Bag Materials by rienisme


									                                       Bag Materials

Materials on backpack or bag sometimes determine whether determine a weak or strong quality of
bags/backpack. Indeed become an obstacle, a strong bag, made of strong material and sometimes
make a bag to be filled with something heavy before.
Scientists have found, knitted strong yet light materials. Application of this technology is also used
in making travel and adventure bag. The advantage of the discovery of this new material is the
weight of empty bags to be lightweight, so the journey makes your trip more enjoyable. stronger
than the weight of luggage, bag material is also resistant to friction.

Resistant to friction become important factors in designing a travel bag included an outdoor activity.
We will never suspect one day we will be rubbed with sharp objects, glass, car, tree twigs, stones,
rocks. Given this recent material, such as polyester fabric (made from recycled materials), 100D
Invista HT Ripstop Mini, and many more. Every each componen materials had a distinct advantage.
Bag material used is adjusted to the type of requirement. For example used in the travel bag is not
the same city with a trip or outdoor adventure in the wild.

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