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					in the memo section. MYSL 2007 FALL REGISTRATION GUIDELINES LEAGUE OR CLUB REQUIREMENTS: 1. Each league or club must provide a League Affiliation Form at the time of registration. 2. Each check submitted by a league or club must be accompanied by a completed Treasurer’s Registration form. The check should indicate the team/league or club and age group TEAM REQUIREMENTS - EACH TEAM SHALL HAVE: A. A three-part team affiliation form. Each team must have a unique name within a club/league B. Four copies of a typed roster with player’s names in alphabetical order. FONT SIZE MUST BE 10 OR LARGER. Coach and manager full name, address, phone number and risk management number must be listed. C. Each player must have: 1. A designation: N- New Player (in the Fall Season all players are considered new players) G- Goalie (only two players designated as goalie) C- Changing information (address, phone number, etc.) D- Dual Registered Player MSYSA FORM FOR DUAL REGISTRATION MUST BE PROCESSED AND ATTACHED R- Returning Player 2. Proof of Age: Birth Certificate, Previous year MYSL pass card, driver’s license. 3. Picture (must be cut to size 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 or smaller) with name on back. D. Official MYSL Registration Form with picture paper clipped in designated area. E. IF YOU ARE USING CLUB PASS CARDS PLEASE PROVIDE MYSL WITH YOUR OFFICIAL CLUB / LEAGUE STICKERS. COACH AND MANAGER PASS CARDS ALL COACHES AND MANAGER MUST REQUEST PASS CARDS THIS YEAR. PLEASE PROVIDE US WITH A 1 ½ X 1 ½ OR SMALLER PICTURE WITH NAME WRITTEN ON THE BACK. THIS MUST BE TURNED IN AT REGISTRATION, OR IT WILL BE CONSIDERED LATE, AND BE FINE $25.00 FOR EACH MISSING PICTURE. ROSTER SIZE PLEASE SEE PLAYING GRID

TEAMS REGISTERING MORE THAN THREE TEAM PERSONNEL. OR IF YOUR ROSTER SIZE EXCEEDS 18 (OLDER TEAMS THAT ARE ALLOWED TO CARRY A LARGER ROSTER) WILL BE ACCESSED AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF $10.00 PER PERSON (over 18 players, and or more than 3 personnel) TO COVER INSURANCE COSTS. ALL TEAM INFORMATION MUST BE SUBMITTED IN THE PLASTIC ENVELOPE THAT WAS SUPPLIED BY MYSL. WITH TEAM INFORMATION SHEET AS YOUR FIRST PAGE. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INCLUDED AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THE COACH AND MANAGER. REQUEST FOR EARLY PASSCARDS A request for early pass cards must be made at registration. All team registration material must be complete in order to make the request. If a team requires approved rosters prior to distribution, a request for early pass cards must be made. No signed rosters will be released prior to the distribution date. The following items will be required: A. An Early pass card request form B. A check for $25.00 payable to MYSL C. Pass cards will be available at scheduling for pick up. It is your responsibility to make Sure you pick up your pass cards. If cards are not picked up, you will be charged a 25.00 Mailing fee.