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VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                                                                                      February 25, 2008

                              Drama Club Members Caught in the Act!
                              By Kim Smisek

                              CHOW started a Christian-themed           theme each session. Each class includes a
                              Drama club this winter where the          lesson, such as learning to become more
 . . . And live a life of     students learn and practice drama         aware of emotions, body language, voice
love, just as Christ          skills while focusing on Christian        or senses
loved us . . .                values. Whether the kids are play-
                              ing theatre games, taking part in         Mitchell Smisek said he enjoys the
                              acting exercises or improvising, they     drama club because he gets to have fun
Ephesians 5:2
                              are becoming more comfortable per-        and he likes acting. He said, “Besides
                              forming in front of others while gain-    being creative and having a great time,
                              ing self-discipline.                      I’ve learned patience and feel like the
                                                                        activities increase my imagination.”
                              Although there is a
                              lot of laughter to be                              The skits that the students are
                              heard during the                                   using are biblically based and are
                              two-hour sessions,                                 parodies on current topics and
                              it is not all fun and                              themes. They each teach a lesson
                              games. The leaders,                                based on values, such as honesty,
                              Kimberly Berg and                                  generosity or sharing the gospel.
 Inside this issue:           Kim Smisek focus
                                                                                 Kerstin Gridley (cont. on pg. 6)
                              on a different
Drama Club            1, 6                            Above: Anja and Mitchell

Murphy’s Landing      1, 4

Schedule of Events      2

Scheherazade            2

The Ocean               2
                                                                                   Left: Jonathan, Nicholas, Sean and
                                                                                   Kerstin. Above: Ashland and Joel
Art Fair                4

                               CHOW travels back in time to Murphy’s Landing
Star Wars               4
                               By Nicholas Berg

Curriculum picks        5      On December                             tries, from the      time. For example, in
                               21st, 2007 we                           middle to late       Sweden they decorated
                               went to Mur-                            1800's, and we       their Christmas trees
Bible Puzzle            6      phy's Landing.                          learned how          with heart-shaped bas-
                               We toured six                           Christmas was        kets and straw goats,
                               different houses                        celebrated in        and they had a smorgas-
                               representing six                        each of those        bord of ham, lutefisk,
                               different coun- Norwegian House         homes at that        and (cont. on pg. 4)
 PAGE 2                                          CHOW NEWSPAPER                                       VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2

      Schedule of Events               5/03/2008 Art Fair                CHOW meets from 7-9 pm at King of
                                       Woodbury Lutheran Church          Kings in Woodbury. New members are wel-
 3/8/2008 Science Fair
 Woodbury Lutheran Church                                                come to attend.
                                       Drama club meets at Wood-
                                       bury Community Church on          Upcoming meetings:
 3/28/2008 The Giver
                                       these dates:
 Stages Theatre                                                          3/31/2008 Art Appreciation and Fun Pro-
                                       Feb.29, 2008                      ject Ideas (Mary Sullivan and Darlene
 4/2/2008 Mozart, You Kid, You!"       Mar.14, 2008,                     Wendlandt)
 Orchestra Hall                        Apr.4, 2008
                                       Apr.18, 2008                      4/28/2008 "Planning Meeting"
                                                                         Come to share ideas for the next school
 The Magic Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle          May 2, 2008
 Children’s Theatre                    May 23, 2008

Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade Concert Tells Story
By Jaimee and Coleen Hood

Have you ever noticed that scary music helps define           teller, Scheheraza throughout each movement. It was
a dramatic scene in a movie or fun, light music is            very interesting and different because there were vari-
played against scenes in which the characters are             ous dance moves for each of the four stories. There was
having fun? Music can help tell or set the scene for          one dancer who balanced a vase on her head in the first
a story. At Orchestra Hall in January, we attended            movement and another dancer who danced really fast to
the Young People’s Concert of Scheherazade.; the              cool drum music! It was really different from the usual
Minnesota Orchestra was joined by two area dance              classical music that we hear from the Minnesota Or-
companies who created original choreography to the            chestra.
music based on word-banks which students submit-
ted to them that described the music.                         If you’d like to hear some of the music from the concert,
                                                              go to the Minnesota Orchestra website:
The concert was unique in that it featured four move-
ments from one piece of music which told a famous             young_concert.cfm and follow the links they provide.
tale from 1001 Arabian Nights: The Sea and Sinbad’s           You can also read One Thousand and One Arabian
Ship, The Story of the Kalendar Prince, Festival at           Nights or Tenggren’s Golden Tales from the Arabian
Bagdad and The Young Prince and the Princess.                 Nights which tell the stories behind the music. For
Word banks were displayed on a screen on the or-              more information on the composer, you can go to http://
chestra stage while dancers interpreted each of the 
movements. The conductor never said a word to ei-
ther introduce or explain any of the movements. In-           There is an upcoming Young People’s Concert in early
stead, words were displayed on a screen behind the            April featuring Mozart. Tickets are only $5 per person.
dancers describing actions or emotions in each of the         I would encourage you to go and experience the Minne-
four stories.                                                 sota Orchestra. It does take some effort, planning and
                                                              a little more cost to drive to Minneapolis and park; but
One of my favorite string instruments, the violin, is         the music is worth it!
the main instrument used as the voice of the story-

                                              The Ocean
                                           By Kerstin Gridley
The Ocean, its water’s so blue. It holds a secret, we do not know. Every single creature is designed, especially
by God. Only he could make something, as amazing and beautiful, as the Ocean.

Every creature in it is unique and special, in its own way.
The King of the Ocean, the Blue Whale, rules in peace, as the biggest and the mightiest. Even the Shark, the
most dangerous creature in the Ocean is special. It may look, scary and ugly, but in some way it is beautiful.
Only God could do that.
  VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                             CHOW NEWSPAPER                                               PAGE 3

Anja Gridley painted this picture of the house her family used to live in for her Mom last Christmas.

                             I love Bichons !!
                             By Mitchell Smisek

                             My favorite dog is a Bichon Frisé. Bichons come from
                             the Canary Islands & the Mediterranean and French
                             royalty loved them. I like to take care of my favorite
                             dogs: (Jack Fluffy and Sophie)!

                             Fluffy likes to play with a soccer ball outside and his
                             favorite toy is Winnie the Pooh. Sophie likes semi-
                             homemade toys the best.
                             Fluffy’s not
                             so sure he
                             wanted a
Sophie                 BD:   that’s really
9/11/2007   5 months         cute in the                                               Fluffy
                             house.                                                    BD: 7/26/2002 5 yrs. old
  VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                                 CHOW NEWSPAPER                                                PAGE 4

Murphy’s      (cont. from pg. 1)         I found it very interesting how much        was the biggest, and it had a cool
                                         smaller their homes were then (some         old-fashioned organ and phono-
Swedish Meatballs for Christmas          only had one bedroom for a family of        graph that we got to try out. I
dinner, along with Rice Pudding          six people), and how differently and        really enjoyed the field trip to
for dessert.                             modestly they were decorated. They          Murphy's Landing, and I learned
                                         had very few, and very simple deco-         a lot!
We learned that the tradition of
                                         rations, mostly home-made, but al-
the Christmas tree started in Ger-
                                         most every home had a Nativity.
many, and it was originally lit
with candles. England is where           The other houses we toured were
the traditions of mistletoe, carol-      from the Czech Republic, Norway,
ing, and sending greeting cards          and a Jewish home. My favorite
came from, as well as the                house was from England because it
"Christmas Cracker."
                                                                        Left and
                                                                        to the
                                                                        right: the

                                                     Left: Nicholas Berg, Emily
                                                     Johnson, Kerstin Gridley,
                                                     Anja Gridley and Abbey
                                                     Johnson at the Swedish
                                                     house. Inset: Nicholas Berg

Star Wars Field Trip Planned                                   tion and innovative, futuristic methods of travel.
By Kim Smisek                                                  "Robots and People," examines the relationship be-
                                                               tween robots and humans, both in films and in reality.
No need to travel back to a time long ago or to a galaxy       Both of these areas include Engineering Design Labs
far, far away, because the long awaited Star Wars ex-          (EDL) where visitors are given engineering challenges
hibit will be coming to St. Paul in three months.              to try and solve. In “"Getting Around," visitors may try
At Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination, the             to steer and levitate a hovercraft or they may build a
homeschoolers will investigate the real science behind         maglev car like Luke’s landspeeder.
Star Wars fantasy technologies and find out how close          At "Robots and People," guests can look at displays of
they are to becoming a reality. Encounter Wookies and          robots like R2-D2 C-3PO, Darth Vader's costumes as
Stormtroopers while seeing models, artwork, film clips         well as Luke's and Anakin's robotic
and over 80 costumes & props from the six classic sci-         hands. During an interactive simula-
ence fiction Star War movies. Museum goers can ex-             tion, visitors can control real-world
plore current cutting-edge research and the real sci-          robotic legs as well as neural and
ence behind the technologies portrayed in the films,           muscular implants that can potentially
Visitors will actually be able to sit in a full-size replica   give people increased mobility.
of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit. While being sur-
rounded by a variety of sounds from the cockpit instru-        During the week of June 16th, Kim
ments beeping to passing spaceships and comets                 Smisek will be organizing a field trip
swooshing by, guests will watch a multimedia presen-           to the science museum for home-
tation including images from the Hubble space tele-            schoolers. After a 10 am Omni
scope. During the spectacular four-and-a-half minute.          “Special Effects” show and after
journey to the edge of the universe, guests will experi-       eating our bag lunches, the Star
ence a jump to light speed simulation.                         Wars tour will begin. Please
                                                               contact Kim at Kimsmisek@
The extensive exhibit is divided into two main areas. for more information.
“Getting Around," focuses on "Star Wars" transporta-
PAGE 5                                           CHOW NEWSPAPER                                    VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2

Experienced Homeschooler Recommends Curriculum
By Sybille Gridley
I have been home schooling for          of God's wonderful creation. These     creation, it gives the students the
almost 13 years. My oldest is 18,       are great for reading alone or out     tools to argue the point of crea-
going off to college this fall, the     loud while learning about differ-      tion. It is so well written, a stu-
next one is 15 and my youngest          ent science topics. They are easy,     dent can do it alone or with the
are 12 (twins). One thing (of           fun and educational. There are         parent, depending on the age.
many) I like about home schooling       simple questions at the end of         This series alone is a good reason
is to network with other home           each chapter.                          to home school. The textbooks are
schooling families and to see what                                             not cheap.
materials they are using and what       2) "Calvert School Spelling and
works for them. From this it is fun     Vocabulary" CD's. They drill the       6) A Beka Math for the elemen-
to pull together different materi-      fundamentals of writing, spelling,     tary grades. A Beka math books
als that I like or want to try out. I   reading and comprehension in a         are colorful, fun and keep bring-
personally have never used one          fun an interesting way. Any child      ing topics back up that have been
set curriculum from just on pub-        can do this on their own and they      covered for repetition and review
lisher.                                 are even fun for adults.               so they are not forgotten easily. I
                                                                               only used the workbooks, nothing
The hard thing is often to pick         3) Art History: "A Child's History     else and that was enough. I never
and choose what is right for each       of Art" by V.M. Hillyer and E.G.       used the Kindergarten book—too
child. Since there are so many          Huey. There are three books:           easy— so I started with the first
great materials out there, it's easy    Painting, Sculpture and Architec-      grade book with each of my chil-
to overbuy to just find out. This is    ture. They read wonderfully and        dren. When they finished one
par for the course and should not       are appropriate for grades 3-8.        book, they could not wait to start
be a source of frustration. The         4) "Drawing Textbook" by Bruce         with the next one and so we were
children are learning, even             McIntyre is actually a small book-     always ahead. I did not start us-
though they don’t read every book       let that teaches three dimensional     ing the solution key until the
on the shelf.                           drawing in a simple step by step       fifth grade. These workbooks in-
                                        way. The Authors premise is that       tegrate biblical themes and prin-
Here are six subject/materials I                                               ciples as well as many other sub-
can recommend:                          drawing is not an art; it is a skill
                                        that anybody can learn given the       jects like countries, professions
1)."Christian Liberty Nature            right instructions. This book is for   etc. into their math. It’s a little
Reader" by Christian Liberty            any age child. (It's available at      bit like unit studies.
Press, is a series designed not to      Timberdoodle).                         Anybody who interested in look-
only improve a child's reading                                                 ing at these books, I have them
skills and comprehension, but also      5) For a Science at every grade
                                        level: the Apologia series, which      and am glad to let anybody look
to increase his/her understanding                                              at them.
                                        not just teaches sciences based on

  Homeschool Art Fair                    2. Teaching session of famous         sons. These all include lesson
                                         artists works by Mary Sullivan        plans.
 By Mary Sullivan
 Mark your calendars now for the         3. Hands-on activities available      For any questions about the
 2008 CHOW Art Fair to be held at        for students to try new tech-         Fair or your child's art project
 the Cottage Grove Library on May                             niques           call Mary Sullivan 730-6756 or
 3, 2008 from 10:00-12:30 pm.                                                  email her at
                                                              The large
 The Fair will consist of 3 sections:                        collection of
                                                             artists prints
 1. Presentation of Student Art-                             will be dis-       Hold on to instruction,
 Students may show something                                 played for         do not let it go;
 they have done this year such as a                          parents to
 painting, drawing, sculpture, mo-                           borrow to do       guard it well,
 saic, or any other creative work of                         their own "at      for it is your life.
 art.                                                        home" les-                      -Proverbs 4:13
  VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                              CHOW NEWSPAPER                                                 PAGE 6

remarked that she likes “how God is always                                       She said it’s a great experience
brought into the plays. He’s even brought into                                   because the kids can hone the
the ‘Magic School Bus’ and ‘Star Wars.’                                          important skills like getting com-
                                                                                 fortable speaking in front of oth-
                      Jonathon Arend likes do-                                   ers and feeling self-confident in
                      ing the skits because he                                   expressing themselves.
                      likes being dramatic.
                                                                                 The club has nine members: Joel
                      In addition to learning re-                                Arend, Jonathan Arend, Nicho-
                      laxation exercises, the stu-                               las Berg, Anja Gridley, Kerstin
                      dents are taught improv                                    Gridley, Mitchell Smisek, Ash-
                      techniques where they act                                  land Wendlandt, Kailey Wend-
                      spontaneously and don’t                                    landt and Sean Wendlandt.
                      use any scripts. Nicholas       Sean Wendlandt and
                                                      Jonathan Arend rehearse.
                      Berg’s favorite part of the                                The drama club will give a per-
                      drama club has been doing                                                         formance
                      skits like “The Magic School Bus.” He                                             in June.
                      adds, “I also enjoy the improvs, espe-
                      cially the roller coaster one.”                                                   Left:
 Jen Wendlandt &      Kailey's mother, Darlene Wendlandt                                                Kailey,
 Kailey Wendlandt     thinks the drama class has benefits.                                              Mitchell,
 Bible Animals Code Word Fun                                                                            Anja &
  Source:                                                               ‘make a
  Each letter is represented by a different number. Can                                                 picture.’

                                                                    Below: Anja, Nicholas, Kerstin, Ashland &
                                                                    Mitchell participate in a drama exercise.

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                                                                    activities, see the website at
                                                                   Editor: Kim Smisek          Photographers:
                                                                   Artist: Anja Gridley        Kimberly Berg
                                                                   Contributors:               Kim Smisek
                                                                   Sibylle Gridley             Mitchell Smisek
                                                                   Mitchell Smisek             Reporters:
                                                                   Mary Sullivan               Nicholas Berg
                                                                   Creative writer:            Colleen Hood
                                                                   Kerstin Gridley

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