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									Financial Aid and Scholarships
     McTarnaghan Hall
 (239) 590-7920 or 1-800-590-FGCU
  Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
       Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
           Where’s the Money?

 Federal Aid (grants, work-study & loans)
     U. S. Department of Education
 State Aid (grants & scholarships)
     Florida Department of Education
 Institutional Aid (grants & scholarships)
     Florida Gulf Coast University
 Private Aid (scholarships)
     Private organizations
                 Federal & State Aid

 Federal Aid
       U. S. Dept. of Education
     Federal Pell Grant
     Federal Work-Study
     Federal SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant)
     Federal Stafford Loans:
         Subsidized (Student) Loans @ 6.0%; unsubsidized @ 6.8%
         PLUS (Parent) Loans @ 8.5%
 State Aid
       Florida Dept. of Education
     Florida Student Assistance Grant
     Florida Bright Futures Awards (must qualify as high school senior)
                  Institutional Aid

 FGCU Institutional Aid
        FGCU Waivers
     FGCU In-State Tuition Waivers (check deadlines semi-annually)
     FGCU Out-of-State Tuition Waivers (check deadlines semi-annually)
        FGCU Grants
     FGCU Housing, Undergraduate and Graduate Grants
      (annual priority deadline for FAFSA completion is March 1st)
     Other grants also available - please see our web pages
       FGCU Scholarships
     Foundation Scholarships from FGCU Donors
     Based on merit, financial need and/or academic major
      08-09 priority deadline – March 1st (final deadline - March 31st)
                     * items in red indicate priority deadlines impact eligibility *
                          Private Aid

 Private Aid (scholarships)
        Check our link at
      These three categories are updated regularly:
     Scholarships Applications from Outside Sources
     Direct Links to Specific Outside Scholarships
     Scholarship Search Engines
         Other private resources can include:
     Past and present employers, unions, religious and professional
      organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, American Legion), and
     Send checks to the Financial Aid Office with student’s UIN
  Free Application for Federal
     Student Aid (FAFSA)

File annually by the priority deadline!
      FGCU’s School Code: 032553
 Student & one parent must sign the
      FAFSA with pin numbers!
    How is the FAFSA used?

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
   The result of income and asset information
    provided on the FAFSA
   First the school sets the budget or “cost of
    attendance” (COA)
        Varies from school to school
        Based on student’s housing status and number of hours
   The EFC is then deducted from COA to determine
    the student’s financial need
        EFC is constant – does not vary
        EFC is portable – can take to another school
            Financial Aid
             & Gulfline

How can I see my award?
   Login to Gulfline @
   Enter User ID & PIN
   Click Student & Financial Aid
   My Electronic Award Information
Update mailing addresses, e-mail addresses and
 cell phone numbers in the Registrar’s Office
              Financial Aid
               & Gulfline
What can I do on Gulfline?
 Check documentation requirements
     Verification Worksheets
     Federal Tax Returns

     Select a Lender for your Student Loan

     Required Entrance Loan Counseling

 Register for classes
 Review your bill & make payments
 See your grades
                Financial Aid
                  & Books
     Can I purchase books or meals
     with excess financial aid funds?
   Yes, if you have a credit balance
   Up to a maximum of $1000 total (any combo)
   Fall & Spring only
   Dates: to be announced
   All outstanding requirements must be satisfied
    (i.e. MPN must be received for loans)
                Financial Aid
             & Academic Progress

      What is Satisfactory Academic
             Progress (SAP)?
 Qualitative Measure            Credits     Minimum GPA
                                  1-29          1.80

                                30 or more      2.00

 Quantitative Measure
     Students must complete a minimum of 70% of the total
      hours attempted at FGCU
           Financial Aid
 What happens if I withdraw from
  all of my classes after add/drop?
  Talk to someone in Financial Aid first!
 You may have to repay some (or all)
  of the aid you received
 You may lose eligibility for future
           Financial Aid

   What are the highlights of
     this presentation?
 File the FAFSA
 Apply for FGCU Foundation Scholarships
 Review all e-mail and correspondence
 Adhere to all priority deadlines
               Financial Aid
             Contact Information
General Questions:
 Main Line:                590-7920
Specific Questions:
   Bright Futures (Barbara)      590-7972
   First Generation (Vicki)    590-7919
   Scholarships (Barbara)   590-7699
   Stafford Loans (Wanda)    590-7917
   Work-Study (Sandy)    590-7970
   Verification (Vicki)    590-7919

       We make every effort to respond within 48 hours!

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