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									Things To Do For Your Car

Dear Readers,
Many people just do not care or at least not worrying about the rainy season. I am talking about the
relation of rainy season to your car maintenance. There are at least few important Things To Do For
Your Car when rainy season comes. It is about the maintenance to keep your car rolling smoothly on the
street rather than the rain that makes your car dirty. Your car engine and drive components are needed
to be protected from the threat of rainwater. Never under estimate the puddles on the street you used
to hit with your car. A car maintenance does not always mean when you go to a workshop for routine

Would not it be better to put some attention on Things To Do For Your Car to prevent it from further
possible damage ? Especially when you live in an area with heavy rain. Following are some tips on how
to take care and clean your car in the wet season.

* Rain water contains salt and fine grains of dirt, do not immediately wipe if off your car body surface. It
is suggested to dampen your car body with clean water first . Then rinse thoroughly with a low foaming
* Do not leave any dirt or salt by rain water on the car body for more than three days, because it will
cause rust, mildew and water stains when it get dry.
* Clean your car thoroughly, such as: hinges, the edge of the trunk, the door edges, the hood edges, etc.
* Avoid washing cars with high foaming shampoo, if not too dirty, just with water.
* Check the combustion system components like fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel pump and fuel filter. Replace
when needed and do not miss the exhaust system components, exhaust emissions and exhaust circuit.

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