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					                                         Fall 2007

A Sense of Community

Scattergood Friends School, West Branch, Iowa— Established 1890
Fall                                                Scattergood News                                                          2007

Photo Spot             Highlights From Fall

                                     At top: Michal Lynch does Tai Chi with her World His-
                                     tory Class during a lesson on Daoism.   Above:    After
                                     the first week of classes, everyone gathers for game
night. Above Left: Sally, Brent, Taylor and Joel, class of 2008. Above Right: Yesna ‘09, tests out the trench she helped her crew
dig. Below Left: Peppers galore!!! Mary ‘11 is in Dana Foster’s Food Preservation project which allows us to enjoy Farm produce
year round.   Below Right:   Riley Lark’s Pre-Calculus students created a giant map of the world on the Field Hockey Field.
Fall                                                 Scattergood News                                                          2007

From the Director                Jan Luchini

Dear friends,                                                         and in the wider world. Many discussions during orientation
                                                                      helped us to build a stronger connection with each other,
Another great school year is underway here at Scattergood!            and to understand where each of us has been and what our
                                                                      goals are for the future.
We began the fall semester with fifty-three students and
the hope that another who had been accepted would be                  Farm day was particularly enjoyable this year. The weather
able to join us by the end of the month. Our Chinese student          was fantastic, sunny but not too hot. We worked in our
had an emergency operation to remove her appendix a couple            small groups throughout the afternoon, harvesting (especially
days before she was scheduled to arrive and was forced to             winter squash and peppers), painting the garage, clearing
postpone her trip for nearly three weeks. Eventually she              shrub trees from the wood lot, reworking the ground in the
made it safe and sound and we have all been ejoying getting           greenhouse and repairing an area of the old hog shelter.
to know the new students and hearing all about the summer             Toward the end of the day, we all seemed to naturally gather
activities of our returning students.                                 in the small grassy section of the circle. As we sat and
                                                                      rested a bit, we began to process garlic. That evening we
Our staff this year totals twenty-seven, including five new           enjoyed a great dinner out at the farm and then a peaceful
full time staff and one intern. Three returning staff are             Meeting for Worship in the woodlot around a beautiful fire.
excited about their shift into new roles this year. In addition       These great new memories and shared experiences are a
to staff and students, we have six young children on campus           part of how we begin our transition from being individuals
as well. Three are new members to the community. In all,              from around the world into a nurturing supportive community.
we are quite an eclectic bunch and we look forward to
becoming a dynamic, diverse and close-knit community.                 The start of classes marks another transition for us into a
                                                                      community – a community of learners. Included in our
I am always interested in and amazed by the paths that                mission is the goal of instilling a love of life long learning.
have led us all here to Scattergood. Our stories are unique,          We are always excited for classes to begin and for the
though the reasons why we have chosen to be here have                 community to begin settling into our daily routines.
similar and unifying themes. Some have come from great
distances to be a part of our community; this year our                We are also settling into the rhythms of silence, fruitful
international students have traveled from Rwanda, South               discussion, and sharing that mark our meetings together. At
Korea, China, Mexico and Ethiopia. We are always delighted            our first community meeting, we talked about how and why
that students from so many diverse and interesting places             we conduct our meetings in the manner of Friends. We
come be a part of Scattergood.                                        introduced the committees for the year and invited the
                                                                      community to write about the committees on which they
Though we come from such different and diverse                        may wish to serve. We look forward to watching how our
backgrounds, all of us have been drawn here by the promise            meetings develop into quality time spent wrestling with issues
of getting to be a part of something great – a community.             small and large within a community of individuals in pursuit
As with many opportunities, a community takes work, but               of a common goal. We have settled in nicely and our
the results are worth it. At Scattergood, the process of              Collections and early Meetings for Worship have been very
building community is ongoing and begins as the students              enjoyable.
arrive on campus. During Orientation week, we continue
to get to know each other through common work, focus                  As always, I am excited for the upcoming year and all the
groups, discussion and just hanging out together. This year           new opportunities it brings.
the students also went to the University of Iowa for a day-
long challenge course, and we concentrated on the theme
of technology in our focus group time together. We used               -Jan Luchini
the subject of technology as a tool to bring out our awareness
of how different technologies affect our lives at Scattergood

Fall                                                 Scattergood News                                                            2007

A New Year, A New Rhythm                            Bob Gutwein, Dean of Students

Being new to Scattergood Friends School is a transition for          following days was filled with the shuffling of feet, the sound
new students and staff alike. In a community as small and            of people shifting in their chairs and a sense of relief at the
interwoven as Scattergood, a small change can modify the             end of that silent time spent together. Today, three weeks
dynamics of daily living. This in turn puts us all, new and          later, collection was quiet and exceptionally calm; aside from
old, staff and students, on the same footing. We all begin,          the occasional sniffle brought on by our recent cold snap.
grow and experience in this endeavor together, taking a              Crews are also beginning to find their own rhythm. Questions
journey that is similar to those who have been here before           are being asked less and less frequently, and students and staff
us, yet individual and special and very much our own.                alike are often seen smiling as they work. This too is new for
                                                                                                many students, but their hard work
This being said, the new school                                                                 and knowledge of what it is they are
year brings about the familiar for                                                              doing helps sustain Scattergood as an
many. Returning students know the                                                               institution. Equally important, it will
traditions, history and the ins and                                                             also sustain them in the future when
outs of daily living here. Their                                                                they are surrounded by less structure
return is a comfortable one,                                                                    and more choices.
returning to rekindle friendships, set
apart by the summer months, and                                                                 At many times in our lives we will
many eager to dive in to their work                                                             long for the past, but it is newness
and all of those things missed during                                                           that reinvigorates us and brings us
the summer away from                                                                            the challenges that encourage us
Scattergood. Seniors arrive early to                                                            to persevere. Orientation was a
help with orientation, and are                                                                  chance for all to be invigorated,
present to help new students move into their rooms, and to           whether it was teachers introducing great new ideas for
give them a brief orientation of Scattergood, and what they          their upcoming classes, administrators introducing new
can expect within the first few days of school. Returning            processes, or students involved in the games, activities and
students are the last to arrive on campus at the beginning           discussions that were planned for them. Orientation
of the year, but they are not the least important. They too          culminated in a ropes course, and watching students assist
immediately engage old friends and new ones as well.                 and encourage one another demonstrated a level of bonding
                                                                     and caring that can often times take weeks or months to
New students arrive on campus and are often struck with              achieve. We continue to nurture this level of bonding through
feelings of excitement, fear, independence, responsibility           all aspects of life here. Classes remain collaborative; crews
and a sense of being overwhelmed. Much the same can be               continue to work together; we gather together for Meeting
said of all people returning to this community. The most             for Worship, Collection and Community Meetings; we live
important feeling that comes at the beginning of the year is         together. We will remain a community and grow together
hope. We hope that our staff will work together like a               as we grow individually.
well-oiled machine, knowing every action and reaction. We
hope that our students will learn and blossom and grow,              A new year brings new people, new ideas and new
while still having fun and being children, quickly approaching       experiences, and as with many things at Scattergood and in
adulthood. We hope that as a community, we find meaning              life, we will continue to travel through peaks and valleys,
in each other and in each others’ actions.                           highs and lows, but our goals, purposes and values will be
                                                                     maintained. And just as this year has begun with a sense of
It is striking to me also how quickly people fall in to the          freshness, it will eventually end. Members of the community
routine here at Scattergood. Collection first thing in the           will go separate ways, but we will all remember this year as a
morning began during orientation when out of the silence,            whole as well as the tone that this fresh beginning has given us.
examples were given as to what a person might expect
from Collection and Meeting for Worship. Collection in the           -Bob Gutwein

Fall                                                 Scattergood News                                                         2007

A New Community Emerges                             Glenn Singer, Admissions Director

The late summer months welcomed me into this position                 Each student was given the option of either climbing one of
with a flurry of activity. We had back to back interviews             the poles and walking across a tightrope wire (with a guide
and campus tours along with a variety of other events which           rope) to a platform and then riding on a zip-line or climbing
kept not only the Admissions office busy but the rest of the          another pole directly up to the zip-line platform.
staff as well. By mid-August, we were finalizing plans for
student orientation and registration and making sure the              I was completely inspired as I watched Mary, a ninth grader
campus was ready for our students.                                    from Missouri climb the pole at the end of the tightrope.
                                                                      She was clearly terrified, but she kept persevering. There
We are fortunate to have such a wide variety of ethnicities           was no outside pressure for her to continue, but she was
and backgrounds in our student body this                                               determined. Quickly, Laurie, a junior from
year. We are welcoming one new student                                                 Minnesota, started shouting words of
from China, two siblings from Ethiopia, a                                              encouragement up to Mary. Mary
post-grad student from Mexico, two more                                                continued up the pole until she reached the
join us from Rwanda and another three                                                  tightrope. She slowly maneuvered herself
from South Korea. They, in addition to                                                 onto the tightrope and inched her way
our returning international students allow                                             across. Laurie’s words of encouragement
us to boast a wonderful 33% international                                              continued the entire time and it was not
rate among our student body. I am proud to                                             long before just about the entire group had
be a part of such a diverse community and I                                            joined in and was yelling up at Mary offering
am impressed to see how little effort it seems                                         her their support and encouragement.
to take for these different cultures to mesh.
                                                                                       It was truly an amazing experience to
The campus is now buzzing with all 27                                                  witness. Mary was a hero that day, not
staff and 54 students. It was heartening                                               only to me, but also to many of her peers
watching the seniors as they assisted the                                              who watched as she conquered her fear,
new students with unloading their vehicles                                             offering her their support and
and then helped them acclimate to their new home at                   encouragement all along the way. Additionally, it emphasized
Scattergood— giving a little bit of extra attention perhaps to        to me what a special community of which I am fortunate
new international students, some of whom are in the United            enough to become a part. I encourage anyone who might
States for the first time and don’t have a complete grasp of          be reading this who has not had the privilege of experiencing
the English language. Once again the pervasive caring                 Scattergood first-hand to come do so – it is an incredible
nature of the Scattergood community is plain to see.                  nurturing place that you won’t soon forget!
Student Orientation ended this year with the entire student           -Glenn Singer
body spending the day at the University of Iowa Challenge
Course. For those who aren’t aware of the nature of a
“challenge course,” it is basically a trail in the woods, along
which are “stations” where different “challenges” are
presented to a group. They then have to work together to
resolve each challenge. It was absolutely fantastic getting
to watch one of the groups work through the challenges.
The culmination of the day on the U of I Challenge Course
for the students was the time they spent on the “high ropes.”
Again for those of you not familiar with what that means,
there are ropes and wires and such hung on the tops of very
tall telephone poles. Participants donned safety harnesses
and helmets and were attached to a “belay” line with a crew
of several people on the other end to ensure their safety.
Fall                                                  Scattergood News                                                         2007

Stories, Energy and Introductions                             Amanda Edwards, Academic Coordinator

I’m finding that one’s journey to Scattergood always has              Ki Yea
an interesting story behind it. Always, there are elements            Freshman
of serendipity, paths meant to be followed, and signs along           Seoul, Korea
the way that lead people, staff and students alike, to this           When Ki Yea is not spending time hanging out with her new
community. After recently landing as Academic Coordinator             friends, she enjoys Geometry, Drawing, and Ultimate
at Scattergood, I am in awe of this new chapter unfolding             Frisbee. Why? Because she loves math, is good at drawing,
in my life. I’m in awe not only of the way being here is              and Ultimate Frisbee reminds her of playing Netball back
shaping me individually, but how together at Scattergood,             home. When I asked her to tell me one funny thing that one
we’re weaving a dynamic web of shared experiences.                    of her teachers had done, Ki Yea said there isn’t just one
                                                                      funny thing that sticks out to her, because there is something
As a new person in this community every event, interaction,           that is funny every day!
conversation, joy, and challenge is experienced with greater
intensity and feeling than those experienced once the routine         Chris Spinler
of normalcy filters in. Indeed, as I try out the new sensations       Algebra and Chemistry Teacher
of community and academic life here, every experience is              First Year at Scattergood
magnified. This is a challenging, rewarding, and humbling             After just one block at Scattergood, Chris is impressed with
experience, not unlike the experiences of many other new              how hard the students work here. He enjoys teaching
Scattergoodians.                                                      Algebra II the most because he finds the subject matter
One of the results of approximately 30% of the Scattergood            most interesting. He appreciates being here because of the
community experiencing this intensified and magnified                 strong sense of community and the authentic learning
perspective is energy. The energy comes not only from the             environment.
new students and faculty, but also from those for whom
the ebb and flow of Scattergood life has become a way of              Dana Foster
their being. Although perhaps not as magnified or intensified,        Art and Project Teacher, Cook
the energy of seasoned students and staff is powerful and             15 year Scattergood veteran
purposeful, shaping and guiding the experiences of all.               Dana stays at Scattergood because she is grateful for the
                                                                      opportunity to get to know the students and staff very well
All the individuals at Scattergood are important characters           and on many different fronts. She also enjoys the wide range
in the story of this academic year. The following individuals         of work and having access to the farm. Her most vivid
are just a few of those playing roles and contributing energy         memories are those which include trips she has led. She
to this year’s plot line:                                             elaborated on one such trip from last year when students
                                                                      had built their own boats from recycled items and went
                                                                      rafting down the Iowa River in the rain and cold.They ended
                                                                      up singing songs to keep each other going and to keep their
Manhattan, New York
                                                                      spirits up. Pictured below is Dana with students that trip.
Jarrett comes to Scattergood from the Big Apple. When I
asked Jarrett what excited him most about being at
Scattergood he responded by telling me that he is most
excited about the change of coming from New York City to
live in a much different and smaller community in Iowa.
He is also looking forward to the challenge of learning to
provide for his own needs. Jarrett’s only prior experience
with being away from home has been at camp, so he’s also
enjoying being away at boarding school. Jarrett’s favorite
class is his Drama project because he’s been trying to act
his whole life and he jumped at the chance to do it here
when granted a role in the first production of the year.

Fall                                               Scattergood News                                                       2007

Evolution of a Root Cellar                    Margie Figgins, Director of Development

Scattergood once again has the use of a root cellar! Those         cellar to good use, thus storing more of our own produce
from the ‘old Main’ era may remember a root cellar that            into the winter months. In hopes of reaching our fundraising
was located in the basement of the Berquist House. One             goal for the construction costs, this summer the farm planted
alumnus remembers the arduous chore of sorting old                 additional fall weather crops.
potatoes by hand in that cool, dark space. Those of us
from later generations may remember the sweet smelling             During their June reunion, the alumni from 1954 to 1962
apple rooms in the basement of the                                                     were intrigued with this project, and
current Main Building and the Boy’s                                                    enthusiastic to help. Our local Hills
Dorm, or the 1970’s era root cellar that                                               Bank made a donation, as well as
was located just outside the kitchen on                                                several other individuals and
the east side of the Main.                                                             contributors to the ‘Bridging the Gap’
                                                                                       campaign. Together, we were able to
Over time, as often happens, the usage                                                 raise the necessary funding to reach
of these spaces changed. The                                                           our goal.
basement of the Berquist House was
remodeled to hold a staff apartment                                                       Earlier this fall, under the competent
and two offices. The former apple                                                         direction of Laughlin Design, a 12’ by
room in the Boy’s Dorm is storage for                                                     8’ by 7’ concrete bunker was trucked
camping equipment. The apple room in the Main is our               in and carefully lowered onto a prepared bed of gravel. More
Music Room, currently being remodeled for better sound             gravel and drain tubes around the perimeter will keep the
control. And the root cellar outside the kitchen settled so        moisture under control. High and low ventilation tubes will
much it was deemed unsafe and removed a handful of years           allow for air circulation. More dirt over the top, a sidewalk
ago.                                                               and simple yet elegant entryway, and now our new root
                                                                   cellar is complete! Thanks to everyone who helped out!
With the rise of our organic gardening program, one of the         We look forward to putting this new space to good use, and
primary goals of the Scattergood Farm is to feed the school.       continuing an age-old Scattergood tradition.
It became apparent that we could once again put a root
                                                                   -Margie Figgins

                                         Charitable IRA Rollover
                                       May Expire December 31, 2007

  If you are age 70½ or older, you can make a cash gift from your traditional or Roth IRA to a
  qualified charity without incurring income tax on the withdrawal. This is good news for people
  who want to make a charitable gift from their retirement assets, but have been discouraged
  from doing so because of the income tax penalty. The legislation that allows this provision is
  currently only effective for the 2007 tax year only, so you must act by December 31 to take
  advantage of this opportunity.

  Please contact your tax advisor or Scattergood’s Development Office at 319-643-7621 or
  development@scattergood.org for more information.

Fall                                                Scattergood News                                                            2007

A Community of More Thoughtful Eaters                                        Mark Quee, Farm Manager

In late July the local organization 1000 Friends of Iowa asked       strawberries; and, more importantly, Scattergood genuinely
me to be on a panel discussing local food in schools. The            values food and the opportunities for growth and community
temptation was to brag about so many pounds of produce               that can occur in the dining room. Our cooks are the reason
served and so many head of livestock delivered, but that is          our farm-school connection is successful as they rise to the
not much of a speech, and, frankly, that does not get to the         challenges of cooking for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans,
true importance of the Farm at                                                                  and those who cannot eat pork or
Scattergood. So, here are some                                                                  wheat. Lunch is our main meal and
excerpts from the speech,                                                                       is served family style with
including a brief overview of the                                                               assigned seating: 2 staff and 4
Farm, as it exists in autumn 2007.                                                              students at each table. We
                                                                                                emphasize making things from
The Scattergood Farm is a diverse                                                               scratch so we do not have fish
operation       that     includes                                                               sticks or pre-fabricated little pizzas
approximately 6 acres in certified                                                              and we primarily serve home made
organic vegetable and fruit tree                                                                bread. We begin each meal with
production and about 25 acres of                                                                silence       and      end       with
pasture on which we use intensive                                                               announcements during which
grazing to grass-finish our small                                                               guests are welcomed, birthdays
herd of beef cattle (8 cow/calf                                                                 celebrated and Farm food is
pairs) and 20 bred ewes. We cut                                                                 announced. Everyone helps clear
hay for winter feeding so the diet                                                              the tables before our after lunch
of our livestock is made up entirely of hay from our farm.           work crews begin and compostable scraps are sorted and
We free range laying hens around the homestead, keep                 collected. There is a design to our food consumption which
turkeys on pasture, raise fryers in chicken tractors, keep           instills values of thankfulness, respect and celebration. Our
guinea fowl for insect control (and entertainment), and finish       students start to understand “local,” “organic” and
5 feeder pigs in our barn where they compost the winter              “seasonal” because they experience it every day.
bedding left by the sheep and cows. Starting next spring we
will pasture farrow heritage guinea hogs, and raise them             Scattergood is not utopia, however: our students still beg for
without supplemental grain.                                          rides to McDonald’s; squeals of delight can be heard on the
                                                                     rare occasions we buy sliced bread; some students only seem
Our gardens are laid out in a 9 year crop rotation in which          to eat white foods. Eventually, though, either consciously or
we grow everything expected on a large Iowa garden plus              unconsciously, change occurs: when students harvest the
perennial crops of asparagus, strawberries, herbs, apples,           fruits and vegetables; when they prepare meals and eat them
pears, sweet and sour cherries, peaches, plums, raspberries          with their chosen family; when they help rotate the livestock
and with a little luck our grapes and blueberries will start         through the pastures; when they assist in pulling a lamb from
producing in the next few years. Our main market is                  a struggling ewe; when they see the chicks hatch in the
ourselves—the school—but since students are gone in the              incubator and then raise them through maturity; when scraps
summer, we have a 35-subscriber CSA and we market to                 are separated for compost, and especially when the food,
New Pioneer Coop in Iowa City and Coralville as well. We             which is grown on land that we can all see, touch and smell,
have a hoop house with raised beds for extending our                 watered from clouds overhead or wells in our ground, when
growing season and now have a new root cellar to further             this food, which is completely a product of this place becomes
increase the food supplied by the farm for the school.               the muscle, bone and brains of our students, there is an
                                                                     undeniable connectedness which can only help lead us,
Our situation is in many ways ideal and not easy to replicate:       slowly, toward a healing community and a sustainable
the Farm’s market is guaranteed—whether it is a half ton             existence.
of winter squash, 500 pounds of eggplant or 100 quarts of            -Mark Quee
Fall                                                   Scattergood News                                                          2007

Scattergood’s Social Institutions, Shifting Cultural Emphasis                                                Joey Giffen-Hunter

Scattergood’s new Maintenance Assistant, Heidi Casto, has               our planet’s atmosphere is one significant challenge to assess.
been doing some invaluable work on campus. In addition to               In response we could strive to reduce, eliminate or reverse
her capable work making the grounds look great, she is                  the amount of carbon dioxide the school produces within a
helping cull many old maintenance files. Going through many             set period of time. Another environmental and social
of these files (as well as through older Scattergood                    challenge to explore is resource depletion. There are many
Newsletters), one gets a sense that Scattergood has been                social rationales to reduce Scattergood’s consumption of
changing its course toward a more sustainable future for                fossil fuels and products which require a large amount of
many, many years. Seldom are the principles of simplicity               fossil fuel to produce and transport. Scattergood could find
and social responsibility talked about directly, but these and          ways to eliminate our use of direct fossil fuel consumption
other Quaker witnesses seem to be taken for granted in so               and to cut our use of highly concentrated fossil fuel based
many documents. File headings such as energy efficiency,                products in half within a given period of time.
prairie restoration, solar gym and alternative energy trace
back to the mid-seventies, coinciding with the world oil                Maintaining the short term financial health of Scattergood is
market squeeze of that time. I’m guessing that had someone              essential for obvious reasons, but for institutional health and
not done such a good job of culling earlier files, there would          success, it is critical that we allocate our financial resources
be clues revealing the simplicity inherent in earlier years of          in a manner consistent with our core values. These values
Scattergood’s operation. More likely, it was just simpler not           are the School’s most effective guide to helping us remain a
to spend time filing maintenance information. (Hmm).                    relevant and viable school. If we let them guide us enough,
                                                                        perhaps they will provide enough focus for Heidi and I to
The topic of sustainability at Scattergood dovetails well with          quickly glean among the scads of information, old and new,
some of the core values Quakers have held and continue to               what we need to proceed on the Facilities end of things.
hold close: simplicity and caring for the welfare of everyone.
I have thought carefully about the similarities of the phrases          Every Little Bit Counts...
“core values” and “social institution” after coming across
                                                                        Check out the simple things Scattergoodians are doing
several articles written in the Quaker Economist website.
                                                                        every day to make a difference...
In one such article titled, “Energy Apocalypse?” author
Loren Cobb conveys that social institutions have protected
                                                                        Recycling is huge at Scattergood! We have recycle bins in
us from large scale disasters and will, with a certain amount           every building and nearly every classroom to engourage our
of vigilance, continue to shield us from such things as global          community to do their part.
warming, resource depletion, nuclear war. Cobb says that
social institutions “are patterns of behavior and thought which         Lightbulbs are being swapped from the standard 60W
have become so customary as to have become part of                      incandecent to the more energy efficient compact florescents.
tradition and culture, and even the subject of laws.” Our
school’s core values shed light on the foundation of our                Cleaning supplies at Scattergood are largely eco-friendly
traditions, customs and culture. We are fortunate that among            and less harmful to the environment.
our values are simplicity and caring for others.
                                                                        Chem-Free Farming techniques are good not only for the
Because our internal social institutions are responsive to              health of our Earth but the health of our students and staff
the significant environmental challenges we are facing,                 as well. No chemical pesticides, fertilizers or hormones are
Scattergood is poised to make greater improvements in                   used at the Farm.
conservation and efficient resource use than are many of
our peer institutions. As usual, there are a few difficult things       Reminders are given to the community throughout the year
that are important to work out: What are these environmental            in the hopes that we will all remember to turn lights off, take
challenges, and what are appropriate and sensible ways for              shorter showers and share rides when possible.
Scattergood to respond to these challenges? Long-term
climate change caused by high levels of carbon dioxide in               -Joey Giffen-Hunter, Facilities Manager

Fall                                                   Scattergood News                                                            2007

Meet the New Staff Members...
Andy Casto                                                               Amanda Edwards
Boys Dorm Sponsor                                                        Academic Coordinator
B.A., Fine Arts and Religious                                            B.A. Elementary Education and
Studies, Earlham College, 2000                                           Environmental Studies, Cornell
Post Baccalaureate Ceramics,                                             College, 1999
Ohio State University, 2002                                              I found Scattergood, or more
M.A. and M.F.A. Candidate in                                             accurately, Scattergood found me,
Ceramics, University of Iowa,                                            after I had taught elementary and
Class of 2010                                                            middle school for 6 years, and had
                                                                         directed a Girl Scout camp for 4 years. At the time, I was
ASE Certified MIG welding technician                                     searching for someplace I really didn’t think existed—that is,
My wife Heidi and I came to Iowa originally for me to pursue             an academic environment committed to educating the whole
graduate school in ceramics. Fortunately we were able to                 person and a group of people devoted to genuine community. I
find a wonderful place to live and work at Scattergood while             not only found these things, but as Academic Coordinator, get
we are here. I will be working in the boys dorm one weekend              to do what I love and have a knack for. In other words, every
a month. We are both active in helping to maintain the                   day I get to help young people and adults grow and develop to
ceramics studio here at the school, and completed construction           their full potential.
on a new 55 cubic foot gas kiln this summer before the students          I’m a positive person who loves to learn new things, discuss
arrived. I enjoy helping with facilities as well in my free time,        ideas, and laugh at life’s quirkiness. I love to read and swim.
mowing grass and fixing things as needed. We are both very               My husband, David, and I have a daughter, Maren, born in
excited to be new staff members this fall.                               2005, who is a continuous delight to us. We have a dog, Haley.
                                                                         We frequent walking and hiking paths outdoors, love to canoe
Heidi Casto
                                                                         when we have the chance, and are glad to be part of
Art Teacher, Dorm Sponsor,
Facilities Assistant
B.F.A. in Ceramics, Ohio State                                           Bob Gutwein
University, 2002                                                         Dean of Students
The journey that brought my                                              BA Psychology, University of
husband Andy and me to                                                   Iowa, 2001
Scattergood has been a joyful one.                                       Ed.M School Counseling,
When I graduated from college I                                          University at Buffalo SUNY,
began teaching high school art and                                       2007
fell in love with it. I loved seeing
the “ah-ha” moment in the students’ faces and how proud                  I have traveled many paths before
they were of their work and progress over time. After                    wandering in to education.
teaching for four years I decided to take a break and work               Working as a counselor with the Department of Corrections in
on my own art, as well as our pottery business. I was looking            Coralville, IA solidified the fact that I was in the right field
for a job close to the university and happened upon the                  and the wrong place. That particular job clarified for me the
Scattergood website. I couldn’t believe something like this              fact that many young people are not getting the support that
school existed so close to where Andy and I were relocating!             they need, and without it they could easily travel the wrong
Needless to say I sent my resume in and the rest is history.             path. Two years after that realization I was living in New
We love it here, and couldn’t have dreamed up a better                   York and entering a masters program in School Counseling.
place to be. We hope our footprints here will be a testament             I believed this to be the best way to stay within the counseling
to how much we value this community.                                     field, but stay true to myself and my goals, including steering
                                                                         young people to a path that is true to themselves. Scattergood
                                                                         is the perfect place to make my goals a realization.
Fall                                                    Scattergood News                                                          2007

I live on campus with my wife, son and daughter, and am                   I somehow turned a major in
happy to be back in Iowa, my family and I truly enjoy being               astronomy into majors in astronomy,
at Scattergood and experiencing all that it has to offer. As              physics, and mathematics. Evidently
a Canadian, I am also very excited to bring my love of Ice                feeling I still didn’t know enough, I
Hockey to Scattergood.                                                    went on to complete a year of
                                                                          graduate work in physics, where I
Stephen Pettinga                                                          had the sudden realization that I
Facilities Assistant                                                      needed to do something more
I am back in Iowa after a 12 year hiatus in my undergraduate              “real”. A few days later, I found
studies at the University of Iowa. I work part-time in facilities         myself petitioning the academic
and occasionally help out at the farm. I enjoy the opportunity to         “powers that be” for a spot in the College of Education.
help make Scattergood a more pleasant place to live in many               A master’s thesis and a year teaching in a public school
little ways, one repair at a time. I also enjoy the opportunity to        later, I now call Scattergood home. I truly enjoy the strong
get my hands dirty whether it’s helping to pick tomatoes or               sense of community, something I felt was lacking back in
weeding out a flower bed.                                                 my “city life” and find that Scattergood is an excellent place
Glenn Singer                                                              for nurturing growth as students, teachers, individuals, and,
Admissions Director                                                       above all, human beings.

B.A. in Liberal Arts with Psych.                                          I enjoy playing classical guitar, reading and cooking. I am
major, Kenyon College, 1986                                               also a practitioner of Zen meditation and mindfulness and a
                                                                          student of chado (Japanese tea ceremony).
M.Ed. in School Management with
a specialty in Private School                                             S. Sutterfield Winn
Management, Loyola College, 1991                                          Main Office Manager
I confess that on June 1st I didn’t                                       B.A. English, University of Texas
even know where exactly Iowa was                                          at Austin, 2000
located on the map and on July 1st, I
was living in Iowa, realizing one of my goals: to become an               M.T.S. Theology, Iliff School of
Admissions Director at a small boarding school.                           Theology, 2005

Most recently before coming to Scattergood, I was Assistant               I am a fairly new arrival to the
Head of School at Friends Meeting School, near Frederick,                 midwest and to the Scattergood
MD for an interim year. I came across this position at                    community. My husband Stephen
Scattergood through an internet search and now I am fulfilling            and I moved to Iowa last year so
a long-time professional goal, serving as Admissions Director!            he could pursue his own studies. After several wonderful
What an incredibly warm, welcoming and friendly environment               experiences at Iliff working with teenagers in a faith-based
this has turned out to be.                                                summer program for three years, I am thrilled to be able to
                                                                          be a part of the Scattergood community, wielding my
I am totally thrilled to be living in the farm cottage with my two        administrative skills in pursuit of the common good.
dogs, Sparky and Sienna. In my free time, I like to act and sing
and hope to explore local outlets for those two interests.                In addition to the aforementioned skills, I enjoy writing
                                                                          (poetry/non-fiction) and participating in various performance
Christopher Spinler                                                       arts, I am active in my spiritual community, and I work on
                                                                          being a passionate advocate for ecological activism and
Math and Science Instructor,
                                                                          social justice. Someday, I hope to play the harmonica. And
Boys’ Dorm Sponsor
                                                                          learn calligraphy. And herb gardening.
B.S. Physics/Astronomy/Mathematics University of Iowa, 2006
                                                                          I am also tragically addicted to correspondence courses.
A.T. Secondary Science Education, University of Iowa, 2006

Fall                                            Scattergood News                                                   2007

                                                                     Scattergood C



  Front from Left: John ‘10, Pyong ‘08, Jean Paul ‘10, Christian ‘10, Sung Du (Alex) ‘10, Graham’11, Mark Quee and Gillie, Irv
Angelis ‘08, Miriam ‘08 PG, Heidi Casto, Rachel Howard, Amanda Edwards. Third row from left: Elenior Wilder-Tack, Eric ‘08,
   ‘09, John Morman, Anthony ‘10, Lake Giffen-Hunter (son of Sarah and Joey). Fourth row from left: Jacob ‘10, Sarah Giffen
  Jonathan ‘09, Shamra ‘08, Ben ‘09, Trina ‘08, Lorraine Gaynor. Back row from left: Joey Giffen-Hunter, Glenn Singer, Bob G
                                                     Sutterfield Winn (Sutter), Han Wool ‘09, Brent ‘08, Jan Luchini, Lindsey ‘08
         Fall                                             Scattergood News                                                 2007

Community                                                                Seniors


 ving Treadway, Jarrett ‘11. Second row from left: Luke ‘09, Lionel ‘08, Emilee ‘10, Claire ‘10, Kathryn ‘07, Syndi ‘08, Sue ‘10,
 Jon David ‘09, Caleb ‘11, Emma ‘08, Dana Foster, Rasheed ‘09, Sally ‘08, Taylor ‘08, Joel ‘08, Margie Figgins, Chang Woo (Chaz)
n-Hunter, Stacy ‘09, Oscar ‘09, Yesna ‘09, Mary ‘11, Meghan ‘09, Satin ‘09, Chris ‘08, Hans Niehus, Riley Lark, Michal Lynch,
Gutwein, Hikma ‘11, Anwar ‘09, Dan Carter, Nan Fawcett, Steve Nordlund, Sam Taylor, Laurie ‘09, Ki Yea ‘11, Connie ‘10, Sara
8, Chris Spinler, Paul ‘08, Eli ‘09, Min Seok ‘10. Not Pictured: Xuejing ‘10.
Fall                                               Scattergood News                                                        2007

Getting Ready and Getting Aquainted
Though much of the late summer is spent getting campus
ready for the students, there is something to be said for the
bond that is created by communal work. For that reason,
we have whole community work days built into our orienta-
tion schedule. Early in the week students and staff break up
into grade groups and class sponsors to work on a project
which will help to maintain or beautify our campus. Some of
the projects this year included cleaning out and organizing
the kitchen and pantry, gathering brush and lighting the burn

Later in the week we all spent an afternoon at the Farm
doing various jobs. Some harvested, some weeded or cleared
brush from the wood lot. Others cleaned out or made re-
pairs on animal pens. Needless to say there were hundreds
                                                                     Above: Heidi Casto and Syndi ‘08 (standing) harvesting
of garlic bulbs which needed to be processed again this year
                                                                     sqaush with other in their group. Below: Claire ‘10 and Emma
and that was a nice way to wind down from our work. We               ‘08 pause for a pose. Below Left: Guinea Fowl are largely
then enjoyed a picnic dinner at the Farm followed by Meet-           responsible for pest control on the Farm. Bottom Left: Who
ing for Worship around a bonfire.                                    says cleaning out a hog pen can’t be fun? Shamra ‘08 and
                                                                     Yesna ‘09. Bottom Right: Onions.

Fall                                               Scattergood News                                                     2007

The greenhouse group worked tirelessly during the Farm work day to tear out the old plants and prepare the beds for a new fall
crop. Above Left: Miriam ‘08 and Amanda Edwards. Above Right: Min Seok ‘10, Miriam and Steve Nordlund.

Left: John ‘10, Meghan ‘09, Pyong ‘08, Michal Lynch and Jacob ‘10 prepared the storage barn for painting. Right: Paul ‘08 and
Emilee ‘10 built pens for the Guinea hogs. Below left: Juniors Eli and Oscar clear brush behind the basin’s windbreak. Below
right: Seniors Joel, Stacy, Emma, Taylor and Shamra along with Michal Lynch, burn one of the brush piles behind campus.

Fall                      Scattergood News                                                      2007

Camping Weekend 2007   F.W Kent Park, Tiffin, Iowa

                                        We had another great camping weekend this year at F.W.
                                        Kent Park in Tiffin, Iowa. We had just enough time upon
                                        arriving to get all of the vehicles unpacked and get tents up
                                        before it started to rain. It poured actually and the few stu-
                                        dents who rode bikes to the site were drenched when they
                                        rolled in at dusk. Top left: Joel ‘08, Joey Giffen-Hunter,
                                        Chang Woo ‘08 and Pyong ‘08. Top Center: Knitting circle,
                                        Connie ‘10 and Faith ‘10 in front with Margie Figgins, Stacy
                                        ‘08, Syndi ‘08, Heidi Casto, Miriam ‘08 and Sarah Giffen-
                                        Hunter. Top Right: Lindsey ‘08 enjoys a book in the sun-
                                        shine. At Left: Eric ‘08, Liam ‘08 and Chris Spinler.
                                        Bottom left: Shortly after setting up their tents, students
                                        and staff took to relaxing. Bottom right: Students and staff
                                        took turns paddling around the lake. It was the perfect day
                                        to be out on the water!

Fall                                               Scattergood News                                                    2007

Reuniting and Reconnecting

                              Alumni reunion attendees gather for a group photo in the circle.

   Classmates reminisce over photos outside of the Main                 Attendees on a tour of the Scattergood Farm.
         Building which was constructed in 1958.

                                                                       The classes of 1963-1971
    For more information about how you can organize a                     are pleased to invite their
 reunion for you and your classmates, please contact the
  Development Office at (319)643-7621 or via e-mail at               classmates and teachers to a reunion
                                                                           June 27th -29th 2008
Fall                                                 Scattergood News                                                            2007

Service Learning Project Part I                          Rachel Howard

News media and popular culture surround us with stories of             was transmitted by a bug that existed because of the rise in
violence, poverty, and urban decay. Political leaders exchange         temperatures all over. It also affects my future in that it will
ideas about education, the economy, health care, and welfare           affect how I will have to do things in my daily life.
reform. But what are all of these issues really about? What
is life like for someone who is homeless or on welfare?                Min Seok Han ‘10
Where have these problems come from? Most importantly,
what can we do about them, as individual citizens and as a             I am working on a project
society? During this block we have explored what is a social           studying poverty. One of the
isssue and what are the root causes of social issues like              reasons I chose this project is
poverty and homelessness. We attended a diversity                      because it is a very important
conference, read stories about families struggling with                issue in our society and the
poverty, and watched a documentary that followed a couple              whole world. Also, I felt I
attempting to live on minimum wage. In order to receive a              wanted to know more about
passing grade for the block, students must choose a social             poverty. What I am hoping to
issue they will be studying for their final project portfolio.         accomplish through this project
                                                                       is to find out what are the actual
                                                                       and big reasons why people are poor, how do they become
       Proposal Write-ups for Service Learning Project
                                                                       poor and how poverty has impacted our world. After I finish
Angelis Shropshire ‘08                                                 this project, I want to have more knowledge about poverty
                                                                       and hopefully make my own solution to solve this problem.
I am studying pollution and the
negative effects it has on our                                         Sue Grossman’10
atmosphere. I feel that this is
important because pollution is                                         Addressing the topic of child
the cause of global warming.                                           abuse, even at a young age, is
Reducing global warming is                                             important because with the
important because it affects so                                        knowledge of such a topic one
many aspects of our daily lives                                        can become an advocate to
in a negative way. One of the                                          others. One can use the
effects that is a big concern is                                       knowledge they acquire to
that the rise in temperature all over is creating better               educate others and thus spread
environments for germs, bacteria, and insects to live in and           it so it becomes known. I feel
reproduce, creating a rise in the spread of certain diseases,          that people should educate
and quite a few of them are lethal.                                    themselves on such a topic, as scary as it might be for some,
                                                                       because it is a serious issue that is affecting many children’s
Through this project I would like to accomplish an increase            lives. We would get nowhere in trying to fix the problem if
in recycled materials in Iowa City, mainly from the bigger             no one took the time to care. Approximately three children
businesses. As of now, most of the big businesses in Iowa              die everyday because of child abuse, that’s one-thousand-
City, such as hotels, throw away all kinds of things that could        ninety-five children a year, the actual number is said to be
be recycled with very little effort. I would like to convince          much higher. Though it may be hard to come to terms with,
them to recycle, and prove to them that the benefits of                child abuse may very well be happening in our own backyard.
recycling items such as cardboard far exceed the little effort         Child abuse can be divided into four categories; physical,
put into recycling those items.                                        emotional, sexual and neglect. It can affect every type of
                                                                       person, anytime, anywhere. I feel as if this is something that
This project is important to me because it affects my daily            people should be more aware of, so that together, we can save
life and is going to increasingly affect my life as time goes          children’s lives.
on. I could be one of the people to die from a disease that

Fall                                                Scattergood News                                                          2007

I am hoping that by learning about child abuse I will be able         The reason I say Iowa is because it takes one step at a time
to find a way to teach others what I have learned, in the             and Iowa is just the starting grounds.
hope that they too will have their eyes opened to the horrors
that occur so often and are so unseen. I believe people               Meghan Maynard ‘09
would care more if they knew more of what child abuse
really means and why it happens. It is my hope that I will be         In the past there have been
able to encourage people to look deeper then the statistics           many reports of child abuse in
and open up their minds. I want to be able to stop someone            the United States. There are
from simply flipping the channel the second another sappy             hundreds of thousands of
or depressing commercial comes on about the children who              children living in impoverished
have no control over their lives or their futures. I want them        lifestyles with familes holding on
to think about the ones who die, the ones whose bruise simply         by a hair to get by. Many believe
gets over looked or the one who lives next door. I want to            that the impoverished people are
get others to care; so that together we can help the children         more likely to contribute to the
win that fighting chance. We can help the healing process             child abuse statistic. This could
and free innocent children by breaking the cycle of abuse.            be because they are having a
They deserve a childhood. How could anyone deny that?                 hard time and have a lot more issues to deal with, or possibly
                                                                      the reason could be because they are uneducated about the
Syndi Love ‘08                                                        effects it has on the child and the community as a whole.

I am interested in learning about                                     The question I will be focusing on for my research this block
substance abuse problems in the                                       will be the perspectives on the causes of child abuse and
United States today. Everyday                                         also some of the effects of what can happen to a child after
there are several loved ones                                          they are abused, both in short term and long term. Obviously
whose deaths are related to                                           in the short term they may have bruises and broken ribs but
drugs somehow. I feel that we                                         in the long run, what many people don’t know, the adult of
as a society should try to inform                                     someone who was abused can have a number of mental
our youth about drugs.                                                disabilities, eating disorders, etc.
Informing our youth will make
them aware of what can and                                            With this project I would like to raise my own awareness of
does happen. This may help steer them away from these                 the subject and with that, raise others’ awareness even if
“extra curricular” activities. This may not stop drugs from           that just means having a simple conversation with a friend
being used but I feel that it would help keep youth aware. I          or family member.
plan on participating in programs that support and prevent
substance abuse; by doing this I can show youth how I
have been affected with the death of a loved one and the
life with a parent who has substance problems. This project
will be the first step into the long and scary road. I plan on
learning more about the statistics of substance use and what
are some of the root causes for substance abuse. Looking
at the death rate of youth due to substance use of any sort
will help me understand what I can do to guide youth away
from substances. This will open my eyes and give me hard
factual information for the people I will be working with. I
hope that I can make a difference in the lives around me
and make an improvement in families in Iowa one by one.

Fall                                                Scattergood News                                                       2007

Scattergood Day 2007
We had another fantastic Scattergood Day weekend! The
weather could not have been more perfect at 70 degrees
and mostly sunny. Friends and alumni came to visit- some
from great distances and as always the food was amazing!
Behind the scenes preparation began weeks ago, but come
Thursday afternoon it was all hands on deck as the whole
community pitched in to clean, decorate and otherwise pre-
pare for the busy weekend ahead.

The Farm provided so much yummy produce for the meal
on Saturday evening. The spit roasted lamb was of course a
product of the Farm as were the garlic and herbs used to
season it. Fresh salad greens from the greenhouse, collard
greens and peppers in the vegetarian dish and pumpkins for
the homemade pumpkin cheesecake.

Ultimate Frisbee was a different story. Eight staff, two par-
ents and two alumni turned out to play against the eighteen
students in John Morman’s Ultimate class. Much to the
dismay of the students the staff ended up scoring within the
first minute of play. The students rallied and made the very
last point of the game but were still a couple points short of
winning. The final score was staff 7, students 5. At top
right: Brent ‘08 and Alex Chandler-Minner ‘06.

Not only was there a lot happening on campus but our soc-
cer team was playing in a championship tournament that
morning as well. We were very proud of them and though
they came in second in that game, they ended up beating the
staff and alumni later in the day with a score of 3 to 1.
Below: Andy Casto, Pyong ‘08 , Kathryn ‘08 and Irving
Treadway heading for the ball.

                                                                      Here to cheer on their fellow students, Yesna ‘09, Ben ‘09,
                                                                      Jacob ‘10, Adrian ‘10 and Satin ‘09.

Fall                                                  Scattergood News                                                           2007

                                                                         Above: The cast of “The Laramie Project” starring Taylor ‘08,
                                                                         Jarrett ‘11, Emilee ‘10, Joel ‘08, Claire ‘10 Jon David ‘09 and
                                                                         Eric ‘08 took a few moments to gather and reflect before tak-
                                                                         ing the stage Saturday night. Below: Prior to the play was a
                                                                         performance by Steve Nordlund’s drumming project.        Oscar
                                                                         ‘09 and Jean Paul ‘10 pictured.

Above:    Meghan ‘09 helps prepare the Saturday evening
meal by peeling garlic cloves.    Below: Dana Foster stokes
the fire and shifts coals as Michelle Mathurin (whose son Jarrett
is a freshman this year) turns the lamb on the spit. So many
people came to help with the roasting, it was great!

Fall                                                Scattergood News                                                        2007

News of Friends and Alumni
Karl R. Liske ‘54 writes: I have          received an exquisite quilt pieced by family      Sylvan, 8, and daughter Kaia, 5. He
been retired for 10 years after 31        and close friends and quilted and put             and Mina (Wood) Leierwood ‘84
plus years as a letter carrier. I am      together by his great grandma Wanda               are currently turning his van into an
blessed with four granddaughters          Knight ‘47.                                       art car with a “four elements”
ages 12, 9, 6, and 5 plus a grandson                                                        theme. He enjoys canoeing in the
8 months old. I now continue to           Paul Bijhouwer ‘80 wrote: It is hard to           Boundary Waters, swimming,
pursue some of the same interests         believe that Thomas, our 12 week preemie,         bicycling, playing his guitar and the
and associations that attracted me        is now a 39" tall 3 year old. He and his little   Egyptian doumbek, singing, creating
to Scattergood fifty-four years ago.      brother Matthew (who will be 2 in                 rituals, reading great children’s
“So much to learn and do and so           September) keep Michele and I very busy           literature, and improvisational
little time” is a good mantra for all.    chasing after them. After 12 years working        dancing. Last winter, he visited
                                          for consulting firms I took a position as a       sister Betsy ‘81 in Arizona and
Steven A. Smith ‘57 wrote: The            Hydraulic Engineer with the Corps of              spent 4 days doing a solo back
reunion on 14-17 of June was a great      Engineers in 2003. Although this was a big        country hike in the Grand Canyon. He
success! Seven members of my class        change, I have found the opportunities and        still carries his toothbrush with him
were present, plus many otherS from       challenges of working on flood protection,        wherever he goes. He welcomes
1954-62. Good, deep visiting; an          watershed modeling, ecosystem restoration,        correspondence                      at
update on the school; and renewed         and other water resource projects to be the       events@fsmn.org.
personal connections. Thanks!             most exciting and rewarding of my career.
                                                                                            Robert Strasser ’83 writes: I still
Bob (Robert) A. Stucklen (staff           Erica Wells ‘81 and Michael Forman were           value many of my adventures and
1959-61) writes: Our son Bill, 35,        married this past summer. Beatriz                 life lessons dating from 10th and
and his wife Jennifer have a young        Aprigliano-Ziegler ‘84 officiated the             11th grade in Iowa. In fact, the
son, Sebastian Cole who was born          ceremony. Pictured below.                         beginning of my life as a potter has
on July 23, 2006. Our daughter                                                              its origins in that period of time.
Renee (‘95) is a massage therapist                                                          Making ceramics is one of the
in Prescott AZ. She is moving back                                                          longest threads of continuity in my
to Sedona. She studied Thai                                                                 life, and has taken me to places as
massage in Chiang Mai Thailand                                                              far away as Japan and Chile’s lake
last December. Our son Lowell is                                                            district. Going to Japan was a
still in Fort Collins, and hopes to get                                                     dream come true when I
employment in the community. Our                                                            participated in a cultural exchange
42nd wedding anniversary is June                                                            through the ceramic arts in the
12th- two days after Bob Berquist’s                                                         summer of 2000. My current
72nd birthday.                                                                              occupation is as a research
                                          Dhaivyd Hilgendorf ‘83 has been on the            associate of Hood College in
Norm Tjossem ‘63 writes that he           staff at Friends School of Minnesota for 10       Frederick, Maryland. I am working
is entering his 25th year of teaching     years, where he currently serves as the           on the restoration of American
at George School in Pennsylvania.         Librarian-Media Specialist, Volunteer             Chestnut. I earned a Masters of
                                          Manager, and Special Events Coordinator.          Science from Hood in 1998, and a
Pamela (Knight) Madden ‘68                He is enrolled in the Masters program in          Bachelors of Arts in Biology from
wrote: Tom and I will become              Library and Information Science at the            Earlham College in 1988. When not
grandparents for the first time in        College of Saint Catherine. He lives in St.       working on tree restoration, I make
approximately one month.                  Paul, MN in the house immediately                 ceramics and enjoy playing middle-
Ultrasound results claim “It’s a          neighboring the long-time Hilgendorf              eastern drums with friends and for
boy!” so we await his arrival with        homestead with his step-son Julian, 12, son       live dancers.
excitement. He has already

Fall                                               Scattergood News                                                         2007

Kirk and Jo Payne (staff 1983-           studied Science of Communications at the           Beth Zwerling ‘06 stopped by
84) and their 4 daughters live in        La Salle University in León, México. I have        campus to visit. She is a sophomore
Rochester, MN. Kirk teaches at a         worked in private, non government                  at Lawrence University in Appleton,
Nature Center; Calla is an R.N. at       organizations and in the public sector. Since      Wisconsin studying Chinese and
Mayo; Hilary is a recent college         2002 I work in a Training Institute of the         Studio Arts, with a focus on ceramics.
grad; Libby is at Drake University;      Federal Government related to the                  Friends can contact her at
Hannah is in high school. Always look    Secretariat of Agriculture in my country, in       beth.zwerling@lawrence.edu.
forward to the Scattergood News.         the design and production of Educational TV
                                         programs for rural population and                  Olivia Hunter ’06 wrote to us
Sarah Hernandez ‘84 was                  technicians, as well as other training videos,     from California, where she lives a
featured in an article in Southwest      printed materials and supervise translation        block away from the ocean. She is
Florida’s Herald Tribune. The            of official documents to English. I share my       working as a fashion production
article describes Sarah’s work at        life with Ricardo, my boyfriend from               manager for a fashion company
New College as a sociology               university and we are parents of 2 children,       called LF and going to school for
professor.      Sarah’s area of          Sofía Libertad who is 4 years old and Erik         Fashion Merchandising and
expertise is work. She researches        who is 3 years old. I am very fond of              Management at Santa Monica
and teaches about issues related to      Scattergood and keep in touch with some            College.
the workplace, work conditions, and      friends like Marcela Cabrera ‘90 from              We were saddened by the news that
wages. Sarah said she became             Colombia, Paco Ríos ‘90 from México and            Ben Coffey ‘07 passed away. An
interested in the subject of work        John Wyaux ‘89 from Belgium, as well as            informal memorial service was held
growing up in southern Mexico.           with Larry and Callie Marsh (staff 1968-           in Iowa City on October 9th.
For the full article, visit: http://     75) who are Committee Members and who
www.heraldtribune.com/apps/              were my ‘parents’ in the States.
pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070226/                                                              East Coast Housing Needed
NEWS/702260544                           Kim (Key-O) Lewes-Gray ‘94 wrote to                 Irving Treadway and Rachel
                                         us from Nai Soi, Thailand. “I am working            Howard will be leading the East
Katerina Deligiorgis ‘85 writes:         as an English Teacher. I work with Burmese          Coast trip during Seventh
Once I graduated high school, I          refugees and “Hill Tribe” kids that do not          Block. They are looking for a
went to the University of Iowa and       have access to Thai Education. It is challenging    reasonably priced place in
majored in Spanish. (That trip to        and rewarding work and I am having a lot of         Philadelphia to stay during the
Mexico was so memorable.. San            fun. Before working here, I taught English and      weeks of March 24 – April 13.
Marcial olee) I then went to the         Computers in Yemen and Samoa.”                      There will be a total of twelve
International Airline Academy in         Anne Beerman (staff 2001-03) writes: I              people going on this trip. Their
1991 where I received my diploma         am still teaching at Shanghai American              preference is for a house with
for tourism and travel. In 1991-1995     School in China. I have been the interim            a kitchen but they welcome all
I worked for American Airlines first     theatre manager for the new 1.7 million             inquiries about this housing
in Cedar Rapids, Iowa then went          dollar Performing Arts Center and teaching          need. Please direct inquiries to
to California. Returned from there       Literature to Film, British Literature and          Irving at irving@scattergood.org.
to Iowa and worked for MCI for           English 9.
10 years. In the mean time I had 2
daughters: Atlanta is 11 and Athena      Ulysses Villada ‘02 is living in Georgia,
is 9. Last year, I moved to IL to work   working and going to college.
for an insurance company.                Elenoir (formerly Rachel Thomson) and
                                         Dylan Wilder-Tack (staff 2005 to current)
Natalia Loustalot Laclette San           were married in the Hickory Grove Meeting
Román ‘90 writes: After I                House on the Scattergood campus on June
graduated from Scattergood, I            30, 2007. Pictured at right.

Fall                                                  Scattergood News                                                          2007

Thanks to...                                                            Donation Requests:
         Alumni from the classes of 1954-62 who donated                 Livestock waterers (particularly for pigs)
         items for and then participated in a silent fundraising        Kitchen Scale
         auction during their June reunion this summer.
                                                                        Bale rings
         Allie & David Neff, Jim McIntosh & Elaine Gazda,               Pressure canner (in good condition)
         Jane Mabry, and Anthony & Lois Edgerton for items              Food dehydrator
         donated to the Scattergood library.

         Judy Wilson for items for the Berquist House guest                 Stay Connected. Save Trees.

         Office Depot in Iowa City for discounts on office                   Scattergood News
                                                                                is now available online!
         Nathan Coppock for an antique Scattergood School
         lapel pin.
                                                                         Help us do our part to reduce
         Lucas Hollister for donating a tent.                             our ecological footprint by
         Ken Fawcett for his donation of gates for the farm.            subscribing to our e-newsletter.
         Mary Cloudsparks for being a Friend in Residence
         and sharing her talents with the community.
                                                                           Call or e-mail Margie in the
                                                                          Development Office to switch!
         Hoover Association for donating a laser printer.
         Dan and Margie Schlitt for their hospitality.
         Charlie Day for speaking to the Religious                            development@scattergood.org
         Studies class on Buddhism.

         Bob Braverman for turnips and salsa.

                                                                                                              Nonprofit Organization
                                                                                                              US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                              West Branch, Iowa
                                                                                                              Permit No. 13

                                  FRIENDS            SCHOOL
       1951 Delta Avenue •West Branch, Iowa 52358 • (319) 643-7600


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