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					                          ASMC Washington Chapter, P.O. BOX 16237, Arlington, VA 22215-1237

                                                          ASMC - Washington Chapter

                                                                A Five Star Chapter

                                                                                                                August 2008

                                                      Sponsored by: USAF

           President’s Message                                                    Today’s Speaker:
  President, ASMC Washington Chapter                                     Ms. BJ White-Olson, Director, Budget
                                                                        Management and Execution, Office of the
The Washington Chapter Board is very interested in your
                                                                         Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget,
thoughts on how our Chapter can become more engaged ad                               (SAF/FMBM)
better support our local membership. As a Chapter, we are
financially very sound, which affords us an opportunity to
sponsor additional social events, potentially increase the              BJ White-Olson, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is
number and dollar value of our scholarships, spend some                 Director for Budget Management and Execution, Office of the
money to offset the cost of the monthly ASMC luncheons and              Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget, Washington, D.C. She
better recognize our members who pass the CDFM                          is responsible for the management and oversight of budget
examination. One idea that seemed popular at the August                 formulation and execution activities of $130billion in Air
Board Meeting, which we will pursue, was to create a local              Force appropriations. In addition, she supervises financial
Washington Chapter coin. One of my primary objectives                   policy development for security assistance programs.
during this coming year is to return some of the equity we
have accumulated over the years to our members by                       Ms. White-Olson began her career with the Air Force in 1973.
sponsoring interesting and exciting events. I’m interested in           She has served in a wide range of financial management
your input. Please provide any thoughts or ideas you may                positions at all organizational levels within the Air Force.
have that you would like to see the Washington Chapter                  Prior to her current position, she was Associate Deputy
pursue to your Service Assistant Secretaries so the board can           Assistant Secretary for Cost Economics.
discuss at the September Board meeting.

Thanks for your participation as we search for ideas to
enhance our Chapter activities.

Col Tom Fuhrer
ASMC, Washington Chapter

                                                                                          Member Accomplishments

                                                                         New Washington Chapter CDFM/CDFM-A

                                                                         Clint Sullivan          Deborah Spencer
                                                                         Dennis Savage           James Bell
                                                                         Jennifer Morgan, CDFM-A
                                                                         Mary Woolworth
Michael Minnehan             Rosilyn Burrell
Aimee Dalton                Alihah Lewis                                         CONGRATULATIONS!
Antnio Oropeza              Christine Fulkerson
Eileen Parks                 Erica Young
Harold Cates                Ilse Kleiman                               To the winner of the July Luncheon Raffle
Jason Corrothers            Jessica Keen
Jillian Holt                Jillian Holt                                       Ms Paula Becker, AFCAA 
John Lang                   Jonathan Rost
Joshua Bahr                 Julia Szymkowiak
Julia Wong                  Linda Hamm                              Next Luncheon 17 September 2008
Lori Ware                   Mark Kehoe
Miae O;Connor               Nia Simmons, CDFM-A
Ophelia Davis               Paul Gendrolis                          Topic: "Stepped Up Enterprise Risk Management"
Regina Goff                 Scott Vyner
Sharon Holcome              Thomas Thornberg                        Guest Speaker: Teresa McKay, Principal Deputy
Travis Biggar               Veronica Helden                         Director, DFAS
William Apgar
                                                                    Place: Holiday Inn, Alexandria
CDFM Training:
                                                                    Sponsor: DFAS
ASMC cannot place you in one of the DoD centrally funded
EDFMTC sessions. You must apply using the DoD's
EDFMTC automated registration tool at                               Social Time: 1130 hrs                                            Meeting: 1200 hrs

For those who cannot attend the DoD-funded sessions,                For the most updated information on future events,
Management Concepts (MCI) also delivers the EDFMTC on an            please visit our website at:
open enrollment basis. Dates and locations for upcoming open
enrollment sessions (subject to enrollment) are:          
September 22, 2008 - Washington, DC

For open enrollment registration, call MCI Customer Service at                       Future Luncheons
703-790-9595 or email                              17 Sept         DFAS
MCI can also deliver this course at your site for a class size of
up to 32 students. To bring the MCI EDFMTC to your                  15 Oct          USMC
organization, call 703-270-4059 or contact                          19 Nov          Navy

                    UPCOMING EVENTS                                 Chair is needed for Awards/Essays and
 Date                 Event                                                      Photographer
 3 Sept               ASMC Executive Board Meeting
 17 Sept              Monthly Luncheon, Alexandria
                      Holiday Inn
 17 Dec               Holiday Social

For the most updated information on future events, please visit
our website at:                                                     SAVE THE DATE:                                      2009 ASMC National Capital Regional PDI –
                                                                    day March 10, 2009 at the Ronald Reagan
Please be observant for potential new members and new ideas
for our luncheons and our Chapter.                                  Center, Washington, DC


                                                       anonymous resume posting for job seekers and a
CALLING ALL ASMC CORPORATE                             pay-per resume program for employers! Check us
                                                       out at
MEMBERS – PLEASE ASSIST                                <> under the Career
                                                       Central tab, and please pass along the site to your
We are updating our records pertaining to our          chapter membership.
corporate members for our ASMC Washington              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
chapter Website and we need your help!                             ARTICLE:
If you are a corporate member – we need to               Program Management Through the Eyes of a
receive your current logo, corporate POC (name,                    Resource Manager
title, email address and phone number) as well as
a corporate link and 2 sentence overview of your                           By Mark Novitski
company. Please send this information to Deb
DelMar at                Throughout my 32 year Air Force Military/Civilian
                                                       Career, my perspective of program management has
                                                       changed-where you sit is what you see.
               ASMC National News
                                                       During my enlisted days, disbursement accounting
                                                       specialist (Military Pay, Travel Pay, and Paying &                     Collecting) we never heard the term program
                                                       manager unless one showed up for a TDY cash
Future PDIs                                            advance.
        2009   -   San Antonio, Texas
        2010   -   Nashville, Tennessee
                                                       In the early days of my civilian career at
        2011   -   Minneapolis, Minnesota              Aeronautical Systems Center (WPAFB, OH),
        2012   -   Anaheim, California                 Program Management was well defined and known
                                                       by all. The DoDD 5000.1 defines the role of the
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     program manager. “The Program Manager (PM)
Would you like to earn free CPE credits by listening   is the designated individual with responsibility for
to or watching selected workshops and Service Day      and authority to accomplish program objectives for
sessions from PDI 2007? Now you can by                 development, production, and sustainment to meet
accessing ASMC's PDI Online. If you complete a         the user’s operational needs. The PM shall be
session, you may self-certify for CPE credit or, in    accountable for credible cost, schedule, and
some cases, you can take a short test and get a        performance reporting to the Milestone Decision
CPE certificate. Just go to                            Authority”. A single program manager was
                                                       responsible for the development of the weapon
learning.shtml> and follow the directions on the
screen. In addition, charts from many of the           system (e.g. F-15, Air Launched Cruise Missile
workshop sessions are available for download in        ((ALCM), C-17). That program management staff
the same area.                                         of 25 (small weapon system) to 100+ (B-2 or F-22)
Check it out!                                          consisted of mostly matrixed staff-program control
                                                       (cost estimating, schedule, performance
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     measurement, and resource management),
Careers in Financial Management?                       contracting (source selection and contract
At ASMC’s National website, you will find Career       monitoring), configuration control, test, safety,
Central. Career Central specializes in providing
services, resources, and a networking community
                                                       acquisition logistics, support equipment, contractor
for DoD FMers. In our new online job board you’ll      logistics support, and components (e.g. landing
find a large bank of job postings and resumes,         gear, avionics, propulsion). Hourly, daily, or
career resources, career coaching and advice           weekly meetings were held to ensure
services, and so much more! Plus, we offer
communication between the staff members.               Their help determined the schedule as they
Additional members of the team were he Defense         controlled the funding I current year and out years.
Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and the Defense           The program manager was answerable at
Contract Management Command (DCMC). These              performance goals would also affect future year’s
2 agencies, with the program office, signed off        budgets.
when the goods and services were received. The
receiving report was sent to DFAS for the              My next assignment, SAF/FMPT, highlighted
contractor to be paid. Paying the bill recorded the    customer input in program management. I
expenditure in the system. The program manager         categorize financial management/resource
has the authority to get the job done and the          management as either transactional or data
responsibility if anything went wrong. He/She          warehouse. In the transactional world (e.g. Wide
worried about the expenditures as much as getting      Area Work Flow, Automated Business Services
the contract awarded (obligations). The program        System, Job Order Cost Accounting System 11) it
manager understood the realities of limited funding,   was very clear who the customer was and the
and he resulting affect on schedule. He/She also       customer was represented by a MAJCOM System
knew if the obligation and expenditure rates were      POC (usually at the GS-11 thru 13 grade) who
not high, future funding was at risk.                  solicited input from their installations. These system
                                                       POCs racked and stacked requirements to identify
In the Air Force Research Laboratory, a single         priorities. With limited funding, few software
program manager “managed” between 15 and 100           change request were entertained as required
contracts to advance technology. In the laboratory     maintenance and interface support had priority.
we did not have cost overruns, but “technology
shortfalls”. Individual program managers were          In HAF/RMB (equivalent to a MAJCOM FMA
more concerned with technology than                    Budget Officer) program management took on a
obligation/expenditure rates. The credo was “fire      whole new perspective in the form of Air Force
and forget” – ensure it was obligated, and we have 5   Centrally Managed Programs (CMP). APO Mail,
years to get it expensed. The manager (branch or       Spectrum Fee, AAFES MCSS, Transit Subsidy, and
division chief) of a group of program managers did     the Air Force bill for DFAS are examples of Air
care, because OSD measured Research and                Force centrally managed programs. HAF
Development (expenditures). This manager would         (MAJCOM), leadership understood program
almost weekly move funding – to the dismay of          management encompassed all aspects of the
program control (financial management) and             program – POM, Budget Execution, an
contracting – to fund the contracts that were          understanding of what made up the centrally
performing and expending. The manager’s fear was       managed program so the program manager could
if obligations or expenditures were los, SAF/AQ or     sign the bill as the Air Force received the goods and
OSD would pull the funds.                              services. Prior to 2004, the Air Force corporate
                                                       structure helped fund execution year UFRs. With
After two perspectives of program management in        the expectation of the Air Force corporate structure
Air Force Material Command (ASC and AFRL), I           funding the UFR, there was no sense of urgency to
found a third in Material Systems Group (MSG),         mage – either to fix the UFR in the program (POM)
part of the Information Systems Activity Group         or to understand what the bill was for and pay the
(ISAG). This was my first experience with              UFR in execution. Although there was a
contracted/contractor program management.              manager/POC for every CMP, typically they did not
Although the government program manager was            worry about funding or the relationship between
clearly in charge, the contractor “integrator”         services provided and costs. Starting in 2005, CMP
ensured configuration control, schedule, and           funding (both POM and Execution) was transferred
interface coordination. During this assignment, I      to the appropriate Air Staff A/2 Ltr. From my
also learned how much “help” the program manager       perspective in HAF/RMB, this was a success as the
received from MSG, ESC, AFMC/A4, and AF/A4.            A/2 Ltr had all the pieces – POM, Budget,
Execution, insight, ad oversight necessary to
manage the program.

In my current job, Air Staff A/2 Ltr Resource Chief,
I have the responsibility to POM and find execution
funds for UFRs for those CMPs HAF/RMB
“pushed” out to the Air Staff A/2 Ltrs. Program
management or program manager is not a term used
as CMP POCs consider themselves functional
specialists. With their functional expertise, some
program mangers choose to leave funding issues –
POM and Execution – to their Resource Advisor.
This results in disconnects as the POC commits the
Air Force to a level of service without knowing the
associated cost. In these instances, it is yet to be
determined who will sign the bill stating the Air
Force received the goods and services.

Is formal training and OJT the answer? In DoD, the
Defense Acquisition University offers a
certification (course work and experience) in
Program Management. In the private sector they
also have a certification program – Program
Management Professional (PgMP). Training and
OJT is not enough!

From a resource management perspective, effective
program management is somewhat difficult to
define. The examples mentioned above form my
experience. Helping the program manager
understand cost, funding (POM, Budget, and
Execution) is a big first step. Being a realist, I
never expect any program to be fully funded in the
POM or during execution. Resource managers need
to help the program managers articulate what can or
cannot be accomplished within the available
funding. Ultimately we need the biggest bang for
the Air Force buck to support the warfighter!

                                Washington Chapter Officers for 2007- 2008
            Name                 Title                             E-Mail                Phone
Col Thomas J. Fuhrer   President                (703) 614-7037
Love Rutledge          Secretary                  (703) 614-9262
Bill Mizerak           Treasurer              (703) 614-2539
Roxie Anthony          OSD Vice President         (703) 882-0825
Lucy Williams          OSD Ass't Secretary           (703) 571-9183
Robert Benefiel        DFAS Vice President      (703) 607-3799
Jacquelyn Kelley       DFAS Ass’t Secretary       (703) 604-2143
Anny Garcia-Torres     Army Vice President         (703) 614-2471
Lillian D. Jones       Army Ass't Secretary     (703) 692-9257
Rainy Lowery           Navy Vice President           (703) 602-3156
Veronica Trent         Navy Ass't Secretary         (202) 685-0454
Annie Crum             USMC Vice President             (703) 692-5745
Myra Ragan             USMC Ass't Secretary             (703) 692-5266
Andrea Atkins          Air Force Vice President          (301) 757-5849
Tina Miller            Air Force Ass't Secretary     (703) 588-6371
LCDR Matt ten Berge    USCG Vice President        Romualdus.M.tenBerge@uscgmil
Joe Fasching           DIA Vice President         (703) 695-7646
Steve Bucher           DIA Asst Secretary          (202) 231-8820
Amy Anda               Corporate Ass't Secretary                (703) 289-8000
Debra Del Mar          Corporate Vice President   (571) 203-7137
Amy Anda               Corporate Ass't Secretary                (703) 325-6123


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