Amos by chenboying


   5:1 – 6:14
• Amos began with God’s oracles against 8
  nations (ending with Israel)
• Amos continued with sermons explaining why
  God was so angry at Israel
  – Walking with God
  – Preparing to Meet God
• Now we look at the third of the sermons
  – A Funeral Dirge for Israel
       A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• Recall the second sermon
  – Because they had ignored God
  – Because they refused to obey God
  – Prepare to meet your God!
     • The omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent
• The third sermon picks up with that thought of
  meeting God
  – Amos 5:1-3
  – A lament for the death of Israel
  – Meeting God is not a meeting Israel could hope
    to survive (only a remnant will be left)
       A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• A call for repentance – Amos 5:4-7
  – It’s not too late!
  – Seek God and live!
    • Don’t seek false gods (Bethel)
    • Don’t rely on past accomplishments and
      obedience (Gilgal & Beersheba)
  – SINS:
    • Corrupting justice
    • Murdering righteousness
       A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• The judge: God – Amos 5:8-9
  – The all-powerful Creator
• More SINS: Amos 5:10-13
  – Hating rebuke and righteous speech
  – Taking advantage of the poor
  – Taking bribes and perverting justice
  – And many other sins
  – Even causing the righteous to prudently keep
    silent when they see the sins
• Another call for repentance – Amos 5:14-15
  – If you don’t, you won’t live
       A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• There will be judgment
  – And Israel will lose – Amos 5:16-17
  – Sinners should not wish for that day – Amos
    • For sinners it will be a horrible event, not an
    • Including those who think they are religious
  – Amos 5:21-24
    • Keeping the forms of religion unacceptable
      without the heart of religion (justice and
• Another SIN: Idolatry – Amos 5:25-27
       A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• The SINS of “ease”
  – Trusting in military greatness – Amos 6:1-2
    • Israel now had a large military, had fought off
    • Israel’s capital (Samaria) a mountain fortress
    • God says, look at other military powers
       – Calneh – destroyed
       – Hamath – conquered
       – Gath – conquered
    • Military might never saved a mighty nation from
       A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• The SINS of “ease”
  – Thinking judgment will be a long time away
    • Amos 6:3
    • God is more inclined to punish quickly those who
      think they have time
         A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• The SINS of “ease”
  – Being materialistic while others suffer – Amos
    •   The best furnishings (ivory couches)
    •   The best foods (lamb and veal)
    •   The best entertainment
    •   Over-indulgent [Wine in bowls (not glasses)]
    •   The best personal care (expensive perfumes)
  – But there are those who suffer like Joseph
    • Righteous who suffer unjustly
         – In slavery, prison, etc.
  – Such will be punished first
         A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• The SINS of “ease”
  – Pride – Amos 6:8
    •   Proud of their wealth
    •   Proud of their architecture
    •   Proud of national achievements
    •   Proud of their culture
  – God will take it all away
       A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• The aftermath – Amos 6:9-10
  – Plague will destroy homes and entire families
  – People will learn to fear God
       A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• Why? Amos 6:11-13
  – God has ordered their punishment
  – They are horses running on rocks
    • They have brought disaster on themselves
  – They are plowing a rocky field
    • An effort in futility
  – Because they have corrupted justice and
  – Because they rejoice over nothing (Lo Debar)
  – Because they think they have become powerful
    (Karnaim – horns) on their own
       A Funeral Dirge for Israel
• How will the end come? Amos 6:14
  – A nation (Assyria) will be raised up
  – Will completely destroy Israel, from one end to
    the other
• Repent now
  – You have the chance, don’t wait
  – You don’t know how long you have
• God knows all our sins
  – Don’t think something escaped His notice
• There will be judgment
  – No way to avoid it
  – No way to delay it
  – No way to change it
  – So you better get ready for it
• With a life of “ease” comes a host of sins
  – Trust in military power
  – Thinking judgment will be far in the future
  – Materialism
  – Pride
• Are we “horses running on a rocky field”?
  – Not realizing the danger we are in
  – Not noticing that judgment will come soon
• Are we plowing a rocky field?
  – Not realizing the futility of the effort
• Or are we getting ready to stand before God
  and give an account of our lives?

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