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					                             CLINICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE
                             2010 SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION

SCHOLARSHIP/AMOUNT               ELIGIBILITY                                   APPLICATION
ALPHA MU TAU FRATERNITY          *Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or a        Application materials are available
SCHOLARSHIPS                     permanent resident of the United States       online at:
Dorothy Morrison Undergraduate   *Applicants must have been accepted           asp or in the Health Sciences Office.
Scholarship $2,000.00 (1)        into a NAACLS accredited program in
                                 Clinical Laboratory Science to include
Ruth M. French Scholarship       Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical           DEADLINE: April 1st
$3,000.00 (1)                    Technology, Clinical Laboratory
                                 Technician/Medical Laboratory
AMTF Undergraduate Scholarship   Technician, or in the case of AMTF
up to $1,500                     scholarships, Cytotechnology or
ASCLS Education and Research
Fund up to $1,500 (3)            *Applicants must be entering or in their
                                 last year of study

AMERICAN MEDICAL                 *Applicant must be enrolled in a              Either download the application or
TECHNOLOGISTS                    regionally accredited college or              complete it online at:
                                 university in the US;
AMT Scholarship Awards           *Applicant’s course of study MUST lead
$500 (5)                         to a career in one of the disciplines         Applications are also available in the
                                 certified by the American Medical             Health Sciences Office.
Technical Writing Awards         Technologists;
1st - $200                       *Applicants pursing careers other than        DEADLINE: April 1st
2nd - $165                       those certified by the AMT will not be
3rd - $135                       accepted;
                                 * Application must be typed to be
                                 *Applicant must provide evidence of
                                 financial need and career goal.

AMERICAN PROFICIENCY             *Only Junior or Senior Medical                Download the application at:
INSTITUTE $2000 (5)              Technology students are eligible    

                                                                               DEADLINE: November 13

AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR             ASCP Scholarship:                             APPLICATIONS MATERIALS
CLINICAL PATHOLOGISTS            * Student must be enrolled in a               WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER
(ASCP)                           NAACLS or CAAHELP accredited                  MARCH 1st.
STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP              program and in their final clinical year at
                                 a MT program                                   Download the applications at:
$1,000 – ASCP Scholarship (50)   *Student must be a U.S. citizen or

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                                      permanent resident                 
                                      *Student must also have a minimum of a       scholarships.aspx.
                                      2.8 GPA on a 4.0 scale (HT applicants
                                      have no minimum GPA requirement)             Applications and information will be
                                      Siemens Healthcare Student: *Student         available in the Health Sciences
$1,000 – Siemens Healthcare Student   must be enrolled in a NAACLS                 Office as soon as it is available.
        Scholarship (50)              accredited program and be in the third or
                                      fourth year of education by the              DEADLINE for each of these
                                      application close date                       scholarships is November 1st
                                      *Student must be a U.S. citizen or
                                      permanent resident
                                      *Student must also have a minimum of a
                                      2.8 GPA on a 4.0 scale

$2,000 – Siemens Healthcare Legacy    Siemens Healthcare Legacy:
        Scholarship                   *Student must be enrolled in a NAACLS
                                      accredited program and be in the third or
                                      fourth year of education by the
                                      application close date
                                      * Student must be the child, grandchild,
                                      or sibling of certified MT/CLS or
                                      *Student must be a U.S. citizen or
                                      permanent resident
                                      *Student must also have a minimum of a
                                      2.8 GPA on a 4.0 scale

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF                   *Candidates must have completed the          Download the application at:
CYTOPATHOLOGY                         first 6 months of the 12-month     
                                      Cytotechnology program with every            e/article.asp?id=294
Geraldine Colby Zeiler Award for      intention of completing the program
Students of Cytotechnology            *Awards are based on academic
$1,000 (5)                            performance, and microscopic and             DEADLINE: June 1st, 2010
                                      diagnostic skills, leadership ability,
                                      initiative, acceptance of responsibility,
                                      dedication and relationship with
                                      *Application must be submitted within
                                      one month after completing the first six
                                      months of training in the program

ASCLS (American Society for           *Student must be a minority and              Download application and
Clinical Laboratory Science)          enrolled in a NAACLS accredited              information at:
FORUM FOR CONCERNS OF                 program in clinical lab science to include
MINORITIES                            Clinical Lab Science/Medical                 asp
UNDERGRADUATE                         Technology/ or Clinical Laboratory
SCHOLARSHIP (2)                       Technician/Medical Laboratory                The information and application are
                                      Technician Program                           also available in the Health Sciences
                                      *Student must demonstrate evidence of        Office.
                                      financial need
                                                                                   DEADLINE: April 1st

ASCLS (American Society for           *Student must be a current member of         Download application and
Clinical Laboratory Science)          ASCLS and enrolled in a NAACLS               information at:
STUDENT PAPER AWARD                   accredited CLS/CLT program at the time
$500 (1)                              research was conducted                       entpaper.asp

                                                                                   The information and application are
                                                                                   also available in the Health Sciences

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                                                                             DEADLINE: May 1st

HEALTH SCIENCES                                                              Only one application is needed for
DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIPS                                                      these scholarships. Application
                                                                             can be found at:
David and Julie Chitharanjan     *Students must be pursuing a degree
Scholarship                      as a Medical Technologist,                  arship%20Information/Scholarshi
                                 Cytotechnologist, or Histotechnologist      p%20main%20page.aspx.
Tammy Feltz Medical Technology   *Students must be entering their clinical
Memorial Scholarship             practicum in the fall.                      The application form is available in
                                                                             the Health Sciences Office.

Robert G. Zach, M.D. Memorial                                                DEADLINE: February 1 st
                                 Robert G. Zach, M.D. Scholarship:
                                 *Third or fourth year Wisconsin resident
                                 undergraduates committed to a career in
                                 health sciences who have maintained a B
                                 average. Based on need.

PARTNERS WITH                    *Applicant must be enrolled in a            Application forms are available in the
ST. JOSEPH’S HOSPITAL            program in a health-related field and       Health Sciences Office.
                                 have completed at least one semester of
                                 post-secondary education
                                 *Applicant must attend an accredited        DEADLINE: February 15 th
                                 college in the states of Wisconsin or
                                 *Financial need is considered but not

Sophomore Scholarship Award      *Sophomore student (30-59 credits) of       Application materials are available
$750.00 (1)                      outstanding academic achievement and        online at:
                                 broad educational perspective. GPA 3.5
                                 or greater.                       

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                                                   *Student does not need to be a member          /pkp/Scholarships%20Fellowships/Sc
                                                   of Phi Kappa Phi.                              holarshipsFellowships.htm
                                                   *Submit application to: Jackie                 or in the Health Sciences Office.
                                                   Christianson, UWSP Student Affairs,
                                                   213 Old Main.                                  DEADLINE: February 3rd

PHI KAPPA PHI – Graduate                           *Student must be an active member of           Application materials are available
Fellowship:                                        Phi Kappa Phi;                                 online at:
Every year, the Honor Society of Phi Kappa         *Have applied to enroll as a full-time
Phi awards 57 Fellowships of $5,000 each and       student in a post-baccalaureate program
3 Fellowships of $15,000 each to members           of study;                                      /pkp/Scholarships%20Fellowships/Sc
entering the first year of graduate or             *Submit application to: Jackie                 holarshipsFellowships.htm
professional study. Each Phi Kappa Phi             Christianson, UWSP Student Affairs,             or in the Health Science Office.
chapter may select one candidate from among        213 Old Main.
its local applicants to compete for the Society-
wide awards.                                                                                      DEADLINE: February 3rd

PHI KAPPA PHI – Study Abroad                       *Student must attend an institution with       Application materials are available
Grant:                                             a Phi Kappa Phi chapter;                       online at:
$1,000 (50)                                        *Student must have a cumulative GPA of
                                                   at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale;         
                                                   *Student must have at least two                /pkp/Scholarships%20Fellowships/Sc
                                                   semesters remaining in residence at their      holarshipsFellowships.htm
                                                   home institution after completing the
                                                   study abroad experience;                       or in the Health Sciences Office.
                                                   *Student must have a minimum of 30
                                                   credit hours and no more than 90 credit
                                                                                                  DEADLINE: February 24th
                                                   *Student must have been accepted into a
                                                   study abroad program;
                                                   *Student study abroad plan should
                                                   relate directly to their academic
                                                   preparation, potential career, and
                                                   commitment to the welfare of others.

RIVERVIEW HOSPITAL                                 *Non-traditional student (25 years or          Application available from:
AUXILIARY NON-TRADITIONAL                          older) seeking an undergraduate degree         Jane Wefel
SCHOLARSHIP                                        in a hospital-related health career            Riverview Hospital Auxiliary
$500 each year for two-year program                program                                        Scholarship Committee Chairman
                                                   *Applicant must reside in South Wood           440 Meadow La.
                                                   County                                         Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
                                                   *Student must be taking minimum of six         423-0695
                                                   credits in a 2, 3, or 4 yr program; criteria   After April 1st, application will be
                                                   includes: need, character, work or             available in the Health Sciences
                                                   volunteer experience and brief essay.          Office.
                                                   (Scholarship is awarded in the fall)           DEADLINE: July 1st

ROYAL ARCH FOUNDATION OF                           *Applicant must be pursuing a career in        Application forms are available in the
WISCONSIN, INC.                                    nursing or an allied health field              Health Sciences Office.
                                                   *Applicant must be enrolled in second,
                                                   third, or fourth year of training or           DEADLINE: March 10
                                                   entering the training program after one
                                                   year of preparatory work in the chosen
                                                   * Applicant must be a resident of the

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                                 State of Wisconsin
                                 * Applicant is eligible to receive this
                                 scholarship but once
                                 *A picture of the applicant is required
                                 *An essay explaining why you have
                                 chosen a nursing or allied medical field
                                 as a career must accompany the

ST. MICHAEL’S FOUNDATION         *Student must be a Portage County            Application forms are available online
SCHOLARSHIP                      resident pursuing a degree in a clinical     at:
                                 health care field                  
                                 *Student must be currently attending an      /router.aspx?DocID=27620 or in the
RICHARD A. ECKBERG               accredited undergraduate school              Health Sciences Office; at St.
MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP                                                          Michael’s Hospital Information Desk
                                 *Student must have completed at least        or by contacting St. Michael’s
                                 one year of study by June 1                  Foundation at 715-343-3262.
                                 *Student needs to have been accepted
                                 into the institution’s professional school   DEADLINE: March 1 st
                                 of study.

TYLENOL SCHOLARSHIPS             *These scholarships are offered to           Apply online at:
$5000                            undergraduate and graduate students in
$10,000                          health-related fields of study.              =tylenol/news/
                                                                              Applications will be accepted from
                                                                              February 1 through May 15.

WILD ROSE HOSPITAL               *Student must be returning for their         Application forms can be obtained in
AUXILIARY SCHOLARSHIPS           Sophomore year                               the Health Sciences Office or contact
$1,500 (2)                       *Student must have graduated from            Helen Buckholt, 10220 Akron Ave.,
                                 either Almond/Bancroft schools,              Almond, WI at 920-622-4461.
                                 Coloma, Plainfield, Red Granite,
                                 Wautoma, Westfield, or Wild Rose             DEADLINE: April 1 st

WI-CLMA:                         *Student must be pursuing a degree as a      Application materials will be
CLINICAL LABORATORY              Medical Technologist                         available after May 1
MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION –         *Student must be enrolled in a NAACLS
WISCONSIN CHAPTER                accredited program at a Wisconsin post       Download application at:
                                 secondary school                   
                                 *Student must in the third or fourth year    Grant.doc
                                 and final clinical year of education
                                 *Student must be a U.S. citizen              Application will also be available in
                                 *Student must also have a minimum of a       the Health Sciences Office.
                                 2.8 GPA on a 4.0 scale
                                                                              DEADLINE: July 31st

WISCONSIN MEDICAL SOCIETY        *Student must be a U.S. citizen              Application is available online at
FOUNDATION                       *Student must be a full time student
Victor A. Baylon, MD, Memorial   enrolled in an accredited clinical           undation or in the Health Sciences
Scholarship                      laboratory scientist/medical technologist    Office
$1,000                           program
                                 *Student must be a resident of Racine or     DEADLINE: February 1st
                                 Milwaukee County at the time of
                                 application or a graduate of a high
                                 school in Racine or Milwaukee County

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WISCONSIN MEDICAL SOCIETY              *The purpose of this fund is to assist       Application is available online at
FOUNDATION                             American Indians who pursue training or
Amy Hunter-Wilson, MD,                 advanced education as doctors of             undation or in the Health Sciences
Scholarship                            medicine, nurses, medical technicians or     Office
Award amounts vary (generally $1,000   in a related health field. Award amounts
or more)                               are based on need, academic standing         DEADLINE: February 1 st
                                       and career goals.

WISCONSIN SOCIETY FOR                  *Student must be a Wisconsin resident        Application forms are available at
CLINICAL LABORATORY                    *Student must be enrolled in a               http://www.ascls-
SCIENCE (WISCLS)                       baccalaureate degree level clinical
                                       laboratory science/medical technology        or send request to:
$1,000 (1)                             program at a Wisconsin college or
$400 (1)                               university                                   Linda Laatsch, Chair
                                       *Student must be accepted into a             WISCLS Scholarship Fund, Inc.
                                       NAACLS credited clinical program for         4852 N. Sheffield Ave.
                                       the 2010-2011 academic year                  Whitefish Bay, WI 53217
                                                                                    414-288-3401 (Bus)
                                                                                    414-962-9749 (Res)

                                                                                    DEADLINE: June 1

LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE              *U.S. resident                               Application available in March 2010
FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION               *Between 17-24 years of age                  at
                                       *Experienced the death of a parent or
$5000(1)                               legal guardian to cancer                     ?option=com_content&task=view&id
$1000(4)                               *Enrolled in college                         =584&Itemid

NATIONAL COLLEGIATE                    *Cancer survivor with a personal             Application postmarked before
CANCER FOUDATION                       diagnosis                                    October 1 of year applying. 2010
$1,000                                 *Between ages 18-35                          scholarship application will be
                                       *Seeking or receiving higher education       available in Spring.

PEDIATRIC BRAIN TUMOR                  *Diagnosed at or age 19 with a primary       Fill out application request if
FOUNDATION OF THE U.S.                 malignant or non- malignant central          approved an application packet will
                                       nervous system brain tumor and/or spinal     be sent to you. Deadline is March 1,
                                       cord tumor.                                  2010.
                                       *At least a Senior in high school            Any questions call 1.800.253.6530
                                       *23 years old or younger on or before
                                       Aug. 31, 2010                      

ANDRE SOBEL RIVER OF LIFE              *No older than 21                            Submissions need to be received by
FOUNDATION                             *Cancer survivor or survivor of a critical   June 15th.
                                       or life threatening illness
First Place - $5,000                   *Need to be a U.S. resident                  Email the submission to

RYAN MULLALY SECOND                    *Diagnosis or recurrence occurred            Mail application & essay to
CHANCE FUND $1,000                     between ages 13 and graduation from          26 Meadow Lane
                                       high school                                  Pennington, New Jersey 08534.
                                       *Undergone treatment while in high           Web address
                                       *Currently enrolled in college               ge3.html

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CANCER FOR COLLEGE        *U.S. resident                             Application deadline is May 1, 2010.
                          *Cancer patient/survivor/and/or amputee

BREAST CANCER             *Lost parent or legal guardian to breast   Deadline is October 31 st
SCHOLARSHIP – Pink Rose   cancer
Foundation                *Current college student         
                          *No older than 25
                          *Legal U.S. resident
                          *Minimum cumulative GPA 2.8

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