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              How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                               by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

               How to Profit from Adsense™
                     with RSStoBlog
            8 Steps to Make Hundreds Maybe Even Thousands Everyday

                                        2005 Edition
                 Bonus Report for RSS to Blog Users
           (This report is not to be re-distributed, included with any other offers or sold. It
                                   is only for RSS to Blog cutomers)

                          by Kelvin Hui & Michelle Timothy
                        Ambatch Systems Ltd. / Freedom Net Publishing Inc.
                              Copyright 2005. All Rights Reserved.

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   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

We make no income guarantees or promises of any kind.
Your results will vary greatly depending on many factors that are beyond the
scope of this bonus report to predict.

The information in this report is based on both Kelvin and Michelle’s personal
experiences. The only proof we have is of our own successes not any one
else’s. All examples shown in this report are presented for demonstrative and
informational purposes only.

Use the information, techniques and strategies within these pages at your own
risk. Make any decisions based solely on your own comfort level, knowledge
and skill set. Keep in mind that you may or may not experience significant
losses directly or indirectly related to strategies mentioned. Also remember the
experiences mentioned are not typical of what you should expect.

We are not responsible for the success or failure resulting from any technique
mentioned in this report.

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   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
Message from Kelvin Hui

Dear Fellow RSStoBlog User,

               You may know I am a SEO techie. 100% of my traffic comes
               from search engines, especially Google, Yahoo and MSN. No

               In this report, I try to present how I make a few hundred dollars
per day (thousands actually) from Adsense™ with RSStoBlog, as I claim in my
testimonial on the RSS to Blog Salespage.

I don’t know how much you know about search engines, so I will try to skip this
complex subject and just give you simple steps which you can follow
immediately to see the fastest results. You don’t need to know any SEO
strategies; you’ll be able to follow my steps easily.

This is the performance of one of my Adsense™ Business accounts.

 and                           3
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                  by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

(Note: there is a big drop on 14 June 2005, that is because I removed Adsense
™ codes from some of the pages of the same site and added other other
products …. My Adsense™ income fell back to an average $1,XXX/Day). More

The key point to having any kind of success with RSStoBlog is “Patience”. You
will not make hundreds of dollars overnight. It is impossible. However over
time with the right strategies you will see your earnings grow week after week
and month after month. This I know is true.

Good Luck!


Kelvin Hui
RSStoBlog User
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    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

Message from Michelle Timothy

Many people have wondered who I am and how I came up with the idea for
RSS to Blog. I am just an affiliate marketer who primarily built websites for
affiliate income (mostly from Adsense™) for 2 years. I worked a full time job
until January of 2005, before finally quitting when my Adsense™ income
neared 5 figures per month.

I managed to be successful at making good affiliate income from Adsense™
by staying ahead of the curve and uncovering new and exciting ways to
generate traffic to my sites.

Every single word on my sales letter is 100% true. I started out using blogs just
to blog and ping my sites. I added Adsense™ to those blogs after noticing that
my blog was the #1 referrer of traffic to my main website. The results were as I
detailed in the sales letter. I started blogging full articles from news sources
and I saw my income soar. From this experiment came the idea to post RSS
feeds as content to a blog and monetize the blog space. Hence RSS to Blog
was born.

The first version of the program was simple; it did not have nearly ½ of the
features of the Pro version. Yet it was very effective.

Through trial, error and mostly perseverance, I managed to achieve as high as
a 55% or 70% CTR on some of my blogs. Kelvin and I hope to share with you
some of the nuggets of knowledge that has helped us achieve this success.

Michelle Timothy

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  How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
              by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
Table of Contents:

1. Apply for an Adsense™ account

2. Do Your Keyword Research

3. Existing Domain Or New Domain?

4. RSStoBlog Settings & Blog Set up

5. The Most Profitable Templates

6. Random Post Time Settings

7. Google Pagerank Optimization & Yahoo Ping

8. Getting Backlinks

9. Fine Tune & Repeat the Model

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    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
      Step 1: Apply for Google Adsense™ Account

It may seem that I am wasting your time writing this chapter. But not exactly,
not everyone has an Adsense™ account. Nor does everyone know why they
should have one if they don’t. If you are new to Google Adsense™, please go
to to get an account. It is free.

If you already have an Adsense™ account, then you can choose to skip this

Adsense™ is an affiliate program whereby webmasters can make money off of
their website traffic by displaying ads from publishers in the Google’s Adwords

Google’s Adsense™ program is probably the single most lucrative affiliate
program to hit the internet in years. It has single handedly changed the
financial lives of many people, including myself. It is an easy and reliable way
to earn money passively from your website traffic.

If you do not yet have an Adsense™ account, you need to first setup a nice
website with good solid content to apply for an account. Make sure the Whois
info for the domain matches that of the applicant. Private whois is ok. Once
you have an Adsense™ account you can place Adsense™ ads on as many
websites as you see fit without first needing permission from Google.

Google does not allow individuals to have more than one Adsense™ account,
but if you need to get another account some options are:

1. Have close friends or relatives apply for an account. Make sure you trust
   these people.
2. Apply for Adsense™ Business account. We know Google prohibits any
   person to have more than one Adsense™ account. However, for corporate
   or business, there is no similar limitation. Because one individual can own
   more than one company, and in turn have more than one Adsense™™

Have you got an Adsense™™ account? Yes? Go to next step!

  and                             7
    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                    by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
                     Step 2: Keyword Research

This is the most important topic in this report.

Your Adsense™ revenue depends highly on this factor.

“Kelvin, Is there any rules for keyword research in this profit system?”

Yes. You should find keywords for which there are a lot of Adwords advertisers
competing for them. This means, you should be looking for relatively
high-paying keywords.

Below is my summary of high-paying keywords. I cannot say the list is 100%
correct and up-to-date. However you can treat it as a good reference.

Example keyword list:

mesothelioma $84.08                       discover credit card $08.09
mesothelioma attorneys $80.93             money loans $08.08
mesothelioma lawyers $69.04               dept help $08.01
malignant pleural mesothelioma            credit card services $08.01
$55.95                                    consolidation $07.94
Asbestos Cancer $54.17                    ways to make money $07.84
mesothelioma symptoms $53.66              student credit $07.73
peritoneal mesothelioma $52.27            online credit report $07.66
trans union $51.91                        how to make money $07.51
lung cancer $43.12                        accept credit $07.47
search engine optimization $30.19         accept credit cards $07.43
mesothelioma diagnosis $28.70             student loan $07.43
home equity loans $20.06                  internet money $07.39
baines and ernst $18.47                   credit repair $07.32
consolidate loans $17.74                  free credit check $07.28
lexington law $17.68                      bad credit $07.26
lexington law firm $16.81                 money making $07.21
debt problems $16.28                      SEO $07.18
register domain $15.74                    University Degrees Online $07.16
home equity line of credit $15.61         credit card application $07.05
 and                         8
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                 by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
affiliate programs $14.33           consolidating $07.05
refinance $14.21                    people with bad credit $07.05
video conferencing $13.63           car loans $07.05
payday loans $13.21                 money fast $07.03
credit counseling $13.02            money now $06.88
asbestos $12.79                     household automotive $06.76
debt solutions $12.64               personal credit $06.73
cash loans $12.13                   money at home $06.72
refinancing $12.09                  bad debt $06.69
broadband phone $12.08              lenders $06.68
debt management $11.86              auto loans $06.63
fast loans $11.81                   making money online $06.61
credit card processing $11.75       Point of sale software $06.55
credit reports $11.59               interest credit cards $06.53
making money on the internet        credit history $06.53
$11.58                              lending $06.39
merchant account $11.46             business credit $06.32
line of credit $11.42               money to india $06.31
money magazine $11.27               debt $06.17
Adsense™ $11.13                     online credit $06.15
credit counselors $11.02            student credit card $06.14
identity theft $11.00               hard money $06.10
make money at home $10.84           webhosting $06.06
free credit $10.76                  credit cards $06.04
cash advance $10.64                 make money $05.97
consumer credit counseling $10.63   credit application $05.96
freecreditreport $10.61             online credit card $05.96
make money from home $10.35         chase credit $05.90
free credit reports $10.26          interest credit $05.89
make extra money $10.21             equifax credit $05.89
domain registration $10.19          video conference $05.88
adwords $10.08                      credit card offers $05.88
citifinancial $10.06                american credit $05.86
my fico score $10.01                credit card fraud $05.82
web hosting $09.88                  best credit card $05.82
american express credit $09.71      no credit check $05.79
airlines credit card $09.52         credit card $05.75
credit report $09.52                bankruptcy $05.64 and                 9
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                     by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
earn money $09.51                     best credit $05.59
hard drive recovery $09.49            money market account $05.55
hard money lenders $09.44             mbna credit $05.54
credit counseling service $09.44      for credit $05.48
consolidate $09.41                    webhost $05.48
claims $09.20                         pengar $05.47
debt consolidation $09.10             college credit $05.44
poor credit $09.09                    money market accounts $05.43
low interest $08.89                   best credit cards $05.40
web host $08.64                       credit reporting agency $05.39
student credit cards $08.63           credit card debt $05.36
secured $08.60                        credit checks $05.36
merchant account application          visa credit $05.36
$08.59                                credit check $05.29
loans $08.57                          secured credit cards $05.26
send money to india $08.43            one credit card $05.25
discover credit $08.40                Credit report $05.24
merchant accounts $08.39              i need money $05.16
hosting $08.35                        low interest credit $05.15
money on the internet $08.34          credit services $05.08
credit loans $08.33                   credit reporting $05.06
consumer credit $08.32                preapproved $05.04
money making ideas $08.26             online approval $05.04
credit card applications $08.23       credit card rates $05.02
money lenders $08.10                  credit score $05.00

To set up your RSStoBlog profit system, please prepare 15-20 keywords or
phrases for 1 website/blog.

These 15-20 keywords should be in the same niche sector and very closely
related. The following is an example of a good selection of closely related

Good Example:
Internet marketing
Email marketing
eBook marketing
Business startup
 and                     10
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

Bad Example:
Internet marketing
Internet marketing software
Internet marketing course

When building a keyword based site the “Bad Example” list above would be
considered a good keyword list because all of the phrases are very closely
related. But for blogs this is not the same, because you cannot completely
control keyword densities for each page like you can when using the page
generating tools. Targeting too many different keywords for one blog will cause
problems with Adsense™ targeting.

Avoid using similar keywords like “internet marketing software” and
“internet marketing course” in the same blog.

If you are targeting a phrase for example; from the list above “credit reporting
agency” with a PPC value of $05.39. You’ll want to make sure that you get
served ads for that high value phrase by focusing. If you start trying to target
many other phrases on the same blog you will almost never get ads with that
PPC value.

How do we do this? RSS to Blog allows you to place your keywords in the title
of each post. This is a great way to highly target a phrase on your blog.

RSS to Blog also allows you to find content from search engines and News
sources by keyword. You should always use “” (Quotes) to target your 2 + word
keyphrases in the best possible way. Also we do not recommend inserting
hundreds of keywords for the news or search results section. You need your
content to be tightly focused with the correct keyword densities. The best ways
to do this is to choose 15 – 20 keywords and use quotes for best results.

Later on we will discuss in more detail other ways to target your keyword

 Have you prepared you keyword list? Yes? Go to next step!

 and                          11
    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
                    Step 3: Old vs. New Domain

First, both Michelle and I both recommend that you host your profit making
blogs on your own domain. Though it is very possible to use free blogs from
services like to make money, you will have far less control over a
blog hosted on than one hosted on a domain that you own.

It is not a good idea to build link popularity and traffic to someone else’s
subdomain. When you do this, the subdomain that blogger assigned you
( is what gets indexed by the search engines. If
blogger deletes your blog, you lose all of your content and most importantly
you would lose all of that traffic because you do not own the domain! gives you the option to host the blog on your own domain or use
their subdomain. For profit blogs that we want to build into big money earners it
is best to take advantage of this advanced option and host the blog on your
own domain.

At the very least if you were to host a blogger blog on your own domain, you
would maintain much more control in the same situation where the account
was deleted or closed down. If blogger deletes your account you would still
have your blog pages because they were FTP’d to your own domain.

Also you do not lose traffic because all of the pages that are indexed in the
search engines are pointing to your own domain which you own and control …
not a blogspot subdomain that you do not own or control.

Hosting blogs on blogspot are ideal for many situations, but not recommended
for serious profit earners. We’ll discuss how you can use blogspot domains to
increase profits and revenue for our main domains shortly.

Now that we know it is best to host the blog on a domain that we own. It is only
fair to discuss the pros and cons of New vs. old domains since in my tests both
have different effects on the RSStoBlog profit system.

Before we discuss the importance of domains, let us study the process of how
Google spiders, indexes and crawls our websites.
 and                           12
    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

Case 1:
Suppose there is a new blog. This blog is linked (backlink) by another related
website with Google Pagerank 5.

The Google spider will find this new blog when it’s crawling the site with
Pagerank 5. The spider may pre-assign the new blog a Pagerank 3-4.

The Google spider will save this new domain in the data center. Then after
some days it will re-visit this site and perform a deeper crawling of the web

Case 2:
Supposed there is another new blog with no backlinks.

Generally speaking, our new blog is invisible to Google as Google is unable to
find your site because all new domains are found and crawled based on a
backlink system.

To get Google’s attention you may consider submitting this new domain to And Google may or may not include this
domain in its database at its own leisure. Since there is no pagerank assigned
for this new website, Google Spider may schedule this new blog for far less
frequent spidering …. maybe once a month or once every 2-3 month.

Case 3:
Suppose an old website of yours (around 3-4 months old) has Pagerank 4. You
find that Google spider visits this site every month. If you update the site with
more content, or increase the update frequency, you’ll notice that the spiders
will keep visiting again and again.

So where should you setup a new RSStoBlog blog? New domain or old

If you have several websites that already have pagerank, you should consider
setting up a new blog with RSStoBlog on those existing sites. From my
experience you can get results faster than registering a new domain.

 and                            13
    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
If you do not have sites with pagerank there is an alternative. You can consider
registering a new domain. Then build a backlink for this new blog from your
website with the higher Pagerank e.g. PR5 to 6.

I know most of the users of RSStoBlog are new to search engines. You can still
make good profit with RSStoBlog. However, your profit may grow slower
especially for the 1st 3 months with brand new domains.

In Step 8, I will share several tips to help you to build good backlinks. So you
will get good profit faster.

  Have you decided to use your existing domain or register a
             new one? Ready? Go to next step!

 and                           14
    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                     by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
        Step 4: RSStoBlog Installation & Blog Setup

In this report, I use my account as demonstration. I do not use
Word Press because configuring WP for SEO is beyond the scope of this
free report.

Before installing your blog or your RSStoBlog script, you should know the
requirements of a profitable blog site.

Requirement #1: Lots of Pages

We are going to develop a big blog site which is composed of ten thousands or
more pages. “More pages” (or more listings) means your site has higher
exposure to search engines.

Requirement #2: Optimal Internal Link Structure

We want to maximize the exposure of text links inside the site to the Google
spider. However, too many links will make the spiders run away. We will
optimize the numbers of text links on every page of your blog.

On the other hand, to make the Google spider crawl your site smooth, static
link (permanent link) structure is highly recommend.

Here’s what Google says:
“We're able to index dynamically generated pages. However, because our web
crawler could overwhelm and crash sites that serve dynamic content, we limit
the number of dynamic pages we index.”

What is dynamically generated page? There are some examples:
- (dynamically generated)
- (static/permanent link)

On a Blogger blog this is super simple to do … in your control panel under
“Settings”  “Archiving” make sure the setting for “Enable Post Pages?” Is set
to“yes”. That is all that is needed to setup permanant links on a blogger blog.

 and                             15
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

Requirement #3: Relevant Keyword Link

Do you have a similar experience that the “Adsense™ ads” being served
are irrelevant to your blog topic?

See below:

This is a very good example to study.

On this blog site, I choose “weight loss” as the keywords of this page, and this
is also the index page of a domain.

From the screenshot you can see that Nearly 100% of the ads are “Blog ads”.
None of them are talking about “weight loss”. You probably guessed that the
Page CTR must be very very low. And BINGO! It is less than 0.2%!!!!

So what can we do to get the targeted Adsense™ Ads?

 and                          16
    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                    by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

Google Adsense™ spider considers several factors when delivering the ads to
your site:
1. Keywords of the domain name
2. Keywords of your site title
3. Keywords of the content

~1. Keywords of the domain name
Google places high importance on the keywords of your domain.

If your domain contains the keywords “weight loss”. Then it is very high
probability that you will get 100% ads related to weight loss.

However, how about if your domain does not contain any keywords?

Supposed you have domain Even if your content is
keyword specific, it doesn’t mean Google Adsense™ will deliver 100% correct
ads to your website. Most of the time, you may not get accurate ads.

Here’s a solution to improve your ad accuracy!

    and                 17
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                  by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
In the example above “Health Nutrition”, my site domain does not contain any
keywords. However, I put my blog in a folder on this domain that says “health
nutrition” e.g. It is highly
recommended that you add your blog to a folder with keywords if you choosen
domain name does not have keywords related to your blog.

Installation & Setup

Now we start to go to setup our RSStoBlog site.
Here I’ll use as my demonstration. I’ll show you how I
build my blog sites to make very good Adsense™ profit!

1. Open a Blogger account
       Click “Create Your Blog Now’
       Fill the form below and click “Continue”

 and                        18
How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
             by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

   Then you can see “Name Your Blog”. Click “Advanced Blog Setup”

   In the panel of Advanced Blog Setup, fill the form and make a new

   Choose a template. I recommend “Minima”. It is the template that I
   use for all of my blogs. It is clean, white and uncluttered. There are no
   bold and distracting backgrounds, headers, side panels or footers. and                            19
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                 by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy


2. Change Your Blog Settings

       Go to “Settings”, you will go to the “Basic” section and input
       information about your blog, like the Title and description.

       Go to the “Publishing” section, click on Advanced tab and enter your
       FTP information to host the blog on your own domain.

 and                       20
How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
            by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
   Go to “Formatting” section and change the information as shown
   below: Choose 1 post per day.

   Go to the “Comment” section and hide the “comment links” and                      21
     How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                  by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
         Go to “Archiving” section and choose “Weekly” as the archive

         To simplify our work, we skip “Site Feed”, “Email” and “Members”

3.   Install Keyword Folders on Your domain

You may have read the “setup information of RSStoBlog” before. However, I
would like to repeat some of the instructions here because there are some
more details to look at more closely.

Do you remember that I have told you to prepare a keyword list in Step 2?

I have prepared 12 keywords for one blog below e.g.
Weight Loss                           Meditation
Build Muscle                          Nutrition
Exercise                              Nutrition Supplements
Aerobics Cardio                       Medicine
Fitness Equipment                     Alternative Medicine
Yoga                                  Diabetes

Now I open my FTP software and connect to my server.

I add one folder to my server for each of those keywords above. 12 different
folders based on the keywords I prepared in Step 2.
 and                           22
    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

Once the folders are created, I create a blogger blog for each keyword and
FTP each one to its own folder.

NOTE: all of these blogs are on the same domain but in separate folders.

Why? Because I want to create more blogs in a single domain, so that my blog
site will have lots of generated pages. The most important factor of all is the
keyword folder, e.g., I will have
very high probability that Google will deliver the muscle-building related Ads to
the blog in that folder.

4. Edit Your Blog Template
Edit your blog template as you see fit. I like grabbing the entire code from the
blogger control panel and placing it in my WYSIWYG editor then changing the
colors of the links. Make all of the blog entry links a paler more subdued color
than your Adsense™ links. This way your Adsense™ links will stand out more.
Also you should know that Adsense™ links in blue outperform any other color
Adsense™ links. So stick to standard blue for links that you want to increase
the CTR (click through rate) of when ever possible. More will be said about
templates shortly.

5. RSStoBlog Settings

For the setting of RSStoBlog, I would like to emphasize the content creation
process. I like to use Google News as my content source. I instruct RSStoBlog
to fetch “Between 5 and 6” news items per post. The number of words in this
many posts are optimum size for the Google spider. Make sure to use quotes
around your keyword phrases and stick to phrases for each blog that are
closely related to the blog theme. Remember the keyword densities are very
important. Using hundreds of keywords will not be good.

If the theme for this blog is “muscle building” use words like muscle building,
body building, muscle enhancement etc for the news results.

 and                              23
How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
            by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

Have you installed the RSStoBlog script and configure the
         parameters yet? Yes? Go to next step! and            24
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
Step 5: The Most Profitable Template

From Step 4, we have just set up a very powerful blog site which is composed
of several blogs from

To maximize our profit, we must have a good template to convert our traffic to
clicks, and make the Google spider work hard on our blog site. Making
automated posts is only half of the battle to get the clicks. You need a good
solid template that will convert that traffic into money.

Gaudy templates with heavy, bold or distracting backgrounds or graphics is not
right for making money. Simple is better. You need to quickly attract the
visitor’s eyes to your Adsense™ ads since this is the reason your blog exists.
Do everything within reason to make your ads standout.

   1. Do not put your main Adsense™ panel below the first fold of the page.
      Place it at eye level to the visitor. They should not have to scroll to see
      your ads. In the example below the ads are across the top of the page.
      Michelle likes to use the 336 X 280 panel right above the first post on
      each page of the blog.
   2. Diminish the color of the links in your blog posts. Go for grey, pale blues
      or black links so that they do not get more attention than your ads.
   3. The background of the ad panel should match the background of your
      page with no borders
   4. Michelle suggests using images next to the ads to draw your visitor’s
      eyes to your ads. The standard templates for most blogging software
      are rather boring. When a visitor comes to your page and sees 100%
      text they are turned off. But if you had only a few images strategically
      placed near the ads on your page your visitors eyes would be drawn
      right to the words next to those graphics automatically. Thus increasing
      CTR. For this to be most effective the images next to the ads should be
      the only images on the page.

Below is the sample template of my blog site.

 and                           25
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                 by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy


 and   26
How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
              by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

      Ad location
You can see I use the Leaderboard ad (728 x 90) at the top and bottom of
the blog, and 1 Skyscraper (120x600) at the right hand side of the post. It
is like the Adsense™ ads are surrounding the post.

The EPC can be as high as 8%!

    Link colour of Adsense™ ads
The color of the Title of the post is orange; it is sharp and good to attract
the visitors to click it. So I change the color of the Adsense™ link to
orange too. Michelle has different advice for Adsense™ link colors in the
blog template. Her recommendation is blue links and she has told me she
routinely reaches a CTR between 20 - 50% using this strategy coupled
with the 336 X 280 Adsense™ ad in the first fold of the page and 120X600
in the side panel.

      Link color of the post
The link color of the post is pale blue. From my image above, you can see
it is black. It is because I want to make the “orange” links more impressive
to visitors, and then have higher ETC. Michelle and I agree here that the
blog posts should “pale in comparison” to your Adsense™ ads. Blue blog
post links will attract the visitor to click on the links to the blog posts
instead of clicking on the ads. Link color is a very subtle way to increase

    Edit the category links
To ensure that Google finds all pages in our blog and maximize the
pagerank of each page, we need to optimize the link structure inside the
blog site.

In the “Template” section of your account, you can edit the
codes so that every page of your blog will have links to all of the other 12
blogs on the same domain.

Edit the link code in the template, replace with your own links: and                           27
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

    Here’s the output:

         Sample Template Codes
    To save your time, I have uploaded the sample template codes on my
    server, you can download the text file, copy the codes and paste them in
    the Template section of your control panel.

    Download here:

[This From Michelle] … Another idea about templates … It is very possible to
build blog templates that look like static web pages. I like fiddling with my
templates until I have something very unique as far as layout goes.

I also like to edit the blog template until the blog is almost unrecognizable.
Since the posts are created using a system of tags you can make the blog
posts highly visible or as minimally visible as you want them to be on the page.

      Have you edited the template? Yes? Go to next step!
 and                          28
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
Step 6: Random Post Time Setting

Most new users like to post the news to their blog site every few minutes.

If you are using Word Press, then it is not a problem.

However, will treat it as SPAM and suspend your account.

Google is less likely to suspend a blog that is hosted on your own domain even
it is being posted to frequently. But they routinely shut down blogs that are
being posted to so frequently and also hosted on This does not
mean you should throw caution to the wind and post like crazy just because
the blog is hosted on your own domain though.

For starters, I recommend that you post the news to your blog site no more
than 1 post/hour, once your site reaches 1000 pages (approx 2 weeks); I
recommend that you shift the frequency from 1 post/hour to 1 post per day.

         Have you set up the “random post time”? Yes?
                      Go to the next step!

 and                         29
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
     Step 7: Get listed in Google, MSN & Yahoo Fast

Without traffic, no matter how big your site is, you cannot generate any

         Get listed in Google

    If you site has Pagerank 4 or even higher, then you don’t need to worry
    about the crawling activity of Google spider. PR4 is good enough to keep
    your site (with RSStoBlog) being crawled every day.

  If you plan to register a new domain for your blog site, then you may
  consider to increase PageRank of this site. There are some solutions:

  a. Backlink to your old websites which have Pagerank of 4 or higher.
  b. Submit a simple press release at This site allows
     you to post press release without charging you a penny. You can build a
     backlink to your blog site in your press release. Most likely your blog site
     will get PR3-4 after next Google Pagerank update. E.g., See “Visit
     Our Site”
  c. Go to eBay to bid on a cheap backlink. There are some good deals like a
     PR6 backlink costs you $20-30/year. Go to eBay and search “pagerank”.
  d. Submit your RSS feed (created by your blog) to RSS feed directories like you will get free backlinks from people who pick up your
     feed to use in their RSS aggregators on their websites. You can pick up a
     submitter to submit your feeds to directories here RSS Submitter
  e. Create your own backlinks … Build more blogs on different domains and
 and                           30
How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
              by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
 point them at your monetized blog. Do not put Adsense™ on these
 external blogs because we do not want it to be obvious they all belong to
 the same person. Use different templates and different blog software if
 possible, also do not put these blogs on the same host account or IP
 address. If possible use free blogs for this or setup blogs on free host
 accounts if possible. You should be building blogs in clusters.
 Clusters of keywords and clusters of backlink blogs. Each blog should be
 part of a system that is designed to increase conversion, funnel traffic,
 build link popularity and make you money.

       Get listed in Yahoo
  Let Yahoo crawl your blog site every day or even every hour!

  This method is really simple. Go to your “My Yahoo!” account, then in
  the RSS Headline panel, add your xml rss feed link e.g. Yahoo spider will fetch your RSS
  every hour and update the content inside the “My Yahoo!” panel.

  In the mean time, Yahoo spider will crawl your sites and post the listings
  in the Yahoo search engine. Most likely your will be get listed within 7 –
  10 days. and                           31
How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
             by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

     Get listed in MSN

   Similar to the Yahoo’s traffic generation method, go to

   Click the “Add Content” link and input your RSS xml link to the text

 Similar to Yahoo, MSN spider will crawl your sites and post the listings
 in the MSN search engine. Most likely your will be get listed within 14 –
 30 days. and                            32
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                  by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy
         Step 8: Fine Tune & Repeat the Model

If you follow this model, you may see the revenue come after 1 to 2 weeks.
When the numbers of pages continue to grow, then you can estimate the
revenue figure will grow bigger and bigger.

However, the earnings from Adsense™ will vary greatly depending on your
topic, the average cost per click and the numbers of searches of the
keywords you have chosen.

If you find the earnings and traffic are not good, you might consider changing
the keywords. However, the best strategy by far to earning more is to simply
build more blogs. I suggest that you have multiple domains and have tons of
blogs. Then your traffic and earnings will become more stable and grow faster.

Spread out your blogs in many niches … I suggest that you try several sectors
like financial, health, travel and electronics. Most advertisers from these
sectors do not have affiliate programs. They prefer to use pay-per-click
marketing to promote their products. That’s why the cost per click in these
sectors is much higher than the other sectors. You may generate very good
profit from there.

 and                        33
    How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                    by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

Before writing this report, I got an average 2-3 email messages per day about
how to make money with RSStoBlog. Total is more than 40 emails.

I almost regret writing that testimonial for Michelle …. Only kidding!

But I did write this report so that I might get fewer emails, while still answering
the question of how I did it. So now you know how I earned $600 in 2 weeks
using RSS to Blog. The most important lesson … I did not do it with 1 or 2
blogs. Keep building and growing your blogging empire.

These are the steps to a highly profitable blogging system:

   1.   Research (Keywords, Niches)
   2.   Monetize (Adsense and other affiliate programs)
   3.   Automate (RSS to Blog)
   4.   Convert (Template, Ad placement, Colors)

If you have any question about this highly profitable system, I highly
recommend you go to the RSStoBlog discussion forum. Post your messages
and share with fellow users. Michelle is here to help if needed.

Forum URL:

                         Give Before You Take

If you get benefits or make some profits (big or small) from this free report,
please consider donating a portion of your profit to any charity organizations
that you like.

I personally prefer to donate to the organizations which give out more than
95% fund to the relief work (this means low administrative cost). You can
check their annual financial reports, too. Below are my recommendations:

 and                            34
   How to Profit from Adsense™ with RSS to Blog
                   by Kelvin Hui and Michelle Timothy

1. World Vision International - Christian relief and development organization
assisting 70 million people each year in its quest to end poverty, fight hunger
and transform lives.
2. Orbis - Operating the world's only flying eye hospital
3. Doctors Without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontieres - An international
humanitarian aid organization providing emergency medical aid in more than
80 countries.


                             Good Luck!

 and                         35

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