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									MEMO TO:              County Department Heads
FROM:                 Linda Martin Warner, Assistant County Administrator
RE:                   Review of Personnel Manual Revisions
DATE OF MEMO:         September 1, 2006

County Administrator Steve Miner and I met yesterday with Board of Supervisors Vice-
Chairman Greg Duncan and Board Member Steve Mallette. We have agreed to give each regular
county employee who is interested the opportunity to review the Personnel Manual Revisions
and make suggestions/comments during the month of September. A memo stating this with a
form for comments/suggestions will be going out to every regular county employee today.

Attached is an electronic copy of the revisions. You may email a copy of the revision to
interested employees in your department who request it or, for those who do not have email, they
may request a paper copy from Fredia Ward (by calling 787-5705). I have also placed a copy in
the Team Folder under Personnel Manual Revisions 2006. Suggestions/comments from
employees will be collected by the County Administrator and, in October, the Personnel
Committee and I will have the opportunity to review them.

PLEASE NOTE: Four policies which are needed more quickly for legal and liability reasons
will be presented to the Board at their regular meeting in September. At the request of our
insurance company, I have made wording changes to Personnel Policy 303.0: Drug and Alcohol
Use, Section D(3) and Personnel Policy 304.0: Use of County Vehicles, Section A(1). The
language added to Personnel Policy 410.0: Post Employment Health Insurance Program under
Scope, and Provisions sections A and B, brings us in compliance with state code. The issue of
possible payment of a portion of young retirees’ health insurance costs will require an actuarial
study to determine costs and will be considered by the Board at a later date. The Electronic
Communications policy is as originally recommended by the Personnel Committee. Please
review these policies again. I will be asking the Board to give these policies a January 1, 2007
implementation date in order to give me time to develop the necessary forms and meet with
employees about these changes.

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