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         Sean Greeley, Eric Ruth & Dick Chilton’s                     Highlights of What’s Inside
                                                                      this Catalog:

         Make More
                                                                      • Double Your Closing Percentage & Double
                                                                      Your Average Package Size Within 8 Weeks
                                                                      or Less
                                                                      ................................................ Page 48
                                                                      • The Only Proven Way to Get Complete

                                                                      Control Over Your Fitness Business & Start
                                                                      Banking 3X, 4X, Even 5X More…While
                                                                      Working Less
                                                                      ................................................ Page 32
                                                                      • How To Flood Your Fitness Business With
                                                                      Red-Hot Leads Every Single Month And Hit
                                                                      ‘Critical Mass’ At Warp Speed
                            SYSTEMS, TOOLS, AND COACHING TO EXPLODE
                            YOUR FITNESS BUSINESS NOW!TM
                                                                      ................................................ Page 6
                                                                      • Complete Done-for-You Marketing
                                                                      Campaigns & Seminar Presentations!
                                                                      Attraction PLUS Conversion!
                                                                      ................................................ Page 8
                                                                      • Discover the Secret Sales Strategies
                                                                      Fitness Professionals Are Using to Make
                                                                      $4,000, $7,000 even $10,000 or more
                                                                      Through Easy to Set-up Public Speaking
                                                                      ................................................ Page 43
                                                                      • Protect Yourself From Being Sued, Trainers
                                                                      Stealing Clients, and More
                                                                      ................................................ Page 35

                                                                      • All the Hard Work has Been Done for You.

                                                                      Now You Just “Push The Button” to Launch

                                                                      Your Own Physician Referral System!

                                                                      ................................................ Page 11

                                                                      • The Quickest, Easiest Way to Inject a

                                                                      Massive Cash Windfall Into Your Bank

                                                                      ................................................ Page 42

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                                                                                  a Message From Sean and eric…
                   table of Contents
                                                                           Inside this catalogue, you will find the biggest “buffet” of
Deep Core Fitness Marketing System ................ 6
                                                                           NPE fitness business success systems, tools and strategies
Gold Rush System .............................................. 8
                                                                           we’ve ever offered - all in one place.
Physician’s Referral System .............................. 10
Info Millions ....................................................... 12   You’ll find information on everything from our popular
Maximum Response Fitness Marketing ............ 13                         training courses such as the untouchable AUTO-CLOSER™
Secrets of Social Proof ..................................... 14           Fitness Sales System (Pg 40), the outstanding DEEP-
Small Group Coaching ...................................... 15             CORE™ Fitness Marketing System (Pg 6) and the essential
Advanced Public Speaking ............................... 16                DUPLICATOR™ Fitness Management System (Pg 32)…
Database Management Systems ...................... 17                      Plus, you will also have the opportunity to discover our
Advanced Lead Generation Systems ............... 18                        “lesser known gems” too, such as GOLD RUSH™ (Pg 8),
Advance Follow-up & Conversion ..................... 19                    CASH FLOW SURGE™ (Pg 42), INFO MILLIONS™ (Pg
Copywriting Secrets .......................................... 20          12), PYHSICIAN’S REFERRAL SYSTEM™ (Pg 10) and
Nutrition Marketing Systems ............................. 21               so much more!
Referral Marketing Systems ............................. 22
                                                                           In fact, because this catalogue is so comprehensive – if you
Internet Marketing Systems .............................. 23
                                                                           cannot find something you absolutely MUST have for your
Info-Product Creation Systems ......................... 24
                                                                           fitness business – we’ll spend the rest of our days looking
Direct Mail Marketing Systems ......................... 25
                                                                           out for flying pigs, UFO’s and other things just as utterly
Grow Your Business with Strategic Alliances .... 26
Publicity and Media Marketing Systems ........... 27
Advertising Systems ......................................... 28           Seriously, it doesn’t matter what type of fitness business you
Advanced Publicity Systems .............................. 29               own, what stage of growth you’re at or what skill-set you
Advanced Referral Marketing .......................... 30                  have; the tool(s), system(s), and solution(s) you have been
Referral Marketing System ................................. 31             looking for to transform your business into what you’ve
Duplicator .......................................................... 32   always imagined and hoped it should be is in between these
Find, Hire, Train & Manage Staff ....................... 34                pages for you somewhere.
Legal Protection ............................................... 35
Tracking & Understanding Your Numbers ........ 36
                                                                           Simply start flipping and see for yourself.
The Blueprint ..................................................... 37     To Your Success,
Time Management System ................................ 38
Product & Service Selling Systems ................. 39
Auto-Closer ........................................................ 40
Cash Flow Surge System ................................. 42
Platform Selling Toolkit ...................................... 43         Eric Ruth
Profitable Corporate Fitness Systems .............. 44
                                                                           Sean Greeley and Eric Ruth
Mastering Your Mind ........................................ 45
Technology Resources ....................................... 46            NPE, LLC
Special Bundles ................................................. 47

                                                                               NPE, LLC
                                                                               6409 Fayetteville Road Ste 120-302
                                       SYSTEMS, TOOLS, AND COACHING TO EXPLODE Durham NC 27713
                                       YOUR FITNESS BUSINESS NOW!  TM

                                                                               Phone: 1-888-866-4998 Fax: 1.888.866.4998

                 DEEP-CORE™ Fitness Marketing System
                    “How To Flood Your Fitness Business With Red-Hot Leads
                  Every Single Month And Hit ‘Critical Mass’ At Warp Speed…”
  The ONLY Comprehensive and                                 Here’s what’s covered on the live webinars (and dvd       kit and more
   Complete, A-Z, Step-By-Step,                              recordings in the home study):                               • Print advertising in newspapers, magazines and
 STRATEGIC Marketing System In                               The only comprehensive and complete, a-z, step-           community newsletters
                                                             by-step, strategic marketing system in the history of        • Tools discussion - how to use them
The History of the Fitness Industry!
                                                             the fitness industry! Contains all the done-for-you       In module four, we focus on your ‘external’ market-
                                                             marketing systems and tools you need to get started       ing – moving ‘suspects’ to prospects via the most
    Contains all the done-for-you                            immediately...Plus a large process map poster to          effective low-cost, high-impact fitness marketing
  marketing systems and tools you                            hang on your office wall that gives you complete          systems available to you. It is vital that you have
  need to get started immediately...                         clarity about how everything integrates!                  diversification in your marketing to ensure a steady
 plus a large process map poster to                                                                                    flow of new leads from a variety of sources. Relying
 hang on your office wall that gives                         Module three                                              on just one or two lead-gen methods is foolish and
                                                                 • Setting up your prospect-to-client “funnel”         suicidal. Diversity gives stability.
   you complete clarity about how
                                                                 • Choosing and creating lead generation “bait
        everything integrates!                               pieces” (reports, audios, videos, e-courses, etc.)        Module five
                                                                 • Secrets of titling your bait pieces for maximum        • Mastering internal fitness marketing relationship
Until now, every marketing program available in the          attractor-factor                                          building and promotion
fitness industry has either:                                     • Setting up your funnel campaigns in the data-          • Setting up your internal conversion and sales
    • addressed only one tactic (i.e. Just public            base                                                      systems
speaking, just advertising, just internet, just publicity,       • Getting familiar with the pieces                       • How to retain, re-sell, up-sell and cross-sell for
etc.). Because of that limited scope and lack of an          The ‘ultimate’ marketing strategy is a disciplined        maximum roi
integrated strategy that’s systematically imple-             lead generation approach that grows your house               • Referral and testimonial marketing systems
mented, the tactic has had limited (if any) long-term        list and creates your very own ‘marketplace’ of              • “Drip” e-mail marketing best practices (how to
impact on your business.                                     people who:                                               write emails that work)
    • addressed dozens of tactics, providing a com-          1.Raise their hand indicating an interest in your            • How to use a monthly print newsletter as your
prehensive, but incomplete overview of the various           solution,                                                 primary relationship and expertise building and
ways to attract, convert and keep clients.                   2.Enter your marketing funnel,                            conversion engine.
The ‘secret’ to effective fitness marketing is the           3.Get to know, like and trust you through consistent
systematic and complete implementation of one                relationship building and expertise                       Module six
tactic after the next, layering one atop the other, and      Showcasing (i.E. Proving you do get results).                • Planning, review, and saw sharpening
integrating them all into a comprehensive strategy of            • Setting up your online and offline contact             • Strategic marketing planning: how to create
preeminence, so you gain traction, momentum and              capture systems                                           and leverage your marketing calendar (see special
ultimately, dominance in your marketplace. That is               • Leveraging your website for steady and consis-      bonus below)
what Deep-Core™ does for you.                                tent lead capture                                            • Marketing tracking: how to know what’s working
                                                                 • Using worksheets for walk-in capture                so you can compound and roll out
Here is what’s included in Deep-Core™:                           • Using scripts and ‘call-sheets’ for phone capture      • Marketing review: how to collect, interpret and
You have two options:                                            • Personalizing and installing your offline contact   leverage your marketing ‘metrics’, pick additional,
1. 6-Week live coaching, training, implementa-               capture forms                                             complimentary media, tweak and adjust, and sustain
tion and accountability program plus Home study                  • Personalizing and installing your follow-up         and grow momentum
program                                                      conversion campaign pieces and templates                     • What’s next? How to get ahead of the marketing
2. Home study program only (includes dvd record-                 • Completing your “bait piece(s)”                     curve and stop the reactive scramble that’s sabotag-
ings of live coaching and training Webinars)                     • Putting up web forms on your website                ing your marketing success
                                                                 • How to ‘tag’ new prospects to campaigns and            • Marketing technology automation discussion:
Option #1 gets everything listed below plus 6-weeks          putting your system on auto-pilot                         tools we recommend when you’re ready for them,
of live webinars/tele-coaching with sean and eric            Now we’re implementing the contact capture that           how to create the ‘lifestyle’ business you always
and 19 other students (20-student max per live               grows your house list quickly and massively. Ev-          wanted and more
class: if you invest in this option and the next class       erything funnels your prospects into your database           • Marketing delegation: what can and can not be
is already full, you’ll be slotted into the following        for consistent follow-up and conversion. This is the      delegated and how to do it
class)                                                       secret to fitness marketing success.                      This is your ‘daily marketing operations’ workbook
Option #2 gets everything listed below except                                                                          – you will carry these tools with you, guarded more
where noted live training only.                              Module four                                               closely than your wallet, because there are few
                                                                • Mastering external fitness marketing                 things more valuable and necessary to producing
Each webinar is recorded and delivered to you on             diversification                                           ever-increasing client-flow and cash-flow in your
DVD. You’ll also receive the primary manual in a                • Setting up your external lead generation             business.
3-ring binder, all the marketing tools printed out in        marketing
a manual as well as delivered to you on a data cd               • How to get public speaking gigs and leverage         bonus #5: fitness advertising system – we have
so you can just open them up on your computer,               them for massive lead generation                          members consistently pulling 3:1, 5:1, even 7:1 or
personalize and use.                                            • Securing and growing strategic alliances             better with their print advertising (that’s seven dol-
                                                                • Publicity best practices, press releases, media      lars returned to you for every dollar invested - on the

                                ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
front end). Print advertising is a valuable medium        business owners serving your ideal prospects and          dvd plus workbook and tools system:
to use because of its comparative low cost, ease          drive new business to each other, piggyback off
of implementation, and ability to test different mes-     each other, host joint seminars, do endorsed offers,         • How sean grew his fitness business to over
sages. Here’s just some of what you get:                  build strong marketing lists, cross-promote, and          650 paying clients with public speaking
   • 10-Step process for creating your fitness            conquer your local market together. Few things can           • The various types of public speaking gigs
advertising                                               be as productive for you as strong reciprocal referral    you can be doing right now (not just the usual
   • The best headline formats to use                     relationships. They lead to opportunities of signifi-
   • Where and how to test headlines and offers for       cant magnitude. Now you can finally leverage the
                                                                                                                       • A complete breakdown of the infrastructure
free                                                      efforts of other businesspeople in your community,
   • How to use lead generation, advertorial and          effectively, efficiently, and productively. Here’s just   you’ll need and the marketing steps necessary to
standard a/b ads                                          some of what you get in this $189 value complete          book and fill your speaking event
   • The power of the free standing insert                dvd plus workbook and tools system:                          • How to get all the gigs you’ll ever need
   • See sample ads that pull like crazy - model them         • Why you’re worthy of the jv relationship even          • The sales component – how to convert the
for your own use                                          if you’re new to the business or have a small soi         attendees to leads or paying clients by accepting
   • Lead generation business card advertising            house list                                                your offer
   • Flyers and poster advertising                            • How to find jv and strategic alliance partners –       • An exclusive done-for-you “foot in the door”
   • Plus a complete offline to online advertising        and the best places to look                               marketing campaign for getting a steady stream
case study with examples                                      • How to avoid wasting your time and efforts          of speaking gigs
                                                                                                                       • And much more!
bonus #6: how to become a local fitness celebrity
by leveraging publicity - it can be a significant
                                                                                                                    bonus #9: Deep-CoreTM Fitness Marketing Process
challenge to get media coverage unless you have
                                                                                                                    Map for your office wall – this large map contains
systems in place for automating it all. Media is a
                                                                                                                    the secret to effective marketing: understanding the
numbers game and you have to be in their face with
                                                                                                                    strategy and how all the pieces fit together.
compelling, interesting, timely stories on a regular
basis in order to land the free press everyone
covets. It can and will happen when you understand                                                                  bonus #10: (live training only) 90-minute open
what the media is looking for and how to give them                                                                  question and answer bonus tele-seminar/webinar –
what they want. Here’s just some of what you get in                                                                 during and after the six week training and coaching,
this dvd plus workbook and tools system:                                                                            you’ll be implementing fiendishly.

    • What is direct response publicity and how to use                                                              bonus #11: two marketing tool analysis critique
it for maximum lead generation                                                                                      coupons – you receive two coupons we highly
    • How to create compelling, newsworthy “hooks”                                                                  encourage you to take advantage of. Submit them
that grab the media’s attention                                                                                     along with any marketing tools you’ve created for
    • How to systemize and mostly automate your                                                                     our analysis and critique so you can be certain you
publicity marketing                                                                                                 have the best chance of success right out of the
    • Four secrets to getting a favorable response to         • A complete strategic alliance proposal letter for   gate.
your press releases                                       you to use – done for you, ready to go
    • 79 ‘Idea-starters’ for your publicity                   • The most common mistakes fitness profession-        bonus #12: two private coaching calls – you get two
    • The five types of press releases and which one      als make when locating and establishing jv partners       private, personalized coaching and consulting calls
is right for you                                              • Three endorsed letters ready for you to use to      to address any specific problems, issues or chal-
    • How to structure your press release - a complete    bring in referrals and leads from your partners           lenges you’re facing, or just to get feedback on your
guide to writing news releases the right way                  • Complete lead box system you and your part-         implementation and stay on track with additional
    • What to include in your media kit and who to        ners can use right now                                    accountability. Use these calls any way you’d like…
send it to                                                   • The ‘preferred provider rolodex’ and how to use it   but do use them.
    • What to do after you send a press release or            • Case study of 30-50 leads per month strategic
media kit                                                 alliance system                                           bonus #13: (live training only) Deep-CoreTM contest
    • Five different publicity strategies that work           • And much more!                                      – you get the opportunity to win back your entire in-
    • 63 Different ‘hooks’ you can use to get publicity                                                             vestment in deep-core™ if you win our contest. We
    • 25 Different occasions when publicity is easiest    bonus #8: how to explode your lead generation             pride ourselves on not just selling things, but selling
to get                                                    with advanced public speaking secrets – a complete        things that work. And this is just one of the ways we
    • Sample press releases for you to model              system for finding (we have a special “source”),          measure how successful we are and you are.
    • Calendar events you can leverage to get             securing and delivering simple public speaking pre-
publicity                                                 sentations that quickly build your name recognition,
    • And much more!                                      infuse your business with hot leads, add a minimum
Bonus #7: joint venture and strategic alliance            of 2-4 new clients each month, and make you the
reciprocal referral system - how to set up reciprocal,    “go-to” obvious expert fitness professional in your
win-win referral relationships with non-competitive       town. Here’s just some of what you get in this

Deep CoretM Fitness Marketing System ..............................................................................................................................
IteM# MOO1 Live Coaching, Implementation and Accountability Training PLUS Home Study Program for $1497 or 3 Monthly Installments of $523.95 + S&H
IteM# MOO1a..................................................................Home Study Program for $1197 or 3 Monthly Installments of Just $418.95 + S&H
                              ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
  neW eD!         maRkEtINg
           GOLD RUSHTM Health & Fitness Seminar System
               With complete done-for-you marketing campaigns & seminar presentations!
      Attraction PLUS conversion! No Stone Left Unturned... Everything You Need To Successfully
                 Market & Deliver Your Very Own Health & Fitness Seminar Immediately...
                         Creating Your BIG-PROFIT Payday & BIG-PROFIT List!
  Welcome to the GOLD-RUSH™ System!             • Direct mail marketing tools: Postcards,   Alliance marketing campaigns,
  This complete, done-for-you health and        Flyer, Free Standing Insert, Display        meetings and
  fitness seminar marketing and delivery        Advertising                                 agreements. Tools:
  system has been used by hundreds
  of fitness professionals to generate          • Pre-written lead-generation emails        • Charity/Special Cause phone script
  thousands of leads, put on attention-
  grabbing seminars with a big charitable       • Attendance Maximizer emails and voice     • Charity talking points
  hook...and get new clients now!               broadcast scripts                           • Charity follow-up letter
                                                                                            • Strategic alliance warm phone script
  If you want to EXPLODE your fitness           • 5 Different Press Releases that get
  business fast…there’s no better way than      attention (dozens of news stories and       • Strategic alliance talking points
  GOLD-RUSH™!                                   interviews were secured)                    • Strategic alliance Business Cooperation
     NO ‘THEORY’ OR WHAT ‘SHOULD’               • Powerpoint seminar presentation for
               WORK!!!                          event                                       • Strategic alliance Business Cooperation
             THAT’S B.S.!                                                                   Agreement - GOLD level SA’s
                                                • Order card for converting attendees to    • Strategic alliance final notice FAX
  What you get from us is tested and            one-on-one consults or selling into group
  proven in the REAL WORLD, gets REAL           training                                    • Strategic alliance dollar bill letter (for
  RESULTS, gives you REAL CLIENTS and                                                       attracting new, cold partners)
  REAL PROFITS. Just ask Ed Downes              • Post-Event Follow-Up conversion tools
  (over $80,000 his first month using           (50% of your business will come from        Lesson 3: Lead Generation Marketing
  Gold Rush), Tony Maslan (doubled his          follow-up)                                  and Publicity Campaigns. Tools:
  business year-over-year), Coach R.B.
  Berry (31 new clients and over $10,000        2. Comprehensive, step-by-step              • Gold Rush Publicity System Worksheet
  in recurring monthly revenue from Gold        implementation checklists so you don’t
  Rush), Chris Hill (generated $15,765 from     miss a thing ($195 Value)                   • Lead Generation Campaign Emails (8 of
  one night’s work - PLUS he’s now on a                                                     them, already written for you)
  ‘corporate speaking tour’ with many of the    3. Six coaching and implementation DVDs     • Lead Generation Campaign Flyer
  local businesses in his area because of       with Eric and Sean ($1800 Value)
  the exposure from Gold Rush).                                                             • Lead Generation Campaign Postcard
                                                4. FAST START DVD showing you how to        • Lead Generation Campaign Voice
  There are many other stories...Nobody         hit the ground running! ($195 Value)        Broadcast Script (plus instructions on how
  running Gold Rush failed to walk away
  saying it did not give them BIG leads, BIG    5. Member only Forum for Gold Rush          to do this)
  opportunities, BIG sales and a BIG name.      implemenation masterminding ($300           • Final Attendance MAXIMIZER Campaign
                                                Value)                                      Emails Notices
  And now it can do the same for you.
  Here’s What You Get With GOLD RUSH:           6. And more! We give you EVERYTHING         • FIVEGold Rush Event Press Releases
                                                you need to make sure you ‘git-er-done’
  1. All the PROVEN done-for-you marketing      and GET MASSIVE RESULTS with GOLD           Lesson 4: Event Registration Website
  tools ($3500 Value) on data disk so you       RUSH!                                       and Attendance MAXIMIZER Campaign
  can quickly and easily open on your                                                       for maximizing “butts in seats.” Tools:
  computer, personalize and roll-out. The             Here’s The Coaching and               • Attendance MAXIMIZER Campaign
  tools include:                                 Implementation Training You Get On         Emails Part 1
                                                Six DVDs (plus the list of done-for-you
  • Micro-site web site copy and design for       marketing and presentation tools):        • Attendance MAXIMIZER Campaign
  maximum lead capture                                                                      Emails Part 2
                                                Lesson 1: System Overview, List             • Fast-Start Bonus Gift Certificates
  • Full video showing you how to set up        Building and Securing Your Location.
  your micro-site (it’s easy - for about $25)   Tools:                                      Lesson 5: Running Your Event and
                                                                                            Speaking from the Platform
  • Strategic alliance invitation letter and    • Strategic Alliance Worksheet
  phone script                                                                              • Running your GOLD RUSH Event
                                                Lesson 2: Charity and Strategic             Worksheet

                           ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
• Special NPE Platform Selling                                                                                 the homework and run Gold Rush in your
Report: 11 Tips for Delivering a “Rock                                                                        area... and if you don’t make at least 500%
                                                                                                              return on your Gold Rush investment, you
Solid” Health and Fitness Presentation                                                                          can request and receive a complete, no-
that SELLS!                                                                                                   questions-asked refund anytime within the
• Event Handouts                                                                                                           first SIX MONTHS!
• Platform Selling Presentation                                                                               We look forward to helping you EXPLODE
Outline: “5 Keys to Transforming Your                                                                         your fitness business with GOLD RUSH!
Body In Record Time!”
• Platform Selling Presentation Slides
• Private Health & Fitness
                                                                                                                 “I have done some public speaking
Consultation Request Form
                                                                                                                 in the past, but nothing like this.
• Small Group Coaching Order Form
                                                                                                                 In the past I have spoken in front
Lesson 6: Post Event Follow-Up
Marketing and “What’s Next?”
                                                                                                                 of 13 here, 12 there. Some goups
Tools:                                                 There are NO other times of the year when                 as low as 4 and one as much as
                                                       more sales can be made faster, when                       28. This time I packed them in. 72
                                                       more money can be made easier.                            people came to my Gold Rush event
• GOLD RUSH Event Review Worksheet
• Post Event follow-up Emails                                                                                    to hear me speak. We owned this
                                                       You already know that. So the only
• Post Event follow-up Press Releases                  question is…                                              street that day. Traffic was unreal.
• Post Event Wrap Up Letter to Strategic
                                                             What Are YOU Going To Do To                         I would be lieing if I said I wasn’t a
Alliance Partners                                                Capitalize On These                             little overwhelmed. More nervous.
                                                             Gold Rush Opportunities???
    Not Just Massive ATTENTION &
            ATTRACTION...                              Look, in order to gain ATTENTION in the                   By the end of the day, I had 11
    But Also Massive CONVERSION!                       marketplace and compel ACTION from                        people sign up for my $599 group
                                                       your best prospects, it’s absolutely VITAL                training package. Now, add in the
As you can see, we don’t just give all                 that you do something DIFFERENT if you                    fact that I also offered this on my
the marketing tools you need to launch                 want to be heard through all the marketing
your own health and fitness seminar                                                                              web site and got 4 other people
successfully, attracting a horde of hot                                                                          to sign up that way. I now had 15
prospects... we also give you the                         The same ‘ol tired, lame marketing…                    people for my small group training.
powerpoint presentation, secrets to                                                                              This was more than I was aiming
success “selling from the platform” and                            AIN’T GONNA CUT IT!                           for. I actually had to split it into two
your one-on-one consultation and small
group training conversion tools...PLUS...                                                                        groups.
                                                        To really be different, to really attract the
post-event follow-up for getting even more             BEST prospects (and get them to invest in
attention, goodwill, recognition and NEW                             your services)…                             Overall, I took in almost $9000 for
CLIENTS after the event is over!                                                                                 this up sell. $2985 of this goes to the
                                                       You Must Be POSITIONED As The Best...                     gym itself (I told you this was a win-
All told, you get $5,990 worth of done-for-                   As Different...As Unique!
you, proven marketing and delivery tools,                                                                        win situation). That gives me $6000
coaching, checklists and masterminding                 And that’s precisely what GOLD RUSH                       across 12 hours of work. I just went
with other GOLD RUSH veterans and                      does for you. It flat out works, as you can               from averaging $50 per hour for a
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If you’re not exploding with excitement...dollar signs   I am about to share with you, only in true NPE style      • A common mistake made by amateur fitness
popping in your eyeballs by the end of this letter,      you’re going to get rocket fuel put in the tank, so you   marketers that will kill a profitable referral
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and high-profit producing marketing solutions            PLUS, there’s one other tiny little ingredient I’ve       • The key ingredient needed to convince even the
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truly serious about taking your business to the                                                                    the real deal and will be hugely beneficial to them
next level AND beyond, then you won’t be able to             That’s A Second Opinion, From A                       and their patients.
implement this system fast enough – it’s the biggest                     Doctor!                                   • A $1,000,000 genius marketing
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The essential marketing tools have already been          If you wanted to convince a doctor to tell his patients   has even the most skeptical of physicians agreeing
created for you, the system is proven to pull big        that they should become clients of yours, how             to have you market to them, and persuade them
profit, and it will grow and grow for you… 3-7 new       exactly would you go about doing that?                    that your fitness business is the ideal good health
clients per month is just the tip of the iceberg!        It’s not like any doctor is going spill the beans for     solution for their patients.
Simply put; setting-up a physician referral system       you… Is it?                                               • And much, much more!
is a freaking goldmine for you and your fitness          And tell you exactly how get his attention, and how
business. Just ask Chris Hill…                           to get the attention of his colleagues so that you        By the way, when Chris sets up a referral
                                                         can market to them, and get some “sales time” with        partnership with a physician he constantly markets
Improve Your Sales Copy And Improve                      them, and convince them to refer dozens of their          to them, so they send him more and more clients.
            Your Profit!                                 patients to you. That’s just not going to happen,         Since 2001; only one physician ever has asked
                                                         right?                                                    him to stop. Most doctors want their patients to
Back in 2001, Chris Hill was an independent trainer      Well… That’s true, if you don’t have access to            get healthier, and that’s why this system will be so
working (hard) out of a physiotherapist clinic in        the “inside” like me that is! Lets just say I have an     profitable for you; because that’s what you can offer
Longview, Texas.                                         “inside source” – beans have been spilled                 With this system, doctors will send you clients by
But like you, Chris is an entrepreneur. And he is        – and the low down and dirty has been shared with         the truckload!
always looking for that next big opportunity that will   me, straight from the horses’ mouth.
grow his business and bulge his bank account. It                                                                        Now, Let’s Add The Rocket Fuel
                                                         I have the inside scoop on how to make doctors
just so happens that next big opportunity was sitting    generate clients for you!
right in front of his face…                                                                                        No doubt a truckload of new clients will significantly
                                                         And combined with what Chris has shared, I’ve put         grow your business, but what about a freaking
…You see the doctors at the clinic he was working        together one hell of a Physician Referral System          boatload?
out of, see thousands of patients a year, and a lot      program for you. See for yourself…
of those patients are ideal candidates for the health                                                              With the help of marketing expert Eric Ruth, and
and fitness services Chris (and you) can offer – so                                                                insider information from an ACTUAL physician, I’ve
if those doctors could send just a handful of leads          The ULTIMATE Physician Referral                       taken the system Chris developed and made it even
Chris’s way each month, he could make a killing!                        System                                     more effective, profitable and easier to implement
                                                                                                                   for you.
And so, with a ton of hard work, and plenty trial
and error; Chris developed this amazing Physician        First off, I am going to give you a CD of an interview    I’ve put all this new and highly valuable information
Referral System…                                         I did with Chris, where he first revealed the secrets     onto a DVD, and when you watch you will
                                                         of this amazing new system.                               discover…
When he first started out as a personal trainer,
Chris dreamt of getting 5 new clients each month;        When you listen you will discover…                        • The two separate systems within the system,
with this system alone doctors are now sending him                                                                 and how to leverage both for maximum profit with
15 new clients each month! And he could                  • How to initiate first contact with busy physicians      referrals from physicians.
be getting many more, but he has had to turn this        who would make ideal referral partners, if they
                                                                                                                   • The one piece of information you must provide
system OFF, as his business just can’t cope with         would just give you the time of day to get a one on
                                                                                                                   to ensure that your first letter to the doctor will get
anymore new clients!                                     one with them.
                                                                                                                   read every time! (This valuable tidbit comes
He is absolutely flooded! And you will be too.           • “The $100 door opener” that softens up                  from my inside source).
                                                         any physician and makes them way more receptive
Because this is the same Physician Referral System                                                                 • What you MUST NOT put in your first letter. Do
                                                         and on board with your “sales pitch”.

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this and it will kill off any chance you have at a                                                                   get this going, how can you possibly fail?
profitable physician referral system from day one.
• An essential element you need to add to your                                                                                        You Can’t Fail!
marketing when contacting physicians “cold”.
                                                                                                                     Everything has been done for you here, all you have
• Why “PINK POWER” will double, triple even
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                                                                                                                     you WILL grow your fitness business. Execution
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                                                                                                                     is the final piece of the profit puzzle, and if you’re
and earn some “face time” with a physician.
                                                                                                                     ambitious (which I think you are) that’s going to
• And much, much more!                                                                                               be a cinch because you have that drive and that
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Just one physician referral relationship can be worth                                                                person. I have already saw so many other fitness
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CD and DVD is more than enough for you to set that                                                                   Use what I share with you, and you cannot fail. This
up in your fitness business. But there’s even more, I                                                                is how confident I am of that…
am also going to give you the…
                                                          business growing physician referral system.                   Put This System To The Test – Risk
   Physician Referral System, Step-by-                    Because when you have the “know how”, it’s simple                           Free!
  step Fast Start Implementation Guide                    All you need to do now is execute. AND, I’m even
I want you to use this guide as a road map; it will put   going to help you out with that too…                       To prove to you beyond doubt just how powerful and
all the valuable information and know how you’ve                                                                     profitable the Physician Referral System will be for
just learned into order – so you know what, when               Here’s All The Tools You Need To                      your fitness business, I am going to offer you a one
and how to execute these high-profit strategies.                   Implement This System                             year money back guarantee. That means you have
                                                                                                                     one whole year to try out this system absolutely risk
In this guide we will go over…                            Again, I want to make this as easy as possible             free, and if it’s doesn’t generate at least 3 new
 • Where to start. There are two crucial parts to this    for you. So although the CD, DVD and booklet               clients for you each and every month –
system, and you need to execute them in this order        will save you hours of time, and save you from             then I want you to ask for your money back, and I
for the quickest, surest profit possible.                 losing thousands trying to do this “blind”, I’m still      will gladly give you a full refund (less shipping), no
• 3 ways to leverage your new physician referral          not done…Because the experts you’ll need to hire           questions asked. The only catch is, you need to give
partners, so they can help you set up partnerships        to create the necessary tools for this will cost you       the Physician Referral System a chance and actually
with even more physicians! More physicians, more          thousands, so I am going to give those necessary           implement it into your business. Fair enough?
clients, more profit! This system is repeatable!          tools as well. And, they have been created by the
                                                          expert’s expert when in comes to fitness marketing
• Why your fitness business needs to have a “PCP”         – Mr Eric Ruth, so you know they are killer. Here are      Make A Life Changing Investment Today
in constant operation. This way your physician            the tools you’ll get…
referral partner will always think of you first when                                                                 Okay, so you’re probably now wondering how much
one of their patients needs help with health and          • The “Door Opener” Marketing                              you need to part with to get your hands on this
fitness. This is marketing, but not as you                Sequence ($397 value) – This consists of one               Physician Referral System package, including - CD,
know it.                                                  fax/flyer and one postcard that you can use for the        DVD, fast start booklet and $1,803 worth of “ready-
• When to mail (and fax) your two “first-touch”           “first touch”. Even the most skeptical and busy of         to-roll” tools. Well it’s tiny in comparison to what
marketing pieces. Timing is everything with this, and     physicians will be keen to “grant you access” when         this is really worth to you. If you get just 3 or 4 new
the more precise you are the more profit you can          you send him these babies!                                 clients with this in the first month then you should
make.                                                                                                                have already tripled your investment (or more). AND
                                                          • The PCP Starter And Continuation                         then think beyond that, the second, third, fourth
• The primary reason why people do not refer to you       Set ($1,159 value) – There are five parts to this          month and more, your profit potential is unlimited…
and the one tool you can use to overcome that, and        high-tech marketing sequence. When used correctly          And that makes this invaluable to you.
have physician referral partners continually send         this will first get the doctor on your side, and then
business to you over and over again on auto-pilot.        get him referring dozens of clients to you each and
                                                                                                                     If it seems like I’m asking you to invest a lot in this
• The 4 step sequence of your secondary marketing         every month. All you have to do is just use these
                                                                                                                     package, then imagine what 3-7 new clients every
system.                                                   tools. Simple.
                                                                                                                     month (that’s at least 36 a year) means to you. I
• How to stop physician skepticism dead in its            • The Proof Factor ($247 value) – And                      think you’ll agree that the amount of money you
tracks by “smelling like a fish”. What the hell?          finally, there’s the key, fail-safe ingredient essential   stand to make from this is way more impressive than
                                                          to all good marketing. You will use this to bolster        a getting a new set of kettlebells or another trainer
• How to establish your credibility as a fitness          your campaign, and make it more effective at               qualification.
expert. Because their patients’ health is at stake,       developing those highly profitable physician referral
good doctors will only ever deal with experts. Here’s                                                                And remember, there’s a guarantee so you’ve got
                                                          systems for you.
how to prove that’s you.                                                                                             nothing to lose. If you’re on the edge, jump in! You
                                                                                                                     are doing so risk free, and I can guarantee that if
• And much, much more!                                    Everything is ready to go for you, just personalize it     you don’t act on this, then your business will just
                                                          with the details of you and your fitness business and      stay the same. Nothing will change. The choice is
And there you have it - a complete, PROVEN                roll them out. Within days you’ll be shaking hands         yours.
marketing system that’s a permanent fix to your           with your first physician partner and new clients will
client worries – anyone and I mean anyone can             start coming your way. Yes! It is that simple. You’re
use this information to set-up a highly profitable,       getting all the “know how” and all the tools here to

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                                                          sales volume – not an insignificant amount – so I’m
York City, did not know a single person other than
                                                          pretty well qualified to show you exactly what works)
her fiancé and aunt, and was starting her personal
                                                          • How to systemize your marketing and your
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Jessica, whose last name is now Storm, now runs
                                                          income as a fitness professional and enjoy the
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Only us business folks will know this psychological         miss out (or never even think about) when they                      Like I’ve already said, social proof is
secret better as…                                           begin grooming their clients for testimonials. There’s      an essential part of any marketing campaign.
                                                            no way you’ll have heard about this strategy before,        But my job is not just to share that with you, I want
   Client testimonials, Undeniable prOOF You                it’s normally reserved for only the best of the best        to show you how to use it correctly so you can grow
                    Kick ass!                               salesmen and marketer’s.                                    your fitness business in the fastest, easiest way
                                                                                                                        possible. And that’s what the Secrets of Social
 You can see for yourself how I harness the power           • How to extract testimonials from your clients while       Proof marketing package WILL do for you.
of social proof with client testimonials posted             also learning how to make your fitness business             Implementing the Secrets of Social Proof will make
throughout our website to make it easier for you to         even better at the same time.                               your marketing more believable, and that in turn will
believe what I say…                                                                                                     increase the response of your marketing by 25%,
                                                            • Ways to “reward” your clients after they give you
                                                            a testimonial. Appreciation like this goes a long,          50% even 100% or more. And if your marketing
…How can you argue with that? Fitness                                                                                   is currently generating 100 leads per month, then
professionals just like you, sharing their documented       long way. And considering how much profit a good
                                                            testimonial can make you – it’s the least you can do.       I don’t need to tell you how valuable and extra 25,
increases in income and client-attraction using                                                                         50 or 100 would be to you. Close just three or four
marketing secrets that I have shared with him.              • How to “up-sell” your clients from giving                 of those extra leads and you can easily add around
                                                            testimonials to giving testimonials AND referrals.          $3,500 onto your monthly income.                  Leads
 And there’s no reason to believe I can’t help you do
the same, is there? That’s the power of social proof.       • A little known way to turn ordinary, everyday             generated from marketing with good social proof are
                                                            client testimonials into the most powerful marketing        actually easier to close as well.
 But there’s way more to it than just going to your         weapon in your arsenal.
clients and asking for a testimonial…                                                                                   So you’ll agree that the $197 I ask you to invest in
                                                            • How to “prompt” your clients so that they give you        this DVD + report package is a drop in the ocean by
                You Don’t Just ask…                         the kind of high power and sales strong testimonials        comparison.
                                                            even Tony Little would be envious of!
Frankly that’s a bit rude, and it’s going to affect         • Several different ways to deliver your testimonials       I can’t make it any fairer than that, can I?
the amount of passion and emotion your client               to your prospects and persuade them to become
will put into their recommendation of you. Thus,            your clients.
reducing its profitability, and you don’t want that.
Assuming they give you a testimonial that is.               • Why clients that give you testimonials are actually
Furthermore, there are several types of testimonial         helping you double-fold. Not only are they giving
and several ways to deploy them efficiently                 you powerful content for your marketing, but they
throughout your marketing for the best results.             are also committing themselves to your business,
                                                            and will become more loyal and more profitable.
In fact, this can be a bit of a minefield; but then the     • 5 characteristics of an excellent testimonial. Can
profit potential is amazing, so you have to navigate        your testimonials tick all five boxes?
through it. And that’s what this Secrets Of Social
Proof course is for…                                        • 4 costly mistakes most fitness professionals will
                                                            make when using testimonials and social proof for
  It’s Your Social proof Marketing Success Map              the very first time.
To help you avoid making common mistakes                    • 8 testimonial “extraction” success strategies. How
when using social proof, and make sure you                  to keep your clients from saying “no” and give you
make as much profit as possible; I’ve put together          killer testimonials every time.
an amazing DVD + report package for you.                    • 5 ways to effectively and profitably deploy social
Inside you will discover…                                   proof throughout your marketing campaigns.

IteM# MOO6 Secrets of Social proof ........................................................................................................................................ $197
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For ambitious fitness professionals only…
                                          “How To Double Your Income With
                                          Small Group Coaching & Training!”
 This is one of the most powerful business “bolt-ons” by far! Small group coaching and training
can double your profit AND cut your workload in half, IF you implement it correctly – Here’s how…
NPE member John Ashworth made $6,225 in his               within your business correctly.                         All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
very first month using our “Small Group Coaching          • How the headaches, stress and time wasting that       it will grow your business; this is how sure I am of
Systems”…                                                 comes with personal training is eliminated when         that…
                                                          operating with small groups.
…Now here’s the kicker – that was in a December           • Why the “Social Stick” factor makes your clients        Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
– the hardest month of the year to sell anything!         stay longer and pay you more.                            I Am, That This Will Significantly Grow
So when you use these same systems in your                • How you can add small group coaching programs                      Your Business
fitness business, you should expect to make at least      to your protocol for a tiny investment (you can even
double, triple or even quadruple that.                    do this with zero start-up funds and no facility).      If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
                                                          • A way of billing that guarantees you will know        this information is to you, then let me make
In fact, some NPE members are already doing               exactly how much profit you make at the start of the    things clearer by offering you a guarantee double
$40,000+ per month with just these systems alone!         month, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the   whammy!
Let me tell you how you can join them…                    month before spending your money.
                                                          • What small group coaching and training models         First, I’m going to let you try out “Small Group
    First, Here’s Why Small Group                         will work best for you - there are loads of options     Coaching Systems” for one whole year absolutely
 Coaching And Training Will Work For                      and you can find one that allows you to enjoy           risk-free.
                 Too…                                     yourself while you earn.
                                                          • What some of the more successful small group          AND, if you don’t see big, I mean really BIG returns
One of the oldest and most sure-fire ways to              trainers are doing to make significant profit with      on your $189 investment in this DVD package, I will
achieve business success is by creating multiple          these systems, and how to copy them.                    gladly give you back your money (less shipping and
streams of income.                                        • How you should package your offer, and what fee       handling), no questions asked.
                                                          you should charge (you can make way more than
And there is a double-barrelled reason why you            you might expect).                                      In other words, if you can’t make a significant
need to do this – firstly you stabilize your profit by    • How NPE member Coach Berry makes $53,250              amount of extra profit with this; then I will happily
not putting all your eggs into just one basket, AND       per month with small group systems. Plus two more       refund you. The only catch is, this stuff will not work
secondly - you also increase sales by having more         NPE member case studies.                                on the shelf and you must be prepared to give it a
services on offer to more people.                         • And much more!                                        try.

Basically, you make more money with less risk. And        Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference      Fair enough?
that’s all small group coaching and training really       guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce
is - an easy to implement and highly profitable new       and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly   Grab Your Copy Right Now, And
income stream for your business.                          valuable information you’ve just learnt                 You Can Start Boosting Your Profit
Interested? Then here’s how to set-up your own              DVD #2 – Small Group Coaching And
small group coaching and training sessions…                           Training Q&A’s                              As long as you don’t know these “Direct Mail
                                                                                                                  Marketing Systems”, you are putting your business
     Simply Watch These DVD’s,                            As always Eric and I like to make sure we always        growth on hold, and missing out on many thousands
Then Implement The Secrets And Profit                     cover all bases, so in the second DVD we answer         in lost sales.
                                                          the big questions our NPE members have about our
In this new 2-DVD plus workbook package Eric Ruth         “Small Group Coaching Systems”.                         and remember, I’ve made this risk-free for you by
and I reveal the best business and profit boosting                                                                offering a one year guarantee. You have nothing to
systems and secrets available in the fitness industry.    In DVD #2 you will also discover…                       lose by taking action today.
You will not find anything else as valuable as this,
anywhere else!                                            • an excellent way to promote your small group
      See for yourself…                                   • How you should never advertise your small group
                                                          • A solid “group training for men” strategy and
     DVD #1 – Small Group Coaching                        implementation plan.
               Systems                                    • And more!
As far as I know this is the only DVD of it’s kind, and   Kettlebell expert and NPE member Geoff “Beast
watching it is the only way you can quickly learn         Tamer” Neupert also discusses how he plans to
how to plan and put into action your very own profit      get 90 clients in 75 days with his group training
pulling small group programs.                             program.
When you watch you will discover…                         And with the help of Eric, I also give Geoff some
                                                          amazing ideas on how to leverage himself and gain
• The true and lasting profit potential you can           referrals for even more business.
achieve with group sessions, if you implement them

IteM# MOO7 Module 1 Jan 08: Small Group Coaching Systems...................................................................................................... $189
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For ambitious fitness professionals only…
         “Have You Unleashed the True Power of Public Speaking Yet?”
    Now you too can become a local celebrity, recognized expert AND “go-to fit-pro” for your area
                using these highly profitable and proven public speaking secrets…
When I ran my fitness business, primary marketing       • How to use “psychographics” to qualify your             your first event in no time.
method was public speaking. It enabled me to build      attendees for a sale, and make closing much easier.
my personal training business to over 650 clients in    • What you must do immediately after your speech
less than 3 years…                                      to ensure you make your maximum profit potential.         All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
                                                        • How you can use your first event as a leap-frog         it WILL grow your business; this is how sure I am
…So, what’s stopping you?                               for further profit opportunity… The key word here is      of that…
                                                        “leverage”, you’ll need to watch the DVD to find out
     These Benefits Are Too BIG To                      more.                                                     Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
   Ignore, Public Speaking Kicks Ass                    • And much more!                                          I Am, That This Will Significantly Grow
              Because…                                                                                            Your Business
                                                        Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference
There are loads of good reasons why public              guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce
speaking is an essential component of your              and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly     If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
marketing plan – assuming your end goal is to make      valuable information you’ve just learnt.                  this information is to you, then let me make
money – here are just a few of those reasons…                                                                     things clearer by offering you a guarantee double
                                                          DVD #2 – Advanced Public Speaking                       whammy! First, I’m going to let you try out
1. It’s fast and cheap for you to get going                         Systems Q&A’s                                 “Advanced Public Speaking Systems” for one
2. You can leap-frog the hell out of it (I’ll explain                                                             whole year absolutely risk-free. AND, if you don’t
later)                                                                                                            see big, I mean really BIG returns on your $189
3. Public Speaking leads to very high sales             In DVD #2 you will discover…                              investment in this DVD package, I will gladly give
conversions                                                                                                       you back your money (less shipping and handling),
                                                        • Why a flip-flop will land you public Speaking           no questions asked. In other words, if you can’t
…Now I know that’s all going to be extremely            events that will make you thousands of dollars.           make a significant amount of extra profit with this;
appealing to any serious fitness business owner,        • Where you can find the people who are going to          then I will happily refund you. The only catch is,
and that’s you, right?                                  let you speak at their establishments, companies          this stuff will not work on the shelf and you must be
                                                        etc.                                                      prepared to give it a try.
Well then, let me tell you how you too can now          • The one website you must be using if you want to
learn and profit from Public Speaking with your own     set-up public speaking events with highly-qualified       Fair enough?
business…                                               attendees right now.
                                                        • And more!                                                   Grab Your Copy Right Now, And
 Watch This NPE 2-DVD Package, Use                                                                                   You Can Start Boosting Your Profit
The Public Speaking Secrets And Profit.                 Plus NPE member Erica Allen tells us how that                             Today
               Simple!                                  website we will reveal to you has helped her make
                                                        friends, get free pairs of shoes and generate about
In this new 2-DVD and workbook package, Eric            2 new clients each month for her business.                As long as you don’t know these “Advanced Public
Ruth and I reveal the best business and profit                                                                    Speaking Systems”, you are putting your business
boosting systems and secrets available in the           BUT, that’s not all. You’re also getting…                 growth on hold, and missing out on many thousands
fitness industry. You will not find anything else as     The FREE Tools Needed To Land Your                       in lost sales.
valuable as this, anywhere else!                                  Very First “Gig”!
See for yourself…                                       Not only are you getting to benefit from all our
                                                        valuable “know how”, you’re also going to get the
             DVD #1 –                                   tools (ready to go) that you can use to set-up and
  Advanced Public Speaking Systems                      run highly profitable and successful “Advanced
                                                        public Speaking Systems”
When you watch you will discover…                       Here they are…
• Exactly why Public Speaking is such a powerful        • the “Cold” Contact Letter – You will use this
and profitable promotional tool, especially for a       to contact a key decision maker in a company or
fitness professionals like you.                         organization that has employees or members who
• What two main Public Speaking events you can          will benefit from your services.
get started with right now.                             • The Follow-up Letter – Now, send this letter a
• What type of public speaking event you can            few days later to reinforce the reasons for holding
hold, so that selling your services is eaSIer than      a public speaking event with their employees or
shooting fish in a barrel.                              members.
• How to get started with zero start-up investment,     • Telephone Voice Script – AND finally, you can
and still pull and big profit.                          then use this simple but effective voice script to
• The 4 essential building blocks of any good Public    make sure you get that speaking event and get
Speaking System.                                        access to your prospects.
• 3 times of the year when it’s really easy to hold     These tools are essential, and how you make
an in-demand and packed house Public Speaking           contact is key. So don’t risk it going alone, use these
event, even if you’ve never done one before.            tools that have already been created for you, and
• 6 elements your presentation must contain to          you will be speaking at (and generating leads from)
ensure you sell your services and make a profit.

IteM# MOO8 Module 2 Feb 08: Advanced Public Speaking............................................................................................................. $189
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                            “Your Business Must Use This Sales
                             And Marketing Tool Because…”
         It tells you exactly WHO your ideal prospect is and WHY they buy from you. AND, It even
            helps you create highly effective and very profitable marketing campaigns with ease.
                     In fact, it is any successful business owners’ most valuable asset…

       …Oh yeah, and most people find it BORING as hell! Have you figured out what this is yet?
This tool is not optional. It’s the “difference maker”      • The 7 main information groups to sort by and why.         Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
– and you will evolve from business chimp to champ          • Where to find leads that you can start growing            I Am That This Will Significantly Grow
as soon as you implement it. I’m talking about…             your database with right now.                               Your Business Fast
                                                            • How to start assembling a database from scratch.
 Database Management Systems - Your                         • The big 4 DO nOt’S of database management.                If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
          Unlimited Profit Portal…                                                                                      this information is to you, then let me make
                                                            • The one time when your database information will          things clearer by offering you a guarantee double
Many top investors and Wall Street traders will tell        be most valuable to you.
you that one of the keys to financial success is good                                                                   whammy! First, I’m going to let you try out
money management.                                           • And much more!                                            “Database Management Systems” for one whole
                                                                                                                        year absolutely risk-free. AND, if you don’t see big,
                                                                                                                        I mean really BIG returns on your $189 investment
Now for you, that translates to good client                 Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference          in this DVD package, I will gladly give you back your
management (that’s where the money is) and this             guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce          money (less shipping and handling), no questions
is where your business database system comes                and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly       asked.
into play. It is your portal to your clients, and to your   valuable information you’ve just learnt.
                                                                                                                        In other words, if you can’t make a significant amount
                                                            Don’t make the mistake of thinking this isn’t for you.      of extra profit with this; then I will happily refund
And if like most serious business owners, you               If you like making money, then this definitely is for       you. The only catch is, this stuff will not work on the
realize the power of that, then you’ll want to know         you. Take the time to implement what you learn and          shelf and you must be prepared to give it a try. Fair
exactly how to implement a database management              you will see for yourself.                                  enough?
system into your business right now.
                                                                  DVD #2 – How To Use Your                                  Grab Your Copy Right Now, And
That’s where I can help…                                       FREE Database Building Tools, And                           You Can Start Boosting Your Profit
                                                                            More!                                                       Today
    EVERYTHING You Ever Wanted To
   Know About Database Management                           Along with this DVD package Eric and I are also             As long as you don’t know these “Database
              Systems                                       sending you two FREE tools that will help you build         Management Systems”, you are putting your
                                                            a profitable client AND prospect database.                  business growth on hold, and missing out on many
                                                            You will get…                                               thousands in lost sales.
In this new 2-DVD plus workbook package Eric Ruth
and I reveal the best business and profit boosting          1. the Memory Jogger tool – 59 leads you may
systems and secrets available in the fitness industry.      already have access to, who can create hundreds             and remember, I’ve made this risk-free for you by
You will not find anything else as valuable as this,        (even thousands) of extra clients for you.                  offering a one year guarantee. You have nothing to
anywhere else!                                              2. Client Profile Worksheet – The simple survey             lose by taking action today.
                                                            tool that secretly digs deep into your client’s
                                                            psychology and helps you create the most powerful
See for yourself…                                           and profitable marketing and sales campaigns ever!

   DVD #1 – Database Management                              In DVD #2 Eric also goes into great detail about
                  Systems                                   why you should be compiling all this information and
When you watch the first DVD you will discover…             how you can utilize it to easily double, triple or
                                                            quadruple your profit.
• What kind of data you should be storing and why.
• How “RFM” grouping will allow you to run the most         All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And it
effective marketing campaigns, that yield the highest       WILL grow your business; this is how sure I am of that…
• Why gathering demographics is essential if you
want to know exactly what pond to fish in.
• How to gather and profit from “psychographics”

IteM# MOO9 Module 3 Mar 08: Database Management Systems...................................................................................................... $189
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 “Advanced Lead Generation Systems You Can Use To
 Create An Endless Supply Of Easy To Close Clients!”
          Bullet-proof marketing systems for generating highly qualified and ready to buy fitness
                                   leads flowing to you on auto-pilot…
      Marketing is a lot like panning for gold, you sift   prospects so selling your high-profit training services
and you sort until you find those big nuggets that are     becomes a piece of cake.
going to make you rich…                                    • 5 ways to generate leads for your fitness business
                                                           right now.
       …Now, the more effective you become at              • The 4 fundamental basics you need to consider
sifting and sorting; the easier and quicker it is for      when creating a successful lead generation
you to find bigger, better and more nuggets. And           marketing system.
that makes you more money, and in less time too.           • 7 little known, often-overlooked ways to attract
                                                           even more leads for your fitness business right now.
In your fitness business, those “big money” nuggets        • How to ethically ‘steal’ ideas from magazines for
are your clients, and I’m going to show you how to         creating powerful and profitable lead generation
tap into an endless supply of them.                        marketing campaigns in a snap.
                                                           • How you can use the “big Hairy problem Factor”
     What Are You Doing To Capture                         to double, triple and even quadruple the number of
              That Lead?                                   prospects your lead generation campaigns produce.
                                                           • Exactly how much money you should be investing
As you know, lead generation is absolutely essential       in your lead generation campaigns and why (most
for your business survival and growth. BUT I can           are grossly overspending to get less than half these
safely say, unless you’re already using these              results).
“Advanced Lead Generation Systems”...your                  • 3 things that “affect the effectiveness” of your lead
current lead generation strategy is losing you money       generation tools and ads. Miss-match them at your
hand over fist. This is because no matter what other       own risk.
marketing training or “know how” you may have,             • The essential elements of an endless lead
nothing comes close to this.                               generating and massive profit pulling postcard (case
                                                           study provided for you to model).
So, any leads you are generating at the moment             • A way to test your lead generation ads for Free,
won’t be nearly as qualified and as ready to buy as        with zero risk.
the leads this system will generate for you. Fix this      • The debt-collectors marketing secret that explodes
quickly and you can double or even triple your             your lead generation.
profit in a very short amount of time, and probably        • How to easily acquire a list of highly-qualified
with little extra work too (if any).                       prospects if you don’t yet have one, or want to build
                                                           a bigger one.                                             • What one fatal mistake you must avoid, if you do
      Here’s how to get started…                           • And much, much more!                                    not want to fail miserably.
                                                                                                                     • A little, very cheap to implement lead capture
      Watch This NPE 4-DVD Package,                        Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference        device I used to get clients (all of the time, without
Implement The Lead Generation Secrets                      guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce        fail) after public speaking events.
               And Profit. Simple!                         and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly     • How smart marketers make the transition from
n this new DVD double pack (4 DVD’s in total with          valuable information you’ve just learned.                 client chaser to client attraCtOr and how you
over six hours of highly valuable material) plus                                                                     can too!
workbook package, Eric Ruth and I reveal the best                DVD Pack #2 – aDVanCeD Lead                         • Make social proof an even stronger sales
business and profit boosting systems and secrets                     Generation Systems                              machine by adding these small but essential bits of
available in the fitness industry.                                                                                   information to your images.
                                                           In DVD pack #2 (DVD’s 3 & 4) you will discover…           • Add personality to your sales message that
       You will not find anything else as valuable as                                                                resonates with your best fitness prospects and
this, anywhere else! See for yourself…                     • One of the most important lead capture and              sucks them right into your offer.
                                                           marketing tools you MUST be using for maximum             • How to match your message to your market and
     DVD Pack #1 – Lead Generation                         lead generation.                                          triple your leads.
               Systems                                     • The 3 core, fundamental principals of a successful      • Avoid internet marketing’s “kiss of death” –
                                                           lead generation campaign.                                 Almost everyone does this at first and misses
In DVD pack #1 (DVD’s 1 & 2) you will discover…            • Why doing more of this makes creating and               out on thousands because of it.
                                                           initiating a successful lead generation marketing         • Optimize your website to capture leads that aren’t
• What the difference between 1-step and 2-step            plan easier...much easier.                                ready to buy from you… just yet...but will soon, if
fitness marketing is, and why 2-step marketing             • How to prevent confusion by being specific and          you do this right.
beats the pants off everything else when it comes to       keeping your prospects focused on only your offer         • Cut through the marketing clutter by being unique,
pulling in profit for you.                                 and not your competitors.                                 while still having a seriously effective and highly
• How to create a “bigger marketing net” that              • A step-by-step guide you can use to create your         responsive sales message.
captures more prospects than you may ever need.            own, highly effective lead generation marketing           • Dramatically boost the response of your postcards
• How to create a profit pipeline for sales on             campaign.                                                 by adding this jealously guarded fitness marketing
demand that drives money steadily and predictably          • The one key ingredient you have to get right, if        secret.
into your bank account.                                    you want a home-run, successful lead generation           • How to hold the interest of your prospect for much
• Why good fitness marketing is a lot like dating          campaign.                                                 longer, ensuring they read every word of your sales
(because of the intensely personal nature of               • 6 ways you need to be promoting your services           message and act on your offer.
fitness services), and how to “wine and dine” your         and generating fitness leads right now online.            • And much, much more!
IteM# MO10 Advanced Lead Generation Systems....................................................................................................................... $277

                              ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
FINALLY…the most tedious, difficult and VITAL fitness marketing is now hands-free and almost effortless...

              “This Follow-Up Marketing System Converts Your Fitness
                        Leads To Clients On AUTO-PILOT!”
            Discover how to automatically and systematically “DRIP” your credibility-enhancing,
             relationship- building follow-up marketing onto every lead you get... converting an
                      ever-growing percentage to clients hands-free and hassle-free…
If you can spare just a few days to implement this               DVD Pack #1 – Follow-up And                        response and profit if your list of prospects is not
system, then you can forever increase your lead-to-             Conversion Marketing Systems                        converting like you’d want.
client conversion three-fold or more! That means                                                                    • How to get A-list celebrities to endorse your
at least a 300% increase in the number of clients           In DVD pack #1 (DVD’s 1 & 2) you will discover…         fitness business for Free!
you get.                                                     Package, Implement The “Follow-up                      • And much, much more!
                                                             And Conversion Marketing” Secrets
You see, as a fitness professional you have the                           And Profit. Simple!                       Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference
potential to leverage a marketing system that will        • Exactly why your marketing budget is wasted             guide for this DVD pack. Which you can use to
sell your services and products automatically, you        without this crucial profit pulling system in place.      reinforce and gain a rock-solid understanding of all
also have the power to turn this system on and off        • 3 easy to make follow-up marketing mistakes you         the highly valuable information you’ve just learned.
with the click of a button.                               need to avoid like the plague, or they will kill your
                                                          business.                                                 DVD Pack #2 – aDVanCeD Follow-up And
In fact, my business partner Eric Ruth used such          • How to un-tap the hidden (and often overlooked)            Conversion Marketing Systems
a system to generate $31,089 in just 3 days over          profit in your fitness business that can double, triple
the Christmas Holidays. And I too have had these          or even quadruple your monthly income.                    In DVD pack #2 (DVD’s 3 & 4) you will discover
systems in place for years, steadily,
predictably and continually flooding                                                                                              • A step-by-step, day-by-day easy to
my fitness business with hundreds of                                                                                              copy plan for creating your own follow-up
clients and millions of dollars in profit.                                                                                        and conversion system that will easily
                                                                                                                                  increase the number of clients you close
Too good to be true? See for                                                                                                      and profit you make big time.
yourself…                                                                                                                         • When the best time to convert a
                                                                                                                                  prospect is, and how to set-up your
The Trick is - You Make Sales                                                                                                     follow-up campaign accordingly for huge
You Would Normally NEVER                                                                                                          profit margins.
 Make Without This System                                                                                                         • A crafty way to get full contact details
                                                                                                                                  from your prospects (address, e-mail
Right now there are two types of                                                                                                  phone number and more) without ever
prospect interested in your services                                                                                              scaring them away.
– those who want to become your                                                                                                   • What to say when you contact your
client immediately – and those who                                                                                                prospect for the first time… The whole
need a bit more time and guidance before making           • How to develop relationships with your prospects        success of your follow-up campaign hinges on this
a decision.                                               the “right way” so they respond to your offers in the     first crucial point of contact, you have to get it right.
                                                          “right way” and buy your products and services like       • A BIG PROFIT OPPORTUNITY that must not be
The problem is that this secondary; “ready to buy         they can’t get enough.                                    left out of your follow-up and conversion fulfillment
soon” group of prospects will probably never come         • 5 keys to running a successful follow-up marketing      tools.
back to you, because they’ll not make the time to         campaign that will convert prospects to clients for       • How to make the transition from “uninvited pest” to
find out more about your services. Or even worse,         you on auto-pilot, 24/7.                                  “welcomed guest” and have your prospects devour
they’ll have given their custom to one of your more       • The real truth behind this often asked (and             your every word as they would a trusted friend –
marketing proactive competitors! But it gets worse        wrongly answered) question – “What’s more                 even when you’re selling them hard.
than that! This group of prospects is easily worth five   profitable, following-up with prospects offline or        • 3 fundamental elements you need to have in place
to ten times the value of the first “ready to buy now”    online?”                                                  before execution of your follow-up and conversion
group of prospects. And that’s why it’s essential you     • 6 simple steps for creating a high-response, high-      marketing system. Remove just one of them and
have a follow-up and conversion marketing system          profit follow-up and conversion marketing system for      everything else will fail.
in place, because you will get nowhere near your          your fitness business right now.                          • A million-dollar marketing tip that will give you
true profit potential without one. Make sense? Then       • 4 crucial considerations you need to make before        endless success in your business and personal life.
here’s how to get started…                                rolling out your campaign – get this wrong and you’ll     • The unexpected place you should go to first, to
                                                          be forever stuck in the starting blocks.                  find new clients for your fitness business.
         Watch This New NPE 4-DVD                         • The two most important components of any                • The #1 sin you can commit when creating your
    In this new DVD double pack (4 DVD’s in total         conversion tool.                                          follow-up marketing messages, and how to avoid it.
 with over six hours of highly valuable material) plus    • How to maximize the response of your “bait”             • How to get your prospects hooked on your every
 workbook package, Eric Ruth and I reveal the best        pieces using the little known but highly effective        word so you can start selling with ease from the
 business and profit boosting systems and secrets         “fall-out” factor.                                        get-go.
            available in the fitness industry.            • The one big killer mind-set that you must erase         • And much, much more!
You will not find anything else as valuable as this,      from your brain if you want your follow-up and
anywhere else! See for yourself…                          conversion marketing system to consistently break
                                                          sales records and produce waves of new clients.
                                                          • What you can do to immediately increase

IteM# MO11 Advanced Follow-up & Conversion Marketing Systems................................................................................................ $277

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neW                  maRkEtINg

     “REVEALED: The Copywriting Secrets That Are Making Millions
          Of Dollars For Fitness Professionals Just Like You!”
  Discover how to write persuasive, compelling, high profit sales copy and marketing promotions for your
      fitness business by taking this fast-start crash course with the best copywriter in our industry…
 I can guarantee that most of the money you are             sure you spend 85% of your time on this crucial           In the second DVD, Eric goes through a full sales
 spending on marketing right now is being wasted            preparation step.                                         letter for a fitness business, breaking it down into
 because of this one, easy to fix factor…weak,              • Which of these sales appeals – fear of loss or          bite size building blocks so you can see exactly
 boring, under-performing sales copy.                       desire for gain - will generate the highest response      what goes in to writing a high-profit winner.
                                                            for you?                                                  You will also discover…
 Here’s the thing though, now that you know this;           • 10 smart marketing diagnostic and profiling             • Why you need to keep your sales copy “active”
 you’ve got no excuses for doing it anymore…                questions you can use to “get inside” the head of         – so the reader can see themselves achieving the
                                                            your prospect and find out exactly what makes them        results, become involved in your offer, and buy-up
  Improve Your Sales Copy And Improve                       tick. And what’ll make them become your happy,            your fitness services.
              Your Profit!                                  paying fitness clients.                                   • How to pump-up your bullet points so they’re
                                                            • How to create an irresistible offer by translating      not bland and boring, but energetic and explosive.
 Sales copy is any piece of promotional literature          your fitness service features into benefits. This is so   Bullets should make up a LARGE chunk of your
 or text that tries to sell something - whether that is     essential, and yet so often overlooked. When you          sales copy, and all too often many people tend to
 a service, a product, or even an idea – basically          get this, it will take your business to the next level.   screw them up. Avoid this costly mistake.
 it’s persuading through the written word. And as a         • 10 examples of personal training features               • The one sub-head that should be in every single
 business owner I’m sure you appreciate that you            translated into benefits, including hidden benefits of    one of your marketing pieces. This is the ultimate
 need to do this “quite a lot”, in fact your primary form   fitness training that you might not be thinking about,    credibility builder for your fitness business, and
 of communication with clients and prospects will be        but your prospect will be.                                credibility means cash.
 through sales letters, newsletters, e-mails, flyers,       • 9 examples of group training features translated        • A subliminal copywriting technique that makes
 faxes, postcards and more!                                 into benefits, including hidden benefits of fitness       exercise seem easy, even if your fitness program
                                                            training that you might not be thinking about, but        consists of 1,000lbs presses!
 So becoming a better copywriter should be top of           your prospect will be.                                    • How to double your response rate AND build a
 your “to do list”, assuming you want to increase           • How to position yourself with this crafty               mailing list of highly qualified leads by adding a
 the effectiveness of your marketing pieces, and the        copywriting technique, as the “best choice” fitness       compelling “B” offer to your sales copy.
 profit they produce for you, that is. You do? Then         professional in town – even if you charge twice as        • Why you must provide your reader with ordering
 here’s how to get started…                                 much as the competition!                                  options so that everyone who wants to take action
                                                            • How to overcome your prospects objections by            can, no matter what the situation.
   Watch This NPE DVD Copywriting                           predicting them in advance, and eliminating them          • An easy to create USP (unique sales proposition).
 Crash Course Package, Implement The                        as an excuse “not to buy” from you. If your prospect      Almost all fitness professionals can’t think of
      Secrets And Profit. Simple!                           doesn’t have a reason not to buy, then they’ve            one unique thing that sets them apart from their
                                                            obviously only got one choice left – to buy!              competitors. Spend just 30 seconds on this and
 In this new DVD package Eric Ruth (the best                • The #1 most important human emotion that must           you’ll have more USP ideas than hairs on your
 copywriter in the fitness industry according to Dan        always be played on in your sales copy to ensure          head!
 Kennedy) will reveal the most coveted copywriting          maximum profit selling your fitness services.             • What 5th graders can teach you about becoming
 secrets, AND hand you ready-to-roll formulas that          • 7 fundamental headline triggers that emotionally        an excellent fitness copywriter.
 you can use to create high profit marketing pieces         hooks the reader and forcibly drags them deep into        • Why you should use this punctuation mark less
 over and over again. You will not find anything            your sales message - reading every single word until      than you think!
 else as valuable as this, anywhere else! See for           they are inevitably convinced to become your client.      • And much, much more!
 yourself…                                                  • A big tried and true list of emotional appeals that
                                                            you can litter throughout your copy to keep the
   DVD #1 – Copywriting Secrets Of The                      readers eyes on your sales page and their hands
       Fitness And Weight Loss Market                       on their credit card. If you can make someone                 $189.00
                                                                                                                                                                     Presented By:
                                                                                                                                                                     Eric Ruth & Sean Greeley

 When you watch the first DVD, you will discover…           emotionally invested, you can sell them anything.

 • 8 success principals for writing high converting         • What WIIFM stands for, and why you must always
 sales copy.                                                keep it at the forefront of your mind when you are
 • Why you don’t have to be a great writer to be            writing sales copy for your fitness business.                    “Copywriting Secrets of
                                                                                                                             the Fitness and Weight
 a great copywriter. In fact, if you weren’t great at       • And much, much more!                                           Loss Market”
                                                                                                                              NPE Gold Plus Module 6

 English as a kid, then you’ve got a bit of a head-                                                                           Copywriting Crash Course
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               NPE Gold Plus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Copywriting   Module 6
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Crash Course

 start, because what the works of Mark Twain and            When you infuse these secrets into your sales copy,
 Ernest Hemingway teach you about copywriting is            you will see a massive increase in your marketing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NPE Gold

 worthless!                                                 response, and your profit. And best of all, you’ll be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Plus Module
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Secrets of the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            “Copywriting Secrets of

 • 4 simple copywriting formulas that you can use           in the only one in your town using them, so you can
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    5: Copywriting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fitness and

                                                                                                                                                                                  “Copywriting Secrets of
                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Copywriting Secrets of
                                                                                                                                                                                  the Fitness andthe Fitness and Weight
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Weight                                                                                     the Fitness and Weight
                                                                                                                                                                                  Loss Market” Loss Market”
                                                                                                                                                                                  NPE Gold Plus Module 6Gold Plus Module 6
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Loss Market”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Weight Loss Course

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Course -
                                                                                                                                                                                  Copywriting Crash Copywriting Crash Course -

 to write sales copy for any marketing medium and           clean up! But just to make doubly sure, I am going

 always make a profit.                                      to give you a second DVD too…
                                                                                                                                         Presented By:                                                            1 of 2                                                                1 of 2
                                                                                                                                        Eric Ruth & Sean Greeley

 • How to quickly and easily write strong, compelling        DVD #2 – Real Life Sales Copy Case                                                                                      Presented By:       Presented By:
                                                                                                                                                                               Eric Ruth & SeanEric Ruth & Sean Greeley

 sales messages (even if you hate writing) by making        Study
                                                                                                                                                                                       1.888.866.4998     1.888.866.4998
                                                                                                                                                                                          $189.00           $189.00

 IteM# M012 Module 6 June 08: Copywriting Secrets of the Fitness and Weight Loss Market................................................................... $189
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              “Who Else Wants Their Fitness Business To Automatically
                  Generate An Extra $3,900/Month Net Profit ?”
           Discover how you can better serve your clients AND add a new income stream to your
                      business using these Nutrition Product Marketing Systems…
This is something every fitness professional should       • How to leverage your nutrition product marketing          • How this one change to your marketing will
be doing right now…Not only can you make an               system so you can profit from front-end AND back-           DOUBLE your nutrition product sales, as well as the
extra $2,000 - $5,000+ per month selling nutrition        end sales… Doubling your sales and business                 profit from every other income stream in your fitness
products.                                                 growth!                                                     business.
                                                          • 6 niche markets with an urgent and endless                • And, much, much more!
But you are better serving your clients too, because      craving for good nutritional information and
as you know – good nutrition is an essential              products. You can tap into anyone of these markets          PLUS, we answer common questions on setting
component of staying fit and healthy.                     right now, and make an absolute killing!                    up and running a nutrition profit center within your
                                                          • How to harness the power of “L.C.V.” and                  fitness business.
So you’ll be making more money with these nutrition
                                                          generate seemingly never-ending profit from your
product marketing systems and your clients will be                                                                    All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
                                                          current and future clients.
A LOT happier and healthier…It doesn’t get much                                                                       it WILL grow your business; this is how sure I am of
better than that, does it?                                • 6 things to consider before choosing which
                                                          nutrition product supplier you are going to work with.
    Well, Here’s Where It Gets Much better…               If they can’t tick all six boxes, walk away or you’ll get
                                                                                                                      Let Me PROVE To You How Confident I Am, that
                                                                                                                         this Will Significantly Grow Your business
After you have sold a nutrition package to a client       • 3 crucial steps you need to take before integrating
once, that’s it, job done and you are now set up for      a nutrition profit center into your fitness business.
profit on auto-pilot!                                                                                                 If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
                                                          • How you can start making $2,000 - $5,000+ per
                                                                                                                      this information is to you, then let me make
                                                          month right now selling nutrition products, without
You see your product supplier will take care of                                                                       things clearer by offering you a guarantee double
                                                          having to acquire any new clients.
everything else, so there’s no extra work on your                                                                     whammy!
                                                          • What you need to do now to get the ball rolling
part, no retail hassles and no inventory to stock, or
                                                          with this, and start making money from your                 First, I’m going to let you try out “nutrition product
anything else like that. All you have to do is cash
                                                          nutritional product marketing system immediately.           Marketing Systems” for one whole year absolutely
your four figure checks each and every month!
                                                          • And much, much more!                                      risk-free. AND, if you don’t see big, I mean really
And because good nutritional products are in such                                                                     BIG returns on your $189 investment in this DVD
high-public demand, adding this service to your           Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference          package, I will gladly give you back your money
fitness business makes you more attractive to a           guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce          (less shipping and handling), no questions asked.
lot more prospects. So you’ll grow your business          and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly
two fold. Interested? Here’s how to start your own        valuable information you’ve just learned.                   In other words, if you can’t make a significant amount
Nutrition Profit Center…                                                                                              of extra profit with this; then I will happily refund you.
                                                           DVD #2 – Successful Case Studies For You to                The only catch is, this stuff will not work on the shelf
        Watch This NPE DVD                                        Copy, and npe Members Q&a                           and you must be prepared to give it a try.
  Package, Implement The “Nutrition
Product Marketing” Secrets And Profit.                    In DVD #2 you will discover…
              Simple!                                     • Why a nutritional package is easier to sell than a
                                                          training package – It requires a lot less work on your
In this new DVD package Eric Ruth and I reveal            part too! That’s two good reasons to implement this
the best business and profit boosting systems and         in your own fitness business immediately.
secrets available in the fitness industry. You will not
find anything else as valuable as this, anywhere          • 3 secrets for a successful nutrition product
else! See for yourself…                                   marketing system.
                                                          • How NPE member Jason Goggans made $2,378
 DVD #1 – Nutrition Product Marketing Systems             in his first 30 days with these nutrition product
                                                          marketing systems.
When you watch DVD #1 you will discover…                  • How NPE member Hut Allred made $16,700 with
• 3 simple ways you can start selling nutritional         an extra $1,900 to add on every month selling
products from your fitness business right now.            nutrition products through just one public speaking
• 3 in-demand and essential nutrition products
you MUST sell, that will help your clients achieve        • One “easy to get good at skill” that will take you as
better results – faster – and add and extra $2,000 to     far as you want to go when you begin start using it
$5,000+ to your monthly income.                           effectively within your marketing.

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   “How To Turn Your Personal Training Business Into
  The ULTIMATE Referral Machine - Generating Clients
          And Cash Windfalls On Demand!”
 A recent study has shown that as much as 45% of all new business in the service industry comes
   from referrals. In other words, implementing a successful Referral Generation System in your
                fitness business is a sure-fire way of DOUBLING your net income…
Your business won’t make profit by accident, and         by-step guide and get referrals from your clients           Generation System in your business, and doubling
luck has nothing to do with how successful you           AND other local business owners, who will gladly            your monthly income.
become…Like everything else, you have complete           refer their customers to you!                               • And, much, much more!
control over what happens, when it happens and           • Why good service alone will not generate referrals
how it happens. And “word of mouth marketing” isn’t      for you, even if you are the BEST personal trainer in       BUT, that’s not all. You’re also getting a very special
any different – if you want clients and other local      town! Avoid this common misconception, implement            bonus…
business owners to promote your services for you,        a proper system in your business and you will                     The Strategic Alliance Referral
then you have to have a system in place. This way        double your profit!                                          Systems Report, And Fast Action Tool-
you can reliably, predictably and effectively generate   • 5 local business owners who can feed you for life                                  Kit…
a profit and grow your business. Right?                  with the number of leads they can generate for your
                                                         fitness business.                                           Not only are you getting to benefit from the valuable
  The Referral Generation System –                       • The top 10 referral mistakes and how to avoid             “know how” we share, you’re also going to get a
How To Make Other People Market Your                     making them. If you screw up referrals then half your       step-by-step blueprint, telling you exactly how to
        Business For You…                                potential profit goes down the drain! So knowing            set-up and run highly profitable and successful
                                                         what not to do is just as important as knowing what         “referral Generation System” partnerships with
The obvious big benefit of having a referral             to do right.                                                other business owners in your area. In this $97
generation system in place is having other people        ª How a $10 investment can make you $10,000,                value report you will discover…
(including your clients) put in the work for you, they   and why most other fitness professionals are too
effectively sell their friends and family on trying      cheap to leverage this highly profitable investment         • The #1 secret for referral systems success with
out your services. And you can implement such a          opportunity                                                 your strategic alliance (joint venture) partners.
system for FREE, or at a very low cost.                  • And much, much more!                                      • How you can use the highly effective AIDA sales
                                                                                                                     formula and convince chiropractors, physical
But, there’s way more to it than that – you see, leads   Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference          therapists, doctors and more to promote your
that have been referred to your business are by far      guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce          personal training services to their clients for you.
the easiest to sell to – and that is because they have   and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly       • The triple-tier marketing mind-set you MUST
been sent to you by a reliable and trusted source, so    valuable information you’ve just learned.                   possess if you want maximum profit generation from
they’re ready to buy before they’ve even heard your                                                                  your referral system.
sales presentation!                                                DVD #2 –Even More                                 • The $100,000 business strategy that won’t
                                                           Referral Generation System Secrets                        even cost you a penny to set-up and is literally
You cannot get a more qualified, ready to buy lead.                                                                  guaranteed to make you profit over and over again.
And as we already know, referrals can account            When you watch DVD #2 you will discover…                    • 5 ways to have hoards of local business owners
for up to 45% of your business (which is massive)        • How to effectively leverage and profit from your #1       begging to become your referral partners and help
– you can double your profit with this! And that’s       referral source (and it’s not your current clients).        grow your business.
something you should want to get working on ASAP.        • How to make referrals consistent so you can set           • And more!
So, here’s how to get started…                           and forget your referral machine – letting it churn out
                                                         clients and profit on auto-pilot, while you take care
     Watch This NPE DVD Package,                         of other business.
   Implement The Referral Generation                     • Who you should ask for referrals and how you
          Secrets And Profit!                            should ask for them.
                                                         • 22 local businesses who will make excellent
In this new DVD package Eric Ruth and I reveal the       referral partners for you - their well to do clients love
7-Step Fitness Sales System framework you need           spending money on fitness and health – so you
to start closing clients like crazy. See for yourself…   need to get in touch with these business owners
                                                         right now!
 DVD #1 –Referral Generation Systems                     • What exactly makes these other businesses send
                                                         you hundreds of referrals each month.
In the first DVD you will discover...                    • 10 easy ways to significantly increase your
• Two referral money wells that you can dig deep         referrals, leads, clients and profit for your fitness
down into, and leverage the hell out of for huge         business before the week is out.
profit gains right now.                                  • 4 simple steps you can take right now for
• The potent “EAR” formula… Follow this easy step-       implementing a high performance Referral

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                        “Internet Marketing Success Secrets!”
    Discover how to create your own virtual sales & marketing expert who will slam your business
     with leads and generate profit for you on auto-pilot - 24hrs of the day, 365 days of the year…
Each day your potential clients are using the internet    • How to get floods of highly targeted traffic to your      of today’s web users and keep them magnetized
more and more to look for health and fitness              website using the coveted 3-step “build, borrow and         on your website and sales message for as long as
solutions. So…                                            buy” formula.                                               it takes them to give you their contact details and
                                                          • SEO (search engine optimization) secrets that will        request a consultation from you.
…You absolutely MUST have a presence online               propel your website up to at least a top 5 ranking in       • Exactly what search engine keywords to use for
these days if you want to be considered as a serious      30 days for Google search results relating to your          your website and how often you should use them in
business with serious services to offer. The web is       fitness business.                                           your web pages.
also one the most versatile and powerful marketing        • Why “content is king”, and the low down dirty tactics     • Pictures and images you should absolutely,
mediums in the world, and I’ll wager that you can at      you can use to churn out high quality web site pages        positively NOT use on your website – everyone else
least double your profit when you use it.                 that build links to your site and force it even higher up   does, and yet they do nothing for your conversion
                                                          the search engine rankings!                                 rates and waste valuable sales real-estate.
Assuming you use it correctly of course…                  • The joint venture opportunities sitting right under       • The crucial and winning factor found on every
                                                          your nose that you can leverage for thousands of new        page of websites ran by successful fitness
    There Are 100 Million Websites                        leads right now.                                            professionals.
  Online, And Most Of Them Are Utter                      • Why having this key ingredient on your website is         • And, much, much more!
                Crap!                                     a must if you want to stop competitors from poaching
                                                          your highly valuable and hard earned leads.                 All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
Because many business owners have been told               • The “KISS” formula you need to use if you want a          it WILL grow your business; this is how sure I am of
that it’s easy to make money on the internet – “all       website with sales statistics that are through the roof!    that…
you need is a website and you’re golden” – the            • The one thing your site is completely worthless
World Wide Web is now littered with next to useless       without… It doesn’t matter how good everything else           Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
websites, run by naïve business owners who are            is, if you don’t have this on your website, you’re not       I Am, That This Will Significantly Grow
way out of their depth.                                   making any money. Period.                                                Your Business
                                                          • How long you need to wait before getting on the
Here’s the flip side, if you learn just a few of the      phone and following-up with the leads your website          If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
fundamental internet marketing success strategies,        generates for you. There is a specific “prime time”         this information is to you, then let me make
you can make a freakin’ killing! You see the market       window for profit that you really shouldn’t miss out on.    things clearer by offering you a guarantee double
place is wide open for someone with a bit of expert       • 3 ADVANCED website lead generation strategies             whammy!
knowledge.                                                for exploding the response of your fitness website.
                                                          • What all good web marketer’s do offline to ensure         First, I’m going to let you try out “Internet
And I know this for a fact because our own websites       their websites are as profitable as can be online.          Marketing Systems” for one whole year absolutely
(Eric Ruth & I) have made well over $3.5 million          You must ALWAYS do this too if you really want your         risk-free.
dollars using the very same basic, internet               fitness business to grow.
marketing fundamentals I am now about to reveal to        • And much, much more!                                      AND, if you don’t see big, I mean really BIG returns
you. All you have to do is…                                                                                           on your $189 investment in this DVD package, I will
                                                          Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference          gladly give you back your money (less shipping and
       Watch This NPE DVD Package,                        guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce          handling), no questions asked. The only catch is,
   Implement These Internet Marketing                     and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly       this stuff will not work on the shelf and you must be
         Success Secrets And Profit!                      valuable information you’ve just learned.                   prepared to give it a try.
In this new DVD package Eric Ruth and I reveal
the best business and profit boosting systems and            DVD #2 – Personal Trainer Website
secrets available in the fitness industry. You will not                  Critiques
find anything else as valuable as this, anywhere
else! See for yourself…                                   Viewing real-life examples is the best way for you to
                                                          learn, so in the second DVD we critique 6 personal
  DVD #1 –Internet Marketing Systems                      trainer websites and reveal…

When you watch the first DVD you will discover…           • The secrets behind website profit maximization
                                                          by strategically placing your most important sales
• The 2 best site building tools on the internet…         messages “above the fold”.
Anyone can build a high performance, high profit          • How to kill confusion and have clear, easy to use
website with these simple web design tools.               website. Most other websites are cluttered and
• The secret sales & marketing system running             take a while to get the hang of, by that time 99% of
behind the scenes of every successful website,            potential leads have moved on for good! You know
which you can set to “automatic” and let it grow your     better than to miss out on that massive opportunity.
business for you on auto-pilot!                           • How to overcome the 4-second attention span

IteM# M015 Module 7 July 07: Internet Marketing Systems/How to Get new Clients for Free On the Internet......................................... $189
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                       “How To Create Information Products
                        For Market Positioning And Profit!”
 Discover how to quickly and easily create your own information products - reports, books, CD’s,
DVD’s and more - that will give you instant expert status, attract new clients to you in droves, AND
      add yet another stream of income to your fitness business that can feed you for life…
You are an expert. You possess way more                    get sucked into. This is a serious business “bolt-on”    bonus gift that will almost always boost the response
knowledge you’re your potential prospects and              that will make you rich, just not overnight.             of your information product marketing campaigns.
clients do about how to stay fit and healthy…              • Exactly where you should start (what to create,        • How to layout your report pages for maximum
                                                           how to create it and more).                              sales potential. Whether you are selling information
…And as you know, your prospects and clients               • 3 steps for getting your first product created and     products or giving them away for free; they should
would love for you to share all of that expert             out of the door, ready to be sold for immediate profit   always be leveraged sell your other products and
knowledge with them; and they are willing to pay           or generating leads for your fitness business.           services.
you handsomely for it. So, leverage the hell out of        • One thing you must NEVER assume about the              • What you should always put on the first page of
that fact, and make even more money from your              market place when creating your products. This is        every report you write to ensure the information
fitness business with your very own…                       the difference between selling thousands of dollars      is consumed and your expertise recognized and
                                                           worth or products, and selling zip!                      desired.
    Information Product Profit Center!                     • How to dramatically increase sales and leads           • The quickest, easiest way to start selling your
                                                           produced with your information products by adding        information products without spending any money
Information products in our industry are great for         this key ingredient most others will forget about.       on marketing and advertising right now.
business growth, and the benefit of them is actually       • 16 information product creation mistakes that you      • A way to leverage the products you create even
two-fold...                                                might want to avoid… If you want to save a lot of        further, into $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 days.
                                                           money and time that is.                                  • And, much, much more!
For starters, not everyone who wants to get fit can        • Why adding a tiny little set of numbers to your
afford to become a member of a health club or hire         free information products causes a psychological         PLUS, I’ll give you handout with loads of great
a personal trainer. But they’re still going to need that   shift inside the mind of your prospect that makes        information product examples for you to create and
know how to get in shape, and so you can help              them keener than ever to become a high paying and        title ideas that you can swipe and make your own;
them by way of reports, audio recordings and DVD’s         adoring client of yours.                                 creating high-profit for your fitness business.
that you can sell for $30, $40, $50 and upwards.           • How to double your dollars by turning seemingly
                                                           everyday, normal business occurrences into highly          Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
So by sharing your knowledge through information           valuable information products.                            I Am, That This Will Significantly Grow
products, you can make profit on the front-end that        • How I added 1,500 names to my mailing list in                       Your Business
you would have likely never made otherwise. And            30 days, piggy backing a major information product
secondly, having your own products is a great way          launch, and how you can do it too!                        First, I’m going to let you try out the “Information
to position yourself as an expert. Selling becomes         • What caused Eric to lose over $1,000,000 in his        product Creation” system for one whole year
a lot easier, and lead generation is a breeze,             information product business, and what to do to          absolutely risk-free. AND, if you don’t see big, I
especially if you have products to give away for free      ensure that same thing doesn’t happen to you.            mean really BIG returns on your $189 investment in
too. Sound good? The here’s how to get started…            • Your 10-step easy to follow fast-start information     this DVD package, I will gladly give you back your
                                                           product creation guide for blasting out high profit      money (less shipping and handling), no questions
         Watch This NPE DVD                                products over and over.                                  asked. The only catch is, this stuff will not work on
  Package, Implement The Information                       • And much, much more!                                   the shelf and you must be prepared to give it a try.
  Product Creation Secrets And Profit.
                Simple!                                    Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference
                                                           guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce
In this new DVD package Eric Ruth and I reveal             and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly
the best business and profit boosting systems and          valuable information you’ve just learned.
secrets available in the fitness industry. You will not
find anything else as valuable as this, anywhere else!         DVD #2 –Even More Information
See for yourself…                                             ProductCreation Secrets AND NPE
                                                                       Member Q&A’s
 DVD #1 –Information Product Creation
                                                           In DVD #2 you will discover…
When you watch DVD #1 you will discover…
                                                           • What all good, in-demand information products
• How to make your marketing plan self-funding             have in common.
with information products. Basically, you can              • A secret way to add value to your information
market your fitness services for free by covering          products, making them more desirable to your
expenditure with your information product sales.           prospect.
• The great information product hype you MUST not          • An easy to create product that works great as a

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                                   “Direct Mail Marketing Secrets
                                     For Fitness Professionals!”
      Direct Mail Marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote and grow your business.
                         If There Is One Thing You MUST Be Doing – This is it!
If there’s one thing that puts our NPE direct mail          at success.                                                 • What you MUSt add to any promotional images
marketing systems light years ahead of any other            • Why you don’t have to be Mark Twain (or Eric              you are using to pull maximum profit from them.
marketing you may be using it’s partner,          Ruth) to write your own highly profitable and kick-         • Why I flip the lid over an exceptionally poor
Eric Ruth, has the longest and most successful              ass direct mail sales letters.                              marketing message. I hate it when fitness
track record in the fitness industry for creating profit-   • What your ultimate marketing goal should always           businesses piss money down the drain!
pulling direct mail. In fact, his “Icing the Cake” letter   be and why, with direct mail.                               • How trying to be a “creative” marketer will kill your
sequence is responsible for bringing in thousands of        • Where you will find the BEST list to mail to. I’ll give   business.
fitness clients and MILLIONS in profits for the fitness     you a clue – you won’t get it from a list broker.           • Why copying the “established” guy down the street
professionals who use it. What you are about to             • The difference between external and internal              is a waste of your time and your money.
learn is proven to succeed, time and time again.            marketing and why both are CRUCIAL to your                  • The one thing almost everyone never does, but
                                                            success.                                                    something YOU MUSt aLWaYS put into your
         You Don’t Have To “Guess”                          • How to get your very first direct mail marketing          marketing message.
           Your Way To Success…                             system up and running.                                      • How to maximize the profit potential of your direct
                                                            • What mailing formats you need to consider, and            mail marketing “real estate”.
And it’s the fact that these direct mail marketing          why all are not equal.                                      • and more!
strategies are time tested and proven, that makes it        • How often you should mail out to your leads. Too
a lot easier and quicker for you to achieve success         much and you’ll piss them off, too little and they          All in, there’s a goldmine of information there for
in the fitness industry.                                    won’t buy.                                                  you. And it WILL grow your business; this is how
                                                            • The secrets behind the success of Eric’s “Icing           sure I am of that…
No longer will you be playing Russian Roulette with         the Cake ” sales letter (the most famous sales
your marketing, gambling away large amounts of              letter in personal training history).                          Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
money “hoping” to generate enough leads so you              • What the difference is between promotional                  I Am, That This Will Significantly Grow
close a few clients at the end of the month. When           marketing and “farming”.                                                      Your Business
you use these “Direct Mail Marketing Systems”               • How to leverage multi-media marketing in your •           If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
you will know exactly what to do, and will know how         direct mail campaigns for even higher success rates.        this information is to you, then let me make
to generate home run marketing campaigns over               • The “numbers” you will NEED to know if you want           things clearer by offering you a guarantee double
and over again.                                             to succeed.                                                 whammy! First, I’m going to let you try out “Direct
                                                            • 2 character traits you must possess to succeed in         Mail Marketing Systems” for one whole year
Look at the testimonials on this page for PROOF of          direct mail, and in business. Do you have them?             absolutely risk-free. AND, if you don’t see big, I
just how effective direct mail marketing really is. It’s    • And much, much more!                                      mean really BIG returns on your $189 investment in
proven, it works and if you’re really serious about                                                                     this DVD package, I will gladly give you back your
growing your business then you MUST put it to work          Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference          money (less shipping and handling), no questions
for you right now.                                          guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce          asked.
                                                            and get a rock-solid understanding of all the highly
Here’s how to get started…                                  valuable information you’ve just learnt.                    As long as you don’t know these “Direct Mail
                                                                                                                        Marketing Systems”, you are putting your business
        Watch This 2-DVD Package,                                           DVD #2 –                                    growth on hold, and missing out on many thousands
       Use The Direct Mail Marketing                           Direct Mail Campaign Critiques And                       in lost sales.
        Secrets And Profit. Simple                                            More!

In this new 2-DVD plus workbook package, Eric               In this second DVD, Eric and I take a look at some
Ruth and I reveal the best business and profit              direct mail pieces for other fitness business and tell
boosting systems and secrets available in the fitness       you exactly what’s good, what’s bad and what could
industry. You will not find anything else as valuable       be better about them.
as this, anywhere else! See for yourself…
                                                            This is an excellent way for you to understand
DVD #1 – Direct Mail Marketing Systems                      exactly how to create your own direct mail marketing
In the first DVD you watch, you will discover…
                                                            In DVD #2 you’ll also discover…
• The one thing you must NOT to do when first               • The advantages and disadvantages of using a
rolling out your direct mail marketing campaign.            postcard over a sales letter for lead generation. And
• The 3 essential “M’s” of direct mail marketing that       what you must consider before deciding on your
you need to understand if you’re to have any chance         media format.

IteM# M017 Module 9 Sept 07: Direct Mail Marketing Systems........................................................................................................ $189
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   “How To Harness The Power Of Local Businesses
  That Will Help You Conquer Your Market – Fast!”
         One of the quickest and most effective ways of building you client list and your profits is
         through Strategic Alliances. Having other local businesses drive leads to your business
                         creates unlimited opportunity. Let me show you how…
How would you like it if the local chiropractor sent        DVD #1 – Strategic Alliance Systems                    valuable “know how”, you’re also going to get the
you a handful new leads each and every month?                                                                      tools (ready to go) that you can use to set-up and
And what if the biggest fitness equipment store in        When you watch you will discover…                        run highly profitable and successful “Strategic
town sent you a couple of dozen new leads each            • 6 steps to winning partnerships with the best          alliance Systems”. Tools such as…
and every month?                                          businesses in town.
                                                          • What you have, that makes selling your Strategic       • Strategic alliance proposal Sequence ($297
Now, imagine that restaurant just around the block        Alliance ideas to other business owners easy.            value) – You can use this letter sequence to contact
is also one of your Strategic Alliance business           • The one BIG reason why most Strategic Alliances        “cold” leads, and convince key decision makers to
partners, and they’re sending you another dozen or        fail, and how to avoid it.                               grant you access to their market place.
so leads each and every month                             • Where to find Strategic Alliance partners right now.   • Lead Generation Postcard ($197 value) – You
                                                          • 13 more industries where you can find businesses       can personalize, print off and then place these
  …You could easily add 5, 10, or possibly even 15        willing to set-up profitable Strategic Alliances with    postcards in your partners premises to generate
  new clients to your books every month. And this is      you... As long as you know how to approach them          highly qualified leads with ease.
the true and powerful potential of Strategic Alliances.   right.                                                   • Plus, Tools For Your Strategic Alliance
                                                          • And much, much more!                                   Partners ($297 value) – What business isn’t going
If you want to really grow your business - I urge you                                                              to partner with you when you can provide them
                    find out more!                        Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference       with the tools they need to profit as your Strategic
                                                          guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce       Alliance partner? The less work they have to do, the
How the Strategic alliance System Works, and              and get a rock-solid understanding of all the highly     more keen they’ll be to work with you.
     How to Make It Go to Work For You                    valuable information you’ve just learnt.                 • And more!

To create a profitable Strategic Alliance with other      Let me reiterate, business partnerships are              All in, there’s a goldmine of information and
local business owners’ you need to approach them          POWERFUL. And using what’s covered in DVD                marketing tools for you. And it WILL grow your
with a Win-Win offer. Tell them why they should help      #1 of “Strategic alliance Systems” is going to be        business; this is how sure I am of that…
you...and how you can help them.                          worth a lot to you in profit in the very near future.
                                                                                                                     Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
If you can establish this Win-Win offer and get the           DVD #2 – 17 Mistakes To Avoid                         I Am, That This Will Significantly Grow
wheels in motion then soon, your partners will be           When Setting Up Strategic Alliances                                 Your Business
sending you hundreds of leads every month on                           And Q&A’s!
auto-pilot.                                                                                                        If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
                                                          We go a bit overboard here, because in DVD #2            this information is to you, then let me make
Of course that’s easier said than done, and if you        we’re going to tell you how you can even set-up          things clearer by offering you a guarantee double
don’t know what you’re doing you can mess up big          Strategic Alliances with other fitness businesses!       whammy!
time (possibly even ruining profitable partnerships       Plus, you’ll also discover…
forever).                                                                                                          First, I’m going to let you try out “Strategic alliance
                                                          • Why a blank piece of paper is the easiest way          Systems” for one whole year absolutely risk-free.
That’s why it’s essential you educate yourself on         to start building a list of business partners.
the whole process and understand how to cultivate         • How narrowing your field of vision might make you
and harness the true power and profit possibilities of    miss out on big business deals.
local business partnerships.                              • How “co-opetition” works in the fitness industry,
                                                          and how you can use it to build really strong and
      And you can do that with these DVD’s…               very profitable business partnerships.
                                                          • And more!
   Who Else Wants To Increase Sales
       With Strategic Alliances?                          We also review a Strategic Alliance plan for
                                                          approaching a Hooters restaurant, that could
In this new 2-DVD plus workbook package, Eric             generate an extra 250 highly targeted leads each
Ruth and I reveal the best business and profit            month. BUT, that’s not all. You’re also getting…
boosting systems and secrets available in the fitness
industry. You will not find anything else as valuable              $1,397 Worth Of Bonuses
as this, anywhere else! See for yourself…                 And Marketing Tools Absolutely FREE
                                                          Not only are you getting to benefit from all our

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                       “How To Become A Fitness Celebrity!”
            Get on T.V., feature on radio shows and have a weekly column in the local newspaper
                              with these Publicity And Media Marketing Systems…
This is one of the fastest, most effective and            • What your number one primary tool will be for           of editors you can send news release to, and an
enjoyable marketing opportunities available to you…       profitable publicity and media marketing systems.         ACTUAL news release you can model!
                                                          • The big secrets behind creating story “hooks” that
…Not only can you grow your fitness business              reel in editors who’ll want to publish your articles in   All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
significantly with publicity and media, but you can       their newspapers and give you free advertising!           it WILL grow your business; this is how sure I am of
also become a local (even national) celebrity and         • What advice Yoda from “Star Wars” can give you          that…
recognized expert overnight; just as soon as you          about how to be successful with your publicity and
start to implement the systems and strategies I am        media marketing systems.                                    Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
about to share with you.                                  • How to reduce the risk of failure. Obviously, not        I Am, That This Will Significantly Grow
                                                          every article or news release you write and send                       Your Business
I myself have used them for many years to get             to the media will be published, but a lot more than
on T.V. and into the newspapers whenever I am             normal will be when you do this.                          If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
promoting a new business or product. And NPE              • How to eliminate writers block and keep churning        this information is to you, then let me make
member Ed Downes made $80,000 in one month                out fresh and new press releases that will promote        things clearer by offering you a guarantee double
with these same strategies.                               your business and earn you a celebrity status.            whammy!
                                                          • How any articles you have had published can
You will get into the media spotlight AND seriously       be leveraged to give all your other marketing             First, I’m going to let you try out “publicity and
grow your fitness business. Sound good? Then              campaigns a nice sized cash injection.                    Media Marketing Systems” for one whole year
please read on…                                           • The “halo-effect” of publicity and media marketing      absolutely risk-free.
    Of Course, Publicity Is FREE Too!                     systems that rockets your profit into outer-orbit
                                                          overnight!                                                AND, if you don’t see big, I mean really BIG returns
When you get into the newspaper or on T.V. as a           • 4 more ways to give your fitness business loads of      on your $189 investment in this DVD package, I will
fitness expert you are basically able to advertise        exposure for free by increasing the chance of having      gladly give you back your money (less shipping and
your business, and it’s not costing you anything!         your story picked up by big media.                        handling), no questions asked.
                                                          • The “human interest” goldmine opportunity that
But surprisingly, free mass exposure also creates         you absolutely must take advantage of when                In other words, if you can’t make a significant
a little problem for you. Because the huge benefit        working on your news releases.                            amount of extra profit with this; then I will happily
good publicity and media marketing offers business        • 68 great story ideas that will kick the creative side   refund you. The only catch is, this stuff will not work
owners like you, the competition is fierce.               of your brain into gear and have you coming up with       on the shelf and you must be prepared to give it a
                                                          great news releases that have hooks to die for.           try. Fair enough?
In fact, 65% or more of what’s covered in the media       • The 5 basic types of news release.
comes from outside sources which shows just               • 5 MAJOR news release success strategies.                  Grab Your Copy Right Now, And You
how many people are also trying to get in on this         • How to piggy-back notable news stories and ride           Can Start Boosting Your Profit Today
– however, it also shows you just how in demand           along their wave of success. I did this when a new
good stories and news releases are, and how willing       Dr. Phil book was published and got a huge amount         As long as you don’t know these “publicity and
newspapers will be to publish articles you submit to      of publicity because of it - including T.V. spots and     Media Marketing Systems”, you are putting your
them (assuming they’re newsworthy).                       magazine articles.                                        business growth on hold, and missing out on many
                                                          • The nice little touch that no-one else is doing         thousands in lost sales.
So, with that in mind, here’s how you can crush the       that will almost certainly increase the number of
competition, become a regular fitness celebrity           stories you have published by strengthening your
and grow your business with publicity and media           relationship with key media decision makers.
marketing systems…                                        • 22 story hooks for getting attention and getting
    Watch This NPE DVD Package,                           • One big story killing mistake you need to avoid at
 Implement The Publicity And Media                        all costs. You will never get published if you copy
 Marketing Secrets And Profit. Simple!                    this common mistake.
                                                          • And much, much more!
In this new DVD package Eric Ruth and I reveal
the best business and profit boosting systems and          PLUS, You’re Also Getting A Bumper
secrets available in the fitness industry. You will not   Sized Quick reference “Class Handout”
find anything else as valuable as this, anywhere
else! See for yourself…                                   Along with the DVD I am also going to send you a
                                                          highly detailed 31-page report worth $97 absolutely
Publicity Media And Marketing Systems                     free. As well as recapping what’s in the DVD, you
                                                          will also learn several insider tips & tricks on how
When you watch the DVD you will discover…                 to get published, and a list of websites that will
                                                          distribute your news releases for you, plus a list

IteM# M019 Module 11 Nov 07: Publicity and Media Marketing Systems............................................................................................. $189
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                           “Successful Advertising Systems For
                            Ambitious Fitness Professionals!”
  REVEALED: Two marketing experts at the top of their game show you how to double, triple and
  even quadruple your profit with these highly effective and fail-safe fitness advertising systems...
Whoever said “build it and they will come” obviously       • The most profitable types of advertising for you        know – but Brad is actually getting a $500 value
never owned a health & fitness business…                   to use.                                                   ad critique service that will help him to create
                                                           • The 10-step ad creation tool used by multi-million      an amazing, profit pulling, business building
…If you really want to make it in this game then you       dollar health & fitness copywriter and marketing          advertisement. So it’s cash in the bank for him, and
need to start attracting the best quality, ready-to-act    expert Eric Ruth.                                         for you too when you watch the DVD’s and put into
fitness and weight loss clients using these highly         • Plus, plenty of proven ads for you to study and         practice the secrets they reveal.
effective advertising systems.                             steal (or at least borrow ideas from). Eric and I will
                                                           also tell you how to make these ads even better!          All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
Make Sense?                                                • 3 ways to write the perfect ad headline. Just           it WILL grow your business; this is how sure I am of
                                                           plug-in your own details and profit. This is fast, easy   that…
  Your business Is Dead In the Water Without               and anyone can do it!
           these Systems In place!                         • How to use the crucial ad component of “risk              Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
                                                           reversal”.                                                 I Am, That This Will Significantly Grow
Because advertising is the first point of contact, and     • One of the most versatile, cheap and uber-                           Your Business
the start of the selling process, it’s essential to your   profitable ways to advertise your business by
success – so it’s essential you become and expert          using a marketing tool that almost everyone else          If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
advertiser – and fast!                                     overlooks.                                                this information is to you, then let me make
                                                           • How to annihilate skepticism and force your             things clearer by offering you a guarantee double
As you know, your clients fuel your business and           prospective client to believe every single word of        whammy!
allow it to grow. And for you to keep getting clients      your ad.
you need to start generating plenty of HOT ready-          • Why being specific in your ad will sell like            First, I’m going to let you try out “Fitness
to-buy clients and WARM ‘tell-me-more’ leads; this         SeX!                                                      Advertising Systems” for one whole year
is exactly what these advertising systems will do for      • How to create ads that fly way below your reader’s      absolutely risk-free.
you, as soon as you implement them.                        radar and suck them right into your sales message
                                                           making them ready to act on your offer before they        AND, if you don’t see big, I mean really BIG returns
So, start up your marketing machine and watch how          even realize it!                                          on your $189 investment in this DVD package, I will
clients come pouring through your doors, cash in           • And much, much more!                                    gladly give you back your money (less shipping and
hand…                                                                                                                handling), no questions asked.
                                                           Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference
                                                           guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce        In other words, if you can’t make a significant
   With These High Response Fitness                        and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly     amount of extra profit with this; then I will happily
         Advertising Systems!                              valuable information you’ve just learned.                 refund you. The only catch is, this stuff will not work
                                                                                                                     on the shelf and you must be prepared to give it a try.
In this new 2-DVD plus workbook package, Eric              You cannot fail if you implement the above, that’s
Ruth and I reveal the best business and profit             a fact and I have the figures to prove it. The            Fair enough?
boosting systems and secrets available in the fitness      information in this DVD is highly valuable, just put it
industry. You will not find anything else as valuable      to use and you will see for yourself.                         Grab Your Copy Right Now, And
as this, anywhere else!                                                                                                 You Can Start Boosting Your Profit
                                                               DVD #2 – Ad Critique’s And Q&A’s                                      Today
See for yourself…
                                                           We had planned on covering this in the first DVD,         As long as you don’t know these “Fitness
      DVD #1 – Fitness Advertising Systems                 but ran out of time (that’s how jam-packed these          Advertising Systems”, you are putting your
                                                           DVD’s are).                                               business growth on hold, and missing out on many
When you watch you will discover…                                                                                    thousands in lost sales.
                                                           In DVD #2 you will discover…
• The two advertising systems you MUST be using
if you want to promote your business successfully.         • Why the smallest markets give you the biggest
• How to “skim the cream” for laser-targeted               returns.
advertising that generates easy to close leads.            • What a “B” offer is and why it’s so damned
• The anti-mainstream advertising system that if           effective at making profit you would never see
implemented properly, means you will neVer be              without it.
without clients.                                           • 3 essential elements that must go into your
• How to cure the curse of instant gratification by        advertisement.
mind reading your prospect and finding out what            • Plus more!
they really want to hear.
• Testing and tracking techniques that allow you           anD, NPE member Brad Scott was kind enough to
to find out almost instantly if your advertising is        send us in an advertisement he plans on running
working or not, and how you can then fine-tune for         when he re-locates to Florida, and has to start his
even more profit.                                          business from scratch again.
• 15 places where you should advertise and
why.                                                       Naturally I rip it to shreds, and then let Eric off his
                                                           leash so he can clean up the leftovers – harsh I

IteM# MO20 Module 12 Dec 07: Advertising Systems.................................................................................................................. $189
                               ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
                                                                                                                        PERsONaL DEVELOPmENt

              “This Could Be The Most Potent Marketing
                Strategy There Is… And It Works Best
                      On A Shoestring Budget!”
            Imagine you and your fitness business on TV, radio, in magazines and newspapers…
When you appear in your local media as a fitness              * Make a commitment to pursuing this proven              house list. You can use it in your print newsletter.
professional, you are immediately recognized as an              strategy                                               You can position it into a FREE special report. You
authority, perhaps the authority on fitness in your           * Follow my plan                                         can expand it into a book or an e-course. It can
area.                                                         * Make a consistent effort                               be the basis for a video series. The opportunity is
People believe what they read in the paper and see          And your “snowball” will get rolling, gain momentum
on TV. And they definitely perceive and respond             and turn into an avalanche of new business and             And after you’ve used “Advanced Publicity Systems”
to your publicity differently than your ads. In that        explosive growth for your business faster than you         consistently, your life will change for the better.
conversation which is constantly going on inside            could imagine!                                             You’ll be the go-to authority in your area, the person
your prospect’s mind, they’re saying to themselves,                                                                    editors and reporters call for an expert opinion, a
“Of course they’re an expert. Why else would the                  “Advanced Publicity Systems”                         quote or to explore feature ideas with.
media choose them?”                                               Here’s How to Make the System
                                                                          Work For You                                 A Bounty of Celebrity Perks Awaits You
What’s even more important than seeing you as an
expert is they see your appearance in the media as          Get your hands on my “Advanced Publicity                   Good-looking strangers wave at you and smile and
an “implied endorsement” from that media outlet.            Systems.” Go through the program and develop               introduce themselves unbidden. Granted, you won’t
And what an endorsement it is.                              your plan for success. You begin with a story idea         have groupies like the guys from U2 have. Yours
                                                            for a press release. You model your release after          will just be called “new friends.” And they’ll be
This is called the “halo effect,” and it’s very powerful.   the one we’ve provided for you. And then use               fitness enthusiasts – they’ll be much healthier than
In fact, generating and profiting from FREE publicity       the exact techniques outlined for you on how to            groupies.
isn’t just one of the four pillars of successful            successfully approach editors and reporters. One
marketing – it’s The Most Potent Marketing Strategy         or two of your media contacts responds and either          Your old friends will call a lot more often and want
There Is!                                                   decides to run your story or to interview you for the      to spend time with you, hoping your star power will
                                                            local news.                                                somehow rub off on them.
         What’s Better Than FREE?!
                                                            What you may not realize is that you’ve just made          If you’re married, your spouse will become much
One of the reasons mass media coverage is so                that editor or reporter’s life much easier. If you think   more attentive, even agreeable. Your entire family
influential is because you don’t buy it. You must           you’ll have a hard time coming up with an idea (you        will bask in your limelight, proudly enjoying your
earn it. But when you do earn it, your efforts will         won’t – there are 80 idea stimulators in “Advanced         success.
reward you immensely.                                       Publicity Systems”) imagine how difficult it is for
                                                            that editor or reporter. They have to fill their idea      If you have kids, even they’ll be in awe of your
After your first couple successes, your effort              pipeline all day – every day!                              sudden star power. Amazingly, they’ll start to pay
“snowballs.” Pretty soon, rather than pursuing                                                                         attention to you… for awhile anyway.
publicity, editors and reporters are calling you, eager     OK, so you’ve made their life a lot easier by bringing
to work with you as a source, in feature stories, even      them a good story on a platter. Amazingly, almost          But the most exciting part is what will happen in your
in your own regular time slot on the news.                  2/3 of all stories you see in the media are generated      business!
                                                            this way – from outside sources just like you. And
Now if you’re worried that you’re not up to it or that      you’ve got yourself a couple good contacts you can                                                     Presented By:
                                                                                                                                                                   Eric Ruth & Sean Greeley

maybe all of your hard work won’t pay off, you can          develop into relationships for future publicity for your

stop worrying. You don’t need a journalism degree           business. But enough about them…
to succeed in garnering boatloads of FREE publicity
for your business. This isn’t rocket science. As you’ll                  Make Your Quantum Leap
see it’s fairly simple.
                                                                                                                              “Advanced Publicity Systems
                                                                                                                              NPE Gold Plus Module 8

                                                            Time to repurpose your efforts and leverage your                                                                                                                                                                     NPE Gold Plus Module 8

And your efforts definitely WILL pay off – big time.        initial success. This is what separates the people
                                                            who enjoy huge success from those who don’t. Stay
Succeeding in the PR game and positioning yourself          on purpose. You’re not going to fall into a trap and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    “Advanced Publicity Systems”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            NPE Gold Plus Module 8

as the “fitness expert” in your market isn’t just one       get lazy now. Use this success as a springboard.                                                       “Advanced Publicity Systems”
                                                                                                                                                                   NPE Gold Plus Module 8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     “Advanced Pub

of the best ways to quickly grow your business, it’s
also exciting and lots of fun.                              You’re going to take that release and post it to your
                                                                                                                                                                                                      1 of 2

                                                            website or your blog. You’re going to break it down                           Presented By:
                                                                                                                                          Eric Ruth & Sean
                                                                                                                                                        Presented By:
                                                                                                                                                                      Eric Ruth & Sean
                                                                                                                                                                                       Greeley                                                                                                        $189.00

You simply need to:                                         into a 2-3 part e-mail series you’ll send to your
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           “How To Turn New And Existing Clients Into
           Revenue-Generating, Referral ‘Champions!’”
                    Whatever You Do, Don’t Approach Referrals in an Ad Hoc Manner –
            Use Proven Systems to Leverage Your Referrals and Your Success Will Be Shocking!
If you don’t currently have all of the clients you want,   There’s nothing better in business than getting a           industry. You won’t find anything as valuable as this,
I need to ask you a simple question:                       referral. They’re priceless. They make your life            anywhere else!
                                                           much easier and they accelerate your cash flow
“Are you maximizing your success with a referral           big-time.                                                   In addition to the great benefits you’ll get from
system that consistently produces high-quality                                                                         watching this DVD, I’m also going to give you some
prospects (the ‘lifeblood’ of your business)?”             But, if you don’t already have extensive and                more very important tools to help you unleash your
                                                           substantial referral systems in place, with a               referral marketing systems much more effectively.
Referrals are, by far, one of the most productive          consistent stream of high-quality prospects coming
ways to get new clients. Even in a down economy.           through your door, now is the time to get everything        You’ll also get:
                                                           you need in place.
Yet many fitness business owners only dabble in                                                                          * The Ultimate Referral Marketing Gameplan:
referrals. Unfortunately, though… if you approach          Use these strategies and techniques to create
your referral system in a “casual” manner, you’re          multiple referral systems, cranking consistently to         This 60+ page MasterMind document contains
going to end up with “casual” results.                     drive referrals to you and watch your business soar.        dozens of ingenious referral systems you can model
                                                                                                                       to grow your business through the roof.
There’s a much better way…                                 “Advanced Referral Systems” works so well, you
                                                           could garner referrals from people who aren’t even            * ‘Done For You Tools’ including:
        the Key to building Your business                  your clients!
                                                                                                                                     o Sales Letters
Frankly, in my opinion, you’d be crazy not to make                       Unleash Your power now                                      o Postcards
referral marketing a huge part of your business.                                                                                     o Salon Brochures
                                                           As a fit-pro, your clients look up to you as the                          o The “Criss-Cross” System
Here’s why. Referrals are…                                 person who can help them to improve the quality
                                                           of their lives. Use that tremendous power to your           All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you.
   * …extremely inexpensive, when compared with            advantage.                                                  And it WILL help you to grow your business
“the usual suspects,” like traditional advertising. In                                                                 substantially.
fact referrals are just about the most inexpensive         You are in the personal relationships business. To
way you can grow your business                             maximize your success, you’ll need to learn how to                               Grab Your Copy right now,
                                                           “stair-step” your client relationships – to cultivate and                      and You Can Get Started today
   * …incredibly valuable, when you realize                nurture them. Then, and only then, your clients will
the LCV (Lifetime Client Value) which could be             be honored you’ve asked them for a referral. And            As long as you don’t know and utilize these
worth thousands of dollars in fees and become              they’ll be eager to help you in any way they can.           “Advanced Referral Systems” you are putting your
a “champion” – a source of even more valuable                                                                          life and your business growth on hold, and missing
referrals                                                  You’ll develop evangelists for your business –              out on tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales.
                                                           “champions” who know, like and trust you – and
   * …tremendously easy to convert into revenue-           they’ll be willing to refer a continuous flow of new
generating clients since they come to you “pre-sold”       prospects your way.
by their friend or associate – and they’re hungry to
buy exactly what you’ve got: the ability to help them      Imagine how you’ll feel each time someone walks in                                                         Presented By:
                                                                                                                                                                      Eric Ruth & Sean Greeley

become healthier and get them into the best shape          and says, “I hear you can work miracles. Where do

of their lives                                             I sign up?” And then this continues to happen, time
                                                           and time again.
I hope you can grasp the potential of what referral                                                                           “How To Get Your Existing
                                                                                                                              Clients To Generate New

marketing can do for you. Because, as a former fit-        If you thought you were enjoying yourself now, that
                                                                                                                              Clients For Your Business”
                                                                                                                               NPE Gold Plus Module 11

biz owner who used referrals to explode the growth         is when things in this business really get fun!
                                                                                                                               Advanced Referral Systems

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            NPE Gold Plus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tracking and Module 11

of my own business, I can honestly say that referrals
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Your Numbe                g

are as important as anything in this business.             So grab a copy of my “Advanced Referral Systems”
                                                           and get started today. Watch the NPE DVD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Generate New Your Existing Clients
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          “How To Get
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     NPE Gold Plus

Systems that Help You Succeed in a big Way                 Package, Use these Proven Secrets and Profit.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Clients For

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          “How To Get Your Existing
                                                                                                                                                                                “How To Get Your Existing Your Existing
                                                                                                                                                                                                “How To Get                                                               Clients To Generate New
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Module 11

                                                                                                                                                                                Clients To Generate New Generate New
                                                                                                                                                                                                Clients To
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Clients For Your Business”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Your Busines

                                                                                                                                                                                Clients For Your Business” Your Business”
                                                                                                                                                                                                Clients For

                                                                                                                                                                                NPE Gold Plus Module 11
                                                                                                                                                                                                  NPE Gold Plus Module 11
                                                                                                                                                                                Advanced Referral Advanced Referral Systems

My “Advanced Referral Systems” will help you                                                                                              Presented By:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                1 of 2                                               1 of 2
                                                                                                                                         Eric Ruth & Sean Greeley

consistently bring in new clients and grow your            In this new DVD package, Eric Ruth and I reveal                                                                          Presented By:       Presented By:
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business quickly.                                          the best business-building secrets in the fitness
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IteM# MO23 Module 11 Nov 08: Advanced Referral Marketing........................................................................................................ $189
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            How to grow your client base GEOMETRICALLY – 300% FASTER - even in this tricky
                                 economy, and for less than fifty bucks…
   This “Single Sheet of Paper” Client-Generating System
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One sheet of paper…a complete system…                     This could be all you ever need to grow your fitness       bucks. And not fifty bucks each “cycle”, but fifty
ridiculously easy to implement (no website, no            business to maximum capacity, start a waiting list         bucks…TOTAL. What kind of return on investment is
mail, no advertising, no publicity, no technology –       (don’t forget to raise your prices), and never worry       that? Can you say… “HUGE!” What, Exactly, Is This
zip). Just one sheet of paper. And using it grows         again where the next client is coming from.                “Single Sheet of Paper” System?
your fitness business GEOMETRICALLY – 300%
FASTER – in just 67 days.                                 The “single sheet of paper” system sounds pretty           Well, it’s NOT publicity. The “single sheet of paper”
                                                          cool, right? But is it too cool…to even be true?           is not a press release. Publicity can be very potent,
It may be the most powerful, automatic client-                                                                       but it’s certainly not a “sure thing.” This is.
generating system you will ever see. It’s certainly                             K.I.S.S.
the simplest. And simple is good. Because the last           “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”            It’s NOT a direct mail flyer. When done right, direct
thing you need right now in this crazy economy is                       - Leonardo Da Vinci                          mail can be one of the most productive marketing
to increase the demands on your time, your efforts,                                                                  channels. We’re big fans of direct mail, but unless
and most of all…your wallet.                              Oftentimes, we see fitness professionals needlessly        you’ve got a copywriter on your team the likes of my
                                                          complicating things with far too many steps, far too       business partner, Eric Ruth, making direct mail work
Let me ask you a question…                                many moving parts, far too much room for error or          is tricky at best.
                                                          omission. And that kills results. Murders them.
How many new clients did you get last month?
                                                                                                                     It’s most definitely NOT an advertisement. Again,
Two? Three? Five? Ten?                                    Which, in turn, murders your bottom line – how             tricky to make work. It’s NOT an email you send
                                                          much you get to keep (which is what really matters,        to your list, nor is it a lead generation tool you use
For argument’s sake (and to be conservative), let’s
                                                          after all).                                                online or offline.
say you got three. Now, if you did nothing else – not
one thing – no publicity, no advertising, no direct
                                                          The original “renaissance man”, Leonardo Da Vinci          And it’s NOT a strategic alliance endorsement
mail, no blogging -- NO MARKETING -- other than
                                                          was one of the greatest engineers and inventors            letter. In fact, it has nothing to do with asking other
using this one single sheet of paper…
                                                          in the history of the world. Da Vinci studied              business owners to help you get clients. SA’s are
            In 67 Days You Would Get                      nature in order to sharpen his critical thinking and       another strong fitness marketing strategy, but they
          6 new Clients…automatically                     analytical skills. He writes… “In nature’s inventions,     often require many moving parts (which, as I already
                                                          nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous.” It         mentioned, can be problematic unless properly
Then you use the system again, and…in another             is the simplicity of no missing pieces combined            executed). No, it’s none of those. The Sexiest Word
67 days you get 12 more new clients. Once again, it       with no unnecessary pieces that is the “ultimate           In Business
would be automatic. And once again, you repeat the        sophistication.”
process so that 67 days later you get 24 more new                                                                    What this IS can be described with one word - the
clients. All the while, you’re retaining your existing    And that’s precisely how I felt when Eric showed           sexiest word in marketing. In fact, it’s the sexiest
clients, so by the end of your third “cycle” using this   me this “single sheet of paper” system. I could            word in business: referral.
“one sheet of paper” system, you have…                    immediately see the raw power in it – and how it
                                                          can have instant and explosive impact on the client-       This “single sheet of paper” is a complete referral
3 (you started with) + 6 + 12 + 24 = 45 New Paying        generating efforts of any fitness business owner who       system. And it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen
Clients                                                   deploys it. Particularly in this economic climate,         before. I know that for certain…because Eric
                                                          when external marketing is producing smaller and           created it…so you can’t get it anywhere else…at
By your fourth “cycle” you’re bringing in another 48      smaller returns for so many.                               any price.
new clients. (Are you seeing the geometric growth?
If you start with more than three new clients, the        So, is it too good – too cool – to be true?
geometric client generation is even more exciting.)
                                                          Absolutely not. The sophistication and power lie in
And you get these results…with no additional              its simplicity. And truth be told, you can put it to the
marketing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. (How much “net”              test for less than fifty bucks. Hard to find anything
would that leave you? Pretty FAT margins when             worth anything with “risk” that small.
there’s no marketing cost, eh?)
                                                          And when it “hits” for you, your business goes from
That means, if you start today with only three new        3 clients to 6 clients to 12 clients to 24 clients to
clients, within 4 “cycles” of 67 days each (a total       48 clients to 96 clients to 192 clients and beyond –
of 268 days), you generate 90 more new paying             doubling in size every 67 days – for less than fifty

IteM# MO24 “Single Sheet of paper” referral Marketing System.................................................................................................... $47
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If you’re a fitness business owner teetering on the brink of burnout from overwork, overstress and under-
compensation, or confused about how to finally get your business rock-solid and systemized, and concerned about what
the future holds if you don’t get it all figured out fast so the clients and cash-flow come in consistently, predictably and
profitably, then this will be the most important letter you ever read, because here’s…

 “The Only Proven Way to Get Complete Control
Over Your Fitness Business & Start Banking 3X, 4X,
      Even 5X More…While Working Less”
 Put yourself to the test by honestly answering this     internally-fueled, self-sustaining business generating     for separating the winners from the losers in the
                      question…                          client success stories and testimonials, renewals,         fitness business.
Which of these two categories of fitness                 referrals and ever-growing profits. With each               Let’s Do A Quick Review Of Everything
business owner do you fall into?                         passing month, your business grows stronger                                You Get
                                                         and gains greater market share. You
. CHAOS: Your life supports your                         have achieved (and enjoy) a level of excellence                   DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR
business – almost every waking hour is devoted           in your business that is clearly apparent to all who       CASH-FLOW PROBLEMS: One month
to keeping the business afloat and (hopefully)           experience it. You have REAL LEVERAGE and                  you’re up, the next you’re down. No consistent cash-
profitable. You have no time for your family, yourself   therefore REAL FREEDOM. You proudly own                    flow. Hear me: cash-flow problems will KILL your
or your workouts. Your passion for the business          an appreciating asset that provides the                    business faster than anything else. Want to know
is dwindling because you’re constantly ‘putting          lifestyle you want and deserve.                            why you have cash-flow problems? It’s not about
out fires’ and scrambling to get ‘caught up.’                                                                       marketing – at least not in the way you think of it.
To get stuff done right, you have to do it. If you               If you’re like most fitness business owners        It’s not about getting more new clients…IT’S ABOUT
have staff, they’re unreliable, poorly trained, non-     (over 92% according to our recent survey), you             BETTER SERVING YOUR EXSITING CLIENTS…
compliant or just unsure of what to do. Because of       are in the first category, or at least closer to the       THE ACRES OF DIAMONDS IN YOUR OWN
that, client results, renewals and referrals are hit     first than the second. And there’s no shame                BACKYARD! This ‘internal marketing’ problem is
or miss. Retention suffers. Despite your constant        in that. The only shame is in not doing something          solved with DUPLICATOR™.
effort, long hours and grueling hard work, there is      about it. Because the truth is, you may be able to
                                                         survive for years in chaos…miserable, with barely          DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR CLIENT
little or no word of mouth ‘buzz’ about the business.                                                               COMPLIANCE PROBLEMS: They’re not
Clients may ‘say’ they appreciate you and what you       enough money at the end of the month… but you
                                                         definitely can’t thrive.The only way to thrive, to         getting consistent results. They don’t follow the plan.
do, but those words are rarely reflected in actions.                                                                They’re late for sessions, don’t give you adequate
Unfortunately, most do not enthusiastically endorse,     earn what you’re really worth, even getting rich
                                                         from your business, and more importantly, being            rescheduling notice, or skip sessions altogether.
provide glowing testimonials and actively engage                                                                    Rather than take responsibility, they blame you.
in supporting your business beyond paying your           happy, passionate and fulfilled, with a business that
                                                         supports your life and gives you the freedom and           Getting them to refer or provide testimonials is like
rates. You know that marketing is essential, but you                                                                pulling teeth. Try to cross-sell other services or
have little or no time for it because operationally      profits you deserve, is to get control.
                                                                                                                    products to them and the results are dismal.
and administratively, you’re always ‘behind the                      CONTROL = SYSTEMS
8-ball.’ There is no organizational structure with                                                                  Why? Lack of trust. They don’t believe what
                                                              The single greatest gift you can ever give            you say because so far their experience has
rigid chain of command and the business is in some       yourself is the gift of a systems-driven business…
form of daily chaos, essentially spinning its                                                                       fallen short of the excellence they expect (reality
                                                         a business of EXCELLENCE. And that’s what                  does NOT matter – all that matters is perception).
wheels, getting no real traction in the marketplace      DUPLICATOR™ is all about…your six week
and no real, sustainable growth. One month is up,                                                                   When I was running my fitness business, one of
                                                         Evolution To Fitness Business Excellence.                  our problems was making sure we could handle
the next down. You are riding a rollercoaster
of frustration that never ends.                          Another way to state the question above, is this:          the increased demand from clients – we had to
                                                          Do You Want To Be A Manual Laborer                        hustle to keep up with everything they wanted from
. CONTROL: Your business supports                                                                                   us – because their experience was so positive,
your life – the business runs smoothly and                Trading Time For Dollars, Or Do You
                                                           Want To Be A Business Owner With                         session frequency exploded – they wanted
profitably even in your absence. You work                                                                           to train more and buy more from us. That’s almost
9-5, with 80% or more of your time invested in                    REAL LEVERAGE?
                                                                                                                    the exact opposite of most fitness businesses.
GROWTH activities like marketing, innovation                     Real leverage gives you real freedom. And in
and management. You have the money and the               the fitness business, there are two profound points        DUPLICATOR™ puts you in control and guarantees
freedom to leave the business for weeks at               of leverage: SYSTEMS and PEOPLE. But                       client results. Because results aren’t about having
a time to go on vacation with family and friends         until now, nobody has ever shown you how to get            the latest and greatest training protocol, they’re
confident every facet of operations and sales            that leverage… because nobody has the systems              about having the best client management system.
will be handled perfectly. You are in the best           and expertise we have.                                     DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR STAFF
shape of your life – attending to all your                     If you’re constantly putting out fires, running      PROBLEMS: Sure, you might have a few highly
personal needs. You are able to invest in your           around frantic… always SCRAMBLING, never                   skilled trainers – but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the
continuing education and are constantly ‘sharpening      feeling secure, relaxed and at peace…worried about         clients, your clients, believe in their trainer…not in
the saw’ and ‘bettering your best.’ You have             what next month will bring…DUPLICATOR™ shifts              YOU. The relationship and attribution of respect,
confidence and certainty in your staff because           you from the “F-State” (frenzied, flailing, fearful,       and therefore the LOYALTY, is to the trainer…not
effective organizational structure and management        forgetful, furious and frazzled) into the empowered        to the business. And that’s an incredibly dangerous
systems are in place, producing predictable,             “C-State” (cool, calm, collected, consistent and           situation to be in. That’s when the trainer holds all
consistent and reliable operational and                  clear). And it’s that shift which is largely responsible   the cards – has all the leverage, all the influence
administrative results every time. You have an                                                                      and all the power. You can’t get rid of them
                             ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
                                                                                                                     PERsONaL DEVELOPmENt
because they’d take a big chunk of your clientele         intentionally restrict yourself to helping                is something else entirely. A referral is the
with them. Frightening.                                   just ONE person at a time?                                ultimate expression of TRUST. And
On the other hand, you might have trainers who            And even more to the point (since you obviously           serious people do NOT take that lightly.
underperform on a daily basis. Despite all your           have an interest in improving your BUSINESS, or           The greatest referral programming and farming
efforts, they just can’t deliver the goods day-in and     you wouldn’t be reading this report)…if you want an       systems in the world will fail miserably if a value-
day-out. But you’re at their mercy because you            explosively profitable, ever-growing fitness business,    gap exists in the minds of your clients. And few
don’t have anyone to fill their shoes. You’re held        you have but one JOB…being the RAINMAKER!                 things are as deadly to your business
hostage by your own staff.                                DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR                                    as lack of referrals. Because there is no
DUPLICATOR™ gives you an automated trainer                ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE                                  easier money, no higher Return On Investment
marketing system that ensures you ALWAYS have             PROBLEMS: You may have never given the                    (virtually infinite) and no better client to work with
trainers ‘on deck’ ready to step in and take over.        organizational structure of your fitness business a       than one who is referred (they come to you pre-sold,
And it gives you the STAFF COMPLIANCE                     second thought. You probably just do things the           pre-disposed and prepared to invest…PLUS…it’s a
SYSTEM for holding them accountable. If they              way they ‘feel natural.’ And 9 times out of 10…           proven fact that referred clients are pre-programmed
don’t measure up…see ya’…NEXT!                            that’s the wrong way.                                     to refer others!)
DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR                                    Why? Because INEVITABLY your organizational               DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR PROFIT
MARKETING PROBLEMS: I touched on                          structure has YOU being the ‘jack of all trades,          PROBLEMS: Look at this flow chart…
this earlier in the cash-flow section, but let me drive   master of none.’                                           Management Systems 4 Compliance
this point home with you forcefully: you think you        A crappy organizational structure feeds your                4 Results 4 Renewals 4 Referrals 4
have a marketing problem, but what you                    addiction to doing everything yourself…so it gets                 Ever-Growing Profits
really have is a management problem.                      done right. But as your business grows, there’s no        Write that down and post it where you’ll see it every
If your business is reasonably established and            way in hell you can do everything yourself and            day. Because not only does this show you the
you’re at 40% capacity or more…a significant              maintain the attention to detail and quality required     secret to ever –growing profits in your
portion of your new business should be coming from        to build an excellent business.                           fitness business…it also shows your EVOLUTION
within! EXCELLENT businesses are predominantly            DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR                                    TO FITNESS BUSINESS EXCELLENCE. And you
internally-fueled. It’s the word of mouth ‘buzz’          RETENTION PROBLEMS: Retention is a                        can bet your bottom dollar on this: the two go hand
they create that keeps them full, their rates higher      reflection of value, pure and simple. If clients feel     in hand.
than all the competition, and their reputation so         like they’re getting tremendous value in return for       You can’t have ever-growing profits without real
sterling, so sexy and appealing…they’ve got clients       their investment, they stay. If not, they go.             excellence, tangible excellence, obvious, apparent,
on a waiting list! I’m not saying they don’t run                                                                    quantifiable VALUE. This is how you get it…it all
external marketing (lead flow is crucial)…what I’m        How do your clients define ‘value’? Simple:
                                                          RESULTS. Make no mistake, your product                    starts with the DUPLICATOR™ Fitness Business
saying is external marketing is the gravy…                                                                          Management System.
not the meat!                                             is results. Objective, see-it-in-the-mirror results.
                                                          Everyone wants to ‘feel better’ – but ‘feelings’ are      DUPLICATOR™ 6-WEEK LIVE WEBINAR
DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR                                    NOT tangible. They are subjective, they come and          COACHING AND TRAINING (Plus FREE Home
ADMINISTRATIVE PROBLEMS: Besides                          go depending on the person’s mood. Feelings are           Study Program) is just $1297 plus shipping, or
going through this process myself, I’ve taken             not measurable. Feelings will only get you so far         three E-Z pay monthly installments of just $445
over 100 other fitness professionals through              with a client (usually about 4-6 weeks).                  plus shipping (added to first installment).
DUPLICATOR™. And I’ll tell you – this is the
‘make or break’ step right here. You and I both           DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR                                    DUPLICATOR™ HOME STUDY PROGRAM
know you are slammed, buried…drowning in                  TESTIMONIAL PROBLEMS: Testimonials                        is just $997 plus shipping, or three E-Z pay
administrative bullshit! (Hey, I call a spade             and success stories are your most POTENT                  monthly installments of just $345 plus shipping
a spade.) Right now you are stepping over                 marketing tool. Without them, you’re practically          (added to first installment).
dollars to get to dimes. I mean, think about              dead in the water. “Social Proof” is the bedrock of
it. I challenge you to name one single CEO worthy         fitness marketing (just look at any fitness infomercial
of respect who answers his own phone, schedules           or successful weight loss advertising like Nutri-
with clients, licks envelopes, responds to emails         System®).
(unless she/he wants to), cleans the toilet, runs         If you don’t have an ever-growing ‘wall of fame’ – an
errands to the copy shop and business supply store,       ever-growing ‘portfolio’ of documented success
etc., etc. That’s $10/hour work. That’s hamburger-        stories that PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt
flippin’ money. Are you a hamburger-                      you deliver tangible VALUE to the client – you are at
flipper, or are you a business owner?                     a tremendous disadvantage and your future in
DUPLICATOR™ FIXES YOUR                                    business is at tremendous risk.
You’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Listen, I know        REFERRAL PROBLEMS: I already told you
there’s a real good chance you LOVE training              about the value-gap problem when we discussed
clients. Most of us do – that’s why we got into this      how DUPLICATOR™ fixes your retention problems.
business. But let me ask you something…if you             Well, the same problem applies here.
know that the more people you help get what they          Listen, referring your friends to a dry cleaner is
want, the more you will get what you want (the            one thing – referring them to a fitness professional
immutable law of life)…then why would you

IteM# MaOO1........................... DuplicatortM Live Coaching/Training PLUS Home Study Program for $1297 or 3 Monthly Installments of $445
IteM# MaOO1a................................................................DuplicatortM Home Study Program for $997 or 3 Monthly Installments of $345

                               ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998

                   “How to Hire, Train, Manage & Keep the
                     Best Staff in the Fitness Industry!”
Discover how to assemble a crack team of highly competent, very reliable and business benefiting
  fitness professionals who will help turn your small enterprise into a market leading monster…
If you want to grow your business, then you need to       • Why trainer qualifications and a great education      • Who you should ask for referrals and how you
hire staff. It’s as simple as that…                       mean nothing if your potential new staff member         should ask for them.
                                                          doesn’t possess this one and crucial character trait    • How to still be in the forefront of your clients mind,
…You can only work with so many clients in the day,       (everything else can be taught, this can’t and every    even when your business takes off and you see less
and quite frankly you shouldn’t be working with any       one of your employee’s MUST have it).                   and less of them as you work on more profitable
at all – your time is way more valuable than that –       • 3 big, costly and time consuming errors most other    areas besides personal training.
so you need to free it up by hiring individuals who       business owners make when hiring new staff, and
can take some of the work load off your shoulders,                                                                • How to eliminate the high turnover of staff our
                                                          how to avoid them.                                      industry suffers from and keep the best employees
allowing you to concentrate on marketing, sales and
other more crucial areas that will significantly grow     • 4 ways to never again suffer from MAJOR staffing      for the long-term.
your business.                                            problems in your fitness business.                      • 3 questions you should constantly ask yourself
                                                          • How to play AHEAD of the game, so you always          to ensure your business is always set for optimum
And this is exactly what the NPE Staff Management         have new and ideally suited candidates chasing you      growth potential.
System will do for you when you implement it into         up for work making it easy to expand your business      • What to do when you’re not exactly sure about
your business.                                            on a moments notice.                                    how many people you need to hire right now.
                                                          • Why the best fitness professionals in your area       • And, much, much more!
It’s the secret key to unlocking your
                                                          are motivated by more than money, and how to
                                                          appeal to that mind-set, so you always have first
                                                          pick of the top trainers when you feel like growing     BUT, that’s not all. You’re also getting…
         And You Have Easy Access To It
                                                          your business.
Almost all successful business owners are excellent       • The character profile of an ideal employee.                 3 “Wanted” ads that Will Generate
managers, but most have learned to excel at this          • 8 places you can start advertising for new                new employee applications For You On
skill in the trenches, and have taken quite a few         employees right now at low or no cost, online and
bullets for their troubles.                                                                                                            auto-pilot…
                                                                                                                   Not only are you getting to benefit from all our
I am going to show you how to dodge these bullets,        • The one thing you should NEVER say at a               valuable “know how”, you’re also going to get
side-step the stresses, hurdle the headaches and          candidate interview, no matter how tempted you          these tools (ready to go) that you can use to help
avoid other costly hiring mistakes most others make,      might be.                                               set-up and run a successful employee generation
by giving you all the step-by-step instructions you       • How to make potential employees prove to you          campaign.
need to become an excellent manager too. So you           that they really, really want to work with you.
can become a successful business owner, but in            • Your 7 step, fast-start action plan for having the
less time and with less hassle.                           top trainers and fitness professionals in your area
                                                          knocking down your door and begging to work with
      Here’s how to get started…                          you right now.
 Watch this npe DVD package, Implement the                • And much, much more!
    Staff Management Secrets And Profit!                  …Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference
In this new DVD package Eric Ruth and I reveal            guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce
the best business and profit boosting systems and         and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly
secrets available in the fitness industry. You will not   valuable information you’ve just learned.
find anything else as valuable as this, anywhere
else! See for yourself…                                   DVD #2 –Staff Management Systems Q&A
DVD #1 –Staff Management Systems                          When you watch DVD #2 you will discover…
In DVD #1 you will discover…
• How to duplicate yourself – there are                   • How to knock down the number one road block
fitness professionals out there with the same             that stops most business owners from becoming
drive and passion as you, I’ll show you how to            excellent managers and grinds their business
attract them to your business and keep them there         growth down to a stand still.
(imagine how quickly and easily profit would rocket       • Why you need to implement this successful Staff
up by if there was an army of you working at your         Management System in your fitness business even
company).                                                 if you already have a large amount of employees.

IteM# MaOO2 Module 6 June 07: How to Find, Hire, train, & Manage Staff ....................................................................................... $189
                   ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
                                                                                                                     PERsONaL DEVELOPmENt

        “Can You Afford To Risk Everything You’ve Worked So Hard For, If A
       Clumsy Client Falls Off An Exercise Ball And Sues OR A Trainer You’ve
           Worked Hard To Bring Up Quits And Steals All Your Clients?”
       As a business owner you are walking through a legal minefield – you can be sued, trainers
        can steal clients, leasing agents can shut you down and more – protect yourself from all
                                      of that with these legal forms…
Although unfortunate, if an exercise ball at your         near you! Yes, there’s a lot you need to look out for;    from bad mouthing you if they left under unhappy
facility explodes and a client breaks their arm           BUT I’ve got it all covered…                              circumstances.
because of it, do you think it’s fair to lose your           Protect Your Fitness Business With                     • Lease Clauses Worksheet – The last part of
business if they sue? It’s not fair.                                 These Legal Forms                              your fitness business where you need to put a lot of
                                                                                                                    money on the line is in property. Using this checklist
Yet I know of fitness professionals who have lost         Because at NPE my job is to help you successfully         Jan has provided you will garner a much greater
their business, had to pay thousands and spend            grow your business, I also have a responsibility to       understanding of exactly what all those terms and
months in court because of similar accidents and          protect that growth, so I’ve teamed up with health        clauses mean, allowing you to rent property with
mishaps that could have easily been avoided if they       club owner, 40 year law veteran and NPE member            confidence, knowing there won’t be big bills hidden
ensured they had the proper legal protection in           Jan Champion. Jan graduated from the University           you need to pay down the line that were hidden in
place beforehand. What’s makes this worse is that         of North Carolina’s law school and has worked             between the lines at the time of signing.
sometimes the difference between being protected          for many big firms across the country as well as
or operating with high risk is simply a sentence or       working in his own firm since 1986! In 2003 he             I’m also going to give you a fast start DVD and
two in a contract…                                        opened Haven Health Club in Florida and is now            audio CD where Jan and I will go through each form
                                                          giving back to his fellow fitness professionals like      in detail, so you know exactly what to do with each
          Don’t Let Them Ruin You                         you, by sharing with you the exact same legal forms       and ensure your fitness business is safer than a
One clause that waives your liability is all it takes,    he has used to protect his fitness business…              secret Government bunker. In the fast start-pack
but of course you’re not a lawyer so it’s not your             Legal Protection Lawyers Use…                        DVD & CD pack you will discover…
fault if you’re unaware of that. Now though I want                                                                  • How to protect yourself from the 3 major legal
to educate you, because without these clauses             There are three key areas where you need legal
                                                                                                                    concerns faced by fit-biz owners and how to keep
(like the example) in your contract you are leaving       protection as a fitness professional – Client,
                                                                                                                    your business safe from potentially devastating legal
yourself open to devastating, business damaging           Employee & Leasing.
action that you’re powerless to stop.                     • Client Contract – Covering your back by hitting
                                                                                                                    • Whether you should be hiring “employees” or
                                                          these 7 crucial legal considerations will allow you to
           Then There’s Your Staff                                                                                  “independent contractors” and why getting this one
                                                          take on new clients with absolute confidence. And
                                                                                                                    wrong can be the result of a tiny mistake with big
Imagine if a trainer that works for you wants to          you can be sure that accidents, trainer negligence
                                                                                                                    negative consequences.
leave, unless you have the proper legal protection        and more won’t spell the end of your business. •
                                                                                                                    • Why prevention is the only cure in the eyes of the
on your side, they can take all of their clients with     Liability Waiver – And just so everything’s 100%
                                                                                                                    law, not implementing these forms in your business
them…Which of course could mean your profit               lock and key safe, there’s a waiver within the client
                                                                                                                    right now is like waiting to be shot before putting on
taking a critical hit.                                    contract for you too. It’s essential you have this
                                                                                                                    the bullet proof vest.
                                                          drafted up by a professional like Jan because if a
                                                                                                                    • What you should address in employee contracts
But again, a simple clause in their contract can          client wants to sue, prosecution lawyers will look to
                                                                                                                    first, to ensure they are still happy to work for you
have you totally protected from that. And you can         plug holes in your waiver and sink your business.
                                                                                                                    despite having to sign a big, official legal contract.
also prevent ex-employees them from sharing any           This client contract waiver is air tight.
                                                                                                                    • And much, much more!
trade secrets and other business ideas with your          • Employee Application – Of course it’s important
competitors too! Again, this sort of protection is        to thoroughly screen a potential employee before
crucial and simple to implement once you know all         making any hiring decisions, but do you know what
about it.                                                 you can and can’t legally ask in a new employee
     And There’s Leasing Agents Too!                      application form? With this form all the high notes
                                                          have been covered for you, ensuring you only hire                     Protec
                                                                                                                        Legarl your fitness business
The other big legal pitfall you need to look out for      trustworthy and “business safe” employees.                       fo
                                                                                                                            ...                                                                                         n Gre
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           eley &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Eric Rut

is when you’re leasing – which if you want to grow
                                                                                                                                                                                                    by Sea

                                                          • Information Release Form – Having a potential                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     tion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Protec ess
you’ll need to do sooner or later (whether you’re
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Legal Protection ...for your fitness business

                                                                                                                                                                       Are Saying About Eric Ruth, Sean Greeley,

                                                          employee sign this ensures they are hiding nothing,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Legal your fitness busin
                                                                                                                                  Listen to What Fitness Professionals
                                                                                                                                                                        Explosion Systems, Tools and Coaching
                                                                                                                                  and Their Fitness Business Net Profit                               today’s world you need                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ruth
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       To succeed as a personal trainer in                                                                                                                                                                        ley &
                                                                                                                                                                   Eric ruth: Eric has served the fitness industry since                                                                         those
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             He’s been to have a BUSINESS education. You are either learning                                                                                                                                                  Gree
                                                                                                                                                                   1998 as a direct marketing and copywriting expert.                                                                                                                                                                                                             by Sean
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       skills from Eric Ruth or you are getting passed by.”
                                                                                                                                                                   a featured presenter at the Fitness Together Annual Conven-
                                                                                                                                                                   tion, Phil Kaplan’s Forum (twice) and Susan Block-Vezina’s SEan GrEElEy: A former personal trainer (recognized as                                                                          or ...f

getting your first facility or looking to add to your
                                                                                                                                                                   Fitness By Phone® Convention.                                        one of America’s 10 Best) and multiple studio owner
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             respon- over 650 clients, Sean quickly built his successful fitness

                                                          it essentially gives you permission to dig a little
                                                                                                                                                                    He’s the writer of the ‘Icing The Cake’ letter, which is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (and business by creating highly effective marketing, sales and
                                                                                                                                                                    sible for bringing in more new personal training clients                                                                     brain’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              letter management SYSTEMS. Eric refers to him as ‘the big
                                                                                                                                                                    more profits for the fit-pros using it) than any other
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        and his rapid emergence as the premier fitness business
                                                                                                                                                                    ever written.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         optimization consultant, coach and trainer in the industry
                                                                                                                                                                     Here’s what respected individuals in the fitness industry           attests to his ability to quickly analyze, synthesize and
                                                                                                                                                                     about Eric:                                                         temize information, processes, procedures and operations.

already growing empire).
                                                                                                                                                                    President and CEO of Fitness Together Franchise                   A former professional athlete and cancer survivor, Sean
                                                                                                                                                                    Corporation, Rick Sikorski:                                        brings a uniquely aggressive, ‘seize the day’ attitude

                                                          into their past life. If an employee doesn’t want to
                                                                                                                                                                    “We evaluated many marketing consultants and realized              enthusiasm to everything he does. Sean teamed up
                                                                                                                                                                    you are the best. Too many fitness professionals spend             Eric to launch NPE in 2006 and is the driving force behind
                                                                                                                                                                    and energy on their fitness skills and neglect the key element rapid growth, serving over 1,000 fitness business owners.
                                                                                                                                                                    of marketing. They need your help. For any personal trainer Sean is the creator of the DUPLICATOR™ Fitness Business
                                                                                                                                                                     who truly wants to grow their business, Eric Ruth’s Marketing Management System and the AUTO-CLOSER™ Advanced
                                                                                                                                                                     Systems are a must. On behalf of myself and our hundreds           Personal Training Sales System — the two most revolution-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             for us.”
                                                                                                                                                                     franchisees, a sincere thank you for all you have done             ary, consistently productive fitness business-building
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        available in the industry.
                                                                                                                                                                     Forrest Walden (one of America’s most successful

                                                          sign it, then there’s something they’re hiding, and
                                                                                                                                                                      person training studio owners): “Eric Ruth helped
                                                                                                                                                                      generate over $250,000 a month in personal     training revenues
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             you are
                                                                                                                                                                      through his proprietary direct marketing approach. If
                                                                                                                                                                      looking for more clients, Eric’s your man!”
                                                                                                                                                                       Phil Kaplan: “Eric Ruth is by far the best direct response
                                                                                                                                                                       marketer and copywriter in the fitness industry.”

What you may not know is that you could be paying
                                                                                                                                                                       Alwyn Cosgrove: “I don’t care what degrees you have,
                                                                                                                                                                       certifications you have or how many A-list celebrities you

                                                          you’ve quickly discovered they’re not right for your                                                                                                                                                                     ctio n
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             rotePbusintesction o
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                LegalLPgfitnessurralnees rotectisinns
more than you should be, getting duped by “sq/ft”                                                                                                                                                                                                                         e al yo g fit ss businessbu es

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         P ss

                                                          business.                                                                                                                                                                                                            or e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ...for yo     L                                                             ...f           by Sean
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ur fitne
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 & Eric

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           & Eric

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ...for yo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     by Sean

measurements, paying for space you don’t use and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              & Eric

                                                          • Employee Contract – Probably most important
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   TOOLS       AUDIO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       by Sean

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DATA           CD FAST

more. Also, no leasing agent will ever tell you this

                                                          of all, the terms and clauses Jan has put into
but almost everything on your contract is negotiable      this ensures your safety when it comes to hiring
so you should negotiate. In fact, you can even            and firing. Plus this contract it prevents ex-
stipulate that no competitors can rent a plot/space       employees from taking your clients with them, or

IteM# Ma01 Legal protection for Your Fitness business................................................................................................................ $197
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neW                maNagEmENt

    Discover How To Turn Your Fitness Business Into
   A High Powered Money Making Control Center By
      Tracking And Understanding Your Numbers
                                               (Works Even If You Hate Number Crunching)…
 How would you like - once and for all – to be given a     find anything else as valuable as this, anywhere else!                * How to turn every marketing campaign into gold
 complete, step by step, walk through guide on how                                                                             by looking at these crucial and often overlooked
 to track and understand “those numbers” you’ve            See for yourself…                                                   numbers in your sales cycle.
 been trying to avoid?                                                                                                           * And much, much more!
                                                           DVD #1 – Tracking the Numbers
 I know it doesn’t sound too sexy, heck it might even      When you watch DVD #1 you will discover…                            BUT, that’s not all...
 sound a little bit scary…
                                                              * The five big “number families” you need to track               As a Bonus, You’re Also Getting Our Complete,
 Don’t fret, because just like anything else, tracking     and why. Neglecting just one of these could be                      Done For You, Dead Simple “Data-Tracking
 and understanding your numbers is easy when you           devastating.                                                        Toolbox”
 implement a system (like the one I’m about to share)         * The simple accounting system to put in place if
 that takes away the pain and literally does all the       you want a stress free, fast and easy way to have                   Along with the DVD’s I’m also sending you a fistful
 hard work for you.                                        total cash flow clarity.                                            of specialized number-tracking tools, tailor-made for
                                                              * Which numbers represent the engine of your                     your fitness business.
 Which is great news! Because as you will see, this is:    business, and how to keep this “number engine”
                                                           stoked for ultimate performance                                     This alone is worth your investment in this coaching
           the Only Sure-Fire Way to                          * How to create a Fort Knox like protective barrier              DVD pack, because the tools in it will save you
      Win absolute Control of Your business                around your most valuable asset… It’s NOT the                       hundreds of hours of trial-and-error trying to figure
                                                           asset you’re thinking off.                                          out just which numbers are important and how
 Nine times out of ten, the biggest thing separating          * Software to use for your in-house accounting                   to track them. The Toolbox eliminates all your
 the average fitness business owner - slaving away         that makes usually time consuming and complicated                   guesswork. As soon as you rip open the package,
 day after day just trying to meet the bills - from the    number crunching click button simple                                you can start plugging in numbers – and really start
 one rolling in dough is mastery of the numbers.              * Why you should NEVER run another promotion                     driving your biz toward success.
                                                           for your fitness business… Until I share with you
 Problem is, most fitness professionals don’t even         the four fundamentals of marketing and how “these                   All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
 know where to start. You wouldn’t believe the             numbers” will make client generation more sure fire                 it WILL grow your business.
 number of business owners who are totally clueless        and steadfast than ever before
 about their numbers. Eric and I see it all the time          * How to track staff working hours, prevent trainer                              Grab Your Copy right now, and You
 with the many hundreds of fitness business owners         burnout and keep your fit biz fully functional and at                               Can Start Boosting Your Profit Today
 we worked with over the years.                            peak profitability
                                                              * And much, much more!                                           As long as you don’t know these “Number Tracking
 Trying to figure out what’s really going on in their                                                                          Systems,” you are putting your business growth on
 business is a major pain in the backside.                 …Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference                 hold, and missing out on many thousands of dollars
                                                           guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce                  in profit leaks you probably don’t even know exist.
 BUT it doesn’t have to be that way…                       and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly
                                                           valuable information you’ve just learned.
 Especially now. That’s because Eric and I have
 put together a brain-dead-easy system guaranteed          DVD #2 – Numbers Tracking Consultations and Q
                                                                                                                                                                Presented By:
                                                                                                                                                                Eric Ruth & Sean Greeley

 to take the agony out of running your numbers...          & A’s In DVD #2 you will discover…
 turning your business into the kind of streamlined,
 productive enterprise normally only enjoyed by the           * The one essential number many business
 fit-biz elite.                                            owners neglect to include in their monthly
                                                                                                                        “Understanding the
                                                                                                                        Numbers In Your
                                                                                                                        Fitness Business”
                                                           expenses. Neglecting this is quite literally income           NPE Gold Plus Module 10
                                                                                                                         Tracking and Understanding
                                                                                                                                                    Your Numbers

 ready to get started?                                     crippling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NPE Gold Plus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tracking and Module 10

                                                              * The sales structure that offers the best stability
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Your Numbe               ng

 Watch This Reveal All, Walkthrough DVD Package,           for your business. Giving you predictable profit and

 Use the Bonus, Done For You Data -Tracking                steady growth.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  NPE Gold Plus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   g the Numbe

 Toolbox, and Get Ready to Take Total Control of              * How to factor variable expenses into your
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Understanding the
                                                                                                                                                                                 “Understanding the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Numbers In Your
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              rs In Your 10

                                                                                                                                                                                               “Understanding the
                                                                                                                                                                                 Numbers In Your
                                                                                                                                                                                               Numbers In Your

 Your Business!                                            budget… Eliminating one huge pain in the side.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Fitness Business”
                                                                                                                                                                                               Fitness Business”
                                                                                                                                                                                 NPE Gold Plus Module 10 Plus Module 10
                                                                                                                                                                                                 NPE Gold                                                                        Fitness Business”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Fitness Busine

                                                                                                                                                                                 Tracking and Understanding Your Numbers
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tracking and Understanding Your Numbers

                                                           Almost no one ever gets this right.                                                                                                                  1 of 2                                                      1 of 2

                                                                                                                                    Presented By:
                                                                                                                                   Eric Ruth & Sean Greeley

 In this new DVD package Eric Ruth and I reveal               * How this simple change in pricing structure

                                                                                                                                                                                Presented By: Presented By:

 the best business and profit boosting systems and         can boost your sales and keep your clients coming
                                                                                                                                                                          Eric Ruth & Sean V40813067& Sean Greeley
                                                                                                                                                                                             Eric Ruth 93
                                                                                                                                                                                  1.888.866.4998     1.888.866.4998

 secrets available in the fitness industry. You will not   back for more

 IteM# MaOO4 Module 10 Oct 08: tracking and Understanding Your numbers.................................................................................... $189
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Would You Follow A 5 Step Success Plan For Results
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                  If You Know Where You Want To Be 3 Years From Now, But Don’t Know Exactly
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This is also the exact same success plan we share           • DVD #1 ($297 value) Goals and Assessment                  should watch the DVD’s too, but then listen to
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top dollar ROI.                                             • DVD #4 ($297 value) Implement, Track, Review,
                                                              Update                                                    After all, I am sharing with you a million dollar fitness
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Like most, you’re probably working all the hours            Combine what you learn in the DVD’s with these              I used this blueprint in my fitness business. I used
under the sun. And you probably have a million and          tools and you WILL have a million dollar fitness            this blueprint with NPE. It’s step-by-step simple, and
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That’s good. You need to be busy and you need to            Remember, that’s not a pie in the sky estimate.             You’ve taken the leap to start your own business.
work hard.                                                  In fact, it’s purposely conservative. Eric and I so         And there’s no doubt you work hard.
                                                            far have done $3million in 2 years... You can do
BUT... There is a danger you can get too consumed           $1million in 3 years easy.                                  Those are the raw ingredients you need right there
in the “right now” and lose sight of your vision, your                                                                  to become a success. I know. Believe me. All you
goals, your future... The reason you started your           That’s $333,000 per year, every year for 3 years            need now is a map, the cookbook that tells you
own fitness business in the first place.                    from today. That means 30-50 active clients in your         exactly how to mix those ingredients and that’s
                                                            business each month.                                        exactly what “The Blueprint” is.
Before you know it, “right now” is ten years on, and
you’re no closer to achieving your goals because                It shouldn’t be that hard to believe you can do
you never found the time to put together a plan             this. Really, you can.
with definitive action steps that keeps pushing you
forward. That’s what “The Blueprint” is.                         And just to make doubly sure, I’m also going to
                                                            pile on some fast mover bonus DVD’s for you too - if
It’s a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly        you get “The Blueprint” today - These are some real
how to get from where you are, to where you want to         “fit biz elite” growth secrets. And you can use to add
be. You just need to follow. “The Blueprint” gives you      even more to your bottom-line...
clarity. A straight, clear shot to the finish.              If You Get Your Groove On And Get This Today, I’ll
                                                            Also Throw In:
What you need to do, when you need to do it, to get
where you want to go...                                     • Fast Mover Bonus DVD #1 ($197 value) Nutrition
                                                            Expert Cheat Tool
                the blueprint
How to Create a Million Dollar Fitness business             • Fast Mover Bonus DVD #2 ($197 value) Trends
   In 36 Months Or Less... GUaranteeD!                      In The American Diet And Business Growth With
                                                            Bobby Brandenburg

IteM# MaOO3 the blueprint.................................................................................................................................................. $497
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neW                maNagEmENt

     “Slay the ‘Time Vampires’ Who Suck Away Your
    Time and Energy – Take Control of Your Time and
     You’ll Regain Control of Your Business and Life”
        The Essence of ‘Time Management’ isn’t Just About Getting More Things Done – It’s About
                          Accomplishing What’s Really Most Important to You
 “If I had all of the time in the world, I would…”           time control you aren’t really secrets at all. They’re     optimization expert Dick Chilton and I reveal the
                                                             proven principles which are used religiously by the        best personal and business-building secrets in the
 It’s an intriguing question, isn’t it? Our lives have       top 3% of today’s leaders.                                 fitness industry. You won’t find anything as valuable
 become so hectic that time has become one of                                                                           as this, anywhere else!
 our greatest luxuries. It’s become so precious that             the Way to Create More time in Your Life
 one efficiency expert estimates that, each day, the                                                                              “time Management Systems”
 average American…                                           Many people put off planning because they don’t
                                                             think they have the time to do it. But, with my “Time      In this program you will discover…
   * …takes an hour of work home with them                   Management Systems,” you’ll take the time to clarify
   * …reads for less than 5 minutes                          your purpose and your values, to create a vision             * Why a great place to start is at the end. When
   * …talks with their spouse for 4 minutes                  for your future and to plan exactly how you’re going       you begin with the end in mind, you’ll uncover your
   * …exercises for less than 3 minutes                      to get there. Simply by doing that, you can create         greatest motivations and strategies for your own
   * …plays with their children for 2 minutes                more time!                                                 success and happiness

 Reading these bleak numbers makes it seem that              Gaining control over your time allows you to balance          * What ‘Time Vampires’ are – and how to prevent
 our “American Dream” may have evolved into                  your business and personal life, so you’ll have more       them from sucking away your time, your energy and
 something more like a nightmare.                            time for what’s really important to you – whether          your focus
                                                             that’s spending quality time with your spouse,
 And that’s the average American - you’re a business         hanging out with your kids (who may be growing up             * Why making just a few modifications in your
 owner! 3 minutes a day for exercise probably                way too fast as it is) or simply enjoying a particular     business/life balance will cause you to have much
 sounds like luxury! I’ve worked with some fitness           passion of your own.                                       higher levels of energy and much lower levels of
 business owners who’ve been so busy just trying to                                                                     stress
 keep their head above water, they’d not worked out          Whatever it may be, the choice will be yours.
 in months!                                                                                                                * 5 Steps to becoming incredibly productive and
                                                                       prioritize Your Own Happiness                    focused for success
          How to Gain Control of Your Life
                                                             And by prioritizing your own success and happiness,           * And much, much more!
 How often do you find yourself saying, “I just don’t        you’ll be proactively living the life you want to live.
 have the time”? It’s easy to get so caught up in                                                                       All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
 the day-to-day routine that you forget what’s truly         Planning has a tremendous “big picture” ROI. It            it WILL help you to grow your business substantially.
 important.                                                  allows you to shift your focus from the urgent to
                                                             the important. It gets results. Planning not only
 “time is the scarcest resource and unless it’s              enhances your day-to-day effectiveness, but when
 managed, nothing else can be managed.”                      it’s done correctly, it increases your sense of control
                                - Peter Drucker              and makes your decision-making simple and easy.

 Would your days be different if you spent more time         You have more focus and you get more of the most
 on the things that matter most to you?                      important things done. Imagine feeling powerful and
                                                             completely in control… with a serene sense of calm
 How would you like the satisfaction of not just             and poise in every situation.
 checking things off your “to-do” list, but actually
 taking pleasure in knowing that the items you’re            On the other hand… if you skip this important step,
 crossing off are truly the most important?                  you could become consumed by trivial things with
                                                             no guiding sense of purpose or direction.
 If you feel like you’ve gotten “off-track,” take the time
 to stop spinning your wheels or you may eventually          So grab a copy of “Time Management Systems”
 end up exhausted, broke or even worse.                      now. It will profoundly enhance your productivity,
                                                             your business and your life. And it will allow you to
 “Never mistake activity for achievement.”                   tend to life-enriching goals by acting with integrity in
                              - John Wooden                  each moment and staying focused on what matters
 The secrets to controlling your time and not letting        most to you. In this new DVD package, business

 IteM# MaOO5 Module 12 Dec 08: tHe time Management System................................................................................................... $189
                     ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
For ambitious fitness professional only...

                            “The 7 Step Fitness Sales System for
                              Closing 9 Out of 10 Prospects”
This 7 step formula has been used for decades by the best salesmen and women in the world, and
 has generated tens of billions in profit for the companies smart enough to utilize it. Now you too
                   can use and profit from this extremely potent sales system...
This isn’t AUTO-CLOSER, but it’s the next best thing                                                                     fitness professional will be using. There is so much
for fitness professionals on a budget who need to                                                                        profit opportunity with this one document; and you
master sales fast. If you sold a fitness package to                                                                      are missing out big time without it.
9 out of every 10 prospects you managed to get                                                                           • How to make buying from you an easy decision
sitting in-front of you. The fact is, hard as it might                                                                   for your prospect by adding this one key ingredient
be to believe right now; that’s the kind of profit                                                                       to your offer.
you can be making just by mastering the basics of                                                                        • The after sales strategy that all winners do to
salesmanship. What would that do to your current                                                                         constantly improve their performance and increase
monthly income? I bet you could easily be making                                                                         their profit, and how you can do it too!
two, three even four times the amount of money you                                                                       • What one time $25 investment you can make
are now – or maybe even more? And that takes a lot                                                                       that will add $10,000, $15,000 even $20,000 or
less effort and time than you might think…                                                                               more to your yearly profit by making you a better
                                                                                                                         sales person. Everyone who has used this has
Selling Is The #1 Skill In The World, Get                                                                                dramatically increased the number of sales they
 Good At It Now, And Your Success Is                                                                                     close.
                Limitless!                                  used it to sell when you were a baby)!                       • And much, much more!
                                                            • What the most powerful and profitable tool in your
Here’s a harsh and cold truth you need to be aware          selling arsenal is and how to use it to effectively and      All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
of – If you can’t sell then you won’t eat – you MUST        rapidly grow your fitness business.                          it WILL grow your business; this is how sure I am of
make money to survive in business, it’s as simple as        • The top 3 questions you need to start your sales           that…
that. And the only way for you to make money is by          presentation with to “loosen-up” your prospect and
selling. Right. So how do you get good at selling?          get them ready to buy.                                         Let Me PROVE To You How Confident
Just do the exact same thing you expect your clients        • How to “peel the onion” and dig deep into the               I Am, That This Will Significantly Grow
to do. Follow the expert advice, put it into action and     core, driving force emotions of your prospects and                        Your Business
the results will come fast and continually improving.       discover how to truly motivate them into making a
Like everything else it’s a skill, not a talent. And with   “Yes!” buying decision.                                      If you’re unsure just how effective and valuable
the right guidance you will become an expert. And           • One step you MUST include in your sales                    this information is to you, then let me make things
expert sales people make plenty of money. Make              presentation if you want to achieve a closing rate of        clearer by offering you a guarantee double whammy!
sense? Then here’s how to get started…                      90% or more.                                                 First, I’m going to let you try out “Product And
                                                            • What you can include in your sales presentation to         Service Selling Systems” for one whole year
     Watch This NPE DVD Package,                            increase it’s effectiveness by 400%!                         absolutely risk-free..AND, if you don’t see big, I
  Implement The Proven Sales Secrets                        • How to overcome any objection, including the old           mean really BIG returns on your $189 investment in
          And Profit. Simple!                               classic – “I can’t afford you services right now…”           this DVD package, I will gladly give you back your
                                                            • 3 things you need to do right now if you want to           money (less shipping and handling), no questions
                                                            become a seriously kick-butt sales machine and               asked. In other words, if you can’t make a significant
In this new DVD package Eric Ruth and I reveal the
                                                            double or triple the current profitability of your fitness   amount of extra profit with this; then I will happily
7-Step Fitness Sales System framework you need to
                                                            business.                                                    refund you. The only catch is, this stuff will not work
start closing clients like crazy. See for yourself…
                                                            • And much, much more!                                       on the shelf and you must be prepared to give it a
                                                                                                                         try. Fair enough?
 DVD #1 – Product Service And Selling
              Systems                                       …Plus, I’m also going to give you a quick-reference
                                                                                                                             Grab Your Copy Right Now, And
                                                            guide for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce
                                                                                                                            You Can Start Boosting Your Profit
When you watch the first DVD you will discover…             and gain a rock-solid understanding of all the highly
                                                            valuable information you’ve just learned.
• How to make your prospect comfortable and more                                                                         As long as you don’t know these “Product And
susceptible to being sold by building rapport and                                                                        Service Selling Systems”, you are putting
gaining their trust.                                         DVD #2 – 10 MUST Have Tools In Your                         your business growth on hold, and missing out on
• One of the most effective tools every successful             Personal Training Sales Arsenal                           many thousands in lost sales.
sales person uses - that you already possess – in
fact it has been sitting in-front of your face your         In the second DVD, you will discover…                        So make sure you order today by clicking the link
whole life, and you’ll have used it many thousands of                                                                    below; simply fill out your details and your DVD
times to persuade and convince for years (you even          • The “Master Document” that almost no other
                                                                                                                         package will be shipped immediately.

IteM# SOO4 Module 1 Jan 07: Product and Service Selling Systems ............................................................................................... $189
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       Double Your Closing Percentage & Double Your
        Average Package Size Within 8 Weeks or Less
You can be next. You absolutely can. This isn’t           OBVIOUS AND SUPERIOR SOLUTION, stacking                    CLOSER™ Objection Destroyer. There are just
‘hype’ or hot air. Every testimonial you see and each     one value benefit atop the next, until the decision to     FOUR primary objections (after more than 2,000
interview you hear is verifiably truthful. Get in touch   buy is crystal clear and brain-dead-simple… every          consultations, we know this for sure). And there’s
with any of these fitness professionals, they are all     sale is a struggle, a battle of wills…and the prospect     a painless and perfect 5-step process for handling
well known, with web sites and contact information.       holds all the cards.                                       each one that is completely systemized for you.
They will confirm everything.
                                                          The AUTO-CLOSER™ system makes selling fitness              aUtO-CLOSer™ essential #4:
So the question is not “can you?” The only                services automatic and effortless…even if you hate         AUTO-CLOSER™ SALES TOOLS (Value: $2895)
question is “will you?”                                   to sell…even if you’ve got as much ‘charisma’ as a
                                                          stack of wood…even if ‘selling’ makes your upper           These tools are provided to you on DATA CD, and
AUTO-CLOSER™ is really a pretty                           lip sweat and your hands shake…because when                we teach you precisely how to use them on the DVD
simple system. There are not 49 different                 you have my PROVEN system to follow, step-by-              videos and/or in the live training. Here are each of
objection-handling techniques you have to learn or        simple-step, you know going into the consultation          the tools you get:
long scripts you have to memorize. In fact, as you        that ‘closing’ is a foregone conclusion …with 91%
know from reading the 7-Step Fitness Sales System         likelihood the consultation ends in ‘YES!’ And             Prequalification Phone Script – This can be done
Report, becoming a highly effective salesperson is        nothing gives you greater confidence than certainty        by you or your assistant and is vital to establishing
really about understanding how little you should          in the outcome.                                            the right positioning, confirming the consultation
say. And when you do speak, it should be in the                                                                      appointment, and setting up the “rules of
form of the right questions.                              aUtO-CLOSer™ eSSentIaL #2:                                 engagement” for you consultation process so that
                                                          MILLIOn DOLLar, 91% aUtO-CLOSer™                           each prospect is ‘pre-framed’ and 85% ‘sold’ on your
That’s 80% of sales: asking the right questions at        POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (Value: $2500)                     solution before you ever even meet.
the right time. That’s how you find out what the
prospect’s pain (internal pressure) is. The other 20%      With just a few hours of practice, you’ll have this       Pre-Call Planning Worksheet/Client Profile – This
is making a killer presentation...based on what you       presentation down cold. We will teach you (and             is a “master document” that will remain with your
learned by asking the right questions!                    provide on a Data CD) the word-for-word script to          client for life. The more you know about your clients,
                                                          use. All you do is familiarize yourself with the simple    the more opportunities you have to build your
When I teach fitness professionals the AUTO-              script and the supporting PowerPoint presentation          relationship further, present additional solutions
CLOSER™ system, I teach them the right questions          (also provided on Data CD). The presentation               to solve problems/achieve goals (cross-sell) and
to ask, when to ask them and how to ask them. And         guides you every step of the way, ensuring you             develop greater Client Lifetime Value (CLV).
I give them what is proven to be the most powerful        never get lost or stumble looking for a transition,
fitness sales tool in existence, my Million               problem building is achieved, value proposition is         Consultation Probing Questions - This is a
Dollar AUTO-CLOSER™ PowerPoint                            delivered…and BIG packages are chosen (fitness             worksheet with a list of questions you ask every
Presentation.                                             professionals using AUTO-CLOSER™ average                   time you meet with a prospect. The goal of your
                                                          twice the package size of those who don’t – no more        questions is to identify needs and build problems,
Here’s Everything You Get In The AUTO-CLOSER™             tiny 12 and 24 session packages for you).                  so when you present a solution it has obvious value
System:                                                                                                              that outweighs cost.
                                                          Never struggle again to find the right ‘flow’ and
aUtO-CLOSer™ eSSentIaL #1:                                the right words, it’s all laid out for you in the short,   Million Dollar Power Point Presentation – The
aUtO-CLOSer™ 7-Step FItneSS SaLeS                         simple-to-deliver, AUTO-CLOSER™ Power Point                same presentation used by me and 83 other fitness
CONSULTATION SYSTEM (Value: $1895)                        Presentation (remember, this has been tested               professionals, tested in over 2,000 consultations,
Whether you’re on the webinars live with Dick             over 2,000 times and produced over $2 million in           closing at 91%+, responsible for over $2.0 million in
and me, or watching the DVD recordings, you will          personal training sales). Totally done-for-you, plug-      personal training sales.
learn how to master the 7 simple steps that take a        and-play easy. Just fire up the computer or whip
prospect from cold, guarded and non-committal…            out the flip chart every time you want another big         Objection Destroyer Questions and Answers –
to ‘in-heat’ completely submissive and eager to get       pay-day.                                                   These are so simple to master, you will quickly have
started working with you… regardless of price.                                                                       everything in your head, but until then, you can
                                                          aUtO-CLOSer™ essential #3:                                 keep this ‘cheat sheet’ in front of you during every
Following these seven simple steps, taking just           aUtO-CLOSer™ ObJeCtIOn DeStrOYer                           consultation, allowing you to effortlessly handle any
38 minutes on average, you build so much value            (Value: $895)                                              objection.
in your services by effortlessly uncovering the
prospect’s major problems and emotional hot                 In those rare occasions when an objection does           Guarantee Statement (Risk Reversal) - You must be
buttons, then hitting them like a laser, causing          arise, do not worry. It only means you did not             using some type of guarantee to remove the risk of
white-hot desire for the benefits you offer…that cost     effectively build the problem and the value of your        making a bad decision from your prospect’s mind.
is completely removed from the equation – making          solution. The more you use AUTO-CLOSER™ the                When there is no risk to making a bad decision, the
money merely a logistical question: i.e. pay all now;     less this will happen – because you become icy-cool        sale becomes simple. We have perfected precisely
pay half now, half later; or put on monthly EFT. With     and composed the more comfortable you are with             how to present the guarantee so there is MUTUAL
AUTO-CLOSER™ price objections are eliminated.             the flow, and the more confident you become in             responsibility – thereby protecting YOU as much as
                                                          the certainty of the outcome. But from time-to-time        protecting the client.
Without these 7 Steps to progressively build              you may encounter the occasional objection…and
the problem and present your services as THE              that’s okay. Because you’re armed with the AUTO-
                              ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
Client Contract (including cancellation policy, and                                                                 companies as the “sales-fixer” his time was billed
session expiration date) - You must have a simple                                                                   at $1,000 per hour. His time is so valuable, I was
form that outlines your business policies and                                                                       hesitant to even ask him if he would be willing to do
practices - up front. This includes things like your                                                                this. But I did, and he agreed. Because he LOVES
cancellation policy, when a package of sessions                                                                     helping people master sales.
expires (don’t allow it to drag on forever), your                                                                   You will get quite a bit of Dick during the 6-weeks of
guarantee form, and anything else you need to                                                                       training (if you are able to get a spot), but you may
cover in working with your clients. This contract, in                                                               (if you’re smart) want even more of him. So if you
conjunction with your Guarantee Statement, clearly                                                                  encounter a situation where you need help, you can
establishes your ‘take-away’ selling position, moving                                                               schedule two 30 minute calls with him personally,
the prospect to trust you and accept your advice and                                                                one-on-one. The only stipulation is that you must
recommendations just as they would their doctor.                                                                    actually do what Dick tells you to do. He does not
                                                                                                                    suffer foolishness and demands accountability.
Sales Debriefing Worksheet - To improve your sales
skills, you must keep a journal of your notes from                                                                  The same rules apply to this private phone coaching
each meeting. What went well, what need works,                                                                      bonus: if you are able to get one of the remaining
and ideas/thoughts on how to improve your sales                                                                     spots in the live training, then the phone coaching
process going forward. There will be the occasional        within minutes, isolate her core health and fitness      is automatic, but if you choose just the Home Study,
missed sale – that’s unavoidable. But the only way         problems, build those problems and present my            then you’ve got to order before the deadline.
to learn from that situation is through post-consult       solution.
‘debriefing’.                                                                                                       aUtO-CLOSer™ essential #8 (FaSt aCtIOn
                                                           aUtO-CLOSer™ essential #7 (FaSt aCtIOn                   BONUS ONLY): GOOD TO GREAT IN SALES
Sales Tracking Worksheet - monitors close rate,            BONUS ONLY): PERSONAL ONE-ON-ONE                         AND PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT (Value: $349)
average ticket sale, objections that need more             COaCHInG anD SUppOrt
practice. If you’re not tracking your results, you can’t                                                              This fast-action Special Bonus DVD contains a
measure results. You must be tracking each consult         1. “Burning Question” Priority Email Access for 90       recording of a private, closed door training we did
and reviewing your sales process on a weekly or            Days (Value: $1000)                                      exclusively for just 21 of the most successful fitness
monthly basis. CRITICAL! Everything watched and                                                                     professionals in America. It reveals “Advanced
measured… improves. This is particularly important         You will receive a PRIVATE email address for Dick        Sales Training Beyond AUTO-CLOSER™ For
if you have staff that sells. They must be measured        Chilton. Dick is our NPE Sales Master, and the man       Seven-Figure Fitness Professionals.” This DVD is
or your gaping hole in the bucket cannot be patched.       who mentored me and was instrumental in helping          the MASTER-KEY to the vault for you.
                                                           me develop the AUTO-CLOSER™ System. He
aUtO-CLOSer™ essential #5:                                 is the primary sales trainer for our NPE Platinum               Why You Cannot Fail With
DVD Recordings of Every AUTO-CLOSER™                       Members. And, along with me, he will deliver the live               AUTO-CLOSER™
Training Session (Value: $1295)                            sales training you get during the 6-week program
                                                           (if you are able to secure a spot). Nobody knows         There are two primary reasons AUTO-CLOSER™ is
With either the live webinar training or Home Study        the in’s and out’s of fitness sales like Dick. He has    different, infinitely more effective than anything else
Program options, you will receive a professionally-        a 30-year track record selling multiple millions.        you’ve ever tried before...and GUARANTEED to
mastered, high-quality DVD of each of the six              Luckily, he’s a close friend, practically an Uncle       work for you:
webinar training classes. If you request the Home          to me, because there is no way I could afford him        FIRST: It is a true SYSTEM. All the tools
Study only, these will be your primary learning tools.     otherwise.                                               you need, including the Million Dollar PowerPoint
For those lucky enough to make it into the live                                                                     Presentation, Objection Destroyer, and all the rest,
training, these can be used to train your staff and to     If you select (and are able to secure one of the         are created, tested, refined and perfected already.
regularly refresh and fine tune your own skills after      remaining spots) the live webinar training, for the      We give them to you. You use them. There’s zero
the 6-week coaching is over. As Stephen Covey              duration of the 6-week training PLUS another             ‘theory’ or what ‘should’ work here. SECOND:
says, you must always “sharpen the saw.” Having            6 weeks after the training is complete, you will         AUTO-CLOSER™ is taught to you
these DVDs on hand to review will ensure your saw          have access to Dick via email to ask your ‘burning       SYTEMATICALLY. The problem with most
stays razor sharp, your AUTO-CLOSER™ skills                questions.’ Access like this is not sold separately,     products is that you get a big box of ‘stuff’ and no
honed.                                                     nor is it available at any price. I can tell you,        clearly defined path for learning and using the ‘stuff.’
                                                           however, that it’s worth the entire investment in        You’re left to figure everything out on your
aUtO-CLOSer™ essential #6 (FaSt aCtIOn                     this program all by itself. After all, it was Dick who   own. And most times, that just doesn’t work. Just
BONUS ONLY): AUTO-CLOSER™ PERSONAL                         helped me develop, sharpen and refine my sales           as we’ve refined the AUTO-CLOSER™ System,
TRAINING SALES “SPY” DVD (Value: $349)                     skills.                                                  we’ve also refined the SYSTEMATIC way to teach
                                                                                                                    it to you so you can be using and profiting from it
On this DVD, you get to “SPY” on me as I perform           If you select ONLY the Home Study program (no live       almost immediately – like within days.
a complete personal training package sales                 training), then you can only get this access to Dick
presentation with a REAL prospect (NOT a model             via email if you order right now.                        Most fitness business owners murder their chances
or stand-in). I got consent from a prospect to                                                                      of success before they even begin. But the lucky
videotape our consultation. You will see precisely         2. Two (2) 30 minute Private Coaching Calls with         ones -- and the smart ones -- figure out early that
how I quickly take her from ‘cold fish’ to ‘warm friend’   Dick Chilton (Value: $1000)                              nothing good will ever happen…
                                                           When Dick consulted with major Fortune 500

auto-ClosertM Fitness Sales System ...............................................................................................................................
 IteM# SOO1.........Live Coaching, Implementation and Accountability Training PLUS Home Study Program for $1297 or 3 Monthly Installments of $467
 IteM# SOO1a.................................................................................Home Study Program for $997 or 3 Monthly Installments of Just $367
                              ORDER ONLINE @ fItNEssmaRkEtINgsystEms.cOm OR caLL 888-866-4998
If bank robbers were fitness professionals, this is the system they’d use...

                                The Cash Flow Surge System
   This Is The Quickest, Easiest Way To Inject A Massive Cash Windfall Into Your Bank Account –
        Now And In The Future – And Quite Frankly...You Must Not Like Making Money If You
                        Don’t Use This. Oh Yeah, And It’s 100% Legal Too…
I really hope you are one of the few fitness                                                      raising your fees with the secret spending
professionals with the guts to use this                                                           frenzy trigger included in the Cash Flow
system. Because I’ll be honest, not many do.                                                      Surge System can generate $50,000,
                                                                                                  $100,000, or $150,000 plus in profit right
And yet, the Cash Flow Surge System                                                               now, as well as in the future.
simply facilitates an essential process                                                           • What you must add to your “fee
which every single business owner at                                                              increase” communication sequence so that
some point – and normally once a year                                                             your clients are eased into a “buy now”
thereafter – will have to do anyway.                                                              mental state, increasing your response and
So it kind of makes sense you get on                                                              return on investment.
board with this now, before you are hurried                                                       • The power of campaign “linking” and
and pushed into doing it the wrong way...                                                         how it will double, triple even quadruple the
                                                                                                  profit you make when you tell your fitness
  I’m Talking About Raising Your Fees!                                                            clients – “My fees are going up!”
                                                 Raise your fees the wrong way and you            • Exactly when you need to mail out each
You see the economy dictates that sooner         could cause a revolution – but go in with        piece of this 3 letter sequence. Precision
or later you’re going to have to raise your      this proven, powerful communication              timing makes for precise and predictable
fees if you want to keep making a profit (I      sequence and you will profit.                    profit.
assume you do). But how do you know you          That’s the first benefit of this system, now     • And a little bit more!
can safely do that, without losing all your      here’s the fun part…
clients to cheaper competitors?                                                                   If you plan on staying in business for
I mean look how pissed everyone is at the             $186,989 In Less Than 60 Days!              more than a year, then raising your fees is
rising price of gas, and that’s only going up                                                     something you will HAVE to do, if you want
by a few cents at a time. You will probably      …You see, not only can you raise your            to keep turning a profit.
need to raise your fees by tens, even            fees AND keep all your clients with this         This system allows you to do that, but
hundreds of dollars!                             system. But you can also use it to generate      without the complaints and the client loss.
                                                 the mother of all pay days for yourself!         By the way, the Cash Flow Surge System
You could have a mutiny on your hands,                                                            has been tested, and PROVEN to work
right? But if you don’t raise rates, you don’t         This is because, subtly included in the    consistently. Don’t risk going alone with
make money. So, how can you raise your           communication sequence that Eric wrote,          this when the perfect tool has already been
fees and keep up with inflation – safely?        is a trigger that incites a spending frenzy      created for you.
Simple, Use The Cash Flow Surge                  amongst your clients. And it literally forces
System…                                                                                           Next, when you are raising your rates;
                                                 them to get their check books out and buy        wouldn’t you like to leverage that situation
                                                 like mad – even though you’ve just told          to make a very decent sized ($50,000,
The Cash Flow Surge System is double-            them your rates are going up!
barrelled. First off, you will use it to raise                                                    $100,000, or $150,000 plus) payday out of
                                                       In fact, one of the fit-pros (who          it too?
you fees without a client mutiny.                you’ll hear about) made $186,989
That’s because the letters involved in           from his 176 clients with this – That’s          Again, I have the results to prove this will
the communication sequence have been             $1,062.45 per client – thanks to this little     happen for you. Because of the way these
written by master copywriter Eric Ruth. And      trigger.                                         letters have been written, they inform of
you’ll be amazed at what he can do with                And several other fitness                  the fee rise and induce a client spending
the written word – like tell your clients that   professionals have also had six-figure           frenzy that will make you a lot of money in
their fees are going up by 10% - and have        months because of this crucial, profit           a very short space of time. You just need to
them happy about the fact!                       generating factor included within the letters    mail them out. Make sense?
                                                 you mail out as part of the Cash Flow            As you can imagine raising your fees is a
Actually, when the fitness professionals         Surge System. Want to know the secret            delicate operation, do this on your own and
you’ll learn about in this program who use       to how it works? When you get the Cash           you risk taking a heavy profit hit by losing
the Cash Flow Surge System mailed out            Flow Surge System, DVD and booklet fast          5, 10, maybe even 15 or more clients. Play
their “fee increase” communications, NOT         start implementation guide that is.              it safe with this proven system.
ONE client cancelled with them. And one          Inside you’ll discover…
client even wrote in to congratulate one                                                          And I know you know better than to leave
of these fit-pros on running a successful        • Why raising your fees is great for             $50,000, $100,000, or $150,000 plus lying
fitness business!                                increased profit in the future, but why          on the table… Right?

IteM# MaSOO2 Cash Flow Surge System (Raising the Fee) Product - Booklet, DVD, & Data Disc............... $797 or 3 Monthly Installments of $273
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Public speaking sales secrets for fitness professionals...

     “How to Speak & Sell on Stage with Confidence!”
Discover the secret sales strategies fitness professionals like you are using to make $4,000, $7,000
even $10,000 or more at a time through easy to set-up public speaking events. PLUS, get your very
              own, ready to rock you can get in on the action today!
When I first started my fitness business funds were                                                                  presentation, if you plan on making a profit.
short and time was even shorter…I really didn’t                                                                      • 3 ways to sweeten your close and increase your
have enough money to invest in a high-tech and                                                                       conversions.
complicated marketing campaign, and because I                                                                        • What to do AFTER your presentation (not right
was spending all day working with my clients, I didn’t                                                               after, but a few days later) to ensure you close as
have the time to plan one anyway! So, how did I get                                                                  many attendees as possible.
from there to the owner of a multi-facility business                                                                 • And much, much more!
with well over 600 clients in just three short years?                                                                …PLUS, I’ll give you a quick reference report too
                                                                                                                     ($27 value) so you can quickly re-enforce and
     I Made Public Speaking The LIFE                                                                                 build a rock-solid understanding of all the public
         BLOOD Of My Business                                                                                        speaking sales strategies covered in your DVD.
                                                                                                                     Now that you have the expert knowledge, I am going
Although I couldn’t afford to run any big marketing                                                                  to give you the tools too; so you get the ball rolling…
campaigns at the time, that’s not to say I wasn’t
devouring all the books; so that when I did                                                                           The Hard Work Is Already Done For You
have the cash flow, I could spring into action!                                                                      Everything that takes up time and effort (tool
While studying, I realized that there was one,                   It’s essentially everything you need (and
                                                          more), to be able to get up on stage and sell your         creation and talk writing), I have done for you. This
highly effective, accessible and low cost marketing                                                                  is as easy as it gets!
strategy that all the experts were recommending –         fitness services to a room full of leads right now.
selling through speaking events – heck,                          Here’s exactly what you’ll get…
                                                                                                                     • 5 Keys To Transforming Your body In
I had a mouth and plenty of valuable fitness related                                                                 Record Time ($449) – This is your presentation
information to share.                                       Your Fast-Start, Selling Fitness With
                                                                   Public Speaking DVD                               and has been designed to inform and then sell
                                                                                                                     your prospects on the benefits of your health and
So, I gave it a shot...And Bombed!                                                                                   fitness programs. All you need to do is personalize it,
                                                                 In this DVD I will run through the ready to
                                                          rock sales presentation I am going to give you, so         present it and profit.
The first time, and a few times after that too. But do                                                               • Your Order Cards ($397 value) – Hand
I look like the kind of guy who gives up, especially      you know exactly what to say and how to say if for
                                                          maximum profit.                                            these out towards the end of your presentation so
when there’s money to make? If I decide to do                                                                        your attendees can sign-up for consultations and
something - like build a successful and profitable                 Plus, you will also discover…
                                                          • 11 tips for delivering a rock-solid health and fitness   training packages. If you deliver the presentation I
fitness business, then you can make damn sure                                                                        have created for you to the tee, you will have a bucket
that’s exactly what I’ll do. And I hope you’re the        presentation that SELLS.
                                                          • How to quickly come up with kick-ass, attention          load of these order forms by the end of the night.
same way. Because if the experts say there’s                                                                         • Event checklist ($27 value) – You will use
money to be made through public speaking... then          grabbing titles for your presentations. If you
                                                          can hook them in at the very start you’re golden           this handy little checklist to make sure all the holes
there’s money to be made. And anyway…                                                                                are covered, plus there’s tips on marketing your
                                                          • How to build rapport with the audience so they           event, making sure it runs smoothly and how to
 Everyone Knows Practice Makes Profit                                                                                deliver your presentation!
                                                          hang onto to every word of your talk, even when
                                                          you’re telling them how to order your thousand dollar      • 4 follow-up E-mails ($480 value) – Finally,
Of course I wasn’t going to hit a home-run with my                                                                   there are four follow-up messages that you can use
very first swing of the bat…But the more I tried the      training program.
                                                          • How to establish yourself as an expert and build         to chase up those speaking event attendees who
closer I got, $0 turned into $500 and $500 turned                                                                    didn’t ordered on the night. Without fail, you will
into $1,000 – until six months later – and I was          credibility so the audience believe and buy every
                                                          word you say.                                              always close 2-4 more clients when you follow-up
consistently and predictably doing $5,000 nights! As                                                                 with them after the event.
you’ve seen though, I’m now even doing better than        • How to build big hairy problems in the audiences
that, and so are the fitness professionals who use        mind so you can smash them down with your
                                                          wrecking ball of solutions.                                 No excuses… Personally Guarantee It
my system…
                                                          • What little bit of research you need to do before
                                                          your talk so that you can “mind-read” the                         I will give you one whole year to try out the
        The Platform Selling Toolkit                                                                                 Advanced Platform Selling Toolkit risk free, and
                                                          audience and answer their every objection and
                                                          excuse they may have effectively and confidently           if your presentations don’t become easy, enjoyable
…Only the learning curve I had to go through has                                                                     and profitable – to the tune of $4,000, $7,000 even
been eliminated! So that you too can reap the very        • The one tool you need to bring along to your
                                                          presentation, that’s going to be more powerful and         $10,000 or more per gig – I will gladly refund you
generous rewards of selling through public speaking                                                                  (less shipping), no questions asked. All I ask is you
I have put together an amazing new crash course           more profitable that anything you can say.
                                                          • How to comfortably transition into and handle the        put the tools to work for you and have a go at this.
package for you, called the – “The Platform
Selling Toolkit”.                                         close. This is obviously an essential part of your

IteM# SOO3 Platform Selling Toolkit (DVD, report and tools) ........................................................................................................ $347
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ne            maRkEtINg/saLEs

        CORPORATE AMERICA: “Discover How To
       Crack The Fitness Industry’s Fattest Cash Cow!”
 “The total cost of providing U.S. employees with health benefits far exceeds the combined profits
  of the Fortune 500. And now LOCAL companies big and small are willing to pay you (hand over
     fist) to get their workforce fighting fit… Why? Because you will be saving them $millions!
It’s true! Local companies are more health                  extra $1,809 each year in healthcare costs and              valuable as this, anywhere else!
conscious than ever before. And many are                    absenteeism.                                                See for yourself…
desperately searching for a “wellness” solution right
now.                                                           * In trying to reshape their company’s culture                   Profitable Corporate Systems
                                                            of performance, many companies are confused                 When you watch the DVD you will discover…
You can be that solution.                                   about how and where to start the process – and
                                                            misinformed about the cost.                                    * The simplest, easiest and most direct method
Entering the lucrative corporate arena is like tapping                                                                  for starting your own corporate wellness solution
a gusher in a Texas oil field. It doesn’t get much           Statistics Show: It’s YOU, You’re The Solution:
better. And all you’ve got to do to breakthrough into                                                                      * How to get started with ZERO start-up
this fertile ground is to position yourself correctly.         * The Center for Disease Control found that              investment – and still begin pulling in lucrative
                                                            companies SAVE between $3 - $6 for every $1 they            corporate clients almost immediately
So, even when the economy is sputtering…each                invest in wellness – you can offer them an unheard
corporate account you bring in could be worth up to         of 500% ROI!                                                  * How to give yourself a raise – fast. How does
$50,000…and even more.                                                                                                  $8,000 sound for 3 days of work? You’ll learn the
                                                              * Your system begins to pay off immediately               exact model one NPE Platinum Member uses to
Sound too good to be true? An unhealthy workforce           – producing measurable results within weeks (at             earn these beefy fees
can cost a company millions of dollars (as you’ll           which point, repeat business is almost guaranteed).
soon see.) So $50,000 is a drop in the ocean                                                                               * More than a dozen fulfillment and fee models to
compared to the new found profit you will help them             * Your optional ‘pay for performance’ guarantee         choose from – pick and choose the best points of
make. You will earn every penny of that $50K and            allows them to get started completely free – making         each and dial-in your own customized solution
your corporate client will only be too happy to pay         it easy for you to get your foot in the door and well       I’m also going to give you a quick-reference guide
invest it.                                                  on your way to a corporate fitness (small) fortune.         for this DVD. Which you can use to reinforce and
                                                                                                                        gain a rock-solid understanding of all the valuable
Make sense? Then NOW is the time to focus on                  * They’ll be shocked by the dramatic bottom line          information you’ve just learned.
breaking into the corporate arena and dramatically          improvements you can realize for them by making a
improving your company’s health.                            few simple changes in their workplace…                         *And much, much more!

The Most Effective Way to Leverage Your Company                   You’ll be a CeO’s Most Welcome Guest                       Grab Your Copy right now, and You Can
Resources                                                                                                                        Start Boosting Your Profit Today
                                                            As you know, most “salesmen” are about as
Everyone in the fitness industry is aware of the            welcome as Dr. Kevorkian at an AARP convention.             As long as you don’t know these “Profitable
health-epidemic gripping our nation. But what you                                                                       Corporate Systems” you are putting your business
may not realize is that leaders in the corporate            But since you’ll have something they desperately            growth on hold, and missing out on tens of
world are closely monitoring this health-epidemic           desire, you’ll be escorted right into the CEO’s office.     thousands of dollars in lost sales.
too – because health benefits and poor workforce            And with these “Profitable Corporate Systems” you’ll
productivity are costing them a fortune..                   know exactly how to proceed with confidence.                                                                Presented By:
                                                                                                                                                                        Eric Ruth & Sean Greeley

Now they’re aggressively searching for a “solution.”        There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Just follow
                                                            my proven plan and your golden.
Corporate America’s Crisis:                                                                                                    “How To Create Profitable
                                                                                                                               Partnerships With Local
                                                                                                                               Companies Who Want, Need
                                                            Here’s how to put these incredibly powerful                        And Will Gladly Pay For You
                                                                                                                               To Train Dozens, Maybe Even

   * The total cost of providing U.S. employees with        concepts to work for you…                                          Hundreds Of Their Employees!”
                                                                                                                                 NPE Gold Plus Module 9

health benefits far exceeds the combined profits of
                                                                                                                                 Profitable Corporate Fitness                                                                                                                                                                     NPE Gold Plus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Module 9
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Profitable Corpor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Fitness System ate
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “How To Create

the Fortune 500!                                                    Watch this npe DVD package, Use
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Gladly Pay Profitable Partnerships Plus Module 9
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          For You To

                                                                    The Profitable Corporate Systems
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Train Dozens With Local Compan

   * The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                        And Profit. Simple!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          NPE Gold

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “How To Create Profitable
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Partnerships With Local
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 , Maybe Even

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Companies Who Want, Need

reports that 75% of health care spending pays for
                                                                                                                                                                                         “How To Create “How To Create Profitable
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Profitable                                                                                             And Will Gladly Pay For You
                                                                                                                                                                                         Partnerships With Local Companies
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Partnerships With Local Companies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                To Train Dozens, Maybe Even
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hundreds Of Want, Need And Will

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Who Will Gladly Pay
                                                                                                                                                                                         Who Want, Need AndWant, Need And Will Gladly Pay
                                                                                                                                                                                         For You To Train Dozens, Maybe Even Maybe Even
                                                                                                                                                                                                        For You To Train Dozens,
                                                                                                                                                                                         Hundreds Of Their Employees!” Employees!”
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hundreds Of Their                                                                                       Hundreds Of Their Employees!”

illnesses that are preventable.                             In this new DVD package Eric Ruth and I reveal the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ies Who

                                                                                                                                                                                         NPE Gold Plus Module 9Gold Plus Module 9
                                                                                                                                                                                         Profitable Corporate Fitness Systems Fitness Systems
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Profitable Corporate
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Their Employ

                                                                                                                                            Presented By:                                                              1 of 2                                                                          1 of 2

                                                            new “best practices” of today’s successful corporate
                                                                                                                                           Eric Ruth & Sean Greeley


     * An obese worker costs a company an                   fitness marketers. You won’t find anything else as
                                                                                                                                                                                         Presented By:       Presented By:
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Greeley & Sean Greeley
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              Exposing the Naked Truth that May Be Holding You Back From Achieving Every Goal
                               You Set for Yourself and How to Fix It - Forever
Did you know there’s a proven formula for success?        But maybe you feel something’s missing –                  See for yourself…
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It’s true! And every single one of the most successful    potential. If you feel you could use a roadmap from                                          “Mastering Your Mind”
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Here it is…                                                                                                            * The best way to get started moving toward the
                                                          In “Mastering Your Mind” you’ll learn…the                 things that you’ve envisioned and want – all high
You become what you think about most of the time.         mechanics of putting your goals together…there            performers use this method, continually and ultra-
                                                          are no limitations to your mind except those you          successfully
This is the great truth underlying all religion,          acknowledge…the exact process you’ll use to tap
philosophy, psychology and success. Think about it.       into and unleash that 90% of your potential that             * Why your vision and your specific goals must
Whatever you can hold in your mind, on a continuing       you’re currently wasting…how to banish your self-         have a deadline attached – to work with maximum
basis, you can have.                                      limiting beliefs. 80% of your constraints are within      effectiveness all of your goals must be SMART
                                                          yourself. You are usually the major roadblock in          goals, the kind which are much more likely to be
“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it        setting the speed at which you achieve any goal you       achieved
can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”       set for yourself.
                                                                                                                        * Time Blocking is one giant step you can take to
Perhaps the greatest discovery in human history           You’ll also learn to develop the habit of writing         start improving both your personal and professional
is the power of your mind to create almost every          down your goals. Making plans to achieve them.            life – and an unbelievably simple process
aspect of your life. This principle has been proven       And working on your plans – every single day. Your
again and again, by many of the wealthiest, most          ability to set goals is the master skill of success.         * The secret you can learn from superstars like
successful men and women who’ve ever lived.               Goals unlock your positive mind and release ideas         Tiger Woods – when Tiger was very young, his
                                                          and energy for your goal’s attainment.                    father instilled in him a belief system which protects
But this is so much more than simple                                                                                him like full-body armor. To succeed in spectacular
“positive thinking.”                                      Great men and women are those who make clear,             fashion like Tiger, you’ll need to do the same
                                                          unequivocal commitments and then refuse to budge
Uncontrolled, positive thinking can be useless            from them no matter what happens.                            * And much, much more!
and degenerate into positive hoping and positive
wishing. A cheerful attitude is nice, but to be focused   Whatever you’ve accomplished up to now is only            In addition to all of the great benefits you’ll receive
and effective in goal attainment, your positive           a small fraction of what’s possible for you. So take      from watching this DVD, I’m also going to give you
thinking must translate into action.                      charge of your life today. Grab a copy of “Mastering      some more very important tools to help you master
                                                          Your Mind.”                                               your mind for success.
You must know – and believe – that you’re going
to be successful at achieving a particular goal. You      The difference between knowing what to do and             All in, there’s a goldmine of information for you. And
must be so convinced of your ultimate success that        doing it can be great. The way to bridge that gap is      it WILL help you to grow your business substantially.
when you get going, nothing can stop you.                 with proven principles and systems for mastering
                                                          your mind, your time and your performance.
Do this, and success is yours easier and faster. See                                                                                                           Presented By:
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for yourself…                                             And your reward for taking the time to learn and

                                                          apply these time-honored principles is the privilege
       “Mastering Your Mind” for Success                  of writing your own ticket – enabling you to live an
                                                          extraordinary life.                                               “Mastering Your Mind”
How many times do you think people try to achieve                                                                           NPE Gold Plus Module 7

their goals before they quit?                             Here’s how to get started…
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  NPE Gold Plus Module 7

The answer is less than once. Think about New
Year’s resolutions. Many people give up before they       Watch the NPE DVD Package, Use these Mind-
even make the first try!                                  Mastering Secrets and Profit.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             NPE Gold Plus Module 7
                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Mastering Your Mind”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    r Mind”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “Mastering You
                                                                                                                                                                    “Mastering Your Mind”
                                                                                                                                                                    NPE Gold Plus Module 7

As a fitness business owner, you’ve already done          In this new DVD package, Eric Ruth, business                                                                                            1 of 2

the heavy lifting and taken that first “leap of faith.”   optimization expert Dick Chilton and I reveal the                             Presented By:
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Believe me, I know. I’ve been in your shoes. And just     best personal and business-building secrets in the
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by getting started, you’re already more than half-way     fitness industry. You won’t find anything as valuable

to the success you crave.                                 as this, anywhere else!

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Infusionsoft CRM
Double Your Income With Automated Sales, Marketing And
Customer Relationships! Infusionsoft is the leading all-in-one
software solution for fitness business profit automation. It takes
care of everything for you!
What’s more, this complete sales & marketing automation package
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Blogging 101 - The Blogging Low Down                                        neW
Blogging is here and now. Learn how a blog is critical for building
your community of raving fans, crucial for positioning you as a
fitness expert and vital for growing your online presence. Get the
low down on what a blog is, how it help grow your fitness business
and how you can get one within a week!


                                                                           Why You Need A Website and How
                                                                           To Get One…
                                                                           A recent study suggests that at least 80% of your potential clients
                                                                           are going online to look for health & fitness solutions… That is a
DietMaster Pro With Marketing Tools                                        HUGE chunk of the market (imagine 80% client increase) that you
                                                                           absolutely must be capitalizing on with a high-performance, high-
(It's no good without clients, right?)
                                                                           profit website. And in the fitness industry no-one knows how to build
Nutrition is the #1 thought on your prospects mind right now;              one of them for you better (with all the done for you profit tools)
everyone knows diets are dangerous and exercise is too much                than fit-pro/webmaster Lynn VanDyke.
work… Nutrition is the ultimate in-between and with Diet MasterPro
                                                                           And unless it was built by Lynn, guaranteed your competitor’s
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                        4. What Women Want!
                        5. “In The Land of The Blind, The One-Eyed Man Is King”
                        6. EXHIBITS GALORE: The Meatiest FML Yet!
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“How To Get And
Convert More LEADS!”
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