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									Naruto 498 - Naruto's Mother

This is another specialist prediction by The Special One or TSO. TSO try to make his
spoiler as simple as he can and less confusing as possible considering we can all theorize
and get lost with this Kushina thing. As we all know, at the end of Naruto Chapter 497,
Naruto meet with his mother and should become another turning point for the manga.
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Status: Predictions
By: The Special One

-Naruto meets his Mother!

(Naruto is face to face with Kushina.)

Naruto: “You-you know my name…” (Kushina giggles.)

Kushina: “Of course silly, that’s the name your father and I gave you…” (Naruto has a
shocked look on his face.)

Naruto: “That means, you’re?”

Kushina: “Boy you’re slow… Yes, I’m your mother sweetie…” (Naruto glances at his mother
and slightly blushes.)

Naruto: “Heh, I’m not a kid ma…” (Naruto snickers. Kushina slightly grins and rests her
head in her palm.)

Kushina: “*mumble* he sure does look like Minato*.” (Naruto can’t hear her all the way.)

Naruto: “Huh?” (Kushina clears her throat.)

Kushina: “I mean, you must certainly get all the young ladies to wait around for you, right?”
(Naruto is startled by that question and starts fiddling his fingers.)

Naruto: “Well…” (Kushina then busts out in laughter and points her finger at Naruto.)

Kushina: “Just kidding, you have no luck with them whatsoever!lol I saw from inside you…
You’re such a dork!”

(Naruto is angered.)


Kushina: “And he’s stupid too…”

Naruto: “STOP INSULTING ME! I’m YOUR SON!” (Kushina claps her hands just once and
stops laughing abruptly.)

Kushina: “Just foolin’, relax, the Naruto I know loves a good laugh, isn’t that right?”

Naruto: “*mumbling* Crazy hag…” (Kushina has an annoyed face on. She punches her fist
into her palm)

Kushina: “What was that boy! Speak up when I’m talking to you!” (Naruto immediately
straightens up.)

Naruto: “AHH! Yess ma’am!”

Naruto (in thought): “She’s worse than Sakura and Granny combined… Why can’t she be
like the 4th… “

(The scene switches to outside of the mental world. Killer Bee and Yamato are amazed at
the fact that the Kyuubi’s chakra surrounding Naruto has subsided.)

Killer Bee: “It’s gone…”

Yamato: “What do you think happened?”

Killer Bee: “I don’t know, let me peak inside… (Killer Bee sits down and notices that the
Kyuubi is the only thing sitting there in the mass of white space. The scene switches back to

Well All I sees is that fox… Dis never happened befo’… Where did he go inside his own soul?
It’s like there’s another force at work or somethin’…”

Yamato: “hmm. (Yamato remembers back to when Naruto was explaining that the 4th
helped him reseal the 4 element seal.)

Could it be?” (The scene switches back to the realm in which Kushina and Naruto are at.)

Kushina: “You do know why you’re still here don’t you?”

Naruto: “No… I did everything the Octo-dude said, and I still get taken over… I’m seriously
at lost…”

Kushina: “It’s because you still haven’t let go yet.”
Naruto: “What? I don’t hate the villagers… I got over that...”

Kushina: “Yes you did, and I’m very proud of my little boy for that… But when you took in
some of the Fox’s chakra, he was able bring back some deep routed thought that you
presently haven’t come to terms with yet.”

Naruto: “But what could it be?”

Kushina: “Search your heart Naruto… What is it that you’ve always wanted that everyone
else seemed to have but you didn’t?” (Naruto closes his eyes and remembers children being
treated to ice cream by their parents. Meanwhile, Naruto slightly smirks as he snaps back to

Naruto: “Oh.. That… But I made peace with the 4th…” (Kushina then opens her arms,
awaiting Naruto’s embrace.)

Kushina: “But not with me.” (Naruto has a shocked look on his face.)

Naruto:”… (Naruto walks over and hugs his mom… Then they break apart.) Why did you
leave me?”

Kushina: “It wasn't what we intentionally wanted to do at first choice dear. Let your mom
explain willya? I, uh… When the Kyuubi was set loose, the first thing your father was tasked
with as Hokage, was securing it, those old coots didn’t care about anything else… But, I,
well, you weren’t born yet. I had to be rushed to the field promptly. Your father and I, we
had no other choice. And we figured that you’d be looked upon as a hero for containing the
monster fox. We believed you can do it, that’s why we named you after the character in one
of Jiraiya-sama’s books… Maybe a lame justification of our actions, but we did and we do
still believe that, and we took it proudly to the grave.

(Naruto is shocked) We wanted you to be the best shinobi possible. Your father, as amazing
as he was, needed help using the Shiki Fuujin on the Fox, and I wasn’t a push over

(The scene switches to 16 years in the past as Kushina narrates.)

Kushina: “Your father led a brave fight against the Kyuubi.

(Minato is standing on top of Gamabunta facing the Kyuubi as dozens upon dozens of
defeated shinobi lie across the battle field. The Kyuubi gathers a chakra blast and fires it off
as Gamabunta leaps into the air to avoid it as the area in back is destroyed. Gamabunta
draws out his Dagger and as he lands, he attempts to slit the Kyuubi in half however the
Kyuubi catches the blade with both paws as Gamabunta and the Kyuubi are locked in a

Minato then disappears into a cloud of smoke and appears above the Kyuubi in mid-air. As
he twists and flips, he tosses various marked Kunai, as they are logged expertly all over its
body as he lands on top of the Kyuubi’s back. As the tails converge onto Minato’s location,
Minato disappears and Rasengans the Kyuubi near his left rib. Before the Kyuubi reach,
Minato disappears and then Rasengans the Kyuubi near its neck.

Soon, we see Minato flicker in and out all over the Kyuubi as he barrages him with many
Rasengan shots using FTG to employ a pop in and pop out method by instantaneously using
the marked kunai all over the Kyuubi’s body as a way to facilitate his movement and
assault. Soon, Kushina appears, she is exhausted, once Minato spots her, he uses body
flicker and instantly appears next to her and gives her a hand. She brushes him off hinting
that she wants to fight. Gamabunta then manages to overpower the Kyuubi due to Minato’s
assault and sends it sliding back with a push of the blade. Minato looks to Kushina and he
nods his head. He body flickers over to Gamabunta’s head. The Kyuubi faces Minato but
then, Minato tosses exploding Kunai, which lands near the Kyuubi’s eyes, blinding him
temporarily as the Kyuubi uses its paws to wipe away the smoke…)

Then I later made my move.

(Kushina moves closer to the Kyuubi and begins making handseals. Soon a huge spiral of
wind surrounds the Kyuubi. Minato yells to Gamabunta, and he gathers water from its gullet
and fires off a large bullet of water which collides with the wind. A true Hurricane is formed
and it pins the Kyuubi down.)

There was no stronger team than the two of us… We subdued the Fox, but we knew what
had to be done. We couldn't wait until I gave birth and our attacks weren’t enough to totally
defeat the Fox, so we did what we set out to do…

(Gamabunta then hops up into the air and impales the Kyuubi using its Dagger. Gamabunta
stays in place until the ceremony was completed. Minato body flickers over to Kushina. They
both hold each other hands and gazes into each other’s eyes as Gamabunta looks over to
the couple, possibly thinking about delivering the newborn to the authorities.)

We made the ultimate sacrifices so you could be a hero. But we’d always watch over you,
that was what Minato and I always wanted; to make up for not being with you in person.
Minato set up a way so that once in different stages of the seal’s degeneration we’d be there
as fail-saves to pull you back for devastation. Your father wired the seal so that once it
reaches 8th, his mental energy will be summoned and reshaped into a physical form so that
he could reinforce the seal. Then, as a final precaution, once the seal is fully unlocked, my
mental energy would be resurfaced to snap you out of the Fox’s control… (The scene
switches back to the present.)

See now? We never abandoned you. We did all we could to keep you alive from the Kyuubi.
The two of us appearing and doing what we did was proof enough, right? (Kushina smiles
and looks toward a sad Naruto.)

Naruto: “I, I didn’t know… I’m sorry.”

Kushina: “Don’t be… Just beat that Fox into a pulp! Make your mom and dad proud!”
(Naruto nods, soon, he is transported back to the area he was previously at. He stands in
front of the Kyuubi, which is all chilled out and lying on its stomach with its paws stretched
out. It sees Naruto, yawns and then gets on all fours.)

Kyuubi: Sup? Back for more of a beating?

Naruto: Ha, I don’t quite remember it that way. You’re going down for sure this time!

Kyuubi: Yap, yap-that’s all you do. Are you going to talk more or is it time to get to

Naruto: For once I agree with you on something…
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