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Safe Havens Sermon Contest for Seminarians


									  Safe Havens’ Sermon Contest for Seminarians
                Safe Havens is looking for sermons, khutbah, dvar torah,
     spiritual teachings, etc. on faith and domestic abuse written by seminarians.

Safe Havens is an interfaith organization that promotes hope and justice for victims
 and survivors of domestic violence. Safe Havens is dedicated to strengthening the
capacity of faith communities and service providers to engage in a coordinated effort
 to end domestic violence. Working as a bridge between service providers and faith
  communities, Safe Havens provides education, resources, advocacy, and technical
   assistance to improve access to services, foster leader development, encourage
               community collaboration, and promote responsible action.

                      Deadline for sermon submission: June 1, 2010

  Winners to be announced by September 7, 2010 and the winning sermons will be
  posted on the Safe Havens website in October for Domestic Violence Awareness

           The author of the winning sermon will receive a $200 prize.
          Three authors will receive honorable mention and a $50 prize.

     Sermons will be judged by a Safe Havens panel using the following criteria:

                        • Clear understanding of domestic abuse
           •    Well-integrated use of pertinent sacred texts and traditions
                              • Overall theological context

        The sermon should be your original work and not previously published.
                           You must document all quotes.

  Written sermons should be 2000 – 3000 words, double spaced, and submitted via
   email as a word document attachment to

Please include a cover letter that provides your contact information and tells us about
your background, religious tradition, and sermon audience. We would also be happy to
                          read a brief biographical statement.

         101 Arch Street, 11 Floor, Boston, MA 02110 617-654-1820 fax 617-654-1799

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