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					Founder’s Day
Planning Guide
         Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education
                     Founder’s Day Planning Guide

“Essentialists hope that when students leave school, they will possess not only basic skills and an extensive body of
knowledge, but also disciplined, practical minds, capable of applying schoolhouse lessons in the real world.”
 –William Bagley

Kappa Delta Pi, founded by Dr. William Bagley in 1911 at the University of Illinois, was
established to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to
teaching. Pioneering from its beginning by initiating women as well as men, Kappa Delta Pi
grew from a local chapter to the international organization it is today. Individually and
collectively, Society members recognize and honor achievement; strive to a high degree of
professional fellowship, leadership, and growth in the field of education; and serve their students
and educational community. Over the years, the Society has become an integral part of many
lives and one of the many reasons to celebrate Founder’s Day.

Founder’s Day is a time to reflect on the mission, purpose, and ideals upon which Kappa Delta
Pi was founded. It is a time to celebrate and join in fellowship with fellow Kadelpians as well as
highlight the accomplishments of your chapter. It is also a great way to provide social, cultural,
and educational activities to your community and provide an opportunity for your chapter to
shine. Take full advantage of this opportunity.

The purpose of this guide is to assist you in preparing for Founder’s Day. It contains detailed
information about planning, implementing, and evaluating your event. It also includes an
appendix with resources to make it easier for you to plan a great Founder’s Day event.

                              Save the Date!
                             Founder’s Day is
                                March 8

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              Choosing Programming that Works Best for You

As you begin to plan your Founder’s Day event, it is important to understand the wants, needs,
abilities and limitations of your chapter. Knowing this information upfront will help create an
event that is feasible for your chapter to facilitate. The primary focus of your event can be social
(hosting a party or banquet), service-oriented (community service and civic engagement),
educational (having an information session or brownbag lecture), or a combination of all three
depending on what works best for your chapter. Here are a few program ideas to get you started.

       KDP Pride: Celebrate Founder’s Day in style by dressing head to toe in KDP attire or
       colors (green and violet). Check out to see the latest fashions.

       Wear Your Badge: Contact students and alumni members of the chapter and have
       everyone wear their KDP badge or cloisonné pin.

       Happy Birthday KDP: Host a birthday party. Find a high-traffic location on campus to
       post display boards about KDP and serve cake and ice cream to students, faculty, and
       staff that walk by.

       Join the Chapter Challenge: The KDP Educational Foundation supports the programs
       that provide fellow KDP members and chapters with the resources they need to succeed:
       Make a chapter donation to the Educational Foundation of $150.00 or more to meet the
       Chapter Challenge. Will your chapter accept the challenge? Visit for more information.

       Breakfast on Us: Host a continental breakfast for your schools education department.
       Decorate the room in KDP colors and memorabilia and give a brief overview of KDP
       history; the accomplishments of your chapter; and project ideas you would like to
       implement in the future. This is an informal way to network with the education
       department and inform others about the importance of KDP and your chapter.

       Connect on Facebook: Visit the KDP Centennial page and sign-up for the Founder’s
       Day Event. Share ideas about what you are planning, connect with KDP members across
       the country, and post photos or video about what you chapter does. Download the
       Founder’s Day flair for your Profile page.

       Recommit to KDP Values: Gather members of your chapter together and conduct the
       short Founder’s Day Ceremony to re-pledge yourself to the values and ideals of our

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          Take Initiative: Celebrate Founder’s Day by initiating new members into KDP.

          Gift Basket Giveaway: Send a gift basket to your college president or to the dean of the
          school of education with note attached about the history of KDP and the importance of
          Founder’s Day.

          Pi Day (3.14): Celebrate the academic aspect of KDP and have a pie-bake off or a pie-
          eating contest. This can be a fun (and delicious) way to have fun and also can be turned
          into a fundraiser for your chapter or the Chapter Challenge.

          Book Drive: In honor of “99 years of KDP” (as of 2010) have a book drive and
          challenge your chapter to collect at least 99 books to donate to an organization of your

          Brownbag Lecture Series: Have a guest lecturer speak about an issue or topic that
          revolves the principles on which KDP was founded. Guest lecturers can be a professor,
          KDP Alum, past president, or anyone who will be able to deliver a powerful and positive
          message to the members and community at-large. See appendix for a sample lecture

          Capture the Moment: Gather photos taken throughout the year, event fliers, minutes
          from past meetings, or any memorabilia from your chapter and place it in a time capsule
          on Founder’s Day. Seal it closed and specify that it should not be opened until “xx”
          amount of years. Talk to the director of archives at your campus library, they may be able
          to assist you with memorabilia and storage options.

          Go Green (and violet): Adopt a median or green space: Adopting a median gives your
          chapter a chance to beautify a green space in your community and improve the air and
          water quality of the local environment. Increasing the amount of trees, shrubs, and green
          space in the city helps absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants, provides shade, reduces heat
          glare from concrete, reduces erosion and storm water runoff and provides economic value
          to neighborhoods.1 It is also a creative way to advertize your KDP chapter. Contact your
          local mayor’s office to receive more information on adopting a median in your

          Past Presidents Luncheon: Invite past chapter presidents to have lunch with current
          members on Founder’s Day.

    Information adapted from

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KDP Bingo Night: Have a night of fun playing BINGO KDP style. Instead of using
bingo cards with numbers, use words that relate to KDP. For every word that is
announced, give a brief description about its significance. This is a fun way to teach
others about KDP’s history as well as win prizes. See appendix for bingo card mock-up.

Reach Out: Giving back to the community is one of the best ways to celebrate Founder’s
Day. Start an adult literacy class; adopt a classroom at a local school; or collaborate with
organizations on campus and in the community to create a service project. The
possibilities are endless and so are the benefits.

Regional Founder’s Day Celebration: Team up with other KDP chapters in your area
and co-host an event together. Involving other chapters is an amazing way to network and
brainstorm with other members; draw larger crowds to your event; and cut down on
expenses and sweat-equity involved in hosting an event.

Brick Awards: Have an awards ceremony, thanking educators, alumni, and current
members who have “paved the way” or “laid the foundation” for making your chapter a
success. Polar Engraving and Fundraisers Ltd offer intricately engraved bricks for an
inexpensive price (Web addresses can be found in the appendix).

Rock Hunt: Hide rocks numbered 1-20 around campus. Each rock corresponds with
a prize. Have people turn in their rocks to redeem their prize at one of your Founder’s
Day events. See appendix to get detailed information on how to implement this hunt.

KDP March Madness for a Cause: Rent out your campus gym for a few hours of fun.
Have 3-on-3 basketball, dodge ball, foursquare tournaments, tricycle race, or obstacle
courses. See if your campus dining services will donate light refreshments for your event.
Have the registration fee be two cans of food or non-perishable items and donate the
items to a local food pantry.

Annual Founder’s Day Banquet: A banquet is a traditional way of celebrating
Founder’s Day. Planning a banquet can seem like a major undertaking, but with the right
preparation, it can be an event that people will look forward to every year. A sample
banquet agenda and registration form can be found in the appendix

I Was a KDP..: Reach out to teachers, mentors, supervisors who may have been
involved in KDP when they were in college. Let them know about what KDP is like
today and invite them to renew their members. One way to do it is with Palm Cards (a
sample can be found in the appendix)

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                                  Planning the Event
This section will provide you with a detailed outline needed to plan your event. Depending on
the event, chapter size, level of involvement, resources, finances, and time available, this
schedule (and event) should be adjusted accordingly.

To Organize a Founder’s Day Celebration for your Chapter…
   1. Appoint a Founder’s Day Chair and form a committee
   2. Choose what to do for Founder’s Day
   3. Select a date
   4. Prepare a budget
   5. Choose a venue
   6. Reserve needed equipment/supplies
   7. Book special guests or speakers
   8. Order food/beverages
   9. Publicize your event
   10. Order supplies
   11. Finalize plans
   12. Evaluate event and Share the Memories!

Detailed Checklist

       Appoint a Founder’s Day Chair and form a committee
          o The chair should be a member who is dedicated to being involved in all aspects
             of the Founder’s Day planning from beginning to end.
          o Have the chair form a committee to assist with planning and implementing the
             events. To make your event successful, responsibility needs to be divided among
             the members of your committee and supported by members and volunteers
             outside the committee.
          o Set expectations for your committee upfront.
          o If you would like to plan a Founder’s Day event with other local KDP chapters,
             extend an invitation for them to join your committee (don’t forget to invite
             Professional/Alumni chapters as well).
          o Depending on the type of event, your committee should consist of members from
             your KDP chapter and representatives from the chapter(s) who will assist/co-host
             the event with you.
          o Set dates and times to meet with your committee. It may not be feasible to meet
             in person every time, so a teleconference or video conference can be a great
             alternative (Go to for more information on alternative meeting ideas)

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Choose which event(s) your chapter would like to host for Founder’s Day
   o How many events are you hosting?
   o What type of event is it? (social event, educational, service-oriented)
   o Are these large or small-scale events?
   o How much will each event cost to execute?
   o Will all of your events be held on campus?
   o How much preparation and planning time will be involved in each event?
   o How many volunteers will you need? (if any)
   o Are events open to non-members?
   o How many people do you anticipate on attending each event?
   o Will food be served at the event?
   o Will you be charging admission or registration fees for the events? If so, are there
      campus rules and regulations you need to follow?
   o Will you need security at your event? (Depending on the day and time of your
      event, some universities require you to have campus police at the event)
   o Create an implementation timeline on when tasks need to be taken care of for
      each event. See appendix for sample timeline.
   o Always seek input and ideas from various members and get their approval on

Select the date (Keeping in mind the Founder’s Day is March 8th each year)
    o Before setting the date for your event, make sure to check the academic, events,
        and community calendars to ensure you are not scheduling your event the same
        day and time as another.
    o Are the dates you chose firm or flexible? (It would be wise to come up with
        alternative dates just in case the space you want/need is not available)
    o Will your events be in the daytime or evening?
    o Weekday or weekend?

Prepare a budget
   o What is the maximum amount of money are you willing to spend on your
      Founder’s Day?
   o If you are having multiple events, how much money are you allocating to each
   o Would your university administration sponsor one of your events to cut down on
   o Who will be in charge of creating the budget, handling the money, and approving
   o How will you track your spending (spreadsheet, ledger, etc?)

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    o Make sure to have emergency funds just in case your expenses are slightly more
      than you anticipated.
    o See Appendix for sample budget

Reserve the venue
   o Reserve venue as early as possible
   o Is the location of the venue convenient for your guests? (is there a parking lot
       close to the venue? Is it free? Is the venue centrally located?)
   o What are the capacity limits of the room?
   o Are there centrally located bathrooms?
   o ADA compliant? (Does the venue have stairs and no elevators or wheelchair
       access ramp?) For more detailed information on the Americans with Disabilities
       Act please visit their website.
   o Are exit signs clearly marked?
   o What are the rules, regulations, and restrictions of the venue? Is food allowed?
       Drinks? Is loud noise permitted? Be sure to ask questions.
   o Submit a room diagram so the room is laid out in your desired format (theatre-
       style seating? Conference style? Do you need a stage? Where would you like to
       podium?) Be specific and leave nothing to chance.
   o If your event is off campus, is it free to rent the space?
   o Is a deposit required?
   o Is liability insurance required?

Reserve audiovisual equipment (if necessary)
   o What audiovisual equipment will you need (projector, speakers, TV, internet,
       microphones, etc)
   o What are the rental fees on AV equipment?
   o Are you required to hire an AV technician or can volunteers handle the
   o Before you finalize your AV requests be sure to contact your guest speakers and
       inquire about their AV needs (podium, wireless microphone, etc.)

Book special guests and speakers
   o If you plan to have a speaker at your Founder’s Day event, leave ample time for
       them to make arrangements. Two months or more is ideal.
   o If there is a contract involved, read it thoroughly and negotiate accordingly.
   o Is the speaker free or is an honorarium required?
   o Who will cover the cost of travel, food, and lodging for the speaker?
   o If they have any special requests, are they feasible for your chapter to

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    o Will you cover the expenses for the speaker’s guest (if they have one)
    o If your speaker is an out of town guest, who will serve as a host during their stay?
      Duties include but are not limited to the following:
                  Airport pick-up
                  Hotel drop-off
                  Inviting speaker to dinner at your expense (this is customary)
                  Escorting them to the event and serving as their point of contact
                    through the duration of the event.
                  Keeping them on a schedule
                  Hotel check-out/payment
                  Airport drop-off

Make catering arrangements (if needed)
  o Are you providing refreshments at your events?
  o Can you bring your own refreshments or do you have to order them through your
      campus dining services?
  o When selecting food, keep your cost and potential attendees in mind (will there
      be options available for people with common food allergies? Vegetarian or vegan
  o Any student discounts available?
  o If you are using off-campus catering, negotiate with the company to see if you
      can get a discount.
  o Get the most out of your KDP membership. Visit the KDP website to utilize your
      membership benefits (your membership provides numerous discounts with
      venders nationwide).

Publicize your event!
There are numerous ways to advertise your Founder’s Day events to the public. You
should try to utilize as many outlets as possible to broadcast your events to a wide
spectrum of people.
   o The earlier you advertise, the better your chances for drawing a larger crowd
   o Develop a marketing plan for advertising your event(s).
   o Here are some ways to advertise your Founder’s Day. See appendix for sample
       invitations and press releases
         Fliers                              Word-of-mouth
         Formal paper invitations            Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter)
         E-mails invitations                 University events calendar
         Save the dates                      School newspaper (press release before/after)
         University webpage                  Campus radio station
         Chapter webpage                     Local news station

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Order supplies
Depending on the type of event you are planning, order supplies 2 weeks in advance.
   o Make a detailed list of all items you need to purchase for each event
   o Create a timeline for when supplies should be ordered
   o If you have special orders (plaques, trophies, etc) allow extra time for production
       and shipping.
   o Below are some websites that offer a variety of decorations and event favors
       (web addresses can be found in the appendix)
               Stumps Party
               Party Pro
               Party America
               Party City
               Factory Card Outlet
               Bulk Party Supplies
               Dollar Tree
               Popular Party Supplies
               Oriental Trading Company

Finalize your plans
    o Create a master list of all tasks necessary to carry out your event
    o Make sure all committee members have completed their assignments
    o Confirm arrangements with special guests or speakers
    o Confirm room arrangements and layouts
    o If you are having your event catered, submit final numbers to caterer and double-
        check your order
    o Confirm audiovisual equipment (if necessary)
    o Send out final announcements
    o Have a great event!

Once it’s over
After you have completed your Founder’s Day event(s) there is still work to be done to
ensure that your event will continue as KDP tradition.
   o Evaluate your event: Having attendees evaluate your event is a great way to get
        constructive feedback.
   o Have the Founder’s Day committee evaluate the event: This will provide
        succeeding officers with the opportunity of benefiting from your experience.
        What parts of the planning process and event went well? What should be changed
        for next year?
         o Submit photos and event summary to KDP Headquarters electronically at
  Submitting your event photos is a fun way to highlight your
           chapter and to illustrate to headquarters how you celebrated Founder’s Day. Your
           information could be used to assist other members in planning their events and it
           could be featured on the website.
         o Send Thank you notes/email
                    Remember to thank everyone who helped make your event a success
                    When sending a thank you note to a special guest or speaker, the note
                    should be personalized. A hand-written note singed by the chapter
                    members is sufficient.
         o Continue the tradition
                    Select a new Founder’s Day chair
                    Start planning for next year’s events

 Thank you for your hard work and dedication to plan your Founder’s Day event.
   Not only will you be providing a fun and rewarding experience for those who
attend, but you will also be a shining example of sound scholarship and excellence
                                    in education.

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                              Appendix A: KDP Fact Sheet

Here are some general KDP Facts to use for your Founder’s Day programming.

      Kappa Delta Pi was founded by Dr. William Bagley in 1911 on the University of Illinois
      Founder’s Day is March 8th
      The Founder’s chose the Greek words to represent knowledge, duty, and power
      To date, more than 1,200,000 educators worldwide have been inducted into the Society
      The colors of the Society are jade green and violet
      The official flower of the Society is the violet
      The Society’s motto is “Knowledge-Duty-Power”
      The Society has more than 582 Chapters and over 45,000 members
      Mission Statement: Kappa Delta Pi is an International Honor Society dedicated to
      scholarship and excellence in education. The Society as a community of scholars
      dedicated to worth ideals:
          o Recognizes scholarship and excellence in education
          o Promotes the development and dissemination of worth educational ideals and
          o Enhances the continuous professional growth and leadership of its diverse
          o Fosters inquiry and reflection on significant educational issues
          o Maintains a high degree of professional fellowship.

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                                   Appendix B: KDP Bingo Cards

B                       I                       N                        G                       O
    William               Scholarship           Vice President Headquarters                          Duty

    Eleanor             Honor Society              George                   Laureates             Teacher
   Roosevelt                                      Washington                                      Leaders

   Education                  Albert                   Free*               Knowledge             Centennial
                             Einstein                                                            Celebration

   Executive                  Voilet             ACE Chapter                President            Founder’s
    Council                                                                                        Day

 Convocation                  Stylus             University of                 Power                 1911
                                                   Illinois is a free website that lets you create customized bingo cards for any occasion

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                         Appendix C: Rock Hunt Instructions

If you would like to execute this program, it requires a substantial amount of advertising
beforehand so everyone on campus knows what to do when they find one of the rocks. The
earlier you advertise the better. This program works best in conjunction with another program
you are having. See instructions below.

Materials Needed:
       Eco-friendly paint
       10-20 large rocks (easily visible, but not too heavy to carry in one hand)
       Campus Map

Paint the large rocks a color that is easily noticeable from a distance (a lime green or bright
Number each rock 1-20 (depending on how many prize items you have)
Using a campus map, choose 20 places to hide the rocks and mark the map where you placed
each rock (this will help you remember where you place each rock)
Advertise (using fliers, school newspaper, website, radio, etc.) there are rocks hidden all over
campus numbered 1-20 (It would also be nice to advertise some of the items you will be
giving away)
Every rock corresponds with a prize item that will be given away at your Founder’s Day event.
In order for a person to redeem their prize, they must attend your Founder’s Day event.

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                       Appendix D: Sample Lecture Agenda

                                [Insert name and title here], Lecturer
                                     [Insert lecture topic here]
                                  Day of week, Month, Day, 2010
                                    Time of event at [Location]

3:00 p.m.      Have room set up completed
5:00 p.m.      Lecture Begins
                               Opening remarks
                               President of KDP Chapter or University official introduces the
                               keynote speaker
5:20 p.m.      Keynote speaker
6:00 p.m.      Question and answer session
6:15 p.m.      Recognition of Lecturer
6:20 p.m.      Closing Remarks from president of chapter
6:30-8 p.m. Reception

Copies of agenda should be given to Founder’s Day committee, volunteers, presenters and
lecturer, as soon as the schedule is solidified.

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                          Appendix E: Sample Banquet Agenda

                                         [Name of Banquet]
                                      Friday, March 08, 2010
                                  6:00 p.m. at [name of location]

6:00 p.m.-6:50 p.m.            Registration/Check-in

6:50 p.m.                      Start of program announcement (to move guests to their seats)

7:00 p.m.                      Opening Remarks

7:15 p.m.                      Invocation

7:20 p.m.                      Dinner Served

8:20 p.m.                      Program resumes

8:25 p.m.                      Introduction of Keynote Speaker

8:30 p.m.                      Keynote address

9:00 p.m.                      Recognition of speaker

9:10 p.m.                      Closing remarks

Copies of agenda should be given to Founder’s Day committee, volunteers, presenters and
lecturer, as soon as the schedule is solidified.

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                   Appendix F:Sample Banquet Registration Form

                              [Insert Chapter] of Kappa Delta Pi
                              First Annual Founder’s Day Banquet
                                        March, 08th 2010
                             University Hotel and Conference Center

Registration Information (Please print or type clearly)

Salutation: (circle one) Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., or other:__________
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
City                                 State/Province:                     Zip:
Cell Phone:                    Work Phone:
Email address:                                     Fax:

Banquet Prices:

Individual ticket: $30.00 each    Number of tickets:            x $30 = $
 Table (seats 10 people): $200.00each Number of tables:             x $200 = $

Dinner option:

Please indicate an entrée selection for each ticket holder. For table purchases, indicate the total
number desired for each entrée.

Chicken          Fish_      Vegetarian_        Vegan__

                                                                                           Page | 17
Payment Information

A. A check for $                  _ is enclosed. Please make checks payable to: [insert make checks
payable information]
B. Please charge my payment of $                            to my credit card (check one):
Visa:             MasterCard:               Discover:            American Express:
Account #:                                    Expiration date:
Name as appears on the card:

NOTE: All registrations are confirmed upon receipt of full payment.

Cancellations & Refunds
Requests for refund must be postmarked by deadline dates below. No refunds will be made for
requests received or postmarked after March 19, 2010.

           Full refund (minus a $10 service charge)         Postmark by February 1, 2010
           50% refund (minus a $10 service charge)          Postmark by February 25, 2010

Mail or email this form and payment to:

Insert address information
Phone number
Email address

Adapted from:

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                               Appendix G: Sample Invitations
  Here are a few invitation examples. The first two examples are geared towards formal events like
  banquets or luncheons. Invitations can be simple as long as the set the tone for your event and
  gives your potential attendees the key information they need.

      You are cordially invited to our                        Please join us to celebrate
          Founder’s Day Banquet
    Presented by Delta Chi Chapter of
                                                           Kappa Delta Pi’s Founder’s Day
Kappa Delta Pi, International National Honor                 on Monday, March 08, 2010
            Society in Education                                      at 4:00 pm
      Saturday, the Eighth of March
             Two-thousand Ten
                                                         The University Union Building, Room
       At seven thirty in the evening,                                    204
         Hyatt Regency Ballroom                               555 University Boulevard
       Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
     R.S.V.P.        Semi-formal attire
                                                                      Urbana, IL

  You can also use sites like Evite to send out electronic invitations.

  For informal social events, a flier with a picture and event information will suffice. It should be
  colorful, easy to see from a distance, lists only the important information, and has as little
  wording as possible. This flier is a Microsoft Office Template and it took less than 5 minutes to
  create (They also make fantastic e-invites that you can send via email).

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                           Appendix H: Sample Press Release
Sending out a press release to your local and school newspapers is a great way to get the word
out about your events. Send out two press releases - one before the event takes place and one
after the event has taken place. Use this template or your university or chapter letterhead. An
electronic press release template can also be found in the Chapters section of the KDP website.

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                     Kappa Delta Pi
                     International Honor Society in Education

March 1, 2010
                                                                   Contact: Cindy Counselor
                                                                   Chapter Counselor

                   100 YEARS OF MAKING A DIFFERENCE

 Indianapolis, IN—The Omega Omega Omega chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor
Society in Education, at Test University hosts “Teaching is Preaching” night on March 8, 2010, at
University Place Conference Center, to celebrate the Society’s Founder’s Day.

For 100 years, Kappa Delta Pi has recognized the profession of teaching and supported the
growth of education. “Teaching is Preaching” was created with these same ideals in mind. This
event will be a night filled with speakers and activities designed to pay tribute to professional
educators in the Indianapolis area. Everyone in the community is encouraged to attend,
especially area educators and university staff members. Donations will be taken at the door,
and all money raised will be given to the Kappa Delta Pi Educational Foundation to help support
the Chapter Challenge.

The Omega Omega Omega chapter has been active in serving the Test University and
Indianapolis communities since November 3, 1983. Literacy ALIVE! And Reading Is Fun Week
are only two of the chapter’s programs established to encourage reading in surrounding
elementary schools. Currently, the chapter is comprised of 70 members and an enthusiastic
Executive Board.


Kappa Delta Pi, a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, supports the
professional growth and teaching practices of educators throughout the world. For 100 years,
the Society has recognized excellence in education, advanced professional development,
provided a reasoned voice for significant issues and linking learning communities of educators.
Pi Omicron is one of nearly 600 chapters partaking in the 2011 festivities. For more information
about Kappa Delta Pi or the centennial, visit the website at


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                             Appendix I: Sample Budget

Event: ____________________________________ Date: _________________
Based on _________________ number of attendees.

                                    Variable Cost                  Fixed Cost
                                    (per person)
Location Rental
- Equipment
- Tables and Chairs
- Tablecloths
- Garbage Cans
- Coat Check
- Parking
- Security
- A/V Equipment
- Other:
Food (include tax & tip)
- Hors d’oeuvre
- Service
- Meals
Include Mailer Costs if
Speaker Gift

# of attendees planned ____ x per person costs $_________ = ________
Fixed costs / # attendees = ________________

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                        Appendix J: Sample Event Contact Sheet

This contact sheet should be filled out for each event your chapter will host. After the event is
complete, you should archive your paperwork so next year’s Founder’s Day committee will gain
more knowledge and insight on implementing programming.

Name of Event:                         _____________________________________

Date & Time of Event:                  _____________________________________

Contact Person’s Phone Numbers: Home: _____________ Work: _______

Anticipated Attendance:        ______Maximum Attendance: ________

Event Location:

1. Address of Event _______________________________________________

2. Is a contract required to use this location?                      YES     NO

3. Does the location need a special set up?                  YES NO
      If yes, who will do the setup? ___________________________________
      Describe the setup: __________________________________________

4. Is any special equipment needed?                                  YES     NO
        If yes, please indicate what equipment:
Podium                           Tables                        Microphone

Projector                       Screen                         TV/VCR/DVD

Laptop                          Jump Drive                     Water for Speaker

Does the equipment need to be rented from an outside business? YES             NO
If yes, give the name and address of the rental company: __________________
5. Is the location handicapped accessible?                           YES NO
         Please be sure to check the entrance to the building and room, and the locations of special
         telephone and rest room facilities.

Guest Speaker(s):

1. Name(s) of guest speaker(s): ______________________________________
Contact info (email & phone) _______________________________________
2. Does the speaker have any special needs?                 YES NO
       If yes, what are they? _______________________________________________

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      Who is the person responsible for making these arrangements? _____________
3. Who will meet, greet and escort the speaker? _________________________
4. Who will thank speaker and present gift? ____________________________

Food and Drinks

1. Will food and/or drinks be provided at the event?         YES NO
       If yes, what food and drinks? ___________________________________
       Who is the caterer? __________________________________________
       Caterer’s Address: ___________________________________________
       Caterer’s Phone Number: _____________________________________
       Is a catering contract required?                            YES NO


1. Will music be featured in the event?                            YES NO
       If yes, who is the musician/DJ? _________________________________
       Musician/DJ’s Address: _______________________________________
       Musician/DJ’s Phone Number: __________________________________
       Is a contract required?                               YES NO


1. Is insurance coverage required for this event?                   YES NO
        If yes, you should have the contract reviewed by a local professional to
        determine if additional coverage is desirable.


1. How many greeters are needed? ___________________________________
2. Special instructions for greeters: _________________________________________
3. Items needed for the event: (please circle)
Pens                            Attendance Sign-In Sheet  Banner
Evaluation Cards                Masking Tape              Nametags
Attendance list (pre-           Other: ____________________________________
registrations)                  __________________________________________

4. Special Notes for Hospitality Committee:

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Appendix K: Sample Room Diagram

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                     Appendix L: Sample Event Finance Report

A finance report should be completed for every event your chapter will host.

Name of person completing report_____________________________________
Email Address         ___________________________________________
Name of Event         ___________________________________________
Number of Attendees ___________________________________________
Total Income          ___________________________________________

Itemized expenses: Indicate which of the invoices have already been paid and which should be
paid directly. Make sure you provide the amount and the mailing address for each

      Expense                Amount                   Paid                     Unpaid

Total Event Costs: $______________________
Event reserves (income-expenses): ___________________
Signature: __________________________________
Date: ___________________

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                  Appendix M: Sample Event Sign in Sheet

Event Name: _________________________________________________________________
Event Date: ________________________

          Name                              E-mail                    in KDP?

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                    Appendix N: Sample Implementation Timeline

3-6 months before event

___ ___Decide event purpose (raise funds, visibility, celebration, etc.)

___ ___Choose a theme

___ ___Visit potential sites

___ ___Research/appoint an event coordinator/manager

___ ___Research/select committees/chairpersons

___ ___Get cost estimates (site rental, food, drinks, sound/lights, etc.)

___ ___Get recommendations for entertainment

___ ___Get bids for decorations

___ ___Get bids for design/printing

___ ___Get bids for other major items

___ ___Draft initial budget

___ ___Decide on registration/admission cost (if any)

___ ___Create sponsorship amounts/levels (if necessary)

___ ___Research/approach honorees

___ ___Compile mailing list (individuals/businesses)

___ ___Check proposed date for potential conflicts, finalize date in writing

___ ___Get written contracts for site, entertainment, etc.

___ ___Develop alternative site (if event is outdoors)

___ ___Consider pre-party event for publicity

___ ___Invite/confirm guests and VIPs

___ ___Begin invitation design

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___ ___Create logo for event (if necessary)

___ ___Order save-the-date cards or other event announcements

___ ___Set marketing/public relations schedule

___ ___Develop press release and calendar listings

___ ___Select photographer; arrange for photos of VIPs, chairmen, honorees

___ ___Get biographical information on VIPs, celebrities, honorees, chairmen

___ ___Investigate need for special permits, licenses, insurance, etc.

___ ___Begin monthly committee meetings

___ ___Review, with graphic artist, invitations, programs, posters, etc.

___ ___Prepare final copy for invitations, return card, posters

___ ___Prepare final copy for tickets

___ ___Complete mailing lists for invitations

___ ___Order invitations, posters, tickets, etc.

___ ___Make list of locations for posters

___ ___Obtain radio/TV sponsors, public service announcements, promos

___ ___Set menu with caterer for food and beverages

___ ___Secure permits and insurance

___ ___Finalize audio/visual contract

___ ___Select/order trophies/awards

1-2 Months Ahead

___ ___Assemble/address invitations (with personal notes when possible)

___ ___Mail invitations

___ ___Distribute posters

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___ ___Finalize transportation/hotel accommodations for staff, VIPs, honorees

___ ___Obtain contracts for decorations and rental items

___ ___Review needs for signs at registration, directional, etc.

___ ___ All major chairpersons to finalize plans

___ ___Hold walk-through of event with responsible committees, chairpersons and responsible
site staff members at event site

___ ___Review/finalize budget, task sheets and tentative timeline

1 Month Ahead

___ ___Place newspaper ads, follow up with news media, on-air announcements

___ ___Confirm staff for registration, hosting, other

___ ___Write to VIPs and program participants, confirm participation

___ ___Give estimate of guests expected to caterer/food service

___ ___Meet with all outside vendors, consultants to coordinate event

___ ___Confirm hotel accommodations for speakers

___ ___Prepare transportation and accommodations for speakers (include arrival time, flight
number, airline, person assigned to meet flight)

___ ___Confirm setup and tear down times with event site

1 Week Before

___ ___Meet with all committees for last-minute details

___ ___Confirm number attending

___ ___Hold training session with volunteers; finalize assignments

___ ___Secure two or three volunteers to assist with emergencies

___ ___Finalize registration (if necessary)

___ ___Schedule pickup or delivery of any rented or loaned equipment

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___ ___Double-check arrival time and delivery times with vendors

___ ___Reconfirm event site, hotel, transportation

___ ___Finalize catering guarantee, refreshments

___ ___Confirm number of volunteers

___ ___Schedule volunteer assignments for day of event

___ ___Establish amount of petty cash needed for tips and emergencies

___ ___Write checks for payments to be made for the day of the event

Day Before Event

___ ___Recheck all equipment and supplies to be brought to the event

___ ___Have petty cash and vendor checks prepared

Event Day

___ ___Arrive early (with your change of clothes)

___ ___Unpack equipment supplies and make sure nothing is missing

___ ___Reconfirm refreshments/meal schedule for volunteers

___ ___Go over all the final details with caterer and setup staff, if necessary

___ ___Check with volunteers to make sure all tasks are covered

___ ___Setup registration area

___ ___Check sound/light equipment and staging before rehearsal

After the Event

___ ___Send out Thank you notes

___ ___Send out evaluations

*Adapted from:

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                    Appendix O: Sample Event Evaluation Form

Please complete this short questionnaire. Your feedback is important to us.

   1. Did this event meet your goals and expectations? _______________________________



   2. What were the strengths of this program? ______________________________________



   3. What could be improved to make this event more successful? ______________________



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                      Appendix P: Founder’s Day Event Submission Form

Please submit this Founder’s Day Event Submission Form electronically to Headquarters at A PDF version of this form can be found on our website.

Submitter Information

Chapter: ______________________________________
University: ____________________________________
Email: ________________________________________

Event Information

Event title: ___________________________________________________________________
Event date: ___________________________________________________________________

What type of Founder’s Day event did you have?_____________________________________

Who attended the function (Chapter members, alumni, faculty, community members)?_______

Do you have any photo submissions? If so, please choose one photo to submit and write a
detailed caption about it below. Please rename your photo as follows: chaptername_FD
(example: kappa_chapter_FD)

Caption: _____________________________________________________________________

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                         Appendix Q: Web Resources

Polar engraving:
Fundraisers Ltd:
Americans with Disabilities Act:
Stumps Party:
Party Pro:
Party America:
Party City:
Factory Card Outlet:
Bulk Party Supplies:
Dollar Tree:
Popular Party Supplies:
Oriental Trading Company:

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