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									  Memo To:     PsTL Teaching Faculty
Memo From:     Doug Robertson
     Date:     26 Sep 08
       Re:     Recertification of PsTL Courses to meet new Council on Liberal Education
               (CLE) requirements.

As you know, all courses that hope to carry CLE Core, Theme, or Writing Intensive designation
must be submitted for recertification using the new guidelines. One of the new policies is that
all courses carrying CLE Theme or Core designations must have a tenure/tenure track faculty
sponsor. It will be the sponsor's responsibility to coordinate and oversee the development and
submission of the documents required for certification.

Here is the process for recertification:

1. We have identified the following PsTL courses that need certification: 1004, 1005, 1006,
   1112, 1131, 1135, 1163, 1171, 1204, 1211, 1231, 1235W, 1246, 1251, 1281, 1289, 1312,
   1364, 1365W, 1366, 1367W, 1368, 1371, 1461, 1481, 1525W. If you see any omissions or
   other problems with this list let me know.

2. All courses will lose their current designation as of August, 2010. CLE has developed a
   cycle for submitting requests according to the core or theme designation. As approval can
   sometimes require revision/re-submission, we are planning to submit all requests in the first
   round of the cycle. The only exceptions to this are Mathematical Thinking, Biological
   Sciences, and Physical Sciences core courses because our internal submission deadline is
   10/15. We hope it will be possible for some proposals in these areas to be ready by that
   date. For those that cannot be, the internal submission deadline will be February 15, 2009.

3. The faculty sponsor will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing the required
   proposal components (syllabus reflecting the required components and ECAS text to justify
   the requested designation). Everyone will contribute to 1 or more recertification proposal.
   The attached list shows the faculty sponsors and potential instructors who can take a role in
   a given course. We tried to distribute the efforts as equitably as we could but some
   instructors will have more to do than others. The faculty sponsor will communicate with their
   group to discuss what needs to be done, who will do each part, and by when it must be

4. On or before the due date, the faculty sponsor will send Jennifer ( an
   electronic copy of the information needed to be entered into ECAS (see below), a sample
   syllabus, and any other documents, such as sample homework assignments or student

5. A committee will review the ECAS document and syllabus to be sure they contain the
   required information and reflect the necessary components for the designation. Committee
   members are Pat James, Doug Robertson, and one other person to be determined.
Recertification of PsTL Courses, September 2008                                               page 2

6. If the committee discovers that one or more components are missing, or if it believes more
   development or elaboration is needed, it will let the faculty sponsor know. In that case, the
   faculty sponsor and associates will make the necessary changes and resubmit the materials
   to Jennifer by the date indicated (so, getting the proposal in before the drop-dead date might
   be very important).

7. For correct and complete proposals, Jennifer will enter the information into ECAS and
   forward the syllabus and any other documents to CLE for their deliberation.

Obviously, CLE designations are critical to our FYE.

Note, Fred Finley, an associate professor in Curriculum & Instruction, is the CEHD
representative to the CLE. The names of the other CLE members can be found at

The deadlines for submission to Jennifer and CLE are listed below. We hope to have all PsTL
courses submitted by at least round 2.

Core only or Core+Theme submitted by Core            Round 1          Round 2          Round 3
topic; Theme only submitted by Theme topic           Submission       Submission       Submission
                                                     Date             Date             Date
Core courses in Mathematical Thinking,               To Jennifer by   To Jennifer by   To Jennifer by
Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences (with or        15 Oct 08;       15 Feb 09;       15 Oct 09;
without any theme); Theme only courses in             To CLE by      To CLE by      To CLE by
Environment, Technology and Society                    31 Oct 08      28 Feb 09      31 Oct 09
Core courses in Historical Perspectives, Social      To Jennifer by To Jennifer by To Jennifer by
Sciences (with or without any theme); Theme           15 Nov 08;     15 Mar 09;     15 Nov 09;
only courses in Global Perspectives, Diversity and    To CLE by      To CLE by      To CLE by
Social Justice in the U.S.                             30 Nov 08      30 Mar 09      30 Nov 09
Core courses in Arts and Humanities, Literature      To Jennifer by To Jennifer by To Jennifer by
(with or without any theme); Theme only courses        15 Dec 08;    15 Apr 09;      15 Dec 09;
in Civic Life and Ethics                              To CLE by         To CLE by       To CLE by
                                                      31 Dec 08         30 Apr 09       31 Dec 09

Details on what must go into a proposal for the various cores and themes can be found in the
document Guidelines for Proposing a Liberal Education Course (a pdf version of this is
available at Also at that web site is a
document Implementation of New Liberal Education Requirements from Provost McMaster
outlining how the new requirements will be implemented.

Here are some important points from the McMaster memo for your consideration:
• A course may be approved to meet one core or one theme or both a core and a theme. In
  the latter case, the theme must be fully and meaningfully integrated into the course (the old
  standard of “one-third of the course” will no longer be sufficient).
Recertification of PsTL Courses, September 2008                                           page 3

• Courses will no longer be approved to meet two themes; although the course subject matter
  may touch on more than one theme, proposers must choose the theme for which they
  request certification.
• Courses in the Physical and Biological Science Cores must be four credits each because of
  the lab requirements; courses in all other Cores and Themes must be at least three credits.

There are several things that must be included in the recertification application:

  Criteria for the Core: (no character limit)

     Describe how the course meets the following specific bullet points for the proposed core
     requirement. Give concrete and detailed examples for the course syllabus, detailed
     outline, laboratory material, student projects, or other instructional materials or method.

     Core courses must meet the following requirements:
     • They explicitly help students understand what liberal education is, how the content and
       the substance of this course enhance a liberal education, and what this means for
       them as students and as citizens.
     • They employ teaching and learning strategies that engage students with doing the
       work of the field, not just reading about it.
     • They include small group experiences (such as discussion sections or labs) and use
       writing as appropriate to the discipline to help students learn and reflect on their
     • They do not (except in rare and clearly justified cases) have prerequisites beyond the
       University's entrance requirements.
     • They are offered on a regular schedule.
     • They are taught by regular faculty or under exceptional circumstances by instructors on
       continuing appointments. Departments proposing instructors other than regular
       faculty must provide documentation of how such instructors will be trained and
       supervised to ensure consistency and continuity in courses.

  Criteria for the Theme: (4000-character limit including spaces)

     Describe how the course meets the following specific bullet points for the proposed theme
     requirement. Give concrete and detailed examples for the course syllabus, detailed
     outline, laboratory material, student projects, or other instructional materials or methods.

     Theme courses have the common goal of cultivating in students a number of habits of
     • thinking ethically about important challenges facing our society and world;
     • reflecting on the shared sense of responsibility required to build and maintain community;
     • connecting knowledge and practice;
     • fostering a stronger sense of our roles as historical agents.
Recertification of PsTL Courses, September 2008                                           page 4

  Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

    Identify which SLOs the course meets and write a 300 character paragraph explaining
    why the course meets them. The SLOs are:

    At the time of receiving a bachelor's degree, students:
    • can identify, define, and solve problems;
    • can locate and critically evaluate information;
    • have mastered a body of knowledge and a mode of inquiry;
    • understand diverse philosophies and cultures within and across societies;
    • can communicate effectively;
    • understand the role of creativity, innovation, discovery, and expression across
      disciplines; and
    • have acquired skills for effective citizenship and lifelong learning.

  Criteria for syllabi (12 page limit): Your syllabus must include the following information:
    Goals (what is the course trying to accomplish?):
    Description (what is the course about?):
    Format (lecture, discussion, computer-mediated, etc.):
    Structure (number of instructor contact hours per week, student workload effort per week,
    Topics (what content and ideas will the course cover?):
    Scope and nature of assigned readings (text, authors, frequency, amount per week):
    Required assignments (what will you require students to do?):
    Nature of any student projects:
    How students will be evaluated:

Check-off for Documents to be Submitted to Jennifer (send these
as a Microsoft Word attachment to
  Date due to Jennifer: __________________
  __ Criteria for the Core (no character limit)
  __ Criteria for the Theme (4000-character limit including spaces)
  __ Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) (300 character limit including
  __ Justification for Writing Intensive designation (as of Thursday, September 25, 2008 the
     guidelines for this were not available)
  __ Syllabus
  __ Other materials

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