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                                   PART             2
          Parts 1 and 3 can be downloaded from www.InternetMarketingSins.com
  This report contains disturbing thoughts and ideas that may offend some
readers. It contains strong language and is intended for adult audiences only.
Please immediately close this report if you are easily offended or squeamish in
any way.

  And definitely close this report immediately if you are close-minded and
want to continue believing that your Internet Marketing Sins are harmless and
justifiable because you have made a lot of money using these bad tactics.

                    Consider Yourself Warned!

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While attempts have been made to verify the correctness and
reliability of the information provided in this publication, the
author and publisher do not assume any responsibilities for
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The author and publisher are not liable for any losses or
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Reader must be 18 years of age to read this document. Your
judgment and discretion are required and encouraged.
   Well hello there! I am very surprised to see you again, although I probably
 shouldn’t be.

   After all, this report is not just a representation of my personal feelings. If
 this was just about my personal feelings, I would have scribbled in my diary
 and been done with it. A diary entry would have been cathartic for me, and
 me alone.

   But I knew it was time to take a stand publicly and denounce the sins that
 are corrupting our internet marketing community.

   And I want to take a moment to let you in on a little secret. There’s a
 secondary reason why it was important to release the first five sins before
 releasing the rest of this three part report.

   I had a suspicion that if this report was released in pieces, there would be a
 flood of feedback that would come in about the report.

   But the feedback itself was not for the purposes of stroking my own little
 ego. There was a very specific purpose for encouraging all of you to send in
 your feedback. Want to know why I was eager to find out what the general
 public thought of the report?

   No problem! Like I said, I believe in transparency! 

   The real reason was to prove to the worst sinners that what I am saying is
 not just my own opinions, and that this report represents the deep-rooted
 feelings that are happening right now in the internet marketing community.

   See, I believe very strongly in the power of proof in marketing. In fact, I’ll be
 talking about this later on in the report.
  And this report is selling something. Yes, I am selling something and I am
proud of it too! This report has ONE main purpose and that is to sell all of you
the most important thing you will ever buy from anyone!

          “AHA! I knew you were selling something!”
  Yes, I am. I’ll freely confess it.

  I am selling you an idea that many marketers are resistant to, even though
their own customers have been begging them to listen.

  I’m selling you a critical principle that I believe you desperately need to
buy…TODAY. And if you are unwilling to buy this idea, then it must mean
that you don’t believe your customers will respond negatively enough to your
bad tactics. It must be because you think that the ends justify the means.

  Which is why I asked your customers to send me their feedback. I knew
that you would not believe little ol’ me without solid proof that your
customers are just as pissed off as I am.

  So, are you ready for the proof you asked for? Just click here, so your own
customers and fellow marketers can speak for themselves.

          I am begging you to listen to them. Today.
  This report represents the groundswell of discontent out there, the buzz
that has been taking place quietly (and sometimes quite loudly) behind the
scenes among marketers and marketing hopefuls.

  This report is intended to shed a harsh light on the TWO main culprits that
are causing the kinds of problems I’m referring to here.

  In case you haven’t been paying attention, I’m an equal opportunity ranter.
I’m just as hard on the people who buy internet marketing products as I am on
people who supply them.
  Because the only way for a scam to work is for there to be the huckster and
the huckstee. There are two sides to a coin. It takes two to tango, and all the
other clichés I couldn’t remember off the cuff.

  See, I hope you are starting to recognize that I do not believe in victims, not
when it comes to buying and selling products. If you were hoping I was going
to yell and scream at only the vendors, then you didn’t read carefully enough
before you started this journey with me.

  And in this particular section of the report, I’m saying things you may not
want to hear. Some of the points I’m making may really get on your nerves,
because I’m not sure anyone has ever had the nerve to tell you to your face
that if you’ve felt scammed, YOU may have been the one to blame.

                      How do you like me now?
  Bear with me on this one. Follow my logic train, and I am sure that by the
time we reach the end of the tracks together, you will begin to see how
empowering it is to accept full responsibility for your contribution to the
huckster’s game.

  The moment you accept 100% responsibility for allowing yourself to get
screwed, you will find yourself breathing a huge sigh of relief.


  Because once you take back your personal control over the decisions you
make in your business…including YOUR decision to spend money on
schemes, scams, and snake oils…you will finally be FREE.

     • Free of your reliance on others to tell you what you already know.
     • Free of your “I’m such a victim” attitudes.
     • Free of your inability to make the right choices for your business
     • Free to be captain of your own entrepreneurial ship.
     • Free to be truly successful for once in your life.

  Once you accept personal responsibility for everything you do (including
making a choice to follow the wrong marketer’s advice) you will finally be able
to become successful.

  Do you believe you have the power of choice in your life? Or do you believe
that you are an innocent victim who is helpless and unable to protect

  Well, if you think you’re a victim, think again!

  You chose to get scammed. You willingly supported marketers who you
knew weren’t treating you right. And you have no one to blame but yourself!

  Let me illustrate this very clearly so there’s no room for misunderstandings.

  I’ve heard the term “sharks” being used to describe
internet marketing product sellers who use the bad
tactics I describe, and it’s a very good word. In fact, the
reason it’s a great word is because of the picture it
brings to mind of a vicious predator, a cold blooded
killing machine that never thinks about how its victim
feels. Pretty accurate, wouldn’t you agree?

  And people are quite fond of the idea that the shark is a vile creature with
no soul.

  But the reality is that the shark is only doing what is in his nature to do!
Sharks smell blood and they eat. They live a very simple life. Eat, sleep, poop,
eat, sleep, poop. That’s it! They can’t change what they are.
  But you are the one with choices. Yet you willingly
jump into the water with them! Why on earth are you
getting into the water when you know damn well that
sharks are there?

  Didn’t you watch Jaws? Didn’t you see what happened
to the people who went swimming alone at midnight
even though they were told there was a shark in the water?

  Well there’s a simple way you can stop being victimized, starting as early as
today. Just do what I do, and stop feeding the sharks!

  Trust me, they will always find another meal and you
don’t have to feel sorry for them if they look hungry.

     Don’t be shark bait anymore.
  And if you jump in the water in search of treasure, and
find nothing but shark poop, get back in the boat fast!
Introduction ......................................................................................................................................... 5
“Me Too” Marketers .......................................................................................................................... 11
       To All “Me Too” Marketers… .....................................................................................................................14
       To All Buyers of “Me Too” Marketer’s Products .........................................................................................27
Piggy Back Marketers ....................................................................................................................... 29
       To All Piggy Back Marketers .....................................................................................................................31
       To All of Piggy Back’s Subscribers ............................................................................................................32
Lazy Ass Marketers .......................................................................................................................... 33
       You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer If… .....................................................................................................36
Cult Leaders ...................................................................................................................................... 50
       The Birth of a Cult Leader… ......................................................................................................................51
           Smoke and Mirrors Proof Cult Leaders Use…......................................................................................87
           Causation Proof Good Teachers Use… ...............................................................................................87
       Advice For The Cult Follower ....................................................................................................................64
Guru Bashers .................................................................................................................................... 95
       Guru Bashers…Listen Up! .........................................................................................................................99
       What To Do When You Spot a Guru Basher ...........................................................................................106
Personal Note from Sylvie Fortin .................................................................................................. 111
“Me Too” Marketers
   “Me Too” Marketers are people who believe
                                                     Disclaimer: I’m using the
 wholeheartedly they are doing the right thing
                                                     masculine pronouns He, His and
 to succeed online. They aren’t bad people.          Him to describe “Me Too” in this
                                                     section. This is not a reflection on
 They are just misguided about how to be
                                                     the gender. This is strictly because
 successful.                                         I think it’s ridiculous to
                                                     constantly have to say “him or
   Here’s what a “Me Too” does, and why it is        her” all the time. I promise to give
 such a problem for all of us.                       the gals equal representation in
                                                     future examples. 
      • “Me Too” subscribes to lots and lots of
         mailing lists.
      • “Me Too” has a voracious appetite for information products about
         how to make money.
      • “Me Too” watches the gurus and dreams of becoming a guru someday.
      • “Me Too” has paid close attention to how much money some of the
         top gurus make by selling internet marketing training products, and
         he drools over the possibility that he can do it too.

   See, “Me Too” thinks that the surest way to succeed is by selling “make
 money” products to people just like him.

   “Me Too” wants to be a huge success, and wants to brand himself an
 internet marketing expert, so he spends a great deal of time initially trying to
 suck up to the gurus and curry their favor.

   He dreams of the day when he will be praised as the one who invented the
 “next best thing” in internet marketing.
            But “Me Too” has zero imagination and
              hasn’t had a unique creative thought
                  in his head since kindergarten.

  It takes “Me Too” a long time to realize it. In fact, “Me Too” usually never
wants to admit to himself or anyone else that he has no idea how to invent a
new and unique product or develop a new system people will be interested in.

           My guess is that “Me Too” had a mommy
             who always told him he was “special”.
  “Me Too” initially tries to get the attention of all the big gurus. He sends
them emails, tries to talk to them at seminars, leaves mysterious voicemails
about “a terrific JV opportunity” he wants to talk to them about right away.

  He says things like “I’m working on something that’s perfect for your
market”, but never says exactly what it is. He claims he’s concerned about the
potential competition and his project is “super secret” so he can’t give details.

  He still hasn’t come up with anything unique, mind you. He’s always
“working on something big” that’s coming soon. The reality is that “Me Too”
hasn’t really decided what his product is going to be. He just knows it will be
about how to make money online.

  He starts to get pretty cranky when no one seems to want to give him the
time of day. He begins to think that all the gurus are deliberately shutting him
out of their world.

  So “Me Too” does the only thing he can do. He copies…

       “Me Too” is a copycat. And he’s pissing me off!
  “Me Too” copies the ideas he reads about from the true innovators in our
field, and rather than come up with a unique technique or useful solution, all
he does is copies what others have done first.

  He buys products on his favorite topic, hands it over to a cheap ghostwriter,
and tells the writer to “rewrite it in your own words”.

  He buys a new and useful piece of software from a well known guru, hires a
programmer to create a slightly different looking version of it.

  But he doesn’t stop there…

  He isn’t satisfied just copying others. He also feels the need to claim
superiority over the original source of his “inspiration”.

  He is quite prolific on his favorite discussion forum. He loves telling
everyone how “bad” the guru’s products are, but his favorite thing to do is tell
everyone how much cheaper his crappy version of the original product is.

  In fact, all of his “fame” comes from his uncanny ability to convince others
that he is some kind of a hero because he always creates products that are
cheaper than the original he copied from.

  He publicly whines “why does ___[guru name]___ charge so much when my
product is available for so much cheaper! ___[guru name]___ obviously doesn’t
care about the little guy if he charges so damn much!”

  He has an amazing ability to come off like a good guy, a guy who cares
about your budget and loves you more than the guru does.

“Me Too” is one of the most dangerous marketers of all!
  “Me Too” doesn’t actually care about his customers. He doesn’t actually DO
any of the techniques he sells. Most of the websites he owns are selling
duplicated products he copied from the gurus. So “Me Too” has no idea if the
   product he’s pitching as an “alternative” to the original is actually worth the
   price of admission.

     The only thing he is able to do is copy, paste, copy, paste, and copy some

     God forbid if you have problems with the methodology he’s pitching. Don’t
   ask him any questions and certainly don’t ask his advice.

     He won’t be able to help you because he hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing.
   He isn’t in the trenches slogging away every day.

     But he will never admit it!

     If you ask him questions, he’ll answer what he “thinks” the original guru
   would say. He’ll make up some bullshit that will seem very believable, and he
   will cost you a fortune in the process.

     He doesn’t have a real business at all. His only business is creating cheap
   knock-offs of the original materials. These knock-offs won’t be supported
   because he cannot support them. He doesn’t know how.

To All “Me Too” Marketers…

     If you’ve found yourself in the uncomfortable position of feeling like you
   haven’t got a creative idea in your head, and believe you must copy others in
   order to develop your own products, then you’ve likely said some of the
   following to yourself to justify your thievery…

        • “My product is better because it’s cheaper”
        • “__Guru Name___ makes too much money already and should be
           sharing anyway”
        • “My product looks different, so no one will know”
        • “No one ever reads this shit anyway, they won’t notice”
     • “It’s ok as long as mine is slightly different”
     • “I’m a great guy because my products are a cheaper alternative”

  Let me be really clear here… I want to make sure there are no
misunderstandings between us…Pay close attention, ok? Because what I’m
about to say may shock you.

                 You’re not a hero, and you aren’t
                  saving anyone any money at all.
  You are costing your customers a LOT of money, wasting their time,
confusing the shit out of them, and you are not doing anyone any favors!

  In fact, you aren’t even doing any good for yourself either. I’ll explain why in
a moment, but for now, let’s deal with how you are treating your own

  To understand this point, you first have to understand that true teachers
are not born, they are carved out of failed attempts to succeed.

  In other words, to become a success, you must experience failure. Failure is
the most important thing all true “gurus” must do before they qualify to teach
anyone anything. Why?

  Because it is only by failing that you learn. You must experience it firsthand.

  Let’s examine this one closely…

  Consuming an info-product about how to write copy does not instantly
make you into an expert copywriter.

  To become an expert copywriter (and earn the right to teach copywriting to
others), you must first write a losing salesletter. Then you fix it. Then you test
it. Then you fix it again. Then you test it, and so on.
  You keep doing this until you have written ONE excellent salesletter that
makes you money. Then you do it again for another product. And repeat the
whole process again and again and again, until you’ve experienced so many
failures that you finally qualify as an expert copywriter.

  The failures are critical, because until you have failed, you can never
understand WHY you failed. And until you understand WHY you failed, you
will never qualify to teach anyone anything about copywriting. You simply
haven’t done your due diligence yet.

  It is only upon examining your own failures that you can understand all the
behind-the-scenes factors that went into the successes.

  It’s the difference between a theoretical understanding of a process vs. an
applied understanding of the details.

  If you buy a product on copywriting, mimic it and sell your cheap knock-off
to others, proclaiming yourself an expert qualified to teach copywriting, you
are doing a major disservice to your customers, no matter how cheaply you
price your product. Why?

  Because your customers will have questions you will be entirely unable to
answer with authority. You won’t have a clue whether your answers are
correct. And most importantly, because you aren’t an expert copywriter, you
will NOT know whether the original product you have duplicated is accurate!

          How the hell can you possibly know if the
          original product is accurate if you haven’t
          DONE what the original product teaches?
  Still not convinced? Fine, let’s explore another example.
  Let’s say you bought an info-product that teaches you how to get reciprocal
links from other websites. The author expounds the virtues of using a new and
fabulous piece of software that will allow you to locate similar websites, create
an “automatic” reciprocal links page, and it even monitors whether or not the
other webmaster keeps your links on his websites.

  The whole idea behind this is that search engines crawl websites for
outgoing links, and if your link is on someone else’s website, then search
engines will increase your rankings and you’ll get a better position in them.

  You read through it and you “think” it’s a great idea. After all, the author
includes screenshots and proof of how much traffic his site got when he set up
his reciprocal links page, and that’s pretty cool, right?

  So, you decide to have a programmer create a similar piece of software so
you can sell it and keep all the money. You take the info-product that explains
everything and give it to a ghostwriter to “rewrite” for you. You even find a
cheap copywriter and tell him “use this salesletter as a model for my copy”.

  You sit back and think you’re freakin’ brilliant.

  You don’t actually test the reciprocal links theory while you’re waiting for
your staff to serve you your next product. After all, you’ve “played with” the
software already. What else would you need to do?

  Instead, you go back to doing what you always do every day, consuming
massive quantities of info-products, in search of your next “bright idea”.

  When your staff is finally done copying someone else’s materials, you’re
thrilled. You have your “own product” now and we all know this is the only
way to become a guru, right?
  You put it on the market and it starts selling like gangbusters! You’re
making money hand over fist, and you’re so excited! You love watching your
bank account get fat.

  But after a few days, emails start coming in… pissed off emails… frustrated
emails… worried emails… tech support emails.

  Your customers are asking you questions like…

    “How long before I will be #1 in the search engines?”

    “I’ve used your software and have a links page with 1,000 outgoing
    links. But no one responds when I ask them to link to me. What do I

    “I was #14 in Google for my keywords, but now I’ve dropped to #214.

    “Should I link to my reciprocal links page from my opt in page?”

    “I’ve been spending 6 hours a day doing this and it isn’t getting any
    results! What happened to “results guaranteed in ten minutes a
    day?”What am I doing wrong?”

    “I just read an article that says reciprocal links are bullshit. What do
    you have to say about that?”

    “My domain has been blacklisted for being a spammer. You’ve killed my
    business, you son of a bitch! I’m suing you!”

  See, if you were a real expert, and had actually tested the original product’s
theories, you would have known exactly what your customers were forced to
learn the hard way.

  You would have learned that reciprocal linking was always a misused
scheme that never worked for very long for almost all people who tried it.
  You would have known that true reciprocal linking is a natural process that
takes place over time, and is not an “overnight traffic source” like the
automated tools and info-products would have you believe.

  You would have tested the theory, watched the results over a 6 month
period, and ONLY if the theory proved sound, you would be qualified to teach
it to others.

  But more importantly…

  You would NOT have joined the chorus of untrained “Me Too” Marketers
who, to this very day, keep selling hundreds of different versions of reciprocal
linking info-products, software, and services. These products cost unwary
consumers thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of wasted time and
energy that should be spent on marketing tasks that actually work and drive
real traffic to their websites.

  Still not convinced? Wow, you’re a stubborn one, aren’t you?

  OK, think about this…

  Let me help you understand why your method is causing such a problem in
the internet marketing community (and making you look like an idiot in the

  There are two things you may not have considered yet.

     1. Your “source of inspiration” knows more than he told you
     2. Your “source of inspiration” may be completely wrong

  Yes, it is entirely possible that your “Guru Du Jour” hasn’t taught you
everything he knows in his original product! *Gasp!*

  Have you ever heard the phrase “I may have taught him everything he
knows, but I haven’t taught him everything I know”?
  And before you get your knickers in a twist about this and start griping that
the gurus are deliberately keeping important information from you in an
effort to keep all the wealth to themselves, please read the Guru Bashers
section of this report!

  The fact is that many teachers have forgotten a lot of the basics by the time
they get around to developing a product that teaches a specific strategy. There
are lots of details that they don’t realize might be important to YOU, because
they are seen as “too basic to mention”.

  However, when their customers ask THEM questions related to these
missing pieces, THEY are qualified to answer them and they don’t have to
make up bullshit like you do.

  In fact, when their customers ask them questions, it often helps trigger their
memories and their product updates often include those missing pieces in
future releases. (This is how quality improves over time)

  Knowing how to answer your customer’s questions is just as important as
knowing how to teach something in the first place. It takes experience and
first-hand knowledge of all the behind-the-scenes processes that take place
during active testing of a theory.

  And, much like the game of “Pass it On”, the way the original author
describes a process will mean something completely different to the listener
and it will be paraphrased when the listener tries to explain it to someone else.

  So, when you copy and paraphrase what you learned, you will inevitably
screw up the original meaning as taught by the original author.

  You know what happens when you create a copy of a copy of a copy?
    Yeah, that’s right, the quality degrades with every copy made until the
  original is no longer readable. The end result is a completely useless piece of
  junk that is rendered worthless.

              The Original                                   Copy #1

                 Copy #3                                     Copy #4

    And here’s the second thing you may not have considered…

What if your “Guru Du Jour” is a “Me Too Marketer”? *Gasp*!
    What if you are copying from someone who copied from someone else who
  copied from someone else? What if no one is actually TESTING anything and
  they are just spewing useless bullshit to make a buck…Just Like You!

    How would you know?

    How could you possibly know if you aren’t working and testing and learning
  by experience?
  Can you believe the “Guru Du Jour” when he says it is his own creative
invention? Nah, you’re not that dumb, are you?

  Can you believe the testimonials on his salesletter? Nope! Sometimes
people make it up and sometimes the testimonials are bullshit.

  Can you be certain he isn’t lying to you?

  No? Then why on earth are you regurgitating what you’ve read and selling it
to others?

  Oh right, you like the money!

  Can I share with you my thoughts on why money should never be your
main reason for becoming an entrepreneur?

  The fact is, if making millions is your main reason for doing this, if
becoming the next “Guru Du Jour” is something you crave, then it won’t be
worth doing it at all!

  The secret is that it takes blood, sweat and tears to become a true expert in
this business. It takes hard work, and sacrifice, and months or years of trial
and error until you really know your shit enough to teach anyone anything.

  And the only ones who last through the rigorous trial by fire period of the
“guru business” are those who do it with integrity, honesty, and a burning
desire to help OTHERS succeed!

  They do it by being in Service To Others, rather than at the expense of
others. They do it because they can’t help but do it. They do it because they
are entirely unable to spend their lives serving only themselves.

  They do it because they get a charge out of seeing their students SUCCEED!

  There are much easier ways to make a bunch of money, if that is your main
goal. Here are a few ideas for you so you can go find another line of work…

     • Rob a bank
     • Be a porn star
     • Become a drug dealer
     • Cheat the welfare system
     • Learn how to be a pickpocket for fun and profit
     • Find yourself a Sugar Mama or Sugar Daddy
     • Steal credit cards

  If all you care about is making money, there are much easier ways. And you
don’t need to be very creative in order to do it! All you need is a bit of skill
with forging signatures, and you’re well on your way to becoming rich!

  Plus, you’ll get famous when you get caught! Rich AND famous? Bonus!


  So, do you want a better alternative to becoming yet another “Me Too”
Marketer? An alternative that will actually qualify you to become a true guru,
a specialist in your chosen field, an expert who actually knows what you are
talking about?
  It really is quite simple, and it will actually make you a lot more money than
your current method…

     1. Pick a niche
     2. Find out who the recognized expert is in that niche. Buy his products.
        Sign up for his affiliate program
     3. TEST his theories by actually doing what he tells you to do
     4. SHARE your results with others while you’re testing, and promote his
        products with your affiliate link while you’re testing
     5. Be HONEST about your tests. If you don’t know yet if it works, TELL
        people you are in the process of testing the theory.
     6. If it really works, and you make money with the method, TELL
        EVERYONE and make money with the affiliate program.
     7. While you’re testing, you WILL find new and unique ways of doing
        things that the original author never thought of. Write them down!
     8. Create a new product that is an improved version of the original. Be
        HONEST about where you first learned about the theory. Give credit
        to the original author you learned from. Add substantial content and
        a new and unique slant to the original theory. Show why your ideas
        are a new or added value approach to the theory.
     9. Contact the original author and offer a cut of ALL your profits with no
        strings attached, explaining that you are grateful to him for inspiring
        your new product. Give him a copy and an affiliate link.
     10. Don’t be surprised if the original author promotes your product for
        you. This is basic human nature, and most of the time you will find
        the original author wants to make more money with no extra work,
        especially if you have a high quality product that his customers want.
  See? It isn’t that hard to create an ethical business even if you’re starting
from scratch and aren’t sure what you’re doing.

  You become a “guru” through trial and error, not by copying other’s work.
You learn by DOING and it is only after you have personal experience with
any method that you can truly be successful enough to teach any strategies.

  Because no matter what you think right now, no matter how much money
you’ve made as a “Me Too” Marketer, it will never work for very long.

  I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I’ve seen countless “Me Toos”
come and go. But more importantly, I’ve watched these same “Me Toos”
destroy their own customers by selling crappy knock-offs which bring
absolutely no value to the internet marketing community.

  These crappy knock-offs only serve to confuse your customers, dilute the
value of perfectly good products, and cost consumers thousands of wasted
dollars in the process.

                You aren’t a hero. You’re a copycat.
  Face it. Accept it. Learn from it. Pledge to be a better marketer who earns
the right to claim the title of “expert”.
"I've missed more than nine thousand shots
in my career. I've lost almost three hundred
 games. Twenty-six times I've been trusted
to take the game winning shot and missed.
 I've failed over and over and over again in
     my life. And that's why I succeed."
                  - Michael Jordan; professional basketball player
To All Buyers of “Me Too” Marketer’s Products

     If you read the above, you may have found yourself nodding in agreement.
   After all, do we really need all these cluttering up our hard drives?

        • 63 different keyword research tools
        • 161 different Adwords writing guides
        • 358 different Clickbank training books
        • 496 different affiliate marketing products
        • 354 different Adsense training guides
        • And so much more…

     Not that there’s anything wrong with a little healthy competition! That’s not
   at all what I’m saying! But think about this…

     Wouldn’t it be swell if every “brand new technique” was actually brand new
   and not a rehashed version of another product?

     Wouldn’t it be nice if all marketers stopped pretending they were geniuses
   who invented each “new” tactic all by themselves?

     Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t feel like a fool every time someone
   came out with something that looked like an original, creative method but
   turned out to be yet another copycat version of the 300+ products you’ve
   already bought?

     But in spite of all of this, you may be saying to yourself “Hey, who cares?
   “Me Too” is saving me money, right?”


     He, and many others like him, are creating cheap knock-offs by the dozen
   and creating mass confusion in the marketplace.
  They are publishing crappy versions and, as mentioned in the previous
section, are entirely unable to support their own products.

  They can’t help you because they have zero experience actually doing what
they teach. They don’t “Practice what they Preach”, nor do they “Preach what
they Practice”.

  They aren’t qualified to teach you anything.

  The problem is that it is really hard to figure out, on first glance, who is a
real expert and who is just copying the expert.

  You can’t tell from their salesletters and you usually can’t tell from the
product itself.

  But “Me Too” has a hard time maintaining his “expert status” in the long
run, because eventually his true colors begin to show.

  So, my only advice to you, dear reader, is to pay close attention to any
marketer you buy from. Watch him closely over time. See how he
communicates. Pay attention to his proofs when he talks about his products.
Is he showing you his personal results he achieved after testing? Or is he just
showing you short term “tests” that only give you part of the picture?

  And before you go ahead and promote his products, please actually TEST
his theories. Don’t promote anyone you aren’t certain is an actual expert, ok?

  Otherwise, you could be in danger of becoming yet another “Me Too”
Piggy Back Marketers
   Piggy Back Marketers is a very short chapter, because I really don’t want to
 dedicate too much space for these losers. They get plenty of attention already,
 and I don’t want to give them even more.

   Piggy Backs are people who ride the wave when a superior marketer comes
 out with new products. Piggy Backs have their own products, and their own
 lists, but they never have a single nice thing to say about anyone else.

   They watch other top marketers and wait for their chance to publicly
 denounce anything anyone else is promoting.

   They almost never BUY anyone else’s product (they are too cheap to spend
 the cash) so they can’t really say anything about the products themselves.

   No, their whole focus is on attacking the marketer on a personal level. They
 attack the marketer’s credibility, latching on to any little tidbit they can to
 make the marketer look bad.

   You’ll spot them pretty quickly, right around any other marketer’s launch
 day. They wait, like obnoxious little rattlesnakes, hiding in the shadows, and
 on launch day, they strike with venom! Oh, the foulness they spew!

   They pinpoint their targets with deadly precision, always careful not to
 specifically name names. But they say things that clearly relay the true identity
 of their target to their readers, leaving no doubt as to whom they are referring.

   And when they finish their foul diatribe, they always end each email with a
 line similar to this:

                     “If you are ready to truly take your business
                         to the next level, click here instead”
  See, these guys don’t really care if the two products are comparable in any
way. Their sole purpose is to push their own products on you, regardless of
whether or not the other marketer’s products are good.

                Piggy Back doesn’t care about you.
  Piggy Back is a selfish little creep whose only claim to fame is to try and
destroy the competition.

  Piggy Back doesn’t have a clue about his “competition’s” product quality. He
doesn’t get invited for joint ventures, he doesn’t buy other people’s products,
and he lives all alone in his own little world.

          Piggy Back is an asshole with zero friends.
  He may have good quality products, but I doubt it. If his products were any
good, he wouldn’t need to smack down anyone else to promote himself. His
products would stand on their own merits and he wouldn’t need to attack
anyone else.

  All he can be is a grown up version of the schoolyard bully, picking fights to
get attention. Sad, really that he will never grow up.
To All Piggy Back Marketers

     There is absolutely no cure for you, I’m afraid. You’ll never change.

     So I’m not going to bother wasting my breath yelling at you. No matter
   what I say, your response will likely be “Yeah? Well you’re ugly and your
   mother dresses you funny!”

     You were the kid in school everyone was scared of, and no one ever realized
   how frightened and insecure you really were.

     You were probably smacked around as a child, right? And you never got the
   help you needed, did you?

     So, I’ll leave you alone. I have no advice for you.

     Just remember that if everyone seems to be against you, maybe it isn’t
   them…maybe it’s you.
To All of Piggy Back’s Subscribers

     There’s a simple way to see a Piggy Back Marketer for what he is…

             Watch how he talks about other marketers
     If you see that almost every message he sends is full of HINTS and
   INNUENDO about other marketers, and his emails almost always seem to
   come out on or around someone else’s launch day, then you may be dealing
   with Piggy Back.

     Piggy Back doesn’t center his message on major EVENTS or STRATEGIES.
   He centers his innuendo around PEOPLE.

   Big Clue: He never says anything nice about anyone else.
     Again, I don’t have a lot of advice for you. It’s pretty obvious what you need
   to do.

     Just like in elementary school when the school bully would terrorize the
   play yard, the only way to stop him is to stop playing his game.

                           Just Walk Away.

     Stop letting curiosity keep you on his list, just to see what he’ll say next. The
   more people he sees on his list, the more he thinks his methods are

     When you spot a Piggy Back, just click Unsubscribe.

     Don’t give him an audience, and he’ll be forced to play nice, or his list will
   shrivel up and die, and he’ll be left yelling at no one.
Lazy Ass Marketers
   Let’s talk a while about the wonderful possibilities that internet based
 business models have brought to the table, shall we?

   There was a time when being an entrepreneur was hard. I mean really hard!

   Before the internet was born, if one wished to start one’s own business, it
 required money, and a lot of it. You had to work a “real job” for years and save,
 and scrimp, and sacrifice, building up your bank accounts enough so you
 could afford the out-of-pocket investment.

   Unless you had a rich uncle, of course.

   But for most of us, starting a business was not an easy thing to do. It was
 truly out of reach for most people.

   But one shining day, Al Gore invented the internet (Just kidding! I couldn’t
 resist teasing him).

   And instead of requiring massive amounts of money to start a business, the
 world of self-publishing opened up on a massive scale.

   The internet itself is a medium that thrives on information. Information on
 every kind of topic one can imagine. People search the internet daily to get
 information about anything they can.

   If people can dream it, there’s an information product out there to answer
 their obscure questions.

   There was a time when, if you wanted to be a first-time published author,
 you needed to know someone in the business, or you needed to be willing to
 pound the pavement and jump through hoops to get an agent who would take
 you on and represent you to the big publishing houses.
  Now, because of the internet, you can forget all that and self-publish almost
instantly. You can write your book (or have it ghostwritten), publish a digital
book, set up a website, and be your own publicist, within a few weeks.

  As I’ve said a few times to my closest friends, the internet allows any
moron to have a voice. And that is both a blessing and a curse.

  It is a blessing because it levels the playing field for people who have little to
no cash to bribe those in power to take them on and give them a chance.

  No one has to wait for some jerk in a suit to decide whether or not their
expertise is worth publishing.

  Everyone who has knowledge is able to share it with the world, almost
instantly these days. And get paid for doing so!

  But it is also a curse, because people who aren’t qualified to teach anyone
anything can hide behind the anonymity of their computer screens, publish
crap, and get away with it. And they get paid for doing it too!

     Lazy Ass Marketers have taken over the internet,
            and are making us all look like morons!
  Lazy Ass Marketers are very attracted to this business, because they don’t
actually want to be productive members of society, bringing value to their
community. They love the idea of pushing their crap on the public and are
constantly amazed that people buy their junk every day.

  They cut corners as much as possible, pushing shlock out the door as fast as
possible, all in an effort to be “highly productive”. At least that’s what they are
telling themselves.

  See, a while ago, a top marketer who shall remain nameless said something
that most people completely misunderstood.
  He said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “It doesn’t matter if the product is
crap! Put it out there anyway. Fix it later.”

  I know the guy, and I know what he meant.

  What he meant was that most people who get into this business
procrastinate themselves to their own detriment. They fuss, they fiddle, they
tweak, and they rarely actually ever launch their products. Therefore, they
never make money.

  He was suggesting that you must not procrastinate and use excuses to delay
launch. He was saying that you can and should launch it, even if it isn’t
perfect. But most people skipped right over the “fix it later” part of what he

  Oh, they launch their crap alright, but they don’t fix it later!

  They launch crap products, and instead of optimizing, tweaking, fixing,
editing, making it pretty, and improving it, they leave it exactly the way it was
on launch day and never touch it again.

  They move on to develop yet another crap product, and they keep doing
this, all while thinking they are on the right track.

  And all this crappy production does is devalue the industry, making all
internet marketing products look like a ridiculous sham.

  So, I’m going to give it to you straight here. Let’s talk about some reality.

  There are a lot of people reading this report. Most are nodding their heads
in agreement. But frankly, many aren’t going to do a thing about it.

  Because they are Lazy Ass Marketers and they don’t know it!

  They think they are doing the right thing and being highly productive. They
think their products can be ugly, as long as they are making sales.

You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer If…

     Here’s a simple set of guidelines you can reference to figure out if YOU are
   one of these Lazy Ass Marketers or not…

                                If your minisite looks like your
                                12 year old nephew designed it…

                              You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

     Seriously, there are a lot of talented designers who can develop a
   professional looking website for you, for a few hundred dollars. Have some
   pride in your website. Put a little effort into it, for cryin’ out loud!

     Here are a few resources if you don’t know where to look:

   eCover Design                  1800Homepage                    Design Outpost

   Minisite Graphics              Design Guru Ryan                eCovers Labs
                           If your marketing strategy can be
                       described in one paragraph or less,
                           but you publish a 55 page “report”
                                and charge $100 for it…

                           You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

  Your customers aren’t stupid. They know when they’ve been shafted.

  So stop publishing overblown crap and calling it gold.

  Try this for a change…

  Publish products that are worth the price. Overdeliver! Give your customers
more than they expected. Become a hero to your customers, and you will find
yourself becoming wealthy in no time.
                        If you don’t check your spelling before
                      your eBooks and articles are published…

                           You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

   Hell, I know what it’s like when you are rushing to deadline. It’s easy to skip
the “little things” like spell check.

   But c’mon! Take an hour or two to double check before you publish, will ya?
It’s not hard! Hand it over to an editor to check it if you don’t have the time or

   When your customers spot errors (and they will!) they think you’re an idiot.
If they think you’re an idiot, they stop buying from you. If they stop buying
from you, you’re out of business.

   So, how ‘bout it? Hit the spell check button once in a while, ok?
                     If your idea of a “swipe file” is to copy and
                           paste someone else’s sales letter…

                           You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

  A swipe file is what you collect as inspiration for your future salesletters.
You find salesletters you like, or elements of salesletters you like, and you save
them for future reference.

  And when you use these salesletters, you only use them for inspiration for
your own unique salesletter. You learn from their style, their compelling
storytelling ability, their lessons in salesmanship.

  Lazy Ass Marketers copy images, entire paragraphs of text, and formatting,
and they call it a “swipe file”.

  That’s not a swipe file. That’s a copyright violation. You can get sued.

  So, stop it!
                      If you send out a message to your list
                      without testing it first, and they see:
                           Dear %firstname_fix
                        You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

Your autoresponder has a “test message” function.

Use it before you blast to your list!

‘Nuff said.
                   If you are selling a product with resale
                       rights, and you don’t even bother
                           changing [your name here]
                            to your own damn name…

                      You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

You know what? Never mind.

Keep doing this. You’re making the rest of us look good.

Just don’t whine at me when you can’t make sales!
                         If your idea of royalty free clipart is
                                to search Google Images…

                          You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

  Google Images is not a free-for-all. It’s a reference tool. You can’t just copy
and paste from it. Don’t believe me? Here’s what Google says…

  The images identified by the Google Image Search service may be protected
by copyrights. Although you can locate and access the images through our
service, we cannot grant you any rights to use them for any purpose other
than viewing them on the web. Accordingly, if you would like to use any
images you have found through our service, we advise you to contact the site
owner to obtain the requisite permissions.

  Try iStockPhoto for cheap, royalty-free clipart and photos. Really!
                       If your eBook is written in 18 point Arial,
                            with triple spacing, 2 inch margins,
                                  30% is lines for “Notes”
                      and you brag about your 200 page report…

                             You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

  When your customers see how much whitespace you use to fake that you’re
a real author, they think you scammed them.

  Quit it!

  If the actual meat of your eBook adds up to only 68 pages, leave it alone and
sell it as a “no fluff” report.

  Your wisdom shouldn’t require fluffing, OK? Just be honest about your
product and your customers will be happy.
                     If the only way you can add value to your
                      products is to include the transcripts…

                          You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

  There are lots of perfectly good ways to add value to your products in
addition to the transcripts.

     • Valuable third party bonuses
     • Special reports
     • Group Coaching
     • Resource lists
     • Process maps
     • Software or scripts

  Use a little imagination! It’s not that hard to find ways to add value for your
customers. If you don’t know what they want, find out!
                           If your transcripts retain all the
                           “ummmms” and “aaahhhhhs”…

                         You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

  OK, kiddies, let’s review shall we?

  First, get your audios and videos transcribed “as is”.

  Second, give the transcripts to an editor.

  Not hard. Stop being lazy.

  Your customers hate reading transcripts that are “verbatim”. Edit out the
crap so they can enjoy reading without making their heads hurt.
                     If you haven’t tested your order process
                                using multiple browsers
                                before your launch day…

                         You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

  I buy a lot of internet marketing training products. I can’t tell you how
many times I have gone through a painful order process where I can’t get to
what I ordered because something is “broken” along the way.

  Stop being an idiot.

  Take a few minutes and test your own order process, ok?
                     If you are re-selling someone else’s traffic
                       generation course, but still can’t figure
                      out how to drive traffic to your website …

                           You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

  Now this is just plain dumb! Try reading what you are selling. You just
might learn something!

  How many times do I need to say “Always consume a product BEFORE you
try foisting it on to others!”

  If you’re selling a traffic generation product, you shouldn’t have a doubt in
your mind about how to drive traffic.

  If you’re selling a “how to build a list” product, and you can’t seem to build a
list, you either didn’t read it or it doesn’t work. Either way, don’t sell it until
you consume it! Otherwise, you’re just selling shlock.
                         If you only sell $7 products and are
                              shocked you ain’t rich yet …

                          You Might Be a Lazy Ass Marketer

  I’ve got news for you, dude…

  Wealth will happen when you start selling high quality products that take
more than an afternoon to develop.

  Put some effort into your products, for cryin’ out loud!

  Yes, the $7 product method can be a great way to build a list, but it doesn’t
end there. It’s only one piece of the puzzle.

  To get truly wealthy, you’re going to need to take it a step farther and
develop better quality products so people will take you seriously.

         There’s no excuse for bad quality products.
Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes
 into failure. But it's only kept a secret
       from the person who fails.
                                         --Robert Half

    Luck is always the last refuge of
      laziness and incompetence.
                                   --James Cash Penney
Cult Leaders
    The cult leader has a lot of devout
    worshippers and they scare me a
                                            This chapter was originally
    little. Blind faith and zealotry
                                            named “Arrogant Jerks”. When I
    causes ordinary citizens to become
                                            hastily scribbled that title, I knew
    wild-eyed balls of fury who foam at
                                            what I wanted to say about the
    the mouth whenever their cultish
                                            subject. And the theme hasn’t
    devotion is questioned in any way.
                                            changed in the least. But the new
    Mr. Cult Leader doesn’t scare me.       title is a far more accurate
    His followers do. You might be one      description of a terrifying trend in
    of them, and for that reason, I         internet marketing.
    must emphasize the importance of
    the following disclaimer. Please
    read it carefully before you            This trend is growing fast, and it
    continue reading this chapter.          is extremely dangerous. This
                                            chapter is all about one person’s
    Disclaimer: Any resemblance to
                                            ascent to cult leader status, and
    persons living or dead is purely
                                            the devastating consequences
    coincidental. No matter who you
                                            that inevitably result.
    think this is about, it’s not about
    him, or her, or anyone in
    particular. So please don’t show up
    at my house with pitchforks, ok?
    And if you think it sounds like anyone in particular, you must
    promise to not mention names on any forums or blogs. Cult
    members are everywhere and they don’t know they are in a cult.
    They have been brainwashed. Any attempts to deprogram a cult
    member could be psychologically damaging and should only be
    attempted by licensed practitioners in the mental health field.
   You may be tempted to think you can safely skip this chapter because “it
 doesn’t apply to me”.

   The fact is that out of all the internet marketing sins, it is the most
 important chapter to read. It applies to every single one of us. We are all
   equally vulnerable to this sin, and it is surprisingly easy to become either a
   cult leader or a cult follower.

     This particular sin is one of the more subtle, devious, hard-to-spot sins and
   it saturates our industry. The sinner usually has no idea he is sinning, at least
   not at the beginning. His customers have no idea he is a sinner either. You
   must be particularly vigilant to spot this sin when it makes an appearance, so
   you can avoid its dangers.

The Birth of a Cult Leader…

     Throughout history, there have been people who started off as nobodies
   and rose to cult leader status in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

     When historians recount the stories of their lives, they focus on small facts
   and minor incidences from their early years, demonstrating the events that led
   up to their ascent to stardom.

     People say things like “oh, they should have known he was crazy”, and “why
   didn’t anyone see it coming”, and “how could those cult members have been
   so stupid”, as if it was so blatantly obvious at the time and could have been
   prevented if only someone, somewhere had done something before it was too

     It is dangerous to think that a future internet marketing cult leader is easy
   to spot if you only pay attention to historical circumstantial evidence. It is
   dangerous because it makes us vulnerable, lulling us into a false sense of

     It makes us blind to the subtle shifts in a marketer, subtle signs that
   something bad is brewing. We ignore the faint signals that something is amiss,
   and it is only in hindsight that we realize what was happening right under our
  The person who eventually becomes a cult leader never starts out intending
to be a cult leader. He always starts out with great intentions. He intends to
help others. He intends to be ethical. He intends to bring value to his
customer’s lives.

  But along the way, a specific sequence of events occur that draw him
inevitably towards cult leader status.

  See, this particular sin is one that we are all susceptible to as soon as we
experience the slightest degree of success in our businesses.

  It begins innocently enough. It begins when we make our very first sale and
get that first jolt of happy surprise that we did something that resulted in
cash. It takes root when we get our very first glowing testimonial.

  It starts with that feeling of initial surprise, and it grows into something that
is evil and can cost us our business and ultimately destroy our reputation.

  But more importantly, this sin costs our customers dearly, and can destroy
their ability to make logical decisions for their own business.

  It begins with Arrogance, and if left unchecked, will inevitably lead to
marketers who become Cult Leaders.

  Arrogance is a sneaky sin. It creeps up on a marketer in the early days of his
internet marketing efforts. It insinuates itself into his personality quietly,
slowly, carefully, and he never sees its effects until it is too late and he has
been transformed into Mr. Cult Leader.

  Mr. Cult Leader started his internet marketing career with great intentions.
He had a dream of becoming rich and successful. He believed he could bring
value to the community with his pearls of wisdom.

  He had passion and was inspired to do something wonderful for the IM
community. So, he studied and worked, and learned, and devised plans for
making it in this business. He knew he shouldn’t start off by selling internet
marketing training products. After all, he didn’t know much about it yet.

  So he carefully chose his favorite niche, something he knew a lot about. His
first niche was all about his personal hobby, and his market research told him
that there were others who loved his hobby as much as he did.

  He tirelessly spent hours and hours learning how to create a product, set up
a website, and write a great sales letter. It wasn’t easy, but he did it! He built
his first website and felt proud of his accomplishment.

  He set up some ads, just the way he was taught, and his first sales began to
trickle in. His first day of sales was exhilarating! Here was the proof he had
been waiting for, proof that internet marketing really worked!

  He gleefully took screenshots of his sales figures, his traffic statistics, and
his opt in rates. He knew that someday, those proofs of his success would
come in handy.

  One day, he decided it was time to share his knowledge with the internet
marketing community. He created his first internet marketing training
product, which revealed his secrets on how he sold his hobby products online.

  He came up with a clever little domain name and slogan and wrote his
compelling sales letter, showing all his screenshots from his hobby site.

  He went to some internet marketing seminars and spent a small fortune on
drinks for the guys who were already well established gurus. He excitedly told
them about his new product and got a few commitments that they would help
him promote on his upcoming launch day.

  His launch day arrived and his JV partners came through for him. His
product sold fast and furious, and he began to get compliments. Lots and lots
of compliments!
   Testimonials began coming in faster than he ever imagined. Discussion
 boards buzzed about his “new and improved” strategies and how brilliant they
 were. Blogs were ablaze with glowing reviews.

   And Mr. Soon-To-Be Cult Leader ate it all up! He spent hours reading all
 the buzz he could get his hands on. He carefully copied and pasted into his
 “testimonials” file, saving them for future use in his salesletters.

   And he found himself smiling constantly. Life was so good!

   The money was wonderful too! Oh, the toys he could now buy with his
 newly found wealth. New house. New car. New computers. And pictures of
 everything he bought as evidence of his success.

   Suddenly, Mr. Soon-To-Be Cult Leader (who didn’t know he was heading
 down that path yet) had more friends than he knew what to do with. He got
 invitations to fancy parties, attended every internet marketing seminar for free
 as a VIP Guest, and found his schedule full of appointments and dinners.

   His list was growing faster than he ever imagined, and the non-stop flood of
 emails praising him as a certified genius began to take its toll on him. Mr.
 Soon-To-Be Cult Leader began to believe that he must be something special.

   Up until this point, Mr. Soon-To-Be Cult Leader was still a normal
 marketer. A marketer who had created something valuable and got his just
 rewards for his invention. Up until this point, this critical moment in time, his
 accolades and wealth were richly deserved.

  But something happened in one horrible moment that
changed him from a visionary marketer into a Cult Leader.

   Arrogance happened.
  This marketer began to let all the praise go to his head. He began to believe
that he was untouchable and unerring. He began to believe that everything he
said was golden, and that he was smarter than all his customers.

  Because even when someone claimed he was wrong, his followers were
quick to come to his defence, stomping hard on any possible dissention on
public blogs and forums. His followers were many, and had sharp tongues and
fierce keyboards, ready to publicly humiliate anyone who dared to speak out
against him.

  And every time one of his followers publicly praised him, the small flame of
arrogance that flared inside of his heart was fanned even brighter.

  He took his first steps down the path to Cult Leader when he decided that
he was incapable of mistakes or oversights when teaching marketing
principles to his followers.

  Until one day, the small flame of arrogance became a raging inferno, and
burned away any shred of humility he once had.

    Humility was the one thing that kept him honest.
  Once it was gone, once he was unable to accept his capacity for error, he
was fully and completely transformed into a Cult Leader.

  It takes two things to turn a visionary marketer into a Cult Leader. The first
is a passionate customer base who loves him. The second is his loss of
  Cult Leaders and good teachers both have a passionate customer base. But
Cult Leaders lose their humility, and that makes them dangerous.

Good Teachers                                Cult Leaders

A good teacher accepts the possibility   A Cult Leader believes that if his
that he could be wrong or that he missed teachings don’t work, it is because his
an important step when he taught it.     followers didn’t do it right.

A good teacher acknowledges that his         A Cult Leader doesn’t care if his
techniques may work only for the “make       techniques actually work, so long as his
money” niche, but may not work for           followers “just do it” when he says they
others.                                      should.

A good teacher encourages his              A Cult Leader pretends his is the only
customers to question his theories and     market that really matters.
put them to the test in different markets.

A good teacher encourages critical           A Cult Leader humiliates people who
feedback about his methods.                  dare to publicly question his theories.

A good teacher rejoices when his student A Cult Leader pretends to be happy
makes more money than he does.           about it, but secretly vows to crush him.

A good teacher enjoys, but is often          A Cult Leader craves public adoration
embarrassed by public praise.                and devotion from his followers.

  It’s important to note that a Cult Leader will always be attracted to selling
products in a niche that ensures he has the potential to be praised for his
intelligence. Even if he makes an enormous amount of money in other niches,
the money itself is never enough. It is power and adoration that the Cult
Leader craves most.

  So Mr. Cult Leader is never satisfied for long if he starts out by selling
products outside of the “make money” niche. See, if he’s selling mugs, or
tshirts, or car stereo equipment, his customers may praise his products, but
they don’t care about HIM.
  When someone breaks into the world of teaching people “how to make
money”, the wealth he generates for himself by teaching money-making
methods is only part of the appeal.

  The knowledge itself is connected to the individual who teaches it.
Therefore, the product may be the initial focus of the public’s attention, but it
is inevitable that the PERSON becomes the main focus very quickly.

  And that, my friends, is where the problem begins.

  The moment people turn their focus away from the quality of the marketer’s
product, and focus turns to the person himself, it can easily fuel that person’s
natural tendancy towards arrogance.

  All humans have the capacity for arrogance, so all internet marketing
teachers have the potential to become Cult Leaders if that arrogance is not
held in check.

  A Cult Leader begins to crave the adulation almost more than the money. It
is a drug to him, as potent as heroine, and the Cult Leader must continue to
be injected with that drug in order to survive.

  To continue his injections, he must do two things…

     1. Surround himself with Yes Men
     2. Generate more followers constantly

  His first task is to surround himself with his biggest fans. He needs to have
almost daily contact with people who will continue to remind him of his

  He spots them very easily. They are the ones who shout the loudest and are
most insulting to people who question the Leader in any way. He watches
discussion boards and makes direct contact (usually with private messages)
with them, thanking them for their public support and commenting on the
stupidity of the person who voiced dissent.

  This is what I call “culling from the herd”. He makes his fan believe that he
or she is very special, and is smarter than the others. Depending on his target,
he may even subtly imply that his fan “gets it” while others do not.

  This appeals quite strongly to the future cult member. It is very likely that
this particular fan has not experienced any real success in internet marketing,
and doesn’t realize that he or she is quite vulnerable to the Cult Leader’s
manipulation. Their former lack of success is blamed on “other marketers”
who, thus far, have been doing it all wrong.

  The Cult Leader draws his fan into his inner circle, usually by giving him
special invitations to his private events, providing the fan with free products,
and gives his fan his personal contact information.

  The cult member is being treated as though he is very special, different
from the rest, above the others, and is being granted special information from
the Cult Leader, information that he is priveledged and honored to be allowed
to hear.

  They begin talking one-on-one as often as the Leader allows. Their
conversations are almost always focused on Mr. Cult Leader’s next product,
his next marketing strategy, or on how “stupid” most people are.

  The implication is clear…

  The cult member is being rewarded by getting to know the Leader in a
special way, a way that few people get to be part of.

  And the Cult Leader has many “special friends”. He needs them far more
than he will ever let on. He needs them more than he even realizes.
  They are his needles, and without them, he cannot maintain his delusions
of grandeur for very long. They are his delivery mechanism for his real drug…
the adoration of his audience.

  They are his watchful sidekicks. They are his warriors, his right-hand men
and they hang on his every word.

  They believe that if they hang around him long enough, they will one day
become him. They believe they are special because they are “friends” with

  What they do not realize is that they are a means to an end for him. They
deliver his real drug to him as often as he needs it. His true drug is the game
of making as many people become dependant on him as possible.

  Dependance is his goal. He needs to ensure that his followers will forever be
connected to him, buying anything he sells, whenever he needs more money.

  The underlying truth, the truth he probably doesn’t even realize, is that he
does not actually want his followers to become independantly wealthy. He
wants a small percentage of his closest followers to make money, but not so
much money that they can afford to break away from him entirely.

               This is where his game gets tricky.
  It is imperative that his followers are taught just enough so they can be
marginally successful. This way, he can continue to be praised for his genius.

  However, if he teaches too much, if he reveals all his cards, and most
importantly, if he ever revealed everything he knows, he runs the risk that his
students will surpass him and become more successful than he is.

  So he never, ever, ever reveals everything openly. He is gifted at providing
brief snapshots and partly concealing his methods.
  He gives just enough information so that some of his most experienced
customers will be able to use it, fill in the blanks with their own knowledge,
and see success. But he often deliberately holds back one critical step that
keeps the majority of his followers dependant on him forever.

  If he senses his followers are beginning to question his pearls of wisdom, or
their loyalty is losing its fervor, he does something outrageous to regain their
fanatical devotion.

  This often takes the form of appearing to deliver massive amounts of free
content, usually shortly before a big launch of an expensive product.

  His free giveaways are very carefully crafted so that he can increase his fan
base and attract more followers. He does this so that any other marketers who
are currently selling products will appear to be less generous than he is.

  Remember this well, and it will help you spot the difference between a true
teacher and a cult leader.

    A cult leader does not care if the free information
         he gives is actually useful to your business.
               His freebies are all crafted to make
                      him look smarter than you.
  Now, let’s be clear here.

  Giving great information away for free in order to demonstrate the quality
of the information you sell is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to your
market, give them a chance to get to know what you do, and develop
relationships with your customers.

  But there’s a big difference between giving away valuable information and
giving information that only seems valuable!
  Let’s demonstrate this with examples that can help shed light on the
differences. Let’s assume that both the Cult Leader and the Good Teacher are
sending you free videos prior to their launch day.

  The Good Teacher demonstrates examples of many winning headlines and
explains the marketing principles that made them work so well, while the
Cult Leader shows you one example of a single winning headline he wrote,
and tells you to go and use that headline. He doesn’t explain the marketing
principles behind it, or how the headline ties to the body copy.

  When his followers use that headline, and they lose many of their
subscribers, he says “you did it wrong”. He also gets a kick out of watching his
followers lose subscribers. He knows this means he has fewer competitors.

  The Good Teacher demonstrates a keyword research tool and explains
how it can be used, how to interpret different data sets, and how you can
apply it to different niches, while the Cult Leader shows you one example of
how he made millions of dollars locating one key term.

  The Good Teacher reveals the results his students achieved from the last
training product he created, while the Cult Leader shows off how much
money HE made the last time he launched a product.

  His implication is that because he made millions selling an IM product to
you last time, that is somehow proof that his new methods will work for you
in your particular niche.

  This style of “proof” is smoke and mirrors. It is meant to impress you with
his uncanny ability to get you to buy anything he sells. The fact that lots of
people buy his internet marketing training product is NOT proof that the
product is valuable.
         The truth is that all he is doing is using the fact
              that YOU bought his products as proof that
               you should continue to buy his products.
     So, let’s clarify this point, once and for all.

     When you are about to purchase a product based on proof that it works, it’s
   important to know the difference between Smoke and Mirrors proof, and
   Causation Proof.

Smoke and Mirrors Proof Cult Leaders Use…

     “I sold out my last product fast, so you should buy this new product too”

     “I made a bunch of money last year selling IM products”

Causation Proof Good Teachers Use…

     “My student is willing to share his results from using this technique in a
   non-IM niche. Here are his results from using this exact technique”

     “I tested this technique in multiple niche markets. Here are the results”

     “This method has been tested only in the IM Niche so far. Here are the
   amazing results we achieved, and here is how you can apply it to other niches”

     See, the main difference between a cult leader and a good teacher is that a
   good teacher focuses on the quality of a product. A Cult Leader focuses on

     Mr. Cult Leader lives in a very small world with blinders on.

     Mr. Cult Leader thinks that everything he does is what everyone else should
   do, regardless of their niche, regardless of who their customers are, and
   regardless of anything anyone else says.
  Mr. Cult Leader talks to everyone like they are all idiots if they don’t buy his
stuff. In fact, when you read his sales letters, they are full of arrogant bullshit
designed to convince you of his superior intellect.

  Oh, Mr. Cult Leader has a following, there’s no doubt of that. He’s
extremely good at convincing you that if his shit doesn’t work, it ain’t his fault.
It’s because you didn’t do it right.

         You know when Mr. Cult Leader is speaking
                 because he makes you feel stupid
                       for asking him questions.
  There’s no way Mr. Cult Leader could be wrong, is there? After all, he makes
millions and you don’t, right? Wrong!

  Mr. Cult Leader loves waving his money in front of your face because he
honestly believes his ability to rake in the cash is all the proof he needs that he
is right and everyone else is wrong.

  Mr. Cult Leader is surrounded by “yes men” who tell him he’s a genius, and
because he sticks his fingers in his ears whenever someone doesn’t agree with
him, Mr. Cult Leader believes his “yes men”.

  So, if you are in danger of becoming a Cult Leader, understand that all you
need to do to prevent it is accept the possibility that you might occasionally be
wrong. If you are following a Cult Leader, start focusing on the quality of his
products, and not on the person behind the products. Humans err. Accept it.
Advice For The Cult Follower

      This might be a particularly sensitive issue for a lot of people. Many cult
   followers are devout zealots. Once they cling to a particular, self-serving,
   arrogant Cult Leader, they seldom question their beliefs and nothing will ever
   convince them otherwise.

      It’s sad, to be honest.

      There’s nothing much you can do with these folks. They are brainwashed
   and my little report will not make a single dent in their thinking. If you sense
   that you might be a Cult Follower…

                           You’re In Need of Some
                          Serious Deprogramming!
      If by reading this section you start to question yourself… If you start
   thinking about whether you were misguided or wrong… If you feel
   demoralized because you constantly feel the need to over-rationalize your
   beliefs on blogs and forums to defend your favorite Cult Icon, even as the
   growing current of anti-cult dissension is busting at the seams…

      … Then you might have a chance yet.

                      Get out. Now. It’s not too late!
      Try new things. Try other teacher’s methods and put them into practice.

      If your Cult Leader allows it (which I highly doubt), ask questions. Call
   them on their proof. Call them on their practices. And see what kind of
   response they give you.

      Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. This is just as applicable
   to following any one Guru as it is with what you do with your money.
  If you’re not a cult follower already (most don’t know they’re in a cult),
here’s what you do to prevent yourself from joining one in future:

     1. Take everything any guru says with a grain of salt. If the proof they
        propound smacks of being too good to be true, lacks any legs, or,
        worse yet, seems to be strictly focused on the Cult Leader and his
        achievements, then steer clear of his Smoke and Mirrors.
        You’ll thank me later.
     2. If the Cult Leader makes bullshit scarcity offers on their products and
        you’re unsure if the product he offers is truly worth it, don’t worry.
        Just skip it. (Refer back to Part #1 about “Bullshit Scarcity.”)
        Your business will thank you later.
     3. If you are thinking about buying his products, don’t go jumping the
        gun at first blush, buy everything he offers, and shout from the
        rooftops that this guy is the next best thing since sliced bread. Try his
        techniques out first! More importantly, try them in other niches (if
        the tactics are indeed applicable in other niches). See for yourself first
        if it’s really worth your devotion – let alone your money.
        Your clients will thank you later.
     4. If you have any inkling that your Cult Leading Guru is making you
        feel stupid for questioning him, of if you feel you are going to get
        bashed for not achieving the same results he does, drop him like a
        swatted shit fly. He is not worth your loyalty!
        Your self-esteem will thank you later.

  You are smarter than your Cult Leader thinks you are. Start acting like it!
The smaller the mind the greater the conceit.


  Self-conceit may lead to self-destruction.


     The greatest of faults, I should say,
        is to be conscious of none.

                                 --Thomas Carlyle
Guru Bashers                                  NOTE: Before you get your
                                              knickers in a twist and accuse me
                                              of hypocrisy in this chapter, read
   Guru* bashers are everywhere, aren’t
                                              it carefully first. It explains the
 they? Their numbers are growing              difference between Guru Bashing
                                              and expressing opinions about a
 steadily, and their voices are getting
                                              marketing tactic.

   There seems to be no end in sight for
 the masses of people who come out of the woodwork and spout meaningless
 rants against the “gurus” whenever a “guru” creates a new product.

     * By the way, did you know that the gurus hate that term? They prefer
     to be called “teachers”, or “mentors”, or “coaches”, or “marketing
     strategists”. These terms are actually far more accurate to describe
     people who step forward and put their money where their mouths are,
     share their methods with others so others can learn from them, take
     the risk of being wrong sometimes, and accept the responsibility of
     being viewed under a magnifying glass by the general public. I’ll use the
     term “guru” in this chapter, purely for simplicity’s sake.

   The “gurus” I talk about in this chapter are the individuals who are truly the
 real experts in their chosen field. These people don’t just sell products. They
 test their theories, build many websites, are constantly working on their
 businesses, and when they spot an opportunity to share their results with
 others, they are happy to do so.

   Guru Bashers are people who are often struggling to be successful, and
 blame the gurus when they are unable to achieve success.
  Guru Bashers come out of the closet whenever any guru promotes a new
product, quick to attack their ideas, their products, and especially quick to
attack the person.

  Now, before we continue, let’s clarify exactly what the difference is between
what I’m doing with Internet Marketing Sins, and the sin of Guru Bashing.

             Guru Bashing is the manifestation of
                 the age-old green eyed monster.
  It is jealousy in action, pure and simple. It’s a childish attempt to feel
superior to another human being, by attacking anyone who appears to be
more successful than you are.

  Internet Marketing Sins is a report on the tactics used by marketers to
produce and sell products. It is a report on the personality types that cause
problems in the industry. And it is a report on the common practices that
could be done better.

  But at no point does Internet Marketing Sins attack specific people. It is all
about marketing sins, not the sinners.

  Guru Bashers, on the other hand, attack people viciously and without
mercy. Guru Bashers choose which gurus to hate and they follow them
everywhere they go. They show up on their blogs and forums, buzzing
incessantly about how awful he is, or how stupid his products are, or how he
scams people, or anything else the basher decides is likely to get attention.

  To the guru himself, bashers are a minor annoyance. They are mosquitoes
who cause nothing more than a bit of irritation. They cause no real damage to
the guru’s reputation, and they don’t cause the guru to lose sleep over it.
Gurus expect it, and most don’t worry about it too much.
        Guru Bashing is dangerous, but not to the gurus.

                  It is dangerous for both the basher,
                      and for the people who naively
                   believe their vitriolic accusations.
     Guru bashers doom themselves to a life of misery, a business that stagnates,
   and a weak bank account. But more importantly, they prey on people who are
   in need of support. They make sure that people who are looking for answers
   are entirely unable to get the answers they need. They destroy lives and hurt
   good people. They are poison.

Guru Bashers…Listen Up!

     Lady, you’re seriously wasting your time doing this.

     You are destroying your business,
   your reputation, your relationships      Disclaimer: I’m using the
                                            feminine pronouns She, Her and
   with potential JV partners, and you
                                            Hers to describe “Guru Basher” in
   look ridiculous.                         this section. This is not a
                                            reflection on the gender. This is
     Guru bashing is a serious problem,     strictly because I think it’s
   because it negatively affects you and    ridiculous to constantly have to
                                            say “him or her” all the time.
   your business. It wastes time, energy,
   and resources that are far better        Plus, I promised earlier that I was
   spent on productive tasks.               going to give equal representation
                                            to both genders. Didn’t want the
     But even if you don’t care about       ladies to feel left out. 
   yourself, I want you to consider the
   people who are listening to your
  Don’t you realize the damage you’re doing to others? You’re hurting people
by killing their chances for success.

  No, I’m not talking about the gurus you attack. Trust me when I say that
they are immune to you. You only think you’re hurting them.

  No, I’m talking about the people you will likely never meet. They don’t talk
on discussion boards like you do. They don’t comment on blogs. They are the
“seekers of knowledge”.

  They are the silent majority.

           And they are the ones you hurt the most.
  These are people who seek truth in forums and blogs. They read message
threads before making decisions about their business.

  They are analyzing online marketing and wondering if it’s possible to make
a living in this business.

  They are fearful and jaded. They’ve been burned before and they worry
about being burned again.

  They are cautious, and what they need most of all is confirmation that they
can safely walk away from the rat race and embark on this exciting journey.

  They need success stories. They need to know that everyday people are
becoming successful in online marketing. They need the truth.

  They aren’t stupid, but they do fear being made to look like a fool.

  They are in a state of cautious optimism. They are about to take the leap,
the biggest leap of their lives, and all they need is to know that it isn’t nearly
as scary as it seems.

  They need to know they aren’t alone, and that they can do it.
  They seek out answers to their questions, and look for others like them who
have had similar experiences and similar backgrounds.

  So, when they come across your vicious, vile, and hateful rants about
anyone you deem worthy of your attacks, they don’t know that you have
ulterior motives for spewing your poison.

  They don’t realize that your words are only your own personal opinion and
that it is based on your seething resentment for anyone who is more
successful than you are.

  They don’t understand that you are picking and choosing the bits and
pieces of half truths you spin into a web of lies.

  When you speak as if you know what you’re talking about, you sound quite
convincing. You’re really good at casting stones at others, all while hiding
behind the relative anonymity of your computer screen.

  You feel powerful and in control when you carefully choose your hateful
words, knowing that there are many people who will listen to you.

  You know that when you throw out vague accusations about a guru, there
will be some people who will decide not to buy his products, and that
knowledge fuels you to keep doing this.

  But the problem is that the people who believe you about “Guru #1” also
begin to develop deep seated suspicions about everyone else.

  They mistakenly think that because one guru is worthy of suspicion
(according to you), it means that all teachers and coaches are also worthy of

  People read your rants and lies about one person and they think there’s no
one out there that is worth learning from. They believe that all marketers are
scum and all internet marketing training providers are scammers.
  They begin to believe that it just isn’t worth trying.

  In other words, they give up. You remove their hope. You steal their
dreams. You destroy their chances for success.

  You make them stop trying to be successful, which absolutely guarantees
they can never be successful.

  Misery loves company, and all you are accomplishing is making others as
miserable as you are.

I guess you are one of those people who think that if YOU
      aren’t successful, no one else should be either?
  You’re like one of those girls who can’t seem to get any dates, no matter
how they dress or how much makeup they put on. Your best friend is a girl
who seems to attract men like flies to honey.

  Your friend loves to go out to nightclubs, and you always make sure you go
out with her, to “protect her” from all the men.

  When she spots a guy she’s interested in, you whisper in her ear all kinds of
nasty things about him, making sure she doesn’t step one foot in his direction.

  You say things like “he’s a loser”, “he’s got a girlfriend”, or “he’s such a bad
dancer”, just to make sure she never says Hi to him.

  You tell yourself you’re protecting your friend, but in reality, you’re just
making sure she always goes home alone.

  You don’t care if that guy is the perfect guy for her and would make her
blissfully happy. You’re just mad because that guy would never want to go out
with YOU. You always go home alone, so you think your friend should go
home alone too. You’re pathetic.
  You’re just a mean, spiteful person who thinks you know better than
everyone else what’s good for them.

  How about you leave people alone and let them decide for themselves what
they want for their business?

  How about you try focusing on your own business instead of others?

  Why not keep your opinions to yourself for a change? If you really have a
problem with Guru X, try sending him a personal email, instead of spewing
your nastiness all over the public web.

  How about you focus on delivering great products, exceptional customer
service, and superior marketing techniques?

      Maybe then you’ll find that you’ll get dates too.
What To Do When You Spot a Guru Basher

         Guru Bashers are really easy to spot. You can see them coming a mile
   away. They are highly active on forums, and seem to have a lot of bad shit to
   say about other marketers whenever anyone creates a new product.

         The easiest advice is to refuse to play along. Don’t get involved in
   arguments with these people. They thrive on the attention.

         Just ignore them.


         If Guru Bashers actually sell or promote their own products, don’t buy
   into their bullshit. Carefully consider the source… and the manner in which
   they promote their own products in the first place.

         Not that I’m religious or anything, but I do remember the Bible saying,
   “By their fruits you shall know them?” This is true with Guru Bashers.

         Let me put it another way: In selling there’s an adage that goes, “If a
   salesman puts his competition down, it’s usually a sign that his own products
   have no real merit.”

             People are not stupid. You are not stupid.
                  And your customers are not stupid.
         So why is it that Guru Bashers still make money promoting crap by
   bashing other marketers?

         It’s the same with spam. Spam is illegal and unethical. But it still exists,
   and we still get tons and tons of spam, because – quite simply – it works.

                   But just because something works
                           doesn’t make it RIGHT.
      Don’t buy their crap – or don’t buy into their crap. Period.

      Why? Because it’s CRAP!

      Simple enough?

      Their crappy attitude will be reflected in the products they sell, I
guarantee it. If you invest in a product from someone who only bitches,
whines and complains, you will only get what you deserve.

      As I said in the previous section, misery loves company, and all you are
accomplishing is allowing other people’s misery to infect you and your

      You won’t get any positive reinforcement from this Guru Basher,
because they are as miserable as you are (or will be).

                                So stay away.
      If you must, check them out thoroughly to see if they actually DO have
something positive to say about anyone else, themselves or their own

      I doubt it. Guru Bashers thrive on negativity. Their only intent is to feed
their ego – or sell their product to an unsuspecting buyer.

      If they do have some positive qualities, don’t be afraid to use a
“Benjamin Franklin” decision-making process.

      Take a sheet of paper, draw a line in the middle, and write down all the
positives on one side and the negatives on the other.

      And by negatives, I also mean all the venom they spew about other
marketers or their products.

      Does the “positives” column stand out?

      If so, then tread carefully.
      Again, take everything they say with a grain of salt.

      But the likelihood is that the “negatives” side will be much longer than
the “positives”. In this case, dump them fast. Don’t even think about buying
into their bullshit and feeding the Guru Basher’s ego.

      They are proving that they are “dream stealers” whose only interest is in
preventing you from becoming as successful as you deserve to be.

      YOU deserve better than that. And so does your business.
      They envy the distinction I have won;
        let them therefore, envy my toils,
my honesty, and the methods by which I gained it.
                                    - Sallust (86 BC - 34 BC)

    Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.
                                               - H. G. Wells
Personal Note from Sylvie Fortin
   This section of Internet Marketing Sins has taken me much longer than I
 expected, and I’d like to explain why.

   Internet Marketing Sins is split into three primary sections.

      • Part One was all about Bad Marketing Tactics.
      • Part Two was all about Destructive Personality Traits.
      • And Part Three will be all about Unreasonable Expectations.

   Part One was easy to write. It flowed out of me like liquid fire. However, I
 struggled with Part Two for many reasons.

   The first was that I had to make absolutely sure that nothing in it would
 come close to resembling specific people. I needed to be certain that no one
 person could point a finger at another because of anything I said.

   But I was talking about personality traits, and it took a while to edit and re-
 edit to remove distinguishing characteristics that could point to particular

   See, there’s a very good reason Internet Marketing Sins does not discuss
 specific people. This is because you, dear reader, need to stay focused on
 what’s important…which are the marketing lessons taught in the report.

   If I were to mention specific people, you might make the mistake of
 thinking “Oh, well this doesn’t apply to me because I’m not his customer.”

   And that would leave you vulnerable to a different person, one that wasn’t
 named here. You might be lulled into a false sense of security.
  Alternatively, you might be guilty of one or more of the IM Sins. But if I
don’t mention your name, along with others, you might make the mistake of
ignoring your own sins.

  So, while I was writing Part Two, a section that dealt with Destructive
Personality Traits, it was difficult to keep identifying characteristics out of it.
But there was a second reason I struggled with Part Two…one that I thought I
was immune to…

                     The second reason was fear.
  I’ll be honest with you. I may appear to be fearless, but in reality, I bruise
like a peach. 

  I’m a bit worried that putting myself out there like this may ruin some good

  This particular section points the finger at basic personality traits that can
be highly destructive, and people who have these personality traits are often
completely oblivious to them.

  I love the internet marketing community, and believe that 99% of the
people involved in it are good, decent people who don’t intend to harm

  Between you and me, I can count on only one hand the number of truly bad
seeds in this industry.

  But there are many who are unintentionally hurting themselves and their
customers with the destructive personality traits I refer to in Part Two.

  Some of them are my friends. Some of them are former customers. And
some of them are not going to like me after this report is finished.

  And that’s the risk I was prepared to take when I embarked on this journey.
  I chose a career in internet marketing because I strongly believe in its power
to change lives. I have seen ordinary people transform into massive successes
because of the global connections made possible with a simple computer and
an internet connection.

  Internet marketing is in my blood. It transformed me from a single mom on
welfare to the woman I am today.

  And I want to continue using the internet to generate wealth for myself, my
family, and for my staff.

  I’d rather not have to reinvent my career at this stage of my life.

  This report comes out at a time when the internet marketing community is
quickly degrading into a dog-eat-dog world where good decent people are
pushing the limits of the market’s endurance with shoddy products, lazy
tactics, and borderline illegal methods.

  It pains me to watch as marketers destroy what was once a close-knit
community of souls who watched each other’s backs, encouraged one
another’s success, cheered as one of our own did the “impossible” and gently
reminded one another to hold quality and ethics dear to our hearts at all

  And as I wrote this, I realized I was taking a personal stand against the
discouraging direction this market is taking. I realized I no longer wanted to
be a part of an industry that shamelessly destroys itself.

  Not if it had the slightest chance of correcting itself. Not if there was
something I could DO to change the tide towards honor, ethics, decency,
morality, and good business sense.

  I knew, in that moment, that I had to stand up and shout “NO MORE!”
  So, my career is on the line, but it must be this way in order for me to
continue doing what I do. I cannot just quietly watch this community

  But there is only one of me, and I need your help to spread the message. I
cannot do this alone.

  Stand up and take a stand against the Sins. Show your customers that you
stand for something more than just making money.

  There are many of your customers who are watching to see which of you are
telling people about Internet Marketing Sins, and which of you are pretending
this report doesn’t exist.

  There are those of you who are waiting until all 3 parts are written before
committing yourself to stand by its values. I understand.

  You’re afraid, much like I was before I began writing this.

  You are afraid that you’re guilty of committing some of these sins, and that
your customers will notice.

  You are afraid that you’ll be under the microscope like Michel and I now
are, and that you will be held to a higher standard with your customers.

  You are afraid to change.

  I understand.

  But what you may not realize, although you soon will, is that your
customers are already unhappy. You have a large portion of your list that still
reads what you send, but they don’t buy from you anymore.

  They are your forgotten customers. The ones who would buy from you in an
instant if they still respected what you stood for.
  They are the ones who are on the fence and wondering whether you are one
of the sinners this report highlights.

  They want to believe in you. They want to be your evangelists.

  Show them what you’re really made of, and send them to download this
report today.

  You’ll be glad you did.

  Here’s how to help promote Internet Marketing Sins and get paid if your
referrals buy any of our products.

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                               Fair Enough?

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