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Time Management


									      TIME MANAGEMENT

the overriding priority of good TM is to
  spend as much time as possible on
  important activities, and as little time as
  possible on urgent activities.
 TM is concerned with effective
   and efficient use of time

Effective TM means spending your time on
  the right things

• Efficient TM means going about your tasks
  in the right way
Five important rules for good time management:

• (1) Being able to distinguish between
  important and urgent matters
 Important activities are those that need
  to be done to achieve organisational goals.
• Urgent activities are those intrusive issue
  that need to be dealt with now.
• 2. Spending more time on important
  matters than urgent matters.
• 3. Focussing on results first, then
  considering the methods
• 4. Not feeling guilty when you say “No”.
• 5. Concentrating on one issue at a time.

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