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									     league of women voters, moscow, p.o. box 9535, moscow, ID 83843; community.palouse.net/lwvm

                      moscow memo                Vol. 51, No. 1 (Fall 2004)

                          President, Amy Ford (882-7065; amystoneford@yahoo.com)
                                Editor, Louise Barber (882-4899; louiseb@starband.net)

Welcome back, Leaguers, [Well, welcome to the presidency yourself, Amy!]
          Summer is supposed to be idle, right? Not for League! We (delegates Karen Falke, Sally Fredericks, and I) started
off in June with LWVID Council in Coeur d’Alene, where we learned about the state organization’s action items for the year
(article inside). Sally also gave a great presentation on Mock Election to the delegates and to a representative from the
Idaho Secretary of State’s Office, Marilyn Johnson.
          The following week, Linda Pike and I went to the LWV National Convention in Washington, D.C. It was a pip. The
main drama was over the LWVUS position on the necessity for paper trails with Electronic Voting Machines. LWVUS was
against requiring them. But by vote of the delegates that position was reversed -- much to our great satisfaction.
          Also during the summer, we’ve had a table at Farmer’s Market once a month to register people to vote and to make
ourselves more “visible” to the community. Thanks to Karen Falke and Sally Fredericks for running the table. We didn’t
necessarily get a lot of voter registrations, but we certainly got questions, compliments, concerns, and surprisingly, requests
for help in other activities, such as providing a public service message for a local radio station to encourage people to
register and to vote, participating in a study at WSU on the re-design of the national census form, and participating in voter
registration drives at Palousafest and in classrooms at the UI.
          The board met in special session to consider a statement on CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) to
be made to the County Commission when the ordinance revision and Comprehensive Plan comes up for public comment.
          The Mock Election Committee, the Program Committee, and the Nancy Hosack Committee also geared up to work
on their responsibilities, and, of course, Joan Klingler’s work with membership and the Political Directory was ongoing.
Thanks to you all.
          We have a lot to accomplish this fall. I am so pleased to report that over 80% of you have volunteered for one job
or another. We have the Nancy Hosack Award, more registration drives, the Mock Election, the Fall Forum, the Finance
Drive, the Election Day Survey project, and Pea and Lentil packing -- all to manage by early November. And we have the
LWVID Education Position review to do before January.
          I consider it a great honor to be able to work with all of you in League. You are the best!
                                                                                                         Amy Ford, President

                     It’s September and Back             to League is coming right up . . .
  September 29 has been set for Back to League, our first “meeting” of the year. Actually we are
 aiming for just pure fun at this gathering, with a very minimum of business, if any. Judy Lingg has
graciously invited us to her home at 839 Indian Hills Drive (right next to the Ford’s). We thought this
year it might be fun to go with a menu of appetizers, salads, and desserts for the potluck. Drinks will
                      be at 6 p.m. and dinner at 6:30. Tableware will be provided.

 If you know someone who might be interested in League, please bring him or her along, too.
                                 The more the merrier.
President                      Amy Ford                      882-7065               amystoneford@yahoo.com
lst Vice President             Sally Fredericks              882-5906               dickfred@turbonet.com
2nd Vice President             Dick Fredericks               882-5906               dickfred@turbonet.com
Secretary                      Cathy Hannon                  883-7900               cathyhannon@earthlink.net
Treasurer                      Andrea Beckett                883-3320               abcpa@moscow.com
Directors 2003-05              Louise Barber                 882-4899               louiseb@starband.net
                               Nance Ceccarelli              883-0752               njc@moscow.com
                               Sue Hovey                     882-3380               suehovey@moscow.com
Directors 2004-06              Elaine Broyles                883-8612               broyles@moscow.com
                               Margaret Littlejohn           882-6178               littlej@uidaho.edu
                               Beth Seale                    882-2903               seale@uidaho.edu
Past President                 Karen Falke                   882-8338               karen@uidaho.edu
Programs                       Dick Fredericks               882-5906               dickfred@turbonet.com
Political Directory/
Membership                     Joan Klingler                 882-8853               joank@moscow.com
Peas and Lentils/
Newsletter Editor              Louise Barber                 882-4899               louiseb@starband.net
Nancy Hosack Award             Elaine Broyles                883-8612               broyles@moscow.com
Mock Election                  Sally Fredericks              882-5906               dickfred@turbonet.com
Finance Drive and Budget       Andrea Beckett                883-3320               abcpa@moscow.com
Fall Forum/
Education Review               Amy Ford                      882-7065               amystoneford@yahoo.com
Nominating                     To be decided
MEMBERSHIP Since the annual meeting of 2003, we                                            MEET A NEW MEMBER
have added FIVE! new single members and one                 DORIS WILLIAMS was born and raised in Hinton, West
family membership to our League. Our total                  Virginia. She received her BS degree in Vocational
membership includes 50 single memberships, and              Home Economics and her Master’s in Adult
20 family memberships (consisting of either                 Education from Ohio University at Athens, and her
husband/wife or parent/child 18 years or older) for a       Ph.D. in Child/Family Studies and Early Childhood
total of 70 members! Of the total membership, two           Education from Ohio State University in Columbus.
of these are students and one is a member recruited         She taught at Ohio University and Bowling Green
by the national League whom we hope will join               State University in Ohio, and then moved to Idaho to
locally next year. Look for short biographical              become Director for the School of Home Economics,
sketches of these new members in the newsletter as          now Family and Consumer Science, in 1983. She
the year progresses. Welcome to all these recent            retired from her last position as Cooperative
additions to our organization.                              Extension Specialist in 2000.
                                    POLITICAL DIRECTORY       Doris has two living children (son Bob died in
  This fall will see many changes to the Political          1986). Son Ron lives in Moscow with his wife
Directory that the League publishes. With the fall          Barbara and their three children, Geoff, Tori, and
elections, but also with changes made at various            Warren. Daughter Nancy, from Towsen, MD, has
times throughout the year, the largest editing              one son, Mitchell.
process falls after the election. The directory will be       Doris still does consulting for Head Start for federal
published then; however, our small committee could          government contractors. She loves to travel, creates
use some other League members’ assistance in this           stained glass, and also enjoys entertaining company
production. One group will take various sections of         and friends. She says she cannot remember how
the directory (i.e., city, county, state, federal) and      she first heard about the League, but knew it was a
make changes. The other group will be asked, after          very active and committed group, and became a
the changes have been made and after printing, to           member in late 2003. Because Doris travels
take some of the directories around town to places          extensively, she has not been very active in League,
with high visitor impact (i.e., the County Courthouse,      but hopes to become more so in the future -- when
City Hall, library, Chamber of Commerce).                   she decides to stay home longer! Welcome, Doris.
  Please let Amy Ford or Joan Klingler know if you                 New-member packets need fresh
can help in any way with this important part of our                perspective. Call Joan Klingler to
League responsibility.                      Joan Klingler                help -- one time only!
             REPORTS              NATIONAL           REPORTS          STATE         REPORTS
Convention July 2004                                                                    Council June 2004
        In July, Amy Ford and Linda Pike attended                  Sally Fredericks, Karen Falke, and Amy
the National LWVUS convention in Washington DC.           Ford were the delegates to the LWVID Council in
Amy represented LWV Moscow and Linda                      Coeur d’Alene this past June. Moscow League
represented LWVID. Linda carried the sign for             made our presence known on a variety of topics.
Idaho at the first plenary session and addressed          The first was the consideration of the budget.
the delegates on behalf of LWVID, citing Idaho’s          Andrea Beckett had reviewed the LWVID budget
Three Points of Pride: 1) 6% in membership                for us and pointed out some rather odd entries.
growth in 2003; 2) the development of qualifying          There were line-items for income with no
standards for candidates participating in debates;        expenditure attached to them -- a somewhat
and 3) the production of TV shows and brochures           questionable practice. Additionally, leagues were
on the subject of Judicial Independence.                  asked to pay their dues for the new year before the
        The speakers were wonderful: David Cole           budget had been passed. Nance Ceccarelli had
(the Nation), Jamie Gorelick (9/11 Commission),           objected to that procedure by Moscow League, and
Ruth Wedgwood (Council on Foreign Relations),             we delegates took it to heart. So Moscow asked
Senator Richard Lugar (Senate Chair, Foreign              that the dues not be pledged until the budget had
Relations Committee), and the best of them all,           been approved. The rest of the delegates went
Helen Thomas (reporter extraordinaire).                   along and a really thorough examination of the
        Though many subjects were discussed and           budget was undertaken. The troubling line item
acted upon, the big news of the convention                with no expenditure attached to it was resolved with
concerned the paper-trail controversy. LWVUS had          a suggestion by Karen Falke. She noted that the
held a position that individual paper confirmation for    LWVID had no website, which she felt reflected
each ballot was not needed to recount or                  badly on League, and suggested that the
authenticate the results when electronic voting           unattached money be spent on professional web
machines were used. Their contention was that             design and maintenance. The idea was met with
there were far more important problems in                 great enthusiasm, Lewiston League volunteered to
safeguarding our election system than the question        get the ball rolling, and the new web page for the
of paper-trails. With the difficulties that some states   LWVID is at www.lwv-id.org. Local leagues are
had had during the primaries using electronic voting      reviewing the page and establishing links to it now.
machines, the membership of LWV was very                           Programs that LWVID will be supporting
unhappy over the LWVUS stance. So the LWV of              and promoting this year were voted on. The Idaho
Minnesota proposed that the wording in the position       Open Government (IDOG) coalition, of which
be changed as follows: “The LWVUS supports the            LWVID is a part, will be organizing this year. Their
implementation of voting systems and procedures           aim is to promote understanding by local officials of
that are secure; accurate; recountable, and               open meeting and Freedom of Information laws.
accessible.” After a number of procedural hurdles,        The local leagues are asked to sponsor training
the delegates -- including Idaho’s -- voted               sessions when the coalition comes to town. The
overwhelmingly to support the Minnesota proposal.         S.A.F.E. act, (Security and Freedom Ensured Act of
        In a disturbing trend, LWVUS has shifted          2003), which is sponsored by Senator Larry Craig
much of the burden of support for League functions        and Representative Butch Otter, is being supported
to the local leagues without adequate assistance          both by LWVUS and ID. This legislation would limit
from national (e.g., publications are no longer free).    so-called “sneak and peek” searches, requests for
The Per Member Payment keeps rising with fewer            business records that could be considered “fishing
services offered in return. The board has                 expeditions,” and it would extend the sunset
emphasized gains in membership as a primary goal          provisions of the Patriot Act to include those
for 2004-2006. But memberships come from the              limitations mentioned. Issues of specific interest to
bottom up – from local activities. From messages          Idaho are CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding
sent from LWVUS Kay Maxwell since the                     Operations), and statewide Day-Care Licensing.
convention, I do believe the board listened and is                                          (continued on next page)
                                                             Sally Fredericks needs volunteer help for Mock
        Thank you for sending us to convention. It             Elections, October 19-20. Amy Ford needs
was so worthwhile and I encourage all members to            volunteers for voter registration and observation
seriously consider going to the one in Minnesota in                   on election day. CALL NOW!
2006.                                        Amy Ford
(continued from previous page)                                         NEWS BRIEFS
         Our League has been asked to expand its
review of the LWVID Education Position. The               The Fall Forum will be held on October 13
review was originally to see if the current position is   at the High School Auditorium at 7 PM. Kay
comprehensive enough to speak to: 1) matching             Keskinen will moderate, and Amy Ford will
funding for public school buildings; 2) support for
                                                          present the Nancy Hosack award.
training and remediation for Idaho’s achievement          ________________________________________________________
standards; 3) support for early childhood education;
and, 4) opposition to tax credits or vouchers for
private and parochial schools. Council delegates
                                                          Andrea Beckett will start the Finance Drive
asked Moscow to expand our review to see if the                          mid-October
position could address issues of home schooling,          _________________________________________
virtual academies, and charter schools.
         The biggest contribution to Council by                The new WEBSITE address for LWVID is
Moscow was Sally Frederick’s presentation on                              www.lwv-id.org
Mock Election. Marilyn Johnson, from the office of        _________________________________________
the Secretary of State, was in attendance just to
hear the presentation and to meet with Sally, as the      Pea and Lentil packing will take place at the
SOS office is charged with promoting public               Fair Grounds again this year, on November 17 --
education on voting as part of the Help America           with all of us pitching in. Anyone with a new
Vote Act. Sally did a great job!                          packing idea, step right up! We don’t want to
         It was a busy and interesting Council and        replace the old packaging, but do want to jazz
well worth the participation.               Amy Ford      things up a bit with an additional choice! Call with
                                                          your thoughts.
                                                               We just need ideas -- we’ll do the work!
          Welcome NEW MEMBERS
        Kathryn Bonzo, Jeff Crouch,                              Whoopee and away we go . . .
                                                           Mock Election Preparation is under way!
    Barbara Richardson, Judy Lingg,
                                                          There is enthusiasm at all levels, local, state and
               and Margaret Raunio                        national. The Secretary of State and
                                                          Superintendent of Public Instruction are
                                                          cooperating in the preparation of a CD-ROM to help
     Returning league member, Margaret Raunio,            Idaho students understand voting, elections, and
was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.           the political process. The National Student Parent
She received her BA from Albion College in                Mock Election is sending materials for student use.
Minnesota, her MA in Journalism from the                  Enthusiasm seems good in Latah County schools.
University of Michigan, and her second MA in              The Mock Election committee has been meeting
English Literature from the University of Idaho. She      since spring and we are picking up speed.
then taught for the English Department at the UI,
followed that as an elementary teacher for six            The junior high has an efficient voting operation in
years, and then later taught English at Moscow            their school on October 19. Drop by and enjoy their
High School.                                              energy. High school students will be at the County
     A resident of Moscow since 1949, Margaret            Fair’s 4-H building on October 19 and are again
has two daughters and five grandchildren. Her             lucky to be using the county voting booths. October
“dedicated Democrat”-husband, Elmer, died in              20 is elementary school day at the 4-H building.
September of 2003. Interests include her family,
the outdoors, golf, reading, writing, church activities   We need all of the help we can get to make this
and bridge playing.                                       event be a success. Please sign up at our Back
     Margaret has rejoined League because she’s           to League meeting, the noon meetings, or respond
always has had an interest in government and              to an email message that will be sent out in
wants to work toward the betterment of society.           October. Two fun days!             Sally Fredericks
             Welcome back, Margaret.
         We are very happy to have you!                   WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP THESE 2 DAYS
Fall 2004 LWV Moscow Calendar
                                           Unless otherwise noted, all noon* meetings in the UI SUB Chief’s Room

Oct. 6*               Area Home Schoolers’ Panel Discussion
Oct. 13               Candidates’ Forum                     7 pm, High School Auditorium
Oct.19 - 20           Mock Election                         Latah County Fairgrounds
Oct. 27*              Jeannie Harvey,                       Women’s Issues in Bangladesh
                      Director, UI Women`s Center

NOV. 2 Election Day                         [and Election Day Survey; information to follow]

Nov. 3*               Janice Fletcher,                      Day Care Licensing
                      Professor, UI
                      School of Family and Consumer Science

Nov. 10*              Dave Reynolds                         Welfare Programs in Idaho
Nov. 17               Pea and Lentil Packing                11 am, Latah County Fairgrounds
Nov. 24*              No meeting
Dec. 1*               Barbara Cosens,                       State Water Issues
                      Professor, UI School of Law

Dec. 4-5              Peas and Lentils Sales                Palouse Mall / Moscow Food Coop
Dec. 8*               Chuck Broscious,                      Environmental Defense Institute
                      Executive Director

Dec. 15*              Latah County Legislators pre-session overview

    The Nancy Hosack Committee is now taking nominations for the Nancy Hosack Award for Outstanding
  Volunteer Service. As most of you know, Nancy was an early member of the League and was well
  known for her interest and activity in local government. A memorial endowment was established in 1993
  in Nancy’s honor to recognize outstanding community volunteers who have demonstrated that same
  contribution and interest in civic affairs that Nancy showed.
    Volunteer service that will be considered might be: work for the library, public schools, parks,
  recreation, public service, or police or sheriff’s department, or it might be constructive input to any civic
  board or committee.
    The Hosack Committee has updated the 1993 Hosack award rules. The board has approved the
  update. It reads: We recommend that the Nancy Hosack Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service may
  be given each year to a volunteer who has given of her/his time and talent to benefit the people of
  Moscow. Note especially that League members are not excluded from being nominated for the
    A nomination form with return information can be found on the last page of this newsletter.
  Nominations must be received by October 1, 2004.
                                                           Elaine Broyles (883-8612; broyles@moscow.com)
                            MOSCOW LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS
                                 NANCY HOSACK AWARD
                            OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER SERVICE

                                     2004 Nomination Form

      Name of Individual nominated: _____________________________________________________
      Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
      Telephone: _________________________________________________________________________
      Your Name: ________________________________________________________________________
      Your Address: ______________________________________________________________________
      Telephone: _____________________ Email: ____________________________________________

Description of his/her volunteer contribution to the people of Moscow. Indicate nature, extent, and
benefits. If more space is needed please use the back of this form and/or attach additional sheets.
Supporting letters from other individuals for your nominee should also be solicited and submitted.


Your signature: _________________________________________________ Date:__________________________

                      Return postmarked no later than October 1, 2004 to:
                             League of Women Voters of Moscow
                                  Hosack Award Committee
                                        PO Box 9535
                                     Moscow, ID 83843

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