The Ultimate Guide to Pokemon Breeding by Billy Pabst
       Pokemon are monsters that live in a fictional world much like our own. There are
currently 18 Pokemon video games out, all of which are RPGs (Role Playing Game). In
these games, you catch, battle, trade, and ultimately try to collect every Pokemon in this
world. To do this, you must breed Pokemon, not only to trade, but also to collect “baby
Pokemon” that you can only get via breeding certain Pokemon. Breeding is a very useful
tool that allows you to experiment with Pokemon like never before. Although breeding is
only a secondary feature, it is very intricate and complicated. It is my knowledge that this
guide is the most complete guide out at this time, because when I struggled with this,
there were no thorough walkthroughs on this.
       Firered/Leafgreen: Four Island, Sevii islands.

       Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Mauville City, Hoenn.
                                                                      First off, Pokemon
                                                                      breeding is when you
       Diamond/ Pearl: Solaceon Town, Sinnoh.                         drop off Pokemon at the
                                         Four Island
                                                                      day care center, and
                                                                      after a while, an egg
                                                                      will mysteriously
                                                                      appear. The day care is
                                                                      different in each
                                                                      Pokemon game. The list
                                                                      is as follows.

                                            City (left of the city)

                                         Solaceon Town
                                           Day Care

                                                   Egg Types
              Egg types show which kind of Pokemon can breed with which, as such, every Pokemon
               has a set list of egg types it can breed with, with the exception of the Pokemon ditto,
                       which can breed with any Pokemon (excluding legendary Pokemon).

             Egg Types:                                              Water 2
                   Monster                                           Water 3
                   Dragon                                            Indeterminate
                   Ground                                            Fairy                        <<Pokemon Egg
                   Bug                                               Humanshape
                   Plant                                             Mineral
                   Water 1                                           No Egg

               Take, for example, Empleon, the emperor Pokemon, has two egg types, Water 1 and
                 Ground since it is water and steel type. Because of its egg types it can breed with
              Pokemon with the egg type Water 1 or the egg type Ground. Egg types are based on the
                                           physical type of the Pokemon
                                                                                                  This is Ditto.
In Firered,                          Ground                                          Water 1
                                                                                                  Ditto can breed
Leafgreen,                                                                              B         with any
Ruby, Sapphire,                                                                         A
                                                                                                  Pokemon that
and Emerald,                                                                            S
                                                                                        I         has a gender.
Pokemon that
                                                                                        C         Unlike other
hatch from eggs
                                                                                                  Pokemon, when
start at Lv.5. In                                                                       P         you breed a
Diamond and                                                                             O         ditto, you always
Pearl, however,                                                                         K
                                                                                                  get the Pokemon
pokemon hatch                                                                           E
                                                                                        M         you breed it
at Lv.1
                                                                                        O         with.
                                                               Water 1 AND Ground

                As you can see, the result Pokemon is dependant on the Pokemon breeding with
             Empoleon. The two example Pokemon are; Raticate on the left, and Golduck on the right.
              Depending on the gender of the Empoleon and the other Pokemon, the egg will either
              hatch a Piplup, or the other Pokemon. It is obvious that the egg will match the female
                                               Pokemon in the pair.

                                              Baby Pokemon
                 Baby Pokemon are Pokemon that you can only get from an egg, and only certain
                                        Pokemon can make one.
             “Parent” Pokemon                                          Baby Pokemon
                                             Manaphy and Phione
                                                                                                 Evolution is
                                                                                                 when a
                                              Breed For……. >                                     earns enough
                                                                                                 points to enter
                                                                                                 the next stage
                                                                                                 of “life”.
                                                                                                 Pokemon do
                                            Snorlax and Munchlax                                 not die, but
                                                                                                 shows how
                                           The only way to get a                                 strong your
                                           Munchlax is to breed a                                Pokemon is,
                                           Snorlax while it is                                   plus,
                                           holding the item “Full                                evolution is
                                           Incense”                                              necessary to
                                                                                                 capture every
                                                                                                 Pokemon in
                                              Pikachu and Pichu                                  the game,
                                                                                                 thus, making
In the anime series, the                                                                         it crucial to
first gym leader in
Firered and Leafgreen,
and the main character
Ash Ketchum’s best
                                                                                  NOTE: Baby Pokemon are
friend, Brock aspires to
                                                                                  NOT an optional extra
be the best Pokemon
                                                                                  feature, they are required to
breeder in the world
                                                                                  complete your Pokedex.

                                            Chansey and Happiny

            These are just a few examples, and some Pokemon have special requirements in order to
            breed and make a baby Pokemon. Most baby Pokemon evolve into their parent Pokemon,
                               but one does not. Phione does not become Manaphy.

                                       Advantages of breeding

          Breeding comes in handy if you catch a fully evolved Pokemon and you don’t have the
        lower evolutions. When you breed a Pokemon, the egg always hatches the “Basic” or first
          evolution of the Pokemon. This is helpful because the Pokedex, the object that records
           Pokemon capture, doesn’t count you having the lower evolutions if you didn’t evolve
         your way to the final evolution. Plus, some of the time, the lower evolutions don’t appear
                                     in the game, so you have to breed.

       Charizard, final evolution of          You need a                 Charmander, basic Pokemon
       Charmander                             Charmander because
                                              you got Charizard
                                              from a friend, you
                                              need to breed that
                                              Charizard so you can
                                              get the first
                                              Charmander, and
                                              then evolve it into
                                              the second
                                              Charmeleon (not
                                              shown here)

         Eevee is a very peculiar pokemon in the sense that it has SEVEN separate evolutions,
           and, since you can only get one Eevee in the whole game, you must breed Eevee to
          obtain every evolution. The evolutions from left to right counter clockwise: Leafeon,
          Espeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon. There are a handful of
                            pokemon that have more than one evolution path.
can breed any
of the
forms of
Eevee with a
ditto or a
Pokemon with
the same egg
type, and
hatch an

                            Inherted Moves
Moves are what Pokemon Battle with, and in breeding, there is a chance that
the hatched Pokemon will know some of the parent’s moves when it is born.
  This game mechanic is improtant, and must be known so that the breeder
                        gets the desired outcome.

            If both the mother and the father Pokemon both know the same
              move, there is a good chance that the hatched Pokemon will
                            know that move when it is born.

             If you taught one of the pokemon a move that it doesn’t learn
            by leveling up, the hatched Pokemon will most likely know that
                                       move too.

            The baby Pokemon has a set list of egg moves that, if known by
                the father Pokemon, the Pokemon will hatch knowing.

                    Razor Leaf
                    Sleep Powder

                    Exeggcute                       (Either)
                    (Male)                          Vine Whip*
                    Leech Seed                      Sleep Powder (from both)
                    Sleep Powder                    Reflect (from male)
                    Reflect                         Toxic (from learned)
                    Learned: Toxic

*sometimes a hatched Pokemon will know a move it would know normally
                            at that level.

This Example came from the Nintendo Power Pokemon Firered/Leafgreen
                             Guide book
                    2004Nintendo of America inc.

                             Pokemon Relationships
  Pokemon will only breed if they share some certain characteristics. One of
    these characteristics is the two Pokemon’s Lv.. the level of a pokemon
   determines the strength of your Pokemon and how close to evolving it is.
   The Lv. Of a Pokemon, in a way, is its age, and Pokemon will only mate
  with pokemon their “age”. Another way to insure that your Pokemon will
   like each other is to check their natures. The nature of a Pokemon shows
how they will grow, and also shows how they act and how they will respond
to certain things. What I’m saying is that some natures don’t mix, like if you
      have a Pokemon with the “Naïve” nature, it can breed with any other
 Pokemon, no matter what its nature is. On the other hand, if your Pokemon
     has a “Serious” nature, it will not breed with Naïve, Hasty, or Relaxed
 nature, and is most likely to breed with a Careful natured Pokemon. Natures
         are listed in the summary in the pokemon section of the menu.

                                    Hatching an Egg
 Now its time to see the end of your hard work. When you get the egg from
the day care People, you must walk around until the egg hatches. According
     to the games, it takes 30,000 to 50,000 steps until the Egg hatches.
                                                                    The Pokedex, or Pokemon Index, is given
                                    FINAL PRODUCT                   to you at the beginning of each Pokemon
                                   Completed Pokedex*               game. This device is essential to your
                                                                    quest, because it gives you information
                                                                    on Pokemon you have seen and/or
                                                                    captured. The main goal of the game is to
                                                                    complete the Pokedex for the Pokemon
                                                                    Professor, while attempting to become
                                                                    the Ultimate Pokemon trainer
     *pokedex is complete when you have ALL pokemon, breeding is just a part of the big picture.

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