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    It’s All About YOU
  FUN CONFERENCE                                         Welcome From The Prez:
                                                                The Conference                                          Los Angeles Harbor Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Pedro

   Mar ch 5,6,7,8                                           JUST FOR YOU!
                                                         Dearest ONE,
                                                                                                                    is a beautiful newly remodeled nest where YOU build
                                                                                                                    friendships, & community with like-minded masters.
                                                                                                                    Rooms are $129 single or double occupancy when you
                                                                                                                    book your reservations before February 1, 2009. So do
       Thursday Nite, Friday,                            WELCOME HOME TO YOUR IHF
                                                         FAMILY REUNION: March 5-8, 2009!                           it NOW! Call direct (310) 521-8021 or (888) 890-9888
        Saturday & Funday                                    I can hardly wait to see you! Your
                                                         magical, informative, and fun,
                                                                                                                    for reservations only
                                                                                                                    Arrive early for YOUR specialty certifications:
      Pre-Conference Classes-March 3-5                   International Hypnosis Federation family gathering.        DIVORCE MEDIATION, Campbell, T-Th, March 3-5,
                                                         YOU are the reason the IHF exists. We “plerk” (play &      9am-5pm, (21 CEs)
     Post-Conference Classes-March 9-13                  work) for YOU.                                             TAROT COUNSELING James Wanless, W-Th, March
                                                         World-class presenters join YOU March 6-8 (beginning       4-5, 9am-5pm, (14 CEs)
     It’s time for some serious FUN!                     the eve of March 5th- with a harbor boat cruise at 5pm     HYPNO-REIKI I & II Kathi Kenedi, W-Th, March 4-

                   2009                                  followed by YOUR BIRTHDAY LUAU at 8pm!).
                                                              Every Presenter deserves top billing as they openly
                                                         share cutting-edge secrets, knowledge, enthusiasm so
                                                                                                                    5, 9am-5pm, (14 CEs)
                                                                                                                    INTERNET MARKET YOU Michael Holt, Th, March
                                                                                                                    5, 9am-5pm, (7 CEs)
    Enjoy Talks & Panels with World-Class Presenters     YOU learn and celebrate. Each day is action packed         ADVANCED PARTS THERAPY Jaime Feldman, Th,
   Lea Alexander                                         with exciting and mellow lectures, panels, vendors and     March 5, 9am-5pm, (7 CEs)
   Michael Almaraz          Roxanne Louise               playshops (workshops sound like work, don’t they?).        SACRED MEDITATION, Padman Pillai, March 5, 1-
   Masud Ansari             Albert Marotta                   You’ll adore spending time with this years honoree     4:30 pm, (3 CEs)
   Toni Attell              Joan Meijer                  Helen Reddy (“I am woman”) as she joins past               Stay over and enjoy these terrific specialty certification
   Norma Auerbach           Marjorie Miles               humwomanatarians, Helene Feldman, Claudia                  courses:
   Mark Babineaux           Laurie Miller                Krikorian, Winfred Morice and Sandra Sanders. Your         SOUL SEARCHER CERTIFICATION Craig
   Nancie Barwick           Debra Mittler                whole family will relish the chance to visit local         Junjulas, M, March 9, 9am-5pm, (7 CEs)
   John Bothwell            Winifred Morice              marinas, Museums, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills,             $$$ MAKING WEBSITES Craig Sigl, M, March 9,
   Aviva Boxer              Paul Mostman                 Hollywood, Disneyland, The Queen Mary, Universal           9am-5pm, (7 CEs)
   Marla Brucker            Terry Mostman                Studios…                                                   ADVANCED HYPNO-REIKI III & IV Kathi Kenedi,
   Brian Campbell           Phillip Mountrose            YOUR conference is an easy, natural, and thoroughly        M-Tu, March 9-10, 9am-5pm, (14 CEs)
   Casey Chua               Richard Neves                enjoyable experience of personal growth, learning new      NLP TECHNIQUES Richard Neves, M-Tu, March 9-
   Jo Couch-11              Mary O’Maley                 skills, honing your crafts and, if you need them, CE’s.    10, 9am-5pm, (14 CEs)
   John C. Davis            Ken Owens                        Your conference registration includes all lectures,    HYPNOSIS/ HYPNOTHERAPY
   Wil Deicks               ZeBe Pearsall                talks, 3 playshops, 3 learning lunches, 4 evenings of      CERTIFIFICATION Stockwell-Nicholas, M-F, March
   Anthony DeMarco          Elaine Perliss               entertainment and the Saturday banquet:                    9-13, 9am-5pm, (50 CEs)
   Haruko Emoto             Wayne Perry                  Thursday Night, March 5, 5pm: HARBOR CRUISE,               HYPNOSIS INSTRUCTOR TRAINING Shelley
   Belinda Farrell          Susan Picking                (room for 75 people!)… first come, can go.                 Stockwell-Nicholas (150 hrs Prerequisite) March 9-13
   Shannon Feather          Padman Pillai                Followed by YOUR BIRTHDAY LUAU! (Hawaiian                  M-F, 8-5pm
   Helene Feldman           Suzy Prudden                 shirts & hula skirts!) Jim Hale & Betty Scott will play
   Jaime Feldman            Christopher Ray              their trumpets, Susan Picking will sing & play music
   Debra Fentress           Helen Reddy                  too.                                                       My Love,
   Teresa Figueroa          Margaret R-Van Coops            Friday Night, March 6: TWO HYPNOSIS SHOWS
   Liz Fortini              Laura Rubinstein             “Owen’s H’pnotix” & “Almarez’s Hypnosis Showcase”
   Carol Francis            Sandra Sanders               Saturday Night, March 7: BANQUET/SHOW honoring             Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD
   Wendi Freisen            Cindy Sawyer                 HELEN REDDY with “Humm & Davis Hilarity”                   Founder and President of the International Hypnosis Federation
   Juliana Fuqua            Peter Scholl                 Sunday Night, March 8: Panels of CHANNELS &
   Christina Gikas          Betty Scott                                                                             Begins Thursday Evening! March 5th, 2009
                                                         PSYCHICS answer your questions
   Jackie “Pink” Goldberg   Craig Sigl
                            Walter Stock                                      IHF                                                                           PRESORTED STD
   John Goode                                                                                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
   Jim Hale                 Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas                        30819 Casilina Dr
   Michael Holt             Dick Sutphen                                      Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, 90275
                            Beverly Taylor                                                                                                                   Los Angeles, Ca
   Spencer Humm                                                                                                                                               Permit No 33
   Pamela Hutchinson        John Thompson
   Rhona Jordan             Niccolous Thompson
   Craig Junjulas           Dona Tooley
   Kathi Kenedi             Duncan Tooley
   Katy Kessler             Kerry Tuschhoff
   Deb Korte                Ann Ullrich
   Al Krasner               Steven Van Coops
   Claudia Krikorian        Jared Von Sloten
   Dave Krueger             James Wanless
   Jean Krueger             Dorne Wannenburg
   Otmar Lex                A.L. Ward
                            John Warhank
                                                                IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU CONFERENCE
                                                                      • Just For YOU- 4 days of Fun •                           • Learn, Love, Laugh
      INTERNATIONAL                                • HANDS ON COURSES FOR EVERYONE                                              • Friends & Fun
         HYPNOSIS                                  • 3 LUNCHES, ENTERTAINMENT & GOURMET BANQUET                                 • Create More $$$
                                                                                                                                • Hone Your Crafts
                                                     THURSDAY HARBOR CRUISE & BIRTHDAY PARTY
        FEDERATION                                   FRIDAY LUNCH AND 2 HYPNOSIS SHOWS
                                                                                                                                • Own Your Skills
                                                                                                                                • Soothe Your Soul
             Founded 1999                            SATURDAY LUNCH, AWARDS DINNER AND “BIG SHOW”                               • Mind-Body-Spirit
        Happy members worldwide                      SUNDAY BRUNCH AND PSYCHIC EVENING                                          • Great Golf
                                                   • LEARN, PLAY & NETWORK WITH WORLD CLASS LEADERS!                            • Certifications
                                                                                                                                • Free Helpful
  Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD                  • CES FOR: HYPNOTISTS, RNS, NLPERS, SOCIAL WORKERS,
         Jon Nicholas CHt                            MFTS , ACUPUNCTURISTS & COUNSELORS                                         • Earn CEs
                                                    T HURS , F RI , S AT & S UN M a r c h 5 , 6, 7, 8 2009
                                                   2009 PANELS AT A GLANCE                            4-5:40: ENERGY WORKERS PANEL, Experts
    IHF BOARD OF ADVISORS                                                                             help you feel energy for yourself. Kathi Kenedi-
                                                        ALL IN SALON C
        Ormond McGill PhD                                                                             Moderator, Haruko Emoto, Teresa Figueroa,
                                             FRIDAY PANELS Salon C                                    Otmar Lex, Peter Scholl
         Richard Neves PhD
                                             10-11:40: VISUALIZE WELLNESS, Imagery to
         James Wanless PhD                   thrive. Duncan Tooley-Moderator, John Goode,             SUNDAY PANELS Salon C
          Jillian LaVelle CHt                Rhona Jordon, Ann Ullrich                                9-10:40: COMPULSION & ADDICTIONS PANEL,
          Judy Umansky RN                                                                             Break free of denial. John Warhank-Moderator,
                                             2-3:40: MAKE $$ PANEL, Master promoter                   Masud Ansari, Roxanne Louise, Steven Van Coops
       Niccolous Thompson CHt
                                             secrets. John Bothwell-Moderator, Michael Holt,
        Jaime Feldman DCH                    Phillip Mountrose, Craig Sigl                            11-11:40: SHAMAN PANEL, Ancient wisdom;
        Helene Feldman DCH                                                                            modern genius. Walter Stock-Moderator, Craig
          Suzy Prudden Cht                   4-5:40 COACHING PANEL, How to make                       Junjulas, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
                                             money helping others. Suzy Prudden-Moderator,
          Beverley Bley CHt                  Shannon Feather, Deb Korte, Marjorie Miles               2-3:40: DEAD ENTITY PANEL, Send icky
         John Warhank CHt                                                                             thought forms away. Al Marotta-Moderator, Jared
          Kathi Kenedi CHt                   SATURDAY PANELS Salon C                                  Van Sloten, A.L. Ward
                                             8-9:40: WEIGHT OFF EXPERTS, Hypnotists

         IHF Fellows                         who walk their talk. Dona Tooley-Moderator
                                             Winifred Morice, Mary O’Maley, John Warhank
                                                                                                      4-5:40 OPEN FORUM DISCUSSION, Voice your
         Nancie M. Barwick, DCHt
             Sylvia Bivens, CHt              10-10:40: LAWYER HYPNOSIS PANEL, Experts
                                             share helpful secrets. Brian Campbell, JD- Moderator,    8-10pm: PSYCHIC PANELS
       Beverley S. Bley, LPN, CMHt                                                                    $15 admittance for a personal reading
                                             Mark Babineaux, Tony DeMarco, Paul Mostman
           Bill Breuer, DC, MCHt
                Dan Cleary, CI                                                                        CHANNEL PANEL: Fortini / Francis / Hutchinson/
                                             12-1:40: WISE GUYS PANEL LUNCHEON,
             John M. Costa, CHt                                                                       Kenedi/ O’Maley/ Sawyer/ Stockwell-Nicholas
                                             (Crowne Room) Hilarious stories.Shelley
              Cheryl Croci, CHt              Stockwell-Nicholas-Moderator, Attell, Babineaux,
            Don De Grazia, PhD               Humm, Morice                                             PSYCHIC PANEL: Alexander/ Almaraz/ Chaidez/
       Paul G. Durbin, Chaplain, PhD                                                                  Emoto/ Figueroa/ Kessler/ Stock/ Thompson/
            Ernie T. Farhat, SDC             2-3:40: NLP PANEL, Neuro-Linguist                        Wannenburg
         Helene A. Feldman, DCH              Programming techniques. Betty Scott-Moderator
            Jaime Feldman, DCH               Norma Auerbach, Debra Fentress
             Frank Garfield, CHt
              Addie Kania, CHt                      International Hypnosis Federation                    WOW! TUITION PACKAGE INCLUDES:
               Al Krasner, PhD                                                                           100 World Class Presenters, Meals, Fun,
                                                             Mind, Body, Spirit                          Friends, CEs
             Sally Labrato-Faith
           Jillian LaVelle, CSMC                   It’s All About YOU Fun Conference                     3 Terrific Days of Hands-On Learning
                                                             MARCH 5-8, 2009                             3 Two-Hour How-To Playshops
              Alex Lessin, PhD                                                                           3 Learning Lunches
           Albert J. Marotta, CHt
             Paul Mostman, PhD                     Pre-Conference March 3-5                              Friday, March 6, “HYPNOSIS PLAY WITH
          Edwin Muniz, MD, PhD                     Post-Conference March 9-13                            YOUR FOOD” with STOCKWELL-NICHOLAS
       Carol Bonnie Poirier, MS, CHt               L.A. Harbor Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Pedro,
                                                   California                                            Saturday, March 7, “WISE GUY PANEL” Attell,
           Margaret Rogers, CHt
                                                   Register NOW Save $$                                  Morice, Babineax, Stockwell-Nicholas, Humm
           Laura Rubinstein, CHt                   (800) 366-7908 or (310) 541-4844                      Sunday, March 8.
           BrendaAnn Seay, CHt
         William A. Stafford, PhD                  Thursday Evening 5:30 pm: Wine & Cheese               4 Nights of Fabulous Entertainment
            Walter A. Stock, CHt                   Harbor Cruise; 7:30 pm: Everybody’s Birthday          Thursday, March 5, 5pm SUNSET WINE &
      Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD              Bash in the Crowne Plaza                              CHEESE HARBOR CRUISE 5pm lobby-space
       Niccolous L. Thompson, PhD                  March 6, Fab Friday all day CLASSES                   is limited
                A.L. Ward, CH                      Evening 8pm: 2 stage Hypnosis Shows: Owen’s
                                                   H’pnotix & Almaraz’s Hypnosis Fun                     Thursday, March 5, 7:30pm YOUR BIRTHDAY
                Sally Witt, PhD
                                                   March 7, Scintillating Saturday all day CLASSES       LUAU following the cruise
           Corky Whitacre, DCH
                                                   Evening 6:30 No host mixer, 7-10 pm:
                Sally Witt, PhD                                                                          Friday eve, March 6, Owen’s H’pnotix &
                                                   Banquet/Showcase with Hack & Slash Hilarity:
                                                                                                         Almaraz’s Hypnosis Fun- stage hypnosis shows
                                                   Celebrating Helen Reddy
                                                   March 8, Psychic Sunday all day CLASSES
                                                                                                         Saturday eve, March 7, BANQUET/SHOW with
                                                                                                         Humm & Davis, Honoring Helen Reddy
                                                   YOUR Fun Conference- YOUR PLEASURE
                                                   Mind, Body & Spirit 27 Hours Continuing               Sunday eve, March 8, PSYCHIC PSUNDAY
                                                   Education Credit Certificate (Plus a possible 98      EVE with psychic & channel panels
                                                   hours with pre & post)

        DON’T BE CHICKEN!                                                                                • Valuable Handouts
                                                   CEs for Hypnotists, NLPers, MFTs, Social Workers,
         JOIN IN THE FUN...                        Arbitrators, Couches, Research Psychologists, RNs,    • Step-by-step instruction, scripts, research &
                                                                                                           Studies, for practice building, personal
        BE A MEMBER                                Coaches, Consultants, Energy Workers, Spiritual
                                                   Counselors, Helpers, & Healers…                         improvement, & fitness
     Just Call 310-541-4844                                                                              • Great Resources & Products
           Only $65                                                                                      • Meet outstanding people at the IHF Book Store
                                                                                                           & Exhibit Area: Includes excellent books, tapes,
Includes discounts to the conference and classes                                                           & materials authored by presenters.
          C O N F E R E N C E
    Joy Seekers, Helpers, Healers, Parents, Teachers, Students, Lovers, Leaders
            CALL 310-541-4844 to register NOW!
        Thursday, March 5 – Sunday March 8th, 20068
              Pre-Conference Classes-March 3-5
             Post-Conference Classes-March 9-13
    Learn, laugh and love yourself for success, wellness, joy, $$$,
          upliftment & results.
•   Hands On Learning                    Los Angeles Harbor
•   90 World-Class Instructors
•   Network with Like Minded Friends     Crowne Plaza Hotel
•   Profound Secrets For YOUR Success in Life and Work
•   Joy, Laughter, Fun, Hilarious Entertainment
•   Mind-Body-Spirit Rejuvenation
•   Share Your Insights
•   Own Your Skills
•   Hone Your Crafts
•   Soothe Your Soul
•   Free Helpful Information
•   Create more $$$
•   Certification Training
•   Powerful Products
•   Seekers, Parents, Teachers,
    Students, Helpers, Healers,
    Lovers, Leaders
• CEs for: Hypnotists, NLPers,
    MFTs, Social Workers,
    Research Psychologists,
    Acupuncturists, RNs, Coaches,
Energy Workers, Spiritual Counselors…

Confer ence Begins March 5th
       Thursday 5 pm
    with Harbor Cruise
                 Mar ch 5, 6,7, 8, 2009

CALL (310) 541-4844 to Register
               PRE & POST CONFERENCE
PRE                                                                                            POS T-Con fe rence Cours e Des cri ption s
D IVO RCE M EDI ATI ON , C ampbel l, T-T h, March 3- 5, 9am- 5pm,           $$$ MAK ING WE BS IT E S, Craig Si gl
Room 205, (21 CEs)                                                          1-day, Monday, M arc h 9, 9am -5pm , Room 205, $150. Cr aig wi ll sha r e
TARO T COUNSE LIN G Jam es Wanle ss , W-Th, March 4-5, 9am -5pm ,           all he has m aste red about wri t i ng copy, convers ions , int ernet
Room 209, (14 CEs)                                                          mar ket i ng, on the I nternet . This f ormer Fort une 500 manager of a $50
HYPNO- R EI KI I & II Ka thi Kenedi, W-Th , Mar ch 4-5, 9am -5pm ,          mi l lion opera t ion wi th 40 em pl oyees trai ned wi t h one of the w orl d's
Room 219, (14 CE s)                                                         top copywri ti ng exper ts. He uses hypnos i s i n t he onl ine world and
IN TERN ET M ARKET YOU M ic hael Hol t, Th, Mar ch 5, 9am- 5pm,             sol d hi s firs t product : "B reak 80 Without Pract ic e," a gol f me nt al
Room 223, (7 CEs)                                                           game pr ogram in 26 countri es. He ma nages a li st of over 7,000
A DVANCED PARTS TH ERAPY Jaime Feldma n, T h, Mar ch 5, 9am-
                                                                            golf ers and hypnos is cl i ent s wor l dwi de whil e cont inuing t o expand
5pm, H ar bor I, ( 7 C Es )
                                                                            his r each i nto corpora te Am eri ca. Craig ear ned his degree i n Bus iness
SA CRED MEDITATI ON , Padman P il lai , Mar ch 5, 1-4: 30 pm, Har bor
II , ( 3 CEs) $75                                                           Fi nance
SOU L SEAR CHING C ERTI FI CAT I ON Crai g Junjul as, M, M arch 9,          SO UL SE ARCHE R CERTI FI CATI O N, C raig Jun jul as
9am-5 pm, H a rbor I, (7 CE s)                                              1-day, Monday, March 9, 9am - 5pm , Harbor I , $150
$$$ MA KING WEB SI TES Craig Sigl, M , Marc h 9, 9am-5pm , Room             Pract ical m eta physi cal and pr acti ca l tec hni ques that deve lop your
205, (7 CEs)                                                                abil it y to se e wi th your t hird eye and heart . Open up your awarenes s
A DVANCED H YPNO-REI KI II I & IV Ka thi Kenedi , M -Tu, Ma rch             to hi gher vi si on f or i nsight i nto people, l i fe si tuati ons and spi ri tual
9-10, 9am-5pm , R oom 219, (14 C Es )                                       dim ensi ons. T hi s infor mat i ve, fun and e xperienti al one-day course
N LP TECHNI QUES Richard Neves , M -Tu, Ma rch 9-10, 9am- 5pm,              bri ngs dir ect percept ion of hi gher di mensi ons. C rai g J unjula s i s a
R oom 209, (14 CEs)                                                         met aphysi cal tea cher, psychi c consul t ant , cl ini cal hypnotherapi s t and
HYPN OSIS/ H YPN OT HE RA PY CE RT I F St ockwe ll - Ni chol as, M- F,      spi rit ual couns el or wi th over 25 years of experi ence. He’s t he aut hor
Mar ch 9-13, 9am- 5pm, R m 223, (50 CE s)                                   of “Psychi c Tarot ” and companion book for t he c lass ic, “Aquar ian
HYPN OSI S I NSTR UCTOR TR AINI NG Sh ell ey Stockwel l -Nichol as          Ta rot De ck.”
(150 hr s Pr e r equi s it e) March 9-13 M-F, 8-5pm
                                                                            NLP T ECH NIQ UES, Richard Neve s, Ph D
                 P RE -C onfe re nc e Cou rs e Desc rip ti ons              2-day M-Tu, Marc h 9-10, 9am-5pm, Room 209 (14 CEs ) $300
DIVORCE MEDIATION CERTIFICATION, Brian Campbell, JD                         Pract ical a pplic ati ons of NLP m ake it easy t o get powerful resul t s.
3-day (21 CEs), T-Th, March 3-5, 9am-5pm, Room 205, $457
                                                                            Ha nds-on cut ting-e dge N euro- Linguis tic Techniques i nclude:
Help people communicate cooperatively to resolve disputes. As a legal
                                                                            wor kbook, s ub-modal i ti e s for m ajor i ntervent ions i n weight l oss,
government sanctioned neutral helper, you’ll feel terrific and make a
                                                                            habit changes, phobia cur es , and st ress r educt ion, 6-st ep r eframe,
difference. This class allows you to immediately earn upward of $300 an
hour as a “Certified Mediator and Settlement Facilitator”. There are        anchoring, s li ding a nchors, chai ns, es tabl is hi ng boundari es , &
literally thousands of jobs awaiting. IHF members make perfect peace &      sophrol ogy rapid induction te chnique. Hypnot herapi st, & NL P
conflict managers, for those going through a divorce. Neutral mediation     Inst ruct or, Dr Neves served as Pr esi dent of Am eri can Board of
is similar to subpersonality resolution. Class includes workbook            Hypnot herapy for 12 years . Today hi s off i ce is in Ri vers ide,
“Divorce Mediation” and extracts from “The Collaborative Way To             Cali forni a & he tea ches i n Japan & England.
Divorce,” role-plays and the actual dispute resolution techniques. This
first-ever hypno-resolution approach to divorce counseling will assist      ADVANCED HYPN O- RE IK I I II & I V, Kathi Ke ne di , C HI
you in all interactions. Class instructor is attorney, Hypnotherapist and   2-day M-Tu, March 9-10, 9am-5pm, Room 219, 9am-5pm, (14 CEs) $300
Dispute Resolution expert, Brian Campbell, who has 31 years, with           At tunem ents wi ll be gi ven by Reiki Mas ter, Ke nedi . Rea d, measur e,
1000+ mediation and arbitration cases to call upon.                         bala nce & clear cha kras, and the hand posit ions f or self healing &
                                                                            heal ing others , Also i ncl udes ti ps for expanding aw areness, s a cred
HYPNO-REIKI I & II, Kathi Kenedi, CHI,                                      Sanskri t sym bols , how to do l ong di s ta nce hea li ng, notes , sc ript s,
Pre-Conf, 2-day Th-F, March 4-5, (14 CEs) Rm 219, 9am-5pm, $300             manua l, & ha ndouts . Wear com f ortable cl othes. P rerequisi te Re iki I &
Reiki, means “life force energy” and is a hands-on healing system used      II .
to balance a person physically, mentally, spiritually, & emotionally.
Experience this ancient healing art with its sacred Sanskrit symbols.       H YPNO SIS/ H YPNO THERAPY CERTI FI CATIO N, Sh el ley
Reiki I & II initiation & attunements will be given by Reiki Master,
                                                                            Stockwell -Nicholas , PhD
Kenedi. Expand awareness. Includes notes, scripts, manual, & handouts.
                                                                            5-day ( 50 CEs) , M-Fri, March 9- 13, 9am -5pm, R oom 205, $997
Wear comfortable clothes.
                                                                            If you know ever ything or not hi ng, Dr S hel ley’s stunni ng appr oach i s
TAROT COUSELING, James Wanless, PhD,                                        posi tive ly li fe- changing. Learn why s o m any seas oned hypnotis t s and
 2-day (14 CEs), W-Th, March 4-5, 9am-5pm, Room 209, $300                   ins truct ors t ake and rave about t his hands- on experi ence. Learn wha t
A hands-on experience that really helps you and clients understand          YOU want . For sure you’l l be abl e t o hypnot ize yourse l f, fam i l y, a nd
what’s going on. Better than an inkblot test, this ingenious Voyager        fr iends or buil d a lucrati ve bus iness . I ncludes wha t hypnos is r eal ly
archetypical system clarifies your path and purpose. The Voyager Tarot      is , hypnos is hi st ory, mi nd m astery, St ockw ell ’s laws of the mi nd,
Intuition deck has sold over 250,000 and is used for consulting by          dozens of induct ions, the 20 princ i ple s t ha t make induct ions work,
Counselors, Hypnotists, Therapists, Intuitives, Energizers, Coaches, and    how your brai n works, how t o conduct a perf ect sessi on, the art of
Healers worldwide. Neophyte to seasoned readers will receive & give         the i ntake, how to writ e a scri pt on the s pot, t he hologra phic dr eam ,
numerous “readings.” Wanless holds a PhD in Political Science from          keys t o power ful s ugge st i ons, The Stoc kwel l 30-Second Zap;
Columbia University.                                                        St ockwell ’s J oy T herapy, s i gns of tr ance, hel ping chi l dren, wei ght
                                                                            los s/ gai n, quit s moki n g, hypnot izi ng c hi ldr en, hypnosi s
INTERNET MARKETING YOU, Michael Holt, PhD,                                  demons tra tions and hands- on pr acti ce , t ext & w or kbooks…
1-day (7 CEs), Th, March 5, 9am-4:30pm, Room 223, $150
Master marketer, Michael’s wrote the technical training programs for        HYPNO SIS I NS TRU CTO R T RAI NING CE RT IFICAT IO N, S hell ey
America Online, GTE Internet, AOL WorldNet and Covad                        Stockwell -Nicholas , PhD
Communications and has been involved in the startup of several internet     5-day ( 60 CEs) , (150 hrs Hypnos i s Tra ining Pr erequisi te) M-F ri ,
companies. He’s known for putting technical terms into user-friendly        Mar ch 9-13, 8a m -5pm , R oom 205, $1247
language. You’ll learn a simple professional technique to market your
                                                                            Be an Int erna t iona l Hypnos i s F ederati on t rai ner and change the
website without spending a lot of money. Use free tools to promote your
                                                                            wor ld! T his hands-on hypnosi s inst ructor ’s progr am all ows you t o
website and to monitor its results. Build your reputation and promote
your website at the same time. This interactive day gets others to market   tea ch hypnosis a nd self -hypnosi s i n ever y set ti ng. I HF Presi dent,
your site for you. And how to access over 600 eBooks and 15,000             Hypnot herapis t , Shel ley S tockw ell- Ni chol as has been t eaching thi s
articles that you can use to promote your own business for free.            cla ss for over 16 years and has hel ped hundreds l aunch pr oduct ive
                                                                            and mea ningful t ea ching car e ers. Seasoned ins truct or s take thi s class
ADVANCED PARTS THERAPY, Jaime Feldman, PhD                                  and rave about Dr Shel ley’s l ife- changing t rai n the t rai ner cours e.
 1-day, Th, March 5, 9am-5pm, Harbor I, $150                                Upon com plet ion, you’l l be qual i fied t o cer tify hypnot i sts, m as ter
Learn to use this powerful hypnotherapy technique that unlocks the          hypnoti sts , hypnot herapi sts t hr ough t he IHF. Incl udes : text book,
subconscious mind and removes unwanted behavior. Includes a                 st udy gui de , i nst ructor ’s m at er ial s, and market ing as sis tance. Dr
structured outline of the advanced techniques of Parts Therapy. Dr.         Shell ey, is t he aut hor of 14 books incl uding: “The all new Hypnosi s :
Feldman will teach this new, more structured way to release phobias,        Sm ile on Your Face , $ In Your P ocket,” “Tim e Travel : Do-It -Yoursel f
and deep-seated trauma. Parts Therapy is a non-invasive, brief,             Past Li f e Jour ney Handbook,” “Deni al i s Not a Ri ver In Egypt :
therapeutic tool.                                                           Ove rcom e Addi ct i on, Compuls ion and F ear Wi th Dr. St ockw el l’s Se l f-
                                                                            Hypnos is Sys t em,” and cont ri buting edi tor of “McGil l’s
SACRED MEDITATION CERTIFICATION, Padman Pillai, PhD,                        Hypnot herapy Encyclopedi a,” She’s a regul ar guest expert on radio,
1/2-day, Th, March 5, 1-4:30pm, Harbor II, $75                              tel evis ion and i n print. C reat or of “Joy Therapy,” her “S hel l ey Show ”
Enjoy the fine art of meditation in a simple, natural and relaxing way.     won an Angel Award o f Exc el lenc e for out sta ndi ng cable tel evis ion.
Hypnotherapist and teacher, Padman Pillai, has been practicing and
teaching meditation for over 36 years. He was trained by world famous
gurus in India. He has recently appeared on international television
                                2009 IHF “It’s All About YOU!” Fun Conference DETAILS
                                                      Friday, MARCH 6 – Sunday, MARCH 8, 2009 Classes begin 9 am
                                                            Hands-on skills for joy, success, $$$, wellness, results.
                                           Cutting-edge mind, body, spirit and fun 100 WORLD-CLASS PRESENTERS and YOU!
Topics Include:                      Self Hypnosis                         Reiki                                       Tarot                                             Help Seniors
MIND:                                Sub-Modalities                        Sensory Touch                               Trance Channeling                                 Love Life Success
Addictions                           Symbolic Language                     Self-Healing                                                                                  Soul Mates
Affirmations                         Training                              Signature Frequencies                       SUCCESS: $$
Anchors                              Trauma Release                        Weight Off!                                 Be Wealthy                                        YOUR INTERESTS:
Compulsion/Addiction                 Trichotillomania                      Wholistic Healing                           Business Success                                  Animal Communication
Crisis Intervention                  Triggers                              Verbal 1st Aid                              Ceremonies                                        Art Therapy
Dreams                               BODY:                                                                             Corporate Trainer                                 Coaching
Emotional Intelligence               Anorexia Help                         SPIRIT:                                     Create Products                                   Creativity
Ericksonian Tales                    Body Language                         Akashic Records                             Get Organized                                     Forensic Hypnosis
ERT                                  Chakra Dancing                        Angles For Stress                           Get & Keep Clients                                Jingles Technique
Guided Imagery                       Draw Yourself Well                    Archetypes                                  Give Seminars                                     Lawyer Hypnosis
Hypnosis 101                         EFT                                   Channeling                                  Making Money                                      Mandala Hypnosis
Hypnosis Certification               EMT                                   Hawaiian Huna                               Market YOU                                        Montessori Teaching
Hypno Counseling                     Energy Work                           Meditation                                  Media Marketing                                   Perfect Sessions
Hypnosis Instructor                  Energizing Techniques                 Metaphysics                                 Multiply Income                                   Pre & Peri Natal
Laughter Therapy                     Great Golf                            Past Lives                                  Thrifty Nifty $ Tips                              Quantum Technology
Meditation                           Heal Others                           Pet Communication                           Weight Biz                                        Specialized Skills
Menopause                            Visualize Wellness                    Psychic Phenomenon                          Write A Book                                      Stage Hypnosis
NLP                                  Hypno-Babies                          Shamanism                                                                                     Teach Seminars
Parts Therapy                        Hypno-Nutrition                       Spiritual Cleansing                         RELATIONSHIPS                                     Tarot & Runes
Psychology                           Love Life                             Soul Journey                                Child Birth Hypnosis                              And MORE
Quantum Hypnosis                     Medical Hypnosis                      Spirit Guides & Angels                      Child Psychology
Rapid Inductions                     Natural Hormones                      Symbols                                     Divorce Mediation

WHAT?                                                                                         Marriage & Family Therapists (MFTs) PCE #2224
3-DAY CONFERENCE just for YOU!                                                                Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) PCE #2224
Master skills for joy, success, $$$ & results. WORLD-CLASS PRESENTERS will                    Licensed Psychology Instructors PCE #2224
share profound hands-on secrets that empower YOU for success. You’ll enjoy cutting-           California Board of Registered Nurses for:
edge mind, body, spirit and fun presentations, network with like-minded people, and           Registered Nurses BRN Provider CEP #13540
enjoy hilarious entertainment created just for YOU.                                           Hypnotherapists, Recognized by:
                                                                                              Council Of Professional Hypnosis Organizations, International Association of
WHEN?                                                                                         Counselors and Therapists, International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association,
Thursday eve, March 5: LA harbor boat cruise (5:30) followed by everybody’s                   National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, American Board Of
birthday party                                                                                Hypnotherapy, Canadian Board Of Hypnotherapy, National Society of Hypnotherapy,
Friday-Sunday March 6-8, 2009                                                                 AFLCIO Hypnotists Union, International University of Professional Studies, and
Pre-Conference: March 3-5                                                                     more.
Post-Conference: March 9-13
                                                                                              HOW MUCH? Register before February 1 & save $$$
WHERE?                                                                                          CALL (310) 541-4844 to register
  Los Angeles Harbor Crowne Plaza Hotel, 601 South Palos Verdes Street, (and 6th              IHF MEMBERS ONLY $397 (before February 1 after February 1 $442)
street) San Pedro, CA, 90731, is by the water, freeway friendly, free parking, and            NON-MEMBERS $437 (paid before February1 after February 1 $482)
close to LAX and Long Beach Airports. The hotel is beautifully upgraded with terrific         IHF DUES $65 for a year (certificate, pin, newsletter, optional free web listing & more)
sleeping comfort, a heated swimming pool, spa tub, and a 24-hour fitness room with            ADDITIONAL 2-HOUR PLAYSHOPS (3 playshops are included in your tuition) @ $30
sauna.                                                                                        ONE DAY ONLY (Includes lectures/panels, 1 playshop, lunch & evening event) $150
                                        Save $$!                                              LUNCHEON EVENTS ONLY Friday, Saturday or Sunday @ $35
Only $129 per night if you book your room before February 15, 2009. Say, “I’m                 BANQUET SHOWCASE ONLY $50
attending the International Hypnosis Federation Conference.” Call the LA Harbor
Crowne Plaza Hotel (888) 890-9888 or in-house (310) 521-8021 or (310) 519-8200                PRE & POST Specialty Certification Courses
(M-Fri, 9am to 5pm PST). Check in time is 3 pm. Check out time 12, noon.                      DIVORCE MEDIATION, Campbell, T-Th, March 3-5, 8am-5pm, Room 205, (21 CEs) $457
More in your room? $129 (single/double) rooms/ $139 (triple room)/ $149 (quad                 TAROT COUNSELING James Wanless, W-Th, March 4-5, 9am-5pm, Room 209, (14 CEs) $300
suite) all before February 18.                                                                HYPNO-REIKI I & II Kathi Kenedi, W-Th, March 4-5, 9am-5pm, Room 219, (14 CEs) $300
                                                                                              INTERNET MARKET YOU Michael Holt, Th, March 5, 9am-5pm, Room 223, 7 CEs $150
DIRECTIONS TO THE LA HARBOR CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL & PARKING                                      ADVANCED PARTS THERAPY Jaime Feldman, Th, March 5, 9am-5pm, Harbor I, 7 CEs $150
    601 South Palos Verdes Street, San Pedro California, 90731                                SACRED MEDITATION, Padman Pillai, March 5, 1-4:30 pm, Harbor II, (3 CEs) $75
From LAX, take Century Blvd east to the 405 Freeway South to the 110 “Harbor”                 SOUL SEARCHING CERTIFICATION Craig Junjulas, M, March 9, 9am-5pm,
Freeway South (toward San Pedro). When the freeway ends on Gaffey Street, turn                Harbor I, (7 CEs) $150
left. Go to 6th street and turn left; go to Palos Verdes Street. Hotel is at 6th and South     $$$ MAKING WEBSITES Craig Sigl, M, March 9, 9am-5pm, Room 205, (7 CEs) $150
Palos Verdes Street. Valet Parking is available in front, Self park in the rear; parking is   ADVANCED HYPNO-REIKI III & IV Kathi Kenedi, M-Tu, March 9-10, 9am-5pm,
free for attendees.                                                                           Room 219, (14 CEs) $300
                                                                                              NLP TECHNIQUES Richard Neves, M-Tu, March 9-10, 9am-5pm, Room 209, 14 CEs $300
AIPORT INFORMATION & SHUTTLE                                                                  HYPNOSIS/ HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIF Stockwell-Nicholas, M-F, March 9-13,
    LAX (Los Angeles) or Long Beach are the closest airports. Direct shuttle services         9am-5pm, Rm 223, (50 CEs) $997
to San Pedro and the hotel are available outside baggage claim. Cost is around $16            HYPNOSIS INSTRUCTOR TRAINING Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas (150 hrs
one-way. Tell your driver to take you to the “Los Angeles Harbor Crowne Plaza Hotel           Prerequisite) March 9-13 M-F, 8-5pm, $1247
on 6th street in San Pedro.” (310) 519-8200 is the hotel’s direct line.
                                                                                              POLICIES & AGREEMENTS
                                                                                              Returned checks will be charged an additional $25 bank service fee.
WHO?                                                                                          After you register, and if you cannot attend the seminar, you may:
   YOU! Your diverse talents and interests make the world a better place. The                 1. Send a substitute.
                                                                                              2. Have a credit memo applied toward another IHF event or dues within one year (12 months). Request a credit memo in
International Hypnosis Federation’s MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, FUN CONFERENCE is                     writing no later than two weeks before the March 7th event (by February 18, 2009). Refund requests made after February
dedicated to YOU. We are your personal network of like minded people. Come on                 18, 2009 & before March 5th 2005 will be charged a $100 cancellation fee. No credits or refunds will be given after March
your own or bring your whole family to relish local attractions like Museums, San             5th.
                                                                                              MEETING POLICIES
Pedro, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Del Amo Mall, Hollywood, Disneyland, The                  Badges: Wear your nametags at all times.
Queen Mary, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios…                                            Playshop Tickets: Tickets must be turned in at each Playshop.
                                                                                              Evaluations: Complete an evaluation form for each presentation.
                                                                                              Recording: No Personal Tape Recording, Photography & Video Taping is permitted.
WHY?                                                                                          Photos & videos are routinely taken at the conference for broadcast & promotional purposes. Attendance at this conference
                                                                                              will be deemed as consent to use your image.
   Learning, Friends, Fun, $$$, Networking, CEs, Cutting edge-YOU-vacation,
                                                                                              Beware Of Interlopers Do not book private sessions with unauthorized presenters or vendors.
Vendors with fabulous things: books, tapes, CD’s, videos, clothes, gems, crystals,
jewelry and more. Why? Because we love you!
                                                                                              SIGN ME UP FOR THE CONFERENCE! PHONE, FAX OR MAIL
                                                                                              CALL: Use your credit card and register by phone call: (310) 541-4844 or (800) 366-7908
                                                                                              FAX: Send your completed registration form & credit card number to (310) 377-7946
   The International Hypnosis Federation® offers Continuing Education
                                                                                              MAIL: Check, money order or credit card number and your completed registration
(completion/attendance) Certificates upon request. 27 CE hours are possible for the
                                                                                              form to:
conference plus hours for pre and post conference specialty courses (a total of 98
                                                                                               INTERNATIONAL HYPNOSIS FEDERATION®
hours is possible). To receive CEs participants must pay tuition fee, sign in, attend the
                                                                                              30819 CASILINA DRIVE
entire seminar, and complete an evaluation form and request the form. We are
                                                                                              RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA, 90275-6205, USA
approved CE Credit Providers for Professional and/or Licensed Hypnotists,
Hypnotherapists, Therapists, Stage Hypnotists, Counselors, Spiritual Counselors,
NLPers, RN’s, Coaches, and Wellness Providers of all disciplines:
California Board of Behavioral Sciences for:
                                                                     5:30 pm Harbor Cruise
  Thursday Nite March 5                                              8:00 pmYour Bir thday Par ty with DJ Mark Anderson

           Registration Open 8 am                                              FAB FRIDAY March 6
Room              Salon B            Salon C           Conference       Conference     Conference       Conference
    me             Talks             Panels            Room #205        Room #209      Room #219        Room #223         Salon A
  9:40                 Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Ph.D. Welcome Keynote Invocation
 10am-         $ Brainstorming       Visualize           Forensic                      Money Making       Sensory
 10:40            W. Freisen         Wellness           Hypnosis         Creativity       Playshop         Touch
                                      Panel             Playshop         Playshop      L. Rubinstein/    Playshop
               Reverse Trauma      Tooley, Jordon,     M. Babineaux       B. Scott      M. Brucker       Van Coops

                 A. Marotta        Ullrich, Goode          $30              $30              $30            $30



  2 pm-           Give A              Make               Hypno-                            Meant         Perfect 1st

                Hypnosis Talk         Money             Nutrition       Hypno-Babies      to Meet          Session

                 D. Tooley
                                      Panel             Playshop          Playshop       Playshop         Playshop

                                  Bothwell, Holt.       W. Morice       K. Tuschhoff     T. Attell        L. Miller

3 pm-           Self Healing      Mountrose, Sigl          $30               $30            $30              $30


  4 pm           Jump Start                               Body                             Crisis       Art Therapy

  4:40           Your Book                              Language            NLP         Intervention       4 Kids
                  J. Meijer          Panel              Playshop          Playshop       Techniques       Playshop

                                 Feather, Prudden,                                        Playshop
  5 pm-         Nat. Hormone                            E. Perliss       D. Fentress                     L. Pearsall
                 Tinkering         Korte, Miles                                           C. Chua
 to 5:40          A. Boxer                                 $30               $30             $30             $30

  8 pm
               Salon B & C              KEN OWENS H’PNOTIX &   2 Hypnosis
 10 pm                               MICHAEL ALMARAZ SHOWCASE Stage Shows

                Salon B              Salon C           Conference       Conference      Conference Conference
TIM                                                                                                                       Salon A
    E           Talks                Panels            Room #205        Room #209       Room #219 Room #223
8am            HYPNOSIS 101                                Geat          Find Your         Be A           Sound
 to            S. STOCKWELL-        Weight Off                           Soul Mate                      Frequency
8:40am            NICHOLAS                                  Golf                           Coach
                                      Panel                                                              Healing
                                                                                                                           FABULOUS VEN

                                                         Playshop         Playshop       Playshop
 9am              VERBAL          Tooley, Warhank,                                                       Playshop
      to         FIRST AID        O’Maley, Morice        J. Goode        R. Sutphen     S. Prudden       W. Perry
 9:40am          R. JORDAN                                  $30              $30            $30             $30
 10am        AKASHIC               LAWERS PANEL                                           Perfect          Stage
   to        RECORDS              BABIBEAU, MOSTMAN,   Submodalities Hypno-Massage       Sessions        Hypnosis
 10:40am    AUERBACH              CAMPBELL, DEMARCO      Playshop      Playshop          Playshop        Playshop
11am     ANGELS & STRESS          BUSINESS SUCESS        R. Neves      K. Owen          S. Feather      A. Krasner
            REDUCTION               S. SANDERS

 11:40am   T. MOSTMAN                                       $30           $30               $30             $30
                                                                                                                               ORS GOODS AN

12 noon        CROWNE
                ROOM                  Wise Guys Panel Luncheon laugh along with
 1:40         Winifred Morice, Toni Atell, Mark Babineaux, Spencer Humm and Dr Shelley
 2pm-            QUANTUM               NLP              New Media         Emotional     Anchoring           End
                TECHNOLOGY                                                  Release                      Addictions

 2:40              SCHOLL              Panel            Marketing                           Joy
                                                                           Therapy                         NOW!

 3pm-             INSPIRED       Auerbach, Fentress,     Playshop          Playshop      Playshop         Playshop
                 DREAMING          Farrell, Scott       R. Sutphen       P. Mostman     H. Feldman       W. Friesen
 3:40            M. MILES
                                                            $30               $30           $30              $30
 4 pm-           MONTESSORI                             Corporate           Rapid       Ericksonian        Holistic
              TEACHING METHODS   Energy Workers                                          Teaching         Coaching
 4:40           C. KRIKORIAN                              Trainer         Inductions
                                      Panel                                                Tales          Playshop
               PSYCH OF CHILD
                                                         Playshop          Playshop      Playshop
5 pm-           PSYCHOLOGY
                                 Kenedi, Figueroa,
                                                         Bothwell          Almaraz      J. Feldman      P. Mountrose
                                 Lex, Scholl, Emoto
5:40               FUQUA                                    $30               $30           $30              $30
                    6:30 no Host Bar
              AWARDS BANQUET & SHOW
10 pm             Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas & Bryce Stockwell Masters of Ceremonies
                 With Jim Hale-Trumpet, David Jackson-Piano & Song, Mark Babineaux,
                Toni Attell, Suzy Prudden, Winifred Morice, Susan Picking and Betty Scott
                          PSYCHIC SUNDAY March 8                                                                                                                      page 11

                       Salon B             Salon C            Conference            Conference        Conference                Salon A
                                           PANELS             Room #205             Room #209         Room #219
  9am                   Spiritual           Addiction/         Get and Keep           Art Therapy         Hypnosis


        to              Clearing            Compulsion            Clients              Mandalas             4 Kids
  9:40am                J. Couch              Panel              Playshop              Playshop           Playshop
                                           Warhank, Van         W. Deicks              D. Tooleys       N. Thompson
                       M u lt i p le

                       I nco m es          Coops, Louise,
                       K r ue g e rs          Ansari                   $30                 $30              $30
 11am                  An o re x i a         Shaman            Meet Departed           Third Eye                                                            YOU

   to                      H elp               Panel            Loved Ones               Open
 11:40am               D . M ittl e r   Stock/Junjulis/Nich
                                                                 C. Gikas              L.Chaidez

                                    CROWNE ROOM

                                                                                                                                       ORS G
12 noon
                             Jackie Goldberg “PINK LADY”                                                                                                CONFERENCE

1:40 pm
                               GET A LIFE Luncheon                                                                                                         CALL

 2 pm                 Dancing with           Dead                     Get               Symbolic         Tarot &
        to              Chakras             Entity                 Organized            Language           Runes
 2:40pm                N. Barwick            Panel                 Playshop             Playshop         Playshop


                                           Marotta                 B. Taylor            A. Ullrich       W. Stock
 3 pm                                   Ward, Van Sloten,
   to                Trichotillomania
                                          Hutchinson                   $30                 $30              $30
 3:40pm               N. Thompson

 4 pm                  Hypnosis 4                                  Reiki                  Draw          Pre & Pari
                          Results              OPEN               Animal                Yourself      Natal Regression
 4:40pm                J. Warhank            FORUM            Communication               Well           Playshop            Last Chance
                                           DISCUSSION            Playshop               Playshop         A.Marotta
 5 pm                   Jingles &
                                          Talk about what      L. Alexander            N. Barwick                              5:30pm
   to                     Raps
                                             you want!              $30                    $30              $30
 5:40pm                 R. Louise

 8 pm                     A Barrel of Fun
                      Channels & Psychics Panel


                  Tues, Wed, Thurs             Wed, Thurs                      Wed, Thurs                Thurs                                Thurs               Thurs

                      Rm #205                   Rm #209                        Rm #219                 Rm #223                           Harbor 1               Harbor 2
                  March 3-5 (21 CE’S)        March 4-5 (14 CE’S)         March 4-5 (14 CE’S)         March 5 (7 CE’S)               March 5 (7 CE’S)          March 5 (3 CE’S)

                 Brian        James                                            Kathi                  Michael                  Jaime        Padman
              Campbell, LLD Wanless, PhD                                     Kenedi, CHI              Holt, CHI             Feldman, DSC      Pillai
                    Divorce        Tarot                                                              Internet                  Parts        Sacred
                   Mediation    Counseling    Hypno-Reiki
                                                 I &II                                               Marketing                Therapy      Meditation
                  Certification Certification
                                              Certification                                            YOU !                Certification Certification
                   9am-5pm       9am-5pm       9am-5pm                                               9am-5pm                        9am-5pm                   1-4:30pm
                     $457          $300           $300                                                 $150                           $150                        $77

   POST CONFERENCE CERTIFICATION CLASSES                                                                                                                    Mar ch 10-14
                          Monday               Monday, Tuesday                  Monday, Tues           Monday-Friday                     Monday-Friday             Monday

                         Rm #205                    Rm#209                        Rm #219                  Rm #223                                Rm #223        Harbor 1
                      March 9... 7 CE’S        March 9-10... 14 CE’S          March 9-10...14 CE’S    March 9-13...50 CE’S            March 9-13...60 CE’S     March 9...7CE’S

                      Craig Sigl                  Richard                        Kathi                  Shelley                           Shelley                 Craig
                                                 Neves, PhD                    Kenedi, CHI             Stockwell-                        Stockwell-              Junjulas
                                                                                                      Nicholas, PhD                     Nicholas, PhD
                                                                              Advanced                                               Soul
                        Money                    NLP                         Hypno-Reiki               Hypnosis     IHF Hypnosis Searcher
                        Making                Techniques                       III & IV               Certification Instructor’s Certification
                       Websites               Certification                  Certification             Training      Certification
                       9am-5pm                 9am-5pm                        9am-5pm                  9am-5pm        Training     9am-5pm
                           $150                       $300                          $300                 $997          $1,247        $150
      2009 IHF “It’s All About YOU!” Fun Conference, March 5,6,7,8

              LEA ALEXANDER, ThD                                                                          AVIVA BOXER, PhD, LAc
              Reiki Animal Communication Playshop, Sun 4-5:40, Room 205 $30                               Natural Hormone Tinkering, Fri, 5-5:40, Salon B
              Psychic Panel, Sun 8pm Salon B/C                                                            Nourish you body to eliminate hot flashes, cholesterol and triglycerides.
              Reiki Master/Teacher for 12 years Lea specialize in reiki for animals. She                  Licensed Acupuncturist, Dr Boxer shares her 30 years in conventional and
              is an Animal Communicator, and teaches classes in the San Fernando                          complementary medicine as a certified Acupuncturist, Herbalist &
              Valley. She is on staff at “Canine’s Only Wellness Center” and is a foster                  Pharmacy owner. She is the author of “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet,”
              home for English Springer Rescue America.                                                   "Antibiotics and Homeopathic Remedies," "First Aid Acupuncture," &
                                                                                             "First-Aid Herbal Medicine."
                MICHAEL ALMARAZ, CHt, IHF Award of Excellence
                Stage Hypnosis Showcase Mystic Michael, Fri, Crowne Room, 8pm                              MARLA BRUCKER, DCH, IHF Award of Excellence
                Rapid Inductions Playshop, Sat 4-5:40, Room 209, $30                                       Money Making Seminars Playshop, (with Rubinstein) Fri 10-11:40,
                Psychic Sunday, Psychic Panel, Sun, Salon B/C, 8pm                                         Room 219, $30
                Deeper States Hypnosis Founder, this entrepreneurial hypnotherapist from                   Help the world thrive in challenging times and make money doing it.
                Long Beach, California has an active hypnosis practice and helps people                    Hypno Anesthesiologist; Brucker holds a Doctorate in Clinical
                overcome addictive behavior. Learn his brilliant innovative strategies. He                 Hypnotherapy and for the past 29 years has worked in private practice,
is a gifted intuitive as well.                                                                             hospitals, mental health clinics, educational institutes, and social service
                                                                                             agencies. She helped the firefighters and victims of the California fires.
              MASUD ANSARI, CHt
              Compulsion/Addiction Help Panel, (with Warhank, S. Van-Coops,                                 BRIAN CAMPBELL, JD
              Louise) Sun, Salon C, 9-10:40                                                                 Divorce Mediation Cert, Pre-Conf, 3-day T-Th March 3-5, 9am-5pm,
              He’s written five popular book including “Modern Hypnosis: Theory and                         Room 205, $457
              Practice” and specializes in Weight Control, Smoking Cessation,                               Lawyer’s Hypnosis Panel, Moderator
              Alcoholism and Sexual Dysfunction. His practices include one-on-one or                        with Babineaux, DeMarco, Mostman, Sat 10-10:40 Salon C
              group programs since 1989.                                                                    Become a “Peacemaker & Mediator.” Expand your practice and make
                                                                                             upward of $300 an hour. IHF members make perfect peace & conflict managers,
               TONI ATTELL, CHt, IHF Award of Excellence                                     conflict transformation experts and interventionists. There are thousands of jobs just
               Meant To Meet Playshop, Friday 2-3:40, Room 219, $30                          waiting for you when you receive this certification. Add “Divorce Mediater” to your
               Wise Guys Luncheon Panel, Saturday, 12-1:45 (Stockwell-Nicholas,              services! This is a first-ever hypno-mediation class in problem- solving as a mediation
               Babineaux, Humm, Morice)                                                      expert. See the write up under post conference certification courses.
               Saturday Evening Entertainment, Sat, 7-10pm, Salon B/C
               Toni’s hands-on playshop lets you consciously and unconsciously meet                    LARRY CHAIDEZ, CHt
and greet friends and a life partner.. Hypnotherapist, metaphysician, and creativity                   Develop Your Third Eye, Sun, 11-11:40, Room 209
coach, Attell teaches in Southern California, at UCLA, Beijing and Japan.                              Psychic Sunday, Psychic Panel, Sun 8-10pm, Salon B/C
                                                                                                       See beyond here/now/space/time and call in all your senses. Visualization,
               NORMA LENT AUERBACH, DCH, PhD                                                           meditation, and lucid dreams help the blind, visually impaired and the
               Tune In To Your Akashic Record, Sat 10-10:40 Salon B                                    short-sighted. Accompanied by his guide dog Oxford, Larry has been
               NLP Panel, (with Fentress, Scott) Sat, Salon C, 2-3:40                                  legally blind since birth. Learn this hypnotherapist and intuitive
               Experience an incredible journey that uncovers negative past life          counselor’s art of seeing “different dimensions and frequencies” as you turn on your
               memories to transform them into strength, and renewal. Powerful imagery inner camera.
               promotes healing and even a visit with your guides/angels in a guided tour
               of your Akashic Record. Dr. Auerbach founded the Body/Mind Learning                      CASEY CHUA, PhD
Institute in New Rochelle, NY & has 30+ years of experience, teaching and                               Crisis Intervention Techniques Playshop, Fri 4-5:40, Room 219, $30
administrating at 2ndary schools and colleges. She wrote “Relaxation Strategies from A                  Dr Chua is the director of the Hypnae Center in Singapore. With 20 years
to Z,” “The Only Stress Management Handbook You’ll Ever Need,” and “Get People to                       of experience as a psychotherapist, he certifies hypnotist in South East
Do What You Want.”                                                                                      Asia. He first taught psychology in the UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia,
                                                                                                        Australia and Singapore.
               MARK BABINEAUX, JD, PhD
               Lawyer’s Hypnosis Panel, (with Campbell, DeMarco, Mostman)
               Sat, 10-10:40 Salon C                                                                    JO COUCH-11, CHt
               Forensic Hypnosis Playshop, Friday, 10-11:40, Room 205, $30                              Spiritual House Clearing, Sunday 9-9:40 Salon B
               Wise Guys Luncheon Panel, Saturday, 12-1:45 (Stockwell-Nicholas,                         Ghosts Among US? Explore with story and photos an adventure with
               Attell, Babineaux, Humm, Morice)                                                         spiritual house clearing. Learn how to be your own ghost buster and how
               Saturday Banquet Showcase, Sat, 7-10pm, Salon B/C                                        to do a house clearing…what to look for and how to address the spirits.
               Use fractionation and/or compounding to synergistically help clients deal
with unreasonable fear or angst. In Dr Babineaux’s Forensic Playshop discover how
forensic hypnotic protocol’s differ from hypnotherapy and why it works so well. Learn                   JOHN C DAVIS
specialized memory and recall techniques in your everyday practice. Dr Babineaux is an                  Saturday Banquet/Show, Hack & Slash Hilarity, Sat, 7-10pm, B/C
attorney, mediator, collaborative divorce professional, forensic hypnotist, peak                        Enjoy meditation and experience a past life or connect to a higher source
performance and quantum focus© coach from Louisiana. He’s the Louisiana                                 with this spiritually based healer, intuitive and teacher. John will also
Hypnotherapy Organization President and serves on the school board.                                     performs his hilarious “Hack and Slash” with Spencer Humm. The
                                                                                                        entertain our military troops in fifteen countries and over 80 military
               NANCIE BARWICK, PhD, IHF Fellow, Award of Excellence                                     bases. He is a spiritual medium and teaches others to connect with spirit.
               Dancing With Your Chakras, Sunday, 2-2:40 Salon B
               Draw Yourself Well, Sun, 4-5:40, Room 209                                                  WIL DEICKS, CHt
               Author of “Unstuff Yourself: Finding Joy on the Road to Wellness” helps                    Get & Keep Clients Playshop, Sun 9-10:40, Room 205, $30
               you dance your way to enlightenment. She uses role-playing as an                           Learn a 5-Step Sales Process to get eight out of ten potential clients to
               unconscious perception technique. While a serious subject, this                            call and see YOU. Then get them to return for your program. This
experiential playshop is a lot of fun. In her talk on Saturday you’ll explore an easy                     honest and ethical approach will improve your communications in
three-picture drawing that quickly helps children & adults create wellness.                               every area of your life. Wil Dieck is an Executive Sales Trainer,
                                                                                                          Success Coach, Hypnotherapist and seminar leader with over 30 years
               JOHN M. BOTHWELL, PhD                                                                      in business experience. His San Diego based Small Business
               Make Money Panel, Moderator, (with Holt, Mountrose, Sigl) Fri 2-3:40,                      Transformation© program changes business from surviving to thriving.
               Salon C
               Corporate Trainer Playshop, Sat 4-5:40, Room 205, $30                                      ANTHONY De MARCO, LLB, PhD
               How do you get into corporate coaching? A former professor at                              Lawyer’s Hypnosis Panel, (with Campbell, Babineaux, Mostman), Sat
               Cleveland State University and Terra Community College, Dr. Bothwell                       10-10:40 Salon C
               wrote, “Score: Power Up Your Game, Business, and Life by Harnessing                        Use effective triggers to eliminate cravings/urges/obsessions. Befriend
               the Power of Emotional Intelligence.” He shares how he became a                            your subconscious to de-program and re-program it. Includes
business consultant, and teacher for Fortune 500 companies. His corporate step-by-step                    Pavlovian-style triggers, Jungian symbols, collective unconscious, &
big $$$ hypnosis process takes you into corporate training work.                                          elevation of consciousness. Attorney, De Marco received his PhD from
                                                                                                          St. John’s University and is serving his 11th year as President of the
                                                                                                          Council of Professional Hypnosis Organizations. He originated “Hypno-
                                                                                                          Addictionology,” a hypnosis treatment program for addictions.
              HARUKO EMOTO, PhD, Award of Excellence                                                         JOHN GOODE, DDS
              Energy Workers Panel, (Kenedi, Figueroa, Lex, Scholl) Sat 4-5:40                               Visualize Wellness Panel, Moderator (with Tooley, Jordon, Ullrich)
              Salon C                                                                                        Friday, 10-11:40am Salon C
              Psychic Sunday, Psychic Panel, March 9, Salon B/C, 8pm                                         Great Golf Playshop, Saturday 8-9:40 Room 205, $30
              A profoundly gifted Certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor,                             Nationally-known seminar instructor & excellent low-handicap
              traditional and Intuitive Healer, Haruko’s practice is in Berkeley                             golfer, Dr Goode co-created (with Shelley) the Great Golf Workshop.
              California                                                                                     He uses hypnosis to help people play their best game. Dr Goode also
                                                                                                             used hypnosis in his orthodontic practice finding that hypnosis
              SHANNON FEATHER, CHI                                                            evoked “profound changes in correcting dental deformities.”
              Coaching Panel, (with Prudden, Korte, Miles) Friday, 4-5:40, Salon C
              Perfect Session Playshop, Sat, 10-11:40, 219, $30
              Listen, motivate and build instant rapport for fantastic results. Good for                   JIM HALE
              everyone, this powerful playshop, includes ears on listening exercises.                      Saturday Eve Banquet/Show National Anthem, Music by Jim Hale,
              Skills learned translate easily to better relationships in every area of your                6:30-7pm
life. Shannon has her own clinical hypnosis/life coaching office in the Stillpoint                         World-class musician, Jim is a teacher at the Peninsula Montessori
Medical Clinic with mutually referring medical doctors. She teaches professional                           School and plays the Trumpet and Flugel horn professionally. He plays
hypnosis certification courses in many cities of the United States.                                        the national anthem at Dodger Stadium.

               HELENE FELDMAN, PhD, Fellow, IHF Board, 2008 Humanitarian                                    MICHAEL G. HOLT, PhD, IHF Instructor, IHF Award of Excellence
               Anchoring Joy Playshop, Sat, March 7, 2-3:40, Room 219, $30                                  Make $$$ Panel, (with Bothwell, Mountrose, Sigl) Fri 2-3:40, Salon C
               Learn powerful anchors that change behavior. Includes a demonstration                        Internet Market YOU! Pre-conference, Th, March 5, 9am-4:30pm
               on how to install, re-install, and collapse powerful anchors to rid yourself                 Master marketer, Michael’s has advanced techniques in nutrition,
               of old patterns. You’ll love the outstanding results. Feldman was a High                     behavior modification, biofeedback, performance enhancement, and
               School Principal & Director of Special Ed for the largest school district                    overcoming stress, pain and ADD/ADHD. He wrote technical training
               in NJ. She’s worked for the New York and New Jersey Department of                            programs for America Online, GTE Internet, AOL WorldNet and Covad
Education to improve schools. Director of the Institute of Hypnotherapy, she                  Communications and has been involved the in startup of several internet companies.
specializes in NLP & Parts Therapy.                                                           He’s known for putting technical terms into user-friendly language. In his pre
                                                                                              conference course you will learn a simple professional technique to market your
                                                                                              website without spending a lot of money.
              JAIME FELDMAN, PhD, Fellow, IHF Board, Award of Excellence
              Advanced Parts Therapy, Pre-Conference 1-day Th, March 5, 9am-                                 SPENCER HUMM, CHt, Award of Excellence
              5pm, Harbor I, $150                                                                            Wise Guys Luncheon Panel, Saturday, 12-1:45 (Stockwell-Nicholas,
              Ericksonian Teaching Tales Playshop, Sat 4-5:40, Room 219, $30                                 Attell, Babineaux, Morice)
              Dr Feldman gives you terrific tools and techniques. Parts Therapy                              Saturday Banquet/Show, Hack & Slash Hilarity, Sat, 7-10pm, rm B/C
              Pioneer, Feldman offers his pre-conference one day class on which                              Master NLP Practitioner/Trainer, Hypnotist, and Presentation Consultant
              includes a demonstration of this result-generating, brief, therapeutic                         for companies like IBM, Spencer appears on stage, screen, radio and
              tool. Easily integrate yourself and meet your inner alchemist! Dr Jaime         television as a comedian, and actor. He entertains our troops in USO tours to the
has a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master’s Degrees in Business Admin & Industrial           Middle East. His humor won him first place honors as the best comedy act in Canada.
Psychology, and is the Advanced Instructor, & Director of the NJ approved Institute of
Hypnotherapy. He regularly does hypnosis on TV’s Montel Williams Show.                                      PAMELA HUTCHINSON, CHt
                                                                                                            Dead Entity Panel, (with Van Slotan, Ward) Sun, 2-3:40, Salon C
             DEBRA FENTRESS, CHt, IHF Award of Excellence                                                   Psychic Sunday, Channel Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm
             NLP Panel, Sat 2-3:40, Salon C (with, Scott, Auerbach)                                         Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator and Spiritual Regression
             NLP Playshop, Fri, 4-5:40, Room 219, $30                                                       Hypnotherapist and trance channel, Pamela has been practicing
             Explore hands-on NLP techniques to eliminate negative emotional states                         hypnosis for over thirty years with a special emphasis on between life
             and unwanted behavior. Learn pattern interrupt, reprogramming, &                               hypnotherapy. She comes from Calabasas, CA.
             language patterns that lure and motivate. Learn to tell if someone is
             lying. Hypnosis expert, Debra teaches NLP, Hypnosis, Wicca, Huna,                              RHONA JORDAN, IHF, CHI< Orange County Chapter Prez
Reiki & High Level Magic courses in the USA & London.                                                       Visualize Wellness Panel, (with Tooley, Goode, Ullrich) Fri, 10-
                                                                                                            11:40am Salon C
                                                                                                            Verbal First Aid, Sat 9-9:40, Salon B
              TERESA FIGUEROA                                                                               International Hypnosis Federation Instructor & Clinical Hypnotherapist,
              Energy Workers Panel, (Kenedi, Emoto, Lex, Scholl) Sat 4-5:40 Sal. C                          Rhona has over 30 years experience helping others. She is the creator of
              Psychic Sunday, Psychic Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm                                   the Jordan Guided Imagery Hypnosis Technique and has served a volunteer.
              Certified massage therapist and intuitive healer.
                                                                                                            CRAIG JUNJULAS, CHt, Award of Excellence
              LIZ FORTINI, CHt, Award of Excellence                                                         Shaman Panel, (with Stock, Nicholas) Sun, Salon C, 11-11:40
              Psychic Sunday, Channel Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm                                                 Soul Searching Certification Post-Conf 1 day, Mon, March 9, 9-5pm
              Transpersonal Hypnotherapist & psychic. Fortini holds an MBA from                             Greet divine guidance & higher powers. See auras, feel healing energy,
              Whittier College.                                                                             & reflect on past lives, spirit guides & power animals. Craig’s one-day
                                                                                                            post conference class lets you open your third eye and heart using
                                                                                              powerful techniques, demonstrations and experiences. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Craig,
              CAROL FRANCIS, PsyD, MFT, IHF Award of Excellence                               teaches in Japan and is Sedona’s Metaphysical Spiritual Association President &
              Psychic Sunday, Channel Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm                                   author of “Psychic Tarot” the companion book to the Aquarian Tarot Deck.
              Shaman and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Marriage and Family
              Therapist, & Medical & Regression Hypnotherapist, Dr. Carol Francis is                          KATHI KENEDI, CHtI, IHF Board, Award of Excellence
              a trance channel.                                                                               Hypno-Reiki I & II, Pre-Conference, W-Th, March 4-5, (14 CEs) Rm
                                                                                                              219, 9am-5pm, $300
               WENDI FREISEN, CHt                                                                             Energy Workers Panel, Moderator, (Figueroa, Emoto, Lex, Scholl)
               $$ Brainstorming, Fri, 10-10:40, Salon B                                                       Sat 4-5:40 Salon C
               End Addictions NOW, Sat 2-3:40, Room 223                                                       Psychic Sunday, Channel Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm
               First class hypnosis promotion expert and creator of the wildly                Advanced Hypno-Reiki Certification, Post-Conf, M-Tu, March 9-10, (14 CEs)
               successful website, Wendy uses hypnosis and NLP and has             Room 219, 9am-5pm, $300
               taught numerous seminars and created dozens of products.                       Own your natural gift of healing. IHF Hypnotherapy Instructor & Reiki Master
                                                                                              Teacher, Kathi, integrates mind/body/consciousness in her innovative, powerful hands-
               JULIANA FUQUA                                                                  on techniques. Her talk teaches you to run energy, clear blocks and flow universal
               Psychology of Child Psychology, Sat 5-5:40, Salon B                            source. In her Genetic Consciousness Playshop, you’ll visit your genetic coding to
               You’ll learn a lot form this very wise mother and Psychologist. She has        change and heal. Kathi herself completely recovered from MS 15 years ago. Her Pre &
               taught for five years at USC and one year at Cal State Polytechnic             Post Conference Hypno-Reiki Specialty Certification Course offer attunement and
               Pomona.                                                                        practitioner certification.

               CHRISTINA GIKAS, CHt                                                                          KATY KESSLER, CCH
               Departed Loved Ones, Sun, 11-11:40 Room 205                                                   Psychic Sunday, Psychic Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm
               Connect with departed loved ones. Hypnotically travel to a safe place                         Energy healer, teacher, dowser, & Hypnotherapist, Katy works on all
               and relate to those on the other side. If necessary release grief and then                    levels of your being. She also works with pets and properties. She’s
               enjoy spirit. Christina created the DVDs “Grief Release” and “Connect                         recently been balancing the energy of horses who carry disabled
               with a Departed Loved One.” She’s been a Hypnotherapist for 17 years.                         children.

               JACKIE GOLDBERG, CH                                                                          DEB KORTE, CHt
               “Get A Life” -Hypnosis For Seniors, Sunday NOON Luncheon,                                    Coaching Panel, (with Prudden, Feather, Miles) Friday, 4-5:40, Salon C
               Crowne Room                                                                                  Deb works in Henderson, Nevada and helps people relieve stress, and
               Hypnotist, Jackie Goldberg, the "Pink Lady,” helps baby boomers and                          pain, reach goals and have wonderful natural childbirth. This midwife
               mature adults re-examine & reinvigorate through her seminars “Get up,                        coach uses hypnosis, NLP and divine intervention.
               Get Out, and Get A Life!” She’s helped hundreds reinvent themselves,
               stay youthful, and improve their sexuality. She was crowned Miss
               Senior L.A. County in 2005 & acts on stage, in films, & commercials.
             AL KRASNER, PhD, Award of Excellence, Lifetime Achievement                                        WINIFRED MORICE, CHt, Humanitarian of The Year
             Stage Hypnosis Playshop, Sat, 10-11:40 Room 223, $30                                              Accordion Music Greeter, Fri, Registration Foyer, 7-9am
             Explore stage hypnosis with one of the old timers. Dr Krasner shares his                          Hypno-Nutrition Playshop, Fri, Room 205, 2-3:40, $30
             secrets of success. A pioneer of modern hypnotherapy, with 49 years in                            Weight Off Expert Panel, (with Dona Tooley, O’Maly, Warhank) Sat
             the field, he founded the American Institute of Hypnotherapy &                                    8-9:40, Salon C
             American Board of Hypnotherapy. He holds a PhD in Psychology and                                  Wise Guys Luncheon Panel, Saturday, 12-1:45 (Stockwell-Nicholas,
wrote, “The Wizard Within” (translated to three languages!)                                                    Attell, Babineaux, Humm)
                                                                                                Winifred makes good food fun. You will learn a lot from her. Motivational
                CLAUDIA KRIKORIAN, Humanitarian of the Year                                     Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist & Fung Shui expert, she wrote Richard Simon’s NY Best
                Montessori Teaching Methods, Sat, 4-4:40, Salon B                               Seller cookbooks and his “Deal-A-Meal Program.” Winifred was a regular guest on
                A brilliant educator, Claudia is the founder, owner, and Executive              the Dinah Shore, “Dinah” Show and is the star of the hilarious one woman show, “Up
                Director of several Southern California Montessori Schools (since               From Down Under.”.
                1978.) She shares her innovative approaches for teaching toddler to
                upper elementary children wholesome values and behavior through                               PAUL MOSTMAN, PhD, IHF Fellow, Award of Excellence
                hands-on exploration and discovery.                                                           Lawyer’s Hypnosis Panel, (with Campbell, Babineaux, DeMarco) Sat,
                                                                                                              10-10:40 Salon C
                                                                                                              Emotional Release Therapy (ERT) Playshop, Sat 2-3:40 Room 209,
              DAVE KRUEGER, CHt                                                                               $30
              Multiple Streams of Income (with Jean) Sun, 10-10:40 Salon B                                    A retired attorney, with a PhD in psych counseling, Dr Mostman has
              The Kruegers promise you will amaze youwith clever ways to bring more                           been practicing hypnosis since 1947. He specializes in psychological-
              money into your pocket. This Huntington Beach, California                         hypnosis and is co-founder of the IHF San Fernando Valley Chapter and the Institute
              Hypnotherapist specializes in Hypnosis for Sports Improvement and                 of Hypnosis & Adjunct Sciences. He was nominated to the Hypnosis Hall of Fame for
              Confidence. He co-teaches with his wife Jean.                                     his approach.

                JEAN KRUEGER, PhD, IHF Award of Excellence                                                     TERRY MOSTMAN, CHt
                Multiple Streams of Income (with Dave) Sun, 10-10:40 Salon B                                   Angels & Stress Reduction, Sat, 11-11:40 Salon B
                The Kruegers promise you will amaze youwith clever ways to bring                               If stressed, angelic presence really helps. This presentation includes a
                more money into your pocket. “Woman’s World Magazine” interviewed                              discussion and techniques to increase awareness and to call on the
                Dr Jean about her use of Self-Hypnosis to relieve fear. Includes a                             angels to reduce stress. Imagine an angel collective surrounding your
                helpful handout. Former college teacher, and Weight Watcher leader,                            client while in hypnosis. Imagine an angel for every situation. Terry has
                She wrote, “Why the Weight? Dare to be Great.”                                                 been working for 25+ years as a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master,
                                                                                                intuitive, Medium & Energy Facilitator.
              OTMAR LEX
              Self-Healing, Fri 3-3:40 Salon B                                                                 PHILLIP MOUNTROSE, PhD, IHF Award Of Excellence
              Energy Workers Panel (Kenedi, Figueroa, Emoto, Scholl) Sat 4-5:40                                Holistic Coaching Playshop, Sat, 4-5:40, Room 223, $30
              Salon C                                                                                          Make Money $$ Panel, (w/ Bothwell, Holt, Sigl) Fri, 2-3:40, Salon C
              Use intuition, observation & altered states to reconnect with your self-                         Learn a 7-part roadmap for accelerated spiritual growth and
              healing abilities. Otmar’s technique can be done and taught in 1-hour.                           manifesting the life of your dreams. Coaching is the perfect
              Includes, how we suppress and reactivate natural healing energy flow.                            complement to hypnotherapy. Drawn from the Mountroses’ book
Austrian, electrical engineer, land surveyor, and US certified hypnotherapist, Otmar,                          “Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, & SK.” This holistic "Dr. Phil,"
used energy work to overcome debilitating physical weakness. He has just finished a             shows you how to use effectively coach yourself or someone else. Phillip has an
new book about the awareness of your body.                                                      holistic coaching and healing tele-course that he marketed on line.

              ROXANNE LOUISE, CHt                                                                              RICHARD NEVES, PhD, IHF Board, IHF Instructor, Award of
              Compulsion/Addiction Help Panel, (with Warhank, S. Van-Coops,                                    Excellence
              Ansari) Sun, Salon C, 9-10:40                                                                    NLP Techniques Certification 2-day (14 CEs), Post Conf M-Tu,
              Jingles/Raps Hypnosis, Sun, 5-5:40 Salon B                                                       March 9-10, 9am-5pm, Room 209 $300
              Enjoy walking mantras a compelling easy way to reinforce suggestion.                             Sub-Modalities Playshop, Sat, March 7, 10-11:45, Room 205, $30
              Dance, sing, move & get creative juices flowing. This light-hearted                              Easily change attitudes and behavior, cure ails and anchor joy…
approach can be used immediately for adults and kids. High school teacher, opera and                           riveting. Dr Neves served as the American Board of Hypnotherapy
jazz singer, Roxanne comes from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Central, Virginia. She              President for 12 years and is now an NLP, & Hypnosis trainer and Coach here, and in
was featured in a full-page article in the New York Times & has written numerous                England, and Japan. His 2-day Post-Conference NLP Techniques certification course
books including, “Yes, You Can Stop Smoking.”                                                   offers have hands-on practical training you can use immediately.

             ALBERT MAROTTA, MA, IHF Fellow, Award Of Excellence                                             MARY O'MALEY, MS, CHtI, Award of Excellence
             Pre & Pari Natal Regression Playshop, Sun, 4-5:40, Room 219, $30                                Weight Off Panel, (with Dona Tooley, Morice, Warhank) Sat, 8-9:40am
             Dead Entity Panel, Moderator (with Hutchenson, Van Slotan, Ward)                                Salon C
             Sun, 2-3:40, Salon C                                                                            Psychic Sunday, Channel Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm
             A college professor for over thirty years Albert Marotta is a Clinical                          Certified International Hypnosis Federation Instructor, Mary, has a
             Hypnotherapist, lecturer, and workshop director who uses hypnotic sense                         Master’s Degree from Clayton College of Natural Health and is the
             memory for the blind. In his playshop explore who you were with                                 President of Natural Alternative Therapies. She works at Kaiser helping
dynamic Pre and Peri-Natal regression.                                                                       very large people to change their eating patterns.

              JOAN MEIJER                                                                                     KEN OWENS, CHt
              Jump Start Your Book, Friday 4-4:40, Salon B                                                    Hypno-Massage Playshop, Sat 10-11:40, Room 209, $30
              Write a book that positions you as an expert in your field. Highly                              Stage Hypnosis Show “H’pnotix Show With an Extra Twist” (Co-Star
              experiential this is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing.                    Christopher Ray) Friday, 8pm
                                                                                                              Master marketer Ken holds a Master’s Degree and works as a Clinical
             MARJORIE MILES, MFT, DCH                                                                         Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist in Las Vegas, Nevada. He will
             Coaching Panel, (with Prudden, Feather, Korte) Friday, 4-5:40, Salon C                           teach you how to use touch and suggestion for terrific results.
             Inspired Dreaming, Sat, Salon B, 3-3:40
             Wake up your magical dreaming mind! Use sleep-dreams and day-dreams                              ZEBE PEARSALL, CHt
             to live life’s dreams! Marriage/Family Therapist, Dr Miles, author of                            Art Therapy For Kids Playshop, Fri, 4-5:40 Room 223, $30
             “Dream Doors,” teaches you step-by-step methods to unlock your genius                            Artist/Hypnotherapist Zebe teaches positive affirmations to children
through the ancient art of dream incubation. Her slimming strategies, like her                                with disabilities in the Houston/Pasadena Texas area. She shares her use
successful “donate your weight,” are part of her mind/body fitness-coaching program.                          of art therapy and suggestion in her work.

              LAURIE H. MILLER, CCH                                                                           ELAINE PERLISS, CHt, Award of Excellence
              The Perfect First Session Playshop, Fri, 2-3:40, Room 223, $30                                  Body Language Playshop, Friday 4-5:40, Room 205, $30
              4 easy steps quickly re-program the mind to manifest what your client truly                     A master of Therapeutic Imagery, NLP, & Time Line techniques that
              wants. Experience a session geared for immediate results that it is the perfect                 enhance client’s well-being, Elaine is a Hypnotherapist, Instructor, who
              lead in for future sessions. Really help with weight, stress, sleep, anxiety,                   brings 20 years prior experience as an Entertainment Industry Executive
              fears, confidence, study/exam, sports, motivation and more. Laurie has 25+                      to hypnosis. She’s the past President of the AFL-CIO Hypnotherapists
experience and is President of the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy.                        Union, Local 472.

DEBRA MITTLER, CHt                                                                                           WAYNE PERRY
             Anorexia Help, Sun, Salon B, 11-                                                                Sound Frequency Healing Playshop, Sat, Room 223, 8-9:40, $30
             11:40                                                                                           Use your voice as a therapeutic wellness tool. Learn harmonic
             Learn do’s & don’ts that really help                                                            resonance and your own unique “sonic fingerprint.” Featured on CNN,
             someone with this eating disorder.                                                              CBS, The Roseanne Show, Strange Universe, America's Talking, Alive
             Debra is a living-proof expert on                                                               & Wellness, he hosts TVs “Wayne Perry's Heart Touch.” He wrote
             hypnosis that helps severe anorexics.                                                           “SOUND MEDICINE: The Complete Guide to Healing with the
             Debra is the author of “Free Yourself                                              Human Voice.”
From Anorexia and Bulimia: An Autobiographical
Self-Help Journey.”
               SUSAN PICKING, CH                                                                        BETTY SCOTT, PhD, Award of Excellence
               Thursday Night Songs, “Namaste” Invocation & “The Greatest Love of                       NLP Panel, Moderator (with Auerbach, Fentress) Sat, 2-3:40, Salon C
               All” Th, 8pm Salon B/C                                                                   Creativity Rules Playshop, Fri, 10-11:40, Room 209, $30
               Friday Morning Invocation Song, “The Constant Light” Fri, 9am, Salon                     New thoughts create new neural pathways. The more creative YOU are,
               B/C                                                                                      the more easily you release blocks and deal with difficult time. This
               Susan’s been performing in Southern California for 6 years. She writes                   fascinating and fun class lets go of a flow of terrific ideas. It also has
               her own music and lyrics and has recently released her first CD.                         many handouts. As a 26-year Professor of fine arts at the University of
                                                                                           Missouri at Columbia, Dr Scott uses her astoundingly popular university “creative
              PADMAN PILLAI, MSc, CCHt, IHF Fellow                                         process” NLP techniques. Retired now in Tucson, Arizona. she plays in a band & an
              Meditation Certification, Pre-Conference half day, (3 CEs) Th, March         orchestra.
              5, 1-4:30 pm, Harbor II, $75
              Hypnotherapist and teacher, Padman Pillai, has been practicing and                          CRAIG SIGL
              teaching meditation for over 36 years. Trained by world famous gurus                        Make Money $$ Panel, (with Bothwell, Holt, Mountrose) Fri, 2-3:40,
              from India, he will teach you the fine art of meditation in a simple,                       Salon C
              natural and relaxing way. He has recently appeared on international                         $$ Making Websites, Post-Conference, 1-day March 9, 9am-5pm,
              television shows.                                                                           (7CEs) $150
                                                                                                          Dynamic radio guest and writer, Craig uses publicity and social network
                SUZY PRUDDEN CHt, IHF Board, Award of Excellence, Life Time                               marketing to increase his exposure. He’s an accomplished athlete,
                Achievement Award                                                          fearless promoter, and lives everything he teaches. A former Fortune 500 manager
                Friday Warm-Up, Fri, 9am, Salon B/C                                        responsible for a $50 million operation and 40 employees. His full-day post
                Coaching Panel, Moderator (with Feather, Korte, Miles) Fri, 4-5:40,        conference class includes everything Craig has mastered about writing copy,
                Salon C                                                                    conversions, internet marketing, on the Internet Craig Sigl is a Hypnosis and NLP
                Be A Coach Playshop, Sat 8-9:40, Room 219, $30                             trainer specializing in Business and Sports Performance.
                Saturday Night Banquet Show Hostess/Raffle Cheerleader
Be a coach, augment your other practices and add another income stream. You can                           WALTER STOCK, CHI, IHF Fellow & Researcher, Award of
work in person or on the phone. Suzy’s panel and playshop give you what you need to                       Excellence
know. You’ve seen her on Oprah, now she will teach you some of her energy secrets.                        Shaman Panel, Moderator (with Junjulas, Stockwell-Nicholas) Sun,
She is the founder of Suzy Prudden International, and MetaFitness Body Mind                               Salon C, 11-11:40
Institute, in El Segundo, CA Her popular 13 books, include her latest “The Itty-Bitty                     Tarot & Runes Playshop, Sun, 2-3:40, Room 219, $30
Weight Loss Book.”                                                                                        Psychic Sunday, Psychic Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm
                                                                                                          His playshop combines two divination tools, tarot and runes for
              CHRISTOPHER RAY                                                                             powerful counseling motivation. Includes a demonstration & hands-on
              H’pnotix- The Show, (with Ken Owens) Friday, 8 pm                            practice. Walter is an adjunct Professor/Scholar of Irish Gaelic (NY University) &
              His unexpected illusions and quick-witted humor make Chris a popular         Irish Language Examiner (University of Arizona & Vassar College). He shares
              performer in Palm Springs and Las Vegas.                                     shamanic wisdom of Irish, Scottish, Manx, Welsh & Cornish traditions and is a
                                                                                           sponsoring member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
             HELEN REDDY, Saturday Night Honoree
             Megastar and Grammy award winning singer and author of “The Woman                             SHELLEY STOCKWELL-NICHOLAS, PhD, IHF Founder &
             I,” Helen made “I am woman hear me roar” a household phrase in the                            Spokesperson
             1970s. Helen retired from live performance in 2002 and now practices as                       “It’s All About YOU” Keynote Fri, March 6 Salon B/C 9-9:40
             a clinical hypnotherapist and motivational speaker. She lives in Australia.                   Friday Luncheon “Play With Your Food” Crowne Room, Fri, Noon-
             Helen shares the story her incredible journey from singer-songwriter to                       1:30
             hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher.                                                         Hypnosis 101, Sat, Salon B, 8-8:40
                                                                                                           Saturday Wise Guys Lunch Panel, Moderator (w/ Attell, Babineaux,
              NINA REZHETS                                                                                 Humm, Morice) Crowne Room
              Psychic Sunday, Psychic Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm                                Saturday Eve Banquet/Show, Master of Ceremonies, Salon B/C, 7-10pm
              Kabbalistic Mysticism expert she comes from Russia and teaches               Shaman Panel, (with Stock, Junjulas) Sun, Salon C, 11-11:40
              workshops in the Los Angeles area on how to integrate the tree of life       Psychic Sunday, Channel Panel, Moderator, Salon B/C, 8pm
              into your life.                                                              Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist Certification, Post-Conf, 5-day M-F, March, 9-13 9am-5pm,
                                                                                           Room 223, $997
              MARGARET ROGERS VAN-COOPS, DCH, Award of Excellence                          Hypnosis Instructor Certification, Post-Conf, 5-day M-F, March, 9-13 9am-6pm,
              Sensory Touch Therapy Playshop, (with Steven) Fri, 10-11:40, Room            Rm 223, (150 hour pre-req) $1297
              223, $30                                                                     Your hostess with the mostest, IHF President, Hypnotherapist, & Channel, Dr Shelley
              This hands-on playshop lets you use touch as a therapeutic tool to move      is author of 14 books including: “Hypnosis: Smile on Your Face & $ Your Pocket,”
              forward in life. Clinical Hypnotherapist, minister and clairvoyant           “Time Travel: Do-It-Yourself Past Life Journey Handbook,” “Denial is Not a River In
              Margaret wrote 12 books and hosts the cable TV show, “Psychic Chit-          Egypt: Overcome Addiction, Compulsion and Fear With Dr. Stockwell’s Self-
              Chat.” She teaches is teaching Japan, China, England, & India.               Hypnosis System,” contributing editor of “McGill’s Hypnotherapy Encyclopedia,” and
                                                                                           the new “Stockwell’s Hypnosis Dictionary & Scripts.” She’s a regular expert on radio,
             LAURA RUBINSTEIN, CHt, IHF Award of Excellence                                television and in print and creator of “Joy Therapy,” her TV “Shelley Show” won an
             Money Making Seminars Playshop, (with Brucker) Fri 10-11:40 Room              Angel Award of Excellence. Dr Stockwell-Nicholas has been teaching the nuts & bolts
             219                                                                           of Hypnosis & Spiritual Counseling for 28 years! If you know everything or nothing,
             Help the world and yourself thrive. Learn the nuts and bolts of               her stunning style brings you to a new level. Dr Shelley is a guest speaker at the MFT
             presenting a content rich experience, Includes tools for building success     Masters Program at California State University Dominguez Hills,
             for challenging times with stress management, motivation, relationship
             and weight reduction. A Master Leadership Coach and Certified                                  RICHARD SUTPHEN, CHI, Award Of Excellence Winner
Hypnotherapist, Laura coaches business professionals. She is the author of “Transform                       Find Your Soul Mate Playshop, Sat 8-9:40, Room 209, $30
Your Body in the Mental Gym” and founder of “”                                           New Media Marketing Playshop, Sat 2-3:40 Room 205, $30
                                                                                                            Learn new ways to use the Web as the ultimate marketing vehicle.
              SANDRA SANDERS, IHF Humanitarian of the Year                                                  From simple web-columns and blogs, to Web-Radio shows, E-Blasts,
              Business Success, Sat, 11-11:40, Salon C                                                      Freebies, You tube, My Space Groups and Webinars like “Dick
              Learn the psychology of success from the IHF Humanitarian of the Year                         Sutphen’s Metaphysical World” #1 a web-radio show that adds
              Award winner, the brilliant entrepreneur and owner of a mega group of                         25,000+ new listeners each month who subscribe to iTunes for their
              Southern California Real Estate services. She’s your perfect role model      iPods. He’ll tell you how. His latest book “Soul Agreements,” explores destiny and
              if you want to make it BIG.                                                  scripts made prior to this earth walk with parents, lovers, children and others.

              CINDY SAWYER, CH                                                                           BEVERLY TAYLOR, CHt, IHF Award of Excellence
              Psychic Sunday, Channel Panel, Sun Salon B/C, 8pm                                          Get Organized Playshop, Sun, Room 205, 2-3:40, $30
              Spiritual Counselor & Hypnotist Cindy brings her natural intuitive gifts                   Learn about Beverley’s orderly method using a client's own words &
              and rich world view to the psychic panel.                                                  metaphors. Experience her easy key to life method for happier clients.
                                                                                                         Beverly is a wellness coach, speaker (Spanish & English) with 4
                                                                                                         books including, “Clutter to Clarity” & “The Easy Key to Life.” Her
                                                                                                         10 CDs include “Baby Steps to Orderliness.” A Learning Channel TV
               PETER H. SCHOLL,                                                            segment “Help I’m a Hoarder” featured her work.
               Quantum Technology, Sat, 2-2:40, Salon B
               Explore energy thought transference and the true nature of the
               subconscious. Touch on the “structure” of                                                  JOHN THOMPSON
               the 3rd dimensional vacuum as postulated                                                   Psychic Sunday, Psychic Panel, Salon B/C, 8pm
               by scientist Nassim Haramein. Includes                                                     This psychic helper comes to us from Oregon. Psychic panel
               character and location of memory and the
subconscious, how they communicate and how to use this
as an induction and/or to give suggestions. Mechanical
Engineer, hypnotist and psychotherapist, Peter was born
in Switzerland and now lives in Canada. He designed a
fuel efficient Oscillating Piston Engine and works as a
consulting engineer in environmentally regenerative
               NICCOLOUS THOMPSON, PhD, IHF Award of Excellence                                         A.L. WARD, Award Of Excellence, 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award
               Trichotillomania, Sun 3-3:40 Salon B                                                     Dead Entity Panel, (with Marotta, Hutchenson, Leidecker, Van Slotan)
               Hypnosis 4 Kids Playshop, Sun 9-10:40, Room 219, $30                                     Sun, 2-3:40, Salon C
               Stop hair pulling and other compulsive behavior. Dr Thompson                             A.L. has been doing hypnosis since 1956 & was first to use it for police
               specializes in helping children & teens. You’ll learn the latest                         investigations. He wrote “Inner Mind Revisited” and “Heaven; The Road
               techniques. Dr Thompson created (2004) the IHF Medical Hypnosis                          Back Home” about inner & outer life forms. Come pick his brain. In his
               Internship Program with a medical doctor/psychiatrist. He wrote,                         Thursday, 1-day pre-conference specialty certification course, he joins
“Hypnotherapy for Children,” “Hypnotherapy for the Sexually Abused,” and                   America’s leading authorities in the field of spirit releasement.
“Hypnotherapy for Teens.” He is a technical hypnosis advisor for major motion
pictures. Youngsters are welcome guests for demonstrations.                                                 JOHN D. WARHANK, CHt, Board, IHF Instructor, South Bay IHF
                                                                                                            Chapter President
              DONA TOOLEY, CHI                                                                              Weight Off Experts Panel, (with Morice, Dona Tooley, O’Maley) Sat,
              Weight Off Panel, Moderator (with Morice, O’Maley, Warhank) Sat,                              Salon C, 8-9:40
              Salon C, 8-9:40                                                                               Compulsion/Addiction Help Panel, Moderator, (Ansari, Louise, S.
              Art Therapy Mandala Playshop, (with Duncan Tooley) Sun, 9-10:40,                              Van-Coops) Sun, Salon C, 9-10:40
              Room 209, $30                                                                                 Hypnosis FOUR (4) Results, Sunday 4-4:40 Salon B
              Learn a powerful fascinating art therapy approach in this very special                        John lives his work with his “release weight with me” program for
mandala playshop using subconscious drawing. This powerful art therapy process             permanent realistic weight release. His practical and powerful original four-step
brings the subconscious and superconscious to life. An expert on weight loss, IHF          approach is great for everything. John used hypnosis in Viet Nam to survive and now has
Great Shape Instructor, Dona used hypnosis to drop 8 dress sizes and is still              a professional hypnosis practice in Torrance California. He also uses Forensic Hypnosis,
reshaping her body and helps others do the same. She co-facilitates Tooley                 and Past Life Regression. John and his wife Sharon chair our IHF volunteers each year.
Transformation Training.
                                                                                                                 DIVORCE COUNSELING
               DUNCAN TOOLEY, CHI
               Visualize Wellness Panel, Moderator (with Goode, Jordan, Ullrich) Fri,                          SPECIALTY CERTIFICATION
               10-11:40am Salon C                                                           Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including divorce mediation, mediating the
               Give A Hypnosis Talk, Fri, 2-2:40, Salon B                                   litigated family law case, collaborative divorce, marital mediations (couples
               Art-Therapy Mandala Playshop, (with Dona Tooley) Sun, 9-10:40,               counseling), will be presented. This very special certification pre-conference course
               Room 209, $30                                                                will be taught by the brilliant attorney Brian Campbell. His class is highly interactive
               Enjoy universal connectedness & consciousness with your own                  as you learn and master a combination of settlement techniques, theories, and
mandala. Learn a mandala meditation, bask in inner light and then receive gifts from        applications.
spirit. Use this for yourself and clients. Includes stunning slide presentation and dual    Participants will participate in vignettes, role-play, and mediation. Each participant
voice induction CD. An artist, Art Therapist, and Hypnotherapist, A pain management         will act as mediator and party. Traditional mediation, as well as transformational and
specialist, Duncan runs Tooley Transformation Training.                                     generative mediation techniques, will be covered.
                                                                                            Hours will be credited toward the 40 hour mediation certification.
               KERRY TUSCHHOFF, CHt, Award of Excellence                                    An optional 2-hour after dinner marketing seminar will be included.
               Hypnobabies Playshop, Friday, 2-2:40, Room 209, $30                          CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN
               Foremost authority on childbirth hypnosis for 20+ years.                     All change, in the final analysis, is brought about by conflict in ourselves. When the
               “HypnoBabies” and “” creator to train families for            pain of staying where you are, exceeds the fear of the unknown, change occurs.
               easy, unmedicated childbirth. She wrote, “Hypnobabies: Eyes Open             Disputes arise from that change of circumstances. When the dispute is resolved with
               Childbirth Hypnosis,” “The Hypnobabies Home Study Course” &                  both parties, emotionally, spiritually, and financially intact the change is a lasting one.
               numerous articles. Learn how childbirth hypnosis is used before, during      In the field of Marital Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), the mediator as the
labor, in delivery and afterward. Kerry demonstrates techniques that give baby a            healer must assess the position of the parties on the change scale. Are they
wonderful welcome. She hosts radio/internet “Hypnobabies Live” on           ambivalent, committed to change, or are they holding on to the past?
                                                                                            I am reminded of a Native American story about two wolves: One evening, an old
              ANN JOSEPHINE ULLRICH, PhD                                                    Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said,’ My
              Visualize Wellness Panel,                                                     son, the battle is between two ‘Wolves’ inside us all.
              with Tooley, Goode, Jordan Fri, 10-11:40am Salon C                            One is Evil- it’s anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed arrogance, self pity, guilt,
              Symbolic Language Playshop, Sun, 2-3:40, Room 209, $30                        resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.
              Listen to the symbolic language that transcends words. Dr Ann helps           The other is Good- It’s joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness,
              you discover your full potential, hidden strengths, and special talents.      benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.’
              Learn to push through blocks and issues that hold you back. Includes          The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather,’ Which
              personal symbols. Dr. Ullrich is a Hypnotherapist, and Ordained               wolf wins?’ The old Cherokee simply replied: ‘The one you feed.’
Minister with a degree in Theology. Her weekly newspaper column, “Soul Soup”                In a conflict, the parties are often times feeding the wrong wolf, which blinds them to
appeared in the “Talucan Times” for 15 years.                                               a higher purpose, Einstein tells us, that conflict can never be solved on the level it was
                                                                                            created. In rising above the polarity to a higher neurological level equality, values,
             STEVEN VAN-COOPS, DCH                                                          belief, identity, and connectedness, we feed the good wolf. The parties’ view of the
             Sensory Touch Therapy Playshop, with Margaret Fri, 10-11:40,                   problem has loosened and they can obtain an agreement frame defusing the emotions
             Room 223, $30                                                                  and empowering the spirit of cooperation.
             Compulsion/Addiction Help Panel, Warhank, Ansari, Louise                       The parties can return to the conflict level with a new perspective. The problem has
             Sun, 9-10:40, Salon C                                                          not changed, but the parties have. This is the cornerstone of transformation counseling.
             Enjoy a hands-on playshop that lets you use touch as a therapeutic tool        This process can avoid the emotional and financial cost that litigation entails.
             to move forward in life. Hypnotist, aroma therapist and psychic
             development specialist, Dr Van Coops collaborated on books with his            DIVORCE MEDIATION CERTIFICATION, Brian Campbell, JD
wife Margaret Rogers.                                                                       3-day (21 CEs), T-Th, March 3-5, 9am-5pm, Room 205, $457
                                                                                            Help people communicate cooperatively to resolve disputes. As a legal
              JARED VAN SLOTEN, CHt                                                         government sanctioned neutral helper, you’ll feel terrific and make a
              Dead Entity Panel, with Marotta, Hutchenson, Leidecker, Ward                  difference. This class allows you to immediately earn upward of $300 an
              Sun, Salon C, 2-3:40                                                          hour as a “Certified Mediator and Settlement Facilitator There are
              Spirit Releasement expert; Van Sloten uses direct coaching, remote            literally thousands of jobs awaiting. IHF members make perfect peace &
                                                                                            conflict managers, for those going through a divorce. Neutral mediation
              psychic and pendulum methods for regression and earthbound entity
                                                                                            is similar to subpersonality resolution. Class includes workbook
                                                                                            “Divorce Mediation” and extracts from “The Collaborative Way To
                                                                                            Divorce,” role-plays and the actual dispute resolution techniques. This
               JAMES WANLESS, PhD, IHF board, Award of Excellence
                                                                                            first-ever hypno-resolution approach to divorce counseling will assist
               Tarot Counseling Certification Pre-Conf (14 CEs)                             you in all interactions. Class instructor is attorney, Hypnotherapist and
               W-Th, March 4-5, 9am-5pm, Rm 209, $300                                       Dispute Resolution expert, Brian Campbell, who has 31 years, with
               Use Symbolic Therapy, archetypes and imagery to tap your                     1000+ mediation and arbitration cases to call upon.
               subconscious mind. James holds a PhD in Philosophy from Columbia
               University and is "Voyager Tarot Cards” and 6 bestselling books
               (“Intuition @ Work”) are translated into dozens of languages.
Experienced to novice, Counselors, Therapists, Intuitives, Energizers, Coaches, and
Healers will benefit from his profound hands-on 2-day pre-conference Specialty
Certification. Celebrate your hero/shero journey.
                                                                                              VENDORS ARE IN
               DORNE WANNENBURG
               Psychic Sunday, Psychic Panel, March 9, Salon B/C, 8pm
               Born and raised in South Africa, Dorne’s lived in the USA for the past
                                                                                                 SALON “A”
               14 years. She uses her psychic "gift” to support others.
                                                                                              EVERYTHING YOU
                                                                                               EVER WANTED!
                                                IHF REGISTRATION FORM
         It’s All About YOU FUN Conference 2009
             • Mar ch 5,6,7,8 •Pr e: Mar ch 3-5 •Post: Mar ch 9-13th
                                                                                                           Friday March 6 Playshops: @ $30 each
             REGISTRATION INCLUDES:                                                     10-11:40 Babineaux, Forensic Hypnosis
REGISTRATION INCLUDES:                                                                  10-11:40 Scott, Creativity Rules
 Talks From Top Presenters                                                              10-11:40 VanCoops, Sensory Touch
 Thursday Evening: Harbor Cruise, Limited space available                               10-11:40 Rubinstein/Brucker, $$ Seminar
 Thursday Evening: YOUR Birthday Party Luau                                             2-3:40 Morice, Hypno-Nutrition
 Friday Learning Lunch & Evening Stage Hypnosis Shows, Almaraz & Owens
                                                                                        2-3:40 Tuschhoff, Hypnobabies
 Saturday Learning Lunch & Evening Banquet & Really Big Showcase
 Sunday Learning Lunch & Psychic Sunday Panels                                          2-3:40 Miller: Perfect 1st Session
 3 playshops of your choice!                                                            2-3:40 Attell: Meant To Meet
 Possible 27 CE Credits (+71 Pre & Post CE’s possible)                                  4-5:40 Perliss: Body Language
                                                                                        4-5:40 Fentress: NLP
             REGISTER HERE & NOW!                                                       4-5:40 Pearsall: Art Therapy 4 Kids
                           Circle your choices                                          4-5:40 Chua: Crisis Intervention
IHF MEMBERS $397 after February 1..................... $442                                               Saturday March 7 Playshops: @ $30 each
NON-MEMBERS $437 after February 1 .....................$482 8-9:40 Goode: Great Golf Playshop
IHF annual DUES OR RENEWAL................................$65                            8-9:40 Sutphen: Find Your Soulmate
ADDITIONAL 2-HOUR PLAYSHOPS........................ $30                                  8-9:40 Perry: Sound Frequency Healing
LUNCH EVENTS ONLY................................................$35                     8-9:40 Prudden: Be A Coach
Saturday Eve BANQUET SHOWCASE ONLY............$50 10-11:40 Neves: Submodalities
ONE DAY ONLY .............................................................$150 10-11:40 Owens: Hypno-Massage
                                                                                        10-11:40 Krasner: Stage Hypnosis
                                                                                        10-11:40 Feather: Perfect Sessions
Pre-Conference Specialty Certification Courses:                                         2-3:40 Sutphen: New Media Marketing
DIVORCE MEDIATION, Brian Campbell, JD                                                   2-3:40 Mostman: Emotional Release Therapy
T-Th, March 3-5, 9-5pm, (21 CEs) ................................................$457   2-3:40 Freisen: End Addiction NOW
TAROT COUNSELING, James Wanless, PhD                                                    2-3:40 Feldman: Anchor Joy
W-Th, March 4-5, 9-5pm, (14 CEs)............................................... $300    4-5:40 Bothwell: Corporate Trainer
HYPNO-REIKI I & II, Kathi Kenedi, CHI                                                   4-5:40 Almaraz: Rapid Inductions
W-Th, March 4-5, 9-5pm, (14 CEs)...............................................$300     4-5:40 Mountrose: Holistic Couching
INTERNET MARKET YOU, Michael Holt, CHI                                                  4-5:40 Feldman: Erickson Teaching Tales
Th, March 5, 9-5pm, (7 CEs).......................................................$150                     Sunday March 8 Playshops: @ $30 each
ADVANCED PARTS THERAPY, Jaime Feldman, DCS                                              9-10:40 Deicks: Get & Keep Clients
Th, March 5, 9-5pm, (7CE’S).......................................................$150
                                                                                        9-10:40 Tooleys: Art Therapy Mandalas
SACRED MEDITATION, Padman Pillai,                                                       9-10:40 Thompson: Hypnosis for Kids
                                                                                        2-3:40 Ullrich: Symbolic Language
Th March 5, 1-4:30pm, (3 CEs) ......................................................$75
                                                                                        2-3:40 Stock: Tarot & Runes

Post Conference Specialty Certification Courses:                                       Member Registration_____________________                   $397 ________
                                                                                       Non-Member Registration ________________                   $437 ________
SOUL SEARCHING CERTIFICATION Junjulas,                                                 After February 1st_______________________ ad $45 ________
M, March 9, 9am-5pm, (7 CEs)................................................... $150   Membership____________________________                      $65 ________
$$$ MAKING WEBSITES Craig Sigl,                                                        One Day Fee (circle which day) Fri-Sat-Sun                 $150 ________
M, March 9, 9am-5pm, (7 CEs) ...................................................$150   Pre & Post-Conf $75, $150, $300, $457, $997 or $1247 $________
ADV HYPNO-REIKI III & VI Kenedi,                                                       Playshops #_____X_____..........................@ $30=        $________
                                                                                       Sat Banquet & Show only # ___________ X $50                   $ _______
M-Tu, March 9-10, 9am-5pm, (14 CEs)...........................................$300
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M-Tu, March 9-10, 9am-5pm, (14 CEs)...........................................$300     Name (on credit card)____________________________________

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Dr Shelley, M-F, March 9-13, 9am-5pm, (50                                              City___________________________________________________
CEs) ............................................$997
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HYPNOSIS INSTRUCTOR                                                                    Home Phone_______________
TRAINING, Dr Shelley
(150 hrs Required) M-F 8am- 5pm 60 ce’s,                                               Check or Visa, Master Charge, American Express (circle one)
March 9-13 ........................... $1247
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                                                                                       Exp Date______________ 3 digit Number on back __________


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