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One of the most essential, but poorly
  organised and executed tasks of our
            sporting system
    Three essential Fundraising Considerations

   Long term planning of a fundraising campaign

   Organising the individual fundraisers
     (Set dates, Identify tasks, and divide workload)

   Motivating Task Force
        Overcome perceptions of fundraising being an odious task
        Make it enjoyable
       Fundraising therefore is:

1.   A planning task

2.   An organisational task

3.   A motivational task
         Fundraising Campaigns
 Should be planned and structured
 Should be an annual (year-long) campaign
 Should be a balance of:
     Internal Fundraisers, &
     External Fundraisers

   Unbalanced campaigns are hard to sustain
           Internal fundraisers

   Those that solicit money from within the
    beneficiary community (members,
    supporters, parents, players etc)
   Should members of school/club/team
    contribute to fundraising efforts?

   Strategies to change attitudes towards
The larger the club, the easier (and
 more fatal) it is to rely on the
 internal community
           External fundraisers
Those that solicit money from outside
 of the beneficiary community

   Larger pool of possible contributors means
    larger possible fundraisers.

   Lower level of interest among those
    possible contributors means we have to
    have something of value to sell.
                    Event Types
   Independent events
   Piggyback events
   Difficulties of Piggyback events
     Opportunity

     Timing

     Official   Permission
          Running a Fundraiser
Financial Considerations
   Develop    break even analysis
   Anticipate   expenditure levels and timing
   Set financial goals (number of tickets to sell,
    income netted, level of profit)
   Identify   all possible sources of revenue and
   Running a Fundraiser               (Continued)

Operational Considerations
   Master Plan – guide the overall operation and
    organisation of events
   OrganisationalPlan – delegate tasks to
   Procedures   – carry out all procedural steps,
   eg: printing of tickets, hiring of venues…
   Running a Fundraiser              (Continued)

Marketing Considerations
   Identify   possible donors/buyers/users
   Develop PR/Promotional campaigns that
   should be associated with a significant
   Develop PR/promotional steps that should be
   carried out to motivate the volunteers
   Running a Fundraiser                 (Continued)

Legal Considerations
   Obtain   legal advice

   Negotiate   contracts

   Obtain   licences for raffles etc
   Running a Fundraiser                  (Continued)

Marketing Approach

   Audience      – offer - creativity
   Community

   Reputation

   Positioning

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