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                    Chairperson: Michal Hembd, 299-8276
                                 Clovis CA 93611

Application Deadline: April 15                              Audition: TBA

$300 is available for scholarships for qualified students who currently study with members of the
Fresno County Branch of the MTAC. The maximum amount of any one scholarship will be
$200. To qualify a student must:

       1. Demonstrate need and talent

       2. Audition – Perform three pieces from different style periods. Two of the pieces must
          be memorized. Student must be at the equivalent of Certificate of Merit Level 3 or

        3. Be recommended by his or her teacher.
NOTE: After a student has received two scholarships, she/he will be ineligible to apply until a
senior in high school

Emergency Scholarships will be paid from the interest in the Memorial Scholarship Fund. The
following guidelines will be used by the board when considering applications for emergency

       1. The student must have two consecutive years of study with an MTAC teacher.

       2. There will be a $100 limit per student per request.

       3. There will be a limit of two requests per year per teacher; the second request could be
          a renewal.

       4. Emergency scholarships are available to needy students. MTAC will pay 1/3 of the
          teacher’s fees, the parents will pay 1/3, and the teacher absorbs 1/3. See the
          Scholarship Chairperson for more specific rules.

       5. A statement from the student or the parents regarding their need for the scholarship is

The Fresno County Branch MTAC Board will make the final decision on the number and
amount of scholarships to be awarded. All applications must be made through the Scholarship
Chairperson for information about the $500 CSUF, the $500 FPU scholarship, and the $200
MTA Fresno County Branch Scholarship (formerly the “Alex Molnar Scholarship”) at Fresno
City College.
                     SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION
                     Music Teachers' Association of California
                             Fresno County Branch

                    Application Deadline for Audition Scholarships: April 15
        Applications for Emergency Scholarships may be made before any Board Meeting.

Date of Application _______________________________________________________________
Parents' Name(s) ________________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________
Telephone _______________________________
Student's Name _________________________________________________________________
Age __________________________ Year in School ___________________________________

How long has student studied with an MTAC teacher? ___________________________________

Student's current level (Certificate of Merit Level if possible) _____________________________

Musical background and participation ________________________________________________
State briefly reasons for need _______________________________________________________

Type of scholarship desired ________________________________________________________

If an Emergency Scholarship, state teacher's monthly fee _________________________________

Teacher's Address ______________________________ Phone __________________________

Student Recommended by (teacher) __________________________________________________

Signature of Responsible Adult _____________________________________________________