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					                             Baking Tips
For beginners, make the cake sometimes be hard-easy. If not properly in the
baking, the cake can be made into a sodden or fail. Now, in order not to fail,
apply some easy tips this time!

  1. Place cake. Cookie sheets of dark mat excellent for baking potatoes
grilled or roasted meat. While sheets of brightly colored pedestal cake that
will help make baking quick not charred.
  2. Egg size. Eggs that are needed for the recipes cake is baked is usually
moderate to large sized. However, if you use eggs that are sized too large,
will only make your cake to deflate as it cools. Unfortunately, right?
  3. Crunchy Snacks. Pastries will be felt more crisp and crunchy when the
dough is mixed with cold water and stir with a flat. Conversely, when stirred
with a mixture of warm water, a cake of this type will easily crumble.
  4. Nuts & Fruit slices. We add chopped nuts, walnuts, or fruits into the
batter cake, enter first into the bag of flour, then shake until evenly
distributed. If already covered by the flour, chopped nuts or fruits were going
to blend perfectly with the cake batter before baking.
  5. Muffin. Muffin tins can be filled more quickly without a lot of dough
spilling everywhere, if only you use a special spoon for ice cream.
Well, good luck!

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