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The National Association of Free Clinics


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									The National Association of Free Clinics

        advocacy and service for free clinics
                 Our History
                 HOW did we get here?

• 2001 FDA proposed regulations led to
  founders’ realization of the need for
  Free Clinic advocacy

• Recognition of potential nationwide
  benefits from organized networking
  and sharing
To support, strengthen and advocate for
free clinics and the communities they
The national voice and essential
partner for every free clinic.
Scope of Activities



     Resource Sharing
  Advocacy – what have we done so far?
• Stay of prescription drug sample tracking regulations
      Final 2006 FDA guidelines reflect NAFC input
• Physician volunteerism exemption from HHS "Stark II"
• Survey of Free Clinic use of PAPs
• Information to CMS on impact of free clinics and the
  Medicare Drug Benefit proposal on the underinsured
• Free Clinic volunteer health professional coverage in
  congressional appropriations under the Federal Tort
  Claims Act; Survey of Free Clinic malpractice
  documents costs of liability coverage and low
  occurrence of tort actions and claims
                Advocacy cont.

• Preservation of FTCA funding; Expansion of liability
  coverage for Free Clinics.
• First NAFC Legislative Day on Capitol Hill to build
  Congressional awareness of Free Clinic issues.
• Favorable HHS outcome regarding PAPs and
  enrollees in Medicare Part D.
      Proactive in nonprofit coalition to ensure
      PAPs remain available to Free Clinic patients.
• Legislation drafting of charity tax credit for physician
             Advocacy cont.
• Laid foundation to seek extension of federal
  340B preferential drug pricing to include Free
• Organized Free Clinic response to proposed
  legislation that could have penalized Free
  Clinic care to immigrants.
• Submitted comment to Citizens Health Care
  Working Group re: Free Clinics’ important
  role in health care policy and reform.
• Ongoing education of the media and public
  on the importance of Free Clinics (Associated
  Press, New York Times, state & local
 Advocacy: NAFC Legislative &
   Public Policy Committee
      2006-07 Legislative Agenda
• Protection of free clinics’ ability to serve
  people who do not have legal status in
  the United States
• Expansion of 340B drug pricing
  program to include free clinics
• Expansion of coverage under the
  Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) to
  include liability protection for free clinics
  and paid staff
• Historic National Summit of Free Clinics
• Collaboration in Meetings & Conferences with
  entities on work impacting free clinics –
  private, public, nonprofit, government, NGOs,
• Free Clinic Association Executives Council –
  in support of state/regional free clinic assns
• Attendance at State & regional meetings – tell
  us your clinic’s concerns!
          Resource Sharing
• Hurricanes Katrina and Rita 2005 - distributed >
  $2.5 million in donated medications/supplies/
  funds from partner relief organizations.
• Distributed > $7.5 million in donated supplies/
  pharmaceuticals to Free Clinics nationwide.
• www.freeclinics.us – info sharing with public &
  free clinics; “Free Clinic Link”™ for members-only
  donations and group purchase opportunities
• Formed national partnerships for greater
  member benefits
• FreeClinicLink® - online ordering of items
  at deep-discount
• Discounted event registration
• Email bulletins offering valuable supplies &
  pharmaceutical donations
• Weekly email notices of funding sources &
  non-profit information; discounted Grant
  Station membership providing updated
  nationwide funding database
               Benefits cont.
• Tuition credit and educational loan payment
  for free clinic volunteers and staff
• Assistance with clinic insurance issues
  including malpractice coverage under
  the Federal Tort Claims Act
• Fee-waived pension plan management
  for free clinic staff
• Membership in group purchasing
  organization saving money on lab services,
  supplies & more
              Benefits cont.
• Resources, news updates, and
  personalized help via email and/or
  telephone on any issue of importance to
  your clinic
• Participation in nationwide surveys
  to benefit free clinics
• Participation in state and national level
  advocacy efforts
                 Benefits cont.
• Networking opportunities with other free clinic
  executives; partnership opportunities with others
  interested in healthcare for the underserved
• Select / serve on our Board of Directors
• Part of solving the national healthcare crisis &
  Part of a stronger voice for free clinics
• Your membership helps increase
  this growing list!
       NAFC Membership Criteria
Basic, Associate, and State Association memberships available
Basic membership is open to clinics meeting the
following criteria for a "Free Clinic," defined as a
community-based organization that:
– Provides medical, dental, mental health and/or pharmacy
  services at little or no charge to the uninsured and underinsured
– Is a private, non-profit corporation with an independent
  governing body, or a program component of a private
  non-profit corporation
– Is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization or holds a similar tax
  exempt status under section 501(a) of the IRS code
– Facilitates the delivery of medical, dental, mental health and/or
  pharmacy services by volunteer health care professionals &
– Generates third party reimbursement from no more than
  25% of its patients.
          NAFC Dues
Current Operating Budget             Dues
       0 - $250,000                  $100
$250,000 – 499,000                    $250
$500,000 – 999,999                    $500
$1,000,000 – 4,999,999              $1,000
$5,000,000 +                        $3,000

          Based on current year's budget
          & payable each calendar year.
  Special Membership Offer

Pick up a 2007 Basic Membership Application
              at the NAFC table.
   Mention your attendance here today when
 sending in your completed application & dues.
     Receive the remaining months of 2006
             at no additional cost.
  Become a part of
NAFC’s National Voice


   Enjoy the many

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