Victory Through Surrender

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But thank God! He gives us victory
through our Lord Jesus Christ.
                      1 Corinthians 15:57
         Questions Later
   Sermon about 45 minutes
   Questions after
       Keys to Unlock Bible
 BiblicalTense
 Substituting I/me/my for you
       Surrender Means?
 Unpopular  word; battle of wills
 Part 1 - To give oneself up submit
  or yield.
 Part 2 - To give oneself up, as into
  the power of another; submit or
 Letting go…
     Submitting to your captor…
       Totally given over to Him…
         Surrender What?
Surrender Our:
 1.   Sin; Past and Present
 2.   Identity
 3.   Strength; Identity part 2
 4.   All aspects of yourself Daily
Surrendering Our Past & Present
 Embracing     God‟s View
 Psalm   103
  – X-treme Forgiveness!
  – X-treme Patience.
  – Starting w/ vs. 8
1   John 1:9
  – If I confess my sins, He is faithful and
   righteous to forgive me my sins and to
   cleanse me from all unrighteousness.
 Confess   Sins; Forgive; Cleanse
Surrendering Our Past & Present
It‟sthe Captor‟s Job
1 John 1:9
 – If I confess my sins, He is faithful
  and righteous to forgive me my
  sins and to cleanse me from all
Confess   Sins; Forgive; Cleanse
   When Surrendering “Fails”
 Joy -- a “Religious” Walk
 Walking Spiritually is now
 Misidentified our true
    A Surrendered Identity
Adopting       God‟s view of our
 – Recognizing
      f=ma
 – Understanding
 – Accepting by Faith
      Reject
       – feelings; guilt;
       – worthiness; worthlessness
   Recognizing God’s View
 Romans   6:3-6 (NLT)
 – Or do you not know that all of us who
   have been baptized into Christ Jesus
   have been baptized into His death?
   Therefore we have been buried with
   Him… For if we have become united
   with Him in the likeness of His death,
   certainly we shall also be in the
   likeness of His resurrection, knowing
   this, that our old self was crucified
   with Him…
         God’s Perspective
 have  been baptized into His
 have been buried with Him

 have become united in His
 old self was crucified with Him
Surrendering our Current Identity
Keen   Awareness of Sin
       Anti-Phil 4:13
 amw Early Life Version
For I can‟t do much of
 anything in Christ,
 „cause I ain‟t got no
     The Downward Spiral
 Romans   7:9-11
 – At one time I lived without
  understanding the law. But when I
  learned the command not to covet,
  for instance, the power of sin came to
  life, and I died. So I discovered that
  the good commands, which were
  supposed to bring life, brought
  spiritual death instead.
  Hitting Victory-less Bottom
 Romans   7:21-24
 – I have discovered this principle of
   life—that when I want to do what is
   right, I inevitably do what is wrong. I
   love God‟s commands with all my
   heart. But there is another power
   within me that is at war with my
   mind. This power makes me a slave
   to the sin that is still within me. Oh,
   what a wretched person I am! Who
   will free me from this body of death?
       It’s an “i”dentity Crisis
Romans      7 “i”dentity
    – I, me, my > 40
    – Law > 20
    – Jesus; Holy Spirit = 0
   Time to embrace the true
   Identified with His Victory
 Q: What a wretched person I am!
  Who will rescue me from this body
  of death?
 A: Thanks be to God through
  Jesus Christ my Lord!
   Identified with His Power
Romans    8:1-2 So now there is
 no condemnation for I belong to
 Christ Jesus. And because I
 belong to him, the power of the
 life-giving Spirit has freed me
 from the power of sin that leads
 to death.
Life Giving Spirit vs. Self
     Identified with His Victory
   Galatians 2:20 (NLT)
    – My old self has been
     crucified with Christ. It
     is no longer I who live,
     but Christ lives in me.
     So I live in this earthly
     body by trusting in the
     Son of God, who loved
     me and gave himself for
       The Captor is Able
 Ephesians   3:16-20 (NLT)
 – I pray that from his glorious,
   unlimited resources he will empower
   me with inner strength through his
   Spirit. Then Christ will make his home
   in my heart as I trust in him. My roots
   will grow down into God‟s love and
   keep me strong. And may I have the
   power to understand, as all God‟s
   people should, how wide, how long,
   how high, and how deep his love is for
   me. (cont)
       The Captor is Able
Ephesians   3:16-20 (Continued)
 – May I experience the love of Christ,
  though it is too great to understand
  fully. Then I will be made complete
  with all the fullness of life and power
  that comes from God. Now all glory to
  God, who is able, through his mighty
  power at work within me, to
  accomplish infinitely more than I
  might ask or think.
     The Captor is Responsible
1   Peter 1:5 (YLT)
  – I am, in the power of God, being
   guarded, through faith, unto
   salvation, ready to be revealed in the
   last time
 Philippians   2:12-13
  – I will with fear and trembling work
   out my salvation, for God it is who is
   working in me both to will and to
   work for His good pleasure
     Philippians 2:12-13 (NLT)
I will work hard to show the
 results of my salvation, obeying
 God with deep reverence and
 fear. For God is working in me,
 giving me the desire and the
 power to do what pleases him.
What‟s left? Exercise Faith
  Surrendering to Holy Spirit
It‟snot just for the special
“Nothing will help you unless
 you come to understand that
 you must live every day under
 the power of the Holy Spirit.”
                  - Andrew Murray
Comforter = Courage
Surrendering to the Holy Spirit
   Neglect of = Power Outage
        Other Priorities
        Other Loves
   Lack of Faith
       Embracing Our Captor
   Surrendering as a Disciple
    – Words
    – Quality Time w/Quantity
    – Love Him
   Destined for a Victorious Life

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