; Diary of a - to see a sunrise sunrise
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Diary of a - to see a sunrise sunrise


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									Diary 1 - sunrise 1 sunrise

 Diary of a sunrise, the sun

 Diary of a - to see the sunrise

 Diary then - watch the sunrise
 primary school south of Chaozhou, Guangdong, 301 Huang Luo Xuan
 This morning, I changed the habits of past sleep late, get up early, and
her mother, brother enthusiastically to the waterfront promenade to see
out the day .

 I went to the riverside promenade. Suddenly, a burst of wind and wet,
and I feel my body cool great.

 for a while, some white in the east, the earth has gradually light up.
The trees on the east and the land is like covered with red damask, and I
know it glow, and the sun came out.

 slowly, the sun emitted a horizon, red, like a veiled shy girl, quietly
watching the world, finally, finally revealing the entire smile. At this
time, Xiaguang 10,000, will be half the sky was bright red dye, and vast
land is also coated with bright red to paint; one piece green leaves in
the breeze to land breeze, flashing a dazzling to glory.

 sun left the horizon, and bright red, like a piece of dazzling flowers
plate, slowly rising, red staining around the Rays do it demonstrated.
That Qingshumanjuan clouds, like a girl wearing a red equipment, is

 little while children, red recedes, the sun shot 10000 the golden light.
The sky more blue, like a bi blue sea. The cloud changed, shining white,
and looked extremely soft and beautiful.

 This scenery infected me, intoxicated me, I felt that I had been
incorporated into the brilliant sun.
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