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									Church Communications

   Communicating Your Message
        in a Noisy World

              E3 Workshop
            January 24, 2009
          Presenter: Jill Wilson
           Communications Coordinator
              Providence Presbytery
Who is your audience?
 Church Members
 Visitors
 Non-churched/De-churched
 Age
 Gender
 Technological/Equipment Demographics
   Technological demographics can change as much as every 6
   formal or informal surveys determine where your congregation
    is technologically
 Economic/Education Demographics
Know your message
 What are you attempting to communicate about your
   Message packaging is important.
   What are you saying VISUALLY?
   What are you saying in your TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION?
   Are you communicating ―TO‖ or ―WITH‖ your audience?
    (Web 2.0)
How we communicate
 Verbally
   Worship announcements
   Word of Mouth
   Leaders engaging individual members
How we communicate
 Print
   Bulletin and Inserts
   Posters/Bulletin Boards
   Flyers/Brochures
   Newsletters
How we communicate
 Electronically
   Website
   Blogs
   Facebook
   Twitter
   Podcasts
   Video Production

 What other ways are you communicating with your
Communication Plan:
Things to Consider
 Technological Savvy of audience
   Do they go online: facebook: twitter? listen to podcasts?
 Bandwidth of Internet Connection
   DSL or Dialup?
 Will they check email regularly?
 Do they want to receive texts?
 Do they READ ―snail mail‖ pieces?
Print Communication
 Discounted Software for Non-profits
   (www.techsoup.com)
   (www.ccvsoftware.com)
   (http://www.1computerbargains.com)
 These Software Publishers offer DEEP discounts on software
  to non-profits
 Software is Discounted sometimes as much as 80%
  (Publisher retail $149 –Discounted price from $7 to $24)
 Limited quantities
 Restricted to 501-3-c Nonprofits
    Desktop Publishing Software
 MS Publisher
   Easy and functional
   WYSIWIG with templates
   Drag and Drop
 Adobe CSS 4.0
   More Powerful and integrated for wider range of graphic designs (Print and Web)
   More difficult to use
   Like Pagemaker or Quark Express
   Created for Graphic Designers
 Constant Contact (www.constantcontact.com)
   Contact management and newsletter design
   Priced on ―email list quantity‖
   Newsletter Templates : Easy to add content and publish
   They send the email
   Not much flexibility on layout
   Primarily for email newsletter
Tips on Images with Impact
 Eyes Grab Attention: Make sure you have at least one set of
  eyes looking at your camera.
 Grab opportunities to take pix at events with groups having
 Does this pic make me wish I was there?
 Show action! Real people helping people.
Images with Impact
 Unexpected and Bold images also grab attention
 Stock Photos are often eye catching
 Royalty Free doesn’t mean ―free‖
   RF just means you do not have to pay a fee for each piece you
 Truly FREE stock photo download sites
 http://sxc.hu/
 www.Dreamstime.com
 www.aarinfreephoto.com
 www.Everystockphoto.com
 www.flickr.com – photo blogging site
 Display fonts sparingly!
 Typography creates subliminal emotion. If a creative font does
  not support your message—don’t use it.
 Message in clean serifed or san-serifed font
 Point size guidelines
     Kindergarten-2nd grade --24 point
     3rd – 5th --14 point
     6th-Adult –12 point
     Over 40—14 point
     16-18 point is considered ―Large Print‖
   Website Content
 Church Website is a Color Brochure for your Church
 Content
   Worship Times
   Church Location
   Ways to Connect with others in your congregation (small groups)
   Calendar
   Contact Information
   Link to Your Church’s Facebook page
   Message from pastor (sermon or video msg)
 Blog --www.Wordpress.com
   Not so functional
   Get quick and easy website presence
   Get domain name (around $15 per year)or free at
 Service Providers (www.e-zekiel.com) (www.churchaddress.com)
   Content Management Software (CMS)
   Updating interface is like word processor
   No additional software required
   Hosting per month cost with small setup fee
   Templates
   Self-customized from menu of choices
 Custom Web Designers (www.cloversites.com)
     Choose template and they customize for you
     You maintain with CMS interface
     Hosting per month cost with significant setup fee.
     More flexibility and customization to needs
 Purchase Template and Customize using HTML Editor
   One-time cost $29-$160
   Requires someone comfortable with html to edit and maintain.
 Design own site using HTML Editor
   Adobe Dreamweaver
   Microsoft Expression Web
   Top 6 Web Design Software 2008--
Video and Podcasting Tips
 Good Sound is CRITICAL
   Video can be grainy—but people won’t stay with you if the
    sound is not good
 Video Podcasts no longer than 5 minutes in length.
 Audio casts can be 2 hours or longer.
   They are like talk radio and b/c they allow for multitasking,
    people will tolerate much longer shows during commutes,
    workouts, etc.
    Web 2.0 means Interactivity
    Blogging, Twittering, Facebook
 These Web 2.0 elements allow for two way communication
 How can you use these in your ministry?
 Blogs with RSS www.wordpress.com
   Pastor Sermons
   Discussion Topics
 Twittering is like texting www.twitter.com
   What are you doing now?
   Message Character Limits
 Facebook www.facebook.com
   Facebook Page fosters community
   Create groups to communicate with group members (This is the new
    ―message board‖)
Contact Me
 Presentation Available online at

 jill@providencepres.org

 I’ll be glad to help you with your website, or print

 Presbytery Office 803-328-6269

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