                                                                                         mixed legume, 40# bales @
                                        mately 50 acres of standing hay,     Hinesburg – Haylage, about 600                                                   cut, $1.50 - $2.00 per bale, at
  bale. 453-5626.                                                                                                       $1.50/bale. Corn: 225 tons of
                                        will mow. Wendell Shepard              tons in bunker, take all for $20/                                              the barn. Steve Small
New Haven – Hay: approxi-                                                      ton. Also baylage at $20 per             corn silage stored in two             728-5241.
                                        472-5219.                                                                       agbags @ $15/ton. Haylage:
  mately 2,000 1st cut square                                                  bale. 899-3436 or email:
                                      Hardwick – square bales, 1st cut,                     100 tons of grass, 50 tons of       Randolph Center – Corn silage
  bales. Grass / mix, $2.00 per
                                        good quality. $2/ bale.                                                         95% alfalfa, stored in agbags.        72 Nel, 34% DM, 50% of corn
  bale. 453-2102.
                                        472-3711.                            Milton - 6000 square bales of              828-5435 days, 928-3471               was chopped w/processor, $20
Orwell – 4 X 5 round bales,                                                    mixed hay, $2/bale. 893-7860.            evenings.                             a ton loaded @ bunk, or
  never wet. Delivery available.      Peacham - Square bales, 35-40                                                                                           delivery available. Samuel
                                         lbs, 1st cut, never wet, $2/bale.   Milton – round bales, 4X5, $15/        South Hero - 1st cut hay, square
  948-2627, leave message.                                                     bale. 893-6302 after 8 PM.                                                     Lincoln 728-4273, cell
                                         592-3384.                                                                    bales, $2/bale. 372-4807.
Orwell – 600 tons of haylage cut                                             Milton – Hay: 150 4 X 4 net
  the first of June with a forage     Ryegate - Feed hay, $1.75 to $2.                                              LAMOILLE COUNTY                         Washington – 1500 bales of 1st
                                        Dry mulch, $1/bale.                    wrapped dry bales, $15.00
  analysis report, $15 per ton.                                                                                                                               cut square bales of good quality
                                        584-3551.                              each. Call Gary at 893-4597.
  948-2323.                                                                                                         Cambridge – Haylage, corn                 hay, never wet, easy loading.
                                      Ryegate - Square bales, 1st cut,       Westford – Hay: approx. 200 1st          silage, wrapped round bales and         Good price for quantity.
Orwell – Certified organic hay,
                                        mixed grass, good quality.             cut square bales. Large bales,         square bales for horses or cattle.      883-2235.
  4X5 bales, 1st cut, no rain.                                                 grass/mix, $1.75 per bale.
  $20.00 per bale. 948-2555 or          $1.75/bale. 584-3487.                                                         Mark Boyden. 644-5535.                Washington - 1st cut hay, $1.75 a
                                                                               879-4269 or email                                                                                    Hyde Park - Hay, square bales,            bale, 2nd cut hay, $2.00 a bale.
                                                                                                                      early cut, $2/bale. 888-3994.           883-2364 or 479-9400.
   August 1, 2001                                                                                                                                                                        9

                                             HAY & FORAGE DIRECTORY
Williamstown - Corn silage, $30      Derby Line – 2000 hay: 1st cut        Florence - Atwood Farm - 4x5          Brownsville - Whitcomb Farm -          West Windsor – 200 wrapped
  per ton at farm. Delivery            round wrapped 4 X 4 bales;             net-wrapped round bales,             1000 bales leftover ’98 mixed          round bales, June cut, excellent
  available. 433-6177 or               2nd cut round wrapped 4 X 4            stored under cover. Can deliver.     timothy. Some dusty. $1 each.          quality. $25 per bales. Hastings
  433-5534, ask for Chip.              bales. Call for prices.                Call for information.                484-7564.                              Dairy Farm 484-9714.
                                       895-4242.                              483-2362.
Williamstown - Charles Carrier                                                                                   Barnard – Hay: 1st cut dry round
  Farm - Haylage in ag bags,         Greensboro - Y2K 4X4 wrapped          Pawlet – Feed for sale: Hay, 2nd        bales, $23 / bale. Square bales,     NEW HAMPSHIRE
  approximately 800 tons. For          round bales, $25 each loaded.         cut; haylage; corn silage. 325-       $2 / bale. Wrapped round
  information call 433-5330.           533-2964.                             3565 (days), 325-3376 (nights).       bales, $23 / bale. 457-2230.         Bath - Excellent quality 1st cut
                                                                                                                                                          house hay (timothy/orchard
                                     Greensboro – Year 2000 cut            Shrewsbury - 5X5 round bales,         Cavendish – 1st cut hay, $2.50/          mix) – 1,000 bales available.
ORLEANS COUNTY                         round dry bales for sale in the       not wrapped, organic, some            bale at farm. 226-7755.                $2.75/bale at the barn. 4' X 4'
                                       field. $20 each. Contact Gerald       second crop, will load. Reason-                                              round wrapped bales, 100 bales
Barton - 4000 bales first cut                                                                                    Chester - 1st and 2nd cut hay, $3/
                                       or Erna Bartlett at 533-2637 or       able. 492-3439.                                                              available. $25/bale at the farm.
  grass/clover hay. $2.50/bale.        533-2910.                                                                   bale. Mulch hay, 2500 bales, by
  Also, good horse or dairy hay,                                           Wells – hay – mixed grass, $1.35        the pickup or tractor trailer,         747-2795.
  timothy and clover. $1.80/bale.    Irasburg – Wrapped round bales,         per bale. 325-3064.                   $1.50/bale. 875-2031.                Bradford - Battles Farms - 199
  Delivery available. 525-8849.         $20 each. 754-8494.                                                                                               Quality hay. 1st thru 6th crops.
                                                                           Wells – 3rd cut haylage in            Hartland – Hay: square bales,
Barton - Hay, square bales, 1st &    Irasburg – 1999-2000 1st & 2nd          Harvestore. $20 a ton.                never wet, 1st cut, $1.50/bale;        All sizes of square and round
  2nd cut. Round bales, dry or          cutting, wrapped round bales.        645-1957.                             2nd cut, $2/bale. 436-2768 or          bales. All tested, at Burlington
  wrap, 1st & 2nd cut. Call for         William Lawson 754-8723.                                                   436-2366.                              VT. Proteins= 8% to 22%.
  information. 525-3645.                                                   WASHINGTON                                                                     RFV = 120 to 200. Baled
                                     Irasburg – Year 2000: 3,000 tons                                            Norwich – Square bales: timothy,         straw - string & wire. Bagged
Barton – 500 bales of 2nd cutting       corn silage; 2,000 tons 1st and    COUNTY                                  clover, alfalfa, limed and             shavings, 2.8 & 3.2 cu ft bags.
  dry grass-clover mixture, square      2nd cut haylage in bunker silo.                                            fertilized. $3 at the farm.            Good supply all year. Call for
  bales, $2.25 each. Also 1st           754-8776 or 334-7382.              Cabot - Caleb Pitkin - 3000 bales       649-1784.                              information. (603) 938-2241.
  cutting, dry, $1.75 per bale.                                              excellent quality grass hay, 1st,
                                     Irasburg – Round bales, 1st cut,        2nd & 3rd cut. $2.00/bale. 12       Perkinsville – Hay: in bales, never    Langdon - TMR ready Western
                                        $15 per bale. 754-8720.              wrapped round bales, $20 each.        rained on, June cut. $2.00 /           dairy alfalfa, 20+ protein, 165+
Brownington - Armand Brunelle                                                563-9965.                             bale at our barn. Leave                RFV. Contact Brown’s
                                     Newport Center – Three (3) agr
  – Mixed hay: square bales, 2500                                                                                  message for Dick at 263-5505           Hereford Farm (603)
                                       bags of 1st cut haylage for sale,   Calais – Standing hay, free for the
  bales. Delivery is available.                                                                                    or e-mail: richard.clattenburg         835-7866.
                                       $20 per ton. 334-6909.                taking. Call for details.
                                     North Troy - Gillian Byrne - 100        223-3653.                                                                  Langdon - Horse, Dairy, Beef and
Brownington - Scott Warthin,                                                                                     Pomfret - Cloudland Farm -               Mulch Hay for sale. Dairy Hay
                                       4x4 1st cut wrapped round           Graniteville - Richard Lambert –        4’X5' round bale silage, 1st cut
  Xanadu Beef - 640 square                                                                                                                                up to 24% protein. Ground
                                       bales mixed grass, cut mid-           Organic agbag silage and
  bales first cut hay, $1.80/bale.                                                                                 mixed grasses. $35 per bale.           and ready for mixer wagon.
                                       June. $25 each. 988-4059.             organic round baleage.
  334-6605.                                                                                                        457-1520.                              Analysis available. Brown’s
                                     North Troy – Hay, square bales          479-9614.                                                                    Hereford Farm, (603) 835-
Brownington – 800-900+ tons                                                                                      Reading - Year 2000 first-cut hay.
                                       early cut, $1.50/bale. Wrapped      Montpelier - Square bales early                                                7866 Delivered.
  haylage, 1” cut. Bunker-                                                                                         Can deliver. Allen 484-3325.
                                       round bales, $20/bale. Mulch          cut hay, $2 per bale. Near
  Brownington 754-6964. Can                                                                                                                             Walpole - 5000 bales first cut hay.
                                       bales, $1.00/bale. 988-4384.          Wrightsville Dam. Good place        Royalton – Mulch hay, $1.25 per
  deliver.                                                                                                         bale, 1st cut hay, $2.00 per bale.     $2.75 per bale. 603-756-4361.
                                     Orleans - 80-100 acres hay land         to load. Call Gerald Pease
Coventry – 6,000 bales of 1st cut                                            223-5815.                             July-cut, will load. 763-7443,
                                       available for lease. 754-6342.                                                                                   NEW YORK
  timothy and clover. Excellent                                                                                    please leave message.
  horse hay, $1.80 per bale.                                               Montpelier - Corn silage,
  334-2682.                          RUTLAND COUNTY                          haylage, wrapped round bales,       South Royalton – 300 bales nice        Crown Point - Vernon Lang –
                                                                             dry hay, 1st cut. 223-7853.           1st cut (June) grass hay for           5,500 square bales, brome,
Craftsbury - 200 wrapped, round      Benson – Large round bales, 500                                               horses, $1.50 per bale. Easy           timothy, clover mix. Call for
  bales, cut in June 2000.             lbs., and square bales, about 45    Plainfield – Mulch hay, $1.25/          loading. Some 2nd cut available        information. (518) 597-3502 ,
  Excellent quality. $22.00 per        lbs, for sale. Call for prices.        bale. Some horse hay, $2.25/         (less than 100 bales).                 (518) 597-3458 or (603) 529-
  bale (less for volume) 100+/-        537-3411.                              bale. 456-8846.                      763-7095.                              7999.
  wrapped round bales from last                                            Plainfield - 1st cutting July Hay,
                                     Benson – 1st cut square bales of                                            South Windsor – Clean shelled
  year. Good quality, $10 each.                                               mixed grasses. $1.75 Bale,           corn in 50 lb bags, $5.50 each;      QUEBEC
  Marcel Masse 586-2857.               hay, $1.75/ bale. Never wet,
                                       crude protein 7-8%, energy             square bales, cash sale.             20 or more, $5.00 each. Oak
Craftsbury - 1999 1st & 2nd cut        35-37.7% and crude fiber 31%.          454-7770.                            Knoll Dairy, Rt 5, South             Frelighsburg - Ferme Dormael
  square bales, excellent quality.     537-2255.                                                                   Windsor. 674-5426 between               Inc. - 10,000 bales 1st and 2nd
                                                                           Plainfield – hay for sale, square
  Call for information. Scott                                                 bales, excellent for everything      6-8 PM to check availability.           cut hay, $2-$3 per bale. 200
  Reed 586-9601.                     Benson – Large round bales, $10                                                                                       round bales, 4x4, 1st cut, $20
                                       per bale, while they last.             from cattle to horses. $1.50       Springfield - Kenneth Young -             per bale. Also mulch for sale.
Craftsbury – Hay: excellent, dry,      537-2271.                              per bale. Large quantities           Hay & Silage, delivery available.       (450) 298-5028.
  square bales, $2.00 per bale.                                               available. Call Romaine or           Call for information.
  586-7702.                          Cuttingsville – One hundred              Clyf. 454-8416.                      885-4000.
                                       (100) 5X5 round bales cut pre-
Craftsbury – approximately 620         bloom (Timothy). Good to            WINDHAM COUNTY
  T haylage/ corn mix. $25.00          balance corn for milkers. Not                                                            Check Your Listing!
  per ton / loaded. Will               rained on, price negotiable,        Dummerston - 4 X 4 Wrapped
  negotiate if you take all.           loaded. 492-3439.                     Balage. Alfalfa, Mixed Grass
  586-7531.                                                                                                           Please check your listing for accuracy. If you no
                                     Danby - Round wrapped bales:            and Orchard Grass. Also,
                                                                             Square Baled Hay available.            longer have hay for sale, please let us know. If you
Derby - Scott Warthin, Xanadu          alfalfa, clover, timothy, $30 a
  Beef - 1000 square bales first       bale; round wrapped 1st cut,          Delivery upon request. Please          have hay for sale and would like to advertise it
  cut hay, $1.80/bale. 334-6605.       $25 a bale. 293-5698.                 call Sweet Tree Farm,                  here, please call Sally Worthington at (802) 828-
                                                                             Dummerston, 254-4508.
Derby - Haylage 175 4X4              Danby - Mountain View Ranch -                                                  2416 or e-mail
  wrapped round bales, grass-          Round bales alfalfa mix, 1000       Rockingham – Mulch hay:
  legume mix, first cut, mostly        lb bales suitable for cows. $15-      square bales, 20-21 inches long,         Please note: The Hay & Forage Directory only
  baled in May 99. $15.00 each,        $25 each depending on                 $.50 each. 463-4601.
                                                                                                                    appears periodically in Agriview. You can also ad-
  or make an offer on the lot of       quantity. 293-5837.
  them. 873-3004.                                                          WINDSOR COUNTY                           vertise hay and other items for sale in the regular
                                     Danby – Mulch hay for sale, $.75                                               Marketplace classified ads. You can also find the
Derby - Early cut 4X4 wrapped          per bale. Smokey House              Andover - Pond Farm - Square             Hay & Forage Directory online at:
  round bales, $20 per bale.           Center, ask for Roxanne               bales, 1st & 2nd cut, fertilized
  Trucking available. 766-2677.        293-5121.                             fields. Call for information.
Derby – Year 2000 haylage: 130
  tons, $15/ton. 766-9249.
   10                                                                                                                                                                                   August 1, 2001

                                                                                   AG NEWS
More Thoughts On The Future of Beekeeping/
U.S. Govt. Announces Anti-Dumping Measures
                                        A Possible Solution                       the Dept. of Commerce and Inter-         uct in those countries. This is the       sold in small containers at the farm
                                                                                  national Trade Commission (ITC)          definition of dumping, which is           gate, farmers markets, etc,” Parise
                                            I believe there may be a solu-        on Sept 29, 2000 by the American         against U.S. trade law and the rules      said.
                                        tion to low prices. We need to cre-       Honey Producers Association              of world trade as set forth by the            “I feel it is very good news to
                                        ate a market for US honey. Further,       (AHPA) and the Sioux Honey As-           WTO.                                      the U.S. beekeeping industry as a
                                        I think now a perfect time for ac-        sociation (SHA).                             In regards to the anti-dumping        whole, and hope that the final de-
                                        tion. When I talk to people about             According to AHPA President          ruling, State Apiarist Steve Parise       termination will insure a higher
                                        bees, they always have the same           Richard Adee, whose organization         said it will primarily effect the com-    price for U.S. honey,” Parise added.
        The Flightpath                  comment. They may not know                represents about 800 domestic bee-       mercial beekeepers in Vermont that            The Commerce Department
                                        much about bees, but most do know         keepers, “The livelihoods of AHPA        sell the majority of honey in bulk,       will now begin the final phase of its
                                        the bees are in trouble. “How are         members depend on being able to          usually 55 gallon drums. Any price        antidumping duty investigation.
From the Vermont                                                                  sell their raw honey at a profit in      improvement these operations can          Concurrently, the ITC will begin
                                        your bees” they ask? “Aren’t all the
Beekeepers Association                  bees sick from some bug”? They all        our own market. The Commerce             get will surely help their bottom         the final phase of it’s injury investi-
                                        seem genuinely concerned how the          Department in essence confirmed          lines.                                    gation. Final determinations from
Editor’s Note: This edition begins      crops will get pollinated.                what we claimed in our petition:             “For the majority of VT bee-          both agencies will be issued before
with Part II of a piece from one St.        If companies like General Mills       that Argentine and Chinese honey         keepers that only have a few hives,       the end of the year.
Albans beekeeper who was com-           would advertise their products            is being sold here at prices far be-     this ruling will have little if any di-
menting on the biggest problems         “Made with US honey,” I think the         low the cost of producing the prod-      rect impact as most of this honey is
facing the industry in response to a    consumer would buy, if they felt a
question posed to an internet dis-
cussion group. Among the problems
cited were pests, parasites and dis-
                                        price increase would go toward
                                        keeping our bees healthy.
                                            The National Honey Board
                                                                                  Food Export USA and USDA
eases, loss of habitat spaces and
changing management practices in
the agricultural community. The last
                                        should follow the example set by
                                        Vermont. The ‘Buy Vermont’ pro-
                                        motion has worked wonders for Ver-
                                                                                  Offer New Export Opportunities
column concluded before this in-        mont food producers. Both demand          by Steve justis, Marketing Specialist    International Food & Ingredi-             tion with IBIE. Qualified buyers
dividual addressed what he felt to      and prices are up. The success of                                                  ents Europe (IFIE 2001) will take         from Colombia, Mexico and the
be the biggest problem facing the       the promotion program is what has             Food Export USA Northeast,           place November 5-7 in London.             Republic of Korea will be meeting
beekeeping industry. That discussion    kept this producer in business.           USDA and the Vermont Depart-             The show is Europe’s leading exhi-        with U.S. suppliers in controlled,
resumes below.)                                                                   ment of Agriculture are presenting       bition for food ingredients, semi-        one-on-one settings.
                                           Bill, hope this helps,                 four new opportunities for current       finished products, product develop-
Our Biggest                                Mike                                   and prospective exporters.               ment and related services.                    Food Export USA also recently
Problem Is . . .                                                                      Food Export USA is the regional                                                announced a new on-line applica-
                                                                                                                           Americas Food & Beverage IV
                                           In answer to Mike’s “prayers”          agricultural export organization rep-                                              tion for its branded products export
                                                                                                                           will occur in Miami, November 28-
    . . . the biggest problems facing   some government help has arrived.         resenting Vermont and nine other                                                   program. For more information on
                                                                                                                           29. This show, which targets Latin        these and other export activities or
beekeepers is low prices. When I                                                  states in the northeast.                 America and the Caribbean Basin,
                                                                                      The upcoming opportunities                                                     issues, contact Steve Justis, Vermont
started in 1974, bulk honey (in the     Antidumping Duties                                                                 in its fourth year, includes retail and
55 gal. barrel) sold for $.55-.60/lb.                                             include:                                                                           Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Mar-
                                        on Argentina and                                                                   foodservice sectors.
                                                                                                                                                                     kets, 116 State St., Montpelier, VT
At that time, we received a $.17 sub-   China Announced                           Grocery Innovations Canada,              The International Bakery Indus-           05620-2901, or telephone (802)
sidy from the government. The Na-
tional Honey Board was formed to                                                  held October 21-23, 2001 in              try Exposition Buyers’ Mission            828-3827.
promote honey and increase con-
                                        Adapted from Bee Culture                  Toronto, is considered Canada’s pre-     will take place in Chicago and Las
sumption. We were charged $.01/         magazine                                  mier grocery industry show.              Vegas, September 10-13 in conjunc-
lb which came out of the subsidy.
    Trouble was, they didn’t promote
US honey. Consumption went up
                                            The U.S. honey industry, battling
                                        for its life against huge amounts of
                                                                                  Armyworm (continued from page 1)
in manufactured foods like cereals      low-priced honey from Argentina           they could safely be fed to animals      stances of misapplication.                of weeks. One of the key things that
and salad dressings. Where would        and China, applauded the recent           with no impact on animal or hu-              “I want to praise the outstand-       Vermonters will be watching is a
General Foods get their honey? The      announcement of antidumping du-           man health.                              ing job done by the Department’s,         special appropriation of $25 million
cheapest place they could. China        ties on imports from the two coun-            As a result, both federal agencies   Plant Industry staff who not only         that was added by Sen. Patrick Leahy
was that place.                         tries.                                    agreed that the grass forage crops       discovered the improper application       (see story p. 12) to an economic as-
    The Chinese shipped honey to            As determined by the U.S. Dept.       could be used on the farms where         of Lorsban® and Warrior® but who          sistance package for farmers.
the US for $.35/lb, below their pro-    of Commerce, the preliminary an-          they were grown, but just could not      also found a way to make it possible          Also still to be seen, according
duction costs. For awhile the sub-      tidumping duties for Argentine ex-        be sold or otherwise used off the        for the affected hay to be used which     to Kerr, is how the rest of the year
sidy saved us. Then the government      porters range between 50% and             farm. The result is that the vast ma-    helped further minimize the impact        turns out in terms of hay cuts. Nor-
ended the subsidy, but kept the pro-    61%, and the duties for Chinese           jority of the crop which had been        on farmers,” said Agriculture Com-        mally, crop disaster programs go into
motion program. We now had to pay       exporters range between 37% and           mistreated could still be used.          missioner Leon Graves.                    effect when a 35% loss for the en-
the penny out of pocket.                184%. The duties are now being                In an effort to combat the ar-           Graves noted that there are two       tire season is reached. Even if an
    The US honey industry sued the      imposed on all honey imports from         myworm infestation, and prior to         important things for farmers to keep      entire second cut was lost, it might
Chinese through the International       the two named countries.                  the discovery that Warrior® and          in mind                                   not constitute a 35% loss for the
Trade Commission, and won. The              Additionally, for all but five Chi-   Lorsban® were being used on grass                                                  season assuming that as much as 50%
price of bulk honey rose to $1.00/      nese exporters, the Commerce De-                                                     • Farmers should wait at least 30
                                                                                  forages, the Agriculture Department                                                of the year’s total comes from the
lb, and the retail price almost         partment will retroactively impose        had obtained an emergency exemp-           days before feeding any treated         first cut and approximately 25%
doubled. The price of bee supplies      antidumping duties to February                                                       forage to animals
                                                                                  tion from EPA for the product Con-                                                 comes from both the second and
and queens went up accordingly.         because these exporters (and several      firm 2F® specifically for use on           • Farmers cannot sell or transfer       third cuts.
    The following year, Argentina       U.S. importers) surged imports into       grasses.                                   the affected hay or haylage to an-          Kerr said that statewide the first
came online in a big way. The food      the U.S. prior to Commerce’s de-              In an effort to prevent future         other farm (that they do not own)       cut, for the most part, was deter-
processors and honey packers could      termination in order to beat the          problems, Plant Industry officials         or in any way move it into inter-       mined to be normal or near nor-
get all the cheap honey they wanted.    imposition of the duties. (This           will be working closely with certi-        state commerce.                         mal. As such, it will not be until af-
Bulk honey prices fell back to the      means that those U.S. importers           fied applicators in the coming weeks                                               ter the third cut where determina-
mid 50’s or lower. The cost of sup-     with honey already here from these        to determine the root of why the                                                   tions can be made about loss for the
                                        Chinese exporters will be required
                                                                                                                           What’s Next?
plies didn’t go down though. Nei-                                                 stands were mistreated and to in-                                                  season.
ther did the price of honey at the      to pay this duty on honey they now        form these applicators about the                                                       Kerr said that many of the finan-
                                                                                                                               According to FSA’s Kerr, there
retail level. Who was making all the    have on hand.)                            Confirm2F® exemption. With this                                                    cial questions should be answered
                                                                                                                           will be a much better idea of what
money? Not the beekeeper. Some-             This announcement is the result       exemption as an option, there                                                      in the next couple of weeks, par-
                                        of an unfair trade action filed with                                               is happening in terms of financial
thing has to change.                                                              should be no reason for future in-       relief for farmers in the next couple     ticularly after the emergency mea-
                                                                                                                                                                     sure is voted on by the full Senate.
   August 1, 2001                                                                                                                                                                                              11

                                    VERMONT VEGETABLE & BERRY PAGE
Compiled by Vern Grubinger,                 growing so fast they’re scaring the                                                 or people as well. Try to stay out of        Come see research on organic
University of Vermont Extension             neighbors, autumn seems a long way                                                  the tomatoes when the plants are          corn management, and organic op-
                                            off. Not a bad growing year so far.                                                 wet from rain or dew. Copper sprays       tions for cuke beetle and flea beetle
(802) 257-7967 or
                                                                                                                                with a fungicide will slow the dis-       control, as well as trials of Asian crops                    (E. Hartland) Survived onslaughts                                                   ease but not stop it. Avoid high pres-    for ethnic markets.
                                            of armyworm and hail in early July,                                                 sure spraying as this will also help         Call (413) 545-3696 or visit
Reports From The                            now in the mid-summer doldrums:                                                     spread the disease.              for more
Field (as of July 31)                       no field tomatoes and the green-                                                                                              info.
                                            house tomatoes are winding down.                                                       Late blight symptoms are large,
(Castleton) I’m having a very good              Crops look good although the                                                    black lesions the size of a half dollar   Open-Pollinated,
summer so far. We did have some             last heat wave benefitted crabgrass                                                 with a white ring around the edge,        Disease Resistant
nasty hail a few weeks ago. Since           more than vegetables. We are weed-                                                  on the leaves and stems. Often there
                                            ing and de-budding our June plant-                                                  is white fuzzy growth on the leaf
                                                                                                                                                                          Vegetable Field Day
then the onions started some white
spotting, now identified as Botrytis        ing of strawberries. Finished reno-       infected last year.                       undersides. Wet conditions and
                                                                                                                                                                          When/Where: Ithaca, NY, Septem-
leaf blight. One variety of red seed        vating the old beds. Some buck-                                                     moderate temperatures (60 to 80 F)
                                                                                                                                                                          ber 8, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
onions are the worst but all seed and       wheat planted on July 15, from here            Early blight shows up in almost      increase the threat. Growers with a
set onions are starting to show it.         on it will be field peas and triticale    all fields to some extent. Early blight   history of late blight in the farm
                                                                                                                                                                              The day offers growers the
                                            or winter rye plus hairy vetch.           is promoted by the stress of heavy        should be on a weekly schedule of
                                                                                                                                                                          chance to talk with a group of
(W. Rutland) Well I’ve read about               Spraying for cabbage worms in         fruit set and hot conditions; nitro-      protective fungicide in order to keep
                                                                                                                                                                          Cornell University vegetable breed-
‘em, seen ‘em on the TV but they            crucifers and early blight in field to-   gen deficiency makes it worse.            new plant growth protected, the dis-
                                            matoes. Extensive hail damage in fall                                               ease will knock down a field quickly.     ers that are renewing their empha-
ain’t here yet. Kind of getting dis-                                                  Bronze-colored lesions start on the                                                 sis on open-pollinated vegetable
couraged—no army worms. I’m all             vine crops almost prompted me to          lower leaves and move up the plant.                                                 varieties for the Northeast. A wide
ready with a new jug of 7XLR+               harrow them up and plant rye but          Look closely at the spots to see con-        If you need help with disease
                                            our family went away during the                                                     identification call me, or call Ann       variety of field trials will be open
and there is nothing to spray, better                                                 centric rings within the lesion. Wet                                                for visits and breeders will be on
luck next time.                             heat wave of July 22-25 and I’m           conditions (rain, dew or overhead         Hazelrigg at the Plant Diagnostic
                                                                                                                                                                          hand to discuss them. For more info:
   Speaking of no spraying I never          amazed how they regenerated, but          irrigation) favor fungal spread.          Lab (802) 656-0493. An excellent
                                                                                                                                                                          Brian Caldwell, Cornell Extension,
had any flea beetles on the broccoli        the crop will still be very late.                                                   web site with vegetable disease fact
                                                                                                                                sheets and photos is www.                 (607)          687-4020           or
or miners in the beets. I have seen                                                       Septoria leaf spot is also show-                                      
no moth flights in the sweet corn. I        (Argyle, NY) This is more of an all       ing up in more and more fields. The
know they are coming but its nice           points bulletin than a report from        spots are small with a gray or brown      cropindex.htm
not having to spray, instead I keep         the field as Paul had a tractor acci-                                                                                         New Sweet Corn
                                                                                      edge. Septoria spots are usually more
harvesting the speed beef that at-          dent 2 weeks ago and broke his leg        rounded than spots caused by bac-         Diversified Herb And                      Video Available
tempt to mow all my fields. Saw             badly (4 month recovery). We are          terial diseases. Septoria can also be     Vegetable Workshop
moose tracks in the corn yesterday,         desperately seeking some help over        better controlled with fungicides                                                       Farmers and their Ecological Sweet
must be bulldozer beef.                     the next 8 weeks to help us manage        than bacterial diseases. Alternating      When/Where: Wednesday, August             Corn Production Practices is a 42-
                                            our farm.                                 sprays of Bravo with Quadris can          8, 6 - 8 p.m., Habondia Farm,             minute video on innovative produc-
(S. Royalton #1) My potato plants              If anyone has an intern or ambi-       provide good control of both early                                                  tion practices for sweet corn. It fea-
have looked great all year but had          tious worker we could borrow for          blight and Septoria.                                                                tures 10 farmers from 5 northeast-
no tuber development until three            even a day or 2 anytime over that             Organic growers should use cop-       Directions: Take Rte. 12 North            ern states, and was produced by Vern
weeks ago, now they are huge and            time frame, we would be most              per to help control the disease. Re-      from Montpelier for about 10 miles.       Grubinger, University of Vermont
numerous. Have other growers ob-            grateful. We have wonderful hous-         member that you are protecting            After a sweeping turn to the right        Extension and Ruth Hazzard, Uni-
served this? Field tomatoes just            ing, can feed them, and are willing       healthy tissue. As the plant grows,       with multiple yellow arrow signs,         versity of Massachusetts Extension.
coming in, a week behind last year.         to pay. Our farm has a lot to offer       new tissue is exposed that will need      look for Shady Rill Rd. on left just          Topics covered in the video are:
Melons looking good should be               and we look forward to hearing            protection, so spray regularly, and       after the hump of the hill. Turn left     Hairy Vetch as a Cover Crop, Or-
picking soon.                               from anyone that would like to ex-        before there is significant crop in-      onto Shady Rill Rd. and follow for        ganic Soil Fertility, Soil Heat Moni-
                                            perience it.                              jury if you want good results.            about one mile to Wood St. on the         tor, Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Test, Float-
(S. Royalton #2) Finally a few                 Paul and Sandy Arnold                                                            right. Take a right and go over the       ing Row Cover, Scouting for Eu-
minutes to sit and write. Dry! Irri-        ( phone:                  Bacterial canker symptoms in-         bridge, bearing right up the hill.        ropean Corn Borer, Getting Good
gation pond is at critical low point        518-638-6501)                             clude stunting, wilting, development      Farm is one mile from beginning           Spray Coverage, Mechanical Culti-
haven’t been able to irrigate enough                                                  of open stem cankers and fruit le-        of the road (a big white farm house       vation for Weed Control, Spraying
on new transplants or to get good           (Nantucket, MA) Conditions here           sions. When stems are split open          on the left, set back on a hill with      Bt for European Corn Borer,
germination on newly seeded                 have been dry, irrigating dawn til        there is a thin, reddish-brown dis-       fields in front). For more info call      Banded Herbicide Application,
greens especially lettuce. Fruit set        dusk, no rain in sight. Crops are ex-     coloration of the vascular tissue, es-    NOFA-VT at (802) 434-4122.                Mapping Fields for P and K Fertili-
on melons is late and it’s both late        cellent for the most part. We had a       pecially at the base of the plant.                                                  zation, Pesticide Mixing and Load-
                                                                                                                                   Learn about the 10 herb and            ing Facility, Crop Consultant,
and poor on eggplant and peppers.           Septoria episode which wiped out          Spots on fruit are relatively small,      vegetable seed crops grown for High
CPB hasn’t been bad but not                 the better part of three lettuce crops.   usually surrounded by a white halo                                                  Trichogramma ostriniae for Corn
                                                                                                                                Mowing Seed Co., and about the
enough water to get potatoes to fill        Picked corn on the 15th of July, the      (“bird’s-eye” spots). Canker bacte-                                                 Borer, and ‘ Zea-Later’ Oil Applica-
                                                                                                                                wholesale of culinaries for local res-
out well. Some TPB damage on let-           earliest ever for us.                     ria may also invade internal fruit tis-                                             tor for Corn Earworm.
                                                                                                                                taurants. Discussion will include             Each video costs $15, postage-
tuce especially green leaf, it could           It was under plastic and planted       sues, causing a yellow to brown           Habondia’s budding herbal and
also be getting some of the pepper          on April 22. Corn is clean as moth        breakdown.                                                                          paid within the continental US. To
                                                                                                                                flower essence business.
and eggplant blossoms. Farmers              pressure has been low, something to           Rogue out and destroy indi-                                                     order, contact the Center for Sus-
market sales are strong but we need         be happy about. Harvesting egg-           vidual plants that exhibit these                                                    tainable Agriculture (802) 656-5459
rain to get fall crops off to good start.   plant, peppers and cherry tomatoes.                                                 UMASS Vegetable                           or
                                                                                      symptoms. Copper sprays can be
                                            Field tomatoes are starting to turn       used to limit the spread of disease       Research Farm
(Dummerston) Finally warm                   but weather has been cool and foggy,      when the incidence is low.                Meeting
enough to start ripening the bananas        so blight is likely to follow.
here in southern Vermont, will start                                                                                            When: August 21, 5:00 - 7:30 p.m.,
                                                                                          Bacterial speck is being re-          Deerfield, MA.
picking in a few days. Where the            Field Tomato Diseases                     ported throughout eastern NY.
heck are all the bugs? Did I do                                                       Look for small black spots scattered
                                            (adapted from Cornell and Ohio
something right? Corn borer and
earworm populations low, potato             Extension)
                                                                                      on leaves and stems. Spots on the
                                                                                      leaves usually have a yellow ring
                                                                                                                                       Visit the Vermont Vegetable
beetle gone after a couple applica-            The most common field tomato           around them and leaves with a lot                  and Berry Page Online!
tions of B.t., leafhopper’s relatively      diseases in Vermont are early blight      of spots usually turn yellow and fall
light, cucumber beetle flying a few         (Alternaria) and Septoria leaf spot.      off. This disease is seed borne and
solo sorties, armyworm absent with-         There is a significant amount of both     when wet weather comes along, the                  • Fact Sheets
out leave.                                  these fungal diseases this year. Bac-     disease can really get going. Fruit
    The bugs must be leaving town           terial diseases are also showing up       will have tiny black specks on them                • Previous editons of the V&B Page
before the blights arrive. Time for         to a lesser degree, and there is an       and not be marketable. Splashing
one more cuke, summer squash and                                                      water from heavy rains will spread
                                                                                                                                         • And More!
                                            unconfirmed report of late blight on
bean planting. Still time for plenty        tomato in southern Vermont, possi-        the disease easily.
of cool weather crops although with                                                       When the leaves are wet, bacte-
temps in the 90s and summer squash
                                            bly carried over from a potato crop
                                                                                      rial speck is easily spread by tractors
   12                                                                                                                                                                                          August 1, 2001

                                                                                       AG NEWS

U.S. Senate Ag Committee
Approves Farm Aid Package                                                                                                                                  In Brief
from NASDA News and other                  Northeast this year, with some farm-      assistance package last week. Law-           Governors Call Upon                          Once begun, the air drop will last
staff reports                              ers reporting losses of more than 40      makers are trying to speed action on                                                   about three days; hand placement in
                                           percent of feed crop for the winter.      the legislation because the money
                                                                                                                                  Congress To Approve                       more populated areas, like St. Albans
                                               Almost every Vermont county           must be distributed by September             Dairy Compacts                            City, will take up to a week.
    By a vote of 12-9, the Senate Ag-
riculture Committee has approved           has been affected by the insect in        30, 2001. The measure now goes to                                                         The baits are not harmful to
                                           the past few weeks. Distribution of       the full Senate for consideration.               In late July, governors represent-    people, pets or wildlife. Anyone
a $7.5 billion 2001 crop year eco-
                                           funds, if the bill is enacted, will de-                                                ing states that have passed dairy         with questions about rabies or the
nomic assistance package for farm-
                                           pend upon assessments of the ex-          Specific Breakdowns                          compact legislation sent a letter to      bait drop can call the Vermont Ra-
                                           tent of the damages in the states af-                                                  members of Congress urging them           bies         Hotline:          (800)
    The congressional budget reso-
lution only provided for $5.5 bil-         fected.                                        The legislation would provide 85        to “respectfully honor the will of        4-RABIES (1-800-472-2437).
                                                                                     percent of last year’s market loss as-       the states and ratify federal approval
lion for emergency farm assistance
                                           Other Provisions                          sistance payments to major crop pro-         of dairy compacts.”                       Hay Quality Workshop
this year and the White House is-
                                                                                     ducers including $423 million to                 “The successful operation of the      To Be Held In Grafton
sued a veto threat over the spend-
                                               The Senate bill provides $5.4         producers of oilseeds, $54.2 million         Northeast Dairy Compact demon-
ing amount.
                                           billion to double Freedom to Farm         to peanuts producers, $16.9 for wool         strates how states, working collec-
                                                                                                                                  tively, can implement regionally              A Hay Quality Workshop will be
Leahy and Allies Add                       payments based on 1999 levels and         and mohair producers, $84.7 to pro-                                                    held at the Windham Foundation in
                                           includes assistance to a wide vari-       ducers and first handlers of cotton-         based solutions to local and state
$25 Million In Army                        ety of farmers including oilseed and      seed, and $129 million in supple-            problems at no cost to the govern-        Grafton, Vermont from 10:00 a.m.
Worm Relief                                                                                                                       ment,” said Governor Howard               to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, August
                                           cottonseed producers. The legisla-        mental payments to tobacco quota                                                       18. The class is designed to provide
                                           tion also extends the dairy price         holders.                                     Dean.
                                                                                                                                      Arkansas Governor Mike                the knowledge necessary to buy or
    As part of the national farm di-       support program and expands emer-              Most significantly, is the assistance                                             make high quality hay. It will be a
saster relief emergency farm bill,         gency loan eligibility to energy costs    provided to specialty crops because,         Huckabee, who with Dean co-
                                                                                                                                  founded the Governor’s Council            “hands-on” class with several
The Senate Agriculture Commit              and costs of energy-intensive sup-        for the first time, some of the money
                                                                                                                                  For Interstate Compacts, said, “the       samples of hay of different quality.
approved funding for farmers hit by        plies such as fertilizer.                 will be distributed as block grants                                                    Each sample will have been tested
army worm infestations, in a provi-            Although most of the money            to states. The bill provides $169 mil-       overwhelming support for compacts
                                                                                                                                  from governors of so many states          for nutrient content. This will al-
sion led by former Committee               would go to market assistance pay-        lion in the following manner:
                                                                                                                                  gives Congress a compelling reason        low participants to compare each
Chair Sen. Patrick Leahy.                  ments, the measure also provides an
                                                                                                                                  to take action and pass the dairy         sample with its respective forage
    Leahy and allies from other states     additional $542 million for conser-          (a) $10 million for direct and in-                                                  test.
hurt by the caterpillar’s onslaught,       vation programs including $250            direct costs related to processing,          compacts.”
                                                                                                                                      The Northeast Dairy Compact               To register for the class, send $25
added the $25 million in compen-           million for the Environmental             transportation, and distribution of
                                                                                                                                  is scheduled to expire on Septem-         per farm made out to UVM Ex-
sation for damages caused by army          Quality Incentives Program (EQIP),        commodities;                                                                           tension and mail to Hay Quality
worms to the Emergency Agricul-            $44 million for technical assistance                                                   ber 30 of this year. Currently, 25
                                                                                                                                  states are seeking Cogressional ap-       Workshop, UVM Extension, 278 S.
ture Assistance Act of 2001. The bill      for the Conservation Reserve Pro-            (b) a $500,000 grant to each state
                                                                                                                                  proval of dairy compacts while sev-       Main St. #2, St. Albans, VT 05478
will now go to the Senate floor for        gram (CRP), and $200 million for          and $1 million for Puerto Rico to                                                      by August 10, 2001. Please indicate
a full vote. Sen. Jim Jeffords also sup-   the Wetlands Reserve Program              promote agriculture; and                     eral other states have expressed in-
                                                                                                                                  terest in beginning their own.            how many will attend. The class will
ported the provision and helped            (WRP).                                                                                                                           be led by Chet Parsons, UVM Ex-
Leahy build the coalition that sup-            During the committee session,             (c) allocates the remaining $134                                                   tension sheep specialist.
ported the measure.                        former Chairman Richard Lugar             million as block grants to states based      Rabies Bait Drop
    “These voracious worms have            (R-Ind.) strongly opposed the $2          on the value of production of spe-           To Start August 6
wreaked havoc on Vermont farms.
                                                                                                                                                                            Date Announced For
                                           billion funding increase. He said it      cialty crops in relation to the national
This relief is intended to help out        would bust the budget and take away       value of specialty crop production.                                                    Second Annual Hyde
                                                                                                                                       A rabies research project will re-
the farmers who have been hurt by          money from FY02 supplemental as-                                                       sume next week with an oral rabies        Park Herb Festival
the worm’s sneak attack,” said Leahy.      sistance. On a 12 to 9 party-line            States receiving these grants must        vaccine bait drop across northern
    “We will continue working with         vote, the Committee defeated an           agree to give a priority to specialty        Vermont. Weather permitting, the              This year’s Hyde Park Herb Fes-
the other senators to ensure our           amendment offered by Lugar that           crops as a condition of receiving the        state’s sixth rabies bait drop will be-   tival will be held on September 8
farmers get some help to recover.”         would have kept the spending pack-        grant.                                       gin August 6.                             from 9:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m. for a com-
    An outbreak of army worms has          age to the $5.5 billion level. The                                                          Towns included in the bait drop      munity celebration of herbs and
been particularly devastating in the       House approved a $5.5 billion farm                                                     are (by county): Caledonia —              herbal practitioners at Zack Woods
                                                                                                                                  Burke, Newark, Sutton; Chittenden         Herb Farm.
                                                                                                                                                                                Local teachers will cover topics
Planning For Fall Vermont                                                                                                         — Milton; Essex — Bloomfield,
                                                                                                                                  Brighton, Brunswick, Canaan,
                                                                                                                                  Ferdinand, Granby, Lemington,
                                                                                                                                                                            such as aromatherapy, cooking with
                                                                                                                                                                            herbs, flower essences, wild crafting,

Products Insert Underway                                                                                                          Lewis, Maidstone, Norton, Warren
                                                                                                                                  Gore, Warner’s Grant; Franklin —
                                                                                                                                  Bakersfield, Berkshire, Enosburg,
                                                                                                                                                                            herb farming, medicinal mushrooms
                                                                                                                                                                            and natural cosmetics. Demonstra-
                                                                                                                                                                            tions, herb walks and classes for the
                                                                                                                                  Enosburg Falls, Fairfax, Fairfield,       whole family will be offered amidst
by Steve Justis                            Products— New Partners” program           cool weather of autumn. Apples,                                                        body workers, belly dancers, ven-
                                                                                                                                  Fletcher, Franklin, Georgia,
Marketing Specialist                       in September 2000. At that time,          pumpkins and cheddar cheese are,             Highgate, Montgomery, Richford,           dors, delicious wholesome food and
                                           150,000 copies of the flyer detail-       of course, some of the products that         St. Albans City, St. Albans Town,         great live bluegrass music by Burnt
                                           ing the new program were distrib-         come to mind in autumn. A special            Sheldon, Swanton; Grand Isle - all        Turnip. Kids of all ages are certain
    A new four-color publication,
                                           uted throughout Vermont, as inserts       2-page spread is being planned for                                                     to learn a lot about the wondrous
Vermont Harvest, is being prepared                                                                                                towns; Lamoille — Belvidere,
                                           in major daily newspapers, as well        maple syrup and other maple prod-            Cambridge, Eden, Waterville; Or-          world of herbs.
for distribution after Labor Day. The
                                           as through major tourism channels.        ucts.                                        leans — Albany, Barton,                       Registration is $20.00 for adults;
new publication, which will be dis-
                                           The printing run for Vermont Har-             Since last year, the number of                                                     children 10 yrs old & above,$10.00;
tributed as a free-standing insert                                                                                                Brownington, Charleston, Coven-
                                           vest will be 180,000                      participants in the Vermont Seal of          try, Craftsbury, Derby, Derby Cen-        Children under 10 are admitted free.
(FSI) in newspapers around the state
                                                                                     Quality program has grown from               ter, Derby Line, Glover, Holland,             The event will be a fund-raiser
will feature the Vermont Seal of
                                           Contact Us Now To Be                      180 to over 500. To obtain specifi-          Irasburg, Jay, Lowell, Morgan, New-       for the VT Herb Growers Associa-
Quality “New Products— New
                                           A Part of It!                             cations for coupons, or more infor-                                                    tion. Folks are invited to attend just
Partners” program, as well as a broad                                                                                             port Town, Newport City, North
                                                                                     mation on Vermont Harvest, contact           Troy, Orleans, Troy, Westfield,           the music for a small fee starting at
range of Vermont agricultural prod-
                                                                                     Steve Justis at (802) 828-3827 or            Westmore.                                 5:00 p.m.
ucts and issues.                              Vermont companies are invited
                                                                                                                                               For more information or to reg-
    Vermont Harvest will be similar        to participate in the new FSI. The                                                          Vaccine, in the form of fish-
                                           easiest way is to provide a product           For information on joining the           scented bait, will be dropped from        ister, contact Melanie Slick at (802)
in nature to the Farm Fresh Gazette
                                                                                     Vermont Seal of Quality Program,             aircraft in rural areas and placed by     888-7278            or        e-mail
which was widely distributed in            coupon, typically for a discount on
                                                                                     contact Sally at (802) 828-2416 or                                           
Vermont newspapers this spring.            a product purchase.                                                                    hand in large residential areas, at the
                                                                                     visit our website:
    Agriculture Commissioner Leon               Vermont Harvest will feature                                                      density of 155 baits per square mile.
C. Graves first announced the “New         products and topics relating to the

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