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					Positive Behavioral Interventions and
                   Presented by: Veronica Denis
                                    Jackie Finch
                   Patuxent Valley Middle School
                                   July 10, 2007
Getting Your Students to

  Our School’s Journey to P.B.I.S….
Facility opened - 1989

Total Enrollment: 728

Student Mobility
7.4% Entrants
7.1% Withdrawals

White 45.5%
African American 39.1%
Asian 6.9%
Hispanic 7.1%
Native American 0.7%
Unidentified 0.7%

Students Receiving Special
Services 2005-06
Ltd. English Proficient 3.4%
Free/Reduced Lunch 16.3%
Special Education 9.2%

PTA members: 300
Critical Features
1.   Establish Commitment
2.   Establish and Maintain Team
3.   Self-Assessment
4.   Establish and Teach School-Wide Expectations
5.   Establish On-Going System of Rewards
6.   Establish System for Responding to behavioral
     Violations (Administrative Team)
7.   Establish School-wide Information System (SWIS)
8.   Build Capacity for Function-Based Support
9.   Build District Level Support (Howard County)
                PBIS needs. . .

☑ Enthusiastic support from administrative team

☑ Technology to support the SWIS system

☑ Alignment with the school’s strategic and school
  improvement plan

☑ 80% staff buy-in
       Start small
       Gather staff feedback and input
       Present data and showcase success
       Obtain 80% Staff Consensus

Your staff will:
   provide input in determining what our school’s problems are and what
   our goals should be

   make decisions about rules, expectations, and procedures in the
   commons areas of the school as a school community

   Follow through with all school-wide decisions, regardless of my
   feelings for any particular decision

   Commit to positive behavior support systems for a full year - allowing
   performance toward our goal to determine future plans
                     PBIS Feedback Form
PBIS is a school-wide initiative. Your feedback is very important to us.

                     1. I would like to:
                         Offer a suggestion
                         Volunteer my services or
                                                           What do
                          time                                you
                         Lodge a complaint                 think?
                         Ask a question
                         Acknowledge a success
                         Ask for help

                2.    Briefly describe feedback:

                3. If lodging a complaint, please
                        offer a suggestion:
PBIS team members

 •School Psychologist

 •Guidance Counselor

 •Alternate Learning Placement Educator

 •Experienced staff who deals with at-risk students

 •6th, 7th, 8th grade and Related Arts representatives

 •Special Educator

 •Instructional Assistant

 •Parent member from PTA

 •Student Member from SGA, NJHS, etc.
     PBIS team members will:
Attend monthly team meetings

Offer collaborative assistance in student/staff in-services

Introduce/model PBIS to students and families

Contribute to decisions regarding PBIS team

Offer regular feedback on PBIS process

Establish and maintain reward systems
Establish School-wide Expectations

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What PBIS looks like at PVMS…
                                      SCHOOL SETTINGS
                                      Class                 Hall               Bus           Restroom
                               Bring all materials      Carry hall       Arrive on        Keep hall
                                each day.                 pass              time              pass visible.
                               Give your best                             Watch for
            Be Prepared         effort.                                     your stop.                        
                               Take pride in your
                               Raise your hand          Walk, don’t      Keep hands       Flush.
                                before speaking.          run.              & feet inside    Wash your
                               Follow directions        Use an            the bus.          hands.
                                the first time given.     appropriate      Talk quietly.    Use trash
            Act Responsibly    Accept                    noise level.     Follow            cans.
                                consequences             Walk              directions       Conserve
                                without                   directly to       the first         water and
                                complaining or            your              time given.       paper.

                                arguing.                  designated                         Keep walls
                               Return materials to       area.                               clean.
                                the proper place.
                                                        Move quietly     Get on/off       Dispose of
                               Listen politely to        and               the bus in a      trash in
                                teachers and peers.       promptly.         single file       proper
                               Use appropriate          Stay to the       line.             receptacle.
            Respect Others      language.                 right of the     Stay seated      Respect
                               Ask permission to         hall.             and face          others’
                                use classroom                               forward           privacy.
                                materials.                                  while on the

                               Keep hands and           In case of an    In case of a     Report any
            Keep Safe           feet to self.
                               Follow safety
                                                          proceed to
                                                                            follow safety
                                                                                              problems to
                                                                                              a teacher.
                                procedures.               the nearest       procedures.
                               Use furniture and         exit.            Stay in seat.
Teaching Expected Behaviors
Bucks are used for
Positive interaction between staff and student
Bi-weekly raffles
School-wide celebrations
Quarterly iPOD drawings

Next year:
B.A.R.K. store
Bi-weekly drawings
Quarterly iPOD drawings
                   Raffle Ideas
   HW passes                    donated items
   Sitting with friends at      baseball tickets
    lunch                        ice cream coupons
   Principal for the day        school supplies
   Amusement park tickets       movie rentals
   Skating admission            Coupons from local
   Bowling games                 businesses
   Basketball tournament        School supplies Cotton
    with teachers                 candy
   Best buy certificate         Snow balls
   Pizza coupons                Bingo “Party” with prizes
   Limousine ride               Ice cream social
   Mall gift certificate        “Popcorn Party”
                                          Patuxent Valley Middle School
                                   Student Behavior Management Process

                                               Observe Problem Behavior

                                               Problem Solve With Students

                                   NO                   Is Behavior              YES
        Teacher Warning                                 Managed?                                   Write Referral to Office

     Classroom Consequence         Teacher Managed vs.               Office Managed                          Administrator
                                      Language                    Weapons                                   Determines
                                      Lateness                    Figh ting                                Consequences
     Complete Minor                   Preparedness                Aggressiv e Physical
                                      Calling Out                  Contact
      Incident Report                 Put Downs                   Aggressiv e Language
    (MIR) if neccessary               Refusal to Work             Threats
                                      Minor Dishon esty           Harassment to student
                                      Tone Attitu de               or staff                             follows through with
                                      Dress Code                  Major Dishone sty                        Consequences
NO                        YE S        Food or Drink               Truancy
            Student                   Electroni c Devices         Chroni c Minor
                                      Touching                     infra ctions
        has 3 MIRÕ in
                                                                   Smoking
         same Quarter?                                             Vandalism
                                                                   Alcohol                                 provides teacher
                                                                   Drugs                                      feedback
                                                                   Gamb ling

  Continue        Write referral
   teacher          to office.
management          Attach or
until 3 MIRÕs     provide d ates
are collected       of MIRÕs

                                               SIDE BAR ON : Minor Incident Report Slips (MIRÕ
                                              Issue a MIR slip when student does not respond to pre-correction, re-
                                               direction or verbal warning.
                                              Once written notify parent by requiring parent signature, a phone call,
                                               email or letter.
                                              Tak e concrete action to correct behavior (i.e. assign detention, complete
                                               behavio reflection writing)
                                              Whenever possible, have the corrective actions correspond to the behavior
                                               being c                                         t,
                                                       orrected (i.e. talk ing to peer near sea move seat)
School Wide Information Systems
                 Decide who will enter the
                  ODR data
                 Gather support from
                  teachers to include specific
                  information on the ODR
                 Decide whether or not Minor
                  Incident Reports will be
                  entered in SWIS
                 Use your SWIS data to
                  determine your PBIS goals
                  each month
Why? . . . THE RESULTS!!
# of positive interactions
 14000                    BARK
 12000                    bu cks
                          Bu s
  8000                    bu cks
  4000                    Sup er
  2000                    Sub
     0                    bu cks
         T otal Num ber

                  ODR data

          689       691
400                                      SY 04-05
                                         SY 05-06
300                           352        SY 06-07
      Total Number of Office Referrals
          Suspension Data

        75       74
                                    SY 04-05
40                                  SY 05-06
30                                  SY 06-07
     Total Num ber of Suspensions
        The impact of PBIS
Based on 691 ODR’s from ‘05-’06 and 352 ODR’s from ‘06-’07,

 Time Regained            Student          Administrator

     Minutes               5085                 6780
      Hours                 85                   113

      Days                  11                   14
Snapshots of PBIS’ best. . .

          Teachers, Parents, and
           Custodians donated gift cards to
          Bus #129 rewarded one student
           with $20 and a gift basket
          B.A.R.K. bucks were incorporated
           into a student’s BIP
          Numerous stories from students
           and staff about the success of
Staff Reflections. . .

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