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									Every woman has expectations of what you will give her for Christmas. The husband
probably doesn’t have much of a clue what his wife wants. There are some gifts that
any woman would love even though they are not on her wish list. They are special gifts
for the woman you choose to make your wife. There is certain to be one on this list that
will be the perfect gift.

Something that sparkles:

Jewelry is always the perfect gift. There is a piece of jewelry for every occasion. No
woman can have enough jewelry. All of these are true. The nice thing about jewelry is
it can be simple or very elaborate. It can be for the wrist or neck or ears. The pieces
can match or not. The choices are many. Your wife may have a favorite color. Pick
something in that color. She may prefer to wear her jewelry on special occasions so
choose a fancy piece. She may wear very practical jewelry so you choose an
understated piece. At Christmas merchants display all their pretties, so you can easily
find the perfect piece of jewelry for the perfect gift and make her eyes sparkle.

Something that smells good:

Most women have a favorite cologne or two. The best thing about cologne is that it
gets used up. So cologne always makes a perfect gift. Often a woman will use up her
least favorite first. She will save her ‘best’ cologne for special occasions. So go ahead
and splurge and buy her a variety of products in that favorite scent. That way she can
wear her favorite cologne more often and you will have a very happy wife.

Something that looks sexy:

Nothing says I love you more that giving your wife some sexy lingerie. Lingerie is a
wonderful archaic word which conjures images of diaphanous floating garments
covered in lace. And yes, that is exactly what type of intimate apparel you should
choose. Women will gaze longingly at the lingerie that is displayed in a window but will
usually buy something more practical. This leaves you with lots of choices. Imagine
sexy, silky, soft. Yes, now buy it. The look of delight on your wife’s face will let you
know you picked out the perfect gift.

Something to keep her warm:

December in many parts of the world is cold. A perfect gift for your wife is a new coat.
Coats are a practical gift but the coat you choose for her doesn’t have to be just
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