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					Grocery shopping - Mathematics diary her mother to buy food

 mother buy food diary of Mathematics

 grocery shopping - mathematics journal

 grocery shopping - Mathematics Diary
 Primary Teachers in Kaifeng City, the second 3 year 3 classes Liu Ying M
 bumper year 28 today, weather is fine, my mother took me to the morning
market to buy vegetables Bao Lake, I am pleased from jumped up in bed,
quickly got dressed and came with her mother farms, wow! Vegetable
markets are so lively, crowded, cries, laughter, and I think it might be
faster than a New Year's sake bar. I saw the usually round and bright red
tomatoes like apples, and saw a thin long bean sprouts, I saw a purple
eggplant, like winding the moon, and like a lovely boat, and many green
leafy vegetables, lettuce, green vegetables, cabbage and so on.

 listen to his mother, said: "New Year's, my uncle, Second Uncle, aunt
wanted to go to my home to see family grandmother, and our holiday
together." So my mother and I bought lots of food, such as: buy pounds of
tomatoes, catty binary; melon bought samgun, a dollar per catty; long
beans, bought a three catties, catty binary; bought pounds of bean
sprouts, one dollar per catty. Then my mother to my question, Xinxin you
use the mathematical knowledge needed to buy food today, calculate how
much money to spend. I smiled and told his mother, spending a total of 15
yuan. The formula is as follows:

 (2 ¡Á 2) + (3 ¡Á 1) + (3 ¡Á 2) + (2 ¡Á 1) = 15 (yuan)

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