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 Serving Greater East Texas since 1994

We specialize in creating unique Wedding Receptions

    Experienced DJ’s & MC’s for any Occasion

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                Congratulations on your Engagement!
Your choice in reception entertainment can make or break your event. When you book

                             you are hiring an experienced, professional DJ and Coordinator that not only knows
music, but will facilitate your reception with your caterer, photographer etc. ~ helping to ensure a memory that
will last a lifetime.

When you select a DJ, you need someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. We will be your "Time
Keeper", your Master of Ceremonies and take care of all your announcements, interacting with your guests as
much or as little as YOU desire.

With music from the late 30's to the millennium sound of today, Variety Sounds will completely customize your
event for you with our simple to use "Bride Guide". And your consultations are ALWAYS free!

                  The Benefits of DJ Service for your Reception

*Continuous music ~ No downtime as when you hire a band.

*More of a        Variety of music ~ We have over a half century plus!
*We always play your requests.

*Most music is performed by the original artists.

*DJ services are more economical.

*DJ's require less performance area and setup/teardown is much

*We work on YOUR schedule...not ours!
           Information guide for Brides and Grooms

Your wedding day! One of the most important days of your life, and we are here
to help. The following pages are a guide to help you plan the perfect reception.
We at Variety Sounds are here to assist you with the coordination of your
reception by working closely with your caterer, photographer and should you hire
ours or your own-coordinator-to make your event flow smoothly. We don’t want
you to worry with the trivial details and concerns, let Variety Sounds handle that
for you! You will find below an outline of our normal reception procedures.
Any and all can be arranged to your specifications so that a unique and special
reception is created that will be a fond memory for the rest of your life.

Normally your guests will almost always precede you to your reception. Please
remember this when planning the length of time that you wish to book us. It will
create a lovely ambiance for your guests when they arrive to tables beautifully set
and your music playing. We prefer to be set-up and ready with music prior to
your guest’s arrival. When the first of your guests are present, we will begin
your music. Remember that our set-up and breakdown times are not included in
the prices you have been quoted. We make it our responsibility to provide that
time to your free of charge.

Our normal reception format is as follows:

Begin music with the arrival of your guests.

Play hosts in your absence and allow your guests to begin dining, should you
choose this option.

Upon your arrival announce your entrance, help you create a receiving line or if
you choose to do so, announce your Bridal Party into the facility. Keep in mind
that if you provide your guests with a program at your ceremony, announcement
of your Bridal Party is not recommended.
Of course, announcement of your arrival must be made regardless.

At this time, you and your Bridal Party will wish to dine. We play a Variety of
dinner music to entertain your guests, but to prohibit dancing. Until you and your
Groom/Bride have the first dance, the floor is not open for any other dancers.
Once you and your party have completed dining we then coordinate with your
photographer for your pictures.

Your next step is to cut your cakes and allow for your toasts. Remember that
sometimes your guests have completed their meal prior to you and proper
etiquette is to serve them dessert and beverages.

While your guests are enjoying their dessert, you now have the perfect
opportunity to open your dance floor. Your special song is played to celebrate
your first dance as Husband and Wife. Following the Bride/Groom dance some
clients choose to play a Father/Daughter tribute, A Mother/Son tribute or a
special song for the entire Bridal Party. None are necessary except the Bride and
Groom’s first dance. And the choice is completely yours! Let us know your
preference as we work for you! It is our desire to have that “perfect” song on
hand for you to dance to with your Husband/Wife. Let us know your request as
soon as possible. In the unlikely event that we do not have your request we
guarantee you to have it prior to our arrival at your reception.

Normally you will begin to lose some of your guests at this time. (Especially
those with small children or your older crowd). If you have chosen for us to
perform a “Money Dance” then now is the opportune time! Some of your older
guests will be honored to pay the bigger dollars to dance with the Bride and
Groom. Normally a money dance consists of 2-3 songs. If we still have an
interest after 3 songs then we will continue for as long as your guests are
receptive. Please ask us and we will be more than happy to explain this detail
further, or offer you other options, such as auctions, selling kisses, etc.

Our next event would be to help you facilitate the tossing of the bouquet and
garter. Remember that we will coordinate all events with your photographer to
ensure that he gets that perfect photo.

Whew, Take a deep breath and have some refreshments as you have arrived close
to the end of your photo requirements. Until you depart, you can now kick back
and enjoy the reception that has taken so much time, money and energy to plan.
Approximately 2 hours has taken place in your reception at this point.

Please remember, with your approval, we are delighted to play any requests your
guest have within reason.
And at last, your departure, beginning your new life together! Normally your
guests take their cue from you. When you depart, they will as well. We have
learned that even “fake” departures will lose your guests. Keep this in mind
when deciding on when you and your Bride/Groom intend to depart.

Questions?? Call anytime. Remember that our goal is to have you enjoy your
reception without being bothered time and time again from one vendor after
another. By thoroughly filling out our Bridal Questionnaire, You will have
armed us with the knowledge needed to completely facilitate your reception for
you. No information is too much. Please add any information you feel to be
pertinent for us to provide you with the utmost in customer service.
                                       Pricing of Services
Music Library Packages - we don't offer them. You get our full DJ service and music libraries on
ALL events, unlike some of our competition. We do offer additional services that if you really want
it, you'll get it!

Our normal reception is for 4 hours and begins at $550.00. You will receive a Reception
Coordinator, a professionally trained DJ and one of our state of the art high quality sound systems
complete with a wireless microphone for your toasts and an up to date collection of your favorite

Are you a singer or just a wanna be star? Add Karaoke for an additional $50.00. (Variety Sounds
suggests Karaoke only for receptions where both the Bride and Groom are vocalists...keep in mind
that your guests might decide to try and sing too!)

Additional hours over the initial 4-hour reception run $75.00 per hour.

Need music for your ceremony? Different location? Add $100.00. No additional charge if
Ceremony and Reception are in the same room and no equipment requires moving.

             has helped to make many Ceremonies memorable by providing your special music needs
for over 10 years.

And the newest craze ~ add a Karaoke and/or DJ Rehearsal Dinner for only $250.00! Receive a
$200.00 discount for your 3-hour Rehearsal dinner when you book
Variety Sounds for both the Reception and Rehearsal dinner.

All prices above are for events within a 50-mile radius from Huntsville, Texas. We will travel and
have previously taken jobs in Dallas, San Antonio-even New Orleans! Please call us for an out of
town quote.
                                Information Questionnaire

1. Type of Wedding Service: (Religious-Type/JP, Etc.)______________________________

2. Date of Service:_____________________Time of Service:_________________________

3. Location of Service:________________________________________________________

4. Location of Reception:_____________________________________________________

5.   Do you desire a Reception Coordinator?      Yes        No

6. Time you feel Reception should begin:_______________________End:______________

7. Preference of Music Type/Artists desired:______________________________________



8. Name of Photographer:_____________________________________________________

9 Name of Videographer:____________________________________________________
10. Name of Caterer:_________________________________________________________

11. Will you be serving Buffet? Full Course Meal? Appetizers only?

12. Would you prefer for your Guests to dine Before/After your arrival?

13. Song for Bride and Grooms first dance:______________________________________

14. Dance for Father/Daughter? Yes       No      Song?___________________________

15. Dance for Mother/Son? Yes       No        Song?______________________________

16. Dance for Bridal Party? Yes     No        Song?_____________________________

17. Would like a money dance/Auction/Etc. performed?__________________________
18. If you do not plan to have a receiving line then would you desire to have your Bridal Party
    Formally announced into the facility? _________________________________________

19. If your choice is to have your entire Bridal Party announced into your facility then please
    Phonetically spell your Attendants Names in order of their entrance into the facility:

20. Any other information that you feel might help us provide the best service possible to you?
    (Favorite Artists, Dislikes, other services we can assist with, etc.?)

21. Please give us the full Names of the Bride and Groom:__________________________

22. Please give us your mailing address and phone number for our records:




24. Would you be willing to fill out a performance critique following our services to you?
Yes No
       Simply Elegant
             * Complete Coordination Services *
     Kim Theodorsen, Owner/Consultant
  Offering complete coordination services from Engagement to
            Or any form of coordination in between

        Your Day ~ Your choice ~ Your way

     Services that exude sophistication

Simply Elegant is a division of

 * DJ * Karaoke * Sound * Lighting * Coordination *
                              315 Forest Lane
                       HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS 77340
                    936.439.5779 * Toll Free 888.238.1720

                        SPECIAL EVENT CONTRACT


NAME: _______________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________
CONTACT NAME:______________________________________________________


DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES:___________________________________________
TIME: BEGIN: _________ AM PM       END: ___________ AM PM





_____________________________                   ____________________________
PURCHASER                    DATE               VARIETY SOUNDS        DATE
                                        315 Forest Lane
                                 HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS 77340
                              936.439.5779 * Toll Free 888.238.1720


Regarding the agreement between VARIETY SOUNDS (hereinafter referred to as Artist) and PURCHASER, this
rider sets forth additional terms and conditions and is hereby made a part of this contract and addendum between

It is understood and agreed between the parties that:

         I.        The representative of PURCHASER in signing this agreement and in the contract and/or rider(s)
                   to which it may be a part, warrants that he/she signs only as a properly authorized representative
                   of the PURCHASER and does not assume any personal liability for meeting any of the terms of
                   this contract unless signee is the PURCHASER.

         II.       All payments will be made by cash, cashiers check or personal check made payable to
                   either VARIETY SOUNDS or Kim or Pete Theodorsen 1 WEEK PRIOR TO Each event.
                   Credit Cards are accepted through PayPal on our Web Site and must be paid by the Monday
                   prior to your event. To access this feature on amounts other than your $100.00 deposit it is
                   necessary to email you a link for your final balance total. Please let us know ahead of time of
                   your interest in this service. NO OUT OF STATE CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED

         III.      Cancellation Clause—In the event that either party has to cancel the engagement it will be
                   mutually agreed upon and rescheduled, if so desired, by agreement of both parties. Deposits
                   received are to insure date availability and are non-refundable. (Extreme circumstances can

         IV.       PURCHASER must provide ARTIST with a 6-foot table placed in exact set-up location desired
                   by PURCHASER. Table must be placed within 50 Feet of a power source and be durable
                   enough to withstand 300 pounds. If set-up required is not within 50 feet of a power source,
                   PURCHASER must provide ARTIST with a generator, supplied at no cost to ARTIST.
                   PURCHASER may decorate/skirt table if so desired, but is required to leave table top open for
                   equipment and music use. Please no metallic type confetti or glitter to be used on top of table
                   specified for ARTIST use.

                                   AFOREMENTIONED CONTRACT.

     ___________________________                                  _________________________
Purchaser                               Date                       Artist                                 Date

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